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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 15, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it turns out wine coolers do not pair well with a friday commute. look at this, crates spilled on to the east bay freeway backing up drivers nor hours. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am matt keller. kristen is off. a frustrating morning in the east bay but good news in the past hour. amy hollyfield is in hayward with more on the developing news. amy? >> yes, matt, the main artery is open. 880 is moving. it is still going slowly but it is open. we still have a closure.
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the trailer was moved to the "a" street on-ramp to get it out of view so people would stop slowing the traffic but moving it was a gamble. >> look at this backup. the view from sky 7 shows miles of cars at a standstill this morning on interstate 880 in hayward. this pileup started at 3:00 this morning and lasted during the entire morning commute. here is what caused the gridlock: an overturned big-rig on the southbound side. as it crashed it took out ally sign with it landing on the northbound side. it blocked two lanes on that side. there were a total of four vehicles involved in the accident. two of the four drivers involved in the crash were hurt. they will be okay. >> there were a couple visible injuries, a couple of abrasions and shoulder and back. that sort of thing. >> there was a stall vehicle in the middle of 880. that set off a chain reaction of crashes, two cars and the
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big-rig. as the sun came up, officials got a better sense of the situation. >> i have not soon a scene like this in some time. >> c.h.p. officer say the trailer was hauling 40,000 pounds of liquids including wine coolers. officials knew they needed to unload the beverages before moving the thin and fragile aluminum trailer but they knew they needed to on the freeway as soon as possible. >> it was either hand off loaded which would take three hours or more, or try to give it a shot and basically use a spatula to slide under it. they gambled and successfully get the trailer on a truck and moved it off the freeway. >> we were crossing our fingers. two head are better than one. >> new they are unloading it. we can see there is fair budget wine, carlo rossi and one official said he know as lot of
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people's morning was ruined by it looks like some afternoons have been ruined, too. >> a last commuters will drink a some of that to get over the commute. >> 880 is if you back open. that is good for commute in the afternoon. >> we will check with sue hall for a look at traffic. sue? >> good morning, right new it is moving nicely beyond the scene and i looked at the drive time from 238 to 92. it is 10 minutes, better than an hour and a half. i tell you the "a" street on-ramp is where they moved the truck and now it is blocked. c.h.p. expects to have that open by 1:30 this afternoon. not suggest good news foreign eastbound san rafael richmond bridge commutes with a sig-alert in effect. the right lane is closed and a big backup in san rafael and we for 75 minute backup, take 37, there is hardly anyone on 37. guys? >> so helpful, thank you.
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if you have our abc news app you have gotten a push notification of the crash that happened early this morning to stay on top of breaking news any time, download the app for free in your phone's app store. >> multi-car accident on the san mateo bridge sent one person to the hospital and snarled traffic for drivers heading west. c.h.p. tells abc7 that the accident happened in the westbound lanes east of the toll plaza, around:30 this morning. you can see what a mess it was in the video shortly after emergency crews got on the scene. we will take a look from the san mateo bridge and the accident was cleared around 8:15 and you can see the traffic is now moving smoothly. >> breaking news, japan was rock by a second earthquake this morning. even larger and more powerful than the deadly 6.5 earthquake that hit yesterday. the u.s. geological survey said a 7.0 earthquake hit 90 minutes ago. it shook the kumamoto region the same area as yesterday and triggered a tsunami warning for
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the east eastern coast which now has been canceled. yesterday's earthquake claimed nine lives and injured 48 others. no word open injury or damage. >> sky 7 at home is over candlestick point where a mammal is strapped on the beach and it looks like it is a seal. this is happening at jackrabbit beach. the main peach at candle stick point state park. we do not know how long mammal is stranded and rescuers are trying to get it off the beach safely and can you follow us open twitter@abc7newsbayarea. this morning, oakland is making a push to get next year's n.b.a. all-star game and if you are saying, isn't that supposed to number charlotte? you are right. but the n.b.a. thinks what north carolina is doing is wrong and at least one oakland elected federal sees an opening there. for more we go to our reporter at oracle arena. janet? >> n.b.a. owners met they just announced in a news conference
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that they did not discuss moving the n.b.a. all-star game out of the charlotte, north carolina. oakland's position has not changed, they want the games right here, held the at the oracle arena. now the controversy start when north carolina passed house bill 2, that limits the legal protection of the lgbt community. a bipartisan group of united states senators, players and coaches are calling for the n.b.a. all-star game to be moved out of charlotte but the nba owners say they stand united against any forms of discrimination but now ruled against a decision to change the venue. >> there was no discussion of moving the all-star game. the view in the room was we should be working toward change. >> nothing makes that stronger than to move the game to a place like oakland, california, where we have a diverse community, where we have a large history of lgbt inclusion and where it would really be a statement that we are standing up for justice
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and inclusion. >> it seems to be a moot point but oakland city council woman said that we have a winning team along with a great fan base to support the three-day event, and the last time an all-star game was hemmed at oracle arena was in 2000. >> thank you. preparations are underway at oracle arena right new for a game that is happening there. tomorrow, the first round playoff between the golden state warriors and the rockets. we flew over the oracle arena and set up is set for a warriors tailgate party with food trucks and merchandise booths and a basketball court so fans can practice their best jump shot. the tailgate area will open in about three hours before tomorrow's 12:30 p.m. tip-off. >> tickets for the series in houston are in high demand and here is the am resale price according to the website, $500 for game one.
