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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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that far away, managed to get on b.a.r.t. he didn't have any money, so he might have jumped the turnstiles there to get on the train. fortunately, he was found and he was found safely. >> a sigh of relief, absolute sigh of relief. words can't describe it. just so nervous and then all of a sudden such relief. >> i want to go get my son. >> reporter: and indeed that's what the couple did. the jordan smith couple, chris and christine, got in their car and drove off for concord bound for san francisco. once again, showing you the 900 block of elsworth where zachy was found by a woman who held him there for police. and the first police officer on the scene happened to be a family friend. so when chris and christine saw the two of them, they gave them hugs and there was happiness all around. let's hear what they had to say. >> i had lord, give me favor
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right now. clear the freeway so i can get this kid. i said are you lost? he said yes, i'm lost. i said, where do you live? he mentioned a street i never heard of. and he mentioned concord. i said concord? how did you get here? he said b.a.r.t. i said oh, you're missing. i'm going to get you safe and i promise you i'm going to get you to your parents. >> reporter: zachly suffers from autism. he's part of a program here at holbrooke elementary school. you better believe that they'll be trying to figure out how he managed to slip out of school without being noticed until he got on the other side of the fence and onto b.a.r.t. and into san francisco. but the important news, they called off all the searchers before they began doing their thing md he was found safe and sound in san francisco. eric thomas, "abc7 news." >> what a story. that woman is a hero.
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big thank you to her. so newly released surveillance video shows intense competition between two robbers and a clerk shot during the robbery. >> san jose police said on march 8, two gunmen ran in, the man assaulted the clerk, demanded money. after an exchange of words, the man shot the clerk once. the clerk fortunately will survive. two people are being treated for injuries right now suffered during a fire inside a sunnyvale apartment building. sky 7 hd flew over on saratoga road around 1:00 this afternoon. you can see the smoke just billowing from the roof there. firefighters evacuated more than 30 people from the building that had smoke and flames filling the hallways. one mother escaped by climbing down to safety with her young boys in her arms.
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>> you climbed a ladder once, you can climb it any time, you know what i'm saying? you just get down as fast as possible and as quick as possible. and make sure the kids were down. they grabbed them first. so it was fine. >> she seems pretty cool in a crisis. it's not known how many tenant also be displaced from the fire. the cause is under investigation. the controversy over a new law that discriminates against the lbgt community in north carolina has made its way to the bay area. today steph curry weighed in. >> discrimination is not tolerable. >> the nba is signaling it may consider moving next year's all-star game away from charlotte. laura anthony joins us with the story. laura? >> reporter: those comments came from the nba commissioner this morning. soon after that, the warriors' star player weighed in on a game that's still a year away but is
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already the focus of some big issues. >> he would love to have the all-star game here. >> reporter: one day after rebecca capland challenged the nba to move the all-star game from charlotte to oakland, the nba commissioner weighed in, responding to pressure over north carolina's new law permitting discrimination against gay and transgender people. >> the law, as it now stands in north carolina, is problematic for the league. there was no discussion of moving the all-star game. what the view in the room was, we should be working towards change in north carolina. >> reporter: silver's comments were clarified further in a written statement from the league a short time later. he stressed repeatedly that the legislation is problematic, that we feel it is best to engage where the community and work towards a solution, that change is needed and we are hopeful that it will occur. busy tuning out for tomorrow's
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playoff game, steph curry was asked to give his thoughts on whether the 2017 all-star game should remain in his home state. >> discrimination period, i think that's not tolerable. nowhere. and stuff happening in my home state where a lot of great people are there. the all-star game hopefully being in charlotte will be a huge thing for the city. i know the nba will make the right decision when it comes time. >> reporter: silver said the nba would not make a decision too soon, because that would eliminate any leverage the league has over the state of north carolina. in oakland, laura anthony, "abc7 news." steph curry and the warriors worked on some key plays today at practice. they did some dribbling and shooting drills and coach kerr kept the practice light so the team can come out with high energy tomorrow.
