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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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this is located in monterey county. you can see the black honda accord that was at the center of today's amber alert sent out this morning. deputies had to bust the window out to pull the child to safety. the father apparently left the car running with his sun inside as he ran to the front door to lock it. a passer-by saw the vehicle and contacted law enforcement which led them to jacob. >> i had to stay strong and hope for the best. i just want to thank everybody and all my friends out there looking for my son. >> you can't ever leave a child in a car with the engine running. nobody should plan on ever leave their car unintended. we see this all the time. >> reporter: deputies will be at the scene gathering evidence
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throughout the evidence, hoping to figure out who was responsible for this kidnapping. as we return live to soledad police headquarters, the police chief says they were surveying the neighborhood, hoping to find any chance video from this morning that can help authorities can solving this case. reporting live, i'm chris nguyen, "abc7 news." back to you. >> chris, thanks so much. commuters are facing major delays while police search for a vehicle. south bound lanes just reopened. all the trouble started when police tried to stop a car wanted for a robbery. that car hit another vehicle. officers arrested some of the people from that car. they're now searching the area for at least one other suspect. a dental assistant faces another accusation tonight of molesting a young patient in concord. police say four girls now claim he assaulted them during dental visits. the latest victim is under the
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age of 10. officers first arrested him earlier this month after an 8-year-old girl said she was molested at the dental office. the latest okayization involves another clinic where he used to work. detectives forethere may be more victims. they're searching for videos they believe he took of the assaults. >> there's cases where maybe he didn't film a child where he might have touched somebody and they know about it and they haven't reported it yet. >> he remains in the contra costa county jail on more than $8 million bail. only on "abc7 news" now, a jailhouse interview with the woman busted by the feds with the man at the center of a police brutality investigation. stannislov petrov has a long rap sheet and melanie woodrow spoke with the girlfriend inside the jail to get some insight into this complicated case. >> reporter: i spoke with her
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inside housing unit 24. no cameras, no note pads allowed. she answered my questions. she says a friend showed her this video in november of sheriff's deputies hitting petrov with their batons more than 40 times. but it wasn't until months later someone introduced them. march 8, she said the feds busted into the home while they were sleeping. she said it was traumatizing. i woke up to guns and flashlights in my face, she said. the fbi had a search warrant. she said the person who stayed in the room before them was into computers. they were arrested on drug and firearm charges, but the d.a.'s office dropped the case. 3 1/2 weeks later, she says she was having beers with friends at the house, when someone was shot outside. she said chris was her good friend from the time she was 15
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years old. she was already in jail when he died. less than 4 hours later, another fbi raid, this one even more traumatizing she says. according to this complaint, agents found more than 125 grams of meth and a gun. she said she wasn't selling meth, but she uses and it's cheaper to buy in bulk. he says she knew about the gun but doesn't know who it belongs to. despite what's in this complaint, she tells me she is not associate with the the nortango game but a former boyfriend was. she calls this being at the wrong place at the wrong time. she says her next court appearance is in may and is hoping to leave the jail and go to a supervised program. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news." police say this man, charles justice, has been taken into custody. the u.s. marshal service arrested him at a home northwest
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of chico. he was armed at the time of his arrest. justice is accused of robbing a store earlier this month. police say he led officers on a high speed chase with three young children and a woman in his car. take a good look at this picture. investigators are asking for the public's help identifying two men they believe stole an ipad from the apple store on 4th street. if you recognize the men, contact berkeley police. new opposition tonight to the plan to ship coal from a marine terminal now under construction in oakland. the coalition of 11 east bay mayors has sent a letter to city council urging them to do all they can to stop this plan. the terminal is being developed at the former oakland army base. it would be the largest coal export facility in the western united states. critics say it poses significant health and safety risks for oakland and communities near the rail lines. ♪
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no longer chasing history. the golden state warriors now stand alone with 73 wins. >> yes, they do. the warriors are now the best team in the nba. the celebration will be short as the defending champions are getting ready for their first playoff game this saturday against the houston rockets. watch that game only on abc 7. soon after last night's historic win, merchandise company fanatics began producing t-shirts celebrating the season. eric? >> and dan, if we only had a dime for every warriors or steph curry jersey we've seen go past in the past few minutes, we wouldn't have to work anymore. a lot of merchandise is flying off the shelves, but that's not the only way people are spending their money in honor of the warriors. that's why we're here at
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oakland's lake chalet which is also running a special. what is inside these boxes will soon be showing up on the torsos of fans across the bay area. >> we have a lot of people calling in. there's going to be a line. >> reporter: this sports authority store got its first shipment of t-shirts celebrating the warriors' 73rd win. price? $27. >> you can't beat it. >> reporter: you can't beat the warriors either. these that's what patrons were saying as they enjoyed the restaurant's 73 cent brews in honor of the warriors. >> i'm excited. i'm proud to be from oakland. >> reporter: fans drank to steph curry's heroics from beyond the three-point line last night. >> we were at the sports bar. every time he hit a three it was going crazy. >> just when you thought they couldn't get better than last season, the mvp follows up his campaign with another mvp season. >> this is a team for the ages.
