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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 13, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. donald trump taking on his own party calling the system rigged as a new poll shows he has a huge lead in new york. as his family rallies to his side. >> if he would only listen, i say, okay, do whatever you want. he's an adult. he knows the consequences. >> as paul ryan shuts down talk again about his own late run for the white house. severe storms slam the south and giant hail pounds homes shattering windows and new images of it collapsing a roof. as more heavy rain and floods move in. an abc news exclusive, olympic gold medalist picabo street speaking out about the fight with her father and that arrest. >> my whole world sl crumbling around me. >> now revealing a dark family secret. her emotional interview only on
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"gma." ♪ out on the verge of the -- on the verge of greatness. steph curry's golden state warriors going for a history making win as another legend, kobe bryant, prepares to say good-bye to the game. the end of one era, the beginning of another right now. ♪ good morning, america. happy wednesday. what a night ahead in the nba. >> just minutes after kobe made his announcement that this was going to be his last game, you know, when he did this months ago, well, just minutes after that sold out. ticket prices for tonight's game shot up becoming some of the most expensive for a regular season game in sports history. >> yes, as george said history could be made tonight. steph curry and the warriors also have a chance to do it, to beat the record of michael jordan's chicago bulls team for the most wins in a regular season. >> what a season they are having. >> i'm going to go on record
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i'll be tired tomorrow morning because i'll be up late so when you see the red eyes, got it. thank you, all. we'll begin, though, with the race for the white house and the battle for new york. a new poll showing donald trump with a huge lead. up more than 40 points. the primary now just six days away and trump's family making headlines in a town hall overnight. abc's jon karl is in syracuse, new york, with the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. as he attempts to close the deal on the republican nomination, donald trump is moving closer to an all-out war with his own party. he has a huge lead in new york but bitterly complaining about republican primary rules accusing his own party of trying to tank his nomination. >> this is a dirty trick and i'll tell you why, the rnc, the republican national committee, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this kind of crap to happen.
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i can tell you that. >> reporter: he's upset about what happened last week in colorado especially which held a convention instead of an open election and awarded all of its delegates to ted cruz. we talked to trump about it backstage before his rally in rome, new york. you saw what chairman priebus said. these rules were set last year, nothing mysterious, nothing new. >> it's totally mysterious. in fact, the people running it don't know about it. no, it's a rigged system. >> reporter: there are rules. were you unprepared for this? you're not a professional politician. >> no, i'm not. i was ready for a democratic race meaning, you know, democracy and this is not democracy. this is not democracy at its finest i can tell you because i'm leading by millions of votes. >> reporter: in a cnn town hall meeting with his family, trump said straight up, the party leaders don't want him to get the nomination. >> you're saying you don't think the rnc wants you to get the nomination. >> no, i don't. i really don't. >> reporter: ted cruz says trump is just trying to bully the party and the delegates.
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>> donald needs to stop threatening the voters. he needs to stop threatening the delegates. he is not a mobster. >> reporter: at the family town hall, trump's adult children and his wife melania tried to show the softer side of the gop front-runner. >> now you see this side and it's something we love doing because we love the man to death. >> whenever my father puts his heart and soul into something he goes full force. >> reporter: even his own family says he needs to act more presidential. >> how would you like him to be different? >> just to use nice language. >> better language. >> sometimes better language. >> he sometimes tell him to withhold some of that sort of fire. i also understand it and i think it's instinct. >> i'm capable of doing it. it's easy to do it. easier to do it than the way i behave right now. i have two more people i have to take out and -- >> reporter: republican party chairman reince priebus fired back overnight at trump with a
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tweet saying, quote, nomination process known for a year and beyond. it's the responsibility of the campaigns to understand it. complaints now? give us all a break. george, i have never seen anything like it. a war of words between the party chairman and the person that is the front-runner right now for that party's nomination. >> yeah and reince priebus, it really is and priebus has been talking to trump a lot. he seems pretty fed up in that tweet right there. let's talk to matthew dowd right now. our political analyst. matthew, this war of words between the rnc chair and donald trump. at the same time you saw some of trump's best assets out there in that town hall meeting last night. >> well, yeah, as jon said it's unprecedented he's in a fight with the people he wants the nomination of. i actually thought last night was his best moment. in the campaign with his wife and his family there. they put on a great face and a great interview in the course of that and one of the things i've learned the last 20 years is people now don't just vote for
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one person they vote for a family in the white house and they want to see the family as a unit and i think that showed very well for donald trump last night. >> he is going to have to pull his delegate campaign together to do a better job of getting these people on board. >> well, he has never in this process put together a real professional campaign that we have seen, ever seen before that it's not even close to what we've seen in the past before. i think donald trump understands that he probably gets to probably 1100 delegates, maybe 1200. how does he get the last 100? through a mechanism of mechanics and a real campaign and he's in a hurry to put that together. >> big news from the speaker of the house paul ryan making calls to draft him at the convention. he finally put it to rest. >> i do not want, nor will i accept the nomination for our party. if no candidate has a majority on the first ballot, i believe that you should only choose from a person who is actually participated in the primary.
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count me out. i should not be considered, period, end of story. >> now, that seems about as shermanesque as you can get, matt. >> that's pretty direct statement. i think he figured out, you know, george, i'd like to go see the pope and visit with the pope but i'm not going to get an invitation. paul ryan wasn't going to get an invitation. to be the nominee. a better chance kobe will play next year than he will be the nominee. >> thank you, matthew dowd. over to robin. >> that's our matt, george. now to that massive storm battering the south. baseball-size hail and flooding and more violent weather is on the way. ginger is back and has the latest. good morning, ging. >> happening this morning and look at this large hail this time in san antonio, texas, the hand shredding people's blind from the inside to outside and look at this. brand-new out of jackson, mississippi, from the heavy rains that moved through. record rainfall near 5 inches. the roof collapses at that school, the water rushing in, rushing outside.
