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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." good afternoon. and thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. larry beil has the day off. a possible lead in the seemingly senseless murder of a bay area scientist. 30-year-old brian bowl, who was shot in oakland over the weekend. >> he was walking home from the king fish pub sunday night about two miles away and killed just a few doors down from his house. >> melanie woodrow is live with the latest on this tragedy. >> reporter: the family is here right now from florida. they have just finished meeting with oakland investigators, and those investigators tell me they are obviously devastated. they also say it is too soon in the investigation to say whether
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or not he was an intended target or just the victim of a random shooting. i spoke with several of his neighbors today. they all tell me that they heard a gunshot, including one neighbor who said she rushed outside and saw her neighbor on the ground. flowers and candles mark the shot where someone shot 30-year-old brian bowl just after midnight sunday morning. neighbors heard a loud bang. this woman asked us not to show her face. >> but she was clearly gone. he had a gunshot wound in his forehead. >> reporter: he's a health data scientist with a ph.d. from georgia tech. he was walking home from king fish, a bar proximaapproximatel miles away. >> just somebody come and kind of search out an opportunity to rob someone or are they living in our neighborhood and watching people come and go and know where to strike? >> reporter: it's unclear
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whether or not someone robbed him. >> every time something like this happens, we're all a little more vigilant. >> reporter: neighbors say they would like to see more street lights. >> it's time for more lighting and cameras and just more vigilance. >> reporter: they've been exchanging information over an e-mail threat. one neighbor shared this video sha shows someone walking by. another neighbor believes it's the person she saw moments after she heard the gunshot. >> when i seen the surveillance, i was like oh, my god, that's the guy seen running. >> reporter: she says she has an appointment to speak with investigators this afternoon. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." many people in morgan hill say they're surprised by the accusations against this man, david wolfsmith. he faces charges of sexual battery and child molestation. police say a father came forward
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in february to say he molested his teenage daughter. detectives say there are five victims ranging in age from their teens to 50s. all of them were his personal training clients. police in palo alto are warning families to be on alert after a man exposed himself to a young girl at an elementary school. the man was in the parking lot of the nearby palo alto buddhist temple. the girl reported seeing him with his pants unbuttoned. when she told her parents after school, they called police. the search continues for a missing 2-year-old girl after her mother was found murdered two days ago. >> we're learning more about the days and months leaning up to her mom nicole's death. >> cornell bernard has the new developments. >> reporter: police following every possible lead in the murder of nicole fitz and the disappearance of ariana fitz.
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we have learned that so far there are no arrests. we have also learned that nicole fitz came here to san francisco's prenatal program recently, looking to take control of her life. >> the staff is grieving. we're totally sorry. >> reporter: martha ryan, director of the prenatal homeless program, was stunned to hear about the murder. fitz's body was found on friday in mcclarn park. she had been brutally beaten. >> nicky was a lovely woman. we just hope and pray that her daughter arianna comes back safely. >> reporter: relatives say they haven't seen the toddler since february. sources say they are questioning many persons of interest, including a pastor from oakland who knew mother and child. she said nicole came to the program last fall to take classes. >> we help them get support so
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they can be self-sufficient without our help. that's what nicky had done. she had become self-sufficient. >> reporter: fitz was working at this san francisco best buy. >> everybody was worried. >> reporter: dave spencer says she was often emotional at work. >> i saw her crying in the hallway. i don't want to get into her business, i just said are you okay? she was having a hard time. >> reporter: spencer says she was fighting for custody of her older 12-year-old daughter. >> she didn't have custody. i think that was her top priority of getting custody of her child. it seemed like she was going to die trying to do that. >> reporter: the search goes on for little ariana. cornell bernard, "abc7 news." the first homicide of the year in castro valley may be connected to a rap studio there. investigators say 27-year-old jacob martinez died sunday night
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when he was shot in the head in the parking lot of a building that houses a recording studio. the hunt continues for the killer. a northern california man has been convicted of killing a priest in eureka. he had just been released from jail a few hours earlier. jurors must decide if bullock was essential at the time. if found insane, he faces life in a state psychiatric hospital. traffic is moving on interstate 880 in oakland after a crash clogged up the morning commute. you can see what it looked like. a big rig gravel truck tipped over, spilled its load on 880 south bound near jackson street near the 980 connecter. take a look, happening now, crews are working to clear this massive downed tree. sky 7 hd was in san francisco's western addition neighborhood
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where the tree fell this afternoon. it happened near two apartment buildings. it appears no vehicles were parked on the driveway when the tree came crashing down. >> let's turn now to the weather. we'll show you a live look here. nice out there. >> a little bit of mix of sun, clouds, and off in the distance. in the future, we have a change in the weather coming. spencer christian has our accuweather update. >> looks like a mix of sun and clouds with a breeze, as well. here's live doppler 7 hd. this is how it looks on the radar image. mainly sunny with a few clouds around. let's go back here. i like this view. while that's up, current temperature readings, 57 in san francisco. probably about 58, 59 in oakland. 60 right now at mountain view. san jose 61. 57 in half moon bay.
