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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 6, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> get ready to sweat. today, it started like april with some people wearing ear muffs give way to temperatures like august. the hottest starts start righting. fast. now. i am reggie aqui. kristen sze is off. the potentially record-setting heat is stretching all across the bay area. look outside. this is from the exploritorium camera at pier 15 where drew said it will hit the 80s. if you in the east bay it is not 80s, but 90s. this is from walnut creek showing plenty of blue skies and sun. in san jose, another hot spot. we are monitoring over downtown.
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our meteorologist, drew tomb ma, -- drew tuma is joining us. >> hot to trot. >> and set to sweat. >> it is well above normal. usually we continue out in the 60s and right new everyone is in the 70s. 78 in half moon bay. san francisco is 71. 75 in san jose. oakland is 74. 74 in concord. in 24s areas are up 5-10 degrees best chance of bet the numbers and how it will get where you live this morning when we have the full accweather forecast. >> your day to start with lock sleeves and, hopefully, it will end in a t-shirt.
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we are in san jose, where we get a first look at the dramatic temperature change. matt? >> reggie, a pleasant morning in san jose. but to be honest, i spend the past hour and half inside an air conditioned news van. it is starting to heat up. on the hottest day of the year. >> they say the waste difficult of golf is better than the best day of work. what if your work has air conditioning? today's himming hot temperatures brought randy out earlier than normal to the golf course in san jose. >> you slow down. do not walk so fast. you have extra beverages the that help hads. >> and at the elementary school, they are encouraged to hydrate. >> drink a lot of water. >> the school is one of a handful in the alum rock school district without central air conditioning. the principal said that classrooms have portable air conditioning units with teachers
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opening early to let in the cool air. what a difference a few hours in san jose at the bart station. check out people at 5:30 this morning. jackets. gloves. ear muffs. temperatures were in the 50s. this morning, more shorts came out. jackets came off. >> where are you headed? >> santa cruz. >> why? >> it is hot. >> 93 degrees is the record high for san jose. that is why the to decided to head to the beach. >> ly 17, to metro center. >> whether be on the beach in the hot than sitting here. in the hot. >> what a if day to head to the beach. drew is forecasting 84 for santa cruz the one day heat wave. significantly cooler temperatures tomorrow. >> how are you dealing with the cincinnati snap a photo and share it with us using #abc7now.
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we could use it here. or online. country music legend merle haggard died this morning. his manager said that he passed away at a hospital here in california. he was inducted into the country hall of music fame in 1994. he turned 79 years old today. he died open his product. more on this through the day as we get information. >> new to san francisco, police arrested a third person suspected of stealing a scooter that giants' star hunter pent donateed to make-a-wish foundation foundation. 35-year-old man man was arrested yesterday. this is his mug shot. police have already two other suspects, 37-year-old judd janke and 26-year-old knicholas tiller . surveillance video shows the officers who worked in the tenderloin to recognize the two suspects and they found the stolen scooter when they
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executed the search warrant which was signed by hunter pence and they get $40,000 in the auction charity for that. >> police need your help to track down a suspected criminal. look at that photo. police say this woman used a stolen identity to rent a car. she used that car in a crime spree. including several burglaries. if you recognize her, call police. >> happening today we expect to hear from a former uc berkeley executive suing her former boss for sexual harassment. that abuse has happened more thanks than has been known by the public, the law school design is being sued for harassment. the report was published in the bay area news group and has now resigned from the post. reports show that 19 ememployment ease were fired just since 2011 for violating the sexual harassment policies of cal. the administration has formed a committee to dress the problem.
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>> today we have our first hook of the future of bart. the transit agency unveiled what it is calling the fleet of the future and our reporter saw firsthand live from hayward. 775 of the cars will be joining the bart fleet. >> that is right. welcome to the future. it is light. it is bright. it is airy. it is also very high-tech. look at this digital screen. it will show you exactly where you are along the route. if you follow-up and over you can see the planned new security cameras and a little bit more toward the side, a feature that will come in great, air conditioning units in every consider. over hear on the side you will see the brand new bicycle racks. if you take a look at the video you can see the outside of the brand if you car. if you notice, the series number is 3001 you know it is special, the first completed car.
