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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> it's saturday, april 16th. thanks for joining us. let's start with a first look at the forecast. good morning, lisa. >> yes, you can see how clear it is. we have breezy winds. the winds have richard over to a northerly component. it's 21 degrees warmer today than yesterday. a about big dome of high pressure carving over the ridge. 58 in fairfield. 56 san francisco, some cooler 40s to the north but things will reverse and here's a blurry emeryville. we will see a warmer start after
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the sun comes up at 6:32. by 7:00, 8:00 we are warming to the 60s. as much as tip crease warmer that yesterday at 83 around concord and santa rosa with 79 forecasted near oakland. upper 60s to near 70 at the beaches. we will talk about an even warmer day headed our way for the second half of your weekend. chris. >> lisa, thank you. now to the race for the white house. democratic front runner hillary clinton spent last night headlining a high-priced fundraiser with a high profile guest. but east vent also attracted dozens protesters. >> reporter: here's a brief glimpse of george clooney leaving the fundraiser and presidential candidate hillary clinton. the event, held at venture captain lift home, attracted dozens of demonstrators.
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they were mostly bernie sanders supporters. he had called this fundraiser and others like it of obscene because of the amount of money ponied up. >> $365,000 is what they are charging to have a seat at the table with hillary clinton. >> his campaign just released an adhere for bern san. sanders touched down in rome for a conference at the vatican and urged people to reject what he called an immoral economy. sanders and clinton had been campaigning for new york's primary next week before flying here clinton celebrate add small victory playing dominoes at a senior center in harlem. >> you did it! >> clinton will head to los angeles for another event with george clean, a fundraiser at his studio city home.
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders will join abc's george tomorrow morning for "this week." george is bringing the two democrats together for a round of tough questions before the new york primary on tuesday. "this week" airs sunday at 8:00 a.m. on abc7. it's the question most drivers have after they have dropped their car off at the shop. who is going to drive it and where? a local man said his dashcam captured a man taking his car for a joyride while it was in for repairs. this raises more questions. with he have a story from the audi dealership in palo alto. >> the owner of the car, brian thornton, said the man behind the wheel is a palo alto employee. thornton is accusing the employee of joyriding and speeding. >> mark noble is a customer at
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audi palo alto. he said he would be very irritated if it was his car. >> we spend a lot of are money on these cars and the last thing i would expect is someone to take it out for a joyride. >> calls into question how they do their background checks on their employees. >> the audi owner pamela pike is skeptical. >> it could have happened but most mechanics are pretty well certified and i think maybe the guy may have made up a little bit of a story. >> in a statement he says in part we needly began our investigation and have already taken action. we are working with the customer involved and have thanked them for had bringing this matter to our attention. mark noble said he's taking his car in for service next week. i asked him if the video changed his mind about going to audi palo alto. >> probably not, but i'll ask them about it. >> abc7 news. >> a car plummeted 100 feet off
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a cliff last night t happened just before 10:00 p.m. on grizzly peek near south park drive close to an overlook south of tilledden regional park. rescuers found noun in the vehicle when they repelled down from the roadway. they heard a loud screech and watched the cargo over the cliff t cart wheeled down the hillside. >> saw the car spin and i thought, whoa, that car is going to roll-off the hill and then it rolls off the hill. >> authorities aren't sure where the driver went after the accident or if that person was injured in the wreck. 5:05 is our time. for the second night in a row a police chase from oakland to contra costa county ended with an accident. it started yesterday along highway 13 in oakland before 8:00 p.m. the officers said they tried pull a red mercedes sedan for missing license plates when the driver took off.
