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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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run game away. dove nation celebrates after they tie the nba record. the doves are now one game away from sports history. we think they can do it. good morning, guys, i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm reggie aqui.
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more on the warriors' history-making run. good morning, mike nicco. >> good morning. love to talk about the doves. here is a look at the clouds. you maybe want a little sunshine. we'll try to put our will together and make it a dry commute. you can see the cloudiness out there is yielding patchy, really light drizzle. most of us will be dry. 51 to 56 at 7:00. at noon, dry, 58 to 66. same temperatures at 4:00, partly sunny. by 7:00, 56 to 62, already starting to see a cooling trend. look at the rain, more coming up in the forecast here too. san rafael, if your travels take from you novato to the north part of san rafael, near the north gate mall, about a 20-minute drive across the golden gate bridge, looking great. here is your bridge shot. we've got four lanes in the
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southbound direction, looking good up and over the waldo grave. green is good. an accident in the central valley near north greenville, out of lanes. i am seeing some slow traffic approaching the scene here. about 20 to 30 miles an hour up and over from tracy. it's still about a 40-minute drive into the pleasanton area. we'll look at your north bay drive and south bay commute through san jose in just a bit. breaking news out of san bruno, a fatal hit and run on skyline boulevard. police are looking for the driver who hit a pedestrian and drove off just before 3:00 a.m. the intersection of skyline and berkshire drive is closed right now while police are investigating. we've reached out to police and are waiting to hear back. follow us on twitter at abc 7 news bay area for updates. lgbt q acceptance week begins at a san ramone
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school. amy hollyfield is live in san ramone. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. will there be a walkout here today? that is the question. when we talked to parents here at windermere branch middle school in san ramone, we found a lot of support for lgbt q week, which was created by the student leadership team. but some parents think it isn't age-appropriate and that it focuses too much on one community. the principal has agreed to modify some of the videos that will be shown. that agreement came after meeting with some of the concerned parents. >> part of the conversation, the videos aren't going to be shown in full anymore. the principal has decided to take certain portions of them out. he'll only show portions of them. >> reporter: the school district says parents can always have their kids opt out of a lesson that they don't approve of. but opposing parents worry that will single them out. the lessons start today and will end friday with a day of silence
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to spread awareness. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. the warriors regular season already filled with unbelievable records has room for one more seat but the playoffs begin. last night's score was 92-86, warriors set a record for most road victories in a single season with their 34th win away from home. joey is celebrating in here with us. it was their 72nd victory of the season, matching the '95 chicago bulls for most wins in a single season. warriors have a chance to set a new record with 73 wins against the grizzlies. the sports world was quick to congratulate the warriors. scotty pippen, a member of those '95 bulls are giving credit. former warrior rick berry tweeting, "so proud, one to go."
