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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 19, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> in the east bay sky 7 shows a busy street where a pedestrian is dead after being hit by a car this morning. police say the driver was speeding and led them on a chase before crashing and abandoning the car on a golf course. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am kristen sze. all the bizarre accident happened in pittsburg near john henry johnson park. our reporter is at the scene. laura, the driver has been detained? >> yes, he is being questioned by pittsburg police. they are also saying they did not chase the vehicle, they
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initially started the chase but backed off because it was unsafe. from sky 7 h.d. the tents are covering area where the pedestrian described only as a male was struck near the fence line. his body was carried or thrown on to the gulf course after the car crashed through the fence. this is the car, now, it looks like a blue camaro with obvious damage. it made its way cross the fair way on the golf course's coming to rest under a tree. we are told by the pet its with spotted by a patrol officers at 7:45 this morning driving well before the speed him on west leland and the officer put lights and sirens on, started to pursue the vehicle can backed off when the chase would be unsafe. there are a lot of pedestrians in the area that time of the morning with a middle school in the area.
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we are showing you the picture up the street from where i am standing, you can see the pittsburg police and highway patrol are this near the tent continuing the investigation which will go on here for a couple of hours. there was one occupant inside the vehicle initially that ran away from the scene. it stopped on the golf course. but we are told by the pittsburg police that person, a male, has been detained and is being questioned. >> more breaking news in burlingame a bicyclist is referring after getting hit by a garbage truck this morning. we were on the scene this morning an hour ago. vest exercise say the bicyclist was not seriously hurt. the garbage truck driver is cooperating with police. rate now it is unclear what caused the crash. >> a conservative legal group is explaining their lawsuit over a
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newly installed public urinal that is all the rage in europe is upsetting some neighbors at the park. we are in san francisco with a news conference that is happen ing. the press conference is start now and the pole is to force san francisco to build restroom facilities that comply with public health code, disability laws and that respect everyone's privacy. shear at look at what they are talking about. as people played with their dogs and soaked up the son in beautiful dolore >> it is great to have. it helps the people would need to take care of their needs so they don't have to wait in line or they do not have to go on
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street or someone's house. >> keep it. >> the hole is getting a last attention now that a group has filed a lawsuit against city. the san francisco chinese christian unit called the urinal grossly unseemly and offensive to the senses. which comes as shock to some here at the park. >> that is ridiculous. they should have a line of them. citric dick louse. they going there or on the street. >> the city attorney saying of all that things what ham in dolores it is surprise that this is what is offensive. supporters hat the same reaction. >> if it is is ikcy to them, live with it. all the group has been labeled as antilgbt and i asked the attorney and he started laughing saying that is irrelevant accusations and shows how weak the city is in the defense and said it is not anti-lgbt.
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we will listen in on the press conference. continue to stay with abc as we bring you monday the -- more on the story. >> new this morning a charity in oakland needs your help with the rescue dogs it served. rock a dog urban sanctuary posted the pictures on face speak showing the damage done to the whom by a stolen van. the van narrowly missed where the live in caretaker was sleeping and desteroid the if ensure so the dogs do not have an outdoor play to play. you can help out by going to >> crews will move a home damage by cliff erosion in pacifica. we flew over the house which has been yellow tagged. you can see it sits precariously on an erodeing block. it will be hoisted from the foundation to a move to a vacant lot. >> there is a new idea floating
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around to turn san francisco's upper height consider door into a pedestrian-only neighborhood. it is part of the revolutionized height movement which was created by a one time san francisco mayoral canidate. according to mar ten he wants to close the street to most private vehicles. the tradeoff, better outdoor space for pedestrians, and a healthy more organic transit corridor that better senators neighbors. >> supporters of an ice rink celebrate a partial victory. the city council unanimously voted to save the rink at bridge point shopping center closed, now, for three years sitting there. a developer wanted to replace it with retail but an appeal by the supporters swayed the city council. the rink's future is still up in the air after the vote. the developers said the company will still not re-open the rink and wants to work with the master plan to tuft it into a different recreational facility. >> the warriors provenned they
