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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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own immune systems against tumors? the announcement could affect hundreds of thousands, if not millions of future cancer patients, even though most of them or us may not know it yet or need it. >> patients and families don't have time for bureaucracy to sort itself out. they have the right to be impatient. we need progress to be faster for their sake. >> reporter: in los angeles this morning, he gave $250 million to speed up the development of immuno therapy to fight cancer, including ucsf and stanford. >> any cancer therapeutic, the goal is to go after the cancer and spare the patient. >> reporter: a goal that anyone who has undergone chemotherapy would appreciate.
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melissa lurch of san francisco endured her own encounter with chemo after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2012. she lost her hair, but it could have been worse. were you ready for that? >> i was not. >> reporter: even more important, researchers hope for better results from immuno therapy. survival rates have remained fairly nat lly flat in the las years, time to try something new. wayne freedman, "abc7 news." friends describe brian boll as a brilliant person. he earned a ph.d. in electrical engineering from georgia tech. he moved to the bay area a few years ago. his career took him to a health services company on the peninsula. his widow and father spoke to us on the phone. >> he felt science was an area
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where he could actually contribute something to society. when he was probably in kindergart kindergarten, he was always wondering how the world worked. >> really interested in how things worked and how he could help people. >> police say he was shot a half block from his home sunday morning. detectives are looking for surveillance videos that might help them find the killer. a san francisco political consultant who was the target of a nationwide manhunt was sentenced today. he will serve 2 1/2 years in prison, on probation for 12 years with limited internet use. he was arrested two years ago at the golden gate bridge. police found a biological toxin and bomb making material in his apartment. he was shackled at the ankles as he pleaded guilty this afternoon. he said he was suffering from depression around the time of his arrest and was never a threat to the public. a social media reporter from
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vacaville has been sentenced to two years in prison for conspiring with the hacker group anonymous. matthew keys is accused of providing passwords to the company. after he left tribune, he briefly worked as a web producer here at "abc7 news." prosecutors charged a private schoolteacher with three misdemeanors for allegedly recording people in the bathroom of his campbell home. he's a teacher at challenger school in san jose. authorities say the charges are not related to his role at the school but he has been removed from the classroom. nine people in santa clara county are charged with faking 20 car accidents to get insurance money. the owner of a body shop, two workers and others staged crashes, damaging expensive cars like a mercedes, a bmw, a jaguar
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and maserati. the scheme collected more than $140,000 in insurance money before it was busted. turns out uc davis spent big bucks trying to clean up its image after this pepper spraying of a student. the university paid a consultant at least $175,000 to remove negative online references to the police action in 2011. this video of lieutenant john pike pepper spraying students went viral and brought uc davis unwanted worldwide ridicule. the excitement is building for the golden state warriors. >> fans are already screaming into oracle arena. >> we have team coverage on the chase for 73 wins and the single season wins record. mike shumann is live inside oracle. >> but let's begin with laura
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anthony. laura? >> reporter: we have to keep reminding ourselves that this is the last game of the regular season. it means nothing in terms of the playoffs. but check out this crowd behind me. these are folks who are in line to pick up tickets and there are some in that line hoping to get tickets. so somehow the team might release some at the last minute. all of these folks want to see it in person. just call it gearing up for tonight's big warriors' game. all over the bay area, fans are getting ready for a contest that could end in history. in downtown oakland, that includes special drinks like blue and gold margaritas and another concoction called -- >> the w on w. it's delicious. it's what i think made us win. we drink them before every game.
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>> reporter: they're expecting a big crowd for the biggest game of the year, at least so far. >> it's going to be super packed and super fun. we're going to have a big party. >> reporter: a packed house also expected inside oracle alona, including some fans who plan to attend the double-header. first the a's at the coliseum, then just a short walk to the warriors. >> good mix. >> reporter: don't think the warriors' players don't notice all the support. they say it's a big part of their motivation. >> these fans have been coming out all these years, they've been supporting. to be able to make history here in front of them would be special. >> they've been through some rough years. to have all that hard work pay off and cap off this one, the
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fans are very deserving. draymond green is paying it forward at tonight's game. >> he tweeted he was buying three tickets for three underprivileged kids in oakland, giving them the chance to witness history. "abc7 news" visited their schools today to get reaction. >> amazing. draymond showed his heart and spirit. >> i'm ready to go to this game. i'm just ready. i like the warriors. >> my coach let me out of track practice for this. >> isn't that a nice thing to do? each chosen kid gets to invite a guest, someone who inspires them. that's where mike shumann is live right now. the stage is set. should be a great game. >> dan, it's fan appreciation night here at oracle arena. and what better night, the 41st game of the year, to be a fan of
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the warriors where they could set a record of 73 victories. the t-shirt tonight says "not on our ground." it's the anti-bullying campaign, but it fits perfectly tonight, because the fans will not let memphis beat the warriors to set that record of 73 games. most of these guys were growing up when the bulls set the record in 1995-'96. but they are definitely aware that they could make history tonight. >> this is a record that everybody grew up knowing. and the fact that we have a chance to beat it is great. >> the way this thing is played out, you know, we have one shot at it. it's pretty amazing. i'm excited about it. >> nobody wants to lose the last game going into the playoffs if you can avoid it. and obviously 73. >> 72-10 also already been done