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and finally, we're going to cross sports lines and get the view from joints mascot lucille, saying congrats, amazing job by steph curry and company. one player wasn't sure he would live to see the season. in october a bay area man was attacked by a shark while in hawaii. he fought back and survived. abc news reporter melanie woodruff caught up to tony leigh as he cheered on his favorite team. >> reporter: in a sea of warriors fans, we found an ocean warrior on his feet. >> it's amazing. absolutely amazing. >> reporter: this was tony lee in the hospital in october. >> i was out in hawaii swimming. a 12-foot shark came up behind me and took one of my legs. >> reporter: doctors reconstructed his other leg with muscles from his back. tony says a season ticket rep let the team know one of their
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biggest fans needed a little inspiration. >> steph curry signed a jersey for me, the team signed a card. just to know they're out there and that they cared, it really meant a lot. >> reporter: it was enough to keep tony fighting. >> i'm not going to let that shark win. >> reporter: he vowed to be walking by christmas. a goal he met with a reminder he has the support of his team just beneath him. >> the colors are even. >> reporter: on this sunday he's doing what many sports fans wouldn't think twice about. walking around a bar, high fiving everyone after a big win. >> this guy has fought so hard. he's come from not being able to walk to coming back to seeing games to being a back to back champion. he didn't even know if he was going to live six months ago. >> you just have to keep trying hard and pushing every day and being better than i was the day before. >> reporter: kind of like what dove nation is all about. in san francisco, melanie
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woodrow, abc 7 news. he's leading the chant there, very nice. this morning we're learning the new transbay transit center could be in jeopardy because of some money woes. san francisco is proposing a $260 million loan to prevent work from shutting down this summer. the money would be paid back over the next five to ten years with taxes from developers and property owners in the area. the costs have soared $360 million in the last two years. palo alto-based tesla may make another splash as soon as this week, releasing an updated and more luxurious sedan, adding more luxury features, including new l.e.d. headlights and a slight restyling of the car's nose to bring the design closer to the new model 3. it will also come with, you guessed it, more expensive price tag. the 2012 version started around
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$70,000. so expect that to just go up from there. speaking of going up, our temperatures will, but not until the weekend. if you're waking up in san francisco or heading this way, 52 the cool spot. you'll see most of us in the low to mid-50s from saratoga and santa clara at 51, petaluma at 55. walnut creek, pleasanton, union city, 55. pittsburgh, the warm spot at 57. check out your hourly temperatures. we'll hang out around 54 between 6 and 8:00. by noon, 62. 64 hdegrees in the afternoon. walnut creek, about 56 degrees right now, under a mostly cloudy sky. air quality, tree pollen is moderate, down a little bit. mold is up thanks to the recent rain. the uv index is going to be moderate also today. taking a look at, yeah, i know,
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didn't get a chance to change the camera, but tha mid- to upper obvio60s with a c of sunshine. i'll show you the storm impact scale coming up next. here's sue. we've got a live shot here at the san mateo bridge. traffic is slowing nicely, as you can see from hayward to foster city. traffic is about a 15-minute drive, tail liabilities headed toward the western portion of the peninsula. otherwise, we're looking good, headlights headed towards marin county and traffic is at the limit there. overnight roadwork has been picked up, so no delays there. a little bit of slow traffic here. let's check on this accident, skyline boulevard. abc 7's matt keller is giving us another report here in just a few minutes. we have a hard closure at berkshire, so you want to avoid that area until they get it cleaned out. we do have a couple of incidents on 580 through the livermore
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valley, i'll update that in a couple of minutes. >> thank you so much, sue. coming up next, a man so hungry, just wait until you see what he does when he breaks into a burger joint. a burger joint. and th
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new details this morning about a shooting near san jose state university.
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it is now being investigated as a homicide. police say the victim died this weekend from the gunshot wound he suffered in thursday night's gunfire at east william and 10th street, a block from campus. the gunman is still on the loose and police are asking witnesses to come forward. rescue crews in southern india are sifting through the rubble of a hindu temple were people died in a massive fire. police an an unauthorized fireworks display sparked the fire as thousands gathered for a religious festival yesterday. please have detained five people and are searching for ten others. more than 500 people were hurt. it started what were ignited. former saints defensive end will smith was rear-ended.
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cardell hayes shot smith and his wife. smith died at the scene and his wife survived. hayes said he shot smith in self-defense. fishermen are not having a good year so far. first it was crab, now salmon. the pacific fishery management council is meeting this week to discuss limiting salmon fishing. regulators say warmer ocean water is leading to lower salmon counts. this affects the bay area all the way up to the canadian border. marin's marine mammal center is coping with ailing sea lions. you're looking at the wayward sea lion that snarled traffic in sonoma county last week. he's one of more than 80 young sea lions being treated at the mammal center. the total is more than four times the average of what the clinic typically see this time of year. they typically prey on sardines
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and anchovies which thrive in cold water but now it's harder for them to find food. tahoe reports are reporting fresh powder this weekend. they provided this video. they're staying longer this season, through memorial day, possibly even longer, nice to see. and very different from where you just were with your golden tan, sir. >> it was a little warmer there, had some rain there. >> mike just came back from hawaii. >> and we're so glad to have you back. >> it was fun, visiting >> it was fun, visiting our harbor. nice to see everybody. here is a look at the last couple of hours. you can see patchy drizzle and a whole lot of cloud cover.
