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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 14, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. donald trump meets with former foe megyn kelly. >> i give her a lot of credit for doing what she did. >> as protests erupt at his rallies overnight and bernie sanders draws his own massive crowds in new york looking for a big upset against hillary clinton. will tonight's debate change the game? dangerous flyby. russian jets coming within 30 feet of an american ship and a moment straight out of "top gun." one of the most aggressive acts since the cold war. tensions high this morning as the russians respond. a father sentenced to years in prison for abducting his own son keeping him hidden from his mother for a decade under a fake name. that boy's emotional plea to free the father that kidnapped him. ♪ welcome to my house a slam dunk night for basketball.
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kobe leaves it all on the court scoring 60 points in his final star-studded game as the golden state warriors make history surpassing the chicago bulls' record. yep, it was a legendary night. >> 73 wins. good morning, america. and good morning, steph curry. hope you slept in this morning. >> he deserves it. >> that night of basketball lived up to the hype. >> it did. for once it really did and how about 60, 6-0, well, we have the win for the warriors and 60 points for that man right there, drop the mike. he said, mamba, out. ending his career with five championships for the lakers. third highest score of all time. that man. >> what a night. president obama even tweeting about both saying, big night of basketball. warriors chasing 73 and a
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farewell for an all-timer, kobe bryant, nba fans feeling like this. >> we want to get to that, all that excitement right now. abc's kayna whitworth is there at the staples center in los angeles where all went down last night. big good-bye for kobe. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: oh, robin. good morning, so fans came out here in droves, kobe's last game, nba finals, you almost couldn't tell the difference, it was so electric. and kobe left everyone with the best surprise ever, a glimpse of his former self. >> this is like old times now. >> reporter: kobe bryant ending his 20-year nba run like a champ. >> you go out with this at 37. remarkable. >> reporter: at age 37 snatching a new record for the oldest player to score a season high 60 points in a single game. >> kobe, going out in style. >> reporter: the los angeles lakers, the team where he spent his entire career to a
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last-minute upset over the utah jazz. in the fourth quarter the entire jazz team scored just 21 points. kobe had 23 by himself. >> oh! >> reporter: checking out with four seconds on the clock. >> there goes kobe bryant. there goes basketball greatness. >> reporter: the crowd on its feet. courtside, a star-studded affair. jack nickelson, david beckham, snoop dogg and jay z taking the most coveted seats in the house. another player making history, stephen curry who broke the chicago bulls record of most games won in the regular season paying tribute to the five-time champion known as black mamba. >> kobe's had a huge impact on the game and the game is in a much better place. because of what he's been able to accomplish in his career. >> reporter: shaquille o'neal
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giving a nod to the 18-time all-star. >> it was fun playing with you. it was fun playing against you, best laker ever. >> reporter: tweeting out these photos of kobe enjoying the postgame locker room champagne celebration. saying simply legendary. thank you kobe. dropping the mike on mamba day with a heartfelt good-bye. >> man. man. you can't write something better than this and i'm more proud, more proud of the fact that not about the championships, but about the down years because we didn't run and we did it the right way. what can i say? mamba, out. >> reporter: after the game kobe said he didn't want to get emotional but also didn't overlook the little things putting on his jersey for the very last time. walking through the tunnel for the last time. of course, the entire night knowing it was the last nba game
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robin. >> that's right, kayna. it was a drop the mike moment. uh-huh. we'll have much more on steph curry and the warriors' win later this hour. coming up. the race for the white house and donald trump mending fences with megyn kelly as he battles with republican leaders and protests erupt at his pittsburgh rally overnight. abc's tom llamas there with the latest. tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. we were right in the middle of those confrontations last night. there was a lot of rage outside that trump rally but police were able to maintain control and this morning a lot of people are talking about a very odd comment donald trump made last night about the late penn state football coach joe paterno. >> move back. >> reporter: overnight, trump protesters and supporters clashing outside of trump's rally. anger on both sides. we were there as tensions nearly boiled over. inside, trump himself in protest mode against his own party. >> and the people that shouldn't have this power took all of the power away from the voters.
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>> reporter: trump furious that his rival senator ted cruz has outfoxed him winning more delegates than him in several states. >> the republican system is a rigged system. >> reporter: the chairman of the republican party who's been careful to criticize trump saying in this one trump is just wrong. >> the rules have been set. >> reporter: cruz says trump's problems have nothing to do with the rule, it's that trump is a sore loser. >> the simple reality any time the people vote against donald, he screams, the voters are stealing the election. >> reporter: but the gop front-runner is not the only one upset. some republican leaders in colorado and delegates in other states say they're receiving death threats. >> the guy sent me a text message saying that i would never make it to cleveland and neither would my family. >> reporter: also overnight fox news' megyn kelly announcing she met with donald trump who she's tangled with throughout the campaign. >> the meeting was at my request and he was gracious enough to
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meet with me. >> i give her credit for, you know, for doing what she did. >> reporter: a possible kelly trump interview now in the works. >> but, you mentioned that comment about the late joe paterno raised a lot of eyebrows. let's take a look. >> i know, i know a lot about pennsylvania and it's great. how's joe paterno? we going to bring that back? >> now, joe paterno died in 2012, so when donald trump said how's joe paterno the crowd sort of seemed stunned. no one knew what to say. in fact, no one was even clapping and when he said bring that back apparently he was talking about the joe paterno statue taken down by penn state in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. i was in that room. everyone was hanging on every single word but when he said that about joe paterno everyone was sort of stunned. >> got lost in the shorthand. thanks very much.
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>> now to the democratic candidates. bernie sanders drawing massive crowds at a star-studded rally overnight hoping to pull off a big upset in the primary here in new york as he prepares to face off against hillary clinton in a debate tonight. abc's cecilia vega has the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning to you. after all the big rally, all the fighting here in new york for hillary clinton and bernie sanders, it comes down to tonight. the face-off on that debate stage and this is the debate they could not agree on. well, it's happening now. the final opportunity to make it was his biggest new york crowd so far, one of the biggest of his entire campaign. so many people they climbed trees to catch a glimpse. nearly 30,000 in all pouring into and spilling out of historic washington square park, a sea of faces under that famous arch. some of them famous themselves from rosario dawson to spike lee. >> is brooklyn in the house?
