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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 14, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> the break news is amber alert issued for the bay area. look at this photo. this little boy on the scene. police are scrambling to find him after they say he was kidnapped. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> kristen is off. a desperate search is underway from a boy taken from in front of his father's home in monterey county in soledad. janet? >> c.h.p. said the child was put in the car and left alone as the father ran back inside the house. when he came out the car and the child were gone. this is the photo.
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2-year-old jason vargas. a stranger jumped in the front seat of the parked car and took off around 6:45 this morning. jared fogle is hispanic with brown eyes and brown eyes, last seen wearing a blue sweater and white shirt with yellow strikes and blue jeans. he has asthma and needs the medication. the suspect got away in the father's stolen car, 2015 black honda accord 7lie244. the windows are tinted and the car has damage to the left rear bumper. amber alert signs like this are now lit up along the freeway cross the bay area. if you have any information you are urged to call police right away. we will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on our station and our website >> we have a picture from sky 7
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of jason vargas being abducted from soledad. this is the home where we believe he was an deducted. you can see there are police in the unable. we can see neighbors and possibly family members around the area. we were tag about a two-year old boy it cannot get more desperate. minutes matter. we will continue to machine -- monitor this. the alert is for the entire bay area. if you have our news app you have got everyone a push notification when the better -- amber alerts with -- was issued. >> dubs nation frenzy is sweeping the bay area. this is no sign of showing down after the impressive line ending the regular season on the historic high note. they defeated the grizzlies to get the 73rd win of the season. unbelievable. that set a new record for most wednesday for the n.b.a. the warriors not all celebrating
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because they have to keep their mind in this game looking ahead to the playoffs happening this weekend. >> tonight is another season starting in a couple of days, time to refocus. >> we are ready. this has been beginning on for quite a while. i am excited to get playoffs started. >> the warriors did not only make history as team superstar steph curry outdid himself. he eclipsed his own three-point record becoming the first n.b.a. player with 400 three pointers in the regular season. he finished with a tally of 402, three pointers. >> one thing to win. it is another thing to wear it. >> to quote beyonce we assume you have some t-shirts in your bag swag? >> i am assuming you are the only person linking beyonce with the warriors but i will play along with you.
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the warriors fans are crazy if love with their team. i am at fan store at oracle arena. everything here that is royal blue and gold and yellow, flying off the shelf. >> when it was over the celebration of the season began. >> warriors! >> a great night. great game. the players played great. we are having a great night. everyone is celebrating. this is history right here, boys. this is history! all the next step for the warriors is winning a championship. tickets are being sold starting at $200 each. but if you cannot afford the game, you can still get the gear. the 73 win t-shirts sold out last night. do not worry, more are coming. sports merchandise company jumped into action producing t-shirts celebrate the record-breaking season. >> there have been 1,400 teams
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that have played and none have gone 73-9. people were feeling like they have to remember it for a long-term and a t-shirt is a nice way to show that. >> we found some of the t-shirts they are the 73 win t-shirts but they are only in women's sizes and in youth sizes. no luck for the men coming in here hoping to get one of the 73 win t-shirts. i went on-line on to check to see what the n.b.a. final tickets are going for and right now game one a ticket is less than $1,000. that could be a bargain if you go right new. >> do not sell yourself short you could look good in a deep (v). >> and vehicle -- "san francisco chronicle" "best ever and," and
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steph curry. >> this only we have a look at the warriors schedule for the first round of the playoffs. game one against the rockets is saturday at 12:30 at oracle arena. you can watch the game only on abc7. game two is machine -- monday night at 7:30. it shifts to houston and then the next game is in houston, and if necessary game five would be back at oracle arena on wednesday april 27th. >> after game one on saturday, stay tuned to after the game right here. larry and shumann are joining for analysis and coverage. >> we saw rain this morning. you had to get up early to see it. most of it is moved out of bay area. what is left? strong wind. they are having an effect at sfo. meteorologist mike nicco will tell us what is in store. mike? >> good morning, everyone. dodging is a good way to explain
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it because the winds are intermittent. the next couple of hours they will pick up in intensity and pick up in their consistency. can you see 10-15 miles per hour winds and 20 at the coast. and 20-30 as we head through later in the afternoon and around 7:00 they are peeking and pulling become at 11:00. the winds are kicking up the clouds and once in a while they will bump into the mountains and drop a light shower. otherwise, the rain is out of the forecast for a while and we will look ahead to speaker heat in the weekend forecast. >> thank you, mike. >> car hopping, filling the air, yelling and gridlock is what neighbors are saying is the result of transit only lanes on mission street. the plan was to help speed up muni. amy hollyfield is here with the story. >> the ride is two minutes faster right now. with the regulate finished next week it will be five minutes faster but the speed comes with
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a cost. the new red line belongs exclusively to buses and taxis. it is zippy. but to clear the way, cars are being diverted. robert could not believe it when he could not get open mission street. >> i went back to mission and they push you off. and again they push you off. this is bad. >> public transportation officials are getting an earful from people sitting in backed up traffic as they are forced to turn right off mission as are the officers guiding the drivers. >> i was walking my dog an the corner and this poor guy what was coming out of people's mouth. the conditions are the right turn only lanes are backing up traffic. we are trying to address the concerns. we can make adjustments. >> officials say the idea is 10 years in the making. the hope is for it to be safer for pedestrians on mission and for the bus ride continue quicker. some have noticed it is.