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>> noise testing. interior and exterior. we will verify it moves at right speed. as important, we do brick testing. we will make sure it starts when we need to start. >> you are log at new video showing car 3001 being delivered. it was hauled across the country from new york and delivered march 15 to bart it will be repeated hundreds of times. 9 good news is only the first ten considers will require six months of test to make sure that in major re-engineering is necessary. subsequent cars will be tested for a in and join the fleet by 2021. all 775 cars will be rolled out. this is a look inside the car: the chairs are slimmer. more stream lined. fewer chairs because there are three sets of doors to allow for easier access getting on and off
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the cars. there is more standing space to allow if the crowds rush-hour commutes. >> san francisco muni riders, listen up, fill cost more to get around town. the transit agency wants to charge cash customers 25 cent more a ride and you pay $2.50, and that is aimed at encouraging people to use chipper cards rather than cash which speeds up boarding. supervisors need to sign off on the plan before it kicks in. traffic is moving along 280 after a shuttle bus caught fire. look at that, sky 7 is at scene at the off-ramp in menlo park. the c.h.p. said that the back left side of the bus caught fire and it is not clear how that happened. known was hurt. but cleanup was extensive leaving two lanes of the freeway closed for an hour and this hatched during the heart of the
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morning commute. the apple employees were transferred to another because and headed on to cupertino. >> engineers returned to the lower level of the bay bridge with high-tech gear. they are inspectioning the yerba buena island tunnel. can you see in photographs that experts are using ground penetrating radar to look at the tunnel walls and ceilings. the survey began on the 80-year-old tunnel yesterday morning. in february, a piece of concrete fell and damned a car and narrowly missed the driver of the car. they policemen the weak spot on rust cause by written water. if the commute takes you through the tunnel the agency said you are not in idea danger. >> happening today, san francisco police commissioners will discuss options to avoid deadly confrontation with suspects. the debate will center on arming patrol officers with tasers. the deadly shooting of mario
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woods re-ignited the pump. officers shotted withs when he refused to drop a knife. the chief has called for limited pilot program to test the tasers. the drawn believes that plan falls short. >> oakland rents in have risen so high there is now a represent freeze after midnight, they approve 90 day moratorium open rent increases. the moratorium does not apply to home built after 1983 or apply to increases based on the annual consumer price index. during the at this . days the city will develop a long-term plan to curb evictions and create sustainable housing. the race for 2016 heats up after the front runners fell short in wisconsin. who could have the remain now. >> ohio girl going blind becomes quit the sight for all of the world to see with a touching
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moment when she met pope trend isis. >> and comic amy schumer caught up in a real debate online, a magazine recover has us all thinkin
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>> incredible rescue from oklahoma, wildfires are bun right now and for a few moments it was real close to a farmer out there. he was in his road grader. the vehicle was being used to
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dig a fire break. flames surrounded the vehicle, a husband and wife storm-chasing team caught it on camera, and they saved his life. the couple rolled up in the vehicle and he jumped in so he could get out of there and just in the nick of time. >> now your voice, your vote, pennsylvania is still 20 day away from the presidential primary, and we are getting a hint of how it will do from a new university poll it shows who is edging who. on republican side, 39% of likely voters favor donald trump and ted cruz is in second place with 30% and john kasich with 24%. for the democrats, hillary clinton in the lead with 50% of likely voters say they would vote for her and 44% say bernie sanders is the candidate and 6%, still, not so sure. >> a five-year-old ohio girl experienced a special moment at the van can when she and her family were blessed by pope francis.
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the young girl is star struck when he told her he with pray for her. she is currently on a world tour with her parents. they want to show her as much as they can in the limited amount of time because she is slowly going blind because of a require genetic disease. >> there will come a time when we tell her and i dread that day but right new we don't feel it is necessary for her to know. >> after touring vatican city and rome 9 parents will make sure she sees as much of the world as possible before her eyesight leaves. >> now, dub nations and what you need to know about playoff ticket sells underway and we have been saying this all day long, i don't know how to say it, skit hot. >> it is hot. beach is the place to be to escape the heat and we are watching high pressure over nevada bring us a south wind boosting temperatures from 10-20 degrees above normal and wet weather will break the heat.