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game one between the warriors and houston rockets tomorrow at oracle. if you don't have a ticket, abc 7 is the only place where you can watch the game. coverage begins at noon. after the game, one showdown tomorrow at oracle, stay tuned to after the game here on abc 7. sports director larry beil and mike shumann will be joined by o'donnell foyle for complete coverage and analysis. bay area japanese-americans have relatives and friends living in the earthquake stricken island of kyushu. video shows the immense destruction. today's earthquake is the region's second powerful quake in little more than a day. vic lee joins us in san francisco. vic? >> reporter: this was the epicenter in san francisco of that fund-raising drive the last time there was a big quake in japan. that of course, was five years ago. the survivors of this quake may
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too become the recipients of this community. the latest one, much bigger, in just over a day after a 6.5 quake left nine dead and hundreds injured. here in san francisco, some 8,000 miles away, children from the rosa parks school rehearsed for this weekend's annual cherry blossom festival. they may be too young to remember the earthquake, a massive tsunami five years ago that swallowed entire towns in eastern japan. but the japanese-american community then responded quickly. they formed the northern japan earthquake relief fund, raising more than $4 million. now the same groups are monitoring this disaster. >> now another earthquake hits. it's really hard to get people to give for another event. but of course, we'll try. >> reporter: here at the senior citizens lunch program in japan
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town, we met these two. she's from fukushima where the quake struck five years ago. his sister lives in kuamota prefecture, the area struck by the latest tremor. he says, my sister lives there, and i'm very worried, even though she lives farther away from the worst hit area. they took part in the fund-raiser the last time. >> we live here in san francisco where we're in an earthquake zone, too. >> reporter: the tragic irony, it too registered a 7. vic lee, "abc7 news." an ordinary person in the community helped deputies attract -- or catch a tiger in santa cruz county. deputies caught the 17-year-old red handed in the back.
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they say the teenager had a bag of spray pranlt. deputies say he'll return to the tunnel to clean up his mess. he has apologized. democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton is making another fund-raising swing through the golden state. she will attend two ae events, one tonight at a home. joining clinton, george clooney and his wife. tickets are not cheap, more than $350,000 for a spot at the main table with mrs. clinton and the clooneys. and her democratic rival bernie sanders is speaking at a conference at the vatican today. sanders' campaign is running a new tv ad that highlights the gap in the fund-raising. all three republican presidential candidates will be in the bay area at the end of this month. they'll be attending the california republican convention.
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there is a lot on the political horizon. california has the largest single haul of delegates in the country. a car dealership in palo alto is responding to a video showing one of its technicians on what looks like a joyride. watch. [ laughter ] >> brian thornton shared this video from his dash cam after he took it in for services. it shows the driver laughing, going fast and blasting the radio. he posted the video on the dealer's face book page after getting no response. he wrote, here's the video of your staff abusing my car while it was supposed to be serviced. well, late this afternoon audi palo alto released this
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statement, an unfortunate incident was brought to our attention, we began our investigation and have already taken action. we are working with the customer involved and have thanked them for bringing this matter to our attention. and coming up on "abc7 news" at 5:00, it was an unexpected lunch break for some california high school students. look at that, a prowling mountain lion. also, a neighborhood battle to preserve an iconic style home. plus, if you're not sure which tax form you should use, we'll have a guide just for you. i'm michael finney with
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a mountain lion walked onto the grounds of a southern california high school today as the students took their lunch
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break. wildlife officials say the animal dashed off campus, and through nearby streets before they managed to tranquilize it. still not clear how the cat got on campus. it will eventually be returned to its habitat. sky 7 hd was over a state park in san francisco earlier today where this was spotted. an elephant seal stranded on the beach. experts say the animal is not in stress, it's going through the molting process, which means it's losing all its fur. the seal is not in distress, the fur is going to grow back. but they do tell us people should stay away from the seal and just let it go through its process. >> looks unsettling for people passing by. in palo alto, a battle is brewing over a proposal to ban two story houses. chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: mediciid century m
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is what people call it. >> the house is considered closed at the front. when you get inside, it opens up. >> reporter: palo alto resident richard willis wants these smaller homes to be preserved. >> the history and design is one thing, but the sheer design of this design type is something we want to protect. >> reporter: he's part of a group urging council members to ban two-story homes in the subdivision. the decision would impact nearly 200 homeowners, including zoe danielson. she's against the proposal and says families should be able to expand their homes like she did in the mid '80s. >> i want the houses in this neighborhood to grow from a ticky tacky, uniform subdivision into a group of buildings that serve the needs of the families that are living in them. >> reporter: these type of rezoning applications are nothing new in palo alto. but at issue is the rule that requires 70% of homeowners to agree to a change before the council considers a vote.
