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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." >> good afternoon. i'm kristen sze in for ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. the weather at the top of the news, a very slow-moving storm spreading north right now. live doppler 7 hd showing pockets of scattered showers. >> yeah, a little bit outside this morning. and right now as well. a live look outsideshowing you the clouds out there. and the rain will likely affect your evening commute. >> spencer christian with more now on live doppler 7 hd and the timeline of this storm. >> okay, here's what's happening right now as you pointed out. the storm is slow to develop. over the next hour or so, we should see more activity. here's live doppler 7 hd. we have the little pockets of light rain. let me truck over to see yara to
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show you this outbreak of lightning strikes and into the foothills. back in the bay area, here's what is happening right now. little pockets of light right developing from hayward, to san ramone, lafayette. wet spots developing on some segments of i-580 and the weather will become more active. rainfall totals over the last 24 hours, not so impressive, just a trace of rain to 0.01 in redwood. 5:00 a.m., we expect to see more widespread rain in the south bay and the east bay, maybe some locally heavy downpours. the rain becomes more widespread by 8:00 p.m., moving up through san francisco, across the peninsula and up to the north bay. and then later tonight and into tomorrow morning, we'll see a west-to-east line of rain and showers through the central part of the bay area and i'll show
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you what's happening over the weekend in just a moment. >> spencer, thank you. we want to thank viewers as well for send thing their cool weather pictures. instagram user paul sent us this picture with a look at the low clouds over the bay bridge. very dramatic, right? >> absolutely. >> and then this picture of the low fog rolling in over san francisco. we want to see videos and picture where is you live. tag it with the #abc7now and we may show it on air or online. new surveillance shows san francisco police officers shooting and killing a homeless man in the mission district. >> get on the ground. [ gunfire ] [ gunfire continues ] [ bleep ]! >> today, the medical examiner identified the man as
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45-year-old luis gonegora. within 20 seconds of the plolic officers get out of their vehicle, they tell him to get on the ground. we can't see luis on video at all. police say three witnesses so far the man advanced toward police with a knife when he was shot. >> witness three said he saw the suspect running towards the officers with a knife in his hand. the knife was raised up as he ran towards the officers. >> a fourth witness disputes that account, telling us and police that he kept the knife tucked into his belt the whole time. police have the same video and they're reviewing it as evidence. president obama is in the bay area right now making his second visit to our region this year. >> his two fund-raisers planned tonight to benefit the democratic party.
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>> reporter: you know, the president is still known as someone who could do some heavy lifting when it comes to fund-raising for the democratic party. it's interesting to see that mr. obama arrived here with his older daughter malia and there's some speculation she may be revisiting some of our local universities, although she's said before it's between nyu and barnard college. president obama came accompanied by his older daughter malia, greeted by nancy pelosi and jackie spear. the 17-year-old seemed anxious to get into her escorted suv and did what any sensible teenager would do, she started using her smartphone. her father, meanwhile, took time to greet a selected group of people. these are families of people within the democratic party or those in the military. cornell and malika came with their baby. >> it's amazing.