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>> reporter: and when the man they came to see finally took the stage, even he seemed taken aback. >> there are a lot of people here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: sanders riling up the crowd by going after his rival. >> if somebody gets paid 225,000 for a speech, it must be an unbelievably extraordinary speech. >> reporter: but in a stark contrast a tale of two very different campaign stops. at the same time hillary clinton held a new york rally too at a community center in the bronx, 1,200 supporters, not one mention of sanders, just that other guy. >> unlike donald trump we're not saying some people don't belong, we're not saying some people are not wanted. >> reporter: for both sides tuesday's vote is a must win. and despite clinton's double-digit lead, this morning sanders is feeling not just
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hopeful but confident. >> i think that if we have a large voter turnout on tuesday, we're going to win this thing. thank you all very much. >> reporter: these were two very different events overnight. clinton spoke for 14 minutes. sanders went on for more than an hour. here's the catch, though. new york is a closed primary meaning only democrats can vote and you guys know this has helped hillary clinton. >> so far it has, cecilia, thank you very much. the debate tonight and sanders heads to the vatican as well tomorrow. more on this now from jon karl down in washington. new poll out this morning that showed the two republican front-runners actually having some issues with the general electorate. >> reporter: that's right. this poll looks at the republican candidates and shows that the most of the country simply doesn't like them. if you look at donald trump, his unfavorability rating is at 67% of the general public of registered voters but look at ted cruz. he is now at 53% unfavorability
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that is the highest unfavorability he has seen throughout this campaign. he is growing more unpopular by the day. the only candidate not disliked by most of the electorate is john kasich and, of course, he's mathematically eliminating by clinching before the election. >> staying in right now. at the same time we're hearing reports that corey lewandowski, the trump campaign manager who got in that tussle with a reporter a couple months back is going to be cleared of charges by the prosecutor this morning. not going to pursue the charges but there is a big shake-up now inside the trump campaign. >> reporter: huge changes inside the campaign. corey lewandowski is not going anywhere but what trump has done is bringing in political professionals. he's bringing in the establishment, george, the latest big hire is rick wiley, the campaign manager for scott walker, he is also the former political director for the republican national committee so as trump complains about the rules he is now bringing in people that know those rules well and can navigate that system, the question is whether
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or not it's too late. >> and he's got a lot of favorable states coming up. okay, jon karl, thanks very much. to that big scare at sea. a dangerous close encounter with russian jets raising echoes of the cold war and shows them repeatedly flying near a u.s. warship. the baltic sea. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this morning the russians are saying they observed all safety precautions when flying by that u.s. warship, but there was nothing safe about this. the russians have not come this close to u.s. ships in decades. it's not just a dangerously close flyby, one within 30 feet of the u.s. destroyer, it is one of the most aggressive russian acts against the u.s. military since the end of the cold war. russian jets flying in a way
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that simulated an attack and not just once, but over and over. in the last two days the jets making more than 30 passes over the american ship in international waters. and roaring at just 100 feet off the baltic sea causing a wake in the water as if a giant speedboat had raced by. >> it's totally unsafe. no reason to be that low. no room for error and lots of room for disaster. >> reporter: and it wasn't just the attack jets, the russians had a helicopter flying low altitude circles around the u.s. warship, more than half a dozen times. the americans on the destroyer repeatedly radioed the russian pilots of the helicopter and the jets in both english and russian but the transmissions were ignored. >> could they be entering a new chapter of looking to intimidate nato in the northern baltics or is this something where they're looking to distract nato as they begin a spring offensive in the ukraine? >> reporter: this morning they
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continue to work diplomatic channels but over the last few years the russians have only gotten more aggressive with these flybys and nothing the u.s. has done so far, george, has stopped that. >> boy, so aggressive. okay, thanks very much. we move on and get the latest on that affluenza teen who fled the country after violating probation for a deadly drunk driving accident. 19-year-old ethan couch has now appeared in court for the first time as an adult sentenced to two years in jail. abc's matt gutman has the details. >> 180 days in the county jail. >> reporter: that ruling against the so-called affluenza teen ethan couch stunning the courtroom. >> 180 days in this case. >> reporter: and in the third. >> consecutive to the other cases. >> reporter: and the fourth. >> after you spend 180 days in your other three cases -- >> reporter: in total he ordered had him to serve 720 days in county lockup, nearly two full years for the drunk driving deaths of four people in 2013.
7:15 am
>> you're not getting out of jail today. >> reporter: if ethan couch seemed to sleepwalk through his juvenile court trial, controversially sentenced to probation his first court appearance as an adult was a rude awakening. >> this favoritism he is still a kid or juvenile is gone. it expired at 12:00 monday. he's now an adult. he needs to be treated like one. >> reporter: couch has been in jail since january when he was extradited to texas after fleeing to mexico. on the run with his mother after ethan appears to have violated parole by being at this boozy party. on wednesday he was ushered into court by the same sheriff who had vowed to track him down. >> i think that, you know, it's hit him that this is a life that what he feared if not expected. >> reporter: sporting a shaggy beard his blond roots starting to grow back now after he dyed his hair in mexico as an apparent disguise. the judge seemingly one-upping the prosecution's request for a
7:16 am
16-month detention adding eight additional months for violating probation plus prohibiting him from drinking or driving for another seven years. >> do you understand that? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: as part of his original sentence he was ordered to in-state rehab but court documents show his millionaire parents told the state they were unable to pay for it so taxpayers footed the bill shelling out nearly $190,000. couch's parents chipping in just about 5%. george. >> okay, matthew, thanks very much. let's go to amy with the other top stories. missing catholic priest in florida. >> a man described as a person of interest was taken into custody overnight in the search for that florida priest. reverend renee robert was last seen on sunday. police believe foul play is involved in his disappearance but they're not elaborating. overnight police tracked down 28-year-old steven murray in south carolina where they say he abandoned roberts' car.
7:17 am
murray has a long criminal history, and reverend robert had reportedly been trying to help him. police in houston say a deputy constable was shot six times in what they say was an unprovoked attack on the street. the officer's condition uncertain. a man matching the suspect's description is being questioned. overseas now and some encouraging news in the search for more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by boko haram in nigeria. a new video appears to show some of those girls still alive. it is the first time they have been seen since may of 2014. well, the families of the 150 people killed by that germanwings pilot are suing the arizona flight school where the pilot was trained claiming the school did not properly screen andreas lubitz who suffered severe depression. everyone on board died when he deliberately flew into that mountain. new concern about the
7:18 am
exploding air bags blamed for ten deaths in the u.s. regulators say another 85 million cars and trucks with takata air bags may now need to be recalled unless the company can prove they are safe. and finally, the rules of etiquette at your local movie theater may be changing. the amc theater chain says it may begin to allow texting during movies with special texting sections in the theaters. wait until you hear why. the ceo says expecting millennials to go without their phones for two hours is just not realistic and i'm going to rely on a quote from my mom here who said the inevitability of something does not make it right. >> i like that. i heard that one before. >> that's good. >> well said. >> thank you. >> all right. ginger, how about that storm out west? >> i will get to that western storm, the big one you can see over the pacific ocean will cause a lot of trouble from california up through colorado, even the interrange in utah but first rainy cities brought to you by macy's.
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ings i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. partly cloudy. isolated shower. it will be breezy today and tomorrow. check out weekend, 10-20 degrees warmer than today. the breezes will keep us in the upper 50s loan coast and san francisco. 61-66. grab an extra blanket. 42 in napa and san francisco is 49. my seven-day outlook shows dangerous subthrough 8:00 tomorrow. and enjoy the warm weather this
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[ alarm ringing ] like your alarm clock -- right on time. your double-soy whatchamacallit -- always there. your parking space. [ car alarm chirps ] seriously? girls' night -- always there. and avocados from mexico -- they're always there for you because they're fresh all year 'round. indeed, that is something worth celebrating. ♪ ♪ avocados from mexico it is 7:24. i'm reggie aqui from the abc7 morning news. so many still celebrating as the warriors and steph curry make history at the oracle to get the 73rd win of the season breaking the record held by the bulls. curry also made history.
7:25 am
400 threes and he went well past that last night as well. he had 402. they play again on saturday. watch it here on abc 7. let's check in with sue hall. >> and not only are the warriors playing on saturday, and so are the a's at around the same time. so crazy at the coliseum. take b.a.r.t. if you can. give yourself plenty of time. san rafael looking great into san francisco for about a 25-minute ride. a live look at the golden gate bridge, a beautiful morning, four lanes in the southbound direction. >> if you are getting up and
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that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit good morning. look at this from our live doppler 7 hd. the steady rain gone.
