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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  April 9, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> it's saturday, april 9th, good morning and thanks for joining us. we're off to a wet start across the bay area. here's lisa argen with a first look at live doppler 7 hd. >> you're right 3/4 inch of rain in milpitas over the last 24 hours. you're getting a break and the active weather is to the north. we're looking at these heavier cells around concord and martinez and walnut creek and pleasant hill. it will continue to rotate to the west and the north. the north bay area marin, richmond, san rafael bridge and east bay and marin county looking at heavier light rain. but look where it stops from oakland points south. it will push north, continue to get more scattered and we'll see from four tenths, light rain
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expected throughout the nine hour. 1:00, 2:00, then it becomes more scattered. we have a giants game today, chance of a shower, muggy and highs in the mid and upper 60s, more rain tonight and we'll talk about another opportunity for rain the middle of next week. >> we're following developing news out of oakland. the driver of this mercedes vehicle died after he lost control in the rain on interstate 580 westbound. it happened last night just before midnight. his car left the freeway and landed on the harrison street off ramp and rolled over several times. the driver not wearing a seat belt was ejected throughout windshield and died at the scene. chp officers tell us two other drivers watching the accident scene collided with each other, however they were not hurt. >> the sounds of a deadly shooting by san francisco police officers caught on surveillance
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tape. a homeless man with a knifeth ad shotwell. the shooting is prompting louder calls for a new use of force policy for department. abc 7 news reporter katie marzulo the encounter was not caught on video. >> reporter: you hear more than you see but the video does reveal the entire incident took about 30 seconds from the time officers confronted the homeless man to when the shooting stopped. 45-year-old luis gonegorga died at the hospital. the executive director of the coalition on homelessness believes officers were too quick to use their guns. >> just waited and tried to make contact with the person and get them to cool down and just take your time. no reason to rush in with guns blazing, absolutely no reason. >> police commission member joseph marshall sayse city is moving towards a policy as quick as possible. >> if we want them to do things
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differently, we have to create different policies and training and procedures. that's what we're looking to do. >> police released this photograph they say it's the knife he was carrying. and they are citing witnesses who describe a dangerous scenario. >> the suspect was flaling his hands with the knife as he ran towards the officers. the knife was raised up as he ran towards the officers. >> flowers and handwritten messages mark the spot. in san francisco, abc 7 news. san francisco police investigators need your help to find the man and two women in these pictures. the man is a suspect in the mission district last week that left the victim with life threatening injuries. the suspect is described as being between 25 to 30 years old and wearing a light blue t-shirt. the women involved are persons of interest in the case. 8:03 is our time. president obama will be heading back to washington, d.c. this afternoon after a busy 24 hours in san francisco. the commander in chief was in town to attend a pair fundraisers and provide once of
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a lifetime thrills to onlookers, here's melissa harrington with the story. >> reporter: a crowd at the top of pacific heights cheered as president o bbamobama's motorca traveled down broadway. >> it was an amazing moment. i feel so blessed he's our president and we're going to miss him. >> reporter: president obama arrived at sfo with his daughter malia friday afternoon. they were greeted by house minority leader nancy pelosi and jackty speier and pack of reporters. at the home of susan sandler and phillips, they waited to see the commander in chief go by. it was off to pelosi's annual fundraiser at the home of ann and gordon getty. they watched as bomb sniffing dogs checked out the extravagant cars that came through the gates. >> it is pretty amazing.
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i read about things like this and it's kind of cool to see it. it is very secure and boys are impressed by fancy cars and we are wondering who's that. >> tickets to the dinner cost $33,400 per couple. but jennifer says her son seeing the president on his ninth birthday was priceless. >> totally awesome birthday present. >> pelosi raised more than $3 million at that event. obama told the room we have a lot of work to do and criticized republicans blocking his supreme court pick. in san francisco, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. >> for second time this year there's a problem with the water at the medical center at walnut creek. the water for drink and washing and showering is temporarily cut off. mud slushed the water line after particles returned in the water. they are getting bottled water and sanitary wipes.