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i've bet obama before and he's such a great guy. this is great. this is a memorable occasion. >> reporter: president obama's first stop will be to the home of susan sandler and steve phillips. both philanthropists and donors of the party. about 25 people are expected and the president will be there just over an hour. the price per person is $33,400, which goes to the democratic national committee. he's then attending a fund-raising dinner and benefits the democratic county central committee. the price tag there is also $33,400 per person. >> 2016 is shaping up to be the most expensive presidential campaign in history, and california is the atm for both sides. >> reporter: lyanne melendez, "abc7 news." happening now in belgium,
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police and prosecutorers are trying to figure out if they have arrested the mysterious man in the hat from last month's attack. >> he was the last remaining fugitive in last year's paris attacks. police say -- or last month. police say he helped the attackers and drove one of the cars in those attacks. still unknown is whether he's the third attacker in brussels, the one seen on airport surveillance video was wearing a hat. we know that federal charges facing the man seen on video getting beaten by sheriff's deputies during a separate arrest entered a not guilty plea to federal weapons and drug charges today. melanie woodrow was in court and joins us live. >> reporter: petrov turned back several times to look at his mom in court today. she said that her son suffers from ptsd following that incident with deputies. the criminal complaint that was unsealed today, however, paints
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a much different picture of petrov. the federal criminal complaint calls him a career criminal, who is a danger to officers and bystanders. april 1, fbi agents arrested petrov and his girlfriend at this home on teddy avenue on firearms and drug trafficking charges. according to the complaint, both are associated with a gang. the fbi says they originally were not on their radar, but during a cyber crimes raid march 8, agents discovered the couple with a firearm and more than 125 grams of meth amphetamine. 3 1/2 weeks later, the feds arrested both. that same morning, a man was shot outside the home. there's now a growing memorial for christopher parismelo, who
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drew up with petrov. detectives are investigating whether investigation petrov may have to the homicide. back at the teddy avenue home, according to the complaint two case after petrov's march 8th arrest and release, he's accused of beating his ex-girlfriend while she held her 1-year-old. and three days later, he evaded san francisco police during a traffic spot. petrov's mother says her son has ptsd following this incident with deputies. the complaint mentions the incident without use of force during the investigation. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." san francisco native and u.s. army corporal robert graham was laid to rest today. his family received his remains on wednesday from a plane at sfo more than six decades after he went missing during the korean
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war. the military says he likely died in a p.o.w. camp in 1953. the army identified a single leg bone as graham's through family dna. it was among the remains of missing u.s. service members that north korea turned over in 1993. a funeral took place in daily city. we know now the terms of the tentative agreement between the csu system and the faculty. more than 26,000 faculty and staff will receive a 10.5% salary increase over a three-year period. the first starting at 5% june 30th, and 2% on july 1st. both sides still have to approve the contract, which will post about $200 million and will require additional state funding to implement. i missed it. the warriors tickets went on sale for the public today. >> i think you can get tickets if you play your cards right. some tickets were still
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available. many of the best seats are taken and they are expensive. >> game one, the nose bleeds will run you from $200 to $600. tickets in the lower bowl are going for $500 and reselling for $2500 mid court. >> the courtside vip tickets start at $5,000. >> the warriors lock up the top spot in western conference. >> they won last night. and if they win the final three, they would set the all-time single season record. steph curry, draymond green really want to go for the record, but steve kerr would prefer to rest his guys for what he hopes will be a long playoff run. >> i'm inclined to give some guys a rest if they need it. but i've also sort of made a pact with the guys that if
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they're not tired, if they're not banged up and they want to go for this record or whatever, so we've got to talk. >> harrison barnes said last night, i'm 23. i'm not tired. i don't need rest. the warriors' next two games are on the road. tomorrow in memphis and sunday in san antonio. back home next wednesday in the regular season finale against memphis. tomorrow night, the cavaliers play the bulls. we're carrying that game on nbc 7. mike shumann will host after the game and break down the warriors-grizzlies game and the quest for 73. that should be around 8:00 right here on abc 7. >> harrison barnes playing like he's not at all tired. >> and he's starting to knock down some shots. still ahead, bernie backs down. find out what he's saying about hillary clinton's qualifications to be president. also, the stand bruce springstein, the boss is taking
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against the anti-lbgt law. new at 4:30, a tearful confession by the man who started the devastating king fire. michael finney is taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just post them with the #askfinney and michael will answer those questions live in a few seconds. let's take a live look outside. this is a look from east bay camera, looking at berkeley and the bay bridge. >> and here's interstate 80. not such a great shot. west bound coming back toward the city and interstate 580, nobody is going fast on a late friday afternoon. back in just a moment.