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87 near the shark tank in san jose, fairly dry right now. patchy drizzle to sunny pockets in the forecast. you may need an umbrella, definitely some sunglasses. next storm slated for wednesday night into thursday, the weekend will bring above average warmth. first, the warmer weather today, san francisco 68. fairfield, 67. antioch, 68. the rest of us, 64 to 66. tonight, another mild one. the clouds will open up a little bit. we'll see a few more 40s inland. a lot of 50s around the bay and out towards the coast with less drizzle this morning. storm impact scale from 1, light, to 5, severe, we're still using it in april, that is great. some breezes, could get a little aggressive on thursday after the rain comes in, coming in 9:00 wednesday night through 9:00 a.m. thursday morning. look what it does to our
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temperatures. it's going to be chilly once again, mid-50s to low 60s thursday. 70s return friday. then 70s and 80s over the weekend. we'll take a look at tahoe's seven-day forecast. sue? san jose, 87, headlights headed northbound past s.a.p. center. they're moving quite nicely. we do have a nasty accident in san jose, southbound 87 before 17, a vehicle versus a pedestrian. and we're going to have more on that in just a few, as soon as we get more information on that. and in the milpitas area, at jacqueline, an accident blocking lanes of traffic there. towards central valley we have an accident west of 580 before north greenville. that's also slowing traffic. i should say out of the central valley and up and over the altamonte pass. we'll have more on the san jose accident. guys? a stranded drone caused havoc in orange county this
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weekend, becoming entangled in power lines over train tracks. it brought commuter train service to a halt for several hours. crews got the drone down eventually. the owner hasn't come forward. ever had a late night five guys craving? >> not like this. >> you're looking at video of a modern day hamburglar at work. look at this guy, lackadaisically walking around on a cellphone, grilling his buns for his two cheeseburgers that he made for himself. he broke into the five guys, didn't steal any money or anything else. just made himself some hamburgers. he also stole a bottle of water, because it's important to hydrate, before he left. >> i guess he would munchies. reports say apple will likely release the apple watch 2 at its next worldwide developer's conference in june.
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the watch is expected to be much thinner and include a facetime camera. get ready to pay more for netflix. starting next month, all subscribers will be charged $10 a month. >> that includes the 17 million customers currently paying $7.99. want to drive a bmw? the luxury automaker is launching reachnow, a car sharing service, featuring sedans and mini coopers and electric cars. accounts are verified in two minutes. you unlock the car with an app. >> bmw will expand to other cities. happening today, the state transportation committee is scheduled to hold the first hearing to hold a bill on the illegal use of disability placa placards. the proposal would force the dmv to proactively retrieve expired parking placards. legislation would also allow
5:20 am
cities to charge motorists displaying placards for the cost of parking. some consider the event the olympics of robots. abc 7 news was in pleasanton over the weekend. this is the 12th annual robogame. they compete in 55 different categories, all involving battling bots. >> everything from 25-gr robots to kids' events to compete for gold, silver, and bronze medal. just like human olympics. >> a fire! >> it's like an inferno in there. contest taants say the best pri is these battling robots. coming up, why president obama says republicans are refusing to consider the man he's nominated to the supreme court. court. and a loyal elephant
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5:23. here are the seven things you need to know. breaking news in san bruno, you'll want to avoid the intersection of skyline and berkshire drive right now. it's closed while police investigate a fatal hit and run there this morning. we're following your monday morning commute. looks like we have a vehicle versus a pedestrian, southbound 85 before highway 17. several several calls into the chp. we'll follow this and more in just a few minutes. number 3, tracking some patchy drizzle this misty morning. the clouds that you see will help most of us hold our highs below average by a couple of degrees. i do have another chance of rain, and some 70s and 80s in the accuweather seven-day forecast. number 4, the warriors are one win away from setting the single season record for most wins in a single season, they
5:24 am
