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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 18, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>> happy patriots day. making news in america this morning -- deadly earthquakes in two countries. days after the disasters survivors are still being pulled from the rubble. including a mother and daughter. u.s. troops landing overnight to help. new video coming in. severe storms and flash flooding overnight after torrential rains. those storms are slowly moving east right now. we'll show you in the danger zone today. midair collision during a landing. could it be the first time that a drone hit a passenger plane? and a mcdonald's introducing the unbelievable all-you-can-eat fries. we say good monday morning. i'm kendis gibson.
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>> and i'm diane macedo. we begin with major earthquakes in two countries just days apart. >> u.s. troops are now on the ground in japan following those two earthquakes there. this video just coming in showing this aircraft arriving near tokyo. >> in ecuador, the death toll is rising after an earthquake in that country. some video shows collapsed highways as survivors are still being pulled from the rubble. bazi kanani has the latest on both disasters. >> reporter: rescue work continues. an earthquake parts of ravaged ecuador to reach survivors still trapped. here a hospital in ruins. rescuers nearby pulled bodies from collapsed homes, businesses and here a hospital in ruins. the powerful 7.8 quake struck saturday night.
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110 miles west of the country's capital. the biggest tragedy in the last 67 years, says ecuador president, the death toll now above 260 and rising. but miracles still possible. here police reached a young girl beneath the crumbled concrete. this rescuer explains the woman there trying to explain is stuck from the waist down and another rush to help 4,000 miles across japan where twin earthquakes killed at least 40. collapsed roads and bridges slowing the effort to reach victims desperate for food, water and medicine. this father is worried about not having cold medicine for his daughter who's been coughing. the u.s. military is now assisting japanese forces helping to air lift supplies. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. also happening now, a drencher for the southern plains. all of the way to houston. >> the storm system is bringing heavy rain to east texas and
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oklahoma. as well as damaging winds, hail and flash flooding, there may be even some tornadoes. >> some flash flooding happening in southeast texas right now with reports as many as ten inches of rain. the same storm system hit texas with hail this weekend. abc meteorologist rob marciano explains the area will be soggy all week. >> at 7:00 a.m., the heavy rain goes through austin and passes toward louisiana. several rounds of rain as we go through the rest of the week, could see up eight inches of rainfall across southeast parts of texas. all this heat pumps up, we'll see temperatures approaching 80 degrees in washington, d.c. >> our thanks to rob there. in the race for president now, donald trump and hillary clinton have the leads in the latest polls ahead of tomorrow's primary showdowns here in new york. during their weekend campaign stops, the front-runners took aim at each other. it's "your voice, your vote."
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abc's mary bruce has the details. >> reporter: donald trump is riding a huge lead into his home state's primary on tuesday. >> and we're going to have a landslide victory. >> reporter: on the stump, he was looking way past new york, hammering his theme that the republican convention is rigged against him. >> you're going to have a very, very upset and angry group of people, i hope it doesn't involve violence. >> reporter: then, training his sights on hillary clinton. >> the crooked hillary. she's been crooked from the beginning and to think that she has a shot at being our president. >> reporter: and trump is drawing some vintage scorn from old nemesis rosie o'donnell. >> he's not even qualified to run a game show. >> reporter: a trump sweep of all 95 new york delegates would official block ted cruz from winning the nomination with bound delegates before the july convention. hillary clinton was feeling good enough about her new york
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prospects that she busted a move sunday at a campaign stop. with a ten-point lead over bernie sanders clinton took on trump. >> and i said to trump last year, enough. you stop with the hateful rhetoric. you're not going to divide this country. >> reporter: bernie sanders was on his hometown brooklyn turf, hoping the old neighborhood would help him pull off an upset. >> let's have a record-breaking turnout on tuesday! >> reporter: clinton hopes a win in new york will snap her streak of six losses to sanders. mary bruce, abc news, washington. a major immigration case goes before the supreme court today. at issue president obama's plan to shield from deportation more than 4 million people who are here illegally. texas and 25 other states have sued to block the plan and so far lower courts have sided with them. but texas still has to prove that it has the right to sue in the first place. developing overnight, the
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leadership crisis in brazil deepening, now that the president is facing impeachment proceedings. the lower house of government voted to go ahead with the process, charging her with financial misdeeds. the senate must decide whether she should face trial on those charges. and that could happen within a month. north korea could be preparing for another nuclear test. the president of south korea warns there are signs the north may be preparing a fifth bomb test. this comes amid reports of increased activity at the main nuclear test site. the nuke test could be a way to boost morale and tough international sanctions and missile launches. and the pentagon calls it unsafe and unprofessional, a russian warplane doing russian warplane doing a barrel roll over a u.s. reconnaissance plane. the incident comes a few days after a russian fighter jet buzzed a ship.