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there's new effort to clear the names of 50 african-american sailors charged with mutiny during world war ii. "abc7 news" was in concord naval station as senator steve glazer introduced a bill that asks president obama to exonerate the seamen. they refused to low munitions in ships after an explosion killed 320 naval personnel in 1944. they feared for their safety. bill armstrong investigated the incident and said the men should
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not have been court-martialed. >> it's time these men get their honor back, because they took their honor from them by failing to train them. >> reporter: a memorial now stands at the site of the explosion. most of the men refused to be pardoned by bill clinton in 1999 because they insisted they were not guilty. the fight for delegates has gotten fierce, with new york voters getting ready to head to the polls. bernie sanders backing off his claims that hillary clinton is unqualified to be president. so are the democrats really ready to play nice? megan hughes has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: bernie sanders on "the view" softening his attacks calling hillary clinton disqualified. >> does she have the experience? obviously she does. >> i've been called a lot of things over the years, but "unqualified" has not been one of them. >> reporter: and families of
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shooting victims and hillary clinton supporters from newtown, connecticut and elsewhere were calling out bernie sanders on guns. >> because of bernie sanders, and others who voted like him, i and others are waiting for justice. >> you will never get my vote. my son didn't even get an opportunity to grow up. >> reporter: sanders' statements to the "new york daily news" made headlines this week, opposing gun manufacturer liability in shootings like newtown. the ladies of "the view" asked about his support of a bill giving them immunity. >> that bill had some good and bad provisions in it. >> reporter: he also prepared for a visit to meet with the pope next week. meanwhile, donald trump spending another day off the campaign trail. during the time off, trump's campaign is getting a shakeoff. while manager corey lewandowski
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is staying on, they brought on paul manniport to manage the convention. donald trump doesn't have any scheduled events until sunday. as his campaign tries to figure out to you to clinch the nomination with the remaining delegates up for grabs. the justice department says it's moving forward to force apple to help unlock the iphone linked to a brooklyn drug conspiracy. an undisclosed outside party helped the fbi access the san bernardino information. a lower court previously blocked the government from forcing apple to help in the case. bruce springsteen taking a stand against north carolina's sweeping lbgt law. he canceled his concert in
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springsboro, because the law requires transgender to use bathrooms corresponding with their birth certificates. you can see cloudy out there. we've had some sprinkles. >> more rain is on the way. spencer christian, so far no umbrella, so we know it's not raining out there. >> i have it standing by just in case, because in the next half hour we could get some rain here. here's a lock at live doppler 7 hd. we have the clouds in parts of the east bay there. but things are still relatively quiet in general. here's a view looks at the clouds over the bay. temperatures are currently in the low to mid 60s from oakland to san jose, morgan hill. 57, the cool spot at half moon bay. this is a darker, drearier view over the golden gate bridge.
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looking at temperature readings in the north bay of santa rosa, napa, about 65 to 68 degrees. 68 in fairfield. concord 69. livermore, 65. this is a look at some clouds over san francisco from our exploratorium camera at pier 15. we'll see scattered showers through tomorrow. isolated thunder is possible and overnight as the storm takes shape. the heaviest rain is likely to fall after 9:00 p.m. but locally heavy downpours could occur at any time. there's a developing storm ranks one on the storm impact scale. a relatively light storm through friday and saturday. rainfall totals will range from 0.2 of an inch to 0.9. isolated thunder is possible. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, we'll see a line of light rain and showers reaching through the central part of the bay area. as we get a little later into the day tomorrow about noon or
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so, we'll see the loin of rainfall lifting northward. then book pockets of rain will redevelop, late tomorrow and in the afternoon and overnight into sunday morning, we'll still see areas of rain developing, as scattered showers taper off into isolated showers sunday afternoon. rainfall totals we project by 11:00 p.m. saturday will reach up to about 0.6 of an inch, just over half an inch at napa. nearly 0.9 here in san francisco. over 0.8 in oakland. so generous rainfall totals. nearly an inch in san jose. so this system is going to produce some much-needed rainfall. low temperatures mainly in the mid 50s. tomorrow's highs as the showers become widely scattered will be mainly in the mid to upper 60s. here's the accuweather seven-day
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forecast. mostly dry on sunday. we expect dry weather monday and tuesday. but another storm ranking one on the storm impact scale. develops on wednesday. that would be an even wetter, more energetic storm. so we've still got some active weather as we move into mid spring. larry and kristen? >> thanks, spencer. up next, a bear cub pulled from the flames of a fast-moving wildfire.
