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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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7 news. a big battle for the race of for the white house under way in new york. donald trump and hillary clinton are leading in the polls but anything can happen. with just a few primaries left, every single vote counts over the next few months. >> abc news reporter martha gonzalez is in new york where the candidates are hoping for a big win tonight. >> reporter: in just a few hours of voting left in this crucial primary with three of the candidates hoping their new york connections that help them bring their closer to their party's nomination. a big voting day in the big apple. >> who are you voting for? >> reporter: front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton leading in the polls in new york.
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casting their ballots and banking on home state wins. >> new york is a special place. >> i am so excited about both campaigning here in new york, voting here in new york. >> reporter: brooklyn-born sanders putting up a fight for the democrats' 241 delegates at stake in today's primary count ong a large turnout at the polls. >> i'm afraid she's going to be disappointed. we're feeling very good. >> reporter: on the republican side, trump shaking up his campaign staff with his field director resigning and putting aside this recent slipup in referring to 9/11. >> and i watched our police and our firemen down on 7-eleven at the world trait center. >> reporter: today saying if he wins the new york delegates ted cruz should drop out. >> i would say so. but that's up to him. >> reporter: cruz polling behind trump and kasich here in the empire straight. >> maryland is a battleground. >> reporter: is focusing on next week's primary.
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the key kasich and sanders are all campaigning in pennsylvania while trump and clinton plan to be here in new york city to watch tonight's primary results. martha gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> for updates on the new york primary, download our abc 7 news app. developing news in san francisco, sky 7 hd was over ocean beach moments after national park lifeguards rescued a surfer. other surfers say he lost his board and caught up in a riptide. the surfer spoke with rescuers as they drove him to a waiting ambulance. he seems to be okay. he'll get checked out at the hospital just in case. this weekend, two teenage boys vanished in the surf at ocean beach. those boys remain missing. the search has been called off. to a tragic accident in pittsburg, a 65-year-old woman out for her daily walk was killed when a car hit her off west leland road near john henry johnson park. happened shortly after police say they stopped chasing the
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car. laura anthony is live at the scene. >> reporter: ana, investigators still out here on this golf course. they are combing through this car we're showing you here, the dark blue camaro. it is the one police say struck and killed this woman, a wife, a mother who was just out walking on the sidewalk. it happened just before 8:00 a.m. police say that's when a blue camaro sped by a marked patrol car. the camaro was going much faster than the speed limit. >> our officer attempted to pull him over. he did that by activating his lights. and as our officer did that, the driver in the vehicle fled at a higher rate of speed. >> by the time the officer got to the top of the hill, the camaro had burst through a fence striking a pedestrian identified as a 65-year-old pittsburg woman who was walking on the sidewalk. she was killed instantly. the car kept going on to the
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delta view golf course. stopped on the putting green and the driver ran. he was captured a short time later in the adjacent neighborhood. >> is there any way he didn't know he hit a person? >> highly unlikely. >> reporter: investigates are trying to determine why the driver ran from police and whether drugs or alcohol were involved. in pittsburg, laura anthony, abc 7 news. a bicyclist is recovering after being hit by a garbage truck this morning in burlingame. sky 7 hd was on the scene near el camino near blurry bund da. investigators tell us the bicyclist was not seriously hurt. former raiders khalif barns is facing drunk driving charges. the highway patrol arrested the 33-year-old tackle on sunday. barns played for the raiders from 2009 until last season. he was previously convicted for drunk driving in 2006 when he was playing for the jaguars. rescue efforts continue in
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hees ton, texas, where deadly flooding has taken over entire neighborhoods as you see here. forcing the governor to declare a state of emergency. this rescue happened just a short time ago. you can see two young men being pulled to safety by rescuers after getting stuck in floodwaters. 17 inches of rain has fallen in some areas and more wet weather is on the way. abc news reporter brendy hit has the latest. >> reporter: one intense rescue after the next. >> there comes a second wheelchair. >> reporter: the nonstop effort to save flood victims continues in houston. >> we're coming to get you. >> you see this on tv all the time and don't ever think it will be be you. >> reporter: this week's torrential rains and record-breaking flooding quickly turned road noose rivers. >> about a mile from our house. i'm trying to make it. >> reporter: at least six people have been killed, many died trapped inside their flooded cars, including this man's wife who drowned on her way to work. >> she mentioned that she is in a little trouble. she has water all around her.