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a chp helicopter followed the car to pittsburgh where police in that city used spike strips to disable the car. the drove then ran and unsuccessfully tried carjacking another car near highway 4. suspect was arrested by police. deputies in marin evacuated a campground after a fire started start in the dunes nearby. marin county deputies blocked several roads so officers could do their job. they said cause is specious. witnesses say they saw people running from the scene, but thankfully no one was hurt. the red cross has put up dozens of people in the south bay after an apartment fire there. sky 7hd was over the twin pines manor apartments in sunnyvale as smoke poured out of the building. two people had to go to the hospital and more were hurt and
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some climbed down ladders to get out. sunnyvale showed this reunion. two violently attacked a store clerk. [inaudible] >> this happened on march 8th. two people want into the quick stop and taqueria. the man in the red bandana you see there assaulted the clerk and demanded money. after a heated exchange the man shot the clerk but police say the clerk will survive. the golden state warriors now stand alone with 73 wins! >> after a big leap, the warriors final run officially kicks off this afternoon on abc7. the preshow starts at noon and warrer fans can't wait. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley shows us the excitement from pleasanton. >> warriors! >> it's starting.
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saturday averages in homes and bars, all over northern california. >> the warriors are great for the bay area economy. >> this place opened during warriors playoff season last year and they hope this year is a repeat, and that requires warriors gear. >> i decided to come and support my local team and buy warriors gear. >> you already have warriors gear. >> i can't get enough. it's all over the place. this is the shirt everyone is coming in to get, including 11-year-old bell law and her sister. >> it shows the warriors, that we love them. >> you think if you wear a hat or shirt it might bring them luck? , yeah, it could. >> we expect a quick 16-0 here. let's get it done. and bring on another championship to northern california. >> if you are thinking of going to the game, beware of ticket fraud. people are stealing bar codes from photos of tickets posted online. on wednesday night 60 tickets wouldn't scan. >> the biggest issue we have is people who bought tickets from a
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third party site. problems occur and the bar code doesn't scan and they aren't able to get into the game. >> even fans without tickets will be able to enjoy the warriors new ground tailgate set up on the south side of oracle arena. it opens at 9:00 saturday. abc7 news. her fans are -- our fans are the loudest in the league. so fun to play in front of and such a crazy atmosphere. >> i think everybody is ready to go. it should be fun tomorrow. >> the warriors know dub nation will bring it for game one at oracle arena. yesterday they had a final practice setting up the game plan and running through plays. abc7 news was at the practice facility as they worked on individual shooting skills. if you are headed to the game you are urged to take public transit. warriors and a's both have games going on at the same time. first pitch for the a's game is shortly after 1:00 p.m.
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if you are driving, be prepared for a lot of traffic. if you can't be at oracle arena for this afternoon's game against the rockets, you can watch it here on abc7. our coverage begins at noon. after the game stay tuned for "after the game" on abc7. larry and mike shumann will be joined by adopt foil for:complete coverage and analysis. two big events going on. how is the weather? >> the weather is going to be nice. it will warm up. tomorrow getting a bit on the toasty side. i would say today is going to be very pleasant out there. 55 degrees. mid-40 owes to the north bay. ful winds are shifting. we will see temperatures come up maybe 10 degrees in some spots. certainly here in san francisco. i will have your forecast next. >> lisa, thank you. also ahead, stepping in to find a missing child. here from everyone who made this emotional reunion possible. but first a scary scene at a
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southern california high school. the mountain lion that
