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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 16, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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sergio quantana is live with new details. sergio? >> eric, it was a beautiful day to be at the beach. the weather was nice and waves didn't look that bad either but ocean beaches very well known for having dangerous rip currents. and today two teenagers from vallejo went into the water with their friends, and they never came out. they searched for more than four hours, but at dark, the search was suspended. >> big, strong guys with wet
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suits. we would, you know, maybe there's some hope there. but this is a difficult case. >> reporter: the young men are from vallejo. when their families arrived at the command center, they were told the chances for survival were not good. a total of five young men were swept into the water. three managed to get out alive. >> they were very distressed. very in shock. it was very heartbreaking to see them in that state. >> reporter: according to the fire department, the five young men were in the water up to their knees and had interlocked their arms to stay together but the currents were still too strong. the three who survived got out several yards from where they first went in. one woman watched as the young men were checked out by paramedics. she said neighbors know to be careful at this beach. >> when the waves are like this it looks harmless. as the tide comes in wave after wave, it's got a really bad undertow. the search stressed over six
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miles of ocean beach and included a coast guard helicopter and a few boats. firefighters spent hours perched atop their ladders. this was the 12th search on the ocean beach this year and in the end the two young men were not found and the search will not resume. in san francisco, sergio quintana, abc 7 news. >> be careful out there tomorrow if you are going to enjoy the warm weather. meteorologist drew tuma has more on a beach hazard that's just been issued. >> thanks to a storm well out in the pacific, it's creating an active ocean current that's moving along our coastline at this hour. a beach hazard statement in effect through sunday evening 9:00. and that risk is there of being swept into the ocean thanks to the large sneaker waves we've seen today that will continue tomorrow. the beach can be a popular place. respect that ocean current. it is strong. in the 70s along the coast. much hotter inland. we'll look at those numbers in the full accuweather forecast coming up. >> thanks, drew.
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developing news in ecuador where the strongest earthquake to hit latin america has killed at least 28 people. you can see the vilent shaking inside a department store all caught on cell phone video. the shaking continued for nearly one minute. the earthquake measured a 7.8 in magnitude. the deaths are in three cities on the city's central coast. here's a look at early damage, including a car flattened like a pancake. the driver was killed. there's a tsunami threat along the coast tonight. two earthquakes this week in japan. the number of dead is up to 41. 32 died in a 7.3 quake early today. nine others killed in a 6.5 quake on thursday. 400,000 homes are without drinking water and another 200,000 don't have electricity. nearly 100 people are still
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thought to be trapped tonight. rain caused landslides are slowing rescuers down. japan a most active volcano also began erupting after the quakes. back here some san jose residents voiced their fruftseration after a fire hydrant failed to work outside a burning town home. it broke out in a town house complex along sugar creek drive near capital expressway and sugar creek road. the two nearest hydrants failed to work. >> they had to hook up six-inch lines on silver creek to bring water here to put this fire out. and we have a fire hydrant less than 50 feet away. >> nobody was hurt. the red cross is helping three adults and a child who were driven from their home by the fire. investigators are trying to find out what sparked that fire. san jose police officers moving in on a suspect who refused to surrender. that man fought with a police
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dog moments earlier. the standoff forced officers to evacuate nearby businesses along capital avenue near bariesa road. officers spent about three hours urging the man to surrender. a uc berkeley student wants an apology from one of america's best known airlines for kicking him off a flight for something he said on the phone. lisa amin gulezian with more. >> reporter: it happened on a southwest airlines flight last week. the iraq-born student who once helped build a school in syrian refugee camps found himself in a situation he could have never imagined. this is video of kiral dean makzumi asking ban ki-moon a question at a special world affairs council dinner in los angeles april 5th. the next day the southwest airlines frequent flyer boarded a flight from l.a.x. to oakland.
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he was on the phone with his uncle in baghdad and said a common arabic statement "god willing." that's when he noticed a passenger eyeing him. she told security he was using jihadist language. >> they degraded me as a human and they only, i believe they thought i was a terrorist. >> reporter: the normally gregarious student was searched and intimidated for 45 minutes by airport security. >> she said you need to be honest with us. you have said something about -- they pulled me out without any, i mean, there should be a procedure. >> reporter: according to a southwest airlines statement, the company wouldn't remove a passenger without a collaborative decision rooted in established procedure. he says he wants the airline to apologi apologize. he also vows to never fly southwest again. lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news.
