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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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batteries occurred against them and they felt powerless to say anything. >> reporter: police say victims so far include two teenagers and three adults, all female. after he was arrested, three more women have stepped forward, two potential victims. >> for some of these women, this is the first disclosure they gave to the detective. they haven't spoken to their boyfriend or husband or partner, and so bringing it to light now has been a difficult process for them. >> reporter: this person knows wolfsmith and several past clients. >> i've been told by several people, ladies that i know who don't want to come forward now that this has come out because they think it will wreck their marriages. >> reporter: wolfsmith and his wife live in morgan hill. a neighbor says they wave coming and going. although two victims were under age, he says he doesn't fear for his kids. >> i keep my kids under close watch and think every parent should.
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>> reporter: wolfsmith has bailed out of county jail. in morgan hill, david louie, "abc7 news." a former san mateo county social worker is headed to prison for having sex with three teenage girls. he was sent tensed to nine years in prison as part of a plea deal. prosecutors say he used his position working with children in east palo alto to engage in sexual relationships with the girls. all 16 years old. two people are in the hospital with gunshot wounds from what shorts are calling an apparent murder-suicide attempt. sky 7 hd flew over the area this afternoon. authorities describe the wounds as serious. a san francisco judge has denied an attempt to dismiss the murder case against the man accused of fatally shooting kate
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steinle last july. vic lee has more. >> reporter: the defense motion on its face was a simple one, lawyers argue that police had enough reasonable suspicion to detain the suspect, but no probable cause to arrest him. defense lawyers told the judge there was not enough evidence presented to justify the arrest of juan francisco lopez sanchez. and they moved to dismiss the second degree murder case. public defender matt gonzalez. >> there was reasonable suspicion to stop mr. lopez sanchez, to question him, to search him, to do certain things short of arresting him. >> reporter: but gonzalez says lopez sanchez was detained in a police cruiser for four hours and taken to the hall of justice, where he was interrogated, which gonzalez says istant mount to an arrest.
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the judge said he agreed with prosecutors that there was enough probable cause for the arrest. that police relied on witness accounts and cell phone images where citizens pointed out the suspect to officers. police armed with a cell phone photo of lopez-sanchez arrested him a block away from pier 14 where the shooting happened. now that the question of the arrest has been resolved by the court, lopez sanchez's lawyers will focus on their defense, that the shooting was an accident. kate steinle was strolling down pier 14 when she was shot in the back. lopez sanchez told "abc7 news" in a jailhouse interview that he found the gun under the bench and threw it off the pier after it went off accidently. during the preliminary hearing, jim norris said that steinle was struck by the bullet after it hit the ground and ricocheted.
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>> we're not aware of any other case in the history of san francisco with a ricochet being the case of a murder charge. >> reporter: vic lee, "abc7 news." the san francisco police department will hold a town hall on last week's shooting of a home last man. police say he charged at officers with a large knife, even after being hit with bean bags. the department says the meeting will provide residents with an update on the investigation. it will be held noon tomorrow on 18th street around the corner from the shooting scene. the search is intensifying for a missing 2-year-old girl from san francisco, whose mother was found murdered just days ago. ariana fitz is now the focus of a statewide search. and we're learning more about the death of her mother, nicole.
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cornell bernard has more on this developing story. >> reporter: police say so far no arrests in the murder of nicole fits and the disappearance of her daughter. police are following leads tonight. we learned that nicole fitz came here to san francisco's homeless prenatal program looking for help in raising her child. where is 2-year-old arianna fitz? the toddler reported missing after nicky fitz was found dead last friday. she had been brutale al lally b. detectives are questioning many persons of interest in the case, including a pastor from oakland who may have known mother and child. >> the staff is grieving. >> reporter: martha ryan, director of the homeless prenatal program, is stunned to hear about the murder. >> nicky was a lovely woman and we just hope and pray that her daughter, arianna, comes back
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safety. >> reporter: relatives say they haven't seen the toddler since february. nicole fitz came to the clinic last fall for parenting classes. >> we help them get support to become self-sufficient and that's what nicky had done, she was self-sufficient. >> reporter: fitz was working at this best buy store in san francisco. >> i saw her crying in the hallway. i didn't want to get into her business, i just said are you okay? she was having a hard time. >> reporter: spencer said any toll told him she was fighting for custody of her 12-year-old. >> it seemed like she was going to die trying to get custody of her child. >> reporter: in san francisco, cornell bernard, "abc7 news." a warning to anyone heading to golden gate park for next
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week's 420 event. police say parents who take their kids to the marijuana smokeout could be arrested on child endangerment charges. more than 10,000 people attended last year. police arrested five people on various charges. some jobs are being slashed at uc berkeley. a memo went out to the 8500 employees. it explains how they plan to trim 6% of the workforce. officials say many position also be eliminated through attrition. san jose state has appointed its first-ever diversity officer. kathleen wong will join san jose state in july. she currently works at the university of oklahoma. this follows three white students being convicted on battery charges for putting a u-shaped bike lock around the
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neck of their african-american roommate in 2013. san francisco's filipino community may get its own cultural district. "abc7 news" was outside city hall as members rallied in support of the proposal considered by the board of supervisors. the heritage district would designate an area between second and 11th street. businesses and long-time filipino residents would be protected from displacement. >> we would like the developers to recognize you cannot just ignore the filipino tenants. >> 25 sites could get special designation. the san francisco native won two olympic medals in diving in 1948 named in her honor. a group of activists are vowing to reorganize.
