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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon on a warm monday. >> rising temperatures led to falling records today as the bay area saw more hot spring weather. people at the park in san francisco soaked in the record heat. let's have a live look showing an ocean beach out there. look at the waves. visitors enjoyed clear blue skies. in santa cruz the beaches are busy when the temperatures hit the 80s. we have more on the record highs. >> let's get right to the live doppler 7. let's see what's going on. sunny skies across the bay area and here's a look at the highs
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so far. we are 90s degrees and that's a new record height. san francisco and oakland have tied the record highs for this date. 83 for san francisco. some other warm spots too. 88 at livermoore. we have 80s and approaching 90 over the bay area right now. here is a look at the 24 hour temperature change. most locations are a few degrees warmer than this hour yesterday. and winds are going to be picking up over the next 24 hours along the coast and by this time tomorrow we'll have a developing sea breeze that will cool things down at the coast. there will be less cooling inland tomorrow, but more late in the week. and we have rain coming. i'll tell you more about that later. we are live in san joese
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where it reached a record 90 today. >> we have a hot weather and a hot hockey team. we have fire and ice here. what's wrong with this picture. we're downtown and on a day like this not a drop flows from the city's famous fountain. >> is it recycled water. >> reporter: yes, but not today as workers laid down new sod. they're an old hand at this kind of weather. >> when go over 90, that's when it's really hot. >> reporter: what we saw today might have been on the cup of heat as temperatures rose so did hem lines and shorts. >> where do you draw the line between a warm day and a heat wave. >> when i'm sweating too much it's too hot. >> reporter: has that happened yet? >> not yet, but i think it's
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about to happen. >> reporter: about to or maybe has happened. this was not a day to do laundry, but that's where we found this man somewhere between the unpackingened a the rinse cycle. >> procrastinating so i had to come today before class. >> reporter: some of us remained unimpressed. they did not get the heat wave me memo. >> are we just not tough enough? >> when you get good weather for a long time you get kind of soft. >> reporter: even on a perfect spring day. right now some riders on vta may experience delays. there was a fatal collision with a pedestrian. this happened an hour ago. the first responders are at the scene. no train passengerers were injured in the collision. they were taken to the next stop on a bus. happening now in sacramento
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police are talking to a driver who has blocked the street and barricaded himself in front of the state capitol. the car has writing on it and notes taped to the windshield saying i am not a terrorist, cops or criminals and i want justice. this is in front of the north entrance which is closed right now. businesses in the area have been evacuated as well. we will continue to monitor this developing situation. in sports the warriors held practice as usual today heading into game two of the series with the rockets. curry was not there. he hurt his ankle on saturday. any update on his status? >> reporter: larry, i think curry's right ankle is the most googled body part in the world right now. he is going to come out and try to warm up and see if he can play. this is going to be a game time decision, has not been decided
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yet. that's good news on one front. let's show you how physical houston has been in this series. this is their game. they got in an altercation early on. houston brought in the whole game. they're a big physical team and they're going to let you do the same thing tonight, but he hurt that ankle in the second quarter, the 24 points in the first and did not score in the second. he's going to see if he can play, but this team strength in numbers is going to prepare like he is not. >> obviously he has a lot of easy buckets and he's got to do it as far as moving the ball and being patient. we'll try to do it more as a team now. >> i don't go into a game saying stephen he's on the floor.
