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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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oracle arena
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now at 11:00, the banners are up. the players are getting warmed up. the golden state warriors are on the verge of making history. >> we obviously have one shot to get it done. >> good evening. and thank you for joining i'm ama date. and fans are ready. >> reporter: of course fans want to be a part of warriors history. how about these for a couple options. one, you can spend hundreds of dollars and go to oracle arena, or you can watch for free here at the theater if you are lucky
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enough to get a ticket. the alameda theater expects every one of its 750 seats will be taken during the viewing party for what could be a historic warriors game. >> it's a buzz, electricity, like being at the game. >> reporter: while tickets are free, donations are welcome. last year they raised money for the community foundation. the team's success does generate success for businesses. >> the spiritual and the positiveness goes ground the dollar value. >> reporter: how's this for priceless. draymond green is treating some students to the game, including one who emigrated from liberia. >> they want to do, when you do right, good things happen to
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you. >> reporter: ticket prices start around $350. >> that is the highest price we've seen for any game other than the nba finals many. >> reporter: you can watch from a bar or club. no matter where they are, fans hope to be watching the warriors make history. >> win number 73. >> reporter: the chicago bulls currently hold the record with 72 wins. >> and we want to see your warriors pride. when you post pick tours to social media, use the #dubs on 7. a search is under way for a man who flashed an elementary school student. police released this sketch. they say this man exposed himself to a 7 year old girl during recess yesterday. detectives say the man was in the parking lot of a buddhist temple nearby, watching the kids through a fence as they played.
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in developing news, the search for a missing toddler and her mother's killer now hinges on police interviews. the 2-year-old was reported missing a week ago. her mother was the victim of a homicide. they're questioning many persons of interest, including a pass to are from oakland who knew the family. the death has left those who knew herstunned, including the director of the prenatal program where she took parenting classes. >> nikki was a lovely woman. and we just hope and pray that her daughter, ariana comes back safely. >> a co-worker says recently she was emotional at work and fighting for custody of her other daughter who's 12 years old. we have news on the shooting
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of a brian boles. his father, mother, sister, ex-wife came to meet with homicide detectives about the murder and came to collect his belongings many roommates describe him as brilliant, a ph.d. in electrical engineering from georgia tech who fell in love with california when he moved here a few years ago. he became an avid skier and hacker and worked at nasa. he left this popular oakland pub late saturday. nobody here recognized him as a regular, but there are surveillance cameras up that could provide clues. he walked south, 1.6 miles to go home. he was shot. >> it was a really loud bang and echoed a bit. then the cop cars came.
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>> reporter: this woman told us she saw a man lying in the street. >> he was clearly gone. he had a gunshot wound in his forehead. >> reporter: other neighbors say they saw this man with a gray hoodie running away. police say they are steer zeroing in on a motive. neighbors say boles' wallet may not have been taken. >> we are taking all the information. >> it's really devastating. >> reporter: candles are still ablaze for the 32-year-old scientist who didn't make it home. new at 11:00, a dog found badly injured on the side of the road is in the north bay and recovering tonight. i want to warn you. you may find this picture unsettling. petaluma animal services says this pit bull was likely thrown from a moving car on highway 101. poor thing. she suffered facial injuries, a broken leg and pelvis, but her
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prognosis is good. a 99-year-old woman gets to live in her apartment at least for one more week as she takes her fight against eviction to court. we were at the apartment where iris has lived for more than 50 years. she was give and life tetime le. they want to convert the building. this week she was given a one-week stay of eviction. she's relieved, if only temporarily. >> i love my house. everything i got is here. >> an attorney represent the owners declined to speak with abc 7 news today. tonight people in one neighborhood are outraged over the proposal for a new communal housing development right next to their home. >> and now they're taking their fight to city hall. new at 11:00, we are live with details. >> reporter: the fight in question is across kurtner
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avenue behind me and not far from pricey willow glen and communications hill. just about everyone at the catalonia apartments knows one another, has a family and hates the idea of a homeless development being built on the other side of this fence. >> like right in our back yard, you know? we don't know their background. we don't know, we just know they're homeless. >> reporter: this 6 acre parcel belongs to the city of san jose. they recommend building portables with communal kitchens and bath many rrooms with space0 people. >> when they say this would be a place for homeless people, it's not appealing to me at all. >> i'm for it if they can find a better location. >> reporter: right now there are 700 beds. they think this lot is perfect. >> they're people just like we do. we're all family.