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people began camping at the post office in november of 2014 in protest of plans to sell the building to a private developer. >> we would like to see the u.s. postal service use this post office to the full extent that the building is capable of, and not let it sit idle and deteriorate. >> postal inspectors began telling people they could no longer camp there 17 months ago. the postal service removed the protesters from getting several complaints. draymond green goes the distance. >> when you do right, good things happen to you. >> draymond is giving some kids a chance to watch the team make history. tax reason and bargain hunting, michael finney will show you ways to save. a massive swarm of crabs is discovered doing something for the first time.
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denny's. welcome to america's diner. this is "abc7 news." sky 7 hd was over oracle as workers finished installing new signs in anticipation of saturday's playoffs. they read, strength in numbers. the team has another milestone to reach, setting an nba record with 73 wins at tomorrow's game. >> reporter: strength in numbers, that is still very much in the warriors' lexicon. but tomorrow night, when this game takes place, fans will receive these t-shirts with a new saying, not on our ground,
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as they head for historic win number 73. >> it's a big deal for sure. >> reporter: no one is denying it now. the warriors are gunning for their place in history. a regular season record that would stand alone. >> just the magnitude of the game and what it means historically. it should be a fun 48 minutes. hopefully a night we'll remember for a long time. >> and they'll have about 20,000 screaming warriors' fans to back them up wednesday night, a game that sold out long before it became a contest for the ages. >> obviously, we love our fans here and to try to break a record like this one and do it in front of them i think makes it that much more special. >> reporter: draymond green wants to make it special for some oakland school kids by donating three tickets to high school with high gpas. >> i was just sitting at home
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and it came to my mind. >> tickets start at $350 for tomorrow night's game. >> reporter: the prices are going up by the minute. above $10,000 for a courtside seat. along with the frenzy, there's fraud. last home game, 60 fans showed up with after market tickets that turned out to be bonus. >> the only difference is you can find them after the game to get your money back. >> reporter: this time the team is selling tickets not in the i reena. but at least inside the building for a game that could go down in the history books. in oakland, laura anthony, "abc7 news." we're all in a little bit of
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awe of steph curry, even mike trout. trout is considered one of the best players in baseball. his team is in tout to play the a's. tax players may have to foot the bill for up to $250 million in cost overruns. a state official provided similar guaranties for san francisco's effort to land the 2012 games. los angeles is competing against paris, rome, and budapest. an attempt to tax soda in california fized out for the eighth time today. a man dropped his latest soda tax proposal because it lacked support. money would have benefited programs that fight diabetes and obesity. another group of lawmakers
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gave the go ahead for setting clearer rules for police body cameras. the bill needs to pass two more committees before the entire assembly can vote on it. we all hunt for the best teal when we go shopping, so why not hunt for bargains come tax season? >> michael finney joins was more. >> we're always looking for deals. whether you're a parent, a business owner or just going green at home. there are ways to save. here's some smart credits and deductions to snow about in today's tax tip. kids are expensive. but it turns out when tax season rolls around, it pays to be a parent. >> we got a nice little refund. >> you can chank the child tax credit. each child earns you a credit up to $1,000. and if you pay for child care,
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potentially even more. plus, the credits don't stop when your teenager goes away to college. >> the biggest of those is the american opportunity credit. that can put $2500 into your pocket. >> reporter: if you're a small business owner, check into section 179. it allows businesses to deduct purchases of equipment and software. one of the most popular uses, buying a new vehicle. if you use that car, suv or truck for business at least half the time, it can qualify. the fine print is important. it can be new or used, as long as it's new to you. and size matters. on some suvs, you can expense up to $25,000. for homeowners, it's a good time to go green. the irs includes some big credits for renewable energy, up to 30% for things like solar panels or wind energy. protecting your home can also protect your pocket.