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starting off the road to a second straight championship with a win. the warriors beat the rockets this afternoon at oracle arena. shu will have a full recap coming up in sports. right now cornell barnard has more on ws fans reaction to the big win and an injury scare for the reigning mvp. >> go warriors! >> reporter: game one, an easy victory by w nation over the houston rockets. but you can't please every fan. >> i think this game is boring. they are beating everybody by 30 points. that's not a game anymore. what do you think? >> i think they did so great, they are the warriors for a reason. >> reporter: some fans concerned about an ankle injury which sent steph curry to the locker room late in the game. >> you always think of before, like back in the season. he came back next game after that. i'm not too concerned about that.
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>> reporter: debbie wald is wearing this gold jack oat loan from her superfanson oliver known as the golden suit man at every game. >> i'm standing in for my son today. making sure the warriors feel the love. >> reporter: scoring a ticket to game one of the playoffs almost impossible. >> i remember the days when i could not give away tickets. it finally paid off. >> now you can't get one. >> reporter: game two on monday. go warriors. at oracle, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. the race for president -- hillary clinton left san francisco and spoke to supporters in los angeles where she'll also attend a fund-raiser held by george and amal clooney at the couple's home. tickets are reportedly priced at $33,400 per person. bernie sanders is back in new york after a whirlwind trip to rome where he briefly met privately with pope francis.
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the pope said it was just a quick meet and greet, not an endorsement. he spoke at a roundtable at a new york church today. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will join george stephanopoulos tomorrow for "this week." george is bringing the two democrats together for a round of tough questions before the new york primary on tuesday. this week airs sunday at 8:00 a.m. right here on abc 7. still to come at 11:00 -- it seemed like a scene out of a movie. a chase rooftop to rooftop in san francisco ends with a four-story fall on to a car. plus -- >> oh, man. >> i don't know if people are going to believe you. >> president obama and steph teaming up. and tonight they want your help. and later, meet the little goat with a spring in its step just hours after being born. stay w
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sounds like a scene out of
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an old crime flick. police chase a criminal across a rooftop. that's what happened on knob hill. alyssa harrington spoke with the victim and has more on this bizarre police chase. >> it was very scary. >> reporter: tiffany norman was asleep when around 8:40 this morning -- >> i just heard this big banging into the door and all of a sudden, somebody was in my apartment. >> reporter: a changer with a gun broke down the door. they chased the man across the roof of several buildings. he tried to jump to a tree to escape but fell three stories falling to a car. neighbors woke to the sound of a large thud. this is what they found. frantic moments of the bizarre chase were broadcast on police radio. >> i just heard screaming. i heard somebody like running down the street screaming. >> reporter: the suspect's crime spree started this morning.
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he's accused of breaking into homes on leavenworth street and pacific avenue gaining access through the roofs. >> he cut through some construction plastic and went into one of the apartments and then broke through and came out. while police were taking a report for that, they saw him running down this way, and he had a gun. >> reporter: the suspect allegedly held one victim up at gunpoint. he also pointed a gun at them. a man was hurt and is at the hospital. when he's out, he'll be booked into jail. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. sports chalet announced it's shutting down all its stores and ending online sales as well. the southern california-based company has more than 40 stores in california, including one in pleasanton and another in east san jose. all stores will remain open until the end of the month. last month, sports authority announced it filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and would close 140 stores nationwide. the company disclosed in january that it missed a $20 million debt payment. there are 20 sports authority
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stores in the bay area. among those closing are in walnut creek. warriors star steph curry may not need the advice you're about to see on shooting hoops. >> move in a little bit, all right? release. make sure it's on your fingertips. >> maybe i should shoot lefty. >> you could try that. >> now building volcanoes may be another story. as you can see, he's getting advice from the president. they released this video on facebook. president obama is urging people to mentor young people as part of the national my brother's keeper campaign. groundbreaking surgery at ucsf medical center. a texas man underwent the first elbow to elbow transplant. reggie cook fell asleep at the wheel seven years ago and was left a quadriplegic. he can't use his left arm. at first he suggested a surgeon cut off the arm but then had a better idea. >> and i said, hmm, you know,
