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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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make a wish foundation which had surveillance video. >> we were able to identify them with the video. >> reporter: it was the tender loin foot patrol officers who recognized and arrested 37-year-old judd jenky and 26-year-old nicholas tiller. a search warrant turned up the scooter and other stolen property. >> we're really excited we are able to get the scooter back and it's able to go to a function for the make a wish foundation. >> reporter: the scooter, which was auctioned for $40,000, is signed by pence, with the message to michelle, much love. in a statement the san francisco giants said we are delighted that it has been found and will be returned to its rightful owner. while hunter pence tweeted the news, having earlier tweeted it was scooter gate all over again. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news."
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san francisco is on the verge of becoming the first city in the nation to require fully paid family leave for new parents. supervisors unanimously approved the measure today. it requires private employers pay 45% of salaries during the six-week family leave. the state already covered the other 55%. when you combine them, new parents working in san francisco will get full pay during family leave. >> it's already really hard without children to live in san francisco. so if you have that extra pay, you can have a family and go back to work. >> supervisors still have to take a second procedural vote next week. the new policy would take effect next year. it covers employers with at least 20 workers. smaller businesses all view this is another expensive mandate they can't afford. the santa clara county jail was the scene of another inmate brawl. one prisoner went to the
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emergency room. david louie is live at the jail with developing news on this. david? >> reporter: dan, the area where the fight broke out has no cameras, so detectives had to count on inmates to tell them what happened and why it got started. however, no one is cooperating. at least ten inmates were involved. ski 7 hd was over the main jail south shortly after the fight broke out around 8:30 this morning. it happened on the second floor where inmates are housed in a dormitory system. these are photos taken by the sheriff's office where the incident happened. >> when our detectived went to interview them, no one wanted to talk. >> reporter: there were 225 fights louisia s last year, 78 s year.
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three jail officers are facing murder charges after a death from last year. inmate fights, he believes, is rooted in culture differences. >> i think we have to work at some cultural change. we have people coming from different economic and cultural backgrounds and how we're understanding those values. >> reporter: there were no security cameras were the fight occurred. >> having incidents appear on camera will help maybe determine policies or procedures that need to be put in place to lessen the tensions and fights. i'm hoping the cameras will keep everyone safe. >> reporter: one inmate did require stitches to the head but is back at the jail. david louie, "abc7 news." a woman faces charges tonight accused of taking money from a high school volunteer
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group in san francisco. police say cynthia maller embezzled more than $180,000. the examiner reports she faces 12 counts of grand theft and embezz embezzlement. vacaville police was seen inappropriately touching women. police are asking anyone now with information on his identity to please call them immediately. a suspected auto burglar is in custody, accused of trying to enter a vehicle with a security guard inde. 52-year-old curtis jordan, jr. was arrested. a security guard said he saw jordan try
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this incident happened after a high speed chase of a burglary suspect. he crashed his car into a fence. it turns out police had to take him to the hospital for something unrelated to the crash. officers say he swallowed a ring he had stolen from a home he had just broken into. he needed surgery to remove it. he's now facing multiple felony charges. dozens of people who live on the water in redwood city are challenging their right to stay there. they're being forced to move because it's a public trust land but they're asking whyet o is l. >> reporter: similar to the berkeley marina dock town in redwood city, this is also situated on public land, but a place many people call home and at a time they can't afford any place else to live.
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but now the state land commission met here today to discuss what action, if any, they'll take. >> i really like living here. there are a lot of families here, low income people. and we would like to stay. >> reporter: steve is one of 100 people who live in this floating community called dock town in redwood city's marina. the communities first cropped up in 1974. the state land commission has known about them for some time, but it's only now their community is being uprooted. >> at the time of the real estate transaction, no one said a thing about state lands or the fact that this place might be in jeopardy some day. >> reporter: residents say this started last year when an attorney who lives across the marina filed a lawsuit saying it was unlawful use of public land. >> he has made it clear he does not like his view.
