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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> good morning. i am matt keller here for natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is monday, april 18. we will start with mike, not is warm as this weekend but, still, nice. >> records today. the first thing to look at are the winds or lack of. six miles per hour or less. at the golden gate bridge, no wind. now. temperatures in the 40s in the north bay. the rest of us in the 50s and 60s. in the 80s away from the cost by 4:00. 70s there. >> a couple of trouble spots. westbound 580. it is slow from tracy. at north greenville we have a couple of cars. neither in the center divide. i checked the drive from tracy and up and over the altamont pass to dublin/pleasanton it is
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45 minutes. car facing wrong way after american canyon. we will look at the bay bridge just ahead. >> we are following break news from southeast texas. flash flooding is crippling the area. wade-spread roading in houston. we got word there is a full ground stop at houston airport, asking for people to check with the carrier if you my from sfo to san jose or oakland check your flight before you head to texas. they received 16" of rain and more is open way. dozens have been rescued from homes and vehicles. schools are closed. public transportation has been shut down. >> what a mess. in ecuador the president said the death toll will likely rise after the country's 7.8, on saturday. 272 people died. 2,000 are hurt.
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the state department said that have been no reports of americans citizens dead. 1,200 value steps have been working in rescue. evacuation and first aid operations, as well. 10,000 arm forts are deployed to help people on the coastal area. students and two teachers from larkspur will in ecuador during earthquake and will they become today. >> the search continues to feigned ten people with disappeared after the earthquakes in japan, the largest friday. -- friday. after shocks, mudslides and damage bridged hamper the rescue efforts. the earthquakes happened along the ring of fire in the pack, and we spoke to an expert with the u.s. geological survey with said they were day for a big one >> the earthquake in ecuador is not unexpected. there was a very large earthquake in evening with door
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110 years ago, in 1906 and the repeat times of these large earthquakes is on the order of about 100 years. >> the ring of four continues long california's west coast. experts say the earthquake in, what door and japan should be sobering reminder we can expect a major earthquake at any time. >> we are minutes away from the anniversary ceremony of the great earthquake and fire of 1906. and new to downtown san francisco. what is happening now? >> yes, matt. the crowd behind me has green from a couple dozen people to several hundred. you can see them video out along the corner of market and geary gathering for the first time without any survivors in attendance, the last then survivor passed away a few months ago. he was only a baby when the 7.8
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earthquake ripped through the city the today, three generations of his family are attending the memorial on his behalf. 3,000 people died and hundreds of thousands lost their him. the earthquake and fires destroyed much of san francisco and causes billions of damage in today's money. during the ceremony today, folks are talking about the timeline of events and disaster preparedness, and what to do in case a similar earthquake hits now. the victims of the devastatingers in have pan and evening with door are being on a d. >> this is the first year we did it without the survivors. i knew them all. i was chess to all of them. we cannot let it go. >> they are telling many stories about people who were heroes during the earthquake at this memorial and from here there will be a procession to the
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golden fire hydrant the only one working in the area and volunteer firefighters used it to protect much of the mission district. we waiting for 5:11 a.m. with a moment of silence to commemorate the exact moment the earthquake struck. >> thank you. will he or won't he lay? steph curry's status is the big story for the playoffs tonight. janet is at oracle arena. >> good morning. it is a big question, will steph curry be playing in the game? steph curry injured his right angle against the rockets on saturday. yesterday at practice, he did not appear to be limping but he sat out and got rest and was treated. the coach said that the team value to focus on other ways it score if steph curry misses the
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game against the rockets at oracle arena. >> it is just day-by-day. we see how he is feeling and assess whether this is risk of reinjury. if there is, we will not plan. if it is stable and he can go and there is no problem, he will play. >> the last three games steph curry missed in the regular season, the warriors won two of the three include one against the rockets. after tonight the warriors head to houston for lay the rockets on thursday in game three. by the way, ton's game is another sell out but there are another sell out but there are some tickets up for grabs. with temperatures in the north bay. that is where they they are coo.
