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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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water agencies to tell the city if our winter was wet enough to raise water restrictions. >> david louie is live with an updated outlook. david? >> reporter: water sellers are concerned that it might send the wrong message saying it's a bit early to assess if it could produce a wet, or dry winter. it's too early to tell. >> the stronger restraints need to be farther south with maybe less in the north. >> the control board is seeking input as it prepares to modify, or keep the current rules from 8 to 36% after near average rainfall in parts of the state. this comes as scientists are predicting a 71% chance of a la nina this winter.
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a wholesale manager says there is a need to build up supplies and levels. >> we don't know what next year is going to bring. it could be the first of multiple dry years. conditions aren't where they were before the drought started. we need to recover those. how do you find the balance? >> federal maps show the state's exceptional drought foot print is smaller, however, john noel points out that they can be dry some years and wet in others. >> i think we're going to have to wait until summer before we can say go from 71% chance there is going to be a la nina to yes. it's almost a certainty. >> reporter: san jose water says it's in favor of keeping
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restrictions in place. in los gatos, david louie, abc7 news. using less water because of the drought should mean spending less on water. abc7 news reporter laura anthony joins us live where less is turning into more. laura? >> reporter: less water usage means less revenues to the city, creating a giant hole that leaders are now scrambling to fill. >> residents have been saving water at 39%, seven points higher than the state mandate, only to be slapped with a 6% increase in water rates. >> my front lawn is dead.
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back lawn, dead. and i'm going to spend money to fix the lawn on top of paying extra water rates. >> the citizens do know how to save water. >> brentwood's mayor understands frustration and says he, and the city council had no choice. there was a potential deficit for the city. >> there is nothing they wanted to do but it's a matter of preservation. >> some told us they do get it. >> i think i understand why they're doing it. i have to agree with it. >> nobody wants to pay more, right? so i'm hoping it doesn't affect us much. >> brentwood is encouraging customers to conserve. now, the program has been cancelled. laura anthony, abc7 news.
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a look at live doppler 7 hd doesn't show any rain. we're going to check in later to see what is in the forecast. rush hour commuters were stuck on a closed freeway this afternoon. moments after southbound lanes reopened. police tried to stop a white honda that hit a silver car and officers arrested some of the people in the white honda. >> there is a police search for a person that stole a car from a driveway with a 2-year-old boy inside. sheriff deputies had to break a window to get to him. he's being checked out at the hospital before being reunited
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with his family. >> i just want to thank everybody and my friends out there. >> you can't leave a child out there and no one should plan on leaving a car unattended. >> police say a passerby reported seeing the car after recognizing it from the amber alert issued this morning. a 2-year-old girl whose mother remains missing. her mother worked at best buy and was found dead near mcclairen park. >> abc7 news spoke to the center of a woman at the center of two fbi raids. it involves this man, and melanie woodrow has the story now from santa rita jail. >> i spoke inside housing unit
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24. no cameras, no note pads allowed. he says a friend showed her this november and a few months later she says they met. march 8th, she says the feds busted into the home and she said it was traumatizing. he says the person was into computers. sfpd arrested the couple. three and a half weeks later she said she was having beers at the friends when chris perez miller was shot outside. she says he was her good friend from the time she was 15 years old. less than 24 hours after the
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shooting another she says she wasn't selling meth. she says she uses. and moraga tells me she's not associated with the norteno gang. she calls the raid being in the wrng place at the wrong time and not her life style. she says she's helping to leave the jail and go to a supervised program. bart police will soon be able to fine passengers that take up more than one seat. it won't go into effect until
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they can enforce a policy. officials say bart could be almost half a billion dollars in debt and expects ticket sales to slow, resulting in less revenue. bart says the system is at capacity. bart may try to give incentives for weekend travel and possibly, raising fares. despite that outlook, today, bart's board approved $3 million to fix broken escalators in san francisco station. most money will go to replacing parts that are 20 years old. and bart voted to approve the downtown berkeley system and will cost $7 million. construction starts in june. >> what a night. the warriors are basking in the glow of the record-setting win,
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but there is work to do. saturday is the playoff game and eric thomas is live to show how fans are celebrating this. record setting and thrilling season. >> the merchandise is out. we're going is to start with oakland's first fan and how she's celebrating. libby shaft is so important, she said her son watch. >> it was exciting to sit next to my son who superstitiously clutches his clay thompson bobble head when watching every game. >> in the playoffs he may want to wear one of his brand new tee shirts marking the win. this sports authorities got a shipment today.