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>> it is faster. i am very supportive. very supportive. it makes crossing mission safer. >> we were surprised to hear from bus riders would have not noticed a difference although muni said the ride is now two minutes quicker. >> i don't think it makes a difference. i don't pay attention to two minutes. >> is the gain worth the cost? >> we have heard this is something that has saved them a last time. >> you cannot, not allow traffic to cross mission. it is not a smart move. >> he has been heard. other activists have been, as well. muni is now going to have a community meeting to hear people's frustration, and, also, point out change takes time. it take as month to get used to change. >> to minutes means different
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things to different people. all the race for the white house runs through the bay area. the just announced plan for a major candidate to stump here. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news an amber alert for a two-year old boy. authorities are asking the entire bay area to be on the look out for jason vargas. we have live figures from sky 7 over his home in soledad believed where he was taken. stick with us for more on the breaking news throughout the
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>> we are tracking the breaking news. an amber alert issued for this little boy. 2-year-old jason vargas. police say a stranger jumped in the front seat of a parked car that jason vargas was in this morning. he took off. the boy is hispanic. brown hair. brown eyes. last seen wearing a blue sweater white shirt. with yellow strikes. and blue jeans. time is critical because he has asthma and needs mode. if you see jason vargas call 9-1-1. >> parts of japan are dealing with the aftermath of a major earthquake and numerous after shocks. officials say people could be trapped under homes and lives could be on the line. u.s. geological survey said 6.2 earthquake struck the southern tip of japan at 5:30 a.m. our time. since that time the area has had 11 after shocks. including one that registered 6.0. firefighters are responding to calls for help after several homes caught fire. piles of rubble are on the
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sidewalk. no debts have been reported so far. u.s. geological survey said there is not a tsunami threat. >> donald trump is coming to the bay area to kick off the state g.o.p. convention. it runs from april 29 to my 1st at the hyatt. he will make a speech there dug the first day of the convention. governor kasich and ted cruz will be this, as well. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are gearing up for the big debate in new york. hillary clinton has a double digit lead over bernie sanders. last night, 27,000 people went to a bernie sanders rally in new york city. hillary clinton draw 1,200. all this in preparation if the all pop primary on tuesday, 291 delegates up for grabs. >> if you lease on life for adorable baby bears. >> wondering how much rain your
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neighborhood received? we will look at that and issues at coast although the rain is over. i will give you an update on when the 70s and 80s get to your neighborhood. >> dubs fans celebrate, and where you will want to head in oakland to raise a toast to the best team ever. >> in soledad right now police are going door to door gathering reports and searching for a two-year old boy in the middle of an amber alert. we will have more on the
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air wick®. home is in the air™. >> we follow breaking news, amber alert issued for the spire bay area. police are looking for 2-year-old jason vargas. a stranger jumped in the front seat of a parked car. jason vargas was in the car this morning. the driver took off. the boy is hispanic the he has brown hair and brown eyes last seen wearing a blue sweater, white shirt with yellow strikes and blue jeans also time is critical. he has asthma and needs medicine. >> he was abducted from a home in soledad. we are over the scene right now. police are going door to door searching for this boy. if you see jason vargas or the license plate we tweeted, call 9-1-1 immediately. >> new information will be passed to you during the newscast the right new we get to
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meteorologist mike nicco looking at windy day. mike? >> good morning. it is brisk. it is going to be breezy headed into the afternoon. it will keep our temperatures below average. from the another bay hills camera we look to the north anticipating the showers, scattered in nature sliding south. and danville is .2", and fremont is .1" is same in palo alto and sfo only .0 3". other areas include .08" in san jose and redwood city, nothing and oakland is .15" and in santa rosa .2" and that is the area we are watching right now up to the north, clear lake, right there at the burn areas which are getting light rain. same around cloverdale and broadening out the picture, this is how it is moving. it is sliding to the southeast. healdsburg, watch out. knoxville is getting a light shower. more developing to the north.
