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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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off at fremont avenue and northbound three laser on, so it is improving somewhat but fought a lot. you can see we have big delays both directions with 45 minutes northbound and 20 minutes southbound, so, that is not the only problem, an overturned big-rig in daly city area, southbound 280, full freeway closing for another three minutes backed up to highway 1 and this is an overturned middle lane waiting for c.h.p. and tow truck to get through the backup and get this overturn out of this. and use 101 for time being and following both these, and it is a tough one, we will check in with mike and the forecast. >> thank you, good morning, everyone, i have live doppler 7 hd zoomed in on the northwest corner of sonoma with a few radar returns and sprinkles and the rest of us are evidently
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sunny or will be at 6:21 this morning, can you see the ferry ride is lacking quiet this morning. here is the day planner cooler this morning at 42-54 and mid-70s inland and the cooling trend continues. more on rain next. >> sue was telling you of the mess on our highways this morning and there is another problem happening in the east bay nothing to do with traffic and everything to do with deadly shooting. the number of shooting total in the area now stands at 18 and you can see where all of these have happened the next few months. the latest happened along highway 4 in pittsburg, and our reporter is along interstates 80 where a number of shootings have happened since november. >> i talked to c.h.p. and they are very worried about an innocent people drive long the freeway and get hit by a stray bullet. the latest happened last night on highway 4 in pittsburg an 8:30. the car was headed westbound and
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suddenly it crashed. the driver was shot and investigator say it is possible the shot came from a passing car. police found the driver if his car just off the highway. >> he walked up to the vehicle and noticed the subjects with shot once. he is deceased. he came off the freeway and collided with a fence. >> look at this map. it shows what a trend is plaguing the bay area highways. the most have happened on interstate 8011 shootings but, now, there have been three on highway 4, a total of 18 highway shooting. the c.h.p. said in a the love the cases they have been targeted attack asked significant related attacks. they are still putting them together with no arrests made last knit in the shooting. new this morning, a big decision for renters san jose, city council members voted to
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reduce annual rent increases for a third of the nearly nine hours with hundreds of renters and listen lorded packed the meeting. after the meeting the limit was approved 64 be 5 and now 5% in any year but lend lords can bank unused increase and tack it on. the cap on that is 8%. many say this is not a true victory but just not enough. matt will bring us a report in the next half sure. >> developers wanting to build in oakland have to pay an affordable housing fee. the city council voted to enact the fees. the money will go to building new affordable housing in the city a per unit fee is phased in that will differ by unable. the areas with the highest knows are those that command the highest rent and home prices. activists say the fees up to
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$7,000 a unit are too low to make a difference. the husband and woman killed by a hit-and-run driver in pittsburg said he will see theally killer in court. theally killer in court. the 65-year-old linda year to care for her disabled sons physical time. officers back off from chasing a vehicle that hit her because of safety conditions. aroldo vela-chaez was arrested on suspicion of murder. we will have more on this. we will hear from the victim's husband. this surfer was rescued at san francisco's ocean people again yesterday. two days after two teens were swept to sea. the fire department said the surfer lost the board and was swept out by a rip current and the san francisco supervisor is reeling from the two deaths
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offer the weekend. he said there needs to be year round education and warning signs are not enough. >> you cannot understand the signs, they need to be redone. >> he is help fromming using lifeguards during warm weather and he and the fire chief and the superintendent will discuss options at a public safety hearing next month. >> we have developing news from evening do a 6.1 earthquake hit this morning and they are still trying to recover from saturday's devastating earthquake. the evening do army is step up to help the earthquake victims passing out food and water and mattresses. the government is reporting 525 people