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high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on. a bear cub is being nursed back to health after it was rescued from a wildfire in florida. he was named s.j., short for smoky jr. >> he came out of the woods whining, just out here at the end of the road. he has some minor burns on the bottom of his feet and lips. but he certainly is survivable if he gets cared for.
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>> sounds a little scared. >> smoky wants down. >> wildlife officers will evaluate his health and hope to release him back into the wild. the best opportunity for survival is to get him back to his mom. she's not been found, though. a close call for florida maximo. a spinner shark jumped right out in front of him. the shark lunged. he wiped out but he's okay. the go pro camera captured that moment. the shark said, i just missed lunch. >> i think the shark was more scared of him. >> i don't know about that. the 31st class of the rock 'n' roll hall of fame will be inducted tonight. >> that will include a bay area rock legend and reunion of one of the most influential rap
4:26 pm
groups of all time. ♪ the members of n.w.a. will come together for tonight's ceremony. they will not perform this according to the founding member ice cube. the film "straight out of compton" highlighted their rise in the '80s and fall in the '90s. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, he was laughing then but not now. the selfie video of the arsonist and the devastating king fire and his different reaction in court today. a new plea today from pope francis. find out what he's calling on all catholics to do. a lot of people are putting money down to
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." here are the headlines as we approach 4:30. president obama in san francisco doing some fund raising for the democratic party. he arrived just after 1:00 with daughter malia. tickets are reported to most more than $33,000 apiece. weather news, we're getting some rain. spencer christian tweeting expect a slow, wet evening commute as rain spreads across much of the south bay and east bay.
4:30 pm
he'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. we're following the investigation of the deadly shooting of a homeless man by san francisco police. coming up on "abc7 news" at 5:00, vic lee has new details on what police are now saying about the knife that they found on the man. and also newly released video showing the man convicted of setting the king fire back in 2014. he was taking a selfie video in front of the fire he set. prosecutors say wayne allen huntsman posted that video after setting the 97,000 acre fire. laura anthony is live right now where huntsman was in court today. >> reporter: this video was found on the arsonist's cell phone. he broke down in tears when he answered his guilty plea today and he apologized to some of the victims who were in the courtroom. as it turned out, huntsman himself provided the best evidence against him.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: after first denying he was even there, this selfie video is just one of several pieces of evidence prosecutors had incriminating the now admitted king fire arsonist. wayne alan huntsman. it shows him standing near the fire in the moments after it started on september 13, 2014. then he was trying to portray himself as a hero. now he's an admitted arsonist. >> he's probably the most remorseful person i've ever represented. this was very difficult for him. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the king fire burned for more than a month, destroying 12 homes, 68 structures. and scorching 97,000 acres. >> he asked for forgiveness. will you give it to him? >> yeah, i think everybody should get forgiveness. >> reporter: huntsman also made a call to 911 to report the fire. he's now admitted setting it.
4:32 pm
>> 911 marge. >> there's a forest fire going on right now. the homes are now burning up, the deck is burning up now. >> reporter: he was sentenced to 20 years in prison and ordered to pay $60 million in restitution. in placerville, laura anthony, "abc7 news." san jose state students are on alert after a shooting just a block from campus last night on south 10th and east williams street in front of a taco truck. janet o has that story from san jose. >> apparently they were gang members. >> reporter: emanwell was heading home when he saw the shooting victim. >> he wasn't moving. >> reporter: police arrived a few minutes later at 11:00 last night. the victim, an adult male, was taken to the hospital where he's now being treated.