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fortunately no one hurt there. flood watches this morning, still san antonio, texas, having some big issues, but from pensacola back through parts of mississippi, southern alabama watching the rainfall. i have more on that robin coming up on how much rainfall along the gulf coast in a couple minutes. >> all right, ginger, thank you. now to the big health alert about the zika virus. the house now taking a big step passing a bill to speed up zika drug research as health officials say americans and at least 30 states could potentially be at risk. joining us now from bethesda, maryland, dr. anthony fauci, the director of the national institute for allergy and infectious disease at the national institutes of health. thank you very much for your time this morning. i know you spoke recently at that white house briefing where the cdc announced that the zika virus could be scarier than first thought. what does that exactly mean, sir? >> well, there's several things. one, it's obviously spreading, you know, rather rapidly. we're seeing cases that are
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travel related cases coming to the united states. we haven't seen local cases yet. but when you look at the ability of this virus to destroy tissue of the brain and neurological tissue, that its ability to cause damage to the neurological system is really getting rather concerning, even more so than we thought originally. >> sir, does it go beyond pregnant women here and how close is there to finding a treatment? >> i think when we talk about treatment, that's something that is probably in the distance, in the sense of it's an acute viral infection. we really need to think about prevention, and one of the ways you can prevent obviously it is to develop a vaccine and that's something we have on very much of a fast track to try and begin some studies, early studies of vaccine candidates that we have lined up. the other is mosquito control. not only controlling mosquitoes, killing mosquitoes, preventing their breeding but also protecting pregnant women with
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things like making sure we can avoid mosquito contact. you know we have the cdc recommendation that people in the united states who are pregnant thinking of becoming pregnant going to these areas should really not travel to the involved areas. >> the president asked for $1.9 billion in funding last february as we were reporting the house is now finally acting upon it. what do you need, doctor, to be able to properly face this? >> we need the money to begin and continue the programs we've already started with the programs now. we can't delay, but the money that was asked for is really absolutely necessary for us to get the job done. >> all right. dr. fauci, thank you very much for your tireless efforts. we appreciate it very much. >> good to be with you. of course, adding to the growing concerns summer will be here before we know it. >> it's real eye opening to see that red spread across the u.s. map. there are new developments this morning in the shooting death of will smith. the super bowl champ gunned down
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in a road rage incident and authorities now say there was a loaded gun in his car. abc's ryan smith has the latest. >> reporter: breaking overnight, police revealing to abc news former nfl star will smith had a fully loaded 9 millimeter handgun in his car when he was gunned down by 28-year-old cardell hayes. authorities say ballistics show the weapon wasn't fired and they did not find bullet casings. police also recovering a fully loaded revolver from hayes' car different from the gun he used to shoot smith and his wife racquel at least once in the leg. this morning police searching a third car involved in the car accident, a gray impala, they say, contained two friends of smith, uninjured during the shooting. police not confirming their identities, but a close friend of smith's, washington redskins running back pierre thomas was photographed at the scene after the shooting posting this on
7:12 am
instagram, i witnessed a close friend shot to death over an expletive fender bender. hayes' defense attorney saying his client wasn't the aggressor. will smith's father speaking out for the first time since his son's death to our affiliate wtvd. >> he shot him in the back and then he walked up on him and shot him again and then when his wife started screaming we have babies, he shot her. please tell me where that was not murder. >> reporter: smith's father, attempting to forgive his son's killer. >> do i forgive the gentleman that shot my son? yes, i do. am i going to forget him, hell no. >> reporter: hayes has been charged with second degree murder. he has not yet entered a plea but another charge for shooting racquel smith is pending and a further investigation recovering from nonlife-threatening injuries. >> thanks very much. what a story. >> it really is, george. now to an incredible survival story. a 72-year-old woman stranded for nine days in the arizona
7:13 am
wilderness. she says she drank pond water and ate plants to survive and made a sign that said help to signal rescuers and abc's clayton sandell has her remarkable story. >> this morning, 72-year-old ann rodgers has managed to not just beat the odds but smash them to pieces. on march 31st she's driving to see her family in phoenix. >> however, i took a wrong turn. >> reporter: ending up in the remote arizona wilderness. her car out of gas. >> there was no way to do anything other than camp in the car that night with queenie, my dog and nike, my cat. >> reporter: on april 3rd her car and her cat are found but rodgers and her dog queenie missing, cold desperate to find water and plants they can eat to survive. >> every night the cold set in, so i had to prepare my campfire, space for me and queenie to squeeze together and curl up
7:14 am
together for body warmth. >> reporter: for nine days search teams come up empty. a few days later searchers spot queenie and then this a help signal made from rocks and sticks. >> the ground searchers found my note, please, please help. i need it now. >> reporter: finally a helicopter finds rodgers, remarkably not just alive after nine days but able to walk to the chopper all on her own. >> age does not necessarily mean inability. it can mean wisdom. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> what she said i love. now to amy with the morning's other top stories starting with some news about the fbi. >> that's right. we have new details now about how the fbi was able to break into the cell phone that belonged to the san bernardino shooter. "the washington post" reporting the fbi paid a one-time fee to professional hackers who found a flaw in apple's software then created a device to figure out syed farook's password.
7:15 am
a police officer shot in ohio during a standoff has died from his injuries. steven smith of the columbus police department is now the 16th law enforcement officer to die this year as a result of firearms. that is double the number this time last year. well, the governor of north carolina is amending a controversial law that limits anti-discrimination protection for gay and transgender people and his new executive order will change the state's equal opportunity employment policy to include sexual orientation and gender identity. well, nearly 40,000 workers at verizon are on strike demanding better pay and job security. the company says trained replacement workers will pick up the slack. finally, one couple got so romantic at a bar in montana they were oblivious to their surroundings, even an armed robbery. take a look. they're busy smooching there, right. then masked men run in and hold
7:16 am
up the bar pointing the gun at people but the couple carries on unaware as even though other frightened customers put their hands up. the lovers came up for air only when the robbers left the bar as the bartender hit the alarm. and to that i say love is blind. >> apparently. >> i was wondering what you were going to say about that. >> i was too. i had a few lined up too. >> big. >> robin, we're get ready. we're not going to get sleep. a huge night in basketball and the golden state warriors looking to break a 20-year nba record and not just any record, michael jordan's. and lakers star kobe bryant closing out his 20-year career and both kicking off at the same time and t.j. holmes is here with more. hey, teej. >> forget politics. this is the most heated debate we have going on in the country. we're all divided. jordan's '96 bulls that won a 72 games or curry's 2016 warriors that could win their 73rd tonight.
7:17 am
who is the greatest? depends who you ask. the nba champion golden state warriors have had a nonstop record-breaking season. >> running to klay thompson. >> reporter: 24 straight wins to start the season, the longest ever home court winning streak at 54 and the first team to clinch a playoff spot with a whopping two months left in the regular season. >> curry gets his back. >> reporter: now with 72 wins, mvp steph curry and his warriors have tied for the most wins in a single season. one game away from breaking the '95/'96 chicago bulls. could they be the greatest team of all time? bulls hall of famer scottie pippen says golden state wouldn't stand a chance against his team. >> bulls and four. >> they don't get one off you? >> no. >> reporter: others not so sure. >> steph curry is the baby face assassin for a reason. the brother has heart, skip.
7:18 am
>> anything can happen. >> reporter: but the warriors have a secret weapon. their coach. steve kerr was on that '96 bulls squad. but wisely told "the san francisco gate" if the two teams played each other there's no question that we could beat us and they could beat them. well played. steph curry remains coy, as well. >> we're doing something special and this is a great time to be a warrior fan. >> with the hottest ticket of the night actually kobe's last game. >> i remember when i spoke with him in november about tonight and how it's going to be very emotional for him. 20 illustrious years. thanks, t.j. ginger. >> another couple of mornings with frost and freeze advisory, indiana through connecticut but will warm up after this. i will tell you about that later. we have to get straight to your sunny cities.
7:19 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. can you see the afternoon hours it will be the bright of the day. ready for wet weather? tomorrow morning, the warmth will reach the coast. that is where it is cool at 59 at half moon bay and the rain is rolling through tonight, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. my seven-day forecast shows the storm is "1", light, on the storm-impact scale. check out summer warmth coming up an abc news exclusive. olympic champion picabo street opening up for the first time in an emotional interview about her arrest after that fight with her father. >> it was pretty aggressive,
7:20 am
yeah, it was very scary. it shook me up. >> she's revealing also a very dark secret this morning. and some passengers behaving badly. a nasty scene caught on camera and what is causing so much outrage this morning. clicking around book direct at for the lowest price online and... start playing start relaxing start loving book direct at and start saving. lowe's oanyone can haveee a beautiful garden. finally, something in this yard as beautiful as me. enjoy. now get one pint annuals 5 for $5, at lowe's.
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to twhat a good dealing looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? ♪ sometimes the best deals are pretty plain to see. ♪ good morning. i'm natasha zouves from the abc7 morning news. b.a.r.t. will may more than a million dollars for using nonunion workers for watching for fires three years ago. a arbitrator ruled that is in violation with the b.a.r.t.
