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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 5, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news is an investigation right now at the santa clara county jail. a fight broke out this morning among inmates. sky 7 flew over the jail in san jose. we are told that the melee break out on the second floor where there is no camera. inmates are being interviewed. the latest trouble for the jail where there were 225 altercation s and the beating death of a mentally ill help mate by three sheriff girds charged with murder. we are on top of the situation and you can follow us at twitter@abc7newsbayarea.
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>> i am kristen sze. >> i am reggie aqui. we have developing news in the east bay. a major water line break in emeryville shuts down a school and closes down an eight-block stretch of road. we have been watching crews work on san pablo avenue between 45th and 53rd. matt keller shows us the impact. >> right new a lane is open in bothys on san pablo avenue. east bay mud has found the leak they are working on fixing it. but some people were soaked. this is not good. water started bubbling up on the avenue at 47th in emeryville at 4:30 this morning. water was shut off to a handful of buildings including right here. >> are you serious? no school? >> in school. the 200 elementary school students and middle school were sent home. >> kids were excited, obviously,
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parents not son. >> it is a thoroughfare and traffic was detoured during the commute. at 9:00 a.m., east bay mud workers located the leak. parts of the businesses were flooded and some almosts were a puddle. >> you have rubber boots? >> yes, the rain in december i got some boots because i was on the roof dealing with issues. >> glad you had them in the office? >> they came in handy. >> the repairs should be completed by 5:00 a.m. but that is just an estimate. >> in emeryville for abc7 news. >> san francisco supervisors today could make this the first in the country to offer fully paid parental lebanon voting on a proposal to require businesses to pay what the state does not pay. we are in the city for more.
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>> some people say this is long overdue and we are lack behind europe and other countries around the world. others are not onboard. >> it is not easy to juggle a new baby and the expense of living in the city. >> obviously you have a baby. how old? >> eight months. >> her husband took off at 55 mrs. pay covered bit state of california. >> i tried to pick up work to make up for him. >> today the board will vote on a proposal to allow both parents to take six weeks of leave at 100% of their salary. 55% covered bit state and 45% covered by companies with 20 or more employees. >> amazing. the father of two also supports the proposal. >> it is great. parents need time off to take care of their kids. >> however that was not his
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experience. >> i took off a couple of days. there was no time. >> he said it is more than just the money it is about the company's attitude to parental time off. >> making your salary is important. but more important to know the company supports it. and you will not be personalized. >> the small business commission opposes this. an entrepreneur numbers the dilemma of small business owners facing additional coughs. >> i have an employee about to have a baby and this is a timely issue for us. >> the board votes this afternoon. if it passes it will go into affect in 2017. >> thank you. new this morning, san francisco-based twitter announced they will offer equal time off to both mothers and fathers welcoming new babies. this makes twitter the latest company to provide gender
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neutral leave including 20 weeks off work with full pay. mothers already are granted that and the general dirt rule takes effect at the end of month covering adoptions, as well. >> light rail service has been restored after a train hit a car on the tracks during the height of the commute. we were over the scene of the accident at north 1st street amount northbound train hit a car making an illegal left turn before 8:00 this morning. the injuries were only minor. the bus shuttle provides connections through the crash scene as the crews work to clear the wrecked car. >> happening now, something we have not seen in three weeks: bart train moving against. between pittsburg/bay point and north concord. riders are thrilled. they have had 20 days of disruption. commuters say it is good to have the trains moving. >> people do not have to worry
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about getting to would on final and hopefully it works out. >> the problem started march 6 when electrical problem caused a major meltdown. now bart has not released the root cause of the issue that knocked 50 train out of service. >> we are learning more of the new bart cars in service in the fall. the suite of the future will have special doors to seal out the noise. there will be new seats covered with fabric that is easy to clean. if you bring your bicycles on board, there are bike racks. in every car. >> shooting wounded a man in san rafael and the victim showed up at novato community hospital with a bullet wound to a leg. officers questioned the man and learned he was shot. the investigation is ongoing right now. >> in san francisco people are looking for a gunman who shot and killed a person in portola