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if the game says shoot, i'm going to shoot. if the game says pass or drive, i'm going to pass or drive. i don't say i have to be more aggressive because he's not on the floor. >> i'm preparing as if he's not going to play because you don't want to be surprised game time decision so we're preparing as if he's not going to be out there. >> reporter: in some ways it's a bit of an insult to ask players if they can win without curry. they're all professional athletes and they know they can and they're willing to prove it if you can't play. live, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the warriors did beat the rockets in the regular season without curry in one game. this is a video that showed the warriors warming up on saturday night. he sent it out as it happened live on facebook live. he's basically on every social media platform. you can follow him. for more video like this tonight, mike shuman abc 7. a water coach saved two
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children from being swept out to sea. it happened sunday. he said he saw a 13-year-old boy trying to keep his 8-year-old sister above water. the high school coach was at the beach with his family when he saw the struggle and ran to help them back to shore. neither child was seriously hurt. it was one of ten water rescues at the beach yesterday. preparations are under way to move a yellow tagged home. the home sits on an eroding bluff. the crews are expected to move that house tomorrow. steel girders will be used to move the house. the house is expected to be moved to a vacant lot nearby. happening tonight, the city council members could decide whether to demolish a vacant ice rin and replays it with stores a. a group that's been working for
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three years to reopen the ice rink will be at the meeting. they say there aren't enough places for children to skate. tonight's meeting is at 7:00 at city hall. dramatic rescue and desperate times in ecuador and japan after deadly earthquakes. dude, you have to get out of the car. >> houston has a serious problem going on right now. the deadly mess a caused by rainfall. extraordinary measures san francisco is taking to fight back against racial bias. we're looking at the skyway and on to the east bay it's much slower than your right hand traffic which is
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a flood emergency is in effect right now in houston, texas because of this rainfall. as much as 20 inches of rain has fallen in the last 24 hours flooding more than 1,000 homes. two people have died. city officials closed schools and government offices and suspended the bus. there have been situations where people have driven their cars into huge pools of standing water and this one here played out on live television with the tv crew shouting instructions to the disoriented driver inside
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that car. >> reporter: you've got to get out. >> what should i do? >> reporter: swim. swim. >> what do i do? >> reporter: leave the car. swim. >> stay in the car? >> reporter: leave the car. swim. >> don't stay in the car. the man made it out safely with the reporter's help. more than 110,000 houston area homes and businesses have lost electricity. developing newsov overseas e search for survivors after the deadly earthquakes. ecuador and japan are along the ring of fire. at least 350 people were killed saturday in ecuador. we're getting new video of the rescues in the hardest hit areas. firefighters cut a hole in the ceiling to pull survivors out to safety.
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three people were rescued from the rubble of this building. twin earthquakes killed 42 people in japan last week. aftershocks are making it hard to search through damaged buildings. >> reporter: in ecuador a desperate search for survivors from this weekend 7.8 magnitude earthquake. entire blocks levelled. at least 350 people killed and yet signs of hope. a woman here has been found alive trapped under the rubble. this little girl also rescued as many families try to bury their loved ones in damaged cemeteries. that large earthquake was the latest in a three-day outbreak of tremors that started in japan where dozens have been killed. 1,000 people have been injured. the quakes creating massive landslides taking out entire bridges and roads. abc's matt scottman at the
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scene. >> reporter: earthquake. we felt another tremor. >> reporter: both countries are located on active plates that make up the ring of fire. so is the united states which has size molgs worried. >> these events are the reminders of the hazard that's very real. >> reporter: abc news, los angeles. a siren wald at 5:12 this morning to mark the moment the 1906 earthquake rocked san francisco. diagnoses, including the mayor, gathered for this event. that's a gathering spot or was in 1906 right after the quake and fire. this was the first anniversary without any survivors. quake. the last one passed away in january. three generations of his family attended today's memorial in his honor. following the downtown ceremony the fire chief led the annual ceremony. the fire hide rapt there is
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credited with helping to save the mission district from the fire that followed the quake. it's sprayed gold every year as a reminder. more than 3,000 people died and hundreds of thousands were displaced. the survivors are gone, but the stories live on in the interviews we've done with them throughout the years and you'll hear from them coming up. let's turn to our weather and how hot it's been. >> it's very hot. it's getting a little bit cooler here as the breeze has developed, but it's still quite warm inland and we have had some records today. no fewer than four locations around the bay area have tied or set new record highs for this date under these sunny or warm conditions. it's only 69 here at san francisco, but we topped out at 83 and oakland at 82. 66 at the bay. you can see how warm it is in the inland areas.
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this is looking down into the bay. it's 83 in sana rosea. and on we go to a view from our abc camera at pier 15. it will be warm tomorrow, but not quite as warm as today. it will be cooler in all areas by wednesday and rain is likely on friday. let's talk about the rain. here is our storm impact scale which we use to rank every storm this season. the approaching season ranks one. it will produce light showers and rain. less than a quarter of an inch of rain total expected across the bay area. midnight thursday, by 5:00 a.m., the beginning of the morning commute, we'll see a wave of light rain, but it will not push inland into later during the morning commute.
