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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> no longer chasing history. the golden state warriors now stand alone with 73 wins taking their place in the annals of the nba with the greatest winning season record of all time. >> all time. 73 wins. the warriors making nba history and the dub nation is celebrating, but the team is focusing on what's next. >> all focus goes to houston. >> let's go get this championship. >> 16 wins. that's what we are looking for. >> i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. we have team coverage at oracle arena of the warriors' win. >> let's get to mike shumann. what a game. what a season. >> it was unbelievable, dan. you can feel the energy early
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on. they have the record of 73 wins in a regular season and ended it 73 and 9. you don't want to hear from me? let's roll out the highlights. steph curry needed eight to get to 400. no one has ever done that. he started off with six, and he was just on fire and set the tone for the entire game. the second quarter and he had one and then in the third quarter he got to big number 400 and that was all she wrote. the dubs win big by 21 points. afterwards, he was one proud head coach. >> it is a great way to finish off what was an amazing season. i just told our guys that i never in a million years would have guessed that record would ever be broken. it was dimaggio's hit streak. and i was wrong, but i will
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say the same thing now i said 20 years ago. i don't think this one will ever be broken. >> and they both played on that team and it looks a lot better in print. all right, we will take it out right here and we will be back in sports with reaction from the entire team. what a night it was. they will play on saturday at 12:30. reporting live, mike shumann. >> incredible. thank you, shu. let's pick up our team coverage with katie who is outside oracle. >> katie, fans are ecstatic, i know. >> great word. this just feels very familiar at this point. the warriors win big and fans are super excited. it is commonplace which is the greatest compliment. this is not like any other win. the warriors broke the record.
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>> 73 wins. warrior! >> i am glad because it means so much. >> i love the bulls. i love jordan, but i am from the bay area and dub nation all the way. >> way to go, curry! >> i have been freaking out all night. it was a great game. we are having a great night out here. this is history, boys. this is history. >> did you hear that? that fan was losing his voice. i think we captured on camera his last words for awhile until his vocal cords heal. they love the warriors no matter what, but you better believe they wanted them to have the error tonight. it really does shine a radiant spotlight on the team and oakland. abc7 news. >> abc7 news was in san
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francisco and alongside the warriors fans and they packed the bars on both sides. some even turned away patrons because they were crowded with people watching history being made. >> warriors! warriors! >> in the south bay abc7 news was at the old globe bar in palo alto. it was packed with happy warriors fans tonight. >> after the big win president obama, a huge basketball fan, tweeted congrats to the warriors, a great group of guy on and off the court. if somebody had to break the bulls record, i'm glad it is them. former chicago bulls star scottie pippen says knowing what it is like to win 72, i tip my hat to getting to 73. good luck in the playoffs. twitter briefly went down in the first half. the team's twitter account was able to get out this tweet though. when your team is on fire, but twitter is down. and now that the regular season is over the dubs kick
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off the playoffs saturday against the rockets. you can catch the game on abc7 and tipoff is at 12:30. >> more on the warrior later, but now to another round of rain hitting the bay area. we are looking live at the golden gate bridge camera. >> sandhya patel joins us with more. >> yes the rain has arrived around parts of the bay area. let me show you where it is raining and we will zoom into ukiah and we are taking you down to street level. moderate showers right around whale bone reach sea ranch area and those showers will be spreading. we have been ranking storms all interest wither and spring, one is light and five is severe. it will help you plan. this is a light one, light to moderate showers expected. less than a quarter inch of rain. an hour by hour look at your forecast and morning commute coming up. >> sandhya, thank you so much. tonight san francisco best buy workers held a vigil for
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their murdered co-worker and her missing child. she was found dead and her 2-year-old daughter, ariana, remains missing. cornell, the police are growing increasingly desperate. >> a terrible story. the police chief spoke about the case for the first time tonight. he says his inspectors are working over time trying to find that little girl. they held a candlelight vigil in the parking lot of this best buy store. they requested privacy during their time of grief. her body was found last friday in mcclaren park and she was the victim of a homicide. police say she was badly beaten. he says his department is following every lead in the case. >> we are getting help right now from the fbi on some of the technical work we are doing. and we are hopeful that we will get a break and god
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willing we will find the little one alive. >> her 2-year-old daughter, ariana, is still missing and the toddler hasn't been seen since february. a friend said she was staying with her a week before the murder, but ariana was being cared for full time by the relative of a pastor in oakland. >> that's all she was talking about is seeing her daughter. she got the run around about her child. >> a motive is unknown. police are questioning many persons of interest. >> are you close to making arrests? >> we are never going to know how close we are until we look in the rear vow mirror, right -- rear view mirror, right? >> if you have any information, call 9-1-1. abc7 news. a possible charge for chief greg surr, conspiracy in a homicide. >> an angered crowd shouted new demands for action against san francisco's police chief. abc7 news was at city hall for tonight's meeting. the criticism comes after
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officers should the and killed a homeless man six days ago. police got an earful during a town hall meeting of the shooting death. he was shot six times outside his tent. police claimed he ran toward the officers with a large knife. >> a dangerous close encounter at sea. >> some fighter jets came within 30 feet and refused to answer american radio calls. >> the tirade of a millionaire after being thrown off a california flight. >> and competing with the tech giant. >> and we are tracking rain on live doppler 7hd. sandhya patel is back with how it will impact your morning commute. >> first though here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" after abc7 news at 11:00. >> thank you, dan and ama. feast your eyes on this.