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48 at american condition wherein and napa. 57 in san rafael. pretty warm. alameda is 60, and san francisco and daily is 61. restless while you were sleeping? that is why. cupertino and san ramon at 51 degrees. walnut creek is clear. right now. an area that will be in the upper 80s today. u.v. index is high. mold spores and tree poll were remain moderate. san jose is another area in the upper 80s with a possible record high temperature looking at 87 near the shark tank. the temperature is mid-to-upper 80s around the bay to inland and mid-70s but the cooling sea resolution is tomorrow. back in the 60 at coast and 70's an the bay and barely 80 inland and mid-60 at the coast, low-to-mid 70's wednesday and thursday and first chance of a sure hitting the north by. a couple more chaps in the seven-day forecast. sue? >> back to the bay bridge with traffic good on 5:08 with no delays.
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it is 15 minutes from golden gate field to the macarthur maze through the toll plaza and san francisco. a look at the other drive times, tracy to dublin is over 40 minutes westbound 580. we will check on an accident the westbound 4 is good into concord from antioch and san rafael to san francisco on 101 it is nice for 22 minutes. a couple of cars got into a when 580 at north flynn and off on the right hand shoulder but the speeds are slowing to 30 miles per hour if that direction and eastbound 83 the reverse commute near membership canyon a couple of cars on the shoulder. we will check back and look at the mass transit options in a few minutes. >> reaction is growing over a berkeley student would was kicked off a flight from los angeles to oakland. the student and one time iraqi refugee was unfairly removed after another passenger was
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alarmed over a word on the phone. the student said he was talking to his uncle in air back and he said "in shallah" which means if allah wills and the company would not remove a passenger without an established but the f.b.i. said there was in threat. >> woman hit someone with a baseball attack before 2:00 p yesterday outside the bart station. the victim was not seriously were juried. no word on what sparked the attack. all the big honor today in san francisco for six environmental activists changing their community. >> drastic action a firefighter took to avoid a fire tornado took to avoid a fire tornado coming at it.
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>> los altoses antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> look at this heart stopping video from canada, a fire to made near edmonton forced a firefighter to take drastic action. he tried to escape the fire and he was left with no choice but to jump into a river. the person recording the cell phone stopped right before the firefighter jumped in. he escaped unharmed but said it was the move dangerous situation he has come across in nine-year career. the fire was started by a campfire getting out-of-control. >> flamed ripped through a junk yard in southern california
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yesterday, sending a huge plume of thick smoke in the air destroying 15 cars. it took 150 firefighters more than 2 1/2 hours to get it under control. >> the mountain pikes will hen san rafael firefighter, and paramedics on trail emergencies. four trail bikes were donated by bicycle manufacturers expected to decrease response time to hard to reach terrains including the state park. the bicycles are expected to be in service in 60 days. >> johnny democrat and his wife are sorry they smuggleed their dogs into australia last year while he was filming "pirates," series. today, his wife pleaded guilty to providing a false immigration document and managed to avoid
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jail time over what some call the war on terriers, and apologized in a video. >> they -- respect, and i am truly sorry they were not declared, probablying australia is important. >> declare everything when you go through australia. >> the couple claims it was a misunderstanding. >> she said jest lag asked assumed the assistance sorted out the pave work. >> environmental activities honored in san francisco as winners of the environmental prize, the largest for grass prosecutes environmentalists. the first three are from europe and asia and south and central asia and the other three are from north america, island nations and africa. each winner received $175,000 cash prize. the ceremony is 5:30 tonight at the san francisco. >> we are bringing records
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today. again. >> like yesterday. if you worked yesterday, hopefully you are were watching this on taped delay and you can get and sleep and have the day off today. however, warm weather and the satellite and radar shows a few low clouds off the coast. but this is what it looks like yesterday in santa cruz. this is how it will look today. along all of our peoples. probably nature so crowded. you may be out had by director sell. san rafael is 55 degrees. look south on 101, last chance for record highs today because the highs will cool by 20 degrees. we have an unsettled pattern with wets weather possible wednesday and thursday and friday. new, the temperatures show san jose and gilroy possible record highs, at 88 and 87, and santa clara and los gatos at 89 and santa cruz is 82. we go from a record of 85 in mountain view and down to 82 in milbrae, and half moon bay is