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this is the view looking westward. 63 in napa. 65 in fairfield. concord, 66. here's a little forecast showing the changes on the way, starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning. low clouds and fog, which may slow down the morning commute. it will be at least partly sunny by midday. by midnight, we'll see rain beginning to push into the north bay. i'll show you what is to follow in just a few minutes when i return for the accuweather seven day forecast. just a short time ago, port commissioners heard about possible hazards along san francisco's embarcadero. one restaurant owner believes city officials need to find the money to prevent serious damage. >> they have totally ignored our infrastructure and we're paying the price. when you think of a water front
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restaurant, you're thinking, wait a second, is that restaurant going to fall into the bay? >> you can see some of the electrical equipment at pier 23 cafe. a proposed smoking ban at state parks and beaches passed out of the senate committee today. supporters of the ban believe it will make the parks a healthier place to visit and reduce wild live hazards. another senate committee must approve to keep it moving through sacramento. protesters showed to come up with a new plan after postal police removed their camp site at berkeley's main post office. activists began camping to show their opposition to plans to sell the post office to a private developer. san francisco is looking to open a third navigation center for homeless people. the facility would be near warm water cove park and the dog patch neighborhood on land owned by the port commission.
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navigation centers offer housing and support services to the homeless. the first center opened a year ago. another will open soon. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 4:00, over budget and overextended. the multimillion dollar bailout proposal needed to finish san francisco's transbay terminal. a 99-year-old at the heart of the latest eviction controversy. and mark zuckerberg wants you to share even more. the changes coming to the social media giant. as we begin to head into the evening commute, let's take you live for a look at san francisco's skyway. as you can see, it is busy out there. but so far moving along easily. the cars coming to you are
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construction on the terminal is under way right now, and it is running out of money. city officials are considering a multimillion dollar loan to close the gap. >> we're joined live with the details on the money, as well as the construction. >> reporter: ama and dan, this transbay terminal sprawls over about four blocks of the downtown south of market district. it was supposed to cost about $1.6 billion. that has ballooned to about $2.3 billion. right now the city of san francisco is considering a plan that will help bridge some of that gap. for months, the future transbay bus terminal has been rising
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over a large piece of south of market district downtown. but it's running over budget and needs to fill a funding gap. >> the gap is about $250 million. >> reporter: he says the boom in construction across san francisco is partially to blame for booming costs. >> construction projects throughout the city are seeing costs rising because there's so much competition. >> reporter: she ease presented a plan to the board of supervisors today that would allow san francisco to borrow money that would cover the gap. that loan should be paid back over five to ten years. it's something some taxpayers have mixed opinions on. >> i don't really support that. >> it will help create jobs. >> reporter: but you're okay with this loan? >> sure. >> reporter: the sales force tower under construction and other projects are supposed to be paying for the transbay
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terminal, but the funds are not coming in fast enough. this loan should be paid back as soon as other surrounding projects pick up. then on to phase two of this terminal, connecting it to king street and future high speed rail service. but the money has not come together just yet. a poorly places curb is going to cost san francisco hundreds of thousands of dollars. it's at the intersection of diamond and bosworth. muni buses can't turn there without going on the sidewalk. engineers used the wrong mold when making the curve. it's going to cost about $745,000. another company is bowing out of plans to expand in north carolina. deutsche says it's unwilling to include north carolina in its u.s. expansion plans, for now, because of north carolina's new anti-lbgt law. and today lawmakers in
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mississippi are taking steps to have a controversial bill repealed there. >> reporter: their message is simple -- >> to give mississippi a second chance. >> reporter: their mission now, convince their fellow lawmakers they made a mistake. >> somehow we seem focused on passing a bill that will kill our economy. >> reporter: the new law just passed in mississippi allows public and private businesses to refuse service on religious grounds, to gay and transgender people and not just wedding venues, but adoptions, medical services and counseling. >> all we're trying to do is say that people of faith have some protection from an overbearing government. >> reporter: the governor defending the law, believes critics are overreacting. but these lawmakers, now introducing a bill to try to have it repealed, say the growing backlash speaks for itself. singer brian adams just canceled a concert there in protest, and executives from big businesses