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neighborhood around 9:30 last night outside a store. investigators are talking with business owners hoping surveillance video could provide clues. so far there is no description of the shooter or information abut the victim. >> we are following developing news from the east bay. a real concern: the same bb gun vandals shooting at cars, and even people, that man was hit by a bb and they have struck again, parked cars hit inship tremendous over the -- in san leandro over the weekend. the men are believed in their 20 driving around in a light-colored s.u.v. one feature is the fuel door is black or missing entirely. >> >> a maker of porn films attempting to move into the music industry is upsetting the neighbors in the mission district. this is the center of a big vote tonight. natasha zouves is in the
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newsroom with the details on story. >> neighbors would live near headquarters are used to what goes on behind the walls but 4,000 people coming for a concert that lasts until 2:00 a.m. is another matter. >> we have a bunch of drunks act ing crazy. >> neighborhoods are already witnessed problems, they have hosted parts in the past with permits. there have been dozens of written compliments. all the neighbors have a hard time trusting the operator and owner. >> woman wrote she witnessed urination and sex in the building entry ways and others said it was too loud. >> i don't want to deal with people throwing up on street. it is much. especially with a child. there is no way i would be happy with this. >> increasing traffic and
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decreasing parking has some worry. the planning commission and police department have already signed off on the permit. the entertainment commission is expected to vote tonight. there is more than one note to the story, an expanded venue with late night music is appealing to one neighbor. >> we need something around here. the neighborhood is changing so much, it could be good. >> the vote is tonight at city hall. at 5:30. it is open to the money. the director of the commission said they are unlikely to outright deny the permit application but could lay out the days and times of concerts. >> happening now, san francisco mayor lee has just announceed stolen scooter that belonged to hunter pence has been recovered stolen open saturday night from make-a-wish foundation office in san francisco. in a moment we will see the few men as they are carrying it back down the stairs. right there. they broke if through a fire door and spent an hour ransacking the office.
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today, the mayor lee and the giants are donating ipad s to replace those that were stolen. i am glad to hear the scooter has been returned. this is the second time it has been stolen. >> twice. >> time to put that on lockdown. >> another day. another showdown. in the race for 2016. today's wisconsin primary could have a key impact on which candidates will move forward. >> we will talk about future of ferry service in am a made with the develop president debate up nor a vote that could impact more than riders. >> news from the vatican of an upcoming stop for the pope -- greece. stay tuned.
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the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule on one screen. all the weather and traffic and news that lives where you live. >> all breeze on wisconsin today, the primary could shore up momentum for candidates on both sides of the race. now, first, the republicans, ted cruz came in with the lead over donald trump. however, trump still holds delegates leads among the g.o.p. if cruz wins, in wisconsin, it raises the possibility of the contested republican convention. as for the democrats, vermont senator bernie sanders hopes to continue momentum with a win in
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wisconsin. like cruz he trails the front runner in delegates. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have agreed to debate next week ahead of primary which is two weeks from today. >> from the vote can, pope francis may travel to a greek island to visit refugees from the middle east and could travel to the island of lesbos next week. this is after a european union plan to stem the flow of refugees. greece deported more than 200 people from various islands to turkey yesterday. >> mississippi businesses will now be allowed to deny a range of services including housing and atransportation to lesbian bisexual and transgender people. an hour ago the mississippi signed a bill the most sweeping anti-lgbt law. the supporters say it protects the rights of people with sincerely held religious beliefs. >> north carolina's new state law restricts regulars for lgbt people.