4:33 pm
police say they don't know the motive for the shooting. the shooting suspect or suspects are still on the loose. crime scene investigators finished gathering evidence early this morning that included bullet casings. the taco truck owner said he had a line of students waiting for their food when shots wait out. >> my roommate and i heard four or five gunshots. >> reporter: witnesses say it happened so fast they didn't have time to react. >> it's pretty scary, things happening like this. >> reporter: no one else was hurt in this shooting. police say they don't have a 179 description at this time. they are asking witnesses to give them a call. in san jose, janet o, "abc7 news." civilian and military authorities are investigating an apparent murder-suicide at an air force base in san antonio, texas. a bare county spokesman says two bodies were found at lackland. it appears an airman shot his commander.
4:34 pm
murder charged were filed against a 17-year-old boy in the killing of a university of texas dance major. he was arrested following tips from the community, including firefighters who recognized him in a campus surveillance video. the body of 18-year-old freshman haruka weisser was found in a creek on tuesday. she was last seen alive sunday night. pope francis is calling on catholics to be more tolerant. in a new document called the joy of love, the pope says individual conscience should guide sex, marriage, and family. >> reporter: in a new document called "the joy of love," the pope says individual conscience should guide sex, marriage, and family. a pastor cannot feel that it is enough to simply apply moral laws to those living in
4:35 pm
irregular situations as if they were stones to throw at people's lives, he writes. >> the key words are that the church has to understand and to integrate those people in difficult situations. >> reporter: in the lengthy paper, the pope insists the church's aim is to welcome all its members. at the same time, he rejects gay marriage and repeats the church's position that same-sex marriage cannot be the equivalent. >> we find reaffirmation of the church's teaching to marriage, fidelity and life. >> reporter: the pope signals a path for divorced to receive communion. on thorny issues such as contraception, pope francis stresses it's the couple's individual conscience, not rules that must guide their decision.
4:36 pm
the pope pushes decision making downward to bishops and priests saying they're better suited to seek solutions for their culture and needs. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, an obese dog makes an amazing -- oh, my goodness -- transformation coming in his quest to find a new home. plus, lebron james trades in his jersey for an apron. >> i'm taking your questions on twitter and facebook. i'll answer them right here in a little bit. >> i'm spencer christian. the clouds are now producing sprinkles in the central part of the bay area. that's coming up in the accuweather forecast coming up. it does not look like it's raining in san jose. a live look at traffic. this is 101 south bound is backed up. north bound is better and both lanes moving nicely on 880 over
4:37 pm
the top.
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two baby great horned owls were rescued today in pleasanton. they're too young to fly, so they will be cared for at lindsay wildlife center. an obese datsun goes from
4:40 pm
jumbo to slim jim. he was a whopping 38 pounds. he's buff now. he's down to 17 pounds. unfortunately the owner passed away, an animal rescue group stepped in and got him to exercise, including water aerobics, and some walks. he needs to lose a pound and a half more to reach his ideal weight and he will be ready for adoption. he's done a good job. lebron james is one of the most recognizable faces on the planet, so going incognito would be a challenge. >> they just put him behind the counter at pizza under the name "ron." >> you look very familiar. >> first day on the job. yeah. i'm learning.