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>> i will have one growing up. >> rodney dangerfield. >> was he your
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that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit call for the u.s. navy in the baltic sea. russian fighter jet flew within 30 feet of an american destroyer not once, but two dozen times. it was strange. it was one of the most aggressive moves since the cold war ended. the u.s. sailors were sending radio messages, but the russian pilots ignored them. >> i make $4 million a year and what do you do? nothing so shut the [bleep].
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>> more hostility, but this time on the imrownd before a jetblue -- ground before a jetblue flight took off from long beach. they recorded the man being disruptive and forcing the flight to return to the gate. he kept boasting about his wealth while airline employees removed him from his economy class seat jie. you're right. i'm a loser. i own six houses. >> jetblue and police kicked two others off the flight. officers arrested them for being intoxicated. they were not considered legally drunk though. the flight then took off for sacramento. they unveiled their model three and now another car of the future will be on the road. abc7 news reporter alyssa harrington has the latest on the rumored apple car and sketches leaked today. >> could this be a glimpse at an apple car? motor trend posted pictures on social media teasing a rumored vehicle. the tech analyst says the move would be risky jie. there is
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no question that electric rs cay are the way of the future along with driverless cars. if apple is serious about this, it is a long, big road ahead and they have a lot of work to do especially to compete with existing auto makers. >> the buzz has peaked interest especially with those who own apple products. could a car be everywhere? >> i'm sure there are people out there who have to have it. >> if the apple car are anything like an iphone and how the latest gadgets, i'm pretty sure people are like it. >> it is rumored that the lease is being unveiled. people who live nearby have heard loud noises especially at night. neighbors tell me they put up a large, green wall a couple months ago. it helps cut down on some of the noise and prevents them from seeing what is happening on the other side. they say it is possible that the company is not working on the car at all, but building car technology to be used by
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or makers. alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> it is boot stomping time for fans of the abc drama "nashville" with several actors taking the stage to sing in the south bay. the tour kicks off tomorrow night in san jose. five stars and a solo performance. abc7 news was in san jose when they arrived. they held a live twitter chat with the "nashville" episode. >> they end up all knowing each other and when we get together on the live tweet, they are not just talking to us, but they are talking back and forth to each other. >> the tour will stop in 17 cities in all. tomorrow's san jose concert is the only one in the bay area. you can watch "nashville" wednesday night at 10:00 on abc7. >> it is a great idea. now on to the weather forecast.