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>> reporter: the water taking over entire neighborhoods, hundreds rescued through the night by at boatful. many thankful to be reunited with their families. >> you feel so helpless. you just feel so helpless. and you're just happy. >> reporter: while floodwaters are starting to recede in some areas, the damage is extensive. >> my goal is to try to get people out of the shelters and into some permanent or temporary housing as quickly as possible. >> reporter: those shelters filling quickly as more families tuesday pack up and leave. >> they've lost everything. people work hard for what they got. >> reporter: houston's mayor says people will be taken to their homes to find anything salvageable. more rain unfortunately is expected. >> we are joined with a look at what's in store for houston residents going forward. >> here is a look at doppler radar image in houston. as you can see, it continues to rain there with thunderstorms
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mixed in as well. it looks line this pattern is going to continue for the next couple of days. houston may not get a break from the rain until the end of the week. flash flood watches remain in effect for that entire region, another 102 inches of rain may fall over the next couple of days. back to the bay area, we have an increase in clouds right now. that dropped temperatures. 24-hour change shows several locations several degrees cooler than this hour yesterday. the golden gate is cloudy, temperature read gdz around the area, 71 in san francisco, oakland 78, morgan hill area, 64 at half moon bay. here is our view at abc 7 at pier 15 looking out over the bay. it's currently 80 degrees in santa rosa, 75 in napa, novato, 79 at livermore and here is a look at our wind gust animation starting today into tomorrow, we're going to see an increase in the onshore flow tomorrow, increase in sea breezes and increase in clouds. thaad that will bring
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temperatures down not only at the coast tomorrow but will pretty much contribute to a cooling trend all across the bay area. and along with the increase in clouds there is a little rain in the future as well. i'll give you a look at that in a few minutes. >> thank you so much. spencer. aftershocks continue to rattle ecuador days after an earthquake killed 433 people. one american is among the dead. 231 people are still missing. crews from at least 13 different nations are on the ground racing to find survivors. ecuador estimates it will cost 3 $3 billion in rebuild. people in mexico are cleaning ash from yesterday's eruption from the volcano yesterday. it closed the city's airport and prompted officials to recommend residents wear masks and stay out of the grit. that volcano is located less than 30 miles west of pebb la and 1.5 million residents about 43 miles southeast from mexico city. big cutbacks were announced
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today at intel. the santa clara-based chip maker says it will cut 12,000 jobs over the next year. that's 11% of its workforce. intel says the cuts will provide about $1.4 billion in annual savings. san francisco's on track to become the first major city in the country to require solar panels on new buildings. just a short time ago, supervisors passed an ordinance by scott wiener to mandate solar panels on new residential and commercial buildings ten floors or less in san francisco. the mayor is expected to sign the ordinance into law. the new spill way at the calaveras dam is now complete. you're getting a good look at from sky 7 hd. it's as wide as eight lanes of freeway and a quarter mile long. its completion means work can begin now on the final part of the $810 million project. the construction of the 220 foot high earth and rock filled dam itself. the calaveras dam is tucked away from the hills on 680. still ahead, with ride share
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company liyft facing a lawsuit, what the family says they want others to learn from their tragedy. new at 4:30, rent is rising around the bay area. one community is trying to fight back. and the effort to close the door on an outdoor urinal in san francisco. why some are against it. let's check the maze right now. it's pretty bad, especially on the left-hand side. that's your traffic 80 eastbound, the right-hand side you're trying to curve around and hit the bay bridge perhaps coming over into san francisco. it's a l
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>> announcer: this is abc 7 news. a sacramento man's family is suing the ride share company lyft following a fatal accident. >> 24-year-old shane holland was killed in a crash a year and a half ago. lawyers for the family say lyft hasn't acknowledged their driver was at fault or paid medical bills for the other passenger. >> melanie woodrow is live with the steer. >> shane's mom and his partner tell me they decided to speak out now to raise awareness. they want anyone who uses ride share services want to know what the aftermath to this fatal accident has been like to them. some lawsuits are too difficult to comprehend. >> i have to say that i had two but one's dead. >> dana lost her baby november 1, 2014. it happened to be her birthday. >> it's always with me. it's always going to be with me.