4:41 pm
i'm shadowing. >> he looks like dwyane wade. >> i get that a lot. >> james, by the way, is the company's primary pitchman and significant equity holder. >> dwyane wade was his old teammate. he's lebron james, everybody knows him. it's like spencer christian. he's got his umbrella now. >> it's a disguise. >> exactly. we're getting some sprinkles finally as this storm is getting organized. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see a little area right here in the central part of the bay area, little pockets of rain to richmond, vallejo, towards san francisco and oakland. so it's getting wetter now as it was before. rainfall intensity with this storm down in san jose will
4:42 pm
reach its peak between 10:00 p.m. and midnight and sort of level off between the midnight and 4:00 a.m., as steadier rain develops. here's a look at statewide conditions tomorrow. rainy for much of the state, very active weather, wet and messy, highs reaching mainly to the mid to upper 60s. low 60s on the coast. giants at home again tomorrow afternoon against the dodgers and gametime 105, a slight chance of showers. we don't think lit be enough to rain out the game. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, mailing a letter is going to cost you less. but the postal service is not happy about this. doctors reveal why the first u.s. uterus transplant failed. i'm michael finney. i'm michael finney. i'm answering questions (music plays from one way or another )♪♪
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♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is "abc7 news." doctors blame a common infection for the failure of the first-ever uterus transplant. the surgery in february appeared
4:46 pm
to be a success with the recipient recovering for several weeks, last month, however, she had complications and surgeons removed it. today, they revealed a yeast infection developed. that area of body does not have the right balance of bacteria to control the infection. if such infections reach the blood stream, they can be deadly. and the teenager's lawyer says the settlement covers only a fraction of what paul walker would have earned. the lawyer plans to sue porsche for producing a vehicle that contributed to his death. now to the latest in a mid-air flight fight caught on videotape. three women are suing spirit airlines saying the airline overserved rowdy passengers,
4:47 pm
leading to this dispute. >> reporter: a half dozen women in a jet liner brawl gone viral. this had been brewing for hours in the air. a lawsuit says three intoxicated women blasted music from a speaker and refused to turn it down despite pleas of fellow passengers. three passengers who complained and got into that fight are now suing spirit airlines for negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. attorney gloria allred is representing the three women. >> spirit airlines failed to take meaningful action to monitor and/or to control these passengers. >> reporter: according to court documents obtained by abc news, the women were seated behind three female passengers who "thanks to spirit airline's decision to allow them to
4:48 pm
consume excessive alcohol became intoxicated and emboldened to behave in a ram bing shouse manner." overnight, spirit airlines telling abc news, until we see the actual lawsuit and allegations, it would be inappropriate to comment at this time. all the women were escorted off the plane, but the fbi says no one was arrested and no one was charged in this case. david kerley, abc news, reagan washington airport. here's one you never heard before. the cost of mailing a letter is going down. the price dropped to 47 cents. the reduction is the result of an expiring surcharge that had been put in place in 2014. commercial and other postage rates are also going down. and independent government agency says the postal service
4:49 pm
will lose $2 billion due to this decrease. stamps are going down, netflix going up. about 17 million netflix customers are about to pay more for their streaming service. people who pay $799 will have to pay an additional $2 a month. the company announced this price change in 2014. they said customers at the time would be grandfathered into their pricing plan for two years. time now for ask finney. michael finney is here now answering questions sent to him via facebook, twitter. eugene asks i'm older than 50 and reentering the workforce. is it legal for a company to ask for my birthday? >> in the state of california, you're not allowed to ask about anything not job related and they're not allowed to trick you into stuff. they can't say what year did you
4:50 pm
graduate from high school and do the math. >> good to know. john from santa clara asks, the dryer i used at a laundry matt stopped getting hot. the attendant put an out of order label but refused to refund my money. >> you did not get what you paid for. so you were cheated. if they didn't give you the money back, what can you do? you can go to small claims court. you're not going to do that for 75 cents. however, if you come to 7 on your side, we'll fight just as hard for that 75 cents as we would for $75,000. we fight for apologies. so if you are mistreated, we'll take care of it. marianne asks, which travel insurance gives you the most for less and is there a plan that you can build yourself? >> yeah, a lot of them you build
4:51 pm
yourself. what they'll generally have is three, they'll have the beginning plan, medium and all the bells and whistles. there's go online and there's several sites. insure my trip, square mouth is another one. here is the most important thing you need to know. do not buy your travel insurance from the people you buy your travel from. why? because if they go out of business, so does your insurance company. >> i experienced a game where i put in a coin and this was a tape over it but it had been broken, but they didn't want to refund me because they said didn't you see the tape there? >> like anybody would do that. unbelievable. >> she was desperate to play that game. >> you're allowed to be a lousy business person. you're allowed to do that. but you can't take people's
4:52 pm
money. >> thank you, michael. up next on "abc7 news" at 4:00, tesla's message for people who reserved the new model three, will everybody get what they want? coming up new at 5:00, a series of highway shootings in the east bay. the chp answers the question, are drivers at risk? caltrans dismantled a piece of history. what goes up must come down. these stories and more on "abc7 news" at 5:00.