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can win without steph curry and now, the big question, do they need to take on the rockets, again, without their star point guard? tiffany is in the newsroom. >> after the warriors bet the rockets last night the coach occur made -- coach u.c. -- the coach made no promises. >> all eyes locked on steph curry's feet as he warmed up before game two, five minutes later, he hit the looker room returning to the bench in a suit while the teammates stormed the court. >> it was no curry, no worry, without the 30-point contribution other plays stepped up. >> he has carried us so many times if he goes down it is our turn to carry him. a lost guy did that tonight. it was not just one. green was a key part of this
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finishing with a double-double and iguodala had four, threes east bench. post-game, thompson had no problem tease his brother. >> so much easier without steph curry on the floor, he doesn't move the ball just...very selfish teammate just kidding. >> heading into houston with the lead gives the coach the chance to rest steph curry for game three saying his health is the priority. >> we want to make sure he is right and his foot is fine and healthy. >> he will have three full days to rest and refer before any decision is made. >> it is a long playoff. let 'em roast. we really don't need him. >> game these is 6:30 and game former is thursday in houston. if necessary, game five would be
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back at oracle arena open wednesday, april 27. as the warriors march on not playoffs, we want to see your pride, join the viewers by sharing video and pictures on social media with the # dubson7. we want to see yours, you could see them here or online. >> biggest city is weighing some powerful new measures that could hit renters in the wall lot. >> more rain in texas new developments on the state of emergency as houston endures its wettest april ever. >> and lucky people who are off or are laying hook
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>> we have watched this fight overror all over the bay area and now the battle of high rents in heads to the south bay with san jose look at rent control options that could lower increases by significant amounts unless the landlords have their way. matt colder is at city hall to show us the options. matt? this has been a long process. landlords on one side. affordable housing advocate on the other. the city council is in the middle. being a renter in san jose is not easy. >> i hate to say. >> he rivers in one of 44,000
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units built before 1979 that are covered by the apartment rent ordinance which means his landlord cannot increase the represents more than 8%. but he does not believe he is pay less than market value. >> he volunteers with people acting in community together. he has seen the impact on rising rents. >> it is horrifying. people are leaving. it is crazy. if you lose your affordable housing you are pushed out of san jose. people are moving to hole store, to salinas, and trying to commute. and they just try to find jobs elsewhere. all the city council could veto change the ordinance today. the housing department made 12 recommendations including tying the cap with the consumer price indetection an anti-retaliation program for tenants and incentives to make improvements on properties. the landlords believe a reduction in the represents officer cap would be bad for their business. letters and e-mails sent to the city say increasing confidents for water, garbage and sewer
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would take away the incentives to keep buildings in the mark it. whatever is continue today, leaders believe the real solution is to build more housing. >> we need to build a lot more. the demand is growing. we will see rents continue to go up if you have strict rent control or not. >> the city council meeting starts at 1:30 but the item is not heard until at least 3:00. can you expect a full house today. >> interesting to see what will happen. millions of new yorkers are voting in the state primary in a condition test that could have major implications as to who will appear on the november ticket. for each party. the front unareers could vote for themselves, him him voted this morning. the former secretary of state has adopted new york as her home. donald trump also cast his ballot. >> what was it like to vote for
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career self? >> great honor. what would would have thought? a great honor for new york. new york is a special place. >> i am so excited about both campaigning here in new york, voting here in new york and i love new york. >> vermont senator bernie sanders could not vote for himself because he stumped for votes if his hometown of new york city and pollsters expect ted cruz to finish behind donald trump. >> in texas people are dealing with record-breaking flooding in houston. look at this, people were taken to higher ground by officers. here they are getting off of a vote with the belongings including a wheelchair. the devastation can be seen for whiles. we are seeing people escaping fast-rising wars however they can, neighbors at one complex carried babies to safety. some used refrigerators as rafts several horses in the area were also rescued. >> they will head to the shore.