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can we possibly use the elbow from this? and then a light went off in the doctor's head. >> doctors plan to remove reggie's left arm and transplant that elbow into his right arm. reggie says the use of his right arm will give him something he dearly craves, his independence. you may see this solar powered airplane flying over the bay area. the plane's batteries fried during its five-day nonstop trip from japan to hawaii. they've installed new batteries and a cooling system to protect them. the eventual plan calls for the solar impulse to fly to abu dhabi where its journey began more than a year ago. national park visits are free all this week. if you're going to yosemite, prepare to be wowed. intebs rainfall this spring and snow melt have made the waterfalls quite impressive. you can see them and feel the vibrations from them according to some visitors. we are enjoying the sun and
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warmth. here's drew with more. >> today was warm. tomorrow will be even warmer. high pressure strengthens. temperatures into the mid80s in some spots. live doppler 7 hd, rain-free for the moment. outside we go. a live look from our tower camera showing the beautiful city of san francisco. notice san francisco city hall is dressed up in yellow and blue to celebrate the warriors. clear skies overhead and temperatures right now still rather mild after a warm day. a lot of spots in the skictds. concord 63. san jose, mild in the south bay. 65. 52 in napa. same in novato. and san ramon is at 59. tonight, most spots hold in the low 50s. coolest spots in the north bay. san rafael, nap amid and upper 50s. these will be your starting temperatures tomorrow morning. it will set the stage for a warm
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day on the way. by 10:00 in the morning on our sunday, we already have a few spots near if not into the lower 70s. by lunchtime hour, 12:00 sunday, a lot of spots getting close to the 80-degree mark and many locations into the 80s sunday afternoon. a perfect day on the way to take in a ball game. the a's continue their series against the royals. first pitch 1:05. that's a warm temperature of 81 under total sunshine. by the ninth inning, still mild, a temperature of 78. highs across the bay area. microclimate, the south bay. a lot of 80s. 84 cupertino. 83 in milpitas. 81 san mateo. 84 mountain view. the coast, 76 pacifica, 73 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, 78 tomorrow under sunshine. 73 for daley city. 84 santa rosa. 81 the high in vallejo into the
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east bay. 83 oakland and union city. inland, plenty full sunshine, 84 fairfield and antioch up to 86. our weather wellness shows you tree pollen moderate to high levels. the main offender still oak, juniper and cedar. uv index tomorrow is very high. what that means under total sunshine if your skin is unprotected, it can burn in less than 15 minutes. a little relief monday. sea breeze kicks in. we'll drop into the 60s but it's not a strong sea breeze. san francisco mild at 73. mid-70s in oakland and inland. walnut creek 83. antioch 86. warm inland. the sea breeze strengthens on tuesday and everyone will cool off to more seasonable temperatures. accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow it's a summer breeze with a warmer finish to the weekend. sea breeze arrives on monday. everybody cools off tuesday with late day clouds. slight chance of a sprinkle
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wednesday morning. the best chance for any wet weather will be friday with light rain in the morning. right now a 1 on the storm impact scale. >> thanks, drew. speaking of a great game, if you are a warriors fan, they had a great game. they usually play in front of thousands. a different show for metallica this afternoon. why the band played an intimate show in the east bay coming up next.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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♪ that looks like a gibson flying b, but i don't think it is. metallica fans got to hear the heavy metal music group up close today. this is from a live stream on the facebook page. they performed in berkeley today. fans had to win the chance to get a ticket. it was part of record store day. remember records? >> yeah. album. >> you know that record store was shaking to that music. >> absolutely. it's not music unless you hear a scratch. >> kind of like oracle was shaking today.
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warriors take another game in their series with the rockets but may not have steph curry in game two. we'll explain why. the sharks and kings doing a battle. and a battle of the best at home and a battle of the best on the road.
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warriors take game one against the rockets but at a cost. steph curry only played three minutes in the second half due to a right ankle injury. he's questionable for game two monday night. before the game steph had a little fun playing a little football and baseball. pretty good to be steph curry these days. patrick beverley trying to get physical with curry early on.