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asked for the law to be repealed. more than 80 businesses are doing the same in north carolina over a similar law there with paypal pulling 400 jobs and a $3.6 million project. a bill board on the border between north carolina and south carolina is turning some heads. it looks like a regular welcome to north carolina sign, but it says, due to our lbgt rights, please set your clocks back 100 years. president obama dedicated a new monument to women's equality today in washington, d.c. the president was on hand as the building that was the one-time headquarters of the national women's party became the belmont national equality monument. the dedication coincided with equal payday, which marks the pay gap between men and women. >> today, the typical woman who works full time earns 79 cents for every dollar a typical man
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makes. if we truly value fairness, america should be a level playing field where everyone who works hard gets a chance to succeed. >> the monument is named after alice paul. share more. that's the message from mark zuckerberg who opened the conference in san francisco today. he says he wants to give people the power to share anything with anyone. facebook shared this video with us. he made a veiled reference to donald trump's stance on immigration. >> i here fearful voices from building laws, for blocking free expression, slowing immigration, reducing trade and in some cases around the world, cutting access to the internet. >> zuckerberg talked about facebook's future, the messenger chat service will soon be able
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to text businesses directly. apple is working on designs for a keyboard with no actual keys. the die nagram shows what it wi look like. the area where keys are usually located has a surface that will have feedback, which is a vibrating sensation that you get on typing on some keyboards. a michigan woman wants $2 million from apple. she claims the company stole her idea for a computer on your wrist. daisy washington claims that apple infringed on her pending patent for a smart watch, which she calls the detachable deeper disk digital gym shoe watch. apple hasn't commented. spencer christian is here with what might be heading our
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way. spencer? >> let's start with what we have right now. mostly sunny and breezy. let's go to live doppler 7 hd. you can see the formation of a few clouds around the bay area. let's move along and look at the breezes. the gusts up to 23 miles an hour. 18 in livermore. you can see how breezy it is around the area. you can see how the trees there. morning clouds, afternoon sun tomorrow. showers arrive tomorrow night and a big warmup this weekend. here's the storm impact scale, which we have used all season long to rank every storm coming through the bay area. the next storm coming our way ranks one on the storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity will arrive tomorrow night into thursday. here's the forecast, starting midnight tomorrow night. as i mentioned earlier, it's going to be a wet commute, but showers move through quickly and
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start to taper off by late afternoon into early evening and by early evening tomorrow or thursday rather, we expect totals to range from around 0.05 of an inch, and the wind gust animations, starting midnight tomorrow night into thursday morning, gusts between 20 and 25 miles per hour around the bay and near the coast. same level of gusts or even more widespread by 5:00 p.m. thursday. and then overnight thursday night into friday, the gusts become stronger. so we may hear some howling winds overnight thursday night into friday. friday afternoon the winds taper off and moderate. lows tonight in the upper 40s to right around 50. and tomorrow's highs will be for the most part, mid 60s around the bay. mid to upper 60s inland and upper 50s on the coast. and here's our accuweather seven-day forecast. once again, showers coming in
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late tomorrow night, early thursday. this storm ranks one on our storm impact scale. mainly sunny on friday. look at the warmup over the weekend. big warmup with highs in the low 80s inland. mid to upper seth around the bay. up to 70 degrees on the coast. and then temperatures drop off a few degrees on monday with further cooling next tuesday. a little bit of everything in the seven-day forecast. >> sounds like it. up next, a new look for oracle arena today as the warriors chase
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tomorrow night the warriors go for history. "abc7 news" was at the practice facility for the shoot around. players were joined by members of the anaheim angels who were in town to play the asz. steph curry and draymond green lost in games of h.o.r.s.e. against baseball players. they go for a record 73 wins on the final night of the regular season. >> they lost? wow. check this out. deputy e.j. greenwood of the sheriff's office showed off his steph curry act while shoots hoops with kids at vallejo's st.