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73, and pacifica is 78, the warm spot, and 80 in downtown can south san francisco, and 77 in sausalito, and 83-85 in the north by. oakland is 84 and richmond is record highs and along the inland east bay neighbor, 86 to 90. tonight, we will drop into the 40s in the north by and the rest of us in the 50s. storm-impact scale show the best chance of wet weather is on friday with a "1" and a scattered chance of a shower in the north bay and the prosecute of us on thursday and the best chance is friday with highs in the 50s and 60. >> we are looking at 40 bart trains in service and all on time. that is great news. no problems with the golden gate field and ace train one is on time to vasco. the san mateo bridge is 15 minutes the tail lights are headed to foster city and san mateo from hayward and not bad
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drive. it is clear. we have problems a couple of insurance dens, westbound 580 at north flynn a couple of cars in the center divide and a big-rig accident westbound 205 but it is undetermined if it is blocking a lane. so far, 55 minutes from tracy and over the altamont pass and livermore. >> ahead the transbay transit theater, is leaving and taking nearly $400,000 for listening the -- leaving the project and will be offered a speaking role during the ribbon-cutting ceremony. she was cut after construction costs skyrocketed to $2 billion. forcing the city pay $260 million land. >> mcdonald's is experimenting with all you can fries in missouri and special
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desserts and sandwiches and burgers by ordering law a kiosk. a, wither will deliver the food to the table. fancy. the franchise north of kansas city will open in july. >> matt how did you gain 20 minutes? i visited missouri for a welcome >> netflix has new competition and apple is spilling the beaches about popular items. >> amazon puts pressure on netflix who new is offering video streaming as a stand alone service for $9 a in. netflix is $10. until now amazon only offered streaming with rhyme and you have to pay a year at a time apple is spilling how long you should expect your damage oats to last. the iphone and apple watch should last for three years while a mac should make it to four years. >> we have not soon the iphone
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7 and this is a hot i'mor about iphone 8 with apple probably replacing the case, one made from glass that allow offs a new look for the iphone. >> and a lot people will seen up for apple care. >> lot of new brakes. >> san francisco mayor lee will be on hand for the grand opening of the chinese hospital new patient tower in chinatown serving the chinese communities for more than 100 years. the through tower is a modden primary care facility with state-of-the-art medical equipment, an upgrade from the old hospital. >> a pastry shop in concord did not let a balloon cake ruin their opening yesterday morning. a neighbor recorded spotting the balloon and they have been looked.
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the shop just opened over the weekend. >> straight ahead the seven things you need to know use start your day. >> mistake that could stop thousands from vote how they want in the june 6 primary. want in the june 6 primary. >> what could
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moving nicely with incidents in the central valley from tracy through livermore. >> family and friends have identified the two vallejo teens swept into the ocean with strong currents threw the two into the water. >> today is the 110th anniversary of the great earthquake of 19306 in san francisco. a movement silence was held at 5:11 and the fountain on market street one of the only structures standing after the 1906 evening. >> in next people are being rescued after heavy rain and flash flooding, the city received town 16" of rain in a few hours. schools have been closed. the airports are shut down. >> the supreme court is expected to start hearing arguments today on whether president obama overstepped authority with his immigration plan. the judge blocked the program last year after 26 states filed
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suit. >> san jose residents are concerned after finding out a fire hydrant outside a burning town house failed. homeowners repeatedly is reported the problem. the fire department said the water district is responsible if the hydrant. >> a mentionup caused thousands of voters to register for the ring political party. "los angeles times" surveyed 500 members of the independent party and the conservative constitutionalist party is the third largest in the state. three of four registered votes say it was a mistake and they wanted to register as independent, but voters must check a vote that said "no preference," and among the voters is demi moore and arnold schwarzenegger's son, patrick >> the perfect work out could be hidden in your dan. analyzing d.n.a. can improve work outs up to three times more than mismatched programs. some people did better with high intensity power work outs while others did better with low
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intensity endurance. tracking d.n.a. can help fine the right combination to help recovery and reduce chance of injury. >> a coffee shop in nevada is making a name for itself. it is fought only for the lattes. the collection of thousands of legos are putting the coffee shop on the map. anyone who brings in legos old or new get a free drink through thursday. >> wisconsin duck that lost its feet is waddleing. the ducks with fitted with newless tick feet made by a 3-d printer at a middle school in oshkosh, business. the owner hopes he will be able to swim. >> it is so exciting do see him with his feet so he has a new life. >> philip is enjoying his new feet at an animal sapping wary in wisconsin.