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>> reporter: oakland's number one elected fan let her preteen son stay up last night to watch the final score. the mayor says she's thrilled to be mayor of the team's home court, even if they're planning to move across the bay to san francisco. >> so the warriors are in oakland right now. they talk about oakland as their home court. and that is what i am focused on right now. >> reporter: in oakland, eric thomas, "abc7 news." the warriors' historic achievements were recognized today on capitol hill no less. nancy pelosi says she was busy last night watching sports. >> i stayed up late to watch the warriors break the records. >> reporter: steph curry tweeted this out. we did something that's never been done in the history of the league. you see his game jersey signed by his teammates, his game shoes and one of the nets. "abc7 news" viewers are
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showing off their warriors pride. newlyweds are ready for the dub-pete. and even the dogs are getting into this. we want to see your fan pictures and we may just show them on air or online. the warriors face the houston rockets in round one of the western conference playoffs. game one is saturday in oakland. if you're not lucky enough to have a ticket, abc 7 is the only place where you can watch the game. coverage begins saturday at noon. then stay tuned for after the game here on abc 7. larry beil, our sports director mike shumann will be joined by warriors ambassador o'donnell foyle. great day for you on saturday. >> certainly. coming up on "abc7 news" at 5:00, the major victory today for california's public schoolteachers.
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also, residents in an east bay city did their best to save water. so why were they hit with a water rate increase? don't get swindled this tax season. michael finney has the common scams you need to know about so you don't lose out on your refund. and amazon's prime steps up its delivery service where from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time
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and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. this is "abc7 news." >> that is cell phone video that a 6.5 earthquake shook southern japan today. nearly 800 people are reported injured, scores of homes have
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been damaged and nine people reported dead. there have been more than 30 after shocks, the strongest registered 6.0. >> the structure that these earthquakes occurred on is known as the median tectonic line. and that has accommodated many large earthquakes, the best none of that is the 1995 kobe earthquake. >> the 1995 earthquake killed more than 6500 people. more than 300 japanese military personnel have been sent to help the rescue efforts. california teachers unions chalked up a big victory this afternoon. a state appeals court rejected a bid to end teacher tenure in the state. the decision reverses a lower court earlier ruling that found tenure deprived lower income students of a good education. that case involved los angeles high school students. today's ruling found there was no proof that job protection for teachers is unconstitutional. call it the flip side of water conservation. residents of brentwood stepped
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up big time. they were asked to conserve 32%. that's what the state wanted them to do. residents went well beyond that, but now the city run water department doesn't have enough money. laura anthony is live with the story. laura? >> reporter: nearly 40%, that's what residents here have saved compared with three years ago this same time. now in exchange, their water bills are going up an average of $6 a month. >> it is frustrating, because we did our part. >> reporter: brentwood residents have definitely done their part and more, saving water at a rate of 39%, 7 points higher than the state mandate. only to be slapped with a 6% increase in their water rates. >> they're not making the money, because people aren't watering their lawns. so now our bills go up to pay for their revenue? i mean, that doesn't make sense.