4:26 pm
vereer elementary school. very cute. we want to see how you're celebrating as the warriors chase history. we've received a lot of fan photos. you can join the fun by sharing yours. a new report says mark davis will be in las vegas later this month to discuss the construction of a new stadium. davis is expected to pledge a move to vegas in the city council will contribute funds to a project. but nfl owners would to approve the plan. he said he understands davis needs to look at all options but believes all sides will get the other two. "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues. new surveillance video shows what happened moments before a former nfl player was shot and killed over the weekend. plus --
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i do not want nor will i accept the nomination for our party. >> paul ryan makes it clear he does not want to be in the white house. and dramatic video of a ha
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news."
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here are your headlines at 4:30. court officials warned today that the next big earthquake could destroy san francisco's embarcadero. the sea wall running along the water front is in critical need of repairs. that could cost an estimated $2 billion. vic lee tweeted this afternoon that lawyers representing the accused killer of kate steinle ask for the murder charge to be dismissed. they claim it was an accident. coming you have at 5:00, reaction from the court. and cornell bernard tweeted this picture of nicole fitz who was found dead. her 2-year-old daughter is still missing. staff members of the homeless shelter that provided services to her are just devastated. police in washington state arrested a man accused of killing a mother of three from seattle. she was reported missing after a friend said she went out with a man she met online. lauren lyster has the story. >> reporter: after this seattle
4:31 pm
mother of three went missing last week, now a suspect in custody. 37-year-old john charlton arrested in a homicide investigation, following the gruesome discovery less than 48 hours earlier. body parts found in a recycling bin. >> all the evidence leads in the direction of that victim. >> reporter: the remains likely belonged to 40-year-old ingrid lynn. lynn's friend saying she planned to go on a date that night with someone she met on line. heading to a mariner's game, eye cording to a report. >> saturday when she didn't pick up her kids, something was wrong. >> reporter: neighbors responding. >> everything was in the house. call, call, no ingrid. >> it was a little weird. >> reporter: then watching the news, those crime scene officers
4:32 pm
at the site where the remains were found. >> i just thought no, can't be. >> reporter: friend's worst fears confirmed. >> devastating, sick, wrong. >> reporter: the suspect does have a criminal history but no murders on his record. he's due in court today. lauren lyster, abc news, los angeles. new details about the fatal shooting of former new orleans star will smith. the video shows a hummer matching the police description of suspect cardell hayes vehicle stopping suddenly. >> prior to the actions that led to mr. smith's death, my client was involved in a hit and run. someone hit him. the person failed to pull over. my client trailed behind this person in an effort to get their license number. my client also called 911. while he was on the phone with
4:33 pm
911, that's when the three-car accident occurred. police say hayes shot the smith in an aparent road rage incident. authorities detained three people today in brussels. they were taken into custody following a search this morning and belgian authorities announced two men have been charged with crimes related to last month's brussels bombings. they're accused of renting an apartment that served as a hideout for one to have bombers. the presidential candidates are crisscrossing new york, trying to reach as many voters as possible ahead of next tuesday's primary. stephanie ramos has more from washington. >> reporter: bernie sanders, hillary clinton, donald trump, and john kasich are all in a new york state of mind. sanders, greeted by a pumped up crowd of supporters in syracuse,
4:34 pm
where he went after the opponent he would like to face in the general election. >> in the general election, we are beating trump by 20 points. >> reporter: a new quinnipiac poll shows hillary clinton is beating sanders in new york by double digits. and she also tries to win over voters in her home state. at a new york city round table, clinton weighing in on the gender gap when it comes to equal pay. >> the last time i checked, there's no discount for being a woman. groceries don't cost us less, rent doesn't cost us less. >> reporter: on the republican side, trump is still maintaining a double digit lead in the empire state, but he's still mad over a loss to ted cruz in colorado. john kasich getting a warm welcome in a bakery. posing for pictures with kids and explaining to voters why, even though he's way behind, he should be the gop nominee.