7:25 am
police union so they have to pay twice for the same work. let's check in the morning commute with sue hall. >> a sig-alert in novato, southbound 101 left lane blocked with a overturned vehicle and several other cars involved. near highway 37 so chp is on scene expect delays of 20 minutes to get past the scene out of -- by
7:26 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪ good morning. temperatures are up five degrees cooler this morning from 45 in los gatos to oakland and hayward to 55. check out the sunshine. the brightest day so far this week. temperatures 51 to inland about
7:28 am
68. if you are going to oracle tonight, the magical season ends. and hopefully it ends with a record. temperatures in the mid-50s. breezy to begin the game. but you'll be inside and enjoy in all of the festivities. we have rain this time tomorrow morning, natasha zouves. >> coming up peek-a-boo street opens up about her family struggles for the first time. the emotional interview coming up next on gma.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking at that major damage from a hailstorm in the south. and we have these images of rain collapsing a roof, as well. more heavy rain is on the way. >> it really is. ginger has been telling us about that. also right now a new poll out this morning showing donald trump way ahead here in new york. the primary just six days away and take a look at these brand-new images, the royal couple on safari. kate feeding baby elephants and rhinos. we're going to have much more coming up. >> ah. this one is not quite as wild as those. amy has another special guest with us. >> vincent the dog was tipping the scales at 38 pounds. wait until you see him now. he's behind that screen and there is a reason he's being called skinny vinnie and,
7:31 am
michael, you have my favorite story of the day coming up. >> yes, i do. another viral video. another viral star and it could be the worst prank ever even though i say it could be the best prank ever. what these brothers did to their little sister that had to do with zombies. >> she's never going to forgive them. >> one of the funniest things i've seen in a long time. >> it's very funny. >> bringing me back to childhood torture from my brothers. i'm sure you feel it too. we begin with the abc news exclusive. picabo street speaking out for the first time about the fight with her father that led to domestic violence charges. she sat down with abc's matt gutman. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. after that humiliating dust-up with her father and that arrest, picabo tells me she has nothing to hide and over the course of a couple of hours the skier known for fearlessly charging down a mountain showed us what she never revealed publicly, her vulnerability. picabo street was an american sweetheart, rocketing downhill
7:32 am
right into our living rooms. >> picabo street. >> reporter: winning world championship, olympic gold in 1998 and american hearts. >> get the healing power. >> reporter: she seemed to have it all but that arrest and that mug shot for the first time revealing a dark secret. >> this has been a long road and even in -- at the pinnacle of my career i'm in nagano, japan, just won my olympic gold medal and realize it's been an hour and a half and i haven't seen my dad. and i just -- that pit in my stomach. no, not here. not here. my dad's bonked. >> reporter: refer to her father ron's fits of rage just before he went into diabetic shock. his bonking had been a family secret until december 23rd of last year. >> i put him downstairs. i don't know what he's doing. >> what do you mean you put him downstairs.
7:33 am
>> reporter: her mom was slated to have double hip replacement surgery that day. there was a blizzard out but nearing diabetic shock again ron who was living in picabo's house under her care decided to drive his wife to the hospital himself. instead, he drove into a snowbank. bumping the house. >> as soon as i got in front of him and made eye contact with me, i was like, oh, boy, i need to get him in the house as soon as possible. >> reporter: there was nobody home. >> there was nobody home, right. he eyed up on me and they were all glazed over. >> reporter: while she tries to get him into his apartment downstairs he grab fistfuls of her hair. >> and so we were right above the stairwell to downstairs. i then just wrapped my arms around the back of his shoulders and barrel rolled. >> they tumbled down six stairs to the next landing. he has cuts on his neck and elbow. the thing is from the call it seems like you threw him down the stairs. that you were still in the top landing and that he had just rolled down but you -- >> we went together, yeah, i actually have a lump on my shin that will probably never go away from hitting the railing on the
7:34 am
way down. >> reporter: picabo says she ran back upstairs calling 911. her mother heard in the background. >> my father just tried to attack me in my own house -- >> you attacked him. >> reporter: both mother and father telling police picabo was the aggressor. as they're putting you in the squad car you must think all of this is crumbling around you because you're the breadwinner not only for your three kids but your parents. >> i have been the breadwinner since i was like 15. >> reporter: she was arrested on charges of assault and three counts of domestic violence. those charges dropped after her father filed an affidavit taking responsibility for the fight. what was so revealing about those affidavits? >> just the frustration level of my dad, of going from being the superman of the family to kind of almost like feeling like one of my kids. i just grabbed him and gave him a big hug. i said, i get it. i get it now and i'm sorry that you're hurting so much. now are you going to let me take
7:35 am
care of you? >> there are tens of millions of americans in that so-called sandwich generation, both caring for their parents and their children like picabo. she says when she struggled with her father's condition she felt alone. isolated but says her arrest helped her learn that there is help out there and she hopes to help others find it. robin. >> i hope she can do that. all right, matt, thank you. now to an ugly scene on a plane unfolding before it even took off. passengers getting into, well, a war of words ultimately kicked off the flight. the incident as you can imagine caught on camera and abc's david kerley has that story. >> one of us -- >> okay. sir. >> reporter: even before takeoff some unruly jetblue passengers making the skies unfriendly with each passing second. >> i make $4 million a year. what do you do? nothing so shut the [ bleep ] up. >> reporter: nasty words between two men. >> you're right.
7:36 am
i'm a loser. i own six houses. >> i'm a loser. >> reporter: but not even this claim of 4 million bucks a year and six homes could keep this guy on the plane. he's not done yet as passengers take video. >> i do not sign any disclaimer for the release so i will be filing a lawsuit. >> go ahead, jay z. bye, felicia. >> 20/20 vision with the 176 i.q. >> we apologize, everybody, for that behavior. we hope you enjoy the rest of your flight. [ cheers ] >> bye-bye. >> reporter: but the plane's passengers ready to leave long beach, california, aren't satisfied yet. >> the guy in the white shirt -- >> he moved. >> [ bleep ]. >> he was causing -- >> he moved back. >> you were part of it. don't act like you weren't. >> one down, two to go. >> they're all drunk. >> see you later to the passenger in the white shirt. >> bye. >> well, i think everybody feels uncomfortable even watching it. it's just totally ridiculous. >> reporter: and then the guy
7:37 am
next to him. >> not your plane. >> it is. we had too much to drink. >> nothing to do. [ applause ] >> reporter: two of the three men were arrested for public intoxication but were released. because their alcohol level was below the legal limit. jetblue says the flight continued on to sacramento with three empty seats. for "good morning america," david kerley, abc news, washington. >> oh, my. can't we all just get along? that bye, felicia was pretty funny. millions use job site searches. now a malicious new scam is targeting some. how to protect your information. come on back. ♪
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your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. we're back with a new warning about popular search sites like linkedin. hundreds of millions use them and some falling victim to a malicious scam thinking they got
7:42 am
the job and then getting ripped off. gio benitez has more. >> reporter: millions are searching for jobs online using those popular sites like linked in and indeed. some of those so-called employers are actually scammers. hiding behind a screen. sara wade of st. louis says one of these crooks sent her a job opportunity. that initially looked legit. >> i went ahead and sent my resume to the e-mail he had told me to send it to. >> reporter: wade unsuspecting that anything would go wrong. >> with linkedin, i had so much luck with finding jobs in the past that i didn't suspect this to be a scam at all. >> reporter: experts say here's how the scam works. the crooks send a desperate job seeker a check, a sort of signing bonus for let's say $2,000 then there's a catch, instructions to send most of that back in the form of a gift card or wire transfer. the scammer tells them it's a one time fee.
7:43 am
the check, of course, is a fake and now the job seeker's money is in the hands of the scammer. wade received one of those checks for 2,400 bucks but she didn't play the game. >> i ended up calling up the bank and they proceeded to let me know that it was fake and for me to make sure i don't deposit it. >> reporter: the ftc admitting scams like these are a problem. >> as technology changes the way that predators seek people out who are looking for these types of opportunities will change with that technology. >> and it's not just linkedin. karen kettering told our chicago station wls she used indeed and wasn't so lucky. she tried to deposit a check for almost $2,400, a check that bounced and sent $2,000 to a scammer. >> to come out fraudulent like this, you know, was a real big shock. >> this morning indeed tells abc news indeed has an entire team dedicated to the search quality effort and we do everything we can to determine a job's suitability.