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very donald like. very donald like. it goes along with >> kids can do anything now. >> we have a full 90 minutes news include how the warm weather is cause concern for fires. all the sent for survivors after all the sent for survivors after ecuador's devastating thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some?
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. i am regular. >> i am here for natasha zouves on monday, april 18. monday and tax day. we will check with mike and the good news in the weather department. >> give us something hopeful. two dire situations. >> i have warm weather.
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if you enjoyed yesterday you will love today. it is dry on live doppler hd. umbrellas are needed to shade yourself from the sunshine. started in the 40s in the north bay and the rest of us in the 50s and 60. 70s but inland 80 by noon and 70 at the coast and low-to-mid 80s for the rest of us by 4:00. i will show you the reports coming up. >> the metering lights are on and traffic is starting to build back toward the overcrossing. you will expect delays building and holding interest san francisco but so far the upper deck is good when you make it beyond the toll plaza. two separate incidents from the central valley, westbound 205 a big-rig and a car involve asked westbound 580 at north flynn on the shoulder, two cars were on the center died cause delays with an hour drive to the dublin/pleasanton. we will look at the south bay drive in a couple of minutes. >> new details on the drowning of two teens at ocean bench.
5:30 am
amy hollyfield is in vallejo with what we found out. such a sad story. >> it is terrible. we now know the victims have been identified on social media by friends and relatives. they are 16 and were students at vallejo high school. the officials say they drowned at ocean beach in san francisco on saturday afternoon. investigators say five teens walked arm in arm into the ocean together but a wave knocked their arms apart. three of teens made it back to shore and wayne and grissom did not. ocean bench is just not safe for swimming. >> ocean beach is dangerous. there are a lot of currents, heavy surf advisories often. our job as patrol is to make safety contacts with patrons and
5:31 am
inform them it is not okay to swim here. >> wayne's brother posted this on facebook each day is an amazing journey and live with you, brother, i am not the pest at giving speeches but all my heart is saying, i love you. i know we been law tough times and i never told you this, but, man, it hours not having you here. he thanks grissom for being a true friend. one teen noticed another was struggling and he went back in for him and though both disaper red. we now know the names of the victims identified by friends as amy just discussed. >> in texas, widespread understanding swallowed the houston area where 16" of rain with more open way. so far, 74 people have been rescued. the number is expected to rise. schools are closed and bus and
5:32 am
rail service is canceled and phone helps are down. there are reports of a possible tornado and flash flood warnings is in affect. airport also is reporting a last cancellations and delays. authorities say this is a dangerous and life threatening situation. >> all the ecuador president said finding survivors is the priority after 7.8 earthquake. the number of dead can quickly rise. 272 people is died. 2,000 others are injured. the earthquake is the strongest to hit in decades. people-ing for family and friends dug through debris with their hands or anything else until the equipment arrived. a group of students and two teach efforts from larkspur high school were in the country during the earthquake. >> they came to ecuador to reforest and spread the change. a brave group of kids. thankfully nothing happened. they are safe.
5:33 am
>> the group is in ecuador taking part in the global stuff embassy program and are expected to any back today. >>ens military is joining earthquake relief efforts in southern japan, new video of the marines aircraft picking up aid this morning. 42 people have been killed and 1,100 injured since thursday in japan. teams are still lack for victims and survivors. yesterday a woman and her daughter were pulled from the rubble and a nine-month-old baby girl rescued on thursday is fin. 180,000 have been forced from their homes. >> pg&e is giving out free kits similar to those here. marking the 150 years of the fire department, pg&e will educate people of dealing with down power lips and gas electrics in this is an earthquake. it is held at young square from 9-10:00. >> we should all have emergency kits stocked with items
5:34 am
including flashlights and radios, with a three day supply of food and water foreign. you should have an emergency plan ready in case of a major, or natural disaster with guidelines on >> mike has been telling us we are in for a warm weather day with reports person, and that comes with a high fire danger offering a reminder to republic for what is expected to be another long fire season. flames burn in this grove in san jose yesterday afternoon. officials warn that there is a lot of bone dry underbrush hidden under all of the greenness. officials suggest that residents clear out the dry vegetation to revent fires from starting or spreading. >> south bay residents enjoying a bombe evening reaching the high 80s. hard to blame people for feeling weather whiplash.