4:35 pm
>> we always aim towards the light, not the darkness. >> reporter: and house speaker paul ryan ruled out a run for the white house. >> i believe you should only choose from a person that is running. count me out. >> reporter: stephanie ramos, "abc7 news," washington. supreme court nominee merrick garland sat down today with republican senator charles grassley. cameras captured garland arriving at the capitol. grassley's office released a statement saying the meeting was cordial. a new fold poll shows 64% of californians believes the u.s. senate should vote on the president's nomination.
4:36 pm
29% believe they should wait for the next nomination. still to come on "abc7 news" at 4:00, monster hail the size of a baseball rains down on texas. we have a look at the destruction. i'm spencer christian. mostly sunny skies with a few clouds over sfo. we have changes coming our way and i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a moment. i'm michael finney. prepaid cards are growing in popularity. which one is right for you? he's take a look at traffic. this is highway 101. as you can see, moving eas
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that's not an earthquake but softball-size hail pounding a home last night in texas outside of dallas. here's how it looked coming down. aerial views show solar panels on top of homes dented. incredible. the u.s. navy will start leveraging its buying power to fight climate change. the navy secretary told silicon valley executives the navy will require vendors to report how much greenhouse gas their companies produce and make them work to lower the emissions.
4:40 pm
the navy is the first branch of the military to take that stand. a tourist trying to capture a one of a kind picture of a plane landing got too close for comfort. he came within a hair of getting hit by a landing plane. oh, man! you see him duck just in time. the plane's wheels actually grazed his hands. the man who took the video said he heard the tourist yell, "it hit my hand." apparently he just kept taking pictures. >> he is so lucky. he's okay, so that's good. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> we have spencer christian here checking our weather today. spencer? >> our weather is a little different here.