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but still isolated showers into the afternoon hours. could you see it on the day planner. starting at noon until 1:00. pleasy and much -- breezy and much cooler today. i'm out of town, reggie. >> that is good. adam low roach speaks about his life and the reason why he left the game. we'll have another update in 30 minutes and on
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♪ that was the scene last night here in new york city. bernie sanders, massive crowd, drawing nearly 30,000 people last night as donald trump sees big protests at his rally, the race for the white house heating up. the new york primary just five days away. also right now big headline about the zika virus this morning. federal officials now say it does cause severe birth defects. more on that in our next hour. and lakers and warriors both celebrating this morning. what a night in basketball. the warriors get their record-breaking win number 73 and kobe bryant leaves it all on the court for his final game. >> it finally lived up to the hype. you know what it's like to retire from professional sports. what is he feeling? >> i think he's feeling very sore and i think it's a little sense of relief.
7:31 am
here's somebody who spent the last 20 years putting everything they had into something and it's the sense of loss but also a sense of relief that now kind of relaxing and enjoy my family a little more. >> he had 60 points. you had a super bowl ring was your last. >> i'll go out but he has five rings, that's pretty amazing to do five nba rings in 20 years. that's the drop the mike moment. >> he did that. we'll have more on steph curry's big win. right now to that father who confessed to kidnapping his son to raise him in a new state with a new name 13 years ago sentenced to four years in prison even though his son begged the judge not to take his dad away. amy has the story. >> reporter: 19-year-old julian hernandez stood up in court telling the judge he has forgiven his father for kidnapping when he was just 5 and that he loves him anticipate wants him to be a part of his life. >> i don't know what else to say
7:32 am
other than not to send my father to jail. >> reporter: an emotional plea from 18-year-old julian hernandez at his father's sentencing. he did not want his face shown on camera. >> everyone wants to talk about all the bad things he's done and i think that he's done a lot of good. >> reporter: asking for leniency for the man who pleaded guilty to kidnapping him 13 years ago. in 2002 defendant bobby hernandez took his then 5-year-old son julian from his alabama home. he and julian's mother had a tumultuous relationship and moved to cleveland where he created new identities for him and julian. for 13 years julian's mother said she searched for her son. authorities even using this age progression picture hoping to find him. >> julian was the center of my life. >> reporter: attorney gloria allred reading a letter on behalf of julian's mother in court. >> during my darkest moments i considered suicide. i wanted to die.
7:33 am
>> reporter: julian discovered he was kidnapped while applying for college saying his social security kept coming up invalid but julian said he forgives his father saying he raised him to be the man he is today. >> he's raised me well in my opinion, pushed me far in school and he's the reason why i get some of the best grades in school. and why i'm going to college. he loved me and protected me more than anybody else i've ever known. >> reporter: bobby hernandez showing regret for his actions before the judge sentenced him to four years in prison. >> i accept full responsibility for everything i did. >> reporter: now julian has since been reunited with his mother who lives in alabama but he will stay in cleveland for now so he can finish up high school but a heartbreaking story all around, george. >> it sure is. let's talk more about this with our chief legal analyst dan abrams. that testimony from the son so emotional but the judge apparently says the law is the law. >> heartbreaking story. the judge sort of went to a
7:34 am
middle ground, could have done probation, which is what the defense was asking for, the prosecutor is asking for up to 54 years behind bars. the son's testimony was critical here. not just that he is saying, you know, don't blame dad, i forgive dad. but that the kid seemed so well adjusted. the problem with this in my view is this is still a light sentence for all the sorts of charges you're talking about, the kidnapping charges and tampering and forgery and pled guilty to a whole host of charges here. you know, if we judge these kinds of cases by what happens to the kid later, that sends the message that, you know what, kidnap your kid if you need to, figure it out later if you can make -- turn your kid into a great kid then it's okay. this was someone who took their 3-year-old child away from its mother over a breakup dispute, changed his name and i understand, i have enormous sympathy as i watch this and listen to that young man talk
7:35 am
about how important his father has been but don't forget let's go back 13 years to the heartbreak of that mother having her child stolen from her home. this was a light sentence. >> and that's why this may not be it for the father. >> alabama also now considering possible charges here unclear if they'll pursue it because that's where he was taken from. this happening in ohio. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. all right, george. now to that historic win in the nba, the golden state warriors surpassing the bulls' record overnight notching their 73rd regular season victory. abc's t.j. holmes, he's here. he was up. he saw it all, good morning. >> yeah, robin, you know it was considered one of those hallowed unbreakable nba records. nobody will get 100 points in a game like wilt or eight championships in a row like the celtics for 72 wins in a season like the bulls. the warriors did it, got to 73 and made it look kind of easy. >> it's official. number 73. >> reporter: golden number 73.
7:36 am
>> the greatest regular season now belongs to the golden state warriors. >> reporter: the new regular season record on the back of this man, steph curry. >> for three. >> it's good. >> reporter: who led the way with 46 points as golden state beat the memphis grizzlies. >> back to curry. bang! >> reporter: with his eighth three-pointer the nba's reigning mvp became the first player in history to make 400 threes in a season. >> curry does it, 400 three-pointers. >> they were kind of totaling and knock it down and things started to flow. >> reporter: the warriors have beaten the'95/'96 chicago bulls' reign. as the winningest team ever. michael jordan writing, records are made to be broken. warriors head coach steve kerr who played on that bulls team made history once again.
7:37 am
>> i will say the same thing now that i said 20 years ago. i don't think this one will ever be broken. >> you were saying just a second ago about relief. those guys last night looked almost relieved to have this whole run over and now it's time to go to the playoffs. they don't win the championship and people say are you really the greatest team. now they got to deal with that. >> 400 three-pointers. >> magic johnson didn't attempt that many in his entire nba career. he made 400. >> wow. >> just incredible. coming up here baseball player adam laroche speaking out for the first time leaving the game for his son and now revealing something else that may be behind it. the great escape, the octopus breaking free from his tank. made headlines all around the world. how he did it. we'll explain coming up. come on back. rld. how he did it. we'll explain coming up. come on back. their flea and tick killer doesn't have to be. nexgard, the vet's #1 choice for dogs, is a delicious, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. so it's easy to give, easy to take.