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>> brentwood really saved water. >> reporter: the mayor understands the frustration but says he and the city council had no choice. the dramatic cutback in usage created a potential deficit for the city of nearly $9 million. >> we have to bring ourselves whole. it was nothing the council wanted to do, but it's a matter of preservation. >> reporter: while not thrilled, some residents said they get it. >> i understand and i have to agree with it. >> reporter: since june, brentwood issued $2.5 million in rebates to encourage customers to conserve. now that program has been canceled. laura anthony, "abc7 news." online giant ebay's plan to cut down 11 large redwood trees near a san jose campus will move forward. officials approved the permit today. ebay needed the permit to cut
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down four of the 11 trees. the company needs to clear the trees for a fire lane. ebay will plant 52 new trees around the facility. microsoft is suing the u.s. justice department to stop the government from forcing it to turn over customer e-mails and data to law enforcement without their knowledge. the lawsuit ratchets up the pressure against the u.s. government. video a bigger part of its site. it launched a new feature in its explore section that include video chams with specific topics. users will be given a separate videos you might like channel. they introduced the coachella channel to keep up with the music festival highlights. amazon prime customerks now
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order from the market in sunnyvale. they bill themselves as an affordable health food retailer and operates more than 200 stores across the united states. the prime service delivers tens of thousands of items within an hour, including produce, meat, and seafood. this time of year, there's plenty of fraud going around because it's tax season. >> michael finney is here with today's tax tip on scams out there. >> you work hard for your money and pay your taxes. if you're owed a refund from the irs, you want to make sure you get it back. don't let scammers take your money, they're trying. or pay more than you owe. [ phone ringing ] >> the phone rings and on the other end, the dreaded tax man. only really it's not. sadly, tax season has become scam season for millions of americans, with fishing phone calls like that one only getting more common. >> it seemed like it was in a
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movie, just very unrealistic, but my fear got ahold of me. >> reporter: the first big tip in sniffing out a scam, remember, the irs does not e-mail or call you. >> if you've been audited, you'll get a letter in the mail. anybody who calls you like this, it is a scam. >> reporter: immediately report a call to the irs. the government is cracking down. convicting thousands of people just last year. another big and extremely costly scam, stolen refunds. identity thieves are ripping off taxpayers to the tune of billions of dollars every year by acquiring social security numbers, filing returns, and stealing refunds. >> people don't realize they're a victim until they file their own return and the irs says we have one for you. >> reporter: to protect yourself, you can call the irs and get a pin. so only you have access to file your return. if it's too late, go to irs .gov and fill out an affidavit and
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get a police report for additional proof. you'll still get your refund, it just will take several months and a lot of paperwork. and remember, these are all crimes that didn't even exist a decade ago. the irs does have software to find suspicious returns, catching them more than 1 million times in 2013, totalling $8 billion that weren't sent out to the bad guys. and don't forget, you have three extra days to file this year. the deadline is april 18, not tomorrow, april 15. >> good. i need every day i can get. >> thank you, michael. let's talk about the weather forecast. things are changing for the weekend. >> meteorologist sandhya patel has all the info for us. >> we'll see warm weather. it is a bit breezy here. let's check out live doppler 7 hd and we'll talk about the warmer weather for your weekend plans. right now radar is tracking an isolated shower around the lake
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county area, but this should be dying down in the next hour or so. rainfall totals the last 24 hours. you'll notice san jose, 0.0 7. take a look at the ocean temperatures. noaa has just issued a la nina watch. so the ocean water is cooling. el nino is continuing to weaken, that means this's a greater chance of la nina developing late summer, early fall. what does this mean? there's no guaranty, but a greater likelihood that central and southern california would be looking at drier than normal conditions. not good for the drought. there is a wind advisory until 11:00 tonight, with gusts of 35 to 40 miles per hour. there's also a high surf advisory running, the winds are up, swells are running high 14
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to 16 feet. watch out for the risk of rip currents, large breakers, high surf advisory going until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. and check out the waves from our santa cruz camera. upper 50s in san francisco and half moon bay. everyone else in the low 60s. here's a live look. it's a bit of a shaky camera. here's what you will be seeing more of. that's blue skies. gusty tonight, chilly in the morning. looking at breezy and milder weather for your friday. much warmer weather for the upcoming weekend. tomorrow morning, the winds ease up a bit, allowing temperatures to come down. it will start out chilly enough to bundle up. upper fi30s to 40s. tomorrow afternoon, 66 in san francisco. oakland, san jose, low 70s. 74 livermore. 64 in half moon bay. it will still be kreezy tomorrow
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afternoon. then the wind switches around saturday. most area also be in the 70s and eights with the exception of half moon bay. sunday, 10 to 20 degrees above average. 70s and 80s. accuweather seven-day forecast will keep the breeze going for tomorrow, but it's a milder day, warming it up for your weekend. 70s and 80s across the entire bay area. the cooling sea breeze will return early next week and we'll take those temperatures down, at least for a few days tuesday and wednesday. but still going to be mild. ama, dan? >> looks nice. thank you very much. >> up next, it was a whole lot of monkey business. the chaos this chimp caused in one neighborhood. and people are blowing a gasket over this one. a major theater chain considers allowing texting during a
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check this out.