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>> the night before her 24-year-old son shane and his partner brady went to a halloween party. they took the ride share service lyft home. >> i looked down at my phone and immediately felt the car jerk to the ride. >> the lyft driver swerved to avoid a car on i-80 before collided with a tree. shane died on the scene. >> i was holding his body in my arms and just wishing, just sobbing and wishing he would come back to me. but i knew he wasn't there anymore. >> that same day lyft e-mailed brady saying they'd comp the ride. the next day they e-mailed their condolenc condolences. then they said they would cover brady's medical care. a year and a half later, attorney devin morrison says the company has not. >> instead of stepping up and taking responsibility, they claim the driver is an independent contractor and they also blamed both shane and brady for causing the incident. >> according to the chp report, the lyft driver did not have
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proof of insurance. in an e-mailed statement, a lyft spokesperson said, the investigation and litigation arising out of this accident are ongoing and liability has not been determined. however, in the meantime, lyft's insurance policy is responding. the family's attorney says evidence shows the driver was going 75 miles an hour. it's unclear if chp drivers drug or alcohol-tested the driver. the case was referred to the sacramento's d.a. office. a spokesperson there is looking into whether or not the driver was charged. >> you don't know what you're going to be safe. >> melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. binge watching netflix will cost more soon. the standard cost willing $10 a month. the new rates had been expected to take effect in may but netflix says it will roll out the price hike gradually over the course of 2016. prices will stay loafer longer for those who are long-term members. target workers are getting a raise. "the washington post" reports
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the retail giant is raising the minimum wage for its workers to $10 an hour. analysts say it reflects an improving labor market and more competition among retailers for lower wage hourly workers. walmart announced its plan to boost wages in 2015 to $9 followed by an increase in 2016 to $10. those new chip credit cards appear to be taking a bite out of fraud. merchants are seeing an 18% drop in counterfeit transactions. visa unveiled quick chip today, an enhancement that it says will help speed up checkout. all you do is put the card in the slot and then you're done. you no longer have to bait for the transaction to be finished. a san francisco park where nude sun bathers are known to hang out is at the heart of a lawsuit today. >> opponents of a new public urinal in dolores park are trying to force the city to remove it. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here with that controversy. >> it's called a paswaa, an open
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air public urinal. it's the rage in europe but causing out rage. the city paid $15,000 for this one installed in february as part of a $20 million renovation of the park. but now it's prompted a lawsuit. those opposed held a news conference today saying neighbors are disgusted by this semi-circular unional with a four-foot wall in the front only. the group sent the city a letter two months ago demanding its removal. well, it's still there. today the plaintiffs say it violates privacy, poses a health hazardnd discriminates against people with disabilities and women. >> this urinal can hardly be seen as an adequate place for any woman to be able to utilize without exposing themselves in a very demeaning, inappropriate manner. >> by the way, the plaintiffs are working with the pacific justice institute, a conservative legal foundation known for opposing lgbt issues such as bathrooms based on gender identification. we sampled your opinion on
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social media. bob says, life isn't fair. the way i see it, this involves more problems than it creates. and matt says, i think anyone can use it, and it's helpful if not glamorous. i wouldn't use it. the city attorney's office will defend the litigation. no court date has been set. check on the weather now. >> so warm outside! but a little breezy as well. >> a little overcast behind spencer there. >> yeah. we've got 34i6mixed conditions. it's sunny and warm but it's getting cloudier near the coast and cooling down. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. that pretty much tells the picture i just described. we've got increasing clouds near the coast and around the bay. still mainly sunny inland. here is our view over san francisco. these are the forecast features. cooling continues tomorrow. we'll see april showers on friday and sunny days are likely this weekend. the forecast animation will start at 11:00 p.m. notice during the overnight hours we'll see a couple of patches of inland north bay