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7:42 am
this morning he's revealing there may be something else behind that decision. abc's eva pilgrim is here with the details. good morning, eva. >> good morning. adam laroche's decision to leave baseball came as a surprise to many, leaving $13 million on the table and says he's never looked back. this morning we are learning his decision to leave may not have been as simple as many once thought. his exit from baseball garnered national headlines. >> i also applaud adam laroche. >> reporter: adam laroche -- >> reporter: white sox first baseman adam laroche choosing to retire early after being told not to bring his son to the clubhouse with him every day. >> either a spoiled ball player who wanted to have his kid in the workplace or he's been this sort of paragon of virtue of parenthood being this great father. there is more to it than the simple narrative which is that he quit because his son couldn't be in the clubhouse. >> reporter: the first baseman
7:43 am
going deep in a new interview with espn magazine for the first time talking about the backlash against his decision to quit. i never took it for granted he says, one, i get to play a game. two, i get paid an absurd amount of money to play a game. three, i can have my son with me while i'm doing it and i always knew it could get shut down at any point. but his decision may have been influenced by a trip he and longtime friend brewers pitcher blaine boyer took last year going undercover to the red light districts of southeast asia with a nonprofit trying to rescue underage sex slaves. he said, i was sick. i was thinking about my kids and thinking about the hundreds of thousands of parents who are searching for their 12-year-old daughters, what are we doing? we're going back to play a game for the next eight months? he walked away from the experience putting even more value on family. >> he feels that there is something out there for him. there are people that can learn from what his decision was. >> reporter: laroche has no
7:44 am
regrets. honestly, baseball is not that important to me. i love it, it's a passion but i think every one of us is put here for a bigger purpose. and right now laroche is spending time with his family, not watching baseball, apparently he's never cheered for a team he didn't play on. >> okay. >> that is fascinating. >> a whole new perspective. >> how complex it was. >> yes. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. coming up on "good morning america," mrs. america caught up in a shopping scam and then michael has more on the great escape. the great escape of inky the octopus who went awol. how he escaped from an aquarium and what he was trying to do. we don't have video, but i have a feeling it looked like that. olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers.
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back now with that victorious scene from "the shawshank redemption" in a story we at "gma" are calling "the shaw tank redemption." you get it. inky the octopus squeezed
7:49 am
through a drainpipe that led to the pacific ocean and nick watt has more on his great escape. >> reporter: inky is an eight-legged apologist. >> being such an inquisitive octopus was able to work out that he could get out through a little get in the lid and make his way across the floor down a drain full of seawater and back out to sea. >> reporter: hang on so he slipped out in the wee hour, slithered up to 13 feet across the floor then down a six-inch drain to the big blue and freedom? it's the shaw tank redemption. he was likely looking for love. >> he was a male octopus and generally in the wild they would go searching for mates. looking for a nice lady friend. >> reporter: he escaped because he could. this one trying to bust out of seattle aquarium. this guy unscrewing a jar, jail break. they can survive an hour out of water and don't have any bones. >> can go through anything that
7:50 am
his beak will fit through. >> reporter: this one escaping an alaskan fishing boat. >> it's like getting my wife in her wedding dress. >> hey. >> reporter: his buddy blotchy is saying nothing. octopo bro code. >> hopefully he's found a girlfriend somewhere. >> it's a happy ending. >> don't worry. all drains lead to the ocean. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> you know, inky was been in the aquarium since 2014 and got caught in the cray pot and the curator at the time said you have to keep inky entertained or inky will get bored. >> very smart. >> you don't think of them as smart. >> i can't believe blotchy couldn't give him up. >> you got to love the name. royal road trip, kate and will arriving hours ago inside their venture coming up. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning. it is 7:56. i'm reggie aqui from the abc7 morning news. mike nicco is here with your bay area forecast. so mike, is the rain gone? >> i think the steady rain is over. that is a great question. the umbrellas drying out. but a slight chance of a scattered shower across the north bay across the afternoon. breezy, 20-30 mile-per-hour winds and 61 to 66 for the rest of us. 40s tonight, the coolest night. and check out the 70s and 80s this weekend. sue. >> san mateo bridge, a 20 minute ride across the span. but on the western portion of the bridge, an accident before 101, reggie. >> thank you, sue. coming up, parent shaming. the attack on moms and dads for doing once ordinary things that experts say is raging out of control.
7:57 am
what to do next on gma. we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on join natasha, mike, sue and me every week day from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. the news continues right now with "good morning a (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪
7:58 am
(inhales cigarette)
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. beauty queen under fire. a former mrs. america and mom of two accused of theft. did she swindle macy's out of thousands of dollars of clothes and is she now headed behind bars? turning point, alarming headline from the cdc, the definitive link between the zika virus and birth defects. troubling new evidence about what the virus can do. ♪ to let it go parent shaming spike, why is it on the rise from hollywood superstars to everyday parents. >> i thought i was going to get arrested. >> why are we all weighing in on how other people should raise their kids? ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ all that and the mother of all "deals & steals" with a big surprise twist as we say -- >> all: good morning, america.
8:01 am
>> a great thursday here and right there in tulsa, oklahoma, we've got a big watch party. they are "deals & steals" fanatics. >> and they are going to see a special "deals & steals" this morning. a little mother's day edition from tory. a lot of great gifts right there and, lara, you also have another very famous mom making some headlines. >> absolutely, george. i do. kate and will are in bhutan and here's a look at the duchess trying to master archery. nice form, kate. we'll have more on that coming up. >> look how he's watching her. >> exactly. >> like don't point it towards me. stay that way. >> having a good day. let's go to amy with the morning rundown. >> good morning, everyone. the big story this morning, shadows of the cold war today. russia is rejecting u.s. claims that its fighter jets buzzed dangerously close to an american warship in the baltic sea. russia says pilots conducting test maneuvers turned back after spotting the ship and used all measures of precaution.
8:02 am
u.s. officials call the fly-by one of the most aggressive acts since the end of the cold war. breaking news from japan where a 6.4 magnitude earthquake jolted the southern part of the country. the intense shaking was felt for up to 30 seconds and was enough to collapse the walls of some houses. authorities say however there is no tsunami threat and no immediate report of any serious injuries. well, more chaos in the race for the white house with another violent clash at a donald trump rally. police in riot gear actually had to break up fights between anti-trump protesters and supporters in pittsburgh. one demonstrator pepper-sprayed two police officers. meanwhile, trump is shaking up his campaign bringing in a national political director, and today trump's campaign manager is getting some good news. prosecutors in florida say corey lewandowski will not be prosecuted for his confrontation with a reporter. back here in new york, a massive show of support for bernie sanders ahead of tonight's debate with hillary
8:03 am
clinton. nearly 30,000 people crowded into a park making it one of sanders' biggest rallies to date. well, in medical news, federal health officials have confirmed the zika virus does cause severe birth defects. perhaps the most heartbreaking cases are those babies born with abnormally small heads. the cdc says stronger warnings are needed about the virus. well, conflicting reports this morning about the death of a 12-year-old outside a school in southern california. the parents of dominick gallegos say he was playing soccer when a school bully stomped on his chest before he collapsed. but school officials insist the boy fell before passing out. police say there is no criminal investigation. well, it is the end of an era in basketball. kobe bryant waking up this morning as a retired laker. closing out his 20-year career in spectacular fashion scoring 60 points in his final game. finally, one of the coolest perks of being president, get ready are to it, a sneak peek at
8:04 am
one of the hottest shows on tv. president obama is apparently now enjoying advanced copies of the new season of "game of thrones" while the rest of us ordinary folks will just have to wait to learn jon snow's fate. the show's creator said the president asked for advanced screeners and, well, they obliged because, you know, like he's the leader of the free world and some fans are upset and one threatening to vote for trump if the president spoils the ending for him. i'm pretty sure the president is good at keeping secrets. >> he keeps a lot of them. >> that's a good point. >> when does he have the time to binge-watch? >> i don't know. you should ask him the next time you interview him. >> number one question. thank you, amy. let's get over to michael with the "morning menu." >> all right, thank you, robin. now, here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." a beauty queen busted. the fraud charge that could land her behind bars for years. and will and kate get a royal welcome as they start the next leg of their trip and we'll go inside their adventure this morning. and tory johnson is here
8:05 am
with great "deals & steals" for mother's day. we have all that coming up live on "gma" here in times square. tory and the people. wow. ♪ ♪ i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni.