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by 9:00 a.m. we'll see wet conditions across much of the bay area, but the wet roadways could be hazardous. later in the day we'll see the rain taper off and rainfall totals by friday evening will general be under a quarter of an inch. on we go to tonight's conditions. we'll see clear skies overnight. it will be mild with low temperatures mainly in the 50s. slightly cooler in the north y bail valleys. tomorrow look for another warm day inland with temperatures reaching into the low 80s in some spots. 70s around the bay, mid 60s on the coast. over the last few weeks we've been talking about high tree pollen. the tree pollen has moderated.
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grass pollen is high now so bear that in mind if you're an allergy sufferer. we'll see cooling on the coast tomorrow, but all areas on wednesday and a cool day on friday. friday is the day that we get our rainfall. then get dry conditions sunday through monday with a gradual upward swing in the high temperatures. >> thank you so much. up next, out of the doghouse, the apology from johnny depp and his wife who are accused of smuggling their dogs down under. >> tonight dancing with the stars and then abc news at 11.
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the doe is flying high wednesday begun. it
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first time since july terrori20. the nasdaq was up nearly 22 points closing at 4,960. >> you knew this was going to happen. an online poll voters overwhelming chose to name brita britain's ship body mcbodeface. they suggest the title would not be suitable. the name won easily. actor johnny depp and his wife apologized today for smuggling their dogs into australia last year. >> they brought their dogs into the country while depp was filming the latest pir rates of the car ribban movie. his wife pleaded guilty.
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the couple apologized in a video that was played in the court. >> to disrespect australian law. >> i am truly sorry that they were not declared. protecting australia is important. >> declare everything when you enter australia. >> the couple claims the whole thing was a big misunderstanding and their attorney said amber was jet lagged and assumed her assistants had sorted out the paperwork. the new we have today's wels report. >> reporter: researchers have found when a sun screen 30 was applied, it was helpful in the delay of melanoma. the study was conducted on lab mice. ohio state researchers will continue researching to figure out which sun screens provide the strongest development.
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it has access to kids md, a new app powered by info prepared by doctors from children's hospital. research suggests that jet hand dryers may have more of an impact on public bathrooms. long story short, the explosive power may be blasting bacteria and nasty stuff further across the room than any other hand drying method. a team of researchers found that jet hand dryers blasted a virus ten feet across the room. here's to your health. just ahead, san francisco police are fighting back. see how they're disputing the claims of racial bias on the force. >> the final push for votes in new york. see why tomorrow is huge for
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clinton and trump.
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here are the headlines as we
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approach4:30. this video is the people enjoying the heat this afternoon. we'll find out when it's going to cool down and rain is coming. we're three hours away from the tip off. they do not expect curry to play tonight after he tweaked his ankle. we'll have an update. also on 5:00 we have a story that you'll see only here about these broken fire hydrants. residents say they've been complaining about these broken hydrants for years. the battle between police officers and the district attorney heated up today. the police union taking its fight to the public via youtube.
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we are live in the newsroom with the story. >> reporter: this is the first of a series of videotape sworn declarations by members of the police union. they want to debunk charges of discrimination. there have been interviews of dozens of people and some have been chosen to testify in person before the panel. others have not. that seems to be the root of the latest dispute. >> we have the most diverse police department in the united states. >> reporter: this is gary delanus. the former head of the police officers' association is being interviewed. he talks about his relationship with the district attorney when he was police chief. he said they were close and he never heard him say anything about racism in the department. he relates a conversation he had at a dinner where he says he
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made racially disparaging remarks. >> there were some things said by george that were to say the least surprising. >> reporter: the videotaped interviews will be sentenced to the blue ribbon panel which he formed last may to look into potential racial bias in the department after the raisest text message scannedal. they decided to release the videos on youtube. why? >> they ignored our requests for the officers that we wanted to testify before the blue ribbon panel. >> reporter: lawyers from the panel did interview the witnesses at the union's offices, but the current president wants them to appear in person before the panel. >> it would be in an open form and on the record. >> reporter: the panel says they did invite him to testify in person. the spokesman said he was invited at both hearings and he declined. he said he had scheduling conflicts, but says he gave them other possible dates.