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here's a look at primetime tonight -- palo alto based tesla motors hit another sales milestone today. >> an overnight e-mail to buyers is reassuring them on what to expect. chris nguyen has the story from silicon valley. >> reporter: in the first week, tesla has more than 325,000 preorders for its model three. in an e-mail to reservation holders last night, the company announced plans to increase production to minimize the wait. marcello reserved two cars for his family. >> i think we're beginning to feel like a movement towards electric cars and sustainable energy. >> reporter: in the middle of the afternoon, nearly every single space of this super charge station is taken. >> it's been a fun game to play.
4:57 pm
it's changed of what i think going to the gas station where you take two seconds to get in and out. >> reporter: these owners beaming with pride. >> i plugged in and it must have been four teslas behind me. >> reporter: the bay area may have a tough time keeping up with the demand. >> the challenge will be charging stations for people traveling. that's going to be difficult. >> reporter: public charges stations in san jose and mountain view have been funded by a combination of state and federal money. how much will be available is anyone's guess. capital kia in san jose also has an electric vehicle model for sale and says consumers shouldn't worry. >> a lot of people have a lot of fear with charging, but if you want to charge at home, you can take anywhere from six to eight hours. >> reporter: a big opportunity to reduce the carbon foot print. >> that's going to do it for "abc7 news" at 4:00. "abc7 news" at 5:00 starts right now. [ gunfire ]
4:58 pm
>> dramatic video of a police shooting in san francisco. the repercussions still unfolding from 30 seconds of gun fire. plus -- >> he grabbed all of us. >> a confrontation between deputies and a petaluma teenager. also, president obama works the crowds. he's here in the bay area raising money in snarling traffic. the areas you'll want to avoid. and -- >> three, two, one -- >> it was a perfect launch for space x, but were they able to stick the landing on a drone ship? live, from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." the skies are unsettled in the bay area tonight. this is a live look from our emeryville camera. you can see storm clouds with rain on the way. >> yeah, and a live look from the abc 7 exploratorium camera
4:59 pm
in san francisco. plenty of clouds out there and looks like we are in for rain very soon. good evening. i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze with. the changing situation, let's get right to spencer christian. >> we have more than sprinkles here on the roof top. we have light rain, so let's go to live doppler 7 hd. you can see little pockets of rain here. but first, i want to take you over to sthe sierra. closing in now on the central part of the bhai, we have areas of light rain around san raphael, the north bay over to richmond, hercules, vallejo and here in san francisco right now, so it's -- the storm is becoming more organized. still, though, rainfall totals have not measured greater than 0.01 of an inch so far, just a trace in other locations. with the storm taking greater shape now, we can expect totals
5:00 pm
to increase. here's the forecast animation starting at 6:00 this'veing. by 9:00, more widespread rainfall with locally heavy downpours from the south baa to the east bay, into the north bay. 8:00 tomorrow morning, the showers continue into the afternoon tomorrow, and i'll give you a look beyond tomorrow afternoon as the full seven-day forecast in just a moment or a few minutes. >> thanks, spencer. new surveillance video showing part of yesterday's fatal police shooting in san francisco. [ gunfire ] >> and police are providing accounts of what conditionses are telling them. vic lee is live with today's big developments. vic? >> reporter: well, this is where the shooting happened on the 400 block of shotwell right over there. the police investigation is continuing. they're asking for more


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