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game two is $472. in houston, it is $210. now, that four the game is the paceers raptors matchup $200 a ticket, the most expensive tickets so far for the playoffs. >> if you are headed to oracle arena, a friendly wanting, plan ahead for the commute. we are going to be over the oracle arena on wednesday with games that nearly overlap foam and the crunch will be worse because the warriors tip-off is at 12:30 and the a's first pitch happens at 1:0 5. as we always said, especially temperature, bart is the great option. the warriors showdown against the rockets, against if you do not have a ticket, no problem, we can be soon right here open abc7, our coverage begins at noon. and after the final buzzer, make sure you stay this for after the game here on abc7, larry and shumann will be joined for
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complete coverage and analysis. all the little boy abducted in a carjacking soledad yesterday morning, has been reunited with his parents. the 2-year-old jason vargas was released from the medical center in salinas yesterday evening. the c.h.p. said that the by was first examined by medical staff and interviewed by investigators. police are still looking for the person or people who stole jason vargas' father car while the boy was inside just outside of their home. >> we have new video in the newsroom to show you, livermore police are looking for this woman, acoursed of stealing a package from a him on blue bell drive. officers are hoping someone watching will identify her. she appears to be in her 20s and it happened in the springtown area two days ago. home security video shows the woman walking to the house and picking up a box from the porch and walking away.
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>> a major change for san francisco uber and lyft drivers be -- the drivers now $91 a year. >> a video not easy to watch which has parent sounding off, a child paddle with a mother's permission. >> nab eye as big change for players' jakarters and what you will notice in uncoming seasons marking a first for american sports.
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>> this video is the center of a controversy a give-year-old was paddled at school and the more said she thought she had no choice to let this happen. >> thomas was face punishment at primary school in georgia for spitting on another student. >> no. >> the mother recorded this video and posted it on facebook. the sheriff said she was recently arrested after her son missed 18 days of school. she said they were for doctor's abies. she said she give permission to administrators for the paddling because she was afraid to go back to school. >> if he is suspended i will be
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arrested. if he missed another day i will be arrested. she never denied that. she never told me anything otherwise. >> the county schools allow the punishment if a parent concepts. she said she should not have. i could go back i would say, you know what, you cannot paddle him, take me to jail. >> it is legal in.ia and 18 other states in the south but this video led to an outcry on social media. the school district said they are investigating the incident and looking into the discipline policies. >> a special honor forgery brown making him front page news for one publication. >> if you hoped to text at movie, forget about it. hello, mike >> we have 70s and 80s and calmer conditions coming even to
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the coast. >> i was talking about the texting at the movies, this caused so much push back that amc is reverseing their
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the warriors are the defending n.b.a. champions and completed a record-breaking regular season. so, who would not want to advertise their company on their uniforms? that could be a reality for n.b.a. teams starting in the 207-2018 season selling jersey
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sponsorshipped for a three year trial become the first of the big four experts leagues to put corporate low goes on uniforms. the patches will appear on the front last of the jersey and measure 2.5" by 2.5" and expect to make over $120 million. >> a lot of reaction on social media. dub nation we want did see your photos, your video, of course the playoffs begin tomorrow and it will be a big day. we want to share the photos use # dubson7. we could show them on air or online. >> i hate that it will be beautiful temperature in the bay area because we are all going to be inside watching the tv. >> who put a 12:30 game on? >> i thought the same thing. >> you may not be watching? >> i did not say that but... >> half time will be 15 or 20
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minutes. >> for the vitamin d. >> very high. the sun is as strong as it has been all season long today. it came up with a vengeance this morning, as it just explodes on the scene from sutro tower this morning. the first time this week we have been able to see an unabated sunrise and we will have a couple more. and live doppler hd shows radar and satellite, with north which is how bone dry it s could fought resist showing a picture of sky 7 sliding down ocean beach and headed to pacifica. it looks inviting. remember, it will be dangerous through 9:00, with highs only in the 60s and tomorrow it will be in the 70s and possibly some 80s reaching the coast as the heat peeks on sunday. today it will be sunny and breezy and the warming going and it looks like we have a time between storms. here is what is going on right new, 71 in sunnyvale. that is my forecasted high. and 72 in san jose and gilroy at