beat the spurs last night. they have a shot at number 73 wednesday night against the grizzlies. number 5, san francisco police continue to search for this missing 2-year-old girl, arianna fitts. a body found in mclaren park was the toddler's mother, nicole fitts, the victim of a homicide. rocker bryan adams is following in the footsteps of bruce springsteen, cancelling a concert over a strict new anti-lgbt law. number 7, if you like the speed, watch out. police cars may soon be harder to spot thanks to new lighting from ford. ford is set to unveil zero profile light bars that go inside the windshield. you can't see it until they're turned on. democrats and republicans have gotten into a fix inside the senate in which the confirmation process becomes too much of a tit for tat. >> president obama demanding the
5:25 am
senate take up the nomination of merrick garland to the u.s. supreme court right away. in an interview with fox news, mr. obama said republicans are damaging the integrity of the judicial system by refusing to consider the nomination. the president also says hillary clinton's handling of her state department e-mails did not jeopardize national security. the president said the white house has not interfered with the justice department's investigation into those e-mails. britain's royal couple is in india this morning for a weekend trip without the kids. they enjoyed an evening with bollywood stars. kate dazzled the crowd in a cobalt blue gown. the duke and duchess of cambridge attended a gala with some of the most wealthy members of indian society. "scientific american" reports in the last four years of number of tigers counted worldwide has gone from 3200 to
5:26 am
nearly 3900. scientists plan to fully reveal their findings at a conference on tiger conservation in india this week. they said efforts in russia, india, especially in resulted in increased populations. cambodia considers tigers extinct within its borders. that's the sound of an elephant in emotional pain. this is video out of thailand. she lost her best friend. she stood over her friend for nearly six hours, touching and nudging her body. even then her keepers found it difficult to separate the two of them. after they moved the moaned, making that sound. scientists say funerals are
5:27 am
kno -- elephants are known to hold funerals for their loved ones. coming up, new accusations against a professor at uc berkeley. berkeley. why a group of students say t
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breaking news in san brawn know where police have part of skyline boulevard closed. they're investigating a fatal hit and run. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is there live at the scene. >> reporter: reggie, we're live here. skyline boulevard is blocked off to berkshire and college drive while investigators look into the crash. you can see firefighters were on the scene early this morning. detectives aren't saying much about what happened here. an officer told me they're busy
5:30 am
with the investigation and just confirmed it was a fatal hit and run of a pedestrian. skyline college is nearby but no word on the identity of the victim or when the coroner's office will be here on the scene. officers told me they have to estimate on when skyline boulevard will reopen. i did say caltrans arrive on the scene so they can help with the road closure. live in san bruno, matt keller, abc 7 news. we want to check in with sue hall to see what impact the crash is having on traffic. >> folks can't get through there, it's a pretty big impact. first, reports of one-way traffic control. but as matt keller has been telling us, that road is shut down. you'll need to use other means of transportation or other routes of transportation, i should say. solid stream of traffic from golden gate fields into the macarthur maze. no stalls or accidents. metering lights have been turned on. you can expect some delays to be building back towards the macarthur maze here. we also have this other accident in san jose. the chp has yet to be on scene. we're waiting to get
5:31 am
confirmation, apparently a vehicle versus a pedestrian. we'll be back with a look at your mass transit options in just a few. mike? did you get any drizzle this morning? >> i did not. >> i did. all right. that gives you an idea how patchy it is. i had to run the windshield wipers once or twice. a few radar returns cross the the north east. you can see how quiet it is at the golden gate bridge and just how dry it is. your 12-hour day planner, low to mid-50s. we'll hang out in the upper 50s at the coast. drier air moves in at noon, low to mid-60s. grab the sunglasses, low to mid-60s at 4:00. another chance of rain coming up. look at that love there, there's stuff to celebrate this morning. the warriors are back in the bay area with their sights set on history on wednesday night before the nba playoffs start next weekend. last night golden state tied the chicago bulls for a record for most wins in a single season with 72.