5:35 am
>> rain and hot weather and rain and hot weather. >> a it is beautiful. you get to love california. it rains when it needs to and clears when it needs to. >> record temperatures for some yesterday with the welcome heat spilling over until today. >> people in san jose found out a fire hydrant outside a burning townhouse failed. we were in the neighborhood where you can see the charred damage. the fire department said the hydrants did not welcome on saturday. the water district is responsible. neighborhoods repeatedly reported the problem. >> due to the fire right here and a hydrant right here. look at this fire hydrant. look at this. does it make any sense? >> no one was hurt but two pets were lost. the red cross is help fur people burned out of their home. there is no word on the cause.
5:36 am
>> a man arrested during an f.b.i. raid is scheduled to be arraigned on a newen indictment in the san francisco federal courtroom. stanislav patrov is the man suing alameda county following an alleged excessive use of force incident that happened in november. stand stand has entered not guilty to firearm and drug trafficking charges and is a career criminal who is a danger to officers and bystanders. >> will he? won he? we did not know if stick will play against the rockets at oracle arena and is question build after rolling his ankle in saturday's game one victory over houston. he sat out yesterday during the practice. he received treatment while the teammates practiced. >> there will be some tweaks and changes. we have won before against houston and without stick folk and we play well. we are capable of doing it.
5:37 am
>> steph curry will receive more treatment this morning and the team will evaluate and the head coach said livingston will start if stoke stick can fault play. game two is tonight at oracle arena and then shifts to heist on thursday with tip-off at 6:30 perform. game pour is sunday at 12:30 p.m. at toyota center. that game is right here open abc7. if necessary, game five is become at oracle arena on wednesday april 27. >> not necessary. >> good morning, everyone, calling it right now only oakland and half moon bay are not warmer than this time yesterday. now, a look at temperatures, inland east bay, the two that stick out, pittsburg at 64, and mt. diablo. that is how warm the air is, wren it things into the valleys it will warm up quickly. dress for low-to-mid fists if you are stepping out mid-to-upper 50s an the bayshore and down to san jose at 55 and hayward at 57, and san
5:38 am
francisco is 60 and the cool spot is stand rose and napa in the upper 40s. head to the beaches our lat warm day, mild this morning and if for walking the dog. it is clear and 58 degrees at sfo. no weather delays. now, 79 in san francisco to the south bay and inland east bay hitting 90, and 70s and 80s tomorrow, and 60s and 70s for the most part on wednesday. wednesday is unsettled pattern with a chance of rain. sue? >> we good evening to san jose and look at the 87 freeway heading beyond the s.a.p. center and sharks in the playoffs and we have the julian off-ramp and traffic is good. everyone is at limit. this is we headlights headed northbound, 880/17 overcrossing with no delays. over all, we are friend and that is if with slow traffic from the central valley and a couple of
5:39 am
incidents, one has been cleared at north flynn and we still have a big-rig incident westbound 205 near mountain house slow for 40 minutes into dublin/pleasanton and now, reports of another accident west 580 before 680 on the right hand shoulder. i am not seeing a lot of slow slowing. >> a bay area community has a last chance today to save an his rink. who would be hit the hardest? >> though are right to protest it is an obscene amount of money. >> george clooney condemns the machine he helped to collect at machine he helped to collect at fundraisers here
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>> breaking news from houston people have been getting rescued from flash flooding all night. >> you do have to stop what you doing and look at the tv of this video from ktrk in houston. watch this. >> get out of the car, sir. get out of the car. >> what do i do? >> swim. >> what? >> swim. >> swim. >> leave the car. swim. >> get out of car? >> leave the car. swim. swim. >> the voice you hearing is the
5:43 am
opinion talking to the man is a reporter for ktrk shouting to the man in the vehicle who did not realize how high the water got. the car started getting swept away and the man abandoned cart and was swimming and the reporter want out to help him out and bring him to safety and a last people do not realize you drive in 6" of water your car will stall. it only takes 1 foot of water to sweated away your car. >> 16" of rain hit houston overnight. having worked in houston there is nowhere for the water to go. it is a city bayous and the water does not move. when the bayous fill, the streets flood and there is nowhere to go and it sits there for hours or days. >> people are not used to being in that situation. reporters are and the reporter knew what was happening and told him to get out. >> the guy was lucky it was not
5:44 am
deeper and he could stand. >> and someone helped hip. >> we will watch what is happening in houston. the major airport this, that unite lies in and out of has stopped all flights for now. if you travel in and out of there, make sure the flight is going. >> new the hip corporate rescue in washington state. a coast guard crew saved a german citizen would plunged 80' down a waterfall while kayaking. the map was moisted 200' in the air and is treated at the university of oregon for a broken back. all the san mateo city council is set to vote on whether to de3408ish an ice skating risk to replace it with stores. this is a rink where olympians have practiced. it closed the doors three years ago after changing ownership with the possibility of another rink closing in belmont later this month that could leave only