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>> another good one to check, the earned income credit, up to $6,000 for some families. and one in five eligible for it don't take it. that's crazy. >> thanks, michael. it's time to check on the weather. >> and meteorologist sandhya patel is outside with a look at the forecast. >> a cool breeze coming across the bay this afternoon and we are seeing sunshine. the clouds were really slow to clear. check out what is going to happen next couple of days. we'll see more than clouds. we're looking at the lingering clouds a and the green you see over here is not reaching the ground, it's just ground clutter. 56 in san francisco, low 60s in oakland, san jose. half moon bay, a cool 55. and that flag there is blowing,
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temperatures in the low to mid 60s. some blue skies peeking through. morning clouds give way to afternoon sun tomorrow. showers arrive, and here a look at your timeline. tomorrow morning, the low clouds and fog for the morning commute. then in the afternoon, filtered sunshine. then we bring in our storm impact scale. we've been rating storms all winter from 1 to 5. light to moderate rain is expected. and it will become breezy during the time that system comes through. you'll notice rain is north of the bay area. starting to shift across the central bay. it is going to be we
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thursday morning commute. 5:00 a.m., it shifts and 6:00 a.m., primarily east and south bay. then it will move on through. as far as rain totals are concerned, anywhere from a couple hundredths of an inch to 0.2 of an inch. first thing thursday morning, breezy for the commute, close to 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts along the coast and the winds will subside briefly. so do expect gusty winds for thursday evening, as well. this will turn to snow, snow level between 4500 and 5500 feet, one to five inches of the snow. first thing tomorrow morning, low forts to low 50s. it will start out gray like this morning, and tomorrow amp, upper
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sifts to upper 60s. we'll be looking at clouds and son. for the season ender, warriors at oracle arena and the grizzlies at 7:30. it's going to be 56 degrees when you get there. getting breezy and cool at times, so have a jacket handy. a look at the seven-day forecast, similar readings from today on tomorrow. a one on our storm impact scale for thursday morning. and then isolated showers, still possible in the afternoon but we switch it up by friday. that warming trend carries us into the weekend. well above normal for this time of the year. right now, computer models are not in agreement. but one model wants to bring in another chance of showers. the other model is going to let them figure things out before we put it on there. >> sandhya, thank you very much.
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lasers launching robots to outer space. that's next. ♪ ♪
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we want to share with you a video of a site that left scientists amazed. research evers posted this video showing the red crab migration they discovered last april off the coast of panama. they say it's the first time the species has been found that far south. red crabs usually swim closer to california. the swarming crabs sometimes jumped. they say they behavior is also a first of its mind. don't see that every day. the former director of the nasa ames research center will lead a search for life in space.
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today, the billion investor, steven hawking, and pete warden a announced the plan that will develop tiny laser propelled probes and send them to our nearest star. in theory, it will make it to the star within 20 years. each probe would record what it minds and transmit what it finds and send it back to earth. an air force testify lot past in front of the sun at super sonic speeds. today, space x released some photos showing the water landing of its falcon nine rocket. space x became the first company to achieve the landing on friday. really amazing. images show the powerful booster
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bringing the rocket to a rest on a barge. it's now being tested to make sure it's functioning properly. a satellite company in europe indicated it could be the first customer to pay for a ride on a reusable rocket. a san jose 11th grader will be at the white house science fair tomorrow. he was invited after earning a perfect score on the a.p. calculus exam. that's a feat achieved by only 11 other students in the world. this is a picture of him wearing a tie with his math teachers. that's impressive. we are going to check in on some bay area favorites. coming up, valenti
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coming up tonight on "abc7 news" at 6:00, fear in an oakland neighborhood following the shooting of a scientist walking home after a night out. what neighbors are making of this new surveillance video. also, big money trouble for the transbay terminal project. you'll see who is not holding up their end and what might have to be done to make up for the shortfalls. and coming attractions from facebook. the one thing ceo mark zuckerberg wants users to do, but will you like it? that's all coming up on "abc7 news" at 6:00. the bay area's most famous chihuahua is up for adoption. >> animal care and control released these photos of ponch today and announced he's up for
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adoption. >> chp officers rescued him earlier this month. his owner never claimed him. >> and this is pictures of valentine, a horse rescued in fremont. >> the colt is now two months and four days old, resting comfortably with his new owners in central california. >> valentine broke a hip when falling into a ravine. he was rescued on valentine's day. >> and the san francisco zoo just got a new addition, a baby giraffe. >> this is our first look at the female calf born last friday morning. they have not named her yet. >> her name is barbara, her dad is floyd. the calf is already 6 feet tall. >> if zoo released this video of her with her mom at just five hours old. >> that's sweet. world news tonight is next. i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze.
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>> and i'm dan ashley for sandhya, michael finney, all of us here, we appreciate your tonight, donald trump, one-on-one. after calling hillary clinton's life "one big lie." we ask him, what does he mean? and we ask about his photos over the years with hillary clinton. also tonight, the terrifying storm slamming parts of this country. parents huddled with their children, protecting them from crashing glass. >> holy cow. the super bowl champ killed. and tonight here, the new surveillance video showing a car accident. and what else it might reveal. the sentencing outrage tonight. this police officer caught on dash cam video, shooting an unarmed driver, given probation. and an abc news exclusive tonight. my interview with professor stephen hawking. after his big announcement, joining forces with a russian entrepreneur, showing us the tiny spaceship in my hand there


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