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the result, double technicals. warriors with nice passing. steph to draymond. dubs on a 14-2 run. stop, hits the three. dubs up 18. steph turns and shoots. splash. two minutes left. misses a shot. tweaks his right ankle. see him hobbling up the court. he kept playing. the over the shoulder pass to andray iguodala. steph played only three minutes in the second half of the victory but he's questionable for game two on monday. >> pain tolerance and all that stuff is -- i kind of know what i can deal with on the court. you don't want anything more serious to happen. favoring an ankle or whatnot. that's what we'll pay attention to the next two days. >> we've got the formula when steph's out there. makes it easier for everybody. when he's not out there, we have
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to play that much more as a team. >> doctors don't know how long he'll be out. he'll do his treatment today and tomorrow and usually, pretty well. >> i would just say steph is questionable. so we'll see how he responds the next couple of days, and we'll go from there. >> all right. the best kept secret in bay area sports, sharks playoff hockey. they beat the l.a. kings thursday night in game one. game two tonight at staples. the sharks 16th consecutive playoff game against the kings. kings scored first in game one. 1-0 sharks after one. martin jones coming up big in the second period. denied jeff carter. he had 25 saves. sharks get a five on three power play. got jonathan quick out of net. an empty-netter. san jose takes the series lead. game three at the tank on monday.
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>> still a lot of work to do. didn't win the series tonight. it's a good start. come in still two wins in this building. you know, a lot of good stuff was done and a lot of good stuff needs to be done. >> it's going to be well documented. documented how we played at home this year. they'll bring a very good effort in game three, and we have to match it and be better than them. >> this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. more from the nhl coming up. stick around. we told you about the deadly earthquake in japan. hear a survivor describe the terrifying moments. her words have power. up next, meet the 9-year-old changing minds and hearts about autism.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 8 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. the search for two teenage boys swept away off ocean beach in san francisco has been called off indefinitely. rescuers spent more than four hours looking for the pair. three other young men managed to get out alive. all five are from vallejo. a uc berkeley student is demanding an apology from southwest airlines after he was kicked off a flight. he was already -- getting ready to fly back to oakland last week when he called his uncle and used the common arabic phrase for god willing. another passenger reported he was using jihadist language. southwest removed him from the plane and the fbi searched and questioned him. southwest says its employees were following procedure. in ecuador, at least 28 are dead after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake centered near the
11:36 pm
country's central coast. there is a tsunami threat in that area. it's the strongest quake to hit that country in decades. rescue and recovery efforts continue in japan after two earthquakes devastated the same region in less than 48 hours. the death toll now stands at 41 with about 1500 injured. tai hernandez has the story. >> reporter: the desperate efforts continue to find life under the rubble where people used to live and work. one-two punch of twin earthquakes in two days has staggered this region. that second quake, a 7.0 magnitude, killing dozens, injuring thousands, and displacing nearly 100,000. among them an american teacher, zachary strauss. >> it was really violent. like everything fell down. my refrigerate oall of my furniture. >> reporter: strauss escaped injury and made it to this shelter. >> one moment i thought i was going to die. i thought this is it. >> reporter: the quakes were too
11:37 pm
quick for others. this college dormitory pancaked. two people were killed. and others were trapped inside. this 93-year-old woman had to be cut from the ruins of her home with chainsaws. it wasn't clear whether rescuers had reached her in time. other buildings now potential death traps. hundreds of thousands are without electricity and water. troops have been sent in to hand out food and drink. hundreds lined up here for bags of rice balls. with rainfall now setting off mudslides and hampering rescues, some of the stranded must be air lifted. a military helicopter plucking this little girl to safety. the pressing question, how many more are trapped? rescue efforts are pushing forward. now time is the biggest enemy. tai hernandez, abc news, new york. now to the race for president and the fight for those new york delegates next tuesday. gop front-runner donald trump is taking aim at the primary process calling it unfair after
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ted cruz won all the delegates in wyoming today. it happened through a party convention just like in colorado. while something in his home state of new york, trump had this to say. >> the system is rigged. it's a bad system. it's a dirty system. >> democrat bernie sanders is also back in new york after a trip to the vatican and a quick meeting with the pope. hillary clinton spent today in los angeles raising money, including at a hollywood fund-raiser at george and amal clooney's home. tonight a maryland community is mourning a firefighter who died after he was shot during a call for help. a 37-year-old father killed and a second firefighter injured. investigators are trying to determine whether it was an accident or an attack. abc news reporter gloria riviera has the story. >> two firefighters shot. >> reporter: two firefighters shot in the line of duty trying to help someone. authorities say a man called 911 friday evening.