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>> pittsburtsburg police offere safe exchange zone for craigslist and other classified ads. officers won't be there for exchanges bumt the spots are well lit and under 24-hour surveillance. police hope it will help thieves from targeting honest buyers and sellers. east by police fear there may be more victims of a child molester targeting children at a dental office in concord. they believe he molested and videotaped three sedated girls. abc 7 news anchor talked with one of the classmates shocked by the allegation. >> reporter: police have now interviewed a total of three victims, all girls under the age of 10. >> we know there's probably going to be a lot more coming forward. >> reporter: after the first girl spoke up they got a search warrant for his cell phone and identified the next two victims looking at the videos they say he recorded while he was
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molesting them. >> he is pulling their pants down and videotaping their private areas and also video taping their face in some of these videos. >> so far he's charged with eight counts of forceable lewd acts on a child, including one who prosecutors say he assaulted three different times. >> it was just so shocking to see someone i knew done something so horrific. >> reporter: abc 7 spoke exclusively with melissa fehria who went to dental school with zarro. >> there were five girls and so and two guys that between classes we would sit and study and you know, quiz each other. >> reporter: she said there were no red flags to indicate he may have been a child molester. >> he appeared to be a very kind person and shy, but he never -- that's why it was so shocking. >> police have set up a hot line for parents in this case and they are already getting a lot
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of calls. cal's former assistant basketball coach fired over a sexual harassment claim now has a new job. the announcement came after huff nagle dropped his appeal at cal. five accused in the balcony collapse be stripped of licenses for failing to follow construction guide linds. six died when a balcony gave way last year. those contractors are being blamed for putting sealant over already damp wood causing the balcony to collapse. an elderly disabled woman will not be forced out of her home after her landlord changed his mind. she lived in the home for 30 years, a tech investor who lives next door bought it for his ailing mother-in-law. he officially rescinded the notice of termination of tenancy without saying why.
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approaching 8:09. lisa, you're tracking rain and fog out there? >> that's right, soggy saturday. we have a third of an inch already at the airport where you can see this just a couple of mile visibility. normal rain total for april, inch and a half about in san francisco and we've had 3/4 inch around the east bay. so doing pretty good but how long will it last? is your whole weekend a washup. >> that shot looks dreadful. thank you. >> laughing then but not now. a selfie video at the king fire and reaction in court. big week for tesla, but (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
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welcome back, time is 8:12. good morning to our friends in the east bay. we're taking a live look from the camera in walnut xreek. it may be a good day to grab coffee and get out of the rain. we'll check in with lisa argen with the full forecast. >> look at me. >> the best evidence against a convicted arsonist turned out to be himself.
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abc 7 news was there when a judge sentenced huntsman to 20 years in prison for starting the king fire in 2014. part of the evidence against him was a video he took of himself found on his cell phone showing him standing near the fire moments after it started. huntsman pleaded guilty and apologized to the victims. the king fire burned nearly 100,000 acres and destroyed a dozen homes. the sonoma county sheriff posted not one but nine videos on youtube showing a confrontation last june between a deputy and petaluma teenager. the teen tried to stop the officer from looking inside her sister's pickup. >> what are you doing? you're not allowed to do that. not allowed -- >> deputy body camera video of the incident shows 18-year-old getting in between the truck and deputy. after more arguing, forced to the ground and detained. she suffered bruises on her face. >> at one point the video we heard gabrielle's mother say you
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didn't have a warrant and no legal premise for getting in the vehicle. 100% right. >> he came across a group of people that were yelling and screaming and somebody was crying, he was trying to determine if in fact there was somebody that was a victim of some type of crime. >> the teen's turn says only charged with resisting arrest to curtail a police brutality lawsuit she filed. tesla motors hit another milestone with preorders for the newest model but the question now, will there be enough charging stations in the bay area to keep up with the high demand. >> tesla already has more than 325,000 preorders for its model 3. reservation orders last night, they announced plans to increase production to minimize the wait. marcelo reserved two cars for his family. >> we're beginning to feel like a movement on like, like
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electric cars and sustainable energy. >> in the middle of the afternoon, nearly every single space of the super charging station is taken. >> it's been kind of a fun game to play. it's changed what i think of going to the gas station where you take two seconds to get in and out. >> these orders beaming with pride over their vehicles. >> i plugged in and must have been four teslas behind me. >> as more electric vehicles are sold. the bay area may have a tough time keeping up with the demand. >> the challenge will be charging stations for people traveling, that's going to be difficult. >> public charging stations in cities such as san jose and mountain view, a combination of state and federal money. how much will be available in the long run is anyone's guess. capital kia in san jose also has an electric vehicle model for sale and says consumers shouldn't worry. >> a lot of people have a lot of fear with charging, which there shouldn't be because of what the range is and how fast you can charge. if you want to charge at home, it can take six to eight hours. >> for now a small inconvenience