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. >> some scary moments yesterday for students at a southern california high school a mountain lion showed up on campus right in the middleful the lunch break. instead of eating, students had to run inside to their classrooms. no one was hurt. the wildlife ran through campus and through nearby streets before they managed to tranquilize it. california wildlife released this picture. mountain lion back in the wild again. there was a huge scare yesterday when an 11-year-old boy with autism disappeared from school. but with the help of strangers and a friend there was a happy
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reunion. dan ashley has the story. >> an enormous hug for little zachary jordan smith. san francisco police released this photo of a happy end to go a frantic search across the bay, a family reunion made possible by a vigilant woman. >> i said lord give me favor right now. clear this-free so i cap get the kid. when the freeway cleared up, i ran across and i grabbed him. >> alice spotted him in san francisco trying to cross i 280. zachary traveled on bart all wait to concord more than 30* miles away. the mood was a lot more somber earlier in the afternoon when his parents joined volunteers and police to search for him after he sneaked out of school in concord. >> it's heart-wrenching. i can't imagine if chloe was missing. >> but this call came over the radio. >> we are on the phone, advising they found him. >> mom got to talk to him on the
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phone. >> i'm glad you are safe, baby, i'm glad you are safe, okay? >> it was all thanks to alice who helped zachary off the san francisco freeway. i said are you lost? he said, yes, i'm lost. i say where do you live? he mentioned a street i never heard of and he mentioned concord. i said concord, how did you get here? he said bart. i said so you are missing? okay, i'm going to get you safe and i'll promise you i'm going to get you to your parents. >> when alice called police, sergeant lisa springer responded, and it just so happens sergeant springer knows the missing boy. her own son, also named zachary, went to preschool with him. >> the stars aligned today. that's all. i'm so happy. >> and that was abc7 news anchor dan ashley reporting. the ones missing boy and his family are back in the east bay together thanks to their effort. school officials are trying to figure out how zachary managed to slip out of school without being noticed. did you will know the
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largest bell was made in russia? but it cracked before it could be heard. now berkeley has duplicated the sound it was supposed to make. they brought the imaginary bell to school yesterday. lyanne melendez brings it all together. >> this sound has been imagined by millions of russians, but it's never been heard there. >> this is a sound you can barely hear. it's around 80, it's like rim bell. >> he made it his project to hear the bell built in 1735, commissioned by anna of russia. he calculated the thickness, shape, movement. the materials used to make the bell. we got a historical perspective. bells in her nature i have russia. >> bells have always been important in russian culture and they brought people together,
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they brought communities together, they alarmed people, they had many functions. >> most were destroyed under communist recall because they were considered a religious artifact. ironically this bell survived because it was damaged is that rightly after it was cast. >> there was a fire when the bell was still underground, and the workers there were worried that the bell would somehow felt. they cooled it off with water and cooling it off with water made it crack. >> today the bell lives outside the kremlin for all to see but not hear. >> the width of the barbell is 22 feet. the height 20 feet. it weighs more than 200 tons. if it were here, it would fit nicely within this space. >> these trusses hold the big speaker used to bring the imaginary bell to live. low pitch joined in with the sounds of the 23 bells from the campenilli as if to say hello no russian.
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leeann melendez, abc7 news. ski season is coming to an end in tahoe. this is the final weekend of skiing for several resorts, including boreal, kirkwood, northstar and heavenly at tahoe. a former san francisco landmark playland at the beach is the inspiration behind a street festival taking place today between 35th and 37th 's. the playland on balance loa street will be held from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. thousands of expected to take part in celebration of the outer rich land neighborhood. there will also be a screening of the documentary "remembering playland" the beach side amusement park that entertained san franciscans until it closed in 1972. and lisa, you were mentioning good weather? >> yeah, nice today. getting toasty tomorrow. 60s and 70s yesterday.