11:39 pm
worried his di bettic brother might be having a medical emergency in his maryland home. they say the team knocked but got no answer. then attempting to enter, gunfire blasting through the front door. >> the individual inside the home fired a number of rounds striking two firefighters. >> reporter: one dying soon after. >> i am so sad. it's hard to describe. the sorrow is unbelievable. >> reporter: 19-year-old kevin, a volunteer firefighter shot four times. tonight investigators say they are trying to determine whether this was a tragic accident or something more sinister. >> will it ever end? god, i hope so. but at the end of the day, the men and women of public safety are going to be there when the community needs us. >> reporter: gloria riviera, abc news, washington. the tampa bay rays have covered a gap in their stadium the netting after a fan was hit by a foul ball. a woman was height by this foul
11:40 pm
ball off the bat of steven souza jr. last night. here's where the gap was, and here's what it looks like now. over the winter, baseball officials recommended the teams be extend the netting from home plate after several fans were hit by balls and bats. words have power. one fourth grader knows how to use them. you'll meet the little 9-year-old who is changing minds and hearts about autism. here's john donvan. >> reporter: for most kids it takes courage to say i'm different. so kudos to this fourth grader for the things she said at a school assembly in three words. >> i have autism. >> reporter: i have autism. a fact about herself that 9-year-old kyra has decided to share five years after her mom and dad were first told the diagnosis. i am like you, she said, but i am also different. >> i sometimes flap my hands when i get excited or overwhelmed. i don't always make eye contact
11:41 pm
when i should, and i don't always know when someone is being serious or joking. >> reporter: publicizing a condition that under today's quite expansive definition of autism includes girls like her but also includes individuals who will never speak at all. children and adults. >> people with autism have brains that work so hard and process so much so fast that they cannot even walk or talk. >> reporter: but here's what she wants for all of them and for herself, too. to be accepted and to belong. >> to be able to share that with her friends and be learning with her friends as she goes along is incredible for all of them. >> reporter: kyra calls autism her superpower. she is super strong and we won't be surprised some day to see her soar. john donvan, abc news. still ahead -- a cheaper option for those looking for luxury in the bay area.
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also, go inside the new green homes being sold locally for less than half a million dollars. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. it was warm today. we were soaked in sunshine. splendid start to the weekend. tomorrow we get even hotter. the numbers in the accuweather forecast. how about his first steps? a goat less than a day old learns to walk. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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a company in vallejo is
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trying to change the way houses are built. it opened its newest model home to the public. as jonathan bloom explains, perhaps the most unusual thing about it is where you'll find it. >> reporter: it's a time-honored ritual. the open house. when would-be buyers file through the home. only this house is sitting on the floor of a factory that used to build submarines. >> everything is built in a factory. and the reason is you get better quality, faster schedules and lower prices. >> reporter: bill thought why not build houses in a factory. that's what blu homes has been doing. >> they are constructed and fold like origami and then they unfold on site. >> reporter: visitors say these feel different. >> other things we've seen in the past, they look like mobile homes, if you will. and here you walk in and it looks exactly like you have in a regular finished home. >> this is the standard.
11:46 pm
comes with big sliding doors and lots of glass. >> reporter: big open spaces that don't look like they came on a truck. >> our goal is not to find the box. >> reporter: now unveiling its third generation of homes. >> this is a loetsus mini. >> reporter: they're offering tiny homes and ones that are downright palatial and blu prides itself on being green. >> 40% more insulation and it's all made of environmentally sound materials. not the conventional pink stuff. >> reporter: up until now the best seller has been the breeze house. for blu's designers, a home doesn't necessarily have to be a castle. >> bringing the outdoors in is important. >> reporter: living with nature. a good fit for northern california. where would you put one of these? >> we'd have to buy some land. >> reporter: in vallejo, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. why walk when you can spring? meet george the goat walking or jumping for the first time.