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valley fog developing. it will be a mainly sunny day tomorrow until the afternoon. then we'll see a surge of low clouds and fog. and that will spread even farther inland during the overnight hours into early thursday with a chance of spotty drizzle thursday morning as well. thurz commute could be tricky because visibility will be reduced and there could be wet spots from the draiz el. and there will be more wet spots on friday. we use our storm impact scale throughout the winter and spring to rank every storm coming our way from 1 to 5, 1 being light, 5 being severe. the approaching system ranks 1 on the storm impact scale so friday look for scattered light showers an rain, less than half an inch expected in most of the bay area. here's the forecast animation for the rain starting at midnight thursday night, 12:00 a.m. friday. we'll see light rain developing around the begin fg the morning commute, about 5:00 a.m. rain will continue to spread farther inland during the commute and afr the commute, into t mid and late morning hours. it will start to break up a little bit around midday,
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mid-afternoon. then it will redevelop into the afternoon and early evening hours. by 11:00 friday night, still looks like lingering light rain and by 11:00 friday night we project rainfall totals ranging from a quarter inch around places like san jose to nearly half an inch up north in places like santa rosa. on we go to tonight's conditions, we'll see some clear skies for most of the bay area, but little patches of low clouds and fog will develop near the coast and north bay. low temperatures mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s. tomorrow's highs under partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies, mid-60s at the coast up toer 70s to 80 near inland. here's the shen-day forecast. after friday's cooldown and light rain with the storm ranking 1 on the impact scale, partly cloudy skies saturday, mainly sunny skies on sunday, and it will remain mainly sunny into early next week. >> thank you so much, spencer. up next, when harry met
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larry. a very royal visit to the set of the new "star wars" movie. >> at 7:00 tonight, fresh off the boat followed by the real o'neills at 9:00, marvel's agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. then abc's music at 11. tonight a sneak peek at tonight's episode of marvel's "agents of s.h.i.e.l.d." >> massive hidden doors, a hangar buried under the oil field about 300 feet. >> what does hydra? >> kidnapping, human terrorism, all-around bad dudes. >> how do we take the plane? >> don't know. >> what's the layout? >> don't know. >> how manyshoulders? >> we don't know. but these are friends who put their lives on the line for each of us. we have a way in. >> when do we land? [ speaking spanish ]
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>> for one reason or another, each of us have been given a gift. let's put them to good use.
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pfr. >> the warriors play game three against houston thursday. they'll travel tomorrow. the big question is will steph play. he had an mri today. it dmot reveal anything of concern orn that sprained ankle, or so they tell us. warriors feeling good after their game two win over the rockets last night. >> iguodala to the lane! >> boy, aund ra iguodala was huge, so was klay thompson. relying less on three-point shooting and more to the hoop. it was a grind but good enough
4:25 pm
for a 115-106 victory. steph curry sat out the whole game. tried to go in pregame and he didn't feel good. warriors don't want to risk greater injury. a specialist says there's danger in coming back too fast. >> if you get into another bad turn or something every time, it can do different types of damage. there's tendons that can get stretched. there's other ligaments that can get injured. >> now steph is officially listed as questionable for game three on thursday. the warriors say he'll continue treatment in preparation for that game in houston. game three, again, thursday at 6:30 p.m. our time. fountain warriors keep winning they could sweep this round of the playoffs with game four houston at 12:30. watch that game here on abc 7. if necessary, game five will be back at oracle arena wednesday, april 27th. now, we want to see your donation pride. join the viewers by sharing your videos and pictures on social
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media. u . prince william and his brother harry are traveling to a galaxy far far away. the lucky royals stopped by pinewood studios near london where they were thrilled by the a star wars" crew. the brothers even had a light saber duel, the royal force meets the force. prince harry even made a new friend. kensington palace posted this fun picture of chewy and the prince on its instagram page. >> it's good being royalty. >> it is. >> if only. >> abc 7 news at fewer continues with an effort to keep rent in check in the south bay. the decision that is expected tonight. home prices are slowly starting to drop. is the housing bubble about to burst? what realtors are saying today. and big changes coming to
4:27 pm
morning television. the shake-up at "kelly from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or
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at a bank of america near you.