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we are tracking some rain. >> we are seeing that green again, sandhya. >> that's right. and dan and ama you will have to plan extra time for your commute. live doppler 7hd is showing where it is raining. it is from ukiah and fort ross and taking you in closer on our radar. we have street level radar. it is wet and we are tracking those showers for your morning commute. high surf advisory 3:00 a.m. until friday, 8:00 a.m. eight to 11-foot waves are expecting to build. it is 16 to 22 feet. there is obviously the potential for sneaker waves and large breakers. the temperatures right now are in the 50s. here is a live look celebrating the warriors' win. san francisco city hall is blue and gold from our tower camera. rain from the morning commute and breezy in the afternoon. isolated showers with warmer weather coming in. the storm impact scale comes into the picture. here we are in mid-april and all winter and all spring we
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have been ranking the storms. five is severe and one is light. this system is a one. it will be a light system. light to moderate showers. less than a quarter inch of rain is expected. here is your time line. you will notice the rain will spread across the central bay as we go to 4:00 a.m. east bay and the south bay and the santa cruz area we are looking for light to moderate showers. especially if you are an early commuter it will include wet roadway. the south bay is wet and then by 6:00 a.m. we start to get a break from the widespread steady rain. by thursday at noon we are looking at the potential for isolated showers. primarily in the north bay. then it turns breezy. the wind is picking up for your thursday afternoon. as far as the rainfall totals, they are light. a few hundredths to a few 10ths of an inch. from our camera here is a live view and it is a beautiful view. your 12-hour day planner, 7:00 a.m. and you are
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looking at mostly cloudy skies , 40s and 50s. partly cloudy by noon and you will need the shades and a wind breaker. it is going to be brazey -- breezy and a cooler afternoon. 7:00 p.m. we are looking at breezy and clear conditions. winter advisory is is in affect now and it runs until noon tomorrow. you will want to take your chains if you are doing late season skiing. they are expecting an additional one to sikh inches of snow. on top of what they have had and a couple weeks ago it has been really good compared to last year. we still need a lot more rain and snow as you know for our drought to end. upper 40s to the low 50s first thing in the morning. umbrellas will probably be a must especially in you are in the south bay at 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. upper 50s to the mid60s. it is going to be a cooler thursday afternoon. a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast. one on the storm impact scale for tomorrow morning's rain. we are looking at dry and warmer conditions for friday. 60s and 70 ises, but it all
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turns to 80s for the warmest spots. warmer than average. the coast side will be warm as well. accu-weather seven-day forecast will feature a slow cooling trend next week, ama and dan. >> thank you, sandhya. it may no longer be the one that got away. >> katy perry could be moving into a california convent
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to give his blessing for katy perry to buy a former convent in los angeles. two nuns refused to celt building to perry after seeing her music videos. >> a judge ruled the nuns didn't own the billing and the decision clears the way for perry to buy the property on the condition the vatican approves the sale. the nuns are considering an appeal. it is a beautiful building. >> it certainly is. now to that tremendous
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warriors win. >> mike shumann was there at oracle arena when history was made. >> it was quite a night. they are now holders of the new record of 73 victories taking over the chicago bulls. all of the highlights and reaction in sports.
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>> can you say 73 victories, boys and girls? that's the new nba regular season record as the warriors beat the -- with the big win tonight. let's roll out the highlights. all right warrior fans looking for number 73 against memphis. steph curry making history of his own. he hit six in the first worter alone. after one he keeps it going hitting number 399. >> he is shattering his own record of 286 last season. he collides with zach randolph. he took a nasty shot and will be sore tomorrow. the mvp is okay. curry comes back and hits number 402 and warriors win it
11:29 pm
in a route. the warriors finish with an nba record 73 and 9. >> it has been 20 years. just to beat a team that breaks that record, that's incredible. it would take so much focus. every night someone is gunning for you. so much dedication and commitment to each other. >> that's what you are ped us to -- that's what pushed us to the opportunity. once we get the playoff started and we need 16 wins. it is nice to focus on that goal specifically now. >> meanwhile, kobe bryant in his final game and threw down 60 points on 50 shots. an unbelievable night. and thisy will always remember the black mamba for this night. it is a special, special night. the lakers win it.
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unbelievable for kobe bryant. and celebrating hunter pence's birthday. it was 4-2. 7-5 rockies in the eighth and a brandon belt solo homerun and the rockies make it a 10-6 final. angels and athletics and this baby is down for the double header. it is a deep shot to left field. two-run seeing eye single five-1 the final. the warriors will begin their playoff run taking on the hue -- houston rockets.
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of course right after the game larry beil and myself and ready for a playoff run as they look for their second nba championship. live at oracle, mike shumann, shumann,abc7 sports. >> thank you. this game was never in doubt. they had the lead the whole time, right? >> no question. when curry came out firing the three's it was over. you can tell it right from the get go. their final goal though is to win the nba championship. >> eye on the prize. thank you, shu. abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices. >> our next newscast is at 4:
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report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. thank you for joining us. dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- the cast of "captain america: civil war," robert downey jr., don cheadle, paul bettany, and emily vancamp, plus music from mayer hawthorne, with cleto and the cletones. and now -- oh, no -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]


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