11:47 pm
he was just born 24 hours earlier at the sunflower farm creamery in maine. his mom keeps giving loving nudges. and he met a new little friend and maybe one day they'll -- i haven't seen that's before. i have seen beautiful weather and i saw it today. >> shu gets that happy when the warriors win. got to see it. totally cool. live doppler 7 hd. >> it's true. >> i don't lie. we have clear skies. after the warm day today, mild overnight. with that warm start in the morning, we're getting even warmer in the afternoon. inland runs in the mid-60s. we'll go to 78 in san francisco. 84 in santsa rosa. 83 afternoon temperature in
11:48 pm
napa. you headed to the beaches tomorrow? it's going to be a nice day. lots of sunshine. we have that beach hazard statement. those sneaker waves can sweep you into the ocean. respect that ocean out there. accuweather seven-day forecast. sea breeze cools us off monday. our next chance of any wet weather significantly across the region is coming on friday. >> all right, drew. thank you. shu was out at the coliseum today to watch the warriors play. you found a parking spot? >> i had to leave early. and not to talk about my celebration of the warriors -- >> the world needs to know. >> we'll do it again. the a's in a four-game slide and a royal flush, i should say. details on deck. sports. stick around.
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those are some good looking tomatoes. yep. how long have you been growing them? for a couple months. me too. hey leonard, if we've been growing our tomatoes the same amount of time, why did your dirt grow more than my dirt? because my dirt's better than your dirt.
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oh. nature's care organic potting mix produces more tomatoes than those other guys. that's some good dirt.
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one of the best rivalries in baseball, the giants and domgers and national league best, north and south in california. giants fans, have dodger fans. 100% cute. wasted no time getting on the board. second batter of the game, base hit. going to score from second. giants up 1-0. gave up four runs, seven hits. ground rule double. but only hunter pence scores. 2-0. plenty of support for johnny cuedo. he's now 3-0. great pick-up. brandon bell has another round. bases loaded single. the giants hold on for a 4-3 victory ending a three-game slide. parking at the coliseum complex hard to come by with the ws and a's playing.
11:53 pm
escobar scores. 1-0, kc. a's respond in the bottom of the first. reddick takes young out to right. 3-1 a's. royals threaten. gets the double play ball. nice hustle to first. allowed two runs and gets his second win of the year. 5-3 your final. the one thing that can derail the warriors championship run is a key injury. that's exactly the fear after the warriors blew out the rockets in game one of their playoff series. steph curry limped off with another ankle injury. patrick beverley tried to get physical. double technical. steph at 16 in the first quarter. stops and pops. dubs up 18. steph turns and shoots. beverley ticked off on the bench. steph misses a shot. tweaks his right ankle. you see him hobble up the court. played only three minutes in the second half of the victory.
11:54 pm
he's questionable for game two on monday. >> like a kid in time-out over there on the bench. just probably didn't have a great face. frustrated because the action is right there in front of me but i couldn't be a part of it anymore. but those guys did their job down the stretch. >> thunder hosting the mavericks. only one player in double digits for dallas. thunder had four. thunder win by 38. and they take a 1-0 series lead. hawks coasting the celtics. 3 1/2 minutes left, jeff teague hands off to horford. team high 24. under a minute left. celtics down three. nice passing to evan turner for the tie. he's going to miss. talks win it 102-101, taking the
11:55 pm
series lead. looked good early. kyle lowry to patrick patterson for the jam. raptors up. pacers pull away. 100-90 the final. toronto has lost seven straight playoff games. sharks playoff hockey. beat l.a. kings thursday night. tonig tonigh tonight, they score first. 1-0 sharks after one. former king coming up big in the second period. denied jeff kartd carter. he had 25 saves. jonathan quick out of net. an empty-netter. san jose takes the 2-0 series lead. game three at the tank on monday. some strange goals in the other playoff games. dallas, stars with a 1-0 series
11:56 pm
lead over the wild. kicked puck from behind the net. hits off the shoulder of the wild goalie dubnik and in. they called it a good goal. stars up 2-0 with a 2-1 victory. check out the caps and flyers. second period, dumps the puck from his own zone. off the stick of his teammate chmera. steve mason a little too casual stopping this puck. caps go on to win, 4-1, taking a 2-1 series lead. cal football with their spring game today. the front-runner coming into the game rolls out. finds jake ashton. touchdown. last play from scrimmage. redshirt freshman bowers wins it. finding brandon singleton. bowers increases his chances with two touchdowns. and the blue will win it, 38-37.
11:57 pm
this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. bay area sweep today. that's rare when that happens. we'll have more on steph curry tomorrow and see what his status is for game two on monday. >> i love watching nba highlights. how many steps do you get to the basket? >> about five. >> i thought so. why dribble? that's it for tonight. thanks for joining
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