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>> announcer: live, this is abc 7 news. in the headlines at 4:30, hillary clinton and donald trump are the two front-runners in the new york primary, both cast their ballots earlier today. there are lines at several polling places.
4:30 pm
we'll have updates at 5 and 6 and remember to download the abc news app. a pacifica family is making a big move to save their home from an eroding cliff. we have a picture that abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman, a couple moving their entire home 30 feet inland. we'll hear from the homeowner on abc 7 news at 5. a teenager visiting the bay area from hawaii to have brain surgery is hoping a thief will return his medical records and medicine. they were stolen from the family's car while it was parked in san francisco. abc 7 news reporter is on the story and tweeted this picture. he'll have the latest in a live report on abc 7 news at 5. rent control is the big issue today in san jose. the city kahn soil is meeting ritt now to consider new rent control options. we are live in san jose with an update. >> reporter: it's a packed house with two overflow rooms now set up inside. it's a heated debate, both sides
4:31 pm
tenants and landlords have a lot of stake in this. the city council is looking at what the new rent cap should be for rely controlled apartments. t renters could see a savings in the future. the reserve apartments is one of many complexes built before 1979 and fall under rent control laws in san jose where the maximum annual rent increase is currently capped at 8%. >> unfortunately, slim pickings. >> reporter: just last month, brandy law got a notice her rent would increase as usual at the same rate. but she's really fired up about this letter she received last week telling her she would be evicted at the end of the year to make way for a new housing development. one without rent control. >> i understand that they're doing this to build more housing. however, that doesn't impact the people that are losing out now. where are we going to go? >> reporter: renters across the city are voicing complaints today as the city council takes
4:32 pm
up recommendations for a new ordinance. at the heart of the matter is how much rent should be increased every year in a town where it's more difficult to find an affordable place to live. >> a lot of people are struggle to keep up with rent increases. i've been trying to balance that with the needs of the landlords who have made these investments. they had a business model and now we're totally changing the business model. >> reporter: the city's housing department is recommending rent go up at the same rate as inflation, which is on average 3.4%. but there are several numbers being thrown out for consideration as well. council members are also looking at provisions that would protect tenants from getting evicted if they complain about code violations along with providing relief for those rent controlled units set to be demolorrished. the council is expected to vote on the new ordinance this evening. a new housing report finds homes in the bay area are sitting on the market longer.
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>> we are live in berkeley. does this mean we're in a bubble that may be about to burst again? >> reporter: well, a realtor and professor i talked to both said no. what's happening is home sale prices are up statewide, but here in the bay area it's a bit of a roerl coaster. here's what we do know. this is a look at some home sale numbers in a few bay area counties. this is according to a report. you see the slowdown in alameda county from over 3300 homes sold in march 2015 to about 1200 in march of 2016. numbers are also down in san francisco county but sales increased in contra costa county from march of last year to this year. astronomical home prices in the city have pushed people out of san francisco. the study also finds the median home price dipping. i spoke with an assistant professor the real estate at uc berkeley and asked him if this is an indication a housing bubble is about to burst. >> every time there's kind of a
4:34 pm
flattening like this or any softening in the market everybody wants to say, maybe this is the beginning of the end. it's hard to know that, but it doesn't really seem like that at this point. >> reporter: professor palmer did tell me this might be a good sign for people looking to buy if the trend continues. a realtor i spoke to told me that will not happen. she says home sales go way up in the spring and summer months. reporting live in berkeley, alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. a state lawmaker is looking to relieve some of california's tax burden. republican senator ted gaines is proposing a package of so-called tax relief bill. it includes creasing the dependent tax credit to 25% to provide more relief for families with children. he wants a tax-free weekend before school starts so parents can get a deal on school supplies. >> we're getting ripped off in california. if i had a family and a job that was decent pay but very high expenses, i'd be looking at, why
4:35 pm