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once. this might be our only shot at it. we have days after, so we might as well play hard for 48 minutes. >> all right. the bulls with the record of 72 wins, lakers with 69. of course, the warriors trying to make that record tonight with 73. a lot more coming up at 6:00. i'm mike shumann reporting live at oracle, "abc7 news." >> all right, and we have already been getting tons of viewer photos and videos leading up to the big game. share yours with the #wson7. >> another check on traffic on 880, from sky 7 hd, it is starting to slow just a little
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bit, especially south bound. also the coliseum where the a's are playing, it is going to be playing there. oracle is getting attention beyond oakland. >> we appreciate that. >> why the bay area company is getting a shout out from the president. that's next. also ahead, we now know who unlocked apple's iphone for the fbi. a bay area startup that once had a visit from the vice president may now get banned by the government. and michael finney on whether you should file yourself or hire a professional tax preparer. >> and the bay area city
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a new call tonight to the firing of the police chief in san francisco. it comes after the death of a homeless man in an officer involved shooting. leslie brinkley was at a town hall meeting today and is live with the story. leslie? >> that's right, dan. absolute outcries here at the mission how police handled an encounter with a homeless man and him ending up being shot to death. [ chanting ] >> reporter: this town hall meeting was supposed to be a forum for police to outline where things stand in the investigation and to the officer involved shooting six days ago, when a homeless man, armed with a knife, was killed. >> he stood up and ran at one of the officers with the knife in his hand. >> living on our streets and
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having a knife is no more an act of aggression than it is for me to lock my doors. >> reporter: but things escalated as mission leaders challenged the police version of what led up to the shooting. >> you are telling people this is what we think happened. how can you say that, chief, when the investigation is still ongoing? >> i'm not saying every single cop is a bad cop. but you are a bad cop if you let it continue. >> reporter: meanwhile, luis was quietly remembered across the street where he was shot by police six times outside his tent last thursday morning. >> i long to see what it means to be peace officers, to be able to de-escalate situations of potential violence. >> i think the investigation is six days old and it's ongoing. >> reporter: the names of the officers involved should be released later this week.
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[ gunfire ] in san francisco, i'm leslie brinkley, "abc7 news." it turns out the fbi paid hackers to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. according to "the washington post," the hackers were paid a one-time flat fee. they discovered a software flaw, allowing the fbi to create a piece of hardware to get into the phone. the post already reports that an israeli firm had nothing to do with the case. a "wall street journal" report says elizabeth holmes may be banned from owning or running any other lab for at least two years. this is video of holmes with vice president biden during his visit to the company's newark company last july.
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a company spokesperson said she's hopeful that sanctions won't be imposed, but if they are, she will work to address all concerns. there are quite a few people procrastinating on their taxes. data shows as of april 1, roughly a third of americans have yet to file their returns. that's more than last year. >> and the tax deadline is coming up, monday, april 18. >> michael finney is here with today's tax tip. >> reporter: if you decide you want to hire someone to do it because it's such a hassle, beware. the people charging to do your taxes come with a wide range of qualifications. so many numbers, so many forms. how do you know which one is right? >> been doing my taxes by myself since i was 16. >> what is the first word that comes to mind when you hear taxes? >> fear. >> reporter: experts recommend hiring someone if your situation is complex.
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like if you have foreign income or get paid royalties. and if you decide to go to a tax professional, be ready to do your research. >> there's a whole range of people out there, doing taxes and some are better than others. >> reporter: many states have no education requirement for a tax preparer. but there are search tools. professionals can register on >> you have tax lawyers, cpas, enrolled agents, and then you have people that are doing taxes that aren't certified by anybody. you need to check their qualifications really carefully. many will offer a guaranty if you get audited. >> reporter: that way you won't be surprised by extra fees when all is said and done. if you decide to go it alone, it could save you money. a good software program costs about $35. and there's a free option for people making $62,000 a year or
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less. the irs is offering free file, software that asks all the standard questions and looks for credits you may have missed. tax software usually includes a help hotline. here's the really good news. senator elizabeth warren has a plan where they'll just send you a bill on what you owe. if you disagree, then you file all the forms. >> thanks, michael. facebook will debut its new wi-fi service in san jose. the service will be pumped out from metal boxes, the signal will piggy back off the current wi-fi system, but the service will be faster and robust. >> we're hoping starting here in downtown we can scale the city wide.
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if we're able to prove the concept to a lot of neighborhoods where families can't afford internet access. >> and the service is expected to go online later this year. all right. we have a big night over in oakland. and traffic should not be impeded by weather. >> but i hear rain is coming back, sandhya. >> that's right, but not until late tonight into tomorrow. it is pleasant and the weather is looking fantastic, as people head to oracle arena for the warriors' game tonight. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. you notice there are a few clouds around right now, mainly in the south bay. this is all going to turn into some wet weather overnight. here is the system that is going to bring us rain and it's going to kick up the surf. right now swells are expected to reach 16 to 22 feet during the thursday morning to friday morning time period, which is why a high surf advisory is going for that time.