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8:10 am
out of thousands of dollars and abc's linsey davis is here with the details with that. good morning to you, linsey. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. kline made her first court appearance on tuesday accused of theft by swindle or essentially an old-fashioned bait and switch with a high fashioned twist. she's a beauty queen turned potential convict. >> mrs. america. >> reporter: this morning former mrs. america, jennifer susan kline, seen hereompeting for mrs. world, could serve up to ten years in prison after allegedly making more than $5,000 worth of fraudulent returns. minnesota police say the self-proclaimed beauty and style expert, who regularly posts social media photos promoting products, spent thousands of dollars on designer clothes at macy's back in november. then about a week later went to two different macy's locations to return the clothes and collected a $5,500 refund. the problem, a store employee says kline didn't return the right items.
8:11 am
>> the tags were taken off and they were placed on to clothes that looked similar but were not the same name brand. >> reporter: according to the police complaint, macy's also said the clothes that were returned were dirty and showed signs of wear. >> there's more than just grabbing merchandise and walking out the door. there was a lot of thought put into this, a lot of effort to conceal it. >> that's so wrong. >> reporter: kline seen here in a local paper's version of "the real housewives of the twin cities" -- >> do you think it's a hard thing to break into? >> reporter: -- also appeared on a national shopping network. >> this is the best tool for cleaning up. >> reporter: now faces felony charges for theft by swindle. the 50-year-old mother of two has not yet entered a plea. police say when they searched her home, they found 24 items that kline had supposedly returned. we reached out to macy's and they said they were unable to comment on active police and legal matters. we also reached out to kline and her attorney but did not get any comment. her next court date is scheduled
8:12 am
for may. i think what surprised me most about this, this is punishable by up to ten years in prison which seems kind of extreme. i'm not saying it was right but it just seems like a lot. >> ten years is a long time behind bars. exactly, right. just the bait and switch of the tags on the merchandise. >> that's a good lesson not to beat the system. there you go. >> wait for sales like i do. >> absolutely. look for the sales. all right, robin, over to you. >> that was a good lesson, indeed. now to the royal couple. kate and will making it through an earthquake scare and now in bhutan this morning getting a giant royal welcome and trying out archery. abc's lama hasan has all the details for us. >> reporter: this morning the duke and duchess of cambridge arriving in the tiny himalayan kingdom of bhutan. the kingdom prides itself on happiness. forget about gdp, gross national happiness is what they measure, but it has one of the most dangerous airports in the world. and as if that wasn't dramatic enough, a powerful quake
8:13 am
measuring 6.9 hit neighboring myanmar on wednesday triggering aftershocks felt where the couple was staying. a spokesman confirming they were okay. back on land in bhutan, william and kate welcomed at the airport by the king's sister and her husband. kate recycling a beautiful buttermilk emilia wickstead coat dress. a quick wardrobe change, kate wearing a cape from french clothing line paul and joe with a skirt made from bhutanese material, a nod to the kingdom. >> i think bhutan is perhaps where we'll see the most opulent, most glamorous outfit from kate when she meets the other royal family. ♪ >> reporter: with a ceremonial welcome and a procession of musicians fit for the second in line to the throne, they're off to the meet the young glamorous king and queen of the buddhist nation dubbed the william and kate of the himalayas. and what better way to cap off the day than trying your hand at bhutan's national sport of archery. for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london.
8:14 am
>> to see her with that big smile enjoying herself like that. and you can get all the latest on their trip and where they're headed next at on yahoo! okay, and now we're going to look at a challenge a lot of parents are facing. it's called parent shaming. moms and dads judged for everything from letting their kids east fast food to using technology too much. our paula faris was on the end of that and she brings us this report. >> reporter: recently on "the view," i revealed that my 8-year-old has an ipad. she's texting but only texts people i approve of. and set off a social media debate. one woman tweeting, why does your daughter need a cell phone? my response, she has an ipad that she bought with her own money that we monitor 24/7. i'll parent my kids. you parent yours. that exchange is a reminder of just how much we as parents are under the microscope, and i'm hardly alone. ryan reynolds publicly criticized for how he wore his baby carrier. alicia silverstone condemned for
8:15 am
posting a video of herself feeding her baby food that she had prechewed. more examples of parent shaming, the act of criticizing parents, even calling authorities for actions that meant and caused no real harm. for connecticut mom patty levreau, the call from a stranger to authorities about her children proved traumatic. home alone with her kids, she was still in her pajamas when she chose not to respond to a delivery man's doorbell ring. >> i'm like, okay, well, i'll be at peace if he leaves his package and i went to the bathroom. five minutes later, three cops cars showed up. >> reporter: patty noted her children had been watching tv but the deliveryman assuming something was wrong called police. >> i was mortified. i thought i was going to get arrested. >> reporter: nationally calls to authorities about kids are on the rise. according to child protective services data, calls to report possible cases of child abuse are up to 3.5 million a year.
8:16 am
that's an increase of nearly 12% since 2009, but the cases of actual abuse are down 4% to 679,000 meaning the overwhelming majority of calls placed to cps are without merit. the new issue of "parents" magazine addresses the growing scrutiny of moms. do you think social media is really feeling this parent shaming phenomenon? >> i think social media has kind of amplified its effects. one of our experts called it a mob mentality. >> it's not so much i'm doing this to help you as i'm doing this to really attack you. >> or to feel better about myself, right? >> reporter: sociologist christine carter says some good can come from a heightened awareness of parents but warned shaming is not the way to go. >> these are things that lead to our own feelings of temporary superiority but that are not behaviors that are helpful to society at all. >> reporter: patty says she's still recovering from the morning police were called to her house.
8:17 am
seeing that her children were safe, the police left but the situations made her uneasy. >> people shouldn't be looking for if something was wrong. they should just mind their own business. >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> thanks to paula for that. let's talk to our friend ericka souter from a couple different things going on here. on the one hand on social media we saw the parents magazine talking about a mob mentality and know it's out there. >> we know parents often do this or people often parent shame because it makes them feel superior. but one of the reasons it's such an epidemic is because it's so easy to do. open up your computer. you no longer have to confront the person. you can think of something really nasty to say, type it and, boom, it's out there in the universe. it used to be when you confronted something that took a lot of nerve. now you can just attack, attack, attack and there aren't really those consequences. >> and even be anonymous. that's very different from going to authorities and turing someone in. i was shocked by those numbers there.