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>> we have a lot of people calling. there is going to be a line. >> $0.73 beers. you can't beat it. >> that is what patrons were thinking as they enjoyed $0.73 brews in honor of the warriors. >> i'm excited and proud to be from oakland. >> fans drank to steph curry's heroics last night. >> every time he hit a three it was crazy. >> when you thought they couldn't get better, mvp follows up with another season. >> this is a team for the agencys. >> the mayor says she's thrilled to be mayor, even if they're moving to san francisco. >> so warriors are in oakland right now. and that is what you i am
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focused on now. >> game one is saturday in oakland. and our coverage begins saturday at noon. then, stay tuned for after the game. mike shumann will be joined by warriors ambassador for highlights, interviews and analysis. it's a big day. >> it is. >> we take a look at the san francisco police department. >> and we're in the the only ones why some say even involvement of the u.s. department of justice isn't enough. >> parole granted to a former manson cult member. >> i'm spencer christian. there is rough surf coming our way. >> go pro shows how it's counting on outside developers
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abc7 news was in san jose as 175 got a sneak peek inside of the public library. it opens on saturday. >> in san francisco, according to a newly released study from uc berkeley, one organization is offering a home, in exchange for keeping the community clean.
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abc7 news reporter lyann lyanne melendez explains. >> reporter: a uc berkeley research team followed more than 200 young people during a six-year period. >> over that period, 11 young people died. one should have died. >> the population is stagmatized that leads to neglect. the study points out a vast manl ti are abused or neglected by family. >> young people need to have this helps them reconnect to society. >> one organization called taking it to the streets is is doing that. >> we have a beautiful neighborhood and we need
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housing. >> there kaliski was once abused and homeless. >> i have 27 kids in the program. some have full time jobs and paying a fraction of rent. and in san francisco, abc7 news. >> police say two dozen rare disney bars were likely stolen from a home. some showing elvis presley and the lone ranger. >> the man accused of robbing a
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nordstrom rack store is now under arrest. u.s. marshals found charles justice yesterday. he's accused of robbing the store in pleasant hill this month. police say they chased and he drove into oncoming traffic. they say he had three children and a woman in the car. a man reportedly tried to lure a teen-aged girl into his car while she was walking on her lunch break. the 14-year-old told police the man drove up to her and he kept driving next to her until she walked up to a group of >> fairfield police want you to be on the lookout for this man, kyle amos is a murder suspect.
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police say he narrowly escaped being caught in a shooting eight days ago on blossom avenue. >> part of the marin county roadway was washed away and officials say they don't know when it might be fixed. crews are urging drivers to find alternative routes. >> well, it's time to check on our weather which is just ever changing. >> really, no more rain. not for a while but strong winds and a warm up coming our way for the weekend. skies are mainly sunny at the moment with clouds around, but not many. there it's windy but windiest
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conditions are out there, gusts from 35 to 40 miles per hour. strong winds picked up rough surf as well. a high surf advisory until 8:00 in the morning. notice wave heights along the coast, 18 feet high and so there is a concern so bare that in mind and stay away from the coastline. in santa cruz beach now, 57 in san francisco. and 57 in half moon bay. this is a view with 62 in fairfield and here is a view at the golden gate
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right now, gusts from 24 miles per hour in fairfield to 25 in oakland to 39 miles per hour at sfo and we'll continue to have strong gusts into morning we go to upper 30s inland spots in the north bay valleys. tomorrow's highs and over the weekend look for highs saturday ranging from upper 60s to low to
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mid-80s inland. nice warm weekend with a cooling breeze that will drop into next week. we'd like to see rain. there is none on the horizon for a while. >> one of san francisco's oldest breweries makes more than beer. ♪ ♪ (laughing) there's nothing like making their day.