4:41 pm
it's a little breezy and cool, lots of sunshine right now. you can see that we have a few clouds hanging around, and here we are. see the clouds? on we go. there it is. clouds hanging around under mostly sunny skies, and as we look ahead to tomorrow, statewide, look for fairly mild conditions. see highs around 71 in sacramento, 70 in los angeles, which is actually cooler than average for this time of the year. here in the bay area, more clouds in the morning and more sunshine in the afternoon. highs range from the upper 50s a t the coast to mid 60s around the bay. tomorrow evening at oracle arena, it will be the season ender for this season, for the warriors, taking on the memphis grizzlies. game time 7:30, if you're heading to the game around 6:00 p.m., partly cloudy, breezy, cool conditions, a temperature of about 59. after the game at 10:00 p.m., partly cloudy and cool with a
4:42 pm
temperature of only 54 degrees. good victory celebration weather. for the week ahead, using san joss the temperature trend indicator. on thursday, temperatures bounce up for the weekend as they will over much of the weekend. inland highs in the low to mid 80s. lots of changes coming our way. >> thank you, spencer. coming up, a meltdown over a flight delay. >> if there's no flight, just say there's no flight! coming up, the new video showing the grows frustration for airline passengers. from drugstores to banks, you see prepaid cards just about everywhere, but are they right for you? i'm michael
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cupertino, concord, wine country, and all the bay area, this is "abc7 news." now to that airport meltdown caught on camera. you see this enraged mom just lashing out because a flight delay was ruining her family's dream vacation. that delay eventually closed in on 12 hours. david kerley has the story.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: angry passengers surrounded the counter, where is their plane? >> if there's no flight, just say there's no flight! >> reporter: this video shows a frustrated crowd waiting for a 9:00 p.m. flight from laguardia to miami on american airlines. but the flight wouldn't leave until almost 9:00 the next morning. one woman, fearing she and her two children might miss a disney cruise, was not going quietly. >> [ bleep ] and you're all going to pay for my disney cruise and everything else here. >> reporter: but laguardia was shut down because of strong winds. the plane they were waiting on had to divert to philadelphia. >> i've been sitting here since 8:00 with a 9-year-old waiting for her vacation and my 13-year-old. >> reporter: finally the jet arrives but the crew has work
4:47 pm
sod many hours that according to regulations, they can't fly to miami. so everyone had to wait until the next morning. even a passenger advocate says, you can't blame the airline. >> i hate to defend airlines as a consumer advocate all the time. but when they have airline weather related problems, it messes up their entire system. >> reporter: the flight made it to miami before noon the next day. everybody booked on the cruise line made it, so apparently the mother and children got their vacation. david kerley, abc news, reagan washington airport. >> hard to wash, especially in front of the kids. prepaid cards are growing rapidly in popularity. >> michael finney partnered up with consumer reports for a look at the best prepaid cards. >> there's a lot of them out there. you can acquire them in stores, banks, online. and they can take the place of a traditional bank account. a lot of people need that these
4:48 pm
days. consumer reports analyzed the terms of 20 cards and has advice which you should get. catherine french, her mother and son all use prepaid cards. for james, it takes the place of a bank account. >> i use it at restaurants, gas stations, anywhere. >> reporter: catherine says it makes it easy to give james only what he needs for school and to avoid the perils of a credit card. >> i'm not going to let him loose with my credit card with my name on it. >> reporter: consumer reports says they are better than they used to be. >> one of the big improvements is safety. all of the issuers we check now voluntarily offer some of the same protections as bank cards. >> reporter: however, you must register those cards to get those protections. consumer reports also evaluated the cards for value and convenience.
4:49 pm
>> for those who use them in place of a bank account, it's important to pay bills, add money and withdraw cash without a lot of fees. >> reporter: the lowest paid card has relatively high fees and there's always a fee to use an atm. >> the highest rated prepaid cards work well for those who use them instead of a bank account. >> reporter: they are the blue bird from american express and walmart. chase liquid issued by chase. voluntary safety protections and are widely accepted. a lot of these rules are going to change. the consumer financial protection bureau is expected to issue new regulations for prepaid cards this spring. they'll guaranty protections for lost and stolen cards and make
4:50 pm
it easier to understand and compare the fees. >> thank you, michael. let's move to some health news. smokers are less likely to get hired and earn less money. >> here's jane king. >> reporter: smokers ut of work are less likely than nonsmokers to find a job. a study says smokers earned on afternoon $5 an hour less versus nonsmokers. that can mean losing out on $8300 per year and speculates companies are wary of hiring smokers because of health care costs. everybody dreams but some more vividly than others. science is a long way from understanding all the nuances of dreams, but one expert says it could be that spicy foods causes us to not sleep as deeply. there by, remembering more of
4:51 pm
our dreams. many foods could impact sleep because the digestive system is so complex. an fda is considering a new lung cancer drug today. they are scheduled to vote on that sometime today. and a panel has added colon cancer protection to the benefits of low dose aspirin. for the first time a federal advisory panel says taking it can protect adults in their 50s and 60s against colon cancer. as always, consult with your doctor about taking daily aspirin. i'm jane king. here's to your health. the newest goalie for the san jose sharks has become an internet sensation with many people who have no interest in hockey. he's also a model. check that out.