8:18 am
>> sometimes people are a little unsure of whether they should turn someone in and there's some situations where you should and so there are things that you can ask yourself. number one, is a child being physically abused? are there signs that they are experiencing serious harm to their body? number two, are there signs of sexual abuse? are you unsure of what they are so ask the school guidance counselor or pediatrician or web sources or, number three, are there signs of neglect? is this child always hungry? do they not have enough clean clothes or left alone in situations? >> clearly if you're walking in a park and see a mom or dad hitting a kid, you call the police? >> well, you know, it depends. are they swatting them a light spanking, which is allowed. parents are allowed to spank their children or is the child being harmed? are they leaving marks and bruises? is the child in a lot of pain? you have to take those into consideration when you see a situation like that. >> what are some of the positive things we can do? >> you know, think about -- a lot of moms tell us they would
8:19 am
think about how they would feel if someone were to write a nasty thing online or to call the police for an unwarranted situation. and, number two, you know, acknowledge the fact that no one is a perfect parent and people make mistakes and can happen to you. if you're going to go online and rip apart some mom for something that seems very innocuous or silly, you know, just i like to fall back to what my mom and grandmother told me, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. >> amen to that. ericka souter, thanks very much. let's go outside to ginger. >> whoa. we've got -- sorry, we were just chatting. i always try to find who came from the farthest place. i think these guys back here win. you guys are from where? >> nairobi, kenya. >> from kenya, so they had quite a trip to come here but you're originally from new york. either way we're enjoying the morning, right? a really mild and wonderful morning. south of us it is not the same right along the gulf that
8:20 am
stationary front is draped there along the gulf and parts of florida are going to get heavy rains, already i saw video from the magic kingdom last night in orlando with those big thunderstorms coming through. you're going to see more of that action. a mild day today up in the plains but look at some of the numbers, louisville soaring to 81 by monday. new york city, are you guys sticking around this weekend? look how nice it's going to be. temperatures make it to the mid-70s by monday. washington, d.c. also hitting the big 8-0. wow. that's going to be good. ings i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. partly cloudy. isolated shower. it will be breezy today and tomorrow. check out weekend, 10-20 degrees warmer than today. the breezes will keep us in the upper 50s loan coast and san francisco. 61-66. grab an extra blanket. 42 in napa and san francisco is 49. my seven-day outlook shows dangerous subthrough 8:00 tomorrow. and enjoy the warm weather this
8:21 am
weekend >> all right, lara. let's get some "pop news." >> thank you, ginger. come on in here. we're going to begin "pop news" with a crazy, stupid love reunion, if you will. take a look at the first official photo of emma stone and steve carell ready for the "battle of the sexes." that's the name of the upcoming film in which they play billie jean king and bobby riggs. this is the side by side of the real tennis legends. pretty great, right? so is the real-life story for all you millennials who don't know it. this legendary match between king, who was number one in the world at the time, and riggs who was retired, this match sparked the conversation about gender equality in sports and was one of the most watched sporting events of all time. so who won? robin, don't do it. if you don't know, please see the movie. it's expected to hit theaters in 2017.
8:22 am
>> but did you know that margaret court played bobby riggs before that and lost? >> i didn't know that. >> and this was the second -- yes. but we don't know what happened? >> all right, billie jean won. >> spoiler alert. >> but great casting. >> it was huge, though. >> it was. >> remember walking in, i remember howard cosell. >> i'm glad jesse is not here. because, of course, he'd be like, i don't remember. >> i don't remember that. i was way too young. >> also in "pop news" this morning, the disney channel is searching for its next zac efron and vanessa hudgens. listen up to all of you parents right here and out there, they're casting a wide net as in the worldwide web. they've just announced open casting for the fourth installment of "high school musical." i know. get ready for it. >> open the gate, my gosh. >> i'm sure i'll be doing the videotape for my daughter who knows every word to every song. all talented actors, singers and dancers, 14 to 17 invited to submit their best stuff to the disney applause app meaning
8:23 am
young stars can send in their auditions from anywhere in the u.s., not just new york and l.a. which is often the case. the audition process opens on april 18th and goes through may 2nd. >> that's going to be something. >> that is really cool. >> i'll send it in and anyone can apply in. >> i do too. a great thing, which is why i wanted to include it in "pop news." thank you. 2 for 2. finally, i hope you like this one. check out this english grandmother who's blown away by technology and the filters her grandkids are adding to her face as she takes a selfie. just enjoy. >> oh. >> just watch. >> she's got my -- aagh. >> you guys know about this. >> it's face swap. it's so scary sometimes. >> oh! oh! aaagh! >> her reaction is priceless.
8:24 am
>> welcome to the internet, ma'am. you already have more than 2 million fans now. >> ah. >> reminds me a little bit of mrs. doubtfire. >> a little bit, yeah. oh, that app is so disturbing. >> it is, right? >> yeah, yeah. anyway, that's "pop news," george. >> 3 for 3. you hit a triple. hit a triple. >> thank you. we have a lot coming up in our next half hour. we have great "deals & steals" for mother's day, and let's take a look at our watch party. they're excited as well out in oklahoma. everything today under $40. also this morning, there they are in tulsa, oklahoma. also this morning, beauty 911, easy fixes for some of your most common beauty problems from your makeup to your teeth. >> you do not need to worry about that, miss robin roberts. you have perfect teeth. >> and we have an oscar winning actress coming. lupita nyong'o is here live talking about "the jungle book." we have a little bit of a surprise too.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
the fbi has joined san francisco police in a search for a missing two-year-old girl. she has not been seen since april first and concern over finding her alive is growing. the body of her mother was discovered last friday morning near a playground. your morning commute with sue hall. good morning, sue. >> good morning, and we have slow and go traffic across the san mateo bridge, 30 minute drive from hayward to foster city. why? an accident on the western portion of the span. waiting on the a tow truck. at oyster point, two lanes blocked, natasha. >>
8:28 am
that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past.
8:29 am
to get involved visit good morning. this morning's rain already south of merced and is heading breezy and cooler than average. and warmer than average and then check out the summer warmth all the way to the coast this weekend. natasha. >> thank you, mike. we'll have another update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and join us week days from 4:30 to
8:30 am
7:00 a.m. the news continues now with "good morning america." ♪ talk to me baby welcome on back to "gma." happy friday eve, everybody. >> yes, robin. we have a half hour full of "deals & steals" and big stars. "jungle book" star lupita nyong'o is here live, can't wait to talk to her. grace, elegant. >> on point. >> another one of our favorites too. >> but, wait, there's more. "modern family's" jesse tyler ferguson is with us. so excited to talk to him. he's taking on broadway playing i think three dozen, maybe more characters all in one, a one-man show and will tell us how he does it and so much more coming up. >> all right. all of that but first george and tory have some great "deals & steals" for us. mother's day edition, george.