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well, today is patriots day in massachusetts. it's time for the boston marathon. more than 30,000 runners will be taking part today in the 120th edition of the challenging race. many of them are grabbing a lot of carbohydrates. last night, big pasta-eating events across the boston area. this is now three years since the attack on that race. >> boston strong. still ahead -- a university's major mistake. why they sent thousands of acceptance letters to students who did not get in. desperate manhunt, two brothers on the run accused of killing a couple. plus, a dolphin stampede. what caused the pod to react like this. he pod to react like this.
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a smokey scene in the los angeles area. more than a hundred vehicles went up in flames when a fire broke out at an auto wrecking yard. you can see the black smoke pouring into the sky above the plant. this is in the san fernando valley. the fire was flamed by winds. the cause under investigation this morning. so, welcome prospective students to the university of buffalo -- or maybe not. the school in western new york mistakenly sent an e-mail to more than 5,000 applicants that they had been accepted. but it was a mistake. the school then sent a second e-mail a few hours later with the bad news. the university won't say what went wrong. >> did they have steve harvey make the phone call? sorry about that, just kidding. on to amazon now, they're
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upping the pressure on netflix the giant online retailer is now offering video streaming as a stand-alone service for $9 a month. netflix is $10. until now you had to be an amazon prime customer. which cost $99 a year. for most of us today is tax day, which is a deadline to file our income tax returns. residents of massachusetts and maine they get an extra day there because it's a holiday there. you can request more time, but you is to pay today or else you'll be charged penalties or interest on what you owe. to make today less taxing there are some discounts, get half-off at the cheeseburgers at sonic. and you can drown your sorrows with $5 margaritas at chili's. and then you go to the movies which a lot of people did this weekend. the weekend box office completely dominated by "the jungle book." from our parent company.
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brought in more than $103 million, that makes the second biggest april opening ever. and heads up, french fry fanatics. this is big. mcdonald's may soon offer endless fries. the whole idea is being tried out at a new mcdonald's, billed as the mcdonald's of the future in missouri, it also features table service and couches. some customers may actually never leave. >> i might have to go there just to try the mcdonald's. when we come back -- a possible collision between a drone and a plane. the airline and police now investigating. and caught on camera. fire tornado and firefighter running for safety, jumping into a lake. a lake.
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aviation experts warn we're going to see more of this -- an object believed to be a drone hit a british airways jet coming in for a landing in london. if the reports are true, it would be the first drone collision involving a major airline. >> there were no injuries. there were more than 130 people on the airbus. but british authorities are investigating. laws in this country do ban drone flights within five miles of airports. there's an average of 25 incidents a month. and washington state police fear a missing couple were dead. and they don't think it was a result of random violence. they're looking for john and tony reed suspected of murders. the couple's vehicles were dumped in a wooden area. investigators believe the couple may have been feuding with one of the brothers over property.
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research suggests eating habits may become ingrained in at lot of us. university of michigan researchers report that toddler can be guilty of eating when not hungry. just like adults. it leads to an increase of body mass index. the findings also show how children's eating habits are influenced by adults. johnny depp's wife has avoided jail time in australia after entering a guilty plea in court. they were met outside by a throng of photographers. heard pleaded guilty for providing false information on a document in connection with allegedly is smuggling their dogs into australia. heard was sentenced to one month's probation. okay, so, here's a classic case of being at the right place at the right time. a whale watcher had his camera on as a large pod of dolphins was chased by killer whales.
4:18 am
he says there were up to ten orcas in the water. also, caught on camera. a frightening scene out of edmonton, alberta, canada, a fire spin as firefighters tried to fight a brush fire there. in order to escape one firefighter had to jump into the river just in front of the fire. no word on any injuries. and it's one of the busiest times of the year in sports. >> yes, some of sunday's highlights now from our friends at espn. the nba playoffs got under way this weekend. >> yes, and lebron james has never lost the first playoff game of a postseason with his team, 10-0, taking to make it 11-0. lebron and the cavs hosting the pistons in game one of their series. 1/8 matchup. didn't figure to be close it was. lebron to tip it back in. tied at 83. here's kyrie irving, no look to kevin love. who had himself a ball game. cavs up three.