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>> a lot of you big fans of amy schumer and now she is involved in a dress-size debate and teaching us a less son of the
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>> amy schumer is a commodity difficult queen and comfortable if her own skin but the 34-year-old is sharing discomfort with being included in glamour magazine's sheik at any size special. she said there is nothing wrong with being plus-sized. but she is not. she said show wears between a size 6 or size 8. saying she was included without asking. the editor and chief apologizized saying they never
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actually called her plus size and she was included because of her bed positive image. she said she doesn't believe women should be labeled at all and a lot of people are saying membership aren't labeled, right? >> members of the rhythm nation are disappointed because janet jackson said show has a big personal announcement. >> i thought it was important you be the first to know. my husband and i are planning our family so i have to delay the tour please if you can try and understand it is important i did this, now, i have to rest up, doctors' orders. >> she never actually said show is pregnant. she said that she planning a fell. you can take it for whatever it means. to do that she has to not perform her second leg of the unbreakable four and was supposed to perform in concord. that is not happening.
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on flip side you can be happy for her. >> starting a family. nice. and doing a video with perfect lating and perfect makeup. >> she nail it. you nailed forecast, you said it would be hot. >> we already have 80s, so it is soaring. live doppler hd unfortunately is not rain today, it is all about the heat headed our a. live doppler 7 hd is quiet. half moon bay is overachieving at 84 degrees, area-wide, we are in the 70s, and this time of the year we top out in the my 60 so ten degrees better than we should be for this date and temperatures are in the 80s and 90s across the board and highs are starting in the south bay you will hear hot and 90s, 91 in san jose, where you see a far, that is probably a record at 93 and 89 for sunnyvale along with the peninsula and none in redwood city and 90 in los altos and 8 is the high in san francisco, 78 in daly city, and
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92 in santa rosa, 90 novato and likely a record in san rafael at 89 degrees. the east bay, 86, likely a new record. 86 in hercules and inland, equally as hot, the mid-90s. now in antioch, likely a new very at 92, san ramon is 90, and 91 in pleasanton. this is the first real heat we of the year and the first always puts extra stress on people. if you can seek out air conditioning, if you are outside take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water and check on pets and kids and early decemberly they are most susceptible to heat-related illness. at the coliseum, the a's talk on the sox, nice baseball weeks ago. first pitch is 78, sun goes down at 7:38 by the 9thing, temperatures are still mild, and right around 70 degrees. tonight, we will see clear skies early, a few clouds start to push in after midnight but mild, most pops dropping into 950s.
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86 overnight, and 57 san jose, and 55 in concord and overnight we drop to 50 degrees in napa. the heat spell is short-lived because showers are bringing in cooler air and a chance of rain. the weather will jump ahead interest friday and it is close enough we keep the chance of a sure. right new, it is a light storm will the seven-day forecast shows it is hot and sunny. temperatures are dropping dramatically tomorrow, and the storm system is moving in from the south on friday and saturday, a chance of a light shower, a "1" on the storm storm and sunday is a lingering sprinkle and monday, sunshine and clouds and tuesday a chance of more rain but, today, all abut the 90. stay hydrated. from 94 to 76? a rude awake being. >> thank you. warriors fans are getting the first shot today at landing and playoff tickets, first dibs on the sale which started at 10:00 a.m. and this afternoon, 25,000
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people on the wait list with their town and an exclusive presail. this is the first three home games in round one of the may offs after the loss to minnesota the dubs need to win each of the final four games to reach an n.b.a. record which the bulls now hold. >> when rehad the pizza rat from new york? now there is a sequel. we will show you what happened when pizza squirrel came on the scene. coming up
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>> coming up at 4:00 a new effort to crackdown on drugged driving a new field test officers could start using on drivers they suspect are under the influence of something besides alcohol. >> the small camera with a big goal. the live streaming, virtual reality. the story is on abc at 5:00. >> and remember the pizza rat? oregon has a pizza squirrel. here is the video. the guy is spotted on a portland street because portland, chowing down on a slice of pizza for breakfast. why blame it. >> love that.
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>> the woman who recorded the video said he snacked and said, i am out. because i don't share. again, just like drew. >> especially in the morning. >> a enjoy the hot weather is if that your thing. don't worry, temperatures are dropping tomorrow.
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>> welcome to the all-new "millionaire." you're about to see a man who is just three questions away from walking out of here with $1 million. we might be about to find out, "who wants to be a millionaire?" [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to a very special show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] this is special today, because our returning contestant is back for a third time on our stage, and this time, he is only 3 questions away from taking home $1 million. [cheers and applause] from baltimore, maryland, please welcome back joe macleod. [cheers and applause] >> hey. >> good to see you, sir.


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