8:31 am
>> we sure do. tory johnson with me right now. mother's day "deals & steals," also here's some super fans from the rustic cuff store out in tulsa, oklahoma. there they are, very happy this morning. >> so fun. those women know as do we that every day is mother's day so we're talking mother's day gifts. >> they are big fans. >> they're big fans. >> let's start up here. >> some amazing fun things at great deals so this is from a company called o-venture. >> one of oprah's favorite things. >> one of oprah's favorite things, a really fun, easy key ring that you will ever lose because of the size of it. it is genuine leather and comes in a variety of different colors and you could be like the school principal that keeps it around your wrist, your elbow, but you'll never lose it, and that's the big thing about. normally $55. these are all slashed in from o-venture. can't beat that. >> these are beautiful. so these are from yedi houseware. three different options to choose from, the teapot, the espresso set or the -- this is
8:32 am
for tea or coffee, it's the gold rimmed porcelain pieces and come in a beautiful gift box, silk lined, so it's easy for gifting and storage so if you're not using it every day. this is the kind of stuff where you don't have to use it just for special occasions. phenomenal deal on these depending on what it is you choose, they originally are $20 to $60, which is already a great deal, everything slashed in half so starting $10 to $30. little teapot, $10, how adorable. >> i have to bring one of these home. you've got three girls at home, so i wouldn't bring just one. this is from quilted koala. i love this. this is quilted koala's best deal with us ever, 100% cotton. huge duffel. you see how -- plus, see how light it is. >> it is so light but it can take a lot. >> it holds a lot. every woman knows you want to start with something light because once you pile in all that stuff whether it is for travel, soccer, yoga, whatever it is that you're using this bag for, you don't want the bag to be the weight. it also comes with a matching
8:33 am
cosmetics case, so this is great for any kind of gear, makeup, jewelry or whatever it is you want to put in there. big deal on these. normally, the two pieces, $143, today only we are slashing it by 73%. $38. >> oh, my gosh. >> and free shipping. >> you're right. i will take three of them. >> and free shipping. right? quilted koala's best deal ever. >> these are interesting looking. this is a company called primal elements so that's a gel-like candle. that's a citrus one. i like that one. i think the pineapple one is really nice. there are four different scents and have a stained glass look. a cupcake one. probably not your cup of tea. >> i kind of like it. >> but there's three different products, four different scents, sugar whip which is great, exfoliating, the moisturizing body lotion, fun to mix and match and create your own gift set. these normally $14 to $20 but everything today slashed in half so really 7 to 10 bucks. >> and finally these arecuff, r
8:34 am
>> these are from rustic cuff, yes. one of our biggest, best deals ever from them. this is a fun one. two different bracelets. you get the cuff as well as the stainless steel beaded bracelet and choose gold or silver then any of the five colored barrels so this is a beautiful gift to present to mom and another big discount on these. normally the three pieces, $138, today only slashed by 72%, 38 bucks. and we've got team rustic cuff here in tulsa. >> that's right. hey, b.j., what do you think about all this? >> these are amazing. i am loving all of these deals that you guys offered us today and we look forward to watching you on thursday and seeing the amazing products that you have offered for us. >> oh, b.j. is so sweet. b.j. is sweet. the big boss jill is right next to b.j., lots of not just "gma" fans but rustic cuff customers, "deals & steals" customers, these are the women who come every week to watch what we have to offer. >> thank you, guys.
8:35 am
>> we have something really special for you guys, so we have arranged for all of you to go home with something from every single company. [ cheers and applause ] big mother's day. big mother's day in tulsa. >> cannot do better than that right there. thanks to all of you. thank you, tory, and we want to thank all these companies for providing these great deals. you can get the links and codes and a bonus offer at on yahoo! now let's go to robin. >> george and tory, i love when it sunk in with them, like, whoo. we're getting all that. all right. here now with oscar winning actress lupita nyong'o. she is starring in "the jungle book" as a wolf who adopts a human child raising him as her own. in this clip mowgli is leaving to go live with humans. let's take a look first. >> it's okay. i won't go far. i'll come back and visit. >> never forget this, you're mine, mine to me.
8:36 am
no matter where you go or what they may call you, you will always be my son. >> the emotion, the unmistakable voice that you have here. welcome back, lupita. >> thank you so much. >> the props went all out here. you know, such anticipation for this. why did you want to be a part of it? >> well, because, first of all, i've loved "the jungle book" since i was a child and loved the freedom mowgli had and cool friends and i loved baloo and jon favreau had this amazing vision for this new, new take on it. first of all, the new technology, but at the heart of it he wanted to create a very emotionally engaging experience and setting this first and foremost with mowgli having to leave his wolf family and knowing what that family means to him and how close and knit they were was really exciting for me. >> and that's what drew you.
8:37 am
the family aspect of it, and speaking of that, your character, of course, is so fiercely protective of her cubs much like your mom? >> yes, very much like my mother. my mother, she is fiercely protective and she's the kind of person to say, if you die, i'll kill you and so i definitely wanted to channel that kind of, you know, mother who just never gives up and to this day she still texts me to find out what i've had for breakfast. >> across the sea she'll text you and see what you're eating. >> yeah, make sure i'm eating well. >> you said because you're single. you don't have children yet and said it was a way of kind of stepping into that role a little bit and being more than just yourself. >> yeah, for sure. i mean, this was an opportunity to try my hand at mothering, at least through my voice. >> ah, and your voice is unmistakable and you're having -- and congratulations, getting rave reviews on broadway "eclipsed" and the fun cast that you work with, and you seem so very close, and we're going to
8:38 am
show some video because backstage when they saw your "instyle" spread, they had a bit of fun with that. what's going on, lupita? >> well, i showed it to them for the first time when this was being taken, and they were just so excited about it, and we're a very close-knit cast, and we celebrate each other on a daily basis and all the things we're achieving together and on our own, and i just love being a part of that sisterhood. >> are they still speaking to you because that april fools' prank. you said it was truffles but really it was chocolate covered onions? >> yeah, i know the time of reckoning is coming. i think they're planning something behind my back, but so far so good. they need me for the show, so i'm going to be alive for a little longer. >> they need you for that but it must be wonderful. i mean, all these wonderful roles that are coming your way and that people are embracing you. every time we say that you're coming, grace is the word that comes to mind, people say, and
8:39 am
elegance. that must be something that warms your heart. >> of course, it does, and i feel really blessed to be able to play these roles that are so challenging, but also that are changing something in the air, you know, and introducing people to a new way of looking at the world. yes. >> well, i know that you enjoy your crew and cast with "eclipsed" and you also had a lot of fun with "star wars" and you, somebody in particular you became very close with with "star wars." >> oh, yes, my brother from another mother, john boyega, yeah, i just -- we are in constant communication, and he makes me laugh at all hours of the day. >> constant communication. he has a message for you. >> oh, my goodness. >> take a look. >> lupita nyong'o, she's forged by the gods. she has a face that mathematically makes sense and she's definitely, definitely talented. hey, love, it's john boyega. surprise. i hope "the jungle book" is going well, the tour is going well.
8:40 am
i'm at "star wars" shooting. we're missing you and your wisdom and your grace, honestly, i can't wait to see you. good luck. >> oh, the grace, you see there. oh, must be wonderful the time that you had with him. >> oh, it was. i mean, he is just an infectious human being. you just want to be around him and he makes -- he is such a good leader when it comes to "star wars" because he's so active. i mean, he grew up on "star wars." it's in his blood, you know. >> when you say it like that. oh, well, we can't wait to see what you're going to do next, and we can't wait to see "the jungle book." you're always very kind. you're going to see michael and kelly after this? >> yes, i am. >> he was talking about it. he was here earlier and they can't wait to see you. "the jungle book," swings -- see that -- swings into theaters tomorrow but let's go outside to ginger. ging. >> look at this crowd. healthy and hearty crowd out in times square, but we've got to check in on what will not be a party in southern california. high wind warning from the malibu hills through los angeles.
8:41 am
look at the gusts up to 45 miles per hour. the gusts even in las vegas will reach some 20 to 40 and some of the mountain passes up to 80. good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco. it will be breezy. partly cloudy. stray shower cross the north by. temperatures from 59 in san francisco to mid-60s. my seven-day forecast shows 70s and 80s this >> and all that weather brought to you by carmax. robin. >> yeah. that's it. we're talking to lupita because, you know, we're just talking about being on broadway and how exhausting that is but rewarding it is and so coming out here, thank you again for making time. i know you're very proud of this project "the jungle book" but coming up, she doesn't have to worry about this. the ultimate beauty rescues coming up next.
8:42 am
♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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8:44 am
♪ i won give up we are back now with our beauty 911 series and this morning we have easy solutions for common problems and we asked you to share your questions and now "good housekeeping's" magazine style director lori bergamotto is here to answer them. you have great ideas that aren't just quick and easy but also inexpensive. >> exactly.