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to wait but big opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint. >> that $325,000 figure represents $14 billion in presales. a big moment for elon musk's other company, spacex, for the first time they managed to land the booster rocket on a floating ocean barge. this is video as it touch down on the barge. the previous four attempts failed. yesterday's delivery to the international space station included cargo for the crew. not everyone protecting water ways walks on two legs. this video from the coast guard shows two dogs in training near the golden gate bridge. they are explosive detection dogs and both completed their helicopter training with the california air national guard this week. the dogs have been with the coast guard since 2008. the old bay bridge is slowly disappearing from the san francisco bay. type lapse video shows the second of five trusses being removed. it's more than 500 feet long and
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2500 tons so the work is slow. it just dropped about 25 feet each other. parts from the truss will be scrapped at the port of oakland and recycled. time is 8:17. lisa has the full accuweather forecast. >> california over 50% of the state is still in an extreme drought and just 3.5% not in a drought at all. so -- >> interesting. >> with an inch and a half of rain typical for april in san francisco, little less than that, we're certainly doing pretty well this morning in the east bay and south bay. but really the rain as of the past couple of hours has shifted into the north bay and more in east bay. so our storm impact scale rates the system a one, most of the activity is this morning and towards the early part of the afternoon in the north bay, from a couple hundred to four tenths with isolated thunderstorms along the coast and also in the inland valleys. we've had flooding around the san joaquin valley and some of
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the heavy rain has shifted into our east bay. the trajectory from east to west and you can see the yellows, some of this a pretty good clip from martinez, highway four, 680 just north and closer in, down to street level. you can see a pleasant hill, some pretty good rain and pinot valley road towards san pablo and each richmond. take it slow. more rain in the north bay from marin county and central marin and san rafael and to the north it's lighter towards santa rosa. it shuts off from san francisco and few light showers from hay ward and fremont and milpitas. upwards of 3/4 inch for you and san jose about a half inch. there's more to come right now you see a break in the action throughout much of the south bay. we're in the upper 50s to mid 50s from the coast with a couple miles visibility. it's pretty dicing out there.
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san francisco, explore tore yum camera from pier 15, novato and fairfield and livermore kind of socked in with the fog around mt. tam. scattered showers and isolated thunder is possible and more s isolated showers tomorrow. >> so far we've seen about two tenth of an inch and nothing in mount saint helen na and quarter inch in hay ward and third in livermore. not feeling too bad. april is a touch and go month. as we go for the next couple of hours, most of the activity shifts to the north throughout the morning and afternoon hours and then we could see thunderstorm activity. thenl then we get a break and looking at more wet weather overnight and anywhere around the bay and chances of rain continue into wednesday and thursday with another system that looks pretty decent out there. so dry couple of days, monday and tuesday to start the workweek. in terms of that next system, here's the way it looks in the
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forecast animation, you can see the north bay, thursday morning into the morning commute. it shifts to the south. so it's going to be an interesting week around here. a lot like last week but without the heat wave. we have scatter the light rain and there's a giants game and it could be soggy at times but most of the activity should shift north. 58 in fremont. and 69 in palo alto. one on i storm impact scale shows the rain pushing north through the rest of the day and spotty showers anywhere tomorrow and to the overnight hours and monday and tuesday more rain wednesday and thursday. so i just got a tweet from my daughter who lives in chicago, 2 inches of snow on the ground. >> that's nice. >> enjoy that. >> and as for the giants game, bring a cheap poncho, protect the garlic fries from getting -- >> i agree totally. >> high tech solution to your parking woes in san francisco. 7 on your side michael finney has the app to help you finds a
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the triple cheese and hash brown breakfast burrito. hurry in before it's gone. if you're going to the giants game, you might be driving but finding a parking space can be tough. michael finney shows us a high tech solution to a problem that many face around the bay area. >> tricia lopez knows her way
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around san francisco and that means she knows san francisco parking. >> coming in from the east bay, i'm always, you know searching for parking and driving around. >> we're driving around the giant at&t park. around here there's plenty of parking but it doesn't come cheap and the spaces are often filled. tricia uses an app to find and reserve her parking space. when she goes to a game, she knows exactly where she wants to park. >> i would normally park around china basin because that's convenient, across the street from the ballpark. i'll definitely use it when i come in so i know where i'm going to park. >> knowing where she wants to park is different than actually getting a space there. and one at a good price. she uses the parking space reservation app called spot hero. >> shows me parking right around this area. >> it also shows some prices being charged for the day and time you want to park.