am i living here? >> gaines would also like a tax-free weekend for people who purchase fishing and hunting equipment. president obama will arrive in saudi arabia tomorrow and the president has said he will veto a bill that would let families of september 11th victims sue the saudi government directly. right now, u.s. law bans citizens from suing other countries for damages of bipartisan bill has wide support including from presidential candidates in both major parties. >> if we open up the possibility that individuals in the united states can routinely start suing other governments, then we are also opening up the united states to being continually sued by individuals in other countries. >> the victims of terrorism in our country should be able to seek justice from people who do fund that terrorism attack. >> saudi arabia has threatened to sell $750 billion in u.s. treasury securities if that bill
4:36 pm
becomes law. a ruling today could pose problems for north carolina's transgender bathroom law. a federal appeals court overturned a virginia school board's policy barring a transgender student from the boy's restroom at his high school. a three-judge panel says it discriminated against gavin grimm. the court's ruling establishes legal precedent in five states including north carolina which recently passed its bathroom ban. a federal appeals court upheld a utah ski resort's ban on snowboarding. the tenth circuit court of appeals in denver dismissed a lawsuit filed against the alta ski area, only one of three areas to prohibit the sport. the justices rejected snowboarders' argument that keeping them off the public forest land amounts to discrimination. a big shock for kelly and michael fans. a name change coming to the show this fall. i'm spencer christian. we see increasing clouds over
4:37 pm
the bay and showers are not far behind. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. increasing traffic on 101 southbound through san jose. northbound looks good as always. and 880 appears to be moving most nicely over the
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4:39 pm
pf. >> big changes are coming to morning television. "live with kelly and michael" will be soon live with kelly and someone else. michael strahan is leaving the stalk show but not leaving
4:40 pm
mornings. he's joining "good morning america." strahan and ripa have been together on "live" for four years and won emmys last year. strahan has been appearing part-time on "good morning america" for the past couple of years. his new full-time gma gig starts in september. major league baseball player who retired when his team doesed him to stop bringing his son to the ballpark every day says he has no regrets about his decision. adam laroche walked away from a $13 million contract in early march when chicago white sox general manager kenny williams told him to dial back his son drake's presence with the team. he was there every single day. laroche told abc news reporter t.j. holmes he's at peace with the decision. >> one of the things i probably thought the longest on was making sure that if i did this, that he would never feel like this was on his shoulders. i think he knows deep down that baseball was never, like, my life or my world or everything
4:41 pm
to me. >> laroche says the dispute over hitz son was not the only reason for his retirement. he wants to work to stop child sex trafficking after spending ten days under cover in red light districts in southeast asia with a nonprofit organization. time to check on our weather again. it's changing. >> changing and what's the status of the rain we were dauking about on the way? >> it's a couple of days away, near the end of the week. it will be light rain. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. we don't have rain at the moment but we have increasing colludes as you can see. statewide tomorrow we'll see lots of sunshine but notice the clouds increasing continually along much of the coastline especially the north coast and central coast. that includes the bay area where we'll see partly cloudy to mainly sunny skies in the middle of the day tomorrow. widespread clouds increasing tomorrow evening. highs from mid-60s at the coast to upper 70s inland tomorrow. let's talk about the rain chances for the week ahead. only about 10% chance on
4:42 pm
thursday but friday a 70% chance of light rain and showers. that will deacross to near zero on the four days to follow. friday looks like the wet day but not very wet. temperature range for the week ahead, san jose is our indicator, the average high this year in san jose is 71. tomorrow's high will be well above that at 78. it will drop down to about 74 on thursday. then on friday, the day we get our showers, san jose will have a high of only 62, well below the average. in fact, most of the bay area will see temperatures dropping shartly on friday. then temperatures will bounce back up to about the average range saturday, sunday and the remainder of the seven-day period. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, we have bad news about those popular fitness trackers and why they may not work as well as you think. are you going to love it or lose it? >> some homeowners apparently didn't love it and couldn't list it. the problem with this popular remodeling show that's prompting a major lawsuit.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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>> announcer: this is abc 7 news. there ae's a hit hg-tv show. >> abc news reporter linsey davis has the details. >> are you going to love it? >> or are you going to list it? >> reporter: it's the crucial question on "love it or list it" giving the homeowners to love their newly renovated home or list it and move into a new one. >> you did a pretty good job with this one, i have to say. >> reporter: but now this north carolina couple is claiming the show pulled the rug right out from under them when they signed up to turn their rental property into a home for foster teens. >> we're excited. >> reporter: dina murphy and timothy sullivan invested more than $140,000 to turn their home from this into this in a 2015 episode. now they're filing a lawsuit claim, among other things, that "love it or list it's"