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the da was out of town, but a spoke man responded with a statement saying the poa is pedaling perjury in an effort to distract the department rather than roll up their sleeves and do the difficult task of working with the member and community to reform the sfpd. >> reporter: they say the police union is disrupting the process. they say the officers willing to testify on behalf of the union are blacks, hispanics and lbgt members. the u.s. military will send 200 more troops and helicopters to help in the fight against the islamic state. the defense secretary carter says new forces will be used to advise forces closer to the front lines.
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in isreal police are investigating an explosion on a bus. authorities are calling it an act of terror but don't know who is responsible. they set fire to a second bus parked nearby that didn't have any passengers on board. now to politics. the stage set for the battle of new york. presidential candidates are racing to the primary one day away now. the front-runners are hoping for some much needed victories. we have the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump on his home turf leading in the polls and looking for a big win begin defending new york values. >> look at the other folks running. they couldn't careless about new york. we care about new york values. >> reporter: with a win in new york, trump also predicted the end of ted cruz who after sweeping delegates in wyoming
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this weekend remained defiant. >> we'll have a ton of delegates and it's going to be a battle in cleveland to see who can get to a majority. >> reporter: across the aisle bernie sanders needs to work for every vote. he draw a monster crowd in brooklyn on sunday. >> new york city helped lead the fifth country into a political revolution. >> reporter: hillary clinton not taking anything for granted also poundsing the pavement on the primary eve urging her supporters to get out to vote. >> come out vote tomorrow. i will work hard for you. thank you very much. >> reporter: so what's at stake here for the two front-runners? clinton is looking to widen that delegate gap with 291 delegates up for grabs. for trump with 95 delegates on the line, he's looking to get that momentum back. abc news, new york.
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the obama administration today asked the supreme court to allow it to put two programs in place that could shield roughly 4 million people from deportation and make them eligible to work in the u.s. hundreds rallied outside the high court today as the administration squared off against 26 states where the programs have been put on hold. the chief justice roberts is the best hope for breaking the potential for a deadlock. roberts asked questions suggesting he could side with the administration. it may leave the program in a legal limbo with the possibility of it being enforced in parts of the country but not others. what a catch by a gymnastics coach who has to do acrobatics of his own to help one of his students. a lot of sun bathing going on at the lake where we've hit
4:36 pm
record breaking temperatures. how are people enjoying this warm weather? i'll have a live report. we had record breaking temperatures today, but there's cooling on the horizon and i'll have the forecast coming up in just a moment as abc ne
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save after he caught a student.
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she lost her grip on the dismount. the coach grabbed her protecting her head and neck. he did a flip himself with her momentum carrying him on the mat and the quick thinking got applause from the crowd with one fan yelling out nice catch. look at this video. check that out. that is a humpback whale coming out of the water. the paddle boarders saw the whale in the area and they waited for 15 minutes to record that moment. back to the record heat today. people are enjoying this warm weather on the water. >> reporter: we just learned that it's record breaking. 83 degrees. it's t-shirt weather out here. people are sun bathing and walking their dogs and jogging. we saw folks tossing around a football and people out on the
4:40 pm
water as well. we did see people working out early. as i mentioned they brought very big water bottles to stay hydrated because it's warm today. it's 83 degrees. the record used to be 72. >> i think the weather is really niegs a nice and inviting. it makes you want to come out. >> we're walking and having a nice chat. >> a lot of sun bathing going on. >> reporter: does it feel more like a summer day? >> absolutely. one of the rare ones. >> reporter: oakland hit 83 degrees yesterday breaking the old record. even though it is nice out, officials want to remind people of fire danger. four years of drought killed millions of trees, a record 27.6 million dead trees in the state so be mindful of dry brush. it is expected to cool down later this week. a lot of folks said this is
4:41 pm