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75, and santa cruz is 72. 37 in mountain vie, dropping in the mid-to-upper 60s san mateo and millbrae, the agrees keep us in the mid-60s and downtown, sausalito, and to the north bay coast but up to the wine country in the north by, 71-74. and along the east bay more, richmond and berkeley at 70s to castro valley at 73, and that is the gateway to warmer conditions heading inland, 73 to 76. in livermore, our other big wine area, 74 degrees. this is how it looks from emeryville. the lander? it will be in the 70s inland through 5:00, with 50s starting to take over at the coast by pack, and 68 around the bay, notice as we heads to 9:00, mid-to-upper 50s. so, no worries as for as rain and the breezes will taper by 9:00, and you will still need the jacket. until 9:00, we have the risk of rip occur. s and the coastline says up to 22 foot waves and that is not the big issue. it is what the waves are doing
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when they break and hit the sure. if you are going to the game royals are in town, big game early in the season, and 63 at 7:00, dropping down to 58. in the mid-40s to low 50s, another chilly night on the way and the 70s and 80s tomorrow, even 80s out to the coast in some spots on sunday, and sea breeze kicks in on monday and the cooling hit the coast and it will take oft rest us on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday but, still, above average to the low-to-mid 70s. >> new this morning, texting will not becoming to an amc theater. a major about face after so many of you virtually threw popcorn at the screen when you heard of the idea. here is the tweet "amc will fought have texting because so many of you hate the idea." yesterday the c.e.o. said he was contemplate the rules. no more. >> newsweek magazine is turning its focus to the >> guest: --
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the golden state with the governor the savior, how jerry brown saved california, including the economy and work on climate change. the 78-year-old would have been a great presidential candidate if he were younger. >> when you are a kid everything a big deal especially with a little brother or sister on way. all the adorable reaction when the two sisters found out the gender of their new sibling. and
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>> coming up at 4:00, the big bell favor. forget the sounds of the history coming from berkeley this weekend, and a second strong, hit the same region in japan and tonight at 5:00, we have reaction from the japanese community here in the bay area and how they could be helping in the relief effort. >> now it is time for the perfect pet. >> good morning, guys, perfect pet is not in the theater but we still want to introduce you to sophia from the marin humane society, a one-year-old, a happy, smart dog, looking for an active home, well trained and
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would excel at sports she lives with four other dogs and cats and gets long well with them she will do best in a dog savvy home with older teenagers. call the marin humane society fur interested. >> i should stop talking now. >> she cute. i like those white paws. >> cupcakes usually make little kids happy, right? not always. an specificcants mother if rhode island gave her daughters a cupcake as a fun way to reveal if they were having a little where or sister. here is the adorable but different reaction. >> break it open. >> i don't want to break it open. >> whoa. >> oh, no. >> it is blue. >> yeah. >> i wanted pink. >> i wanted pink. >> all she were what was pink. pink. grace is not so excited about their future baby brother.
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this individual gentleman from a year ago and their whether grant now is six months old and it turns out that is okay. the mother said she is doing fine and both sisters are getting along with their baby brother. have a necessary weekend.
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>> today on our show, another player will attempt that pressure-packed climb to a seven-figure payday. will they make it to the million-dollar mountaintop? we're about to find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ ♪ hello, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right, let's do this. our first contestant left a cushy job to pursue a passion. but you know what? passions don't pay the rent, so she really needs to win big today. from new albany, indiana, please welcome leslie turner. [cheers and applause] hi, leslie. welcome. >> hi, thank you. >> good to meet you. >> thank you. >> welcome to "millionaire." >> thank you. i'm so happy to be here. >> i'm glad you have a smile on your face. >> y


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