7:44 am
linkedin which sara wade used telling us when this type of activity is detected we work to quickly remove it and prevent future reoccurrences. we have taken action on sara's issue. so, remember, no job will ever make you pay a fee for working there. that should be your first red flag. just don't pay and the best way for websites to learn about this is if you tell them so report it right away. but these guys, they are really convincing. >> yeah. >> because you know they're so desperate to have a job and you want to feel that everybody is on the up and up. >> wow. >> thank you very much. coming up on "good morning america," oh, brother, michael have you that epic prank. >> yes, i do. what happens when you put three brothers, a sister and a zombie apocalypse together? an amazing practical joke. we have all of that coming up. have all of that coming up. i am a migraine sufferer. my mom wants to understand, but she just can't see it. so excedrin worked with me to show my mom what i experience during a migraine.
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(laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. ♪ thriller >> all right. that's a scene from the hit series "the walking dead" and zombies are on everyone's minds right now and after the epic prank hit the internet the brothers who say they tricked their sister into thinking there was a zombie apocalypse. to be honest with you, i may have believed it too.
7:49 am
these guys are good. they did it after she had her wisdom teeth surgery. >> that's terrible. >> that's what brothers are for. let's take a look. >> the centers for disease control in washington, d.c. has issued a viral outbreak warning. state and local officials have reported cases of high fever, nausea, death and even cannibalism. >> what the heck. did you -- >> what? you're driving like a slug. get to the house. >> don't move. >> what? cannibals? zombies? >> you're going to need to defend yourself. i need to see you do it. okay, you got to hold it up. >> what is this gonna do against anything? >> hold it. >> we can only take one pet. which pet, the cat or the dog? >> the cat, you idiot. no. >> what do we do with the dog? >> he's the worst. he's already dying.
7:50 am
leave him. get the cat. >> okay. i'll go get the cat. >> mom said we're leaving the dog. >> okay, that's fine. >> okay. >> dad said that since he's in las vegas, that he's close to mexico and wants us to meet in mexico. how good is your spanish from high school still? >> i -- i can say pants. >> we can only take funfetti or chocolate cake. which should we take? >> funfetti. >> or chocolate? >> can we go to costco first? >> no, it's gonna be a bloodbath in there. >> we're going to let you get in bed. >> millicent, i'm sorry. we love you a lot. >> make sure you go online and check it out, and i tell you, the family dog hasn't talked to her since. >> come on. >> the cat, you idiot. >> it's awesome, though. >> she can say pants in spanish. >> coming up in our next hour, a
7:51 am
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good morning. i'm natasha zouves from the abc7 morning news. let's head over to mike nicco with a check of your wednesday morning forecast. >> good morning. everybody. more sunshine today but temperatures the same as yesterday. if you are heading to oracle tonight, temperatures in the mid-50s. by this time tomorrow the rain is just about over. sue. >> a problem spot still out there this morning. we have southbound -- pardon me northbound 880 at winton an accident on the right hand shoulder and a problem with a tractor-trailer. >> coming up a university of nebraska student said she was picked out of her sorority due to a risque picture on your profile. that is up next on gma. we'll have another update in 30
7:57 am
minutes and on our news app join us week days from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. the news continues now with "good morning america."
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and we have the sorority sister under fire for posting this photo on tinder, told it was provocative and risque, her secret recordings of being disciplined. now she's telling her side of the story live this morning. also this morning, "dora the explorer" in hot water. the child star behind the famous character slammed with a lawsuit. did she get another child expelled? ♪ out on the verge of the rest of our lives ♪ royal safari. brand-new pictures of kate and will feeding baby elephants and rhinos as the royal couple charms their way through india and what kate just revealed about little prince george being very naughty back home in britain. ♪ i'm the boss right now not going to fake it ♪ and hot diggety dog. the incredible weight loss story that america is giving two paws
8:01 am
up. a little dachshund that shed half his weight and faced down his doggie depression. fat vincent is now skinny vinnie and he's live with us this morning as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ skinny vinnie. we all have a new friend this morning. >> that is not the same dog. >> yeah, looking good. >> oh, sharp. vincent the dachshund. >> see, that's what he looked like before. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's the before picture, yes. so how did he shed all that weight and become skinny vinnie? >> we're going to meet him. we're going to meet the foster mom that took him in. ali is holding our daisy dachshund in front of the camera this morning to get inspired to lose some weight, as well. this is amazing. you will love it. lara, we have a story about
8:02 am
some very stylish athletes. >> indeed, we do. you're looking at one across the table, by the way. one of the most stylish. was that your -- did you do blue -- blue steel. >> everybody says that, i go to the blue steel. but i got to say it takes a village. it really does. >> it's true. hey, listen, "sports illustrated" is out with its very first fashionable 50 list of the world's most stylish athletes. spoiler alert, i just -- well, i just did it. >> congratulations. >> well done, michael. >> you know, it's great. big event last night for it. it's really a lot of fun. honored to be on the list with a lot of guys and ladies fashionable on the court, on the field and off. >> isn't your spring collection out now? >> yes, and we sponsored the party along with jcpenney and it was great. >> who are you wearing? >> i'm wearing myself, robin. >> i just set you up. poof. >> the voice and the look from michael this morning. let's go to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, guys. the big story this morning donald trump locking horns with
8:03 am
his own party doubling down on complaints about the nominating system. during a prime time appearance with his family, trump lashed out at the gop saying the rules on selecting delegates are stacked against him calling the process a scam. the chairman of the republican national committee fired back saying the process was set a year ago and saying, quote, give us a break. as for the democrats, hillary clinton has picked up the endorsement of "the new york daily news" ahead of next week's primary. but a new poll finds her lead over bernie sanders narrowed to just ten points. nearly 40,000 verizon landline and cable workers have walked off the job. they have been working without a contract and are fighting a pension freeze. verizon says it has trained backup workers to take over during the strike. well, a big boost in the fight against cancer. silicon valley billionaire shawn parker who helped launch napster and served as president of facebook is donating $250 million to launch an institute aimed at developing treatments in the field of cancer immunotherapy which uses the power of the body's immune system to fight the disease.
8:04 am
it's considered the largest single contribution made to immunotherapy research. well, after 15 hours, surgeons in texas have successfully separated twin sisters who were conjoined at the waist. the 10-month-olds shared a colon and a bladder. doctors are very optimistic about the girls' recovery. well, the texas teenager who used the so-called affluenza defense at his drunk driving trial claiming he was too spoiled to know right from wrong is back in court today. ethan couch facing jail time for violating his probation. newly released documents show taxpayers spent $150,000 on his court ordered rehab because his parents couldn't afford it. well, consumer alert. this morning, the government is cracking down on skin care products that claim to be all natural but are not. the ftc says four companies have agreed to stop using the phrases all natural or 100% natural. one of the companies, the maker of rocky mountain sunscreen,
8:05 am
calling it a misunderstanding. and finally, call him king of the couch potatoes. a guy in brooklyn just set a world record for binge-watching. he spent 94 hours in front of the tv, much of it watching "game of thrones." the epic binge was organized by a software company, but i love that doctors looked at how it affected him and said that he was suffering from acute hallucinations. i mean, "game of thrones" will do that to you. that's all i have to say. >> and 94 hours without sleep. >> that too. >> thanks, amy. we're going to move on now to the story about "dora the explorer" actress is in hot water. the voice behind the character is named in a lawsuit after another student was expelled from school and the allegation is that the dora voice pressured her friend to smoke and then got special treatment herself. abc's linzie janis has the story. >> clap with us. >> reporter: "dora the explorer" has long been synonymous with the adorable animated girl who teaches children spanish on the
8:06 am
hit nickelodeon show, but the voice behind dora is now reportedly named in a lawsuit filed in a manhattan civil court. the ap reports that the case brought by nadia leonelli and fredrik sundwall alleges in december the voice of the most recent addition of dora, 15-year-old fatima ptacek, encouraged their 14-year-old daughter to join her in using a vaping pen to inhale caramel flavored water in a bathroom at avenues, a private new york school. according to the ap report, when school officials found out about the incident, the voice of "dora the explorer" was given a three-day suspension while the daughter of the couple who filed the lawsuit was expelled. the couple reportedly arguing their daughter was treated unfairly because she was not a celebrity. >> parents are basically saying the school violated its own rules, that it's so unfair that they should be forced to readmit their daughter. >> reporter: ptacek and her family say they have no comment and as for nickelodeon, it says
8:07 am
fatima is a terrific young lady and we hope that this matter can be resolved as a private matter. in a statement the avenues school told "good morning america," avenues has very high standards and follows a fair process when there are infractions. we know students will make mistakes, but we expect them to take accountability for them. the attorney for the couple who brought the suit says what her clients want most is for their daughter to be able to return to school. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> we'll watch and see how this plays out. let's go over to michael. thank you, george. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." the college student allegedly kicked out of her sorority after posting this photo on tinder. she's here to tell us her side of the story live in our studio. and ginger's getting ready to switch up for the switchup week on "dancing with the stars." we're revealing her partner coming up. >> it's you. it's you. >> it might be me. you never know. and ken jeong is here.