their chance to try to get a little bit of a tan. not a bad idea. >> all right. thank you. he's been basking in the sunshine here even as we enjoy the warmth we have some rain on the way. >> reporter: we are going to have a lot of changes in the weather this week. we're going from record warm to cool conditions and some rain at the end of the week. here's a look at the live doppler 7. tomorrow across the state it will be mild to warm with highs in the 80s. here in the bay area we'll hold on to some of the warmth inland. upper 70s around the bay, but only mid of 60s on the coast. a 90% chance of rain on friday. we're not talking about a lot of rain, but a good chance of light rain on friday. looking at the high temperature
4:42 pm
for the weekend, notice the sharp drop in temperatures by the end of the week. temperatures in the mid 60s and some april showers. this is after a high of 90 degrees. you can see much of the bay area is going to experience a sharp drop in temperatures in the days ahead. >> thank you so much. still ahead, the survivors are all gone, but their stories of the 1906 great quake and fire are still being remembered. we go to the archives next. plus, how san francisco is getting ready for this year's 420 smoke out to make sure it's safe. searching for the best baby strollers, we have the
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m mentor. the influence helped shape the tech here in the valley. eric schmidt tweets bill was
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instrumental as a mentor for me, for google and for all valley entrepreneurs. apple ceo tim cook says campbell believed in apple when few people did. cook tweets we'll miss his wisdom, friendship, humor and love for his life. and venture capitalist wrote he was our super coach, colorful, confident and mentor. bill campbell was 75 years old. we've been reporting about today's 110th anniversary of the great san francisco earthquake in 1906. all of the known survivors have passed away, but their stories liv live on through the archive. >> reporter: the before the quake san francisco was known as the queen of the west. it was the city on the west coast of 400,000 people.
4:47 pm
>> i kissed my mother good night and she said say your prayers. little did i know at that moment that i'd never see my family again. >> reporter: in the early morning hours san franciscans were shaken awake by an earthquake. the magnitude 7.8 quake was centered off the coast of the golden gate and felt from los angeles to oregon and as far as nevada. >> the earthquake came in with the roar of the ocean. >> i thought it was a wild animal. >> my mother said let's get out of here. there were lots of people coming around praying on the street thinking the end of the world was here. >> i went through the window. >> i got a broken jaw, slice taken off the nose. this eyebrow was hanging. i had a broken arm and two broken legs. >> reporter: historians believe more than 3,000 people died as a
4:48 pm
result of the quake. >> my mother widowed with four children. my father was killed downtown when a building fell. >> reporter: more than 30 fire erupted from a gas line. >> there was a thin column of smoke rising slowly up into the sky. we tried to rescue people, but the heat of the flames pushed us back. >> reporter: there was little hope. water lines throughout the city were also broken. >> i stood right there at the hydrant when the fireman coupled the hose and he said there's no water. >> the first night my father woke me and he said agnus i hope you never see a thing like this again and he showed me the panna romma of the city in flames. >> reporter: entire neighborhoods were evacuated as the fires advanced. >> we used to sit on our front porch at night and watch the flames until it was time to vacate. >> reporter: 25,000 buildings were destroyed, 300,000 people
4:49 pm
were homeless and 80% of the city nearly levelled. many of those who evacuated the city never came back. those who did stay helped to rebuild and within three years much of the city had been rebuilt. one final note the cost of this disaster in today's money, $10.5 billion. in san francisco, dan ashley abc news. city leaders say they're ready for the thousands who will head to golden gate park for the celebration. you can see the crowd where people smoked marijuana on the east end of the park. >> it's become unfortunately overwhelming for residents. they're seeing a lot of trash. >> i believe that we are ready for all of the issues. we have actually started our operation ever since friday morning. >> police have warned parents
4:50 pm
they could be arrested for child endangerment if they bring their children to the annual smoke out. a religious group has filed a complaint over an open air urennal. they said it was disgusting and degrading to man kind. a spokesman for the city said if i had to predict the top 100 things in the park to offend the plaintiffs, i wouldn't guess this would make the cut. on to strollers. it's one of the most important pieces of baby gear you will buy. we found out which ones are the best for your money. >> reporter: you can find strollers in all different shapes, sizes and prices. consumers reports have tested 19 of the latest strollers and tells us which ones are worth buying. this may look like a luxury vehicle, and it is for a baby.