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he has complained about what he has to look at. >> reporter: he said he filed a lawsuit because he was concerned about the marine life. he won a $1.5 million judgment, $3 million had also been set aside to clean up the area and help residents relocate. redwood city's manager spoke this afternoon asking for a 15-year expense to help residents find a new home. >> there's a very clear understanding and concern about the need for people to have affordable housing. >> reporter: they say they're not in the way of the public enjoying access to the water and are being good stewards of the area. >> it's the total balance of public trust uses. we run a yacht club, we clean the creek. >> reporter: in berkeley, janet o, "abc7 news." millions of dollars have
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been approved in unclaimed parking citations into the general fund. there's maybe $5 million sitting in coffers for people who overpaid parking citations between 1995 and 2012. about $1 million of that has been claimed. the move requires approval. a heads up by anyone heading east bound the next couple of nights. caltrans will be closing door two from 10:00 to 4:30 tomorrow morning for routine maintenance. encourage more people to ride boats during noncommute areas. b.a.r.t. trains are moving in both directions between the
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pittsburgh bay point and north concord stations. the problem started march 16 when an electrical problem caused a major melt down. so what is in a name? >> it's like colonial nostalgia that needs to be ended. >> we're the warriors. >> the fight over a school mascot that's reaching the golden state warriors. and facebook's new tool to help the blind see images. and what you don't know about your doctor and how it could hurt you. and roaming out west. why the elk
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this is "abc7 news." an east bay high school says it's keeping its new mascot despite the pressure to change. they went from the indians to the warriors back in february. alyssa harrington joins us live from crockett with the story of the ongoing opposition. >> reporter: well, an indigenous rights group sees this as a slap in the face to change the name from the indians to the warriors. the district, however, is not backing down and the superintendent defends the spirit of the warrior and points to the golden state warriors, a name already embraced by so many people. john sweat high school dropped its indian mascot last year, but the name and image of an arrow still cover the gym floor, a reminder of what many native americans consider offensive. some say the school board's
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decision to replace indians with warriors is no better. >> it's a switch that is trying to keep in spirit with the old mascot. >> reporter: the group criticizes this decision. >> the way that warriors are used in sports and mascots is to depict indigenous resistance to colonialism. >> i know that some of our board members don't see it that way. they see it as an opportunity to represent the spirit of the warrior. >> reporter: superintendent ron stosberger says a logo could not depict any insensitive kas caricatu caricatures. the call to drop native american mascots has continued nationwide. before they were golden state, the nba's warriors used these
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logos between the '40s and '60s. they would prefer they change their names, too. alyssa harrington, "abc7 news." facebook says it's what app chat application is fully encrypted for all operating systems. this means company engineers cannot read user messages or watch video calls, even if ordered to do so by a court. it has nearly a billion users, making it the most popular chat app in the world. we finally made it. image may contain two people smiling, sun glasses, sky, outdoor, water. >> starting today, a new facebook tool will help users who are blind see photos by hearing descriptions. the iphone app interprets what is in a picture using artificial intelligence that recognizes
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faces and objects. right now it has a vocabulary of only 100 words. hp unveiled a new logo today. here it is. you get the gist of it when you look just a little bit closer. here is how it compares to the old logo. hp says it will use this logo on it's premium laptops. for about $1200 and up. thousands of doctors are being disciplined by state medical boards for serious wrong doing. >> but finding out who those doctors are can be difficult. >> michael finney has more. >> reporter: we have the list. consumer reports was able to obtain a list of the california doctors currently on probation. it's a powerful look into the weaknesses that the current system, when it comes to informing patients, when they have a problem doctor. nearly 500 doctors in california are on probation for dangerous
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doctoring or unprofessional behavior. their offenses range from practicing medicine under the influence of illegal drugs, to sexual misconduct with patients. others have been charged with negligence, leading to botched surgeries and wrongful deaths. and the director of consumer reports say patient project says it's a national problem. >> hundreds of doctors in the u.s. keep practicing even though they're on probation for serious issues, such as drug abuse and gross negligence. >> reporter: consumer reports investigations shows how hard it is to find out whether your doctor has been cited. you can check your doctor's history at the federation of state and medical board site. but if you find an action, it can be difficult to tell what the reasons are. you have to find, then navigate reams of hard-to-understand
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legal documents. patient reviews can be misleading. a gynecologist on probation for negligence, including taking out the wrong ovary, has more than three stars out of five. >> it should be easy to look up disciplinary histories of doctors. >> reporter: the board rejected the idea saying it would put too much of a burden on doctors and damage the doctor/patient relationship. physicians are already required to inform hospitals. patients have just as great if not greater right to be informed. you can see the full report on our website, in the
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7 on your side section. >> thanks, michael. >> if you think this is warm, you ain't seen nothing yet. >> that's right. it's only going to get hotter tomorrow. right now a sparkling day, a gentle breeze coming through. still warm in san francisco. let me show you live doppler 7 hd and we'll talk about how much those temperatures are going to come up. they're already up by a good 5 to 15 degrees over yesterday and on live doppler 7 hd, we're clear from our east bay hills camera, it is 70 degrees in san francisco. 75 in oakland. currently 80 in san jose. 66 in half moon bay. looking towards the port of oakland, nothing but clear skies there. mid 70s in napa. 80 degrees right now in livermore. beautiful skies with a bu clouds there.