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the closing bell ended a fairly steady day on wall street. the dow inching closer to 18,000. nasdaq dropped a point and a half. a new grocery delivery option leads today's bay area business watch. amazon prime now offers service from sprouts farmer's market in sunnyvale within a two-hour window is free for prime members. one hour delivery costs $eight. silicon valley has a lower cost option, lyft just expanded, matching riders and charges less than the standard option. >> most people associate beer with anchor brewing company. but there is more to the iconic company. abc7 news was at the
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headquarters for the unveiling of a new tasting room. the opening of the room and garden marks the first time in 23 years it is letting the public inside. >> we're starting to see the interest of craft beers grow, this is becoming something that more and more people are interested in. >> the room opens a week from today, tickets are $35 a person. >> one of the last text free frontiers is slipping away. >> soon, you may be able to message at the movies. why one theater chain say it may not have a choice. >> when you see video, you can guess it's shot with one of these. day's announcement from grow pro, abc7 news. >> stay with us.
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a community policing unit of the u.s. justice department is looking into the san francisco police department's use of force policies. and is not the answer local activists wanted to hear. >> officials held a conference call from washington today to provide an update on the investigation into the san francisco police department. he said that includes reviewing aspects of the culture in light of the racist and homophobic text messages. mayor ed lee asked for a probe. in february, davis announced he'd review the department's use
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of force training and today, it would not be criminally. >> we're looking at why this occurs. and which steps the department should take to make sure this doesn't become part of the organization. >> the text messages stemmed from two different scandals involving san francisco police officers. 15 were in the first scandal. the second came two weeks ago. this time, four officers may have exchanged texts with officer jason >> he'll rely on other groups and importantly, the court of
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public opinion. san francisco public defender wants the state attorney general to investigate because they can order the department to implement reforms. >> there is a crisis in the community. >> allen wants the civil rights division to investigate because they do have teams. they can go to court to enforce their recommendations. now, ron davis says there will be a series of assessments on the police department and says first will be by the end of summer. >> another young girl claims a dental asis stapt mol molested her. officer as rested alejandro saro and this.
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>> i tli more victims need to be contacted and want to report to us. >> detectives claim he took pictures of them. >> the youngest member of the manson family cult was granted parole today. she has spent four decades in prison for the 1969 killings of leno la bianca and his wife rosemary. if upheld it will go to governor brown for approval. >> san bernardino honored men and women call heros. they say they were just doing their jobs. a husband and wife team opened fire in a holiday party. 14 people died, 22 were hurt.
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an officer was honored with a medal of valor today. >> we don't need these awards. our award is making it through that day. >> it was one of california's law enforcement's finest moments. >> police took part and the fbi paid hackers to unlock their iphones. and microsoft is suing in an attempt to ratchet up the pressure against the u.s. government and analysts say it echos apple's troubles to protect it's customers. >> california is closer to a
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state sponsored retirement program for private sector employees. >> we can give people who have no access. >> senate democrats are pushing a bill requiring business was five or more employees to offer a savings plan. the state sponsored fund would be invested in the state treasury. the bill passed committee and supporters hope to have it by dull. >> it is the little camera for shooting cameras. >> the in a warehouse on the water front, bmx bikes are everywhere and reporters used to wielding a lap top are learning
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to swing a hockey stick. he founded go pro through a love of surfing. now, he wants it to be for everything else. >> we're excited about the developer program. >> they're working with more than 30 companies. >> from first responders of swat teams... >> it integrates into night vision technology. >> to photo booth company fox tail. >> this is allowing us to break out of the kiosks. >> if wanting to sell more cameras, one strategy is giving ways to use them. >> this is to give people that
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are not action camera users to be interested in the as a platform. >> parents of young children are capturing development like crazy. >> fisher price built a camera bubble. >> it can be anywhere the customer wants it. >> apps for smart glasses and the ingenious part? >> letting other people see this is for them. >> you'll have to buy a go pro to go with it. >> calendar says we're less than a week away from 4:20. >> here the florida state attorney explain why
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it's friday in japan and the death toll is climbing in the 6.9 quake that knocked down scores of building.
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>> this is cell phone video of the moment the quake struck. there have been more than 30 after shocks in the area. >> relatives of 300 school girls that were abducted by boc boco haram. they were taken from a school and protestors are demanding their safe return. just yesterday, this group released new video showing 15 girls dressed in black robes. >> that the girls are life. we believe the girls will be found and very soon, too. >> 219 girls are still missing. some say they recognized their daughters in the video.