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the price tag, $1,300. these new strollers are sure to stand out. and with high-end finishing like gleaming metal, leather and designer fabrics, they have a price tag to match. lucky for us consumers reports finding style isn't everything. >> you can find a good stroller and a good-looking stroller at almost every price point. >> reporter: consumer reports tests all strollers for safety, maneuver ability and ease of uz. those that transition as your baby grows is the best value. this one first fits an infant seat and then a toddler. >> this self folds and self stands. >> reporter: with similar stroelers selling for over $500, it's a best by at $230.
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if you're child is older, you may appreciate the convenience of an umbrella stroeler. >> this is very lightweight. it has a very large canopy for an umbrella. it will keep the sun and wind out of your child face. >> reporter: folding is simple and you can carry it with just one hand. it's a best by at $140. if you don't need as many bells and whistles check out the summer infant 3 d delight. it has many of the same features as the three desire at $80. consumer reports says no matter which stroller you use, you're child too be buckled in at all times. coming up, what a $15 minimum wage would mean and who would benefit and who would lose. then, broken fire hydrants.
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why crews showed up to fix them and left. plus, t
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that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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san joe say recognizes the impact it could have if it raises the minimum wage. >> the city council has done indepth research on who will benefit. >> reporter: this man works for $10 an hour at mcdonalds and sends money twice a month to mexico to support his wife and daughter. the prospect of earning $15 an hour gives him hope. he says the higher wage will help him pay rent, support his daughter's education and pay for food. it will impact all workers. the city council is pouring over a 45 page study on the impact. the study indicates 49% of
4:57 pm
minimum wage earn rz are latino. it would give them a $3,000 raise. restaurants will bear a 10% increase in cost. >> we think the study shows that the benefits of doing that are wide spread and the downside is very small. >> reporter: while there seems to be widespread community support for raising the minimum wage, some business owners thinks it should not be universal. when santa clara raised the minimum wage this year, this owner said he took a hit over $75,000. non-tipped workers demanded a wage increase. >> i don't think it's fair. >> reporter: you're not making 45 to $50, you're in the 60 to $70 an hour. the restaurant laid off six
4:58 pm
employees. almost 6,000 jobs will be lost, but almost that many will be created in nearby cities from higher pay. that's going to do it for this edition. abc 7 at 5:00 begins right now. >> a large boom. the ground started shaking. a bay area woman describes what she felt when the ecuador quake hit. the failure of fire hydrants has some worried about their safety. >> they have to hook up six-inch lines to bring water to put this fire out. >> it's a story you'll see only here. >> record setting heat today, but big changes are coming. i'll have the details straight ahead. the celebration that brought out the lions in san francisco.
4:59 pm
>> workers haven't slept or eaten as they work hard. the president of you cana dor talks about screws cleaning up and racing to save anyone still alive trapped under the rubble. good evening and thank you for joining us. people in the bay area trying to track family and friends in ecuador. new video shows a man getting pulled from the debris. rescuers had to cut a hole in the ceiling to get to him. two other people have been rescued from a shopping center. the government just updated the death toll to at least 413 and one of them has been identified as an american. roughly 2,500 people are injured. people from the bay area who travel to ecuador are returning this week. let's check in now live at san francisco international airport. >> reporter: some of them are delayed trying to get out of
5:00 pm
ecuador airports are functioning, but they're overwhelmed by people trying to get out and supplies trying to get out. we spoke to an airline today who said all of the passengers who were supposed to be arriving in the states today will be arriving tomorrow and that includes a group of 20 high schoolers who made it through the earthquake, but are now delayed getting home. the destruction in urban areas is overwhelming. concrete buildings have been reduced to rubble and rescuer workers continue to search for survivors. the high school students who arrived back home were in a small coast al town. there were helping with reforest station efforts there. >> he's an american living in ecuador and he has not been marked as safe and he's actually in the -- one of the red zones so


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