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papal announced they will not open their new global operations center in charlotte. the san jose-based company said the law perpetuates discrimination. it prohibits transgender individuals from using public bathrooms that match their gender identity. papal said they are canceling plans to bring 400 jobs to charlotte. >> twitter has new turf that the football plans will love. >> and meteorologist mike nicco -- and meteorologist drew tuma has the sizzling forecast. >> warm today but hotter tomorrow. we are on record watch. that is ahead. >> a community is standing their
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo by bay and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> check owe twitter to watch full streams of thursday night nfl games. twitter will stream ten games in the fall. you can access the streams on twitter. for free. the deal will include live free game periscope from the nfl players. >> dubs are eyeing win 70 when they face off against minnesota to win four of the last five games toet the n.b.a. all-time wins record in a single reason. >> warriors fans if you hope to score playoff tickets can you get them starting tomorrow morning. the tomb has a count down clock on home page at one day, three
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hours and, actually, two hours and 42 minutes and 19 seconds. >> but who is counting? >> everyone! >> now, some fans are calling for the warriors to get a new look, asking for new jerries that represent oakland. >> it calls for for the jerseys to have a nod to the oakland which has been foam for 40 years. supporters say the team has the city uniform for san francisco it is only fitting to have a jersey dead indicated to the hometown. how many people have signed? 1,644. >> they could wear both. they do that anyway. >> and they are moving so it will be a moot point. >> no need to move anywhere because the weather is about to become... >> did you sayment -- did you
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say hot to trot? >> a beautiful day today. tomorrow it will look gorgeous but very hot. probably the hottest day in a last spots so far. live doppler hd shows a quiet day. live doppler hd is going to be inactive the next couple of days. all about the heat and the sun. the camera is showing from the coast to the pay and inland we are socked in sunshine. inland, it is going to be where the hottest temperatures are this afternoon. it is already warm right now. danville at 73. 75 already if pleasanton. at 73 in antioch. martinez is 71. warm in san francisco already at 68 degrees. 67 in oakland. san jose is 69. 67 if fremont. fairfield is 71. temperatures are rising. they will continue into the afternoon. up to 84 in concord. 81 in oakland. 83 in san jose.
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a 74 in san francisco. 84 in santa rosa. the same in napa. we will had tree pollen to the forecast at high levels. it will be oak and birch and cedar. remember, the u.v. index is high this time of the year you can burn quickly. the coliseum tonight, beatiful baseball weather. first pitch, 70 degrees. a lot of sunshine. by association, it will be 63. tonight, it will be mild the dropping into the 50s across the board under starry skies. this will set the stage for a potentially record-setting wednesday. temperatures are on the rise. we will be watching oakland and, really, livermore likely tying the record and san jose close at 91 and likely far from the record at none but, it will be hot, warm today, down right hot
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tomorrow, in the 90s, we quickly cool on thursday bringing a chance of showers late on friday interest saturday. a "1" on the storm-impact scale. not an organized storm. however, it is going to back our temperatures down to more seasonable levels. hydrate and take it easy tomorrow, it will be hot. >> a short sizzler. >> a key meeting today on future of ferry service to alameda. the city council will look at moving forward for plans for a new ferry terminal. it is getting harder to find packing for cars and bicycles at the ferry terminals now. the operators believe the new terminal will spur development at the foam alameda naval air station. >> today, the state lands commission will consider a request from redwood city to allow people to continue living at a house boat community.
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this is argued that the floating homes boyfriend people who otherwise would not be able to afford a place to live in the bay area. the city is fighting a state regulation that stands in opposition to house boat neighborhoods because it will allow private residence in a public waterway. >> can you hear my stomach gradualing? it is lunch time! a perfect time to grab a bite of deep dish pizza. >> today is dedi
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>> coming up at 4:00, a new tool in the battle against distracted driving. the gadget that forces drivers to pay attention. >> what you don't know about your doctor could hurt you. "7 on your side" with a special report on that at 5:00. >> this just in time for lunch. pizza lovers know any time is good for by da but dish dish lovers dead is significant because it is "national deep dish pizza day." fans expected to flock to deep dish pizza restaurants. >> for some, it is too thick but it is a good "cheat "day. the thin has been around for centuries but deep dish is new and the first deep dish was
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served 60 years ago in chicago. >> the bay area has great version in zacharys. you have to try it. thats for skinning us. we leave you with a gorgeous view from camera looking at the bay. it will sizzle. have a good win.
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>> hi, i'm chris harrison, your new host of the all-new "who wants to be a millionaire." this season we're getting back to our roots. no easy answers. no escape. just a single player fighting to win $1 million. one person answering the question: "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody, and welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] all right, our returning contestant is superstitious but is feeling lucky today. from baltimore, maryland, please welcome back joe macleod. [cheers and applause] joe, what's up? we've dropped the track suit. now... >> now we're relaxing. >> just leisure wear. >> yeah. >> we're going to leisurely... >> yeah, man. >> head up to the million dollars.


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