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on this day the china basin lot is charging $14. another lot nearby $10. still another, $50. >> on opening day, the app is showing us parking spaces for $15 a few blocks away from at&t park. and $70 spot across the street from the ballpark. there are several parking apps available, including parking panda, best parking and park me, they all cut their own deals with parking lots so depending on the app, different spaces are shown and different prices are charged. but these apps all allow you to reserve a space in advance and pay by way of the app. so no cash exchanges hands. tim maloney is with spot hero. >> parking can be one of the biggest headaches people have each day. by finding a place to park and being guaranteed a reservation through your phone, you take the worry out of trying to find a spot. and the value. you can get up to 50% december
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count. >> i have links for the parking apps mentioned in my report online, go to abc 7 i'm michael fun finney, 7 on your side. >> we have unbelievable video from the caribbean island of saint bart. a man calmly taking pictures and ducks quickly as a propeller plane nearly hits them. it looks like the front wheel of the plan grazed the man's hand as the pilot makes a silent approach. good reminder to be aware of surroundings even when taking pictures. a young girl in oregon showed us sometimes eegsier to go up than come down. 9-year-old air bell la free man scaled a tree and realized she was 40 feet off the ground. her dad tried to get her down but realized it was a lost cause. the fire department came to rescue her from her precurious perch, she has decided to put her tree climbing days behind her. we have more on the abc 7 morning news.
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a major terror arrest in belgium. how the suspect might be connected to last month's airport bombing as well as the paris attack. >> plus the new way pope francis is
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glad to have you with us, we're starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa argen tracking the rain with live doppler 7 hd.
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>> we've seen heavier cells from the central valley move into the east bay. right now from concord to martinez and slowing shifting to the north bay. looks like san francisco, you're on the fringe and as we go in closer, you'll notice around 680 and walnut creek south of hercules it's coming down pretty good. you can see the oranges there and also to the west there right around martinez, in richmond looking at heavier shower activity. it's shifting to the north bay, you can see darker shades from homestead valley, central marin, it misses the peninsula and we have a few showers from hayward to milpitas. we're still looking at more rain and here is one of the culprits, an area of low pressure off the coast and this is going to be with us throughout the weekend. so as a result today it's a one on the storm impact scale, from a couple hundred to four tenths of an inch of rain. we're looking at thunderstorms along the coast.
8:31 am
it's a dry san jose the next 12 hours or so. plan on scatter the showers, muggy and mitd and upper 60s and chance of showers for giants game and more rain tonight. >> lisa, thank you. >> new developments this morning in the terror investigation in belgium. investigators think they may have captured the quote man in the hat. he was caught on camera before and after the deadly bombing at the brus sells airport. alex reports. >> reporter: this morning the burning question, is the hunt for the so-called man in the hat over? a dozen authorities believe he could be one of the five men now in custody. here a video of one of the dramatic arrests on friday shot from a neighbor's window, police pinning the man on the ground, his hand behind his back. then dragged away. the biggest arrest mohammed abrini, a 31-year-old belgian tied to november's paris attack. he was seen two days before with paris attacker abdeslam.