8:08 am
he's crashing our "dr. ken" watch party right in our studio. and you have the little dog that could. this is skinny vinnie. vinnie shed nearly half his weight and became skinny vinnie. all that coming up live on "gma" in time with the people. all that coming up live on "gma" in time with the people. folding the laundry! can you? no... cleaning the windows! the living room's a disaster! (vo) most insurance companies give you every reason to avoid them. plants need planting! well the leaves aren't going to rake themselves! (vo) nationwide is different. hon, did you call nationwide to check on our claim? (vo) we put members first. actually, they called me. ♪ nationwide is on your side nationwide is the exclusive insurance partner of plenti. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready.
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ifor all the wrong reasons.gical you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. ♪ just dance ♪ just dance just dance. welcome back to "gma." we've got a big reveal this morning. who will be ginger's new partner on "dancing with the stars"? you know, it's switchup week. he's here now behind that screen. we're revealing the mystery man. >> who wears a hat on the show? >> zorro. >> somebody who doesn't --
8:13 am
>> that's what it looked like to me. it looked like zorro. >> you never know. >> that's michael's guess. >> we'll have that coming up. but first i want to get to the university of nebraska junior who says she was kicked out of her sorority for posting a picture of herself on tinder with two sorority sisters and their chi omega tank tops accused of breaking the rules and she says she came to a disciplinary meeting ready to record every word as she was confronted by an alumni sister. shannon is standing by but first linsey davis has her story. >> do you see that you've broken the rule on human dignity and your disrespectful attitude? >> not really, no. >> reporter: suggestive, provocative, even risque and promiscuous. according to the university of nebraska omaha junior shannon workman, that's how one sorority is characterizing this picture she posted on the dating site tinder. >> there's no place for personal degradation within the membership of chi omega. >> reporter: workman reported what she said was her disciplinary meeting with
8:14 am
chapter administrators who can be heard on tape saying she violated the human dignity rule by wearing a chi omega shirt on a site known for making hookups. >> i think you should have told me to take it down. i would have said yes. >> i think they did ask me to take it down. >> yeah, and i did. and then that should have been the end of it. >> the appropriate response could have been and should have been, i'm sorry. i didn't know that was a rule. i will take it down. but instead we had lots of attacking, lots of back and forth, lots of disrespect so ultimately that is where we're at. >> reporter: as workman questions on the recording why she's still being disciplined even after taking the picture down, things grow tense. >> what's happening here, we're not talking about tinder. we're talking about your attitude. >> yes. >> we're talking about your disrespect. >> i was being honest. >> okay, that is okay and that's great. >> if i'm going to get kicked out for that, then let it be. >> at this point we're going to pursue membership revocation, okay? so what that means is we will take all the minutes --
8:15 am
>> is this a joke? >> reporter: instead of going through the process of ending her membership, workman decided to walk away on the spot. >> i'm never coming back. >> for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> and shannon workman joins us now, and, shannon, i want to get your reaction to a statement from chi omega national chapter that says "personnel matters are handled by our local chapter and chi omega's process offers a series of checks and balances to ensure any sanctions to make sure they're reasonable and fair. she opted to voluntarily resign her membership. they offer an appeal process to those who do not. what's your reaction? >> as you could tell in the recording that she pretty much said you're being revoked and if i would have known about the hearing process, i don't know what i would done. i was so humiliated after all of that and i don't know. >> i can hear the emotion in your voice. >> yes. i did not know there was any option in pursuing my membership because of what she said to me. >> so what do you see when you
8:16 am
look at that picture? >> i see happiness, a big day for us sorority girls like christmas. i was so happy with my big and my little, and i was with my best friends. >> what did they see? what did they say they saw when they looked at that? >> well, they said that the fact that i was wearing my letters made it break a policy that can't be posted on tinder and i asked why i didn't get a warning like everyone else does for social media violations. and she said it was because that pictures that are promiscuous or risque in nature require personal meetings. >> they said it was suggestive. >> yes. >> you disagree. >> completely. >> did you know that it was even possible that posting that picture with your sorority letters could get you kicked out or disciplined? >> not at all. i even like went back and looked at the policies after the meeting, and there was no way i would have ever even thought of that even happening. >> we heard in the audio recording that you, they say, you were being disrespectful and aggressive. what happened leading up to that
8:17 am
recorded audio meeting? >> all that i did was text the personnel chair who was in charge of all these meetings and ask for clarification basically. i was in shock that i would be given a personnel meeting because i don't do anything wrong honestly. >> how are your former sorority sisters reacting to this? >> a lot are supportive and it warms my heart to know they're still there for me. >> and your family and friends. >> they're amazing and i couldn't have done this without them and i love them. >> so where are you now? >> now i'm hoping to get the word out there just to spread the word and hope girls stand up for themselves for whatever they believe in. >> all right, shannon workman, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thanks, amy. we're going to take a look at kate and will's royal road trip on safari in india, fourth day of a royal tour and speaking out about an issue close to their hearts. abc's lama hasan has the details. >> reporter: this morning william and kate in the jungles of northeast india feeding orphaned baby elephants and rhinos and going on safari
8:18 am
through kaziranga national park, home to two-thirds of the world's one-horned rhino population. >> they both love wildlife. particularly william. this is his passion. conserve vacation is his passion. >> reporter: the royal duo dressing down in casual chic for their trek through the desert. kate in skinny zara jeans and a white polka dot blouse. william in classic chinos. last night william and kate received a warm welcome at a campfire complete with traditional songs and dancing and one adorable tiny 3-year-old who not only stole the show but their hearts too. as he tried stamping on william and kate's feet. the girls at the village reminding her of princess charlotte revealing later she is missing her own kids and confessing that prince george is very naughty. but away from all the official engagements on their whirlwind tour of indian bhutan, one thing everybody is buzzing about is kate's dazzling fashion choices.