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temperatures will tumble thursday and showers looking likely for friday and saturday. tomorrow morning, this is the coolest point, mid 40s to mid 50s. notice how quickly temperatures arise. jump 45 degrees by 4:00 a.m. coming up to 92 degrees. if you take a look at some of the expected records for tomorrow, the beach might be inviting. 83 in san francisco. oakland, expected to tie its previous record set back in 1989. and livermore is expected to make it a little above the previous record. san jose, napa, you'll be getting close. here are your specific highs. gillroy, 93 degrees. it may be a record. 91 in san jose, cupertino, 89. 88 in san mateo. looking at sunshine and 83 in downtown san francisco. 78 in daley city.
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north bay, look at this, 90 in napa, 92 in santa rosa. 86 in oakland. in the east bay, 90 degrees in free month. inland, 92 in livermore. 92 in walnut creek. what's going to follow is much cooler weather on thursday as the fog comes back in from the south. temperatures will really drop, even cooler for your friday and we'll add in some showers. right now looking like a good possibility. one is a light system, five is a severe system on the storm impact scale. we are expecting a one. light rain, less than a quarter of an inch. by friday afternoon at 1:00, showers appear and they continue for friday evening.
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heading into saturday morning, still some showers in the forecast and a slim possibility as we head into sunday. as far as rainfall totals, about a tenth to a quarter of an inch. we go from record heat, mid 90s inland, upper 70s at the coast, so basically almost a 20-degree drop as we head thursday inland. and a 20-degree drop around the bay. light showers for friday, saturday, much cooler weather. slight chance continues on sunday. and hope you don't get used to the 90s. look at the temperatures sliding all the way through sunday. and we'll bump the temperatures back up. on tuesday, there's another chance of showers. computer models are not in agreement on this one. so one model is not so wet, the other is wet. it is encouraging to at least see not just the heat but the showers for those of you who do not like the hot weather. >> and we need some rain.
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sandhya, thank you very much. bonding over buzz cuts. up next, how these close shaves are helping people far and wide. then at 5:30 -- >> dan, kristen, breaking developments. passengers and pilot killed on board an american helicopter tour. the flight attendant just fired after deploying the emergency chute. why the gap is now apologizing for this new ad featuring y mmm. bacon is lookin good. let's instabrag. honey, jalapeño boom boom, h-how is there no bacon emoji? denny's new honey jalapeño bacon, part of the red white and bacon menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner.
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dash cam video shows a car flipping out of control and corkscrewing through the air. lock look at that. the driver only suffered minor
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injuries. big honor for a military dog that lost a leg in afghanistan. a british charity honored luka with a top medal for the 400 missions the dog completed. the owner says she's the only reason he made it home safely to southern california. now look at this. this little guy is safe thanks to firefighters. they used thermal imaging to find the kitten trapped in a wall. firefighters cut a small chunk out and pulled the kitten free throw and in very good health. the oakland zoo is helping bring the bison back to their original stomping grounds in montana. a herd was released to a reservation. the bison a strong part of the native american cultural, but they were wiped up. these are from a herd in canada. the oakland zoo will receive at least 15 bison as part of the california trail exhibit.
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offspring will join the herd in montana. officials and the black feet nation will work together on education and eco tourism programs. "abc7 news" was at the university of san francisco campus where clippers are raising funds for st. balldrick's foundation. >> i have a baby cousin that was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of 1. so i've done it for three years, and i do it for her every time. >> nice guy to do that. they hoped to raise $2,000 just today. wonderful gesture. the white house turns it up
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coming up at 6:00, the polls in wisconsin close in 30 minutes. we'll have the projections as soon as they're announced. >> and a look at the new jet service out of the east bay. plus -- >> this is more than a baby step. this is a major step forward. >> a huge day for an east bay
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company that helps stroke and spinal cord patients stand up and walk again. that's coming up at 6:00. first lady michelle obama is back with her turnips for vine video. >> turnips for what? ♪ >> the first lady is never shy about promoting healthy eating. >> today, a followup vine featuring some recognizable locals. >> turn up for what? ♪ >> that's steph curry, of course, and his wife. the video was recorded last month during their visit to the white house and released today in honor of turnips. that is fun. >> they have a way of making turnips cool. "world news tonight" is up next. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley.
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for all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you again in half an hour. breaking news tonight. the first exit polls. will wisconsin change the race for donald trump? and what melania trump wants her husband to stop doing. and tonight, what hillary clinton just said. her challenge to donald trump. the deadly crash. investigators talking just a short time ago, after an american helicopter tour goes down, killing everyone onboard. the deadly spring storm, and tonight, the deep freeze now. snow and concern over black ice for drivers. that cold here to stay. the flight attendant just fired after suddenly deploying the emergency chute in houston. and you'll see it right here. and the passenger who called 911 to warn authorities about his uber driver. >> sideswiped a car and then he kept driving. >> passed from dispatcher to dispatcher, not once, but three times.


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