8:32 am
authorities investigating whether he's the infamous man in the hat from the brussels airport. new video released this week showing the suspect casually walking away. a suicide bomber detonated their explosive in the departures hall. those attackers and bombs came from this brussels apartment and abrini's dna was found inside. the man in the hat was spot the by surveillance camera again almost an hour after the airport attack. his coat gone, looking like he's on the phone. it's just before the bomb at the metro station goes off at 9:11 a.m. now belgian authorities trying to figure out if a suspect they have in custody was at the metro station with the suicide bomber. this same suspect seen at the mall they say, spying those bags used in the airport attack. >> that was abc news reporter alex marcourt reporting. more rocket testing and
8:33 am
boasting from north korea this morning. they say they have successfully tested a ballistic rocket engine, to be used to launch nuclear strikes against the united states, that's what the government there says. but south korea insists the north doesn't even have a reliable missile to put with the engine much less the ability to arm with it a nuclear warhead. the vatican published a new document written by pope francis called the joy of love. it took three years to create. reporter from our sister station in los angeles has reaction to the more than 250-page document. >> he talks about the principle of gradualty, working with people in order to persuade and encourage and help people instead of simply condemn them. >> reporter: father of loyola university says pope francis is revolutionizing the church. >> in the church's history, had to undergo different times to
8:34 am
update itself. >> reporter: the pontiff urging them to stop sitting in judgment and throwing stones at single parents and gay individuals. >> it is not completely black and white. there's gray in the world. every circumstance will not fit into a black or white area. we sometimes need to really look at the facts of the case and see if it will work despite what he says, who is he to judge and who are we to judge, i completely agree with him, he's all loving, all forgiving, just like jesus christ. i think he's going to be like another john paul. >> reporter: los angeles arch bishop released a statement saying it comes at a krit tal time when the meaning of marriage and family and human love is confused and disputed in our society. i welcome this document as a gift to the church but also to everyone who wants to understand what god really intends for our true happiness as men and women
8:35 am
in quote pope francis did not make changes to church teachings and slammed the door shut -- >> seems like the right direction as led by the pope. rome wasn't built in a day. >> to change their mind would be a miracle of god. >> reporter: the father says with the changes of attitude and tone pope francis is showing the world, catholics who once belong to the church can find their way back. abc 7 news. back here at home, three parks in san francisco are eligible for a $20,000 grant and you can help pick which one will get the money. the grant comes from the national recreation and park association in collaboration with abc 7's parent company disney. choose between the rec center basketball project and ininterpretive signage or community garden. it is in recognition of earth month and part of a project to
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revitalize parks across the country. steph curry had fun before thursday's night's big win. this is from tmz. a company dropped off a brand-new scooter outside his home. unfortunately for steph not used to in the past couple of years, he lost the little race up his hill. coming up on the abc morning news, how you can help families stay close to their kids during surgery. first, the time right now is 8:36. we're taking you down to santa cruz for a live picture. some folks are already out on the beach enjoying it there. but the clouds are out in full force. lisa argen returns with a full ♪
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good morning, here's a quick look from our answer 7 camera at pier 15. lisa will let us know when we can expect a break from the rain coming up. happening today, it housed the collective wine tasting bar. the building was red tagged for four months and taken until today to get the structure ship shape. the festivities start at 1:00 this afternoon. >> will the rain be gone by
8:40 am
then? >> i don't think so. this is a huge system, it starts off the coast of san diego and extends all the way up into the north bay. still some showers in the north bay throughout the afternoon. right now this is a sfo where it's 57 degrees and light rain and fog and no delays at sfo oakland or san jose. certainly slick roadways out there. lots of shower activity coming down pretty good in the east bay. he'll detail it for you next. >> also ahead, a dodgers rookie pitcher close to history against the orange and black last night but ended in a giant dramatic way. larry bei lext has highlights coming up. >> the storm impact scale. today's storm is level one. that means light rain. keep an up brel la handy and (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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8:43 is our time. it's great to have you with us on this saturday morning. we're looking live at the richmond/san rafael bridge. you can see the slick roads and lisa returns in a few minutes with the seven-day forecast. >> it's a pivotal weekend for the warriors run setting a new nba record of 73 wins. golden state is in memphis to phase grizzlies before the spurs. tipoff is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. our time. last night the giants won in dramatic fashion over the dodgers but not before the rookie pitcher almost had a no-hitter at at&t park.
