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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 19, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning, historic flooding. neighborhoods underwater. more than a thousand rescues including one by a reporter covering the floods. the water so high, one neighbor called in a monster truck, even horses needed saving and the rain is still falling. we're tracking it all. primary day, polls opening in just hours in new york. a state and the two front-runners call home. delegates sweep, possibly giving donald trump a clear path to the nomination. we're live on this pivotal day for the presidential election. a woman climbs into a tiger enclosure, the big cat paces back and forth. hear why the woman says she did it. a ball boy's stumble into a wall going viral this morning.
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good tuesday morning to you all. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm ryan smith in for kendis gibson. a major american city underwater. >> a state of emergency in nine texas counties. from the air you can see the devastation in houston, home after home surrounded by water. >> this dramatic moment caught on camera, a panicked look on a driver's face. a reporter covering the floods jumping into action. >> then there's this scene, a fish flopping around in a parking lot. abc's bazi kanani has the details on the historic flooding. >> reporter: raging floodwaters sweep through low-lying parts of houston trapping drivers in their cars and thousands in their homes. >> oh, are you all right? >> reporter: these residents escaped with their children on anything that floats, even a refrigerator. across the city, hundreds of high water rescues including
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this attempt to lead a horse to higher ground. the downpour nearly 20 inches was deadly for drivers. at least five bodies were found in submerged vehicles, a plea from the governor. >> please remember the easy phrase, turn around, don't drown. stay out of the rising water. >> reporter: the danger captured during this live news report on our abc station ktrk. >> what should i do? >> swim. >> the driver escapes just seconds before his car goes under. the damage spreads for miles through neighborhood after neighborhood leaving many disheartened. >> we're still recovering from last year. nour we're back to square one again. >> reporter: most like debra wright stranded on her second floor balcony until this unusual rescue on a monster truck are grateful for their communities coming together. >> it's just been an adventurous
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day. >> reporter: bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >> flood watches in the houston area remain in effect. >> taking a look at the radar you can see the storms still hovering over parts of texas and arkansas. abc's rob marciano is in houston. he's tracking when this relentless rain will finally end. >> we're going to see more rounds of rain, high pressure to the right and relentless rain bumping into a locked weather pattern. this front doesn't move a whole lot to the east. a lot of gulf moisture to contend with. severe thunderstorms as well. houston seeing maybe over 10 inches of rain and a couple more days left. could see 4 to 5 more inches. >> primary day in new york, the next battle in the race for the white house. >> after several bruising defeats the front-runners are hoping to regain footing. donald trump and hillary clinton are leading in the polls but ted cruz is not giving up and bernie sanders is hoping for an upset. it's "your voice, your vote." we get the latest from abc's elizabeth hur. good morning, elizabeth.
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>> reporter: diane and ryan, good morning to you and, yes, today could be a turning point for both of the front-runners with trump and clinton looking to not only score more delegates but also trying to get that momentum back. bernie sanders may have the momentum. >> we have won eight out of the last nine caucuses and primaries. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: but today in new york that could change. he needs a blow-out victory in the empire state. a loss by ten points means he will need to win 80% of the remaining delegates to clinch the nomination. hillary clinton may be ahead but the former new york senator still made eight campaign stops across new york. >> i'm not taking anybody or anyplace for granted. we'll keep working hard. >> reporter: across the aisle gop front-runner donald trump is riding a huge lead in his home state, but he's reminding his supporters to get out and vote. >> we've got to vote and, you
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know, cruz is way, way down in the polls. >> reporter: a big win in new york is crucial for trump. with ted cruz sweeping up more delegates this weekend and already setting his eyes on november. >> because if i'm the nominee we win the general election. we're beating hillary in the key swing states. we're beating hillary with independents, we're beating hillary with young people. >> reporter: well, for now new york is looking promising for the two front-runners, in fact, the other candidates have already moved on to other states trump. trump and clinton the only ones staying here and watching the results come in. diane and ryan. >> that's elizabeth hur live in new york city. elizabeth, thank you. we have breaking news overnight. a huge explosion and fighting has rocked kabul, afghanistan. dozens were killed in the initial blast by a suicide car bomber. armed attackers followed trying to enter offices of the afghan security agency and have been battling security forces for
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hours. the taliban has already claimed responsibility. ahead of president obama's visit to saudi arabia tomorrow his support for that country is generating some heat. there is some suspicion in parts of the u.s. that parts of the saudi government were involved in planning the 9/11 attacks. now, president obama opposes a new bill that would allow americans to sue countries that aid terrorism. the bill has strong bipartisan support including hillary clinton, bernie sanders and ted cruz but not the president. >> if we open up the that individuals in the united states can routinely start suing over governments, then we are also opening up the united states to being continually sued by individuals in other countries. >> if the bill passes saudi arabia has threatened to sell billions worth of u.s. assets. it's not known if the issue will come up while the president is there. in that same interview the president also predicted that the iraqi city of mosul would
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fall by the end of the year and the president expects the iraqis to take back the city as u.s. forces continue to provide training and support. ash carter announced yesterday that 200 additional u.s. troops are heading to iraq to join the battle against isis. well, nearly 27,000 people have boston marathon finisher medals following the 120th edition of the race. among the elite runners it was ethiopians sweeping. >> later a marathon bombing survivor, patrick downes who lost his left leg in the attack completed the race in just under six hours. he was met at the finish line by his wife who lost both of her legs in the bombing. >> adrianne haslet lost a leg three years ago and paused briefly before stepping across the finish line and spent nearly ten hours on the course. >> winners, of course. >> absolutely. pulled from the rubble days after the earthquake, we have some new video in from ecuador. a member of the u.s. military assaulted.