8:19 am
the duchess pulling out all the stops on this trip mixing a little indian and british couture with main street labels and this little number kate choosing a $75 bohemian red dress with a navy trim to meet some of india's poorest children. >> she decided that that dress was the right thing to wear, i think, to go and meet children who are on the streets in delhi but she made it look like a million bucks. >> reporter: and proving once again you can look good in cheap chic. for "good morning america," lama hasan, london. >> the way she says it, cheap chic. absolutely, amy. now to the most stylish athletes around. for the first time ever, "sports illustrated" is revealing its 50 most fashionable athletes list. as we told you, our very own michael strahan made it, and jesse palmer, i'm sure, was a strong honorable mention. he is here with the details because you always win the sock game, jesse. good morning. >> these socks won't get you in the top 50. robin, that's right. "sports illustrated" is honoring athletes whose fashion game is on point, and last night the
8:20 am
magazine celebrated their top 50 at a star-studded event right here in new york. ♪ it's the hottest ticket in town. stars from the world of sports and fashion came together in the big apple to celebrate "sports illustrated's" first ever 50 most fashionable athletes issue. >> now to see athletes be the ones setting trends is pretty cool. >> reporter: those on the list include lebron james, serrano williams. >> she's so powerful and strong on the court but then so feminine and girlie. >> reporter: even one of our very own made the cut. >> who am i wearing today? i am wearing myself, collection by michael strahan. very weird to say that but it is myself. >> reporter: so, which athlete tops the list? the new york giants' victor cruz. >> it's something that i can't, you know, i can't hide the excitement on my face. ♪ no matter how -- >> reporter: super bowl champion "dancing with the stars" standout von miller was almost on the list here with dancer lindsay arnold, not his usual partner witney carson.
8:21 am
>> it is switchup week and found out lindsay will be my partner. they've been at the top of the leaderboards and i'm trying to get there too so get a partner like witney is great, i mean like lindsay is great. >> a lot can happen. i'll respond to either. >> and you just saw von miller's new partner for "dancing with the stars" with the switchup week and we're going to be revealing the rest of them coming up including who ginger's partner is going to be. should be exciting plus the "sports illustrated" editors for this came up with experts in fashion and sports and it wasn't just based on what you wear but it's also how you wear it and where you wear it, why you wear it. this is victor cruz on the cover. new york giant, of course, michael strahan, former new york giant making the list. exactly. >> can we take a shot -- i'm telling you socks alone should get you in. >> every day. >> every day. >> i hope they're listening. a lot of pull. >> a write-in candidate. let's get outside now to ginger. >> oh, good morning, everybody. and we've got my new favorite ladies from nebraska. they want to say good morning to, who, your grandkids.
8:22 am
>> yes, reatalyn, hunter, haley and rensley. >> i was worried how many there were because we only have a couple of seconds. not so great this morning in san antonio, texas. look at some of that video coming in. more than two inches of rain fell in just three hours, the flash flooding possible as that stationary front sits along the gulf the next 24 to 36 hours right into the panhandle of florida. some of the heaviest rains will fall. that's the big picture. to 36 hours right >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. can you see the afternoon hours it will be the bright of the day. ready for wet weather? tomorrow morning, the warmth will reach the coast. that is where it is cool at 59 at half moon bay and the rain is rolling through tonight, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. my seven-day forecast shows the storm is "1", light, on the storm-impact scale. check out summer warmth
8:23 am
>> i'm loving your hat. >> thank you. >> whatever. how do you say it? >> whatever. >> whatever. >> all right. lara -- >> you did that well. >> come on in, ging. "pop news," everybody and, papa, can you hear me. come on, robin. you know we love to sing it. papa, i hope you can hear me because big news for barbra streisand fans. i was hoping for the crescendo verse there. it was a little quiet start, but, hey, "variety" reporting that streisand is in advanced negotiations to revive the hit '62 film "gypsy" with production to begin this year. no confirmation on who will portray gypsy this time around in the classic. natalie wood played her in the original. lady gaga though said to be -- >> oh, yeah. >> -- considered for the dream role of a lifetime. barbra would play mama rose and john travolta the male lead and barry levinson to direct. classic coming back. i always think remakes can be tricky but i feel like they have stacked it. so look for that in "pop news"
8:24 am
and then also a leaky roof a pricey problem. this one turns out could be the best thing that ever happened to a family in toulouse, france. they went up to the attic to address the problem and they may have hit global art world pay dirt uncovering a renaissance painting by master caravaggio. it's thought -- it's beautiful. it's a happy little sketch. >> i'd like that hanging over my bed. >> yeah. >> doodle time there for caravaggio. thought to have been created around 1600. it's been missing for 400 years. >> oh, my. >> art experts calling it this find momentous saying it is the most important painting by far to be discovered in modern times. the louvre is currently studying it to confirm authenticity. if it is in fact by caravaggio it could be worth $150 million. >> holy -- >> they found it where? >> in their attic. >> it was hiding in the attic. >> a leaky roof. >> everybody, go check your attics right now. everybody. >> exactly. >> you won't find a caravaggio but go check anyway. >> or yard sales.
8:25 am
>> and break into people's attics. >> and then not long now until we find out ginger's new dance partner. >> do you really not know? >> i have it down to two. >> well, we have a suggestion. we found you a backup option. he's a little wild but he does have good moves. >> okay. >> great switch, right, ginger? >> yeah. we like that. so we'll find that up coming up on "gma." we're excited to hear. i can't imagine you dancing with anyone but val at this point. finally just a little musical note, today's al green's birthday, 70 years old. >> what are you going to play for me? ♪ so in love with you >> robin, i'm so in love with you. >> thank you, language you, lara for that. you told me this would be for me. i love this song, some al green. >> he wrote this song in five minutes. >> five minutes? >> yeah. >> thank you, al green. 70th birthday. >> happy birthday. in five minutes, ginger's new partner. ♪ you make me feel me feel ♪ partner.
8:26 am
8:27 am
it is 87:00. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from the abc7 morning news. the warriors can make history in tonight's season finale at the oracle arena. it would be the 73rd victory of the season and they would surpass the 95-96 bulls. tipoff action is at 7:30. go warriors, sue. >> absolutely. and expect traffic delays around arena with the a's and the warriors at home. b.a.r.t. is running on time. train 215 northbound failed at redwood city so they are single tracking there. expect delays up to 35 minutes. no problems with ace. no problems with ace. >> thank you, everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola.
8:28 am
keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good.
8:29 am
good morning, the early sunshine means warmth. 49 in napa and santa rosa. the rest of us 50 to 56. here is from the explora torum camera. inland about 68. if you are going to roar-acle tonight, temperatures in the 50s. and what yule see, rain, probably over by this time tomorrow. >> we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and join us in the morning, natasha,
8:30 am
mike, sue and me every week day from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. the news continues right ♪ pardon continues right ♪ you call this -- how about that star turn on monday night, ginger as belle of the ball with val. that was monday night. but now it's about time to see who she's going to be dancing with next monday. it is switchup night next monday. are you ready? >> i'm so ready. we have to get started. we have so much work to do. we only have four days. >> you heard that. let's not wait anymore. >> yeah. >> yes! >> yay. >> this is so good. >> how are you? >> so excited. i saw you in the silhouette and i thought it has to be you. >> i thought this is a dead giveaway. >> ginger not competitive at all. gives you a little yes. >> yes, i got -- i mean he's at the top of the leaderboard. this guy is soy creative.