8:45 am
we're all working too hard and spending too much money and beauty companies are really so innovative and they can take -- you can just put forth the minimal effort for the maximum result. we have three to show you. >> awesome. first up we have chrissy. >> okay. >> chris circumstance you're going to tell us what your beauty emergency is. >> yes, so i love adele's cat eye and seen the viral video but when i try and do it myself, obviously it does not turn out as planned, so i was wondering if you had any eyeliner mistake fixers. >> okay, so basically we do, and this is a common problem that when people are trying to line their eyes, they make a mistake so this bbrow corrector pen, sorry, chrissy, just takes away very gently the problem without, amy, having to scrub your whole face and irritate it so you can just kind of fix it up here and clean it up with organic floral water in it,
8:46 am
and it's gentle on your skin but you get an effective result so 28 bucks, bbrowbar brow corrector. >> fantastic. that's works. i love it. >> problem solved. >> problem solved. next up we have audra who tweeted in with her beauty emergency. she wrote, our dentist visit was a nightmare. kids and i still have plaque. i don't want to spend hundreds on fancy toothbrushes. help. she is here with her daughter gianna. so, lori, what can they do? >> okay, so this is amazing. this is a groundbreaking toothpaste called plaque hd, and, amy, what this has inside of it are these little disclosing agents that color and identify plaque on your teeth so you'll get like this little teal or blue or green spots on your teeth and it's like a game and you try to erase them and it works like a normal toothpaste but it makes your mouth up to four times healthier and your teeth even whiter because you're getting rid of that plaque. >> right. >> it's more efficient brushing. >> so we saw you guys giving it a try. what did you think? >> i like it because
8:47 am
every time i go to the dentition dentist, i get the complaint i don't floss enough. this is an easy way for me to see where i missed. >> what about you? >> i like it but she had more blue than i do. >> i have a tween too. i know, i feel for you. we're all there. and then last but not least we have a beauty emergency coming in from tyler in chicago, illinois, who is on skype, tyler, what's your beauty emergency? >> hey, guys, so i love manicures but they can be expensive and i don't always love the color. i wish there was a way i could try on the color before getting the manicure to ensure that i leave the salon satisfied. >> good question. i always have regret. wrong color. >> i know, and, tyler, we can help you. sally hansen mini match app is brilliant, so, amy, will you be my little tester here. so if you put your right hand down here, okay, and we actually tested this in the "good housekeeping" lab. you'll see each color. the app actually will pick the most flattering colors.
8:48 am
>> o. i love this. >> for your skin tone, and you can just go out, get it. bring it to the salon and get it done. >> that is so cool. >> i love that. >> one of our beauty breakthroughs at "good housekeeping." >> i love that, lori. tyler, thanks for the great question.
8:49 am
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♪ back now with jesse tyler ferguson. of course, you know him from "modern family" but he's taking a turn on broadway now and getting standing ovations for the show that's called "fully committed" where he plays close to 40 characters in 90 minutes. it is remarkable. jess, i saw it the other night about starring sam, that's your main character. >> that's my main character. >> he's a struggling actor. he's working the phone lines at a very fancy restaurant and it's all the characters that call in, all are you. how do you keep them straight? >> it's -- i need to be put into an insane asylum
8:51 am
after 9 show is over. it's very hard and very fun but i started working on it in october. started to memorize it and -- >> moonlighting while doing -- >> coming in on my weeks off from "modern family" and working with a dialect coach so been a lot of fun. >> sam's -- you kind of -- your regular voice but then can you give everybody a sampling of the maitre d'. >> jean-claude the maitre d' is very french and always posturing and -- >> who is the one woman who always calls and wants a reservation he says is a doll. >> caroline rosenstein rischburne. she needs to talk with jean-claude immediately on friday evening. >> i totally know her from long island. >> we all know her. >> then there is the british hostess. >> oh, yeah, she's like a doll. she's like, hello. this is a writer from "bon appetit" magazine to talk to the chef. i imagine she has a large bosom too. >> is that what you do? do you imagine what -- >> i have like prototypes of people.
8:52 am
she's adele in my mind, like pretty and just like, you know, very east london. >> then the chef is a real piece of work. >> the chef is just like a dude. he's a jerk too. he's like, how do you feel about my frozen polenta? you know. >> then you have a character who is the executive assistant for one miss gwyneth paltrow. is it bryce? >> bryce, yes. calling from gwyneth paltrow's office. >> yeah. >> you know she doesn't eat night shades, right. they're eggplants. >> i did note that gwyneth would need to change the lightbulbs in the restaurant for better lighting. so let me ask you, has gwyneth seen it? have you reached out to her? >> no, i met her a few years ago. she's lovely. i know she has a new cookbook out. i'm totally buying it because i buy all of her cookbooks. i would love for her to see it. it spins her up in a fun way. >> how is this compared to "modern family"? more fun, more stressful? >> well, it's a lot more stressful because it's just me on stage. i mean, if i go up on a line like i have no one there to help me. we can't edit that out. it's just live.
8:53 am
>> but on the other hand, it's only you so you can just kind of -- >> you would think, yeah. i'll just have caroline rosenstein fishburne take over the show. no, it's a lot of fun. a lot of work. >> it is remarkable. if you can't get enough of jesse, by the way, the season finale is coming up in may, may i think 18th. so good. we'll show a clip to you next week. but in the meantime, where's the play? at the -- >> lyceum theater. >> that's right around the block on 45th street. congratulations, my >> thanks, love. isn't this fun, living like the pioneers of olden times? i hate the outside. well, i hate it wherever you are. burn. "burn." is that what the kids are saying now? i'm so bored, i'm dead. you can always compare rates on oh, that's nice, dear. but could you compare camping trips? because this one would win. all i want to do is enjoy nature and peace and quiet! it's not about winning. it's about helping people find a great rate even if it's not with progressive. -ugh. insurance. -when i said "peace and quiet," did you hear, "talk more and disappoint me"? ♪ do do do do ♪ skiddly do do
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"good morning america" is brought ♪ i won't give up i won't give in ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by benefiber healthy shape. this, you can do. >> what a day. what a day. >> we packed it up on this thursday morning. >> we sure did. one more alarm clock left on this friday eve. >> wait, there's more. >> no, there's not. thanks for watching, everybody. ♪ i won't give in give in ♪
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good morning. i'm natasha zouves. meteorologist mike nicco has your bay area forecast. it was wet this morning. >> hard to believe when it was when you look at the sunshine outside. good morning. we do have a chance of a scattered shower across the north bay and dangerous hazards at the beach until 8:00 tomorrow morning. risk of being swept into the ocean is high. 40s tonight. quite chilly. but the warming trend tomorrow will put us in the 70s and 80s over the weekend. sue. >> we have a bay bridge back-up and reports of a motorcycle down on the san francisco side of the bay bridge. that is cleared out of lanes. still slow traffic across the span for a 30 minute drive into san francisco. >> look at that red. time now for "live with kelly and michael." we are back at 11:00 a.m. for the abc midday news. our reporting continues on our news app and join us week days from 4:30 to
9:00 am
7:00 a.m. make it a great day. >> it's "live with kelly & michael." today, film and broadway star, lupita nyong'o. and from the new movie "barbershop: the next cut," regina hall. plus, your questions and comments on another edition of "the inbox." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> and now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan. [applause]


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