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we figured it out. >> there have been well over a thousand water rescues. all the governor has declared a "state of emergency," in nine counties and five degrees have been blamed. it is not over. flash flooding and so vary storms and isolated tornadoes are possible today and tomorrow. but we should tell you for now the warriors playoff plans in houston remain unchanged including our own coverage plans. reggie? >> thousands of pregnant women left hanging by cover california. >> summer fate after two consecutive record-setting difficulties, a little bit of steam today. i will show you warming trend that culminates in a couple of chances of rain in the seven-day forecast. >> can career move for michael st
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. new this morning, nearly 2,000 pregnant women may have been dropped from their insurance policies undercover california. the women were instead enrolled into medical without their consent. accord to the pain they were switched after reporting their pregnancy to the state health insurance exchange. cover california said the computer system is to blame for the next 100, the glitch will be fixed but not until september. >> and live with kelly and michael will soon be live with
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kelly and...someone else. amiable strahan is looking. but not learning mornings on abc, he is joining "good morning america" as a full time co-anchor, they won emmys last area for outstanding entertainment talk she host. he has been working part time on "good morning america" but the null full time gig starts in september. >> we are never letting you go, reggie. >> now, a check with meteorologist mike nicco and a little bit cooler. >> little bit. that is the key. chris and reggie, welcome, everyone, live doppler 7 hd is showing it and ben dry right now but you can see in the area of low pressure off to our west that is skipping the high clouds, and we will have murky sunshine from time to time and that is going to bring us a slight chance of a sure to the north bay tomorrow, and behind that is a stronger cold property and the rain we were looking for thursday into friday and it is 63 at half moon bay and in the
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mid-to-upper 60s around san mateo and oakland and napa and santa rosa and friend is 73 and same in hayward and san ramon, already 80 degrees and the east bay hills camera showing how nice of a day it looks and how it is still relatively calm with the winds picking up a bit and they are not going to be a big factor in the forecast. so, fuzzy sunshine and scattered showers wednesday through friday, and sunshine will return and it will be more comfortable for the weekend, now, we will start down in the south bay where we have from 81 in sunnyvale to gilroy at 85, and san jose in the mill at 38 and start at 80 in mountain view and most us in the mid-to-upper 70s and mid-to-upper 60's localized sea breeze at coast and downtown and south san francisco, quite the microclimate cross san francisco today with low-to-mid 70s and 71 if sausalito, but, petaluma is 76, and napa is 82 across the north bay valley, and along the east bay shore, mid-to-upper 70s like the 78 in oakland to nearly 80 in castro valley and
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fremont and warmest inland from 84 at men to 88 in antioch and brentwood. here is a look from mount tamalpais you can see that is over the next several hours we are going to have temperatures holding the 80s inland through 5:00, and 60s at the coast and 70s for the rest us and a slight bit caller if you are headed out this evening than last night. if you are going to be out and about today, hearing a lot about tree poll were is high, the grass pollen is high and mold spores are low and a last tweets about how people are suffering today. if you going to the game tonight, 7:15 is first pitch and we are look at 64 degrees at 9:45 and 58 and not so cold as it can be. the stray shower is possible in the north bay on wind, a stray shower anywhere on thursday and the best chance for measurable rain is going to be friday morning and the early afternoon hours. it looks like it will afake the morning commute the most. until that time, enjoy the warm weather. >> thank you, mike. >> there are so man rivers to being a royal, right, and this is a die hard "star wars" fans
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going to be envious. they get to meet written harry hunging chewy. the royal brothers take us along on their tour behind the scenes
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>> coming up at 4:00, the new effort to keep track of the buzzing drones and one of the
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first big tests taking place right here. >> forcing home owns to pay for upkeep for the trees in front of their home is unpopular but a new tax any better than that? >> this morning, prince william and his brother traveling to a galaxy, far, far away. >> does they travel there by the falcon? they are having a chat today, and stopped near london with "star wars" teamworking hard open episode 8. >> look at this, the brothers even had their own light safer deal, think of it as the "royal force," meets the force. they chatted with the cast and crew. and prince hear made a new friend. >> just awesome if they were in the movie. >> that would send the box office through the roof. >> why not? why do i have all of the ideas?
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kensington palace posted the photos and it is blowing up the internet. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next.
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>> if all goes well, one of our players today may suddenly find themselves $1 million richer, and i guarantee you're gonna want to be here to see it. so enough talk. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good, 'cause we're in the middle of a good one right now. within the last year, our returning contestant said "i do," had to buy a house, and now has a bun in the oven. this money is gonna go a long way. from leonia, new jersey, please welcome back jackie choi. [cheers and applause] hey, jackie. good to see you. welcome back. >> thank you. >> we talked about the fact that you are expecting. is it--i mean, you are expecting; this is the first, right? >> yes, this is our first.


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