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democrat candidates for president are taking part in a debate tonight in brooklyn. it's been five weeks since the last debate. new york is the next state to hold a primary. other candidates are at the gala now which is sold out. a criminal battery charge against trump's campaign manager has been dropped after florida's state attorney announced there is not enough evidence. >> the evidence is legally sufficient for the police to have charged, it's not strong enough to meet the legal burden of a reasonable likelihood of a conviction. >> this is video in question. he was charged with simple
6:42 pm
battery for grabbing the arm of a reporter in florida last month. an apology was reported i drafted by his lawyers. >> could text messages be coming to a
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he there is a new exhibit looking at aspects of marijuana and visitors will get whiffs of different buds. the museum says it isn't glamourizing pot use. >> marijuana is a fact of life. we have dispensaries so i think talking about something is a chance to be honest to consider perspectives. >> the exhibit comes as signatures are being gathered for a november ballot initiative
6:46 pm
initiative. >> texting and movies could go hand in hand. our sister station has the story. >> reporter: it's a simple request we get before watching a movie. no talking or texting. but rules could be changing a little bit. >> i don't think it's a good idea. >> if people want to text they should go outside. >> the ceo was quoted as saying you can't tell a 22-year-old to turn off a cell phone. that is not how they live their lives. what would be more likely is having an auditorium. >> as long as they're not
6:47 pm
hurting anyone. >> it's a controversial subject. in florida, in 2014 a 72-year-old is accused of shooting and killing someone over a dispute about texting over a movie. while we recognize there is a growing population continuously connected aabove all, we remain sense ti that the overwhelming majority does not want texting. >> you should be watching anyway, those. >> all right. we have had rain overnight which cleared out by morning. take a look at the shot by gordon this morning in san francisco. beautiful. >> yes. post pictures online using #abc7 now.
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you can see the shot on television or website. >> let's get back to spencer for an update. >> okay. we have sunny skies right now, rain has left us. tomorrow, statewide look for sunny skies with rather mild conditions. 79 in los angeles. in the bay area, mid-60s to mid-70s inland and will be a breezy day. and tomorrow we've got baseball. will be sunny, about 62 degrees at the start of the game. here is the accu-weather forecast. we have a weekend warm up and by sunday, highs mid-80s around the bay. >> so hard not to bask in last
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night's glory. >> there is. >> next, win back to back nba titles. >> yes. >> coming up in sports you'll hear from steph curry. warriors apriler to take on the rockets and what a giant ending fo
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now warriors set a record of 73 wins, it's time to look to the playoffs. game one saturday against the rockets. two teams met on the western conference final was golden state winning four games to one. rockets have struggled and just may have had the playoffs on the final day of the regular season. the warriors are not taking houston for granted. >> you can't go in thinking because we beat them last year, five games, that there is anything similar. if we play our a game, i think we'll be all right. >> we know them well. they know us well. and they're a good ball club.
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at the end of the day they have a ton of talent. it's not your typical 1-8 match up. we play our game. and should be fine. >> stay tuned for after the game with larry beil, joined by former warriors center and mike shumann will be live for post game reaction. and kings have not made the playoffs since 2006. the replacement will be sacramento's ninth head coach in 10 seasons. >> warriors changing history, sharks have become an after thought. and sharks were 28, and 3 away
6:54 pm
from the tank. all four offensive lines were contributing. >> it's going to be a tight check and at the end of the day, you've got to compete. that will be important. >> after giving up 12 hits giants got rocked by rockies. to coors field, a fifth, parra homers off matt cane. and two more runs with a double off chris henton, heston, rather. giants rally in the 7th and two
6:55 pm
more in this blast. and carlos gonzales with a two-run double. 11-6 was the final. rams swapped draft picks for the titans and will likely use it on a quarterback. if l.a. passes on goff it will likely take north dakota state carson wents. and this sports report has been brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. right. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at
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have the latest report at 9:00. >> then, after a controversial lgbt law in north carolina it's decision time for the nba. tonight the push to move the game in charlotte to the bay area instead. >> and here is a look at what is ahead >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news, thanks for spending part of the evening with us. >> we appreciate your time. and from all of us, we'll see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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