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some neighbors told the city they were coerced into signing the petition. catherine says she wasn't even approached about the proposal. >> we do not know what life is going to deal with you down the line. i didn't know this was coming for us. >> reporter: supporters of the ban say privacy is a concern. some want to prevent any mansions from being built nearby. the city council will take up the issue on monday. in palo alto, chris nguyen, "abc7 news." today, april 15th, would normally be the tax deadline. >> it's now on monday. >> michael finney has the tax tips for today. >> the right tax form can range from easy to complex. and most will have to use more than one form, most of us. so here's a look at which form is right for you. there are basically three. >> do you feel like you
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understand them? >> no, not really. >> no, i have an accountant. >> i have to go to a specialist to do it. >> reporter: the simplest, named 1040 ez, is best for those who only report raises, it doesn't allow for any deductions and only one credit. >> it may fit on a simpler form but are you using the credits available to you? >> reporter: for many of us, as we grow older, attend college, buy a home, have a job, it makes sense to move to a 1040-a or 1044. >> you get a standard deduction, that's a set amount by the government. if you want to exceed that amount, you have to itemize. >> reporter: that can add up. for some, some deductions are obvious, like mortgage interest.
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>> they need to itemize everything. that's state and local income taxes, dmv fees, property taxes, charitable donations, unreimbursed business expenses. >> reporter: and then there are credits. a reduction reduces your taxable income. a credit say for education is a dollar for dollar reduction off your tax liability. so bear in mind, any deduction or any credit, no matter how big or small, is a smart one. once you decide to make that sleep into itemizing, it's a good idea to go to a professional and allow them to take you through the process at least one time, so that way you see what you're doing and maybe from there you can pick it on it. i'm going to be back with finney's friday free stuff in just a few minutes. >> lucky us. let's talk about the weather forecast for the weekend. >> meteorologist sandhya patel
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joins was the accuweather forecast. sandhya? >> yes, it's going to be fabulous this weekend. if you like bright blue skies and the warmer weather, then you're in luck. let me show you live lidoppler hd. our radar is not tracking rain, it is clear. but we do have gusty winds, wind advisory still going until 8:00 p.m. tonight, 35 to 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts not out of the question. 35 miles an hour at sfo. 26 in san jose. and the surf continues to batter the coastline. there is a risk of rip currents and sneaker waves. beach hazard until 9:00 p.m. so with this gorgeous weather, if you are going to the coast this afternoon, or this evening, you will want to watch out. here's a lovely view from our camera. 63 in san francisco, 71 in oakland,.