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today more 80s. areas of san francisco coming up about 10 degrees. 63 degrees. we will have a sea breeze today. that will be the big, big difference from today to tomorrow where the sea breeze shuts off and the low goes offshore. we will see the numbers come up even more so. so live doppler 7hd, it's clear out there. we don't have fog to speak of. in fact, it will be until late monday when we see any of the low cloudiness return. so as we widen the view, you will notice this is a wig dome of municipal which is sitting right over the west coast. that's live for the clouds to go up and over the ridge and the ridge gets stronger and stronger. temperatures warm right on through tomorrow. and then just some slight cooling by monday. here's a look from emeryville where numbers are ranging from the upper 40s in morgan hill to low 50s mountain view and san jose. good morning san francisco. 55 for you. it's 50 on the coast. and from our exploratorium camera, this is where it gets interesting. some of the winds have shift
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today the north and as a result notice fairfield is at 58. they were 61 last hour. so within the next hour, some of the wind is shifting to the north, northerly component and that will allow for the warmup to really get going by midmorning. cool. santa rosa 46 there as well as napa. novato, the cool spot, at 45. the 24 temperature change puts the delta area much, much warmer as well as antioch and concord and livermore. a couple of degrees warmer. so things just beginning to shift a bit this morning. and we do have some upper level winds out of the northeast and also just out of the north up to 25 miles per hour allowing for a little bit of a breezes are upper elevation. sunny and warmer today with the sea breeze at the coast. sunny and warmest tomorrow and gradual cooling as we get into next week. maybe each a little bit of rain w check out the colors. we go from green to yellow. by 10:00 we are in the 70s in the north bay. this is the down-sloping wind
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that would accelerate the warming there. look what happens at about 4:00. 80 by the delta, upper 70s san jose. 57 in san francisco and a pleasant evening with more 60s by 7:00. tomorrow, though, it's even warm. temperatures will climb to the upper 80s san jose. 77 in san francisco. and then bemoan notice we still have 70s and 80s. statewide it's nothing but sun from north to south. 84 in los angeles. and we will be looking at temperatures today as much as 1, san francisco. and 75 down around santa cruz with 82 in san jose, santa rosa. 82 in napa. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring the 80s for the inland valleys today. more widespread tomorrow. warmest day out of the next seven and slight, slight cooling on monday. tuesday, wednesday and thursday notice increasing clouds. maybe each a sprinkle in the north bay on tuesday. and then by the end of the week we could see some showers.
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you notice the temperature trend is going down. so in the 70s about 1:00 for the a's. >> i'm sure crissy field, dolores park will be packed with people. thank you. what does it take to get a good night's sleep? for one family it trial took "7 on your side" michael finney. their story ne
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♪ you wish your dog could fight off fleas and ticks. but since he can't... you rely on frontline plus. because frontline plus unleashes a deadly killing force to kills fleas and ticks, plus flea eggs and larvae, preventing a new flea infestation. its protection lasts a full 30 days. no wonder frontline plus is recommended by vets for killing fleas and ticks. after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter.
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frontline plus. vet recommended flea and tick killer. ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ . when you buy a new bed does it feel different in the store than it does at home. a bay area couple said their
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expensive pillow top mattress turned into a mass of lumps and they were stuck with it. "7 on your side" michael finney has the story. >> this is where we sleep with the lump. >> per pillow top mattress was barely three months old when it started to happen. >> i don't want to feel like the princess and the pea syndrome. >> as the story goes, a princess couldn't sleep because she could feel a piney pea under hurry mattress. janet says she feels a sea of lumps on her. >> we have little mountains and mohills. you are tossing and turning all night long. >> when they bought it from pottery barn, it developed bum knowledges on top. they replaced it with this mattress and it has lumps too. >> we have to adjust who gets the worst lump and who gets the worst lumps? my husband is generous and takes the worst lumps.