5:45 am
one rink if all of the peninsula miles away in redwood city. >> this is not enough ice at the other rings to skate because many will have to stop skating. >> the prosecute owner wants it pay the city an extra $1 million to convert to retail and benefit underserved children. eight city council in san jose is considering raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour by john of 2019. three years earlier than governor brown's plan. the city council will go over a report they commissioned on the impact of an increase on employees and employers with no decision today. >> if you have not finalled taxes or filed for an extension, time is running out. you have until midnight tonight to submit them. the post office will not have extended hours today so plan accordingly. the tax deadline usually falls april continue but a holiday in washington, dc pushed it back to
5:46 am
today. more than five million tax returns are expected to be filed today. >> more than 30,000 researchers are expected at 120th boston marathon. the first runners begin in a few minutes at 5:50. security is tight this year after the recent attacks in brussels. 5,000 law enforcement members are stationed throughout the area. three years ago two bombs were planted killing three people at the finish line and wounding 260. >> attorneying to the race if the white house republican presidential candidate ted cruz is on "good morning america" for a townhall head of the new york primary. 95 g.o.p. delegate are up for grabs and donald trump campaigned yesterday. donald trump is in the lead over ted cruz and donald trump called the delegate selection process "corrupt." >> in wyoming the game was
5:47 am
rigged, and you have to take them on trips and put them up, i did not want to did that. i am winning with the voters. >> ted cruz picked up 14 delegates in wyoming. >> george clooney said the a money he helped to raise for hillary clinton is obscene. protesters threw dollar bills at her motorcade this weekend near the clooney home in los angeles. tickets started at $30,000. a bernie sanders fund raidser cost $27 in tickets. >> they are right to protest, they are right it is on soon but the overwhelming amount of the money we are raising is not going to hillary clinton to run for president. it is going to the ticket, the congresswoman and senators to try and take back congress. >> demonstrators protesting in san francisco on friday at another clooney fundraiser for hillary clinton and couples understood pay $300,000 for
5:48 am
that. >> man who is mistaken for george clooney all the time, meteorologist mike nicco and the weather. >> and i try not to tell you other lies. live doppler hd shows it is clear. this is how it looks after a busy day in santa cruz, sunny and 82. we use this as a backdrop to talk strong sun and heat easing and 20 diagnosed cooler by friday and a chance of rain on wednesday and thursday and friday and light amounts. 88 in san jose and that is the tie and a new record high. santa clara and leg is 899 warm spot, and 85 in mountain view and cool spot, milbrae at 81, and along the cost, mid-to-upper 70s with pacifica at 78 degrees the warm spot and nearly 80 downtown and south san francisco behind mid-to-upper 70s sausalito through bodega bay and ten degrees warmer inland at 83 to 86. along the east bay shore,
5:49 am
richmond, 80, and record highs and fremont and inland east bay, 90 in antioch and brentwood, and tonight we are comfortable if you can on the witnesses and enjoy temperatures in the low-to-mid 50s. storm-impact friday with cool of the day at 50s and 60. >> in marin county if you are going from novato southbound through san rafael to southern and central marin county you are looking great. a shot beyond the parkway to north pan pedro road 25 americans into san francisco and golden gate bridge is clear. four lanes in the southbound direction and two lanes in the northbound direction. we have a new accident in petaluma and i am seeing slow traffic building southbound 101 last lane is blocked. there are only two lanes in this area. only one lane is getting by near
5:50 am
petaluma boulevard south and we will check back on that accident in a bit. we still have the accident westbound 205 at mountain house involving a big-rig and an accident near alamo on 680. >> a fire at sfo in december is an emergency situation and the airport is anding for millions in new funding. >> but, first, a whale watching trip off the california coast take as life or death turn what spooked a pod of dolphins. >> we want to see your worse >> we want to see your worse pride #
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>> today, berkeley mess will release the name of a man who shot and wounded two clerks in alameda on saturday night on park street. workers tell abc7 that the suspect was a known troublemaker who vandalized the store with graffiti in the past. co-workers saw him and kicked him out of store and follow him outside. >> after 30 seconds or one minute i heard three or four shots. i walked outside and i told -- saw my friends down. >> the suspect was arrested soon after. a wounded work certificate still in the hospital. >> watch this incredible video, a dolphin swimming for their lives, whale watchers watches at huge pod of dolphins got scareed and you can see why. check it out. >> whoa. they get one. now they know. whoa.