4:52 pm
the sharks announced they signed him yesterday and shortly after comments flooded social media. he previously played for the swedish hockey league. easy, ama. new at 4:00 continues. >> we're here in support of our elders that we know across the bay area are being evicted. a show of support for a 99-year-old woman being thrown out of her san francisco home. how a community is coming together to help. and at 5:00, lasers launching tiny robots to deep space. can scientists make that happen? and
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tonight on abc 7 --
4:56 pm
san francisco, another senior citizen is facing eviction from the apartment she's lived most of her life. >> as wayne freedman tells us, she spent time in court today and earned a brief reprieve. >> reporter: it remains a place with all the comforts of home because that's what it's been for more than 50 years. should you be able to stay here as long as you want? >> yes. i love my house. everything i got is here. >> reporter: iris, 99 years old and now the latest symbol in the battle between san francisco's tenants and landlords who seek higher rents. >> this is about greed. this is about a 99-year-old woman being forced out of her home of many years. can she not just die in peace? >> reporter: the issue, owners of this building want to convert it into condos. they allowed iris to remain in
4:57 pm
her apartment as long as she lived there, alone, and paid rent. >> she wasn't gone, she went on hiatus with my mother, and she traveled, and other times she was hospitalized. >> reporter: an attorney representing the owners declined to speak with "abc7 news" today. he took off down the hall and kept walking. after a san francisco offered her a stay of eviction, she had a rally supporting her. does she understand what's happening? >> very little. >> reporter: as the crowd got worked up, iris disappeared into the middle of it. >> look at what's happening around us. it's people all over san francisco being evicted and we're wondering what's going on? what's going on is the rent is going up. >> reporter: as for iris, she seemed relieved when this ended. she friends took her home back to the coach where she feels most comfortable, surrounded by memories and watching her tv. in san francisco, wayne freedman, "abc7 news."
4:58 pm
>> that will do it for this edition of now new at 4:00. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. "abc7 news" at 5:00 begins right now. >> i've been contacted by three additional adult females. >> the case grows against a gym owner arrested for sexual assault. why some say his health club was more like a cult. the man accused of killing kate steinle fights to get the case thrown out. will the trial go on? reeling from a notorious hate crime. san jose state does something it's never done before. and the warriors on the verge of history. >> we have one shot to get it done. >> i'm sandhya patel. spring showers are in the forecast. the timeline of when it will get wet coming up. live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." a morgan hill fitness trainer was arrested for sexual
4:59 pm
assault on five female clients, two of them teenagers. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. this is not the first time people have been sus hiss show of david wolfsmith. david louie is live in morgan hill with new information tonight. david? >> reporter: david wolfsmith has been under suspicion since 2013. some of these new details may be disturbing, because sources tell us he had a cult-like control over the women he trained. and he apparently or allegedly touched them after he had them take their clothes off. this is where people trained for triathlon and races. while named the wolfpack, sources say it was dubbed the cult. >> they're so focused that it allowed them to almost be in a trance and these sexual
5:00 pm
batteries occurred against them and they felt powerless to say anything. >> reporter: police say victims so far include two teenagers and three adults, all female. after he was arrested, three more women have stepped forward, two potential victims. >> for some of these women, this is the first disclosure they gave to the detective. they haven't spoken to their boyfriend or husband or partner, and so bringing it to light now has been a difficult process for them. >> reporter: this person knows wolfsmith and several past clients. >> i've been told by several people, ladies that i know who don't want to come forward now that this has come out because they think it will wreck their marriages. >> reporter: wolfsmith and his wife live in morgan hill. a neighbor says they wave coming and going. although two victims were under age, he says he doesn't fear for his kids. >> i keep my kids under close watch and think ever


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