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under three minutes left in the fourth, up three, here's irving! off the glass. cavs are going to win game one, 0nly by five. lebron, kyrie and love, the three combined for 81 points. all right, nationals/phillies. bryce harper won the mvp last year, he might win it again this year. that unties the game in the top of the tenth. his sixth home run already this season. in the bottom of the tenth, the phillies tied it and then won it on this double deep to left. the phillies win 3-2 in ten. nba playoffs tonight. the warriors are back in action. we'll have to see steph curry's status is because of his ankle. >> have a great day, america. up next in the pulse, beyonce blowing up the internet overnight with her new project. and what a catch, a gymnastics coach saves the day with his own athletic ability. gymnastics coach saves the day
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♪ time now for "the pulse." and we'll start with beyonce's mystery project. it's blowing up the internet overnight. >> it's called lemonade and first it was a 20-second teaser. now, there's an extended trailer. but the venture is still mysterious. >> what does it mean? >> why can't you see me? the love of my life. >> many fans have commented that it looks like something out of "american horror story." >> it's billed as a world
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premier event. her world tour kicks off a few days later, starting in miami, i swear if it's just a commercial for a beverage i'm going to be so mad. at the end. oh, let's hope not. >> that's teaser right there. well, it was a night for giving back for comedian tracy morgan. nearly two years after that devastating accident, of course, on the turnpike, morgan performed a special show for the first responders, doctors and nurses who helped save his life. >> in this picture, morgan has an arm around a firefighter who pulled him from the wreckage. at the end of the show he asked the lights to be turned on so the staff can share in the standing ovation. catch of lifetime made by a gymnastics coach. he was watching as a youngster was practicing on the uneven bars. >> he sprung into action. catching the 11-year-old a moment before she slammed face-first into the mat. >> wow. >> yeah, they both tumbled over as you saw. coming to a stop. neither one injured.
4:24 am
the gymnastics group they both belong to giving an award to the coach for best catch ever. check out this kid, going viral. he's wearing a real madrid soccer club uniform and glasses. all while blaming batman. take a listen. >> i don't know. >> was it you? >> no. >> who was it? >> batman. >> batman did it. >> that's a 2-year-old from scotland being busted by his mom whose mirror has lipstick all over it. after posting the video online, she says, if anyone sees batman tell him i want to have a chat. >> i want to have a chat. at least he didn't blame any members of the real madrid team. >> straight to batman. he can take it. more news after this. madrid team. >> straight to batman. he can take it. more news after this.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. 4:28. monday morning. i am reggie aqui. >> i am matt keller here for natasha zouves. monday, april 18. tax day. a few days later than usual. you have monday, tax day, and now, mike. >> so many things to look forward to. >> three extra days to file the extension. >> a lot of umbrellas at the baseball field and soccer field over the weekend. that is why you need them today. total sunshine. record highs possible. we will start milder with temperatures in the 50s to nearly 60. we have seen 88 inland. the bay will gyp the -- will join the 80s by 4:00. in 60s and 70's by 7:00. >> so far, so good, light for 28
4:29 am
coming up on 4:29 the san rafael, southbound, beyond the mall and the civic center, everyone is at the limit. san mateo bridge is good. 15 minutes to get to foster city from hayward. >> if you details on the tragic drownings of two teens at ocean beach. amy hollyfield has what we found out. amy? >> they have been identified on social media by friends and relatives, students at vallejo high school drowning on saturday at ocean beep in san francisco and five teens walked into the ocean, arm in arm but a
4:30 am
wave came and forced their arms apart. >> one of the four boys noticed that the 5th was in distress and re-entered to assist the young man and he ended up being our second victim. >> a history teacher at vallejo high school brandon harris posted a message saying that god gained two amazing angels with beautiful souls. remember, your memories will always outlast the tears. he went on to say today is tough but he will do what he can to support the students. >> i feel terrible for the families and friends. >> the ecuador president said finding survivors is the priority. they have a task ahead. there was a 7.8 earthquake. he everyone withs the number of dead could quickly rise. 272 people have died. more than 2,000 others are


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