5:26 am
>> you are sore, and the kink in your back. >> potsry barn said they would replace it on the third match but there was a catch. >> you have to promise under sight unseen you have to keep this mattress that this will be the end of our correspondence. >> janet didn't want to risk it so she contacted me. >> it's almost like saying you are on double secret probation. i'm calling channel "7 on your side" that it truly does work. >> we contacted potly barn. it agreed to refund the $2,000 they paid for the bed telling us customer service is a priority for us at pot try barn and we take these matters very sear justly. we pride ourselves on our quality and will be looking into the matter to be sure we continue to up hold high standards. now janet feels a little more like a princess without the pea. >> i can close that chapter on my life. and then i have a lot of mice and sweet slumber ahead of me. >> the west was madely simmons,
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with i declined to comment for the story. janet said she and her husband are looking forward to sleeping peacefully and lump free. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." people laying in four bay area cities have some of the greenest commutes in the entire nation. according to the research center, they take transit to work. and the city with the greenest commute in the united states is new york city where more than 56% of people said they took transit to work. happening today, the oakland museum of california is going where no other major museum has gone before. it will premiere altered state, a new exhibit looking at all aspects of marijuana. how people use it, the signs behind it and evenets criminal past. oakland is the first museum to take an the subject. visitors will see plants and
5:28 am
buds. they aren't glamorizing pot use but it trying to give visitors an honest look at marijuana. we have much more ahead on the abc7 morning news. a second earthquake rocks japan. search crews are looking for any survivors. and plus a historic move for women in the army. how this major step is
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. >> good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris wisconsin. we starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa argen. she's tracking the conditions where you live. hi, lisa. >> good morning. it's nice and clear, no visibility issues. in fact big dome of high pressure is building into the west coast, allowing for warming temperatures this weekend. getting going today with about ten degrees of warming in san francisco. for more 70s even at the coast. so 59 right now in antioch. we have a bit of a northerly wind.
5:31 am
upper elevation winds as well are beginning to shift, but it's cool in the north bay with 46 in napa. 50 at the coast in san mateo. so at 6:32 the sun is officially up and the warming gets underway by midmorning. so the average we are looking at 80s concord, livermore, santa rosa, san jose. low 70s san francisco. and this is not even the warmest day of the weekend. chris. >> lisa, thank you. happening now, pope francis is making a short visit to the greek island where the heart of europe's refugee crisis is being felt. pope francis was greeted by the leader of the greek orthodox church, as well as greece's prime minister. the vatican said he will bring back twelve syrian refugees, including six children to italy. he's been a vocal advocate on bringing attention and sympathy to my grants. >> a second earthquake to rock
5:32 am
japan in two days is up to 19. video shows collapsed and flat end home in this city. the 7.0 earthquake has triggered landslides, started fires and damaged roads. a 6.5 earthquake in the same area on thursday killed tip people, bringing the total number of dead from the two earthquakes to 29.. and this video shows one of several powerful aftershocks today. one said the first earthquake was shocking and now people are gustified. they are hook being for survivors in the rubble. a tiger killed an employee at a zoo. the victim was i had zoo habitat at the time of the. she was a talk. the zoo was open but guests were not present and never in danger. the victim was taken to the hospital where she later died.
5:33 am
the tiger was tranquilized but the zoo has not said what they plan to do with it. in a historic move this week the u.s. army has approved 22 women to combat positions. the army yesterday announced the women will be allowed to serve as second due -- lieutenants. now to the growing outrage after a video was released showing two consults preparing to paddle a five-year-old child t happened at an elementary school in georgia where it's actually legal, just as it is in 18 other states. abc news reporter steve with the video and the debate. [child crying] >> what you are about to see in a public grade school is perfectly legal. the five-year-old mother, gave her consent to school officials to paddle her son after they the
5:34 am