8:31 am
so amazing, i can't wait to work with you. >> i'm excited too. >> you smell good too. >> thank you. >> how difficult is it because you only have a few days? >> yeah, i mean i think the whole part of the switchup is seeing how well you can do with such a short amount of time. you know, we've been spending every day with someone, and you get to know each really well but we hung out in the hall a little and val and i are great friends and he's given me -- >> here's what she can't do. >> he wants me to get you into the flava. >> does that mean you'll be working this afternoon? >> we have five-hour rehearsals all lined up. >> do you know the dance, what the dance is? >> the salsa. >> the salsa. i love the salsa. >> what do you have in store for ginger? >> oh, you know, like a lot of booty shaking and moving. >> a sexy salsa. >> do you already know the dance in your head? >> no. >> no? >> not yet. >> do you make it up as you go along? >> we only have a couple of hours. >> i kind of -- i prep like i have a blueprint, and then as i go i kind of make -- >> adjust. >> i make changes or i take things out or i put more in. it's just kind of --
8:32 am
for me it's all about the music. >> the feel. >> who picks the song? >> this week the producers pick the song. you got a great one. >> really? >> can you tell us what it is or no? >> it's -- i don't know what it is. it's in spanish. it's a traditional spanish latin -- >> okay, good. >> it's like traditional. >> i can say pants in spanish. no, that's -- but how are you feeling, mark, because we know that one week -- >> i'm feeling better. it was definitely nerve-racking the first day. i was really nervous, but i've had this injury before, and i had all the correct scans and exams afterwards, and the doctor cleared me so, yeah. >> that's great. can we put up -- we want to see the other partners. the other switch-a-roos. can we put that up so we can see who val is dancing with. jodie. you see there. >> peta and doug flutie. i like that. >> oh, there's some really -- >> ginger, you do you get jealous he'll be with jodie? >> i did. you know what, it's so funny. i was looking at all the women giving him the stink eye. you don't take my man but now i'm all right. >> hey. >> i think this is a great pairing. i love mark, and you're the best. push her.
8:33 am
>> i will. i got you covered. >> great to see you, mark. thanks for coming back. great to see you, mark. of course, you can see ginger and mark do the salsa on "dancing with the stars" monday night at 8:00, 7:00 central. now you got to get back to work. >> well, this is the other thing, mark. you're going to learn a lot about weather. >> let's do it. >> so let's quickly go and this is the first landspout or tornado of the year in colorado. they'll have many more. the plains gets them, the high plains, you get high bases. this forms differently than a land tornado but can still do damage. fortunately that one didn't hurt anyone or anything that we have record of. and then a new storm coming into the west. this one going to affect mostly northern california, southern oregon, all coastal, some of the areas could get up to 4 inches and more than a half foot of rain in some of the -- or half foot of snow in the higher elevations. that's a look from east to west. say, let's get a check a little cl good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco. check out the highs today from san francisco at 61 to inland east bay, at 68. high clouds and sunshine. the clouds will thicken and rain on us tomorrow morninininininini
8:34 am
>> oh. all that weather brought to you by nationwide. we have a lot to do. let's get to work. mark. >> it's going to be good. i'm excited. >> let's go over to robin. all right, everybody, thank you. time now for our beauty 911 series and this morning, it's all about getting a flawless face. jamie kern lima and a team of experts are helping millioning with her cutting-edge it cosmetics joining us in a moment but first juju chang has her story. >> i'm wearing one life-changing product, it's unlike anything you've ever seen before. >> reporter: she's the former beauty queen who is now giving the cosmetics world a fresh face-lift. in what way did your search for the miracle makeup work for you? >> i have hereditary rosacea and hyperpigmentation and there's no cure for it so every product i would find wouldn't cover or they're so thick, they crease and crack and make you look older. there has to be a better way.
8:35 am
welcome to it cosmetics. >> reporter: it was her days as a news anchor -- >> i'm jamie kern with the 10:00 news. >> reporter: -- which led jamie kern lima to team up with plastic surgeons and dermatologists to create her anti-aging it cosmetics. >> cc cream which is a number one best-seller. >> reporter: her humble beginnings in a studio apartment and just a few years ago, the big break. a ten-minute spot on qvc, but what really raised eyebrows. >> we're all real gals. >> reporter: is when she rubbed off her on on live tv. >> you can see. bye-bye brow. >> we have an authentic mission to create products that really work. >> reporter: even a-listers making a mad dash for her top sellers for the flawless fix for any facial faux pas. >> every woman deserves to look and feel her most beautiful and i think we forget that. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> we thank juju and excited to have jamie with us this morning. i can't believe i'm seeing you again. i had the pleasure. >> i know.
8:36 am
>> ran into you on -- >> yes. >> we were on a flight from chicago. something like that. >> yes, we were. >> i told you at that moment even though you were well on your way there was something very special about you. >> yeah, literally that moment like i want to tell you, it changed my life. i know that you know we had just met. i think this will inspire your viewers. we just met and talking and all of a sudden i remember you paused and like looked at me and you said there's something really special about you and i got butterflies and i got chills and i just want you to know like since that moment there's been so many times, you know, i've been working 24/7 or building my company and i thought back on your words. they've inspired me and i know it's beauty week and i just want to say on "gma," thank you, because you're one of the most beautiful, inspiring women i've ever met and millions of viewers will agree and -- >> but you've done it. you have done it and you -- thank you for those kind words. when we saw that photo, you told our producer that you weren't wearing makeup. >> no. >> makeup free even though you're in the makeup biz but you think about being makeup-free. explain that.
8:37 am
>> i have hereditary rosacea. hyperpigmentation. i used to be scared to show it to anybody and really that's why i launched -- started it cosmetics to develop products that give you full coverage but you can't see them. products that will cover anything that are all about your most beautiful you and every woman is beautiful, right, and deserves to look and feel her most beautiful and we partner with plastic surgeons and dermatologists and a special company and i feel so blessed to be here. >> we have a couple it girls. she's working on issues. this is what's great. you can do it yourself, right, desiree? you don't have a makeup artist so as you're applying tell us what she'll do. >> desiree has like so many of us, right, under eye darkness and acne prone skin, redness. so for her, you know her whole life, nothing would cover, but when you find great products like they just do the work for you. she'll show us in 30 seconds.
8:38 am
>> get to it. >> 30 seconds how easy that it can be. even if you have something to cover, so step one is really a great moisturizer and using confidence in a cream but hydrating and really sort of set your skin for makeup. >> know what i love. they don't crease. a lot of times -- >> right, so many concealers crease, crack, so desiree is using the bye-bye under eye concealer. when you find a concealer that goes on like an eye cream like an anti-aging eye cream, never creases or cracks, it's life changing. >> she's doing it herself. i want to keep going. you keep doing your thing and we'll come back to you. >> okay. >> sheila over here. >> yes. >> tell us issues with sheila. >> okay, so sheila is going to show us three steps if you have 30 seconds starting with her brows. she's going to show us brows because they're your frame of symmetry and do her lashes which tart at the root. and when you get a mascara that starts at the root and perfect pink lip brightens your whole collection. >> three issues and you think you can highlight those three
8:39 am
things that makes a difference. >> yeah. i mean your brows, a lot of women forget to do them but they're your one feature that give you your frame of symmetry to your face. everyone is, you know, born with a different face shape and they give you your frame of symmetry and symmetry is what equates to beauty in the human eye. so she'll show us the three things. even if you do one thing and your brows, it's huge. it's everything. >> what are the main issues? eight years that you've done this. what are the main issues they come and say they have a problem with? >> i think the number one issue is, okay, i have something to cover but i hate makeup. i don't want to see makeup. i don't want to feel it. just see beautiful skin which is what desiree just did. >> ding, ding. >> is that her 30-second mark? so you see live she just did this right here live in the studio and look at the difference. her under eye circles look like they disappeared. she has flawless skin and used just three steps. the bye-bye under eye concealer, the cc cream. gorgeous. >> and in less than 30 seconds here that sheila was able to do. want to show the split screen and, again, it was like no
8:40 am
makeup artist here, though i'm very grateful for the one i have every morning. thank you, alana. but we can do it ourselves. >> yes, we can. >> thank you, thank you. thank you. you're so philanthropicic with what you're doing and so giving. you can see more of your interview with juju with jamie on "nightline" tomorrow night. so much more. let's get over to george. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, robin. >> and now you guys will meet the young man about to wow the world in "the jungle book." 12-year-old neel sethi was chosen from 2,000 hopefuls to play in that brand-new disney classic. rachel smith met up with him in his natural habitat, new york city. ♪ >> reporter: we're heading into the jungle, "the jungle book," disney's live action take on the rudyard kipling stories that inspired the 1967 animated classic. ♪ look for the bare necessities
8:41 am
the simple bare necessities ♪ ♪ forget about your worry and your strife ♪ >> reporter: about a boy named mowgli being raised by a pack of wolves but suddenly finds himself being hunted out of his jungle home by the vengeful tiger shere khan. >> a man cub becomes man and man is forbidden. >> that is unbelievable. >> yeah. >> reporter: so what better place to meet the man cub himself neel sethi in bronx zoo's tiger mountain in new york. you feel comfortable like this because you've had interactions with tigers before. i mean, a tiger was chasing you in the movie, right? >> it looks like that, but it really wasn't. there was no tigers, no animals, no nothing. >> no? >> no. >> bagheera, i'm not taking one more step. aaagh. >> run, mowgli. >> action. >> reporter: 12-year-old sethi in his very first anging role is the only human character to
8:42 am
appear on screen in a film cgi environment and motion captured animals. what was the audition process like for you? >> they literally wanted me to do a couple lines and i had to play imaginary tennis and showed a karate move and said i don't need no stunt double and they really started laughing. >> reporter: the film boasts an all-star voice cast including idris elba, sir ben kingsley, lupita nyong'o, scarlett johansson and bill murray as baloo the bear. >> what's that? >> that's a song about the good life. >> have you auditioned for any other roles? >> yeah, i have some stuff in the works. >> that sounds like such a hollywood thing to say, neel. you got to give me more than that, man. >> i can't. >> you have to. >> i'm not allowed. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, new york. >> i'm mowgli, and this is my home. >> i'll bet he's got some stuff in the works. "the jungle book" opens in theaters on friday. . and coming
8:43 am
♪ ♪
8:44 am
to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
8:45 am
♪ we're back now finally with skinny vinnie and his amazing weight loss journey made possible thanks to a new loving family. here's his story.