5:32 am
dubs beat the spurs 92-86, snapping a 33-game losing streak there. the warriors handed san antonio their first home loss of the season. all of this means that golden state can set a new record of 73 wins by beating the grizzlies wednesday night at oracle arena. >> we're in the moment, enjoying the ride. obviously the goal is to win a championship. we put ourselves in a great position to end the season with a win and do something no team has done in history. so that's an amazing accomplishment. >> hugs all around there. the win also ensured the warriors will become the first team to go an entire season without losing to the same team twice. >> that is incredible. no doubt dub nation will be out in full force at oracle on wednesday night. for those who are more like this guy and cheering and clapping from your local bar or restaurant, i think most of us know how that feels. abc 7 news is at pete's cantina
5:33 am
last night where fans talked about setting the nba record that natasha was just talking about, and also winning another larry o'brien trophy. >> the record is important too, take it from an old bull fan. >> you take each game, game by game. i think it's why they're so humble and able to work so well together as a team. >> they open this weekend with game one either happening saturday or sunday, and against either dallas, utah, or houston. as you would expect, that's the hot ticket in town, wednesday night, i mean, the game at oracle to see if they beat this record. cheapest ticket you could find right now is about 400 bucks. highest priced ticket going for $3100. if you have some extra cash sitting around, go to we would like to that anything instagram user merakar for sharing this photo of his daughter, what a cutie pie.
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send them to us and we'll share them on air or online. happening today, a group of uc berkeley students plan to file a complaint with the state over sexual harassment by another professor. these two grad students recorded professor blake wentworth last year for secular harassment. an investigation found he did violate the school's harassment policy back in october. but the students say wentworth has not been disciplined and he's still teaching. they're holding a news conference with their attorneys today at 11:30 at cal to discuss the complaint. chp investigating another freeway shooting on the east bay. this happened in richmond, near interstate 80 at san pablo road last night. officers shut down eastbound lanes as they investigated. we don't know yet if anyone was hurt or arrested. this was the 17th freeway shooting in the east bay since november. the man accused of attempted
5:35 am
murder by running over a chp motorcycle officer is expected in court today. officer michael ericsson grew up in sand rafael. he stopped to help a truck the chp said the driver intentionally hit the officer. san francisco police are still looking for arianna fitts, a missing 2-year-old girl. sources tell abc 7 news a body found in mclaren park friday was the toddler's mother, nicole fitts, who was reported missing on april 5th. police say she was the victim of a homicide. officers have not said how she was killed. her family says nicole as far as they know had no enemies. she was living in san from an and worked at the best buy store on harrison street. family members want to know what happened to nicole and are
5:36 am
desperate to find her daughter arianna. >> we can't imagine any reason why she would have any enemies or anyone would want to hurt her. she just did nothing but give. >> the family has started a facebook page to spread the word about that missing girl. happening today, a major change for families here in california. governor jerry brown is set to sign legislation increasing paid leave for people to bond with their newborns or take care of a sick relative. these workers could get as much as 70% of their income for as long as six weeks. last week san francisco became the first city in the u.s. to approve six weeks of fully-paid leave for new parents. tonight the san mateo city council will hold a special meeting. they're discussing a plan aimed at helping middle and lower class renters who are facing skyrocketing rent. under the plan, landlords who raise rents by more than 10% in a year could be required to pay up to help those people relocate to someplace less expensive. this move to help renters comes less than a week after city
5:37 am
councilmembers voted down an ordinance that would have imposed a 90-day moratorium on rent hikes. commuters are being urged to keep a close watch on a sign along highway 101 that was defaced by vandals. it memorializes police officer david chakuti, shot and killed 18 years ago this month. his cousin took this photo on saturday. at first he thought someone was decorating the sign, then he realized someone was cleaning graffiti off of it. >> as a family member it's very sad. as a law enforcement officer, it make me mad. every may we recognize in california and in san mateo county all of the fallen officers from the past. and this is just a terrible time for the memorial to be defaced. >> this is how the sign looks now, thanks to quick work by caltrans crews. he says he's proud of the person who stopped to clean that sign and says it sends a message to the vandals that this memorial honors a hero.