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great day for sailing. blue skies overhead. temperatures in the low to mid seths from santa rosa, napa, livermore, emeryville giving you a review of what is to come. clear and breezy tonight, warmer weekend. gradual cooling next week and there might be some more. i'll explain in the accuweather seven-day forecast in a moment. first thing tomorrow morning, expecting temperatures in the upper forts to low 50s. if you have early plans, it's nothing but clear skies and you'll need that sun screen, but it is going to warm up nicely. tomorrow afternoon, 81 degrees in the south bay and san jose. 80 in cupertino. sunshine and warmer than average conditions around redwood city, palo alto. up sunset district, 70 degrees. downtown san francisco, 73. in the north bay, 79 in san
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raphael. 82 in napa. great looking day in the east bay. head inland, and you'll all be in the low 80s. take a look at what comes with the warm weather. unfortunately, the tree pollen is running moderate, so if you suffer from allergies, the oak, juniper and cedar are the main culprits. mold spores are also moderate. this coming weekend, you will want to make sure you have the sun screen. sunday, 10 to 20 degrees above average. by monday, cool at the coast but still warm inland. here is your accuweather seven-day forecast. primarily 70s and 80s over the weekend. monday, cooling begins elsewhere. and notice tuesday's cooler. one model wants to bring in showers tuesday, the other brings it in wednesday. just a chance right now. better likelihood late thursday night into friday that we will see a chance of rain here in the bay area. at least it's encouraging you
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can enjoy the weekend guilt free. >> thanks, sandhya. coming up next, the owner of a bay area pizza shop getting another international award. >> then new at 6:00, the new luxury green homes being sold locally for less than $500,000. there is s
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distilled wine made for a messy commute this morning after a big rig overturned on 880. four other vehicles were involved. it was carrying about 40,000 pounds of liquids, including a bartels and james malt liquor. lanes were closed for about seven hours. two people were hurt but will be okay. a san francisco pizza legend wins his 12th world championship. these are from tony and jim.
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the pizza features a seven-grain dough, two kinds of tomatoes and four different kinds of cheese. send it to us, tony. he's making a limited number of the pies. another chef at his restaurant finished in 10th place. it's time for finney's friday free stuff. >> michael has some great items for us. >> maringa. marine energy shot. they come in three different flavors. they're fat free. 35 calories. it is made from leafy green vegetables. they say it's like a cross between coffee and -- so it's a $4 value, but you don't have to spend a dime to get that. check this out right here. just start pulling stuff out of
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there. this is from wagon tails pet supplies. we've got a lot of stuff we need -- keep pulling it out. you're going to receive a coupon. you'll get two cans of cat food, a bag of dry food, kitty cuisine cat, raw boost meal enhancement and catnip and a toy. if you have a dog -- >> all of it? >> yeah. one free can of the dog food. toys, treats, all that, a $20 value. but again, it's free. >> how do we get it? >> nobody has asked that question correctly.
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logon to >> thanks, michael. >> coming up next, a popular gift from
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coming up tonight on "abc7 news" at 6:00, a look at hillary clinton's big bucks event tonight in san francisco. some don't like it. and an important difference between the republicans and democrats when it comes to the
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june primary. >> do you get what you pay? >> absolutely. >> you think so? >> absolutely. >> michael finney looks into whether that's even possible anymore. >> all coming up tonight, and more at 6:00. the chia pet is going back to its roots. >> the mexican museum is having an exhibit on the idea that became popular back in the '80s. >> the aztecs and mayans considered chia seeds a super food. >> they were included in religious ceremonies in mexico. so they were seen as having spiritual qualities. >> sunday's event will take place from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. >> visitors will get a chance to learn about the history of the chia. that looks fun. world news tonight with david muir is next.
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i'm cheryl jennings. >> i'm dan ashley. for sandhya patel, kristen sze, michael finney, all of us, thank you for your tim breaking news this friday night. another earthquake, this one even bigger. the second one in 24 hours. authorities say this time, many buried alive. the dramatic pictures coming in now. fire in the sky. the landslide. and the urgent hunt for the missing and the trapped. also breaking, the tornado touching down back here at home. and now, the tornado watch in effect this friday for millions. the controversial video. the paddle used in school. a kindergartener punished. the video seen by more than a million. we want your opinion. the manson murders, and the stunning development. all these years later, the fate of the homecoming princess turned killer, and what she told diane sawyer all those years ago. and, the schools on lockdown. this mountain lion on the loose. the aerial images as it all playou


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