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you know? >> reporter: opponents, meantime, have taken their concerns to their city councilman. >> you try to put it somewhere, there's always push back. >> reporter: in san jose, abc 7 news. still ahead, a quarter of a billion dollar donation from a bay area tech titan, an unprecedented give away just announced tonight. and a summer travel warning, a bay area airport says passengers should brace for delays. i'm tracking a cold system. hour by hour look at when you can expect rain coming up. and here's a look at jem kimmel live. >> since you're here, i think
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we'd all like to see a magic trick. do you all want to see dr.
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a grandmother in her 70s survived being stranded alone in the arizona desert for nine days. ann rogers was driving with her dog from phoenix to visit her grand kids. she ran out of gas and got lost. after six days, searchers found her dog but no sign of her until saturday. rogers had spelled out the word "help", using sticks and rocks.
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a chopper flew in to peck her up. >> when they landed, i was sitting there sobbing, and the officer just came over and held me while i sobbed and let me know that my dog was safe too. >> rogers survived by pond water. our media partner, the san jose mercury news says there's a shortage of tsa agents but an increase in travelers. some people missed their flights as a result. an airport spokesperson suggests you get there two hours early for domestic flights and three hours early for international flights. billionaire shawn parker plans to donate a quarter of a billion dollars to help fight cancer. he developed napster. tomorrow he will announce a $250
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million donation to six cancer centers, including ucsf and stanford. he hopes to develop better ways to fight the disease. facebook took over ft. mason for the f-8 developers conference. >> and mark zuckerberg spoke his mind. >> reporter: for mark zuckerberg, facebook is about connecting people. >> i hear voices about building walls. >> reporter: he said facebook's work is more important than ever. >> instead of building walls, we can help people build bridges many. >> reporter: they'll use things like this. >> this is an engine pod. >> reporter: part of the solar-powered airplanes they're using to beam down internet. >> this drone flying in from the back of the room. >> reporter: drones will soon be
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able to broadcast live to facebook. already anyone can go live with the facebook app. >> going live is a lot of fun. >> reporter: it's real, and it's raw. >> that's a really flattering picture of me up there. >> reporter: all of these live videos have a person on the other end. but a lot of it was interacting with robots. >> this is the future of 1-800 numbers. instead of having to wait on the phone, are' going to be able to message businesses. >> reporter: and a robot powered by artificial intelligence. >> it is to reflect working with a personal shopper. >> reporter: and pod cast the weather. >> what's the weather in san francisco? what's the weather? paris? >> reporter: and yes, there will be robots that can message you, but they say it benefits facebook to keep that in check. >> they know. if your messages are being
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spamming instead of being your friends, you're not going to open your phone when you buzz. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. if you dream of eating chips or toasting champagne with jimmy kimmel's guests, here's your chance. >> he's auctioning off two tickets and get to hang out in the greenroom. >> the current bid is $650. the proceeds will benefit the leukemia and lymphoma society. we have a link on our website. >> great cause. time to turn to the weather. >> meteorologist sandy patel is tracking a little weather. >> it's going to arrive on wednesday. right now no rain, just some cloud cover, and, as you look at the temperatures, clouds are holding those temperatures up. most of you in the 50s tonight, 48 in los gatos. we'll start out with the morning
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clouds and afternoon sun tomorrow. showers arrive early thursday morning, and a big warmup is coming for the weekend. so tomorrow when you get going, it's going to be mostly cloudy for the bay area for the commute. the sun breaks through, occasional high dlouds are expected around 4:00 in the afternoon. we fast forward to thursday. we've been rating storms all winter, all spring. one like five is severe. the one thursday is a one, expecting light to moderate rain with breezy conditions many here is your timeline. at midnight thursday, could see a few light showers developing in the north bay, but we really have to wait. at 2:00, it's slowing down. by 4:00, it's shifting into san francisco and the east bay. you're looking at a brief pocket of light to moderate rain, enough to where your commute could be on the slow side on thursday. and 6:00, it is right around the
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santa cruz area. 7:00, focussed primarily in the south bay, and then it moves out, but then a few isolated showers develop around 1:00 in the north bay, and we keep those isolated showers going through about 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 in the evening. could see a pop up one or two around 7:00. rainfall totals have gone way down. we're expecting between around a couple hundreds of an inch. this will mean snow in the mountains. snow level about 5,000 feet but lowers to 4500 feet. up to about 7 inches at donner by 11:00. you'll want to make sure you have your chins. snow has fallen as late as may. so even though it's a little bit late, not completely unheard of. lows tomorrow, mid-40s to mid-50s. it will start out overcast. could see a spot or two of drizzle. but we're not expecting as much as we saw this. >> mo.