5:38 am
good morning. coming up on 5:38, let's start in the north bay with temperatures running in the low to mid-50s from calistoga at 51 to novato at 55 degrees. we'll see if the rest of us are following suit. sure enough, with the clouds out there, we are. cupertino, 52. 56 in alameda. san francisco, 54 degrees. a little bit of drizzle out there this morning. we'll say it's fair if you're jogging or walking the dog. definitely drier during the afternoon hour. if you're doing some sailing this afternoon, west wind, 5 to 15. you see the clouds opening just a little bit over san francisco, looking down on market street there. we're going to have a three-day forecast with temperatures a little bit below average today. upper 50s at the coast. 64 to 66 around the bay and inland. we'll be back to average tuesday and wednesday as we'll see a little more sunshine and the air will dry out. however, coming up next, i do have another chance of rain. we'll check out the storm impact
5:39 am
scale. 70s and 80s in the weekend forecast. stay tuned for that. here's sue with an update on your morning commute. so far, so good. depending on where you are. let's check in with mass transit first. 47 trains on time. no delays here. no problems so far with golden gate, buses or ferries. trains number 1 and 3 both running on time this morning, that's the good news. now, to the not so good news. san jose, chp just arriving on scene, north 85 to northbound 17 where we have reports of a vehicle versus a pedestrian. also a little bit farther on 85 at union, an abandoned vehicle. and that's in the southbound direction. conflicting reports here. we're going to get more on that as it comes through to our traffic center. northbound 680 at jacqueline, partially blocking a lane of traffic there. we're looking at some delays building. we had an accident westbound 580 at north greenville, that is now cleared out of lanes. the damage is done. traffic very slow out of tracy for about a 45-minute drive into
5:40 am
dublin/pleasanton. san jose accident, we'll see if we can get more from the chp in just a few minutes. the son of a once-powerful politician is out of prison this morning. in and out parents of the teen he was convicted of killing say they feel betrayed by the system. system. also a surprisi
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
investigators say the group of terrorists behind that deadly attack in brussels had intentions to hit france. the arrests of key members during recent raids forced them to strike closer to home in belgium instead. belgian police arrested four men in brussels over the weekend in connection with last month's bombing that killed 32 people. one of them is also charged with a role in the paris attacks. the son of a once-powerful politician is a free man this morning. esteban nunez was released after serving less than half a sentence in the stabbing death of a college student. his prison sentence was cut in half by former governor arnold schwarzenegger. he commuted the sentence as the last act of his term, which he said was to help nunez's father, who was then the assembly speaker. fred and cathy santos visit the
5:44 am
grave of their son luis once a week. >> esteban is probably out celebrating with his family tonight. this is where we come to be with our family. >> the nunez family declined an interview request, instead issuing a statement saying their son paid his debt to society. if your doctor were on probation for a serious offense, would you want them to tell you? today there will be a vote on a bill that would require physicians to tell patients if they are convicted of certain offences. the committee will vote this morning at the state capital. today, the owner of "the daily mail," a british up in and global tabloid website confirms it's in talks to take over yahoo! joining a growing list of 40 firms who have expressed interest in yahoo!'s business, which has been under intense
5:45 am
pressure to revive its growth. the deadline for bids is a week from today. now to the race for the presidency. candidates on both sides are battling it out for the delegate-rich state of new york ahead of the primary next tuesday. donald trump is bristeling at the idea that ted cruz, john kasich, or even paul ryan could win the gop nomination. he says he's confident going into new york's contest, polling way ahead in his home state. meanwhile, hillary clinton said her rival's hopes of winning the nomination are delusional. senator sanders argues that momentum is on his side. he claimed another win over clinton saturday in wyoming. a bit of a rainy weekend. i'm wondering if the rain is going to come back. will we see a repeat? >> i don't think so.