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that will mainly stay in the north bay. it will move to the sierra. it will bring snow showers. from sutro tower the highlights today, we are partly cloudy. breezy. isolated showers. breezes hang around until tomorrow. 10-20 degrees warmer this weekend. today the freeze keeps up in the upper 50s along the coast in san francisco, richmond and san san mateo is 51. at the beach, it is hazard with a risk of being swept into the objection by large swells from 10-14 and up to 22' through tomorrow. in san jose, there is healthy rain but not were of a rain fade. isolated shower through 3:00 and the chance fades at 5:00, and through the planner, grab a jacket, the breezes will taper starting at 9:00, so it will be cooler this morning with low-to-mid 50s. you may need an extra blanket until you turn on the heater tonight, with the temperature from 42 in napa to 49 in san
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francisco. here is my seven-day forecast: breezes will be milder tomorrow. still 60 at the coast. the rest of us in the low-to-mid 60s. the warm the starts to spread to the coast. 70s this over the weekend, and low-to-mid 80s elsewhere. we will have a sea breeze starting on monday. it is cooler there. it will bring the temperatures back closer to average for tuesday and wednesday. notice, no more rain in the photograph after the isolated shower today. >> pride continues for dubs nation, and oakland bars are letting fans in on a sweet deal. there are 73 cent beer today in celebration of the warriors' win while supplies last. this picture was posted with the announcement. inside, reservations are recommended, tables on the dock or first come first serve because of unstable weather. you can share your pride on facebook by shareing this badges, posted on our abc7 news
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page "73 wednesday." like our page on facebook. >> this story of the four little bears. they are so small and so cute we are calling these little guys a bundle will --
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>> we are tracking breaking news from monterey, county, sky 7 in sole dad over the home where a two-year old boy was kidnapped this morning. we want to show you jason vargas' photo. he has brown hair, brown eye, last seen wearing a beige beanie, blue sweater with white shirt and yellow strikes and blue jeans. he has asthma and needs the medication. >> here is the car police are looking for: a 2015 black honda accord 7lie244. the windows are tinted. the car has damage to the last rear bumper. breaking news continues on twitter with instant updates. >> coming up at 4:00, kindergarteners are check out new construction, sneak look inside a now space in the south bay. and at 5:00, do not get swindled
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tax season, "7 on your side" will have ways to avoid common scams this time of year. >> the four bears. abandoned. and getting now a second chance. boy are they cute. >> adorable. this bundle are just settling in, the animal sanctuary in nevada. the four little siblings were found under the walkway of a home. officials movie the cubs were born in january and are quite small right new. they only weigh seven pounds each. they are eating mostly natural foods right now. adorable closeup. they turn around...the goal is to keep they will wild. they do not want them to be in a came for the rest of their lives so they hope they can return them to the woods some day. they gone through enough losing parents and we hope they have a "beary," good life. >> got that.
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got that. >> to all of us, thank you for joining us.
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>> hey, everybody. you're invited to spend the next 1/2 hour right here. there's gonna be drama, there will be suspense, and if we're lucky, there's going to be somebody walking out of here very, very rich. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everyone. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to continue playing "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] i say "continue" because we have a returning contestant. this contestant has a smile, which is fitting, since her name means "joy has arrived," and i'm pretty happy to have her back. from reston, virginia, please welcome back dayo boyd. [cheers and applause] >> hi, chris. good to see you. >> come on over. >> good to see you again. >> good to see you too.


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