4:47 pm
production company and contra contractor hired to remodel their home irrebelly damaged their home, painted their windows shut and used inferior products. >> that isn't going to go as far as i thought it would. >> reporter: the couple also claims the production company misused more than $65,000 of their investment. and that ultimately the show's incentive is to make decisions that favor the television show but not the homeowners. >> i love it. it just feels like home. >> reporter: claims from unhappy homeowners that all is not quite what it seems some of hg-tv's reality shows have made headlines before. >> i'm excited. >> reporter: in 2012, a couple featured on the hit show "househunters" said their home searches were fake. they had already bought their home long before filming. >> this is what it's about. >> reporter: the executive at the time acknowledged the production smoke and mirrors but told abc news that in the end -- >> you're seeing real people find the real home of their
4:48 pm
dreams. that's all spelled out right on the show. >> reporter: as for murty and sullivan's complaints, both the contractor and production company say they plan to vigorously defend themselves. big coat tv tells abc news, we believe that this claim is in no way supported by any of the facts of the case. >> well, we've decided to -- >> list it. >> yes! >> reporter: their episode ends with the couple seemingly ready to move on. but now seven months later, they say they still haven't put it on the market. more work still needs to be done. linsey davis, abc news, new york. a lot of people rely on technology to track how much they exercise. but those wearable devices may be inaccurate when it comes to counting calories burned. as i feared, researchers at ball state university tested several devices including those made by fitbit, people wore the devices while they were sitting around as well as exercising. they found the activity trackers accurately counted steps taken but overestimated the calories burned by 16% to 40%.
4:49 pm
>> oh, wow. >> i have one of those that i use when i sleep. i won't say what brand. i checked it today and it said i burned 1,000 calories while sleeping. >> interesting. >> i thought if i could just sleep all day, imagine the shape i would be in. i'm gooding to try that. >> good point. even just a few minutes of exercise can actually yield results. >> yes. kids' food choices can help predict their future weight gain. here's today's wellness report. >> people are embracing microworkouts to squeeze in just a bit of movement to break up the work day or substitute for long exercise sessions. >> the idea is to steal a few minutes for exercise rather than delaying it until you have time for an hour-long class or weightlifting session at the gym. people certainly like them, the number of apps with minute in the name and apple's health and fitness category have more than doubled since 2014 to more than 700, according to analytics company ask annie.
4:50 pm
c toddlers who crave sweets are at a higher risk of excess weight gain. a study in the journal of pediatrics provided more evidence that some people may be hardwired to like sugary foods putting them at a greater risk for obesity. the researchers found that those who ate more and showed an inclination for sweet over salty snacks were at a higher risk for body fat increase by the time they were 3 years old. botox they say is effective for migraine and neurological disorders. the american academy of norlg says botox blocks the release of substances at nerve endings producing muscle contraction and the transmission of pain signals. they concluded that the treatment is generally safe. finally, americans underwent a record number of lip procedures of the la year. the american society of plastic surgeons said more than 27,400 lip implants were performed in 2015, which ask a 48% increase since 2000. that averages out to 1 lip implant every 19 minutes, the
4:51 pm
society said, noting that the procedure became more popular among both men and women. from the nasdaq market side, here's to your health. there's stunning new video of the aurora borealis from space. nasa released this footage of the aurora borealis and aura astall la shot from the international space station. the five-minute clip features time lapse shots in ultra high definition. the aurora borealis can be seen in high northern latitudes, hence the nickname northern lights rs the aurora aus trail la is visible in antarctica, chile and australia. >> looks very cool and mysterious. >> amazing. >> i like it. abc 7 news at 4 continues. the new rules and the new effort to keep track of those drone that's are buzzing about all over the place now. one of the first big tests is taking place right here in the bay area. here is a look at what's coming
4:52 pm