8:44 am
here are the highlights with this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everybody, the giants hosted the dodgers on the first friday of the season at t and t park. matt cain facing the unknown ross stripling, trying to pitch a no-hitter in his very first big league outing. bumgarner and buster posey ho r honored for the silver slugging award and slugging was absent. puig robbing matt duffy, cain goes six innings and struck out three. stripling coming back from tommy john surgery. his family looking nervous and wife standing there. no-hitter still intact. the 100th pitch to pagan and dave roberts pulls him from the game after 7 1/3 no hit innings.
8:45 am
chris hatcher comes in and traf er, only two hits, all night, bottom ten, brandon crawford. drive home safely everybody. the giants beat the dodgers in dramatic fashion in ten inings. a's in seattle for the mariners home opener. ken griffey jr. threw out the first pitch. taiwan walker through a strike down the middle as well and josh rettig departmeosits it in the bleachers. the first career hit and it's a home run. 2-2 game in the ninth. kog lynn got all of that, baby, his first of the year and that turns out to be the game winner for the a's, 3-2.
8:46 am
gusty winds created half or in round two of the masters, phil mickelson missed the cut. a pair of 22-year-olds made it bryson dechambault, and second shot on nine to set up a birdie putt under two under. ruined part of the day but still eighth. jordan spieth with some problems of his own but manages to salvage, two over 74. he's four under and leads by a stroke on rory mcilroy. we have nba basketball later today. cavs and bulls followed by after the game. have a great day, everybody. >> for anyone with an early tee time this morning, going to be a soggy one. >> i heard from a couple. somebody else said no, make it stop. we're also looking at soggy fields for little leaguers but
8:47 am
boy do we need it. the ablgt tist in the east bay shifting to the north bay. one on the storm impact scale, really got going through the overnight hours, from four tenths, isolated thunder is on tap. this system expands the the entire state. we had flash flooding around the san joaquin valley and now that activity pushed in the east bay and just about to push into the north bay while much of the south bay peninsula gets a break. check it out. you've had heavier rain from richmond and kensington and berkeley and towards lafayette. going a little closer, you can see around happy valley road, some heavier downpours, also looking at at the richmond and kensington area from richmond parkway, just about to push into the san quentin area. going over the bay into the north bay you've got heavier pockets here and then it sorts of shuts off in san francisco. but we still have the edge, the
8:48 am
fringe of hayward and fremont, 680 and milpitas and san jose picking up some light showers as well as morgan hill. the bulk of the afternoon for most of you will see the activity tapering but we have a couple of systems here, we've got one offshore and more energy rotating to the north of it. so that's going to keep us in the shower activity on and off throughout the weekend and there's yet another system coming down from the north for the middle of the week. here's the golden gate bridge and boy is it foggy out there. right now a break in the action in southern marin and 56 in san francisco and morgan hill 59. san jose 55. half moon bay a mild visibility on the coast. you can see emeryville is awfully gray with mid-50s in santa rosa as well as napa. 58 in concord. san jose a half inch rain since last night. overnight you probably all heard it and maybe lulled you to sleep. more scattered showers today shifting to the north, isolated thunderstorm is possible and
8:49 am
more just isolated activity tomorrow. so the main activity this morning and then it kind of gets renewed a little bit later on today. let's take you through the next few hours. it takes pretty much the bulk of the day to shift through the north bay. then we're looking at heavier downpours to at the time east of us, maybe off the coast. then tonight, looks like cloudy skies but then through the overnight hours we've got more showers around right on through tomorrow morning. in the second half of your weekend, looking cloudy. we look for next seven days and we have a break monday and tuesday. then more rain heads our way wednesday and thursday. maybe another half inch for us. so all spelling out to exactly what we need and this is what looks to arrive wednesday night into your thursday morning, even for the commute hours. it looks wet. with temperatures today, on the muggy side in the 60s, lots of cloud cover. we'll see a chance of showers at at&t park. be prepared for that. we'll look for the numbers to
8:50 am
range really right where they should be this time of year and that i would bring us in the upper 60s for san jose and fremont and as well as palo alto. you can see the morning and afternoon rain kind of hangs out in the north bay. could see showers anywhere today and it becomes more spotty tomorrow, break monday and tuesday, and number one for wednesday, lingering into thursday. wouldn't that be nice if we got another half inch or so? >> absolutely. at least in terms of temperatures, we'll have a little consistency this week. >> good point. >> thank you. >> a little boy not even 2 years old is recover from a liver transplant at stanford. his family can stay close to him thanks to the nearby ronald mcdonald house. cheryl jennings met the family and learned about the team effort to save him. >> reporter: we met the 21-month-old for a couple of minutes at the pediatric intensive care unit when he was happy to see mom and dad. >> he loves elmow.