5:46 am
we had rain friday, saturday, and sunday. i was just checking the totals, i'll tweet them out here in a few minutes. but we have one day. it falls between wednesday night and thursday morning. i'll show that you coming up. that's a great question. good morning, everybody. you don't see much in the way of radar returns. a lot of times drizzle is at such a low level that the radar kind of overshoots it because it doesn't curve like the earth does. it just shoots a straight line out. walnut creek, drizzle earlier this morning, right now mainly cloudy and 53 degrees. so we do have some morning drizzle. some sunny spots in the afternoon. clouds will open up even more so than yesterday. wet weather wednesday night through thursday morning, then warm this weekend, 70s and 80s. today, 60 at half moon bay. san francisco, 62. everybody else, 64 to 66 degrees, until you get to fairfield, antioch, 67 and 68 there. tonight, another mild one, 50s
5:47 am
around the bay and the coast. 40s inland. the cloud deck will open a little bit and the drizzle less likely than this morning. storm impact scale, nice to see we're still using this into the middle part of april. wednesday into thursday will be light, 1 on our scale, light to moderate rain. a little breezy after the rain ends thursday afternoon into the evening. you can see the rain coming in right through the morning commute, then drying out as we head towards noon thursday. so kind of a one and done event. my accuweather seven-day forecast, 50s and 60s through thursday. hi, sue. good morning. confirmation from matt keller, abc 7's matt keller on this reopening of skyline boulevard. northbound will be opening within the next hour or so. it's a hit and run fatal accident. southbound will remain closed and they're advising alternate routes if you've got to get to the college nearby, take 280, because at least for next hour
5:48 am
or so both directions will remain closed. northbound should be opening shortly. unfortunately, chp is confirming this is a fatal accident, vehicle versus a pedestrian. northbound 85 to northbound 17. you'll want to avoid the area as well. the coroner has been called and emergency crews are on scene here. another tragedy for the south bay. an earlier accident has cleared out of lanes now, northbound 6 ole at jacqueline. not seeing much slow traffic there. >> thank you, sue. we're hearing from the navy and coast guard crew who rescued three men from a deserted island. >> they're holding orange placards spelling out the word "help" with palm fronds on this deserted island. this is what happened. some huge waves knocked over the boat that the men were on last week, about 700 miles north of new guinea. they swam through shark-infested
5:49 am
waters overnight. they were stranded for three days but never gave up hope. >> it was a huge win for us, a huge win for vp-5, and a huge win for the three guys on the island. we have not seen any situation like this before. >> after they found the men, the families were notified, and in the end they were put back in a small boat and headed to the island where they were initially supposed to go. hear more on "gma" that starts at 7:00 on abc 7. >> they are fighters, wow. michael finney is tackling a lot of problems that homeowners may have. secretary of state john kerry making an historic visit to hiroshima. dub nation. we want to see your warriors pride like these people did. keep those fan pics and videos coming.