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there was some tense and dramatic moments after a chimp escaped from a zoo in japan. the animal led police and zoo officials into a residential neighborhood. he even climbed an electric pole and screamed at workers. crews eventually managed to sedate him. you can see him get sluggish and falling off the pole before being captured. >> but they caught him. >> the zoo apologized to residents today in a news conference. >> that is scary. running a marathon is hard enough, but how about doing it in space? british astronaut timothy peak is training to run in the marathon from 250 miles up. he said the biggest challenge is the harness he has to wear. he hopes to finish the race in under four hours. he ran it on earth in just over three hours back in 1999.
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the stars of "nashville" are bringing a bit of music city to the bay area. cast member also perform in san jose tonight. the first stop on the tour is at city national civic theater tonight at 7:30. the singers arrived last night and tweeted while the show aired here on abc 7. they said they're excited to see fans in person. >> to me, this is like the icing on the cake. i love meeting people, people who can't necessarily come to nashville to see us, and we're here to see them. i love every single one of them. >> the tour will stop in 17 cities in the u.s. and the uk. tonight's san jose concert is the only one in the bay area, and tickets are still available. you can watch "nashville" wednesday nights here on abc 7. still ahead, a famous san fran
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coming up on "abc7 news" at 6:00, move over el neino, it looks like la nina is on the way. and a federal investigation into the san francisco police department. why aren't local activists satisfied? and the new adventures envisioned by the bay area who invented the go pro-camera. >> that's calling up at 6:00. sea lions sure know how to relax. look at this.
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oh, man. the laid back sea lions responded lounging in chairs and kicking back. they were seen near the charles darwin research station. looks comfortable. a san francisco institution is about to open its doors to the public for the first time in 23 years. >> "abc7 news" was at the headquarters of anchor brewing company, mostly known for beer, but they also produce whisky, gin, and vodka. >> you get a chance to learn how it's made and how to taste a spirit the right way. >> the tasting room opens a week from today. the new space includes a roof top garden with herbs used in the various drinks. >> tickets are $35 a person, with two tastings a day every thursday and friday afternoon. >> all right. world news tonight with david muir is next. i'm ama daetz in for kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. for spencer christian, michael finney, all of us here, we appreciate your time.
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hope to see you again in half an hour at 6:00. tonight, several breaking stories as we come on. the devastating and deadly earthquake. the pictures coming in now. the desperate search for the missing. the aftershocks. and now, the warning. more on the way. breaking news tonight on donald trump. the new video of his campaign manager and the prosecutor's decision. plus, hillary clinton tonight. what will her strategy be against bernie sanders on that stage? and just in, the new number on clinton in this battle for new york. also, the images at this hour. the military crash on a highway, right outside new york city. several injuries. we've now learned two in critical condition. traffic backed up for miles. and the rescue effort. the police officer ambushed. a deputy shot in the back. an unprovoked attack. another officer firing back. and america strong tonight.


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