up at 5. forcing homeowners to pay for the upkeep of their trees in front of their homes is unpopular, but it's a new tax any better? that's coming up. plus, the sign saga. can you tell what's wrong? and the woman who just gave nearly $5 million to a local un
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the senate has approved a bill that could help speed up the introduction of package delivery drones. the bill which extends the federal aviation administration's powers through october 2017 gives the faa the authority to issue guidelines for how recreational drones are used. it also requires the installation of safe guards including restrictions on where drones can fly. engineers at nasa ames in mt. view conducted a major test today of a system it's developing to keep track of drones. abc 7 news reporter david louis has a look at the technology
4:56 pm
that can help drones coexist with other aircraft safely. >> reporter: don't let these images fool you. they're drones flying in six states across the u.s. roifrps at nasa ames are trying to drait a low altd attitude version of the high altitude air traffic control system that traffics 50,000 jets a day. >> this is north dakota. we have our third bird in the air. >> reporter: this is the first time they've tested 24 drones flying at the same time as far away as alaska texas virginia and new york. the klaus-based system used algorithms and sends an alert when they stray from their flight plan. it's called management by exception. >> we want it to be fast and we want basically to only know when the problems could arise rather than watching the regular things. >> reporter: it's projected there could be 2.2 million drones flying at low altitudes for delivering packages or inspecting bridges or power lines. they will need to coexist along with drones operating by
4:57 pm
hobbyists. >> we're still at the stage to define when do you have to alert somebody these are the questions we're asking right now. as we develop these ideas, this platform allows us to test those out. >> reporter: nasa has been asked by the faa to come up with a workable system by 2019. >> one moan knnolithic system i probably not the answer. what's the right architecture? >> reporter: a team of 20 at nasa ames seem to have made a big step forward today. >> some day you might soar above traffic in something like this. you're looking at the world's first multi-copter designed to carry people. a german company developed it based on technology already found in drones. designers say the electric-powered volocopter flies quietly and anyone can learn to fly it within just a few minutes. well, thank you so much for
4:58 pm
joining us for abc 7 news at 4. abc 7 news at 5 begins right now with kristen and larry. those were really the only two bags that were missing. >> a family's car is broken into. documents for surgery stolen. it happened at a top tourist destination. authorities take a close look at a crushed car after a wild accident in the east bay. >> traumatic event. this should not have happened. a car ends up on a golf course and a pedestrian tragically in the wrong place at the wrong time. a surfer is pulled from the water where two teeth agers drowned. a new push to make the whole area safer. and the big tree plan that could put a small business out of commission. >> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good evening, everybody. >> a family from hawaii here in the bay area to get surgery for their son's brain tumor had their belongings stolen out of
4:59 pm
their car. among the things taken, items of medical and sentimental value. abc 7 news reporter vick lee has the story you'll see only on 7. >> reporter: 14-year-old kakia ahuna, his parents and two brothers live on the hawaiian island of kauai. they're here at stanford children's hospital because a teenager has a brain tumor. it will be a challenging, difficult surgery. >> it's very deep up in the skull base it's in an area surrounded by a minefield. >> reporter: then this happened last friday. they parked their car at the wharf near pier 39 across the street from the aquarium. they were gone a half hour. that was all it took for thieves to break into the car and take their bags from the trunk. camera equipment, electronics and a suitcase with kakia's hospital items. but most important to his mom, the get well cards from family and friends. >> i was really saving them for him to read them to him while he was in the hospital during recovery.
5:00 pm
and those are the kind of thing that's can't be replaced. >> reporter: it was a rude san francisco aloha for the family. back home in their small town on kau kauai, this never would happen. >> i leave my car at the airport and we don't even lock the doors. i sometimes leave my keys in the car. >> reporter: but the most important thing on kakia's mind is the surgery he hopes will help him do the things he wants to do, like sing and continue to do competitive hula dancing and play volleyball. and he has a positive attitude about his brain tumor. >> i fell like it's made me stronger because now i can more understand myself and connect better. >> reporter: his other first name, by the way, is rocket. through this ordeal, he and his family are keep being rocket strong. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> the family has set up a gofundme page. they have reached their limit, but they would appreciate any help they can get. we're posting a link at abc 7 the union foran


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