5:54 am
they just are stampeding. insane. >> that is the circle of life moment, sorry, kids, this took place last week southwest of moss land harbor where a pod of orcas met up with a pod of dolphins. it is rare to see dolphins there because they usually prefer warmer ocean water. >> if you are in the market for a home unlike any other, how about living in a clock tower? the pent house of the clock tower building in san francisco soma is on the market for first time in 10 years. the pictures of from south bays, besides living behind four operational clock faces the whom has 3,000 square feet at a of $8.5. >> i was with you until the confident. >> million. >> million. >> that is a tagger. >> 62 at mount tamalpais with
5:55 am
wind at 5-8 miles per hour. 15-18 above average in san jose and oakland an area that will feel record high temperatures. at game tomorrow, not at&t at 7:15, 70 degrees and dropping to 61 with a light breeze. 90s from sacramento and fresno through palm develops and upper 80s in los angeles and chico and 67 in lake tahoe. sue? >> traffic is building through walnut creek and sluggish to 24. if you continue on southbound 680 we have a new accident near stone valley road and i am see slow traffic here blocking the slow lane. give your extra extra tim, possible delays. southbound 101 petaluma boulevard southwest lane is blocked with two lanes here and now traffic is backing up to east washington. we will look at the mass transit options in a few. >> london police are
5:56 am
investigating if an object that hit a passenger jet was a drone. the pilot of a british airways flight say he may have been hit by a drone preparing to land. the plane with 132 people landed safely. i would be first then drone collision with a commercial aircraft. speakers want some serious potential for disaster and the growing popular of unmanned aircraft. sooner other later we are going to lose an airplane to a drone because of a collision. >> despite warnings banning drone flights five miles of airports, the f.a.a. reports an a average 25 drone incidents each month. >> amazon is paying a move to go head to head with netflix offering monthly subscriptions for steaming video at $8.9 9, a dollar less than netflix's most popular plan and offering the prime membership from $10.9 9 for the two day shipping and you can stop and start rather than paying the whole year.
5:57 am
amazon prime members now get streaming with $99 a plan. >> a warning for uber and lyft drivers in san francisco. what you are required new to get before hitting the road. >> remembering the 1906 san francisco earthquake people are gathered now marking the 110th gathered now marking the 110th anniversary of
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. remembering the 1906 san francisco earthquake with the memorial happening now to honor those who survived the disaster. >> dubs nation gearing up, and the question is, will steph curry take the court? >> another reason to put on sun scene, scientists have if you proof a certain type of sun block can stop an aggressive form of cancer. >> good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> i am matt keller here for
6:00 am
natasha zouves. >> strong sunshine. u.v. index is very high. we will talk about the setup. the winds are light. variable. nonexistent. the flag at golden gate bridge is not moving. it will be another warm day. with temperatures from 44-60. 70s at the coast and mid-to-upper 80s for the rest of us. sue? >> looking good with the great alternate to not driving on bart, 45 on schedule. for word of bus cancellation. ace train one and three on time. look at the bay bridge metering lits on at 5:30 and continue minutes into san francisco. back with an accident update in a couple of minutes. >> more on the breaking news from society texas where flooding conditions to be a major concern. this is a look at conditions in houston. it


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