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51 in half moon bay. around san rafael, 67. 65 vallejo. 66 in livermore with a mix of sun and clouds. for the season ender, for the warriors, 56 degrees. then by 9:30, 54 degrees. you will need to bundle up. a look at the accuweather forecast will have rain for thursday. it kicks up the wind a bit. friday's warmer, brighter, and the weekend's really nice and warm. even the coasts will get up to the low 70s by sunday. and next week, you know, the computer models duking it out. doesn't look like any showers
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well, the red and blue carpet was out at hollywood tonight for the world premiere of captain america civil war. don cheadle was among the stars who turned out for the eventual. the avengers want you to see what they're doing. steve rogers is against it. iron man supports it. the avengers take sides and battle each other. the movie opens may 6. hockey fans tend to mostly be female hockey fans are praising the sharks for the newest player. he is also a model. this is video of him in that versace posted on youtube. they signed the lithuanian native yesterday. he previously played for the swedish hockey league.
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he'll be a backup goalie for the sharks. >> it's interesting, nobody even cares if he can skate. >> i haven't seen you in six months. playoff? no. can i get the name of the model? >> warriors, big night. they have the fewest losses of any team in the nba this season. but ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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with no annual fee. cash back on purchases. my only concern is that this is where we put food. a dog's foot is cleaner than a human's mouth. that's what they say. is it? cleaner than my mouth. backed by the service and security of american express. i didn't think it was possible, but the defending champion warriors are playing
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better this year and are one win away from setting a new record of 73 victories. now they tie the record of 72 wins. now that they're within reach, they're happy to chat about facing history. >> it would be cool to have it already out the way. but the way this thing has played out, and, you know, to be at home with one shot at it, it's pretty amazing. i'm excited about it. >> it's a big deal for sure. our last regular season game, our last before the playoffs, and obviously, nobody wants to lose your last game going into the playoffs, if you can avoid it, and obviously setting the record. arelief pitcher was in the
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shooting contest. and joe smith took curry to task beating him with a left-handed jumper in an abbreviated version of horse. we'll call it pig. and bragsiging rights for joe smith. bottom first, no score. josh reddick's single beats the ship. marcus simeon breaks the tie with a blast to left field. as starter was dealin'. here's geovany soto in the fifth. top nine, geovany soto gets his revenge. and that is out of here. and the angels take a 5-4 lead, and that would be your final. angels beat the warriors and the
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as in one day. buster posey out with a foot injury. not too serious. backup catcher doing his best posey impression. brown not done yet. does it again. this time buster posey is all smiles. and so is brown. brown also caught jeff samardzja. swingin'. two earned over eight innings, and the giants, 7- 2 victory. this brought to you by river rock
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we appreciate your time. >> for all ♪ >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- benedict cumberbatch. from "marvel's agents of shield," clark gregg. katie couric. and music from deftones. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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