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lots of sunshine looking across the bay. temperatures in the upper 50s for san francisco, you're in the mid 60s in san jose, oakland 62 degrees. this is just a delight to see. the snow in the sierra, the mountains covered with snow, you can see a beautiful view there. this might be a popular place this weekend. the santa cruz beach. showers for the morning commute. breezy afternoon with isolated showers. tomorrow, much warmer weather is coming in for the weekend. storm impact scale, we've been using it all winter, spring. one is light, five is severe. we rank the systems coming in. the one for late tonight into thursday morning, it's a one on the system. here's a hook at the timeline hour by hour. 11:00 p.m. tonight, a few showers may develop ahead of the system in the north bay. as we get going overnight is
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when this will start to spread. 1:00 a.m., light to moderate rain in the north bay. by 3:00 a.m., it's spreading into the west bay. the morning commute could be a slower commute. 5:00 a.m., most of the activity is in the south bay. by 6:00 a.m., it's shifted go the gilroy area, but it winds down, isolated showers could still pop up into the afternoon. it will be turning breezy tomorrow afternoon behind the system. here's a look at the wind gust. 4:00 p.m., 20 to 25 miles per hour. as we head towards the evening hours, could see winds as strong as 32 miles per hour in fairfield. rainfall totals, most areas picking up light rain. fairfield could pick up to a quarter of an inch by thursday evening. we'll see snow in the mountains
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with the gusty winds. winter weather advisory in effect. tomorrow morning, mid forts to the low 50s. tomorrow afternoon, just hang on to the umbrella. upper 50s to mid 60s. accuweather seven day forecast, one on the storm impact scale for tomorrow. it's a dry and warmer pattern beginning on friday. mid 80s inland. upper 60s to low 70s, then next week a slow cooling trend. warmer that be average for many parts of the bay area next week. >> thanks so much, sandhya. and we want to say thank you to somebody special. >> jana says this one is for oakland, as she heads home across the bay. share your pictures using the hash tag #abc7now.
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for the first time ever, a person with paralysis can use his hands for the first time, next. breaking news, the close encounter involving a u.s. warship. russian attack jets coming within 30 feet. and the super bowl champ killed. we now learn he was shot seven times in the bank. and tracking your tax dollars. the confrontation right here. >> david, thank you very much. new at 6:00, a bay area man shows michael finney the big surprise he got when he from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time
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and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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a medical breakthrough reported today. a tiny computer chip has enabled a paralyzed man to regain some movement with the use of his own threats. he was able to move his right hand and fingers thanks to chips implanted into his brain. it uses software to bypass his
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spinal injury. the journal nature published the findings. scientists say it's an unprecedented feat. a new health hazard is linked to fast food. researchers discovered that people who ate fast food have higher levels of folates in their system, which have been linked to a number of health problems, including cancer and adhd. the summer spike in gas prices we pay here in california may be less than in a decade. we expect higher prices as the special summer blend hits pumps in the state. this year those are expected to drop to a ten-year low due to low crude oil prices. summer gas prices are expected to drop to an average of $1.94. the price will be higher here in california.
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kids are in charge. just ahead, the bay area
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i'm ama daetz in the "abc7 news" room. coming up new at 6:00, police break up a suspected counterfeit ring, pumping out $20 bills inside a south bay apartment. tonight, officers explain how it worked. another coup for downtown san francisco. find out why a music company video decided to move across the country. and don't like your job? we have a list of the worst jobs of 2016. dan and kristen, you may not agree with it. it's all coming up on "abc7 news" at 6:00. >> all right. >> thanks, ama. some bay area students received a presidential honor
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for their impressive innovation. >> the president got an up-close look at their invention and spoke about the importance of computer science education, mentioning a bay area company for its efforts to educate. >> oracle will invest in getting 125,000 more students in the computer science classes, give a big round of applause for that. >> the local students include a group of james logan high school. >> and a charge in san jose made a device that diagnoses chronic lung diseases. >> is that not impressive for young people? smart kids doing smart things. >> perfect timing with the boom in electric cars coming. they can make some money from it. word news tonight is next. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, sandhya patel, michael finney, we
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appreciate your time. we'll see you again in half hour. >> bye-bye. breaking news tonight. the dangerous close encounter at sea. russian fighter jets coming within 30 feet of a u.s. warship. russian pilots refusing to answer radio calls from the americans. martha raddatz standing by. also breaking, donald trump goes to war with the republican party. calling the process a scam. and tonight, allegations of death threats now against delegates who could make or break trump. a major new development, after a super bowl champ is killed. we now learn he was shot seven times in the back. breaking late today, preparing for zika here in the u.s. the cdc tonight revealing troubling new evidence about what the virus can do, calling it a turning point. and made in america is back tonight. take a look.


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