8:46 am
>> poor vincent, only 9 years old struggling with a chronic weight problem. eight months ago weighing in at a whopping 38 pounds when he should weigh 16 and suffering from doggie depression. the pup facing serious health risks from so much weight gain including nerve damage, arthritis, diabetes and kidney disease. >> hey. can you try to come down the steps or no? >> reporter: the cuddly canine so heavy his chest and abdomen hit the ground making it almost impossible for him to walk. now though with the help of the k-9 angels rescue in houston and a new foster mom, fat vincent has been transformed into skinny vinnie. >> you got it. good job. >> reporter: vinnie's paws in the water, now swimming up to 30 minutes a day, finally able to join his doggie friends on long walks. >> i know. it's going to be okay, baby. >> reporter: with months of hard work, get ready to meet vincent like you've never seen him before.
8:47 am
the time is now. everyone, please welcome skinny vinnie and his foster mom melissa anderson. skinny. look at that spring in his step. melissa, thank you so much for caring for vincent. how much weight has he lost? >> you're not going to believe this. he has lost 20 pounds. >> that's incredible. >> so, melissa, tell us what kind of diet program and food program did you put him on? >> well, you know, he came to us quite overweight at 38 pounds and, of course, now he's down to 17. we had him in the swimming pool in houston right away. it's too hot to walk in august in the summer and then eventually walking and now he's up to an hour a day. >> and he gets carrots in his food and some bananas, i see. >> i add carrots. originally he was -- he was not happy with a third of a cup which is what you see which is right for him. he was probably eating something --
8:48 am
>> wow. >> i mean, we don't know exactly what he was eating but he was probably eating that many calories. >> oh, vincent. now you're handsome. >> he gets bananas sometimes but he's special. >> thrilled he's okay. i want to get quickly to lauren friedman. really important to understand it's easy to foster a dog. >> it is. it is so we're a weekend adoption. open only on the weekends and so during the week our dogs go into foster care and when they do, we can learn all about them so when the people come in to adopt on the weekend, we can tell them and they know what they're getting. >> he is a sweetheart. >> i could never do that before. >> that's awesome. great story. please consider fostering a dog. up next, you got -- >> dr. ken, he is here and our viewing party, very excited.
8:49 am
8:50 am
we're back with ken jeong who plays the hilarious dr. ken
8:51 am
and in this new clip he's trying to get out of this club his wife made him join. take a look. >> it's a little too ethnic for me. i'm more of a bandwagon korean. i mean, don't get me wrong. if there's a plate of galbi in the middle of the table, i'm all over it, but i don't see any, so peace out. >> and, look, ken brought some galbi with me. >> made it myself, guys. >> korean barbecue. >> i hope you like it. it's all i could whip up at the last second, guys. got authentic korean corn on the cob. authentic daisy that i cooked and an authentic napkin that i made. >> it's so -- >> i painted it. >> so impressed. korean tradition. west side. >> randall park is in that clip. >> yes. >> tell us what role he plays in this episode. >> he plays the leader of this korean men's club that supposedly does a lot of community projects, civic projects all over koreatown but just a big front for just korean dudes to get away from their wives and
8:52 am
to gamble, drink soju and watch knicks/laker games. >> we have a lot of fans who had a viewing party this morning. they are watching catching up on all the episodes so we have one of our super fans, julio, with a question. you can ask ken anything. go for it. >> are you happy leaving the medical field for hollywood? >> well, you know, actually to be honest i miss the patients that i take care of, and i still keep in contact with some of them, and so i do miss the patients but, no, i love my movie star hours. >> i love -- >> weekends off, yo. >> all right. and we also have leslie who has a question for dr. ken? >> yes. how did you develop your sense of humor? >> you know, i wasn't really that -- i never thought of myself as that funny as a kid. i was always pretty shy. a lot of comedians probably are, you know, and i'm more of -- i think i'm more reactive in funny situations but never think of myself -- >> no, you are funny and in fact in "dr. ken," you're -- well, he's actually going to give a go
8:53 am
at stand-up comedy. is he up for it? >> yeah, i mean this is art imitating life because i got my start before acting was doing stand-up comedy on the side as a hobby so this is definitely inspired by my real life where my character tries stand-up at the laugh factory for the first time, and that's what exactly what i did when i first moved out to l.a. so it is pretty surreal. >> and it's been pretty successful. you can come any time. you're funny. if anything happened you can be here for a medical emergency and you can cook korean barbecue. >> thank you. we had amuse-bouche coming up but we knew that, guy, you know, we're really pressed for time so we're just going to go straight into this. >> that's fine. "dr. ken" airs friday at 8:30
8:54 am
8:55 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by the makers of zyrtec. zyrtec, muddle no more. >> one last thanks to our skinny vinnie. keep up the good work, buddy. >> way to go, vinnie. >> and our thanks to ken jeong and our watch party. >> he's such a great guy. >> he really is. a great guy. >> he really is.
8:57 am
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good morning. it is 8:59. i'm reggie aqui with the abc 7 morning news. let's see what your day looks like and mike nicco has that for you. >> good morning, everybody. much brighter today but temperatures the same range as yesterday. upper 50s at the coast and 60s inland. if you are heading to the game, 57 and 54 when we are out celebrating. the accuweather seven-day forecast, the rain comes in tonight and over by this time tomorrow. sue. >> 57 b.a.r.t. trains on time at this hour. we have major cal train delays. we have failures and both directions running 35 minutes behind schedule so heads up there. ace train is looking good. and an accident cleared in san francisco north 101 near cesar chavez. there you go, reggie. >> thank you, sue. time now for "live with kelly and michael" and we'll we back
9:00 am
at 11:00 with the abc 7 midday news. have >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, academy of country music warning candidatemy actress gwyneth paltrow and star of ken jeong ken, ken jeong. and "american idol"'s andy dalton. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly:


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