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together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. we have video of a bizarre incident at a u.s. base in turkey when two turkey nationalists tried to put a bag over a u.s. soldier's head. they posted it online and claimed it was in retaliation for u.s. troops wrongly arresting members of the turkish military in 2003 and putting bags over their heads. the supreme court appears deeply divided after hearing arguments on the president's
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immigration plan. that plan would shield roughly 4 million people from deportation and make them eligible to work in the u.s. texas and 25 other states sued claiming president obama overstepped his authority. a decision is expected this summer right in the middle of the presidential campaign. the nfl's billion dollar concussion settlement with thousands of former players has been upheld by an appeals court in philadelphia. the settlement in which the league admits no fault covers more than 20,000 players for the next 65 years. if there are no further appeals former players already diagnosed with brain injuries linked to repeated concussions could begin receiving benefits within the next few months. and this morning, stock markets around the world are higher with investors encouraged as wall street nears an all-time high. the dow gained 106 to close above 18,000 yesterday. that's the highest level since july. the market gained on a rally by energy stocks. target is increasing its minimum wage to $10 an hour following the lead of other
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retailers and a few states. target has about 341,000 employees nationwide. walmart and sam club's employees got a wage increase in february and fork and california has new laws to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. when we come back a woman at a zoo jumping into a tiger enclosure. wait until you hear why she did it. fresh-faced and drinking beer out after i red cup. some video surfaces of mark zuckerberg over ten years ago talking about his vision for facebook. headache? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom. back pain? motrin helps you be the side-planking, keeping-up-with- your-girlfriend- even-though-you'll-feel-it- later kind of woman you are. body pain? motrin helps you be an unstoppable, i-can-totally-do-this- all-in-one-trip kind of woman.
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if you think you have ibs with diarrhea talk to your doctor about xifaxan. look at that beautiful sight. this is ultra high definition video of our planet taken by the crew from the international space station. the astronauts used a red epic dragon digital camera to capture these stunning pictures. the camera has been used before up there to record experiments and bagpipe playing on the iss, but, man, this is way better. >> bagpipe playing? >> uh-huh. now for a look at morning road conditions back here on earth, many roads are flooded in texas and louisiana, but just wet further north of the midwest. drivers should also watch out for snow in the rockies and some showers in northern new england. if you're flying airport delays likeliest in houston, dallas and kansas city. well now to the earthquake zones on either side of the pacific's so-called ring of
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fire. >> survivors are still being pulled from the rubble following saturday's powerful earthquake. the latest where three people who were caught in a collapsed shopping center for nearly half a day or a day and a half, the death toll from the quake is now more than 400. at least one of those victims is american. meanwhile, in japan u.s. marines are using osprey aircraft to ferry relief supplies into areas cut off from it. there are still water and food shortages. another large aftershock hit overnight and the death toll climbed to 45 but that's expected to rise. a murder mystery in the dallas area of a popular fitness instructor was found dead inside a church. missy bevers to arrive to set up a class early yesterday morning and police released surveillance video of the suspect roaming the church halls wearing tactical equipment. it showed police patches on the
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front and back and she may have been targeted after posting her schedule on facebook. the governor of michigan is taking a new approach to show flint residents their water is safe. rick snyder said he'll drink filtered water from flint every day for the next 30 days. he made the announce amount of visiting a home and he came under heavy fire for not heading off the crisis fans are remembering doris roberts. she pass away in her sleep at the age of 90 best known for the meddling mom on "everybody loves raymond" and won five emmys. she was an outspoken critic of age discrimination, ray romano said roberts had an engine and spirit that amazed him. the toronto zoo is investigating after a woman climbed into the tiger enclosure to get a hat. the video shows the woman lower herself into the enclosure and pick something up off the ground. the tiger lungs at her still behind a second fence and the crowd in complete disbelief.
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one pan yells at her calling her a moron. firefighters came to the rescue of a stranded guinea pig. after rescuing rodney they put an oxygen mask on him because he inhaled a lot of smoke. rodney we're told will be just fine. >> thank goodness. wish a speedy recovery for rodney. another busy night in the nba playoffs. >> highlights from our friends at espn. >> good morning, it's "sportscenter." it's los angeles, neil everett, stan verrett talking nba playoffs. >> rockets/warriors to be specific. steph curry, that's what he played in. in his suit. he still went for 40. that's how good he is. steph curry did not play. klay thompson did. klay thompson had 34. james harden played. he had 28. the rockets cut the lead to four but it was not meant to be.