child fought with other children then spat on a teacher. >> help me! >> for many they say it's keeply disturbs and others say it's just fine. but the 22-year-old now said she felt pressured to let them hit her child.. >> i could go back and stop all of this, i would snatch them up and say take me to jail, suspend him, i don't care. >> georgia is still one. 129 states that still allows corporal punishment in schools. an estimated 167,000 public school children are physically disciplined every year. authorities said they never threatened her with jail. >> so you do spank him? >> yeah, but they were shaking him around and hauling him down. you don't do something like that to a five-year-old. >> the school said because ofcy issues they can't discuss details of this case, but tell us they are reexamining
5:35 am
discipline issues underlying that corporate punishment is allowed here with parent consent. >> it's been three years since this moment of terror at the boston the marathon. [explosions] >> bombs set off near the finish line killed three people and injured 264 others. one of the bombers died days later in a gun fight with police. the other was convicted and sentenced to death. yesterday a moment of silence marked the anniversary. wreaths were laid at the site of both bombings. apple is reth at government request to help law enforcement officials up lock an i-phone. this one is in new york. the judge already ruled against the government but now there's an appeal n a new document filed in federal court apple said the government utterly failed to show that apple assistance is
5:36 am
was this. they want to get to information in the phone linked to a meth trafficker in brooklyn. they said the government has the mechanism to do it. less than a month away to the bay to breakers race in san francisco. more than 50 runners took part last year. registration is still open and costs $65 per adult. no alcohol, no smoking and no wheeled devices are allowed on the 12a course. >> texting will not be coming to an amc theater near you. many people that popcorn at the screen when they heard the proposals. they said there will be no texting in their theaters because, quote, you spoke, we listened." thursday the ceo said he was contemplating changing the rules. in palo alto, a battle over privacy and property rights as
5:37 am
neighbors fight over a proposal to ban two-story houses. some believe there shouldn't even be a vote. >> it's a common characteristic in every joseph likeler designed community. >> the house is considered closed at the front and when you get inside it opens up. >> mid-century mod he were is what people call it. a 1950's home design that blends indoor and outdoor living. richard wants she's likeler homes in palo alto to be preserved. >> the sheer value of being of this design type for the people who own them is something that we want to protect. >> he's part of a group that's urging council members to ban two-story homes and second floor add-toes in this subdivision. the decision would impact 200 home owners. she is it against the proposal is and said families should be able to expand their home hike she did back in the mid-80s. >> i want the house necessary the neighborhood to grow from a ticky tacky uniform subdivision
5:38 am
to a neighborhood that serves the families living in them. >> this is nothing new in palo alto but at issue is a rule that requires 70% of home ownsers to agree to a change before the council considers a vote. but some say they were coerced into signing the petition. katheryn said she wasn't each approached about the proposal. >> it would be important for us to stay here with our medical support and our community support the and i can't do that without fixes things up. >> because of how they are designed the supporters say privacy is a concern. some of them also want to prevent any mansions from being built nearby. >> the palo alto city council will take up the issue on monday music company vivo has made its way to the bay area. coming up, find out why they want to be close to the likes of twitter and uber. but first the time right now is 35:38. a live look outside from our sutro tower camera. get ready for a slight warmup. lisa will have the full
5:39 am
accuweather forecast in a few minutes. the abc news appear on your schedule a
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>> welcome back. a live look at the golden gate bridge. we will find a out how warm it will get in lisa argen's accuweather forecast just minutes away. they are putting the finishing it was on a new hospital in one forecast most densely populated neighborhoods in san francisco. we were in chinatown where we
5:42 am
got a tour of the new facility. it's a big upgrade from the old hospitals. hashents will have their own ram. also knew an mri machine and a medication room. here are pictures from the original 1925 hospital as a reminder why this new facility was hospital. >> a lot of the chinese could not go into the mainstream hospitals. they had to create their own hospital in order to get care. and we are trying to make it better so they get the care that they need. >> each patient room will have the electronic board in english and chinese. they will tell patients who their nurses are, what medication these need and a run down of their males. the chinese hospital opens in june the festival is this weekend. it also runs next weekend and the promoters who put it on want to put on the classic rock