8:51 am
he loves stuffed animals. >> reporter: he has had a tough time in his short life. but he is a fighter. canoa had a liver transplant just seven days before we saw him at lucille packer children's hospital stanford. he had the first surgery when he was only two months old. that happened where the family lives in honolulu hawaii. >> that procedure failed. so the next option was transplant. i was devastated. i mean, it's your baby, you know, you want them to grow up to be healthy and strong. and then you hear that news. >>. >> reporter: mom and dad decided the best chance for a donor was for the family to relocate to be near children's hospital in january of 2016. they are living at the ronald mcdonald house at stanford. neither parent was a match. they weren't the right blood type. a family member, mother of two young boys volunteered.
8:52 am
she was teaching hula and is the wife of the brother. >> when my sister-in-law found out what blood type she was, immediately she came to us and said, i would like to help canoa. >> reporter: her family also relocated to save the baby and living in a nearby hotel. >> i can't thank them. there's no words to describe what they are doing for my son. >> i think he'll do great and be back in hawaii soon enough. >> reporter: the recovery will take several months and the family is so grateful to be staying at ronald mcdonald house. >> this place is really amazing. >> yes, not only is it amazing, the staff is very amazing. they are so kind. >> reporter: they will be among the first families to move into the new house scheduled to open in may. the two-year project is almost finished. zpl and the generosity the people has shown has really created this home away from
8:53 am
home. when the families walk in the door, they'll feel that embrace from the community the second they get there and walk in the rooms because they'll know somebody that cared about them and made this happen. >> the ceo of ronald mcdonald house says the goal is to raise $48.5 million and they are almost there. they need to raise another 2.5 million before the families move in. right now there are 47 families but the expansion means another 67 families will have a home away from home. for more information go to our website, one of nation's largest cherry blossom festivals, what you can expect this weekend in sa
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
it's the beginning of two weekends in fun and color at the northern california cherry blossom festival. as we look at scenes from last year's cherry blossom parade, today's festival is being held on post street between laguna and phil more. they'll love the hello kitty truck and david liu will co-em see the cherry blossom queen program at 6:00. lucky guy. >> we're seeing the rain shift out of the east bay into the north bay. it has been soging all night long and morning through highway 13 and 24 and piedmont and oakley and berkally and now the rain is shifting into san
8:57 am
quentin. you can see 580 around canal boulevard, you have heavier weather. we'll look for this to continue for the next couple of hours but we also have rain in the east bay and south bay, a little lighter in morgan hill in san jose, the accuweather seven-day forecast, scattered showers continue through the evening hours and we'll dry out tomorrow, break monday and tuesday, more rain come wednesday. >> lisa, thank you. thanks to you for spending a part of your morning with us, i'm chris nguyen alongside lease argen. at 5:00 nba countdown gets you ready for a big eastern conference match-up. the cavaliers fails the bulls at the united center as chicago fights to make the playoffs. that will be followed by after the game with larry beil. at around 8:00 p.m. news continues now online, on twitter and facebook and mobile devices with your abc7 news app.
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thanks for spending part of your day with us. make it a great one.
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