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draymond green did his thing, andre iguodala did his thing and the warriors do their thing and curry claps, it's all over, warriors by 9. game three thursday in houston. mavericks and thunder. russell westbrook and company, russell trying to take a 2-0 series lead, final seconds, w t westbrook pushing it, gets it to kevin durant, from 33 from the floor. steven adams, they think they put it back in but you see the dallas faithful saying no basket and they were correct. you see the ball still in adams' hands as the clock goes off. no basket. the mavericks win it and tie the series at 1 before they head to dallas. concern for the warriors about steph curry, concern to dallas, williams is doubtful for game three. >> that's a bigger concern if you're the warriors.
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>> that's all we got, back to you. >> all right, sounds good. so close, that basket. up next in "the pulse." a prosecco problem. why there could be a shortage of the bubbly. >> a pretty embarrassing moment here for the ball boy. but she just can't see it. so excedrin worked with me to show my mom what i experience during a migraine. excedrin relieves my pain and symptoms. but their dedication to migraine sufferers doesn't stop there. oh my god... i'm so sorry, honey, that you go through this. now i finally feel understood. experience more stories at ♪
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(whispers rocket) in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's recipe made with real simple ingredients. and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. ♪ time to check "the pulse" starting with a blast from the past. a very young mark zuckerberg sharing his vision. >> yeah, this is zuckerberg before he became a multibillionaire. the interview is from 2005 when the social network was just one-year-old start-up still called the facebook. the 21-year-old is sipping beer talking about the company as his friends do keg stands, boom. >> i think it is an online
4:23 am
directory for colleges. if i want to look you up, i just go to the facebook and type in your name and it brings me up like hopefully all the information i'd care to know about you or a good amount of the information i'd want to know about you. >> zuckerberg talked about facebook's humble beginnings at harvard when asked about the future of the company he said, he just wanted to expand to other schools and remain focused on colleges. >> then he did a keg stand. now, this is not how you impress your new wife. a 25-year-old british mechanic rented a $340,000 ferrari spider for his wedding weekend and then he promptly crashed it right into a wall. >> we're told he got his foot caught in the floor mat and hit the gas instead of the brake. ah, the accident could cost the newlyweds more than $35,000. 7,000 of that is the deposit which we don't think he's getting back. >> probably not. the driver, by the way, wasn't injured. his wallet on the other hand and
4:24 am
his pride probably a little bit. well, sales of the hottest sparkling white wine in the world could soon run dry. prosecco sales have grown by a third in the past year. while those of champagne and other wines nearly flat. >> there's just so much prosecco that can be produced. its grapes are only grown in a small part of italy and a shortage is imminent. if it happens the bubbles may burst. finally a ball boy's big oops moment at a tennis tournament in spain. check him out in the green shirt. well. >> well, he's doing a great job then that happens, he tries to get back in his place right in that wall face phares. >> the player turns around to check on him and wants to make sure everything is okay. to give the kid some credit, though, he keeps his cool all the way despite his presumed embarrassment and acts like nothing is wrong at all. >> he turns around like you're irritating me. i'm trying to serve. >> boy is a pro. more news for you after this.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 4:30 club, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. it is tuesday. april 19. 4:28. mike nicco is up and ready to go. >> so are the clouds. there is no rain. it is dry on live doppler hd. can you see from sutro tower it is quiet this morning. winds are light. they will blow on shore. we are waking up friction-58. the same as yesterday. 66 to 78 at noon. and only 68 to 82 at the cost. no record highs. rain is on the way. >> we have a couple of accidents to start off tuesday morning. hayward is southbound 880 near 92 almost into the slow lane. mostly on right shoulder. i am not seeing a lot of low
4:29 am
traffic. it is out there. southbound 101 near shoreline a car in the bushes sticking out by the off ramp. they will have to get a tow truck on scene. >> with reporters rejoicing this morning, efforts to save an ice ink from being demolished was successful. it does not mean it is re-open ing. here are the details. amy? all the city council vote may not be enough to open up the doors. the developer is still insisting the ice rink will remain closed. look at the people with showed up for the city council meeting. the supporters have been fighting for the ice rink for three years. we are thrilled with the unanimous decision. the rink cannot be changed into retail stores. the developer says he will not open it as an ice rink. supporters are still excited.
4:30 am
>> a it feels great. for the kids. not about us. we when for the kids. the kids have a rink. it is not operating because the developer is not operating. on the ripping for our kids. >> s.b.i. holdings own the shopping center and say it is too expensive to maintain and they will look at maintaining other recreational activities, the master plan requires some recreation. the mayor said people need to fight for the rink although the city council voted to save it. >> breaking news, san jose police are looking for the gunman in a fail shooting, officers responded to report of shots fire before 11:00 last night. they got there and found a 25-year-old man in the street suffering from one gunshot wound and pronounced dead. this was


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