5:43 am
concert of the century. the organizers are looking to book bob dylan, paul mccartney, the rolling stones, the who, neil young and pink floyd's rodger water. all of them are rock. and roll inductees. it would take place october 7th through the 9th at empire polo field in riverside county. if they can pull that offer, that would be amazing. >> sounds like an event for the older set. >> hey, i would go. >> the kids to cochello and then maybe the 40, 50 year olds there. >> oh, lisa. it would be cool. >> nothing cool about the forecast over the weekend except if you are going to be at the coast. the sun officially up in less than an hour. we are in the mid-50s here. upper elevation wind helping boost temperatures through the midmorning hours. we will see 70s by noontime in parts of the bay. details next. >> and also ahead, should the
5:44 am
warriors fear the beard? we will hear from james hard again how he feels playing the warriors in the first round of the nba
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5:46 am
>> in sports the warriors quest to win back-to-backs will be this afternoon at oracle arena. if you can't be there watch it here on abc7. coverage at noon and tip off at 12:30. giants are in los angeles for a three-game series against the dodgers. last night's pitching match-up was ace versus ace. madison bumgarner and rich kershaw. here's the sports report. >> good morning. friday was jackie robinson day in the majors as the man who broke baseball's color-barrier was remembered. he played for the brooklyn dodgers, the team that later moved to los angeles. to honor him, all players wore
5:47 am
the number 42. and there was a game to remember against madison bumgarner. he rips this deep to left center to give his team the deep is-30 lead. and clayton kershaw had his problems, as well. this allows the game to be tied. and l.a. regained the lead in the third. hernandez connects again. he had a two-run double and a fair-run fourth. dodgers win 7-3. mad-bum takes the loss. he's now 1-1. before the says took on the royals, vida blue, ricky henderson was honored. they got to him with two runs in the first. cain with the rib single. they utah can you the lead in the second. steven vogt, his first home run of the year. he has this fan's vote. the royals got a big insurance run in the ninth. he connects off shawn doolittle.
5:48 am
oakland has now lost four straight. after winning a record 73 games this season, some are wondering if the warriors can can be beat anyone the playoffs. the warriors worked out yesterday at their practice facility. public perception has changed a lot since last season when they won their first nba title in 40 years. now golden state is the odds-on favorite to win it all. >> the last year, even though we con 67 games works he the one-seed and people still wondered if we could get it done. but isolates a different feel, a different dynamic. but still have to win 16 games. the rockets, a chance of an upset? if so, james harden will likely be the key. he joins the only players to average 29 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds in a season. he says bring on the warriors. >> you have to face them any ways no matter whether it's the first round or whenever.
5:49 am
we have a great opportunity. a lot of people count us out and we have to go take it one game at a time. >> following the contest, stay tuned for "after the game" on abc7. sports director larry beil and adonal foyle and mike shumann for postgame interviews. that's sports for saturday morning. i'm rick quan. enjoy the game. 5:49 the time. today is a nice one to head out and enjoy the sunshine. >> if you can't arrange that today, tomorrow even warm he were. the warm he felt day of the week will arrive on sunday. as we look at live doppler 7hd, yes, we can't see anything. that's because there's no cloud cover there and we are talking about our warmup beginning today. in fact, with the weekend featuring more 70s and 80s today, even at the coast with a sea breeze today. we will be as much as 10 degrees warmer. here's a look at our radar and
5:50 am
satellite composite. you notice the clear area right here. a big ridge of high pressure that's building into the west coast and allowing the storm track to move well to the north. high pressure just gets stronger and stronger throughout the weekend. just a subtle changes as we get back to work on monday. 55 san francisco. one of the warmer numbers in this panel here. 54 oakland. it's 51 in mountain view and san jose. good morning morgan hill. 50 at the coast. so a good deal of warming getting underway today with the wind shift from the exploratorium camera. pier the 15, our vantage point. 47 in livermore. look at the 10-degree jump by the delta. that's a northerly wind allowing for numbers to be pretty mild at this hour. 48 for you in concord. so we will look for the numbers to continue to be a little bit warmer this morning than yesterday. with that wind shift. but check out antioch and fairfield. that's where we have the biggest job. as you head out this morning not
5:51 am
a whole lot of change but you will notice by midmorning how temperatures are coming up a little bit quicker out there. this is the view from sutro. sunny and warmer today. we still have that sea breeze at the coast. so it will be comfortable. and tomorrow it might be getting a little toasty for some of you. temperatures well above average with 10 degrees of warming today around san francisco. another 5 degrees tomorrow, keeping us well above average and then gradual cooling next week with increasing clouds, maybe a sprinkle in the north bay on tuesday and by the the end of the week maybe we could see another shot at some precip. today as we go through the morning hours look what happens by 10:00 w he have 60s and 70s in the north bay with the wind shift we are getting. the quickly warming temperatures and 70 in the south bay. by the afternoon the 80s arrive. 77 san jose. 67 san francisco. so probably your temperature peeking before i will say 1:00 at the coast and then look at
5:52 am
the nice evening on tap with 60s 70s. today is a nice day. tomorrow as well but with the offshore floor even warmer. 85 concord, livermore, and my monday very, very little change. across the state look how sunny. 84 los angeles. 78 in san diego. and temperatures around the bay with that breezy coast hitting that high by about 1:00. then we see numbers come town at the coast after that. 81 in san jose. and headed over to the east bay, many of you and hopefully the a's can turn around today with 74 at 1:00. mid-70s, lots of sun out there. the accuweather seven-day forecast, look at those upper 80s inland tomorrow, 70s at the coast. a little change on monday but really it's tuesday with increasing clouds and the rest of the week featuring the cooler weather. near average. maybe squeezing out a few drops here and there on tuesday and friday. >> such a difference compared to our string of 60s last week. >> a nice change. thank you. the bay area tech boom continues and the latest sign music video
5:53 am
company vivo is opening a new office. johnathan bloom took a tour and find out why they say they similarly had to be there ♪ hello it's me >> vivo is saying hello to san francisco. >> they are the largest music video platform. >> hosting videos like adele's. >> on mobile phones, ipads, frankly any platform that is connected to the internet ♪ i came in like -- >> they public splash hits like this on youtube and through their own apps. and with apps now a bigger deal than ever, new york-based vivo pope benedict this office in san francisco. >> we will double the size of our team here over of the next, i would say, six to twelve months. >> and the new office will be a tool for vivo to attract the
5:54 am
tech industry's best talent. and it's no accident. >> we like to be neighborhood to twitter and neighbors with huberer and square. >> and a room just for ping-pong. they are make a statement. >> our mission is clear. we would like to become one of the top shops for engineering product and design. >> recruiting from there has vivo in the respond. >> all the companies are within five minutes of here. all these large companies are looking for all this talent when there's just not enough candidates for all the open positions. >> the city's tech workers have become to expect the free offices, the offices and the paychecks. >> 30% higher market compared to anyone else in the united states. >> for tech specific? >> yes. >> and often they have to win with culture and vivo has a leg up. >> one. biggest perks we build as a company in the music space, when there are concerts we have access to those.
5:55 am
>> could help them lure them away from our neighbors. johnathan bloom, abc7 news. >> stay close.
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> welcome back. goats will take center stage at san francisco's ferry building today. the eighth annual goat festival will take place at the farmers market from 8:00 to 1:00. it's affectionately called goatchella. next, the second police chase in as many nights ends in a crash. how the suspect tried to get away. >> we have developing news in the east bay a major water main break at emeryville. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> at&t. >> your park. >> your story. >> they are change being the way they do business. >> i know this is a scam. >> choose the news that matters
5:58 am
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after all, your dog is a lover not a fighter. frontline plus. vet recommended flea and tick killer.
6:00 am
>> it's saturday, april 16th. thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist lisa argen tracking live doppler hd for us. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. there's nothing on live doppler 7hd. we are looking at clear conditions and a wind shift that will allow for a warming trend to get underway. really get more established today as high pressure builds into the west coast. and that's going to allow for temperatures to climb today. numbers will be above average, but wait until you see tomorrow's outlook. here's a look at mount the tam. isn't this so nice with the sun coming up. it's 6:32. numbers are in the mid-40s morgan hill. 55 downtown. and another vantage point from the sutro


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