5:50 am
coming. you might see it air on a
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5:52 am
kerry is in hiroshima, japan this morning. he laid a wreath at the memorial to honor the 140,000 japanese killed when the u.s. dropped the atomic bomb in 1945. despite what some expected, a u.s. official says secretary kerry did not go there to apologize for america's decision to use the atomic bomb. he's one of the highest ranking u.s. officials to visit. nancy pelosi visited in she was speaker of the house. this certainly looks really bad. the fiery wreckage of a small
5:53 am
plane crash in upstate new york. shortly after takeoff last night, the piper 28 experienced engine problems. while trying to get back to the airport, the single engine plane clipped several trees and crashed. you see it there in the middle of the street. the pilot and a passenger were hurt. here is the amazing thing. they're expected to be okay. federal authorities are still investigating. here in the bay area, two people walked away with no injuries after a close call on board a plane at oakland international airport. oakland fire tweeted out these photos yesterday after this private jet made an emergency landing. the nose gear collapsed as the jet was touching down. it belongs to an aviation company based in burlingame. what happened to sam? this morning the search is on for the tiny stuffed dog, the first one of its kind to reach the edge of space. this video is all over social. some young students in london tied sam to a helium balloon along with a gopro camera and a gps tracker.
5:54 am
you see him heading toward the edge of space here. the camera made it back, so did the tracker. but no sign of sam. the school created a facebook page and hashtag #findsam to help find the stuffed animal. spacex's dragon cargo ship delivered an inflatable room to the international space station. they'll inflate it at the end of next month. the technology could change the way astronauts live in space and maybe one day on mars. the dragon cargo ship made history friday when its rocket booster successfully landed on a drone ship for the first time, look at that, it nails the landing. that is a game changer for space transportation because it means one day it may allow spacex to reuse its rockets. >> mike nicco tracks the weather with that kind of precision. >> i would like to think so but i do believe they're just a bit smarter than i am.
5:55 am
first place a's playing at home -- what do they call themselves now? the los angeles angels of anaheim? it changes every year, doesn't it? joy wants me to remind you that yes, the giants are in first place also. low to mid-70s through the central valley. 78 in palm springs. mid- to upper 60s around l.a. look at the scattering of showers even up in the sierra. today it's mainly rain. check out my seven-day forecast. more snow is coming in thursday. hi, sue. good morning. a lot going on in the abc 7 traffic center. let's start in san jose. unfortunately this accident has turned out to be a fatality, northbound 85 to northbound 17 on the transition ramp. that ramp is closed. chp on scene along with lots of emergency vehicles there. an accident, westbound 80 just after highway 4, middle lanes blocked there. another accident in fremont
5:56 am
area, southbound 880 at stevenson, middle lanes blocked there. abc 7's matt keller is on scene of the skyline boulevard hit and run fatality near berkshire. that remains closed. we'll have an update on that in just a couple of minutes, guys. a fitness device that's supposed help people create a healthy lifestyle has helped save a life. a high school teacher's fitbit provided doctors with crucial information after he suffered a seizure at work. his doctors used his fitbit to discover when his heart became irregular, which saved him l life-threatening blood clots. >> the fitbit definitely saved his life. >> the fitbit was a christmas gift from his wife and he wears it every day.
5:57 am
favorite story of the morning. a wayward goat is back home with its owner this morning after it made a visit to starbucks. >> you know goats are my favorite, right? i believe this is an african pig me goat. police were able to safely catch him and reunite him with his owner. the best thing you told me was this morning. >> the barista offered the goat a banana, because, you know, kind. >> right. >> and the goat declined and just kept on eating, as you can see, the cardboard box on the ground. >> he has good taste. new at 6:00 a.m., one of the two kayakers missing off the coast of south carolina has been rescued, the frantic search caught on camera. raising awareness about lgbt raising awareness about lgbt issues added one
5:58 am
that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit
5:59 am
6:00 am
new details just in on the breaking news we're following out of san bruno. police are investigating a fatal hit and run on skyline boulevard. this is not far from skyline college. >> san bruno police told us they expect south skyline to be closed at college avenue for the next three or four hours. >> northbound traffic should open in about an hour. if you use that route, you're advised to avoid that area and find another way to get around. >> police are still looking for the driver who hit a pedestrian there just about 3:00 a.m. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live on the scene and we'll have an update at 6:30. i'm natasha zouves. >> i'm reggie aqui. sue hall, we're looking at two different hit and runs that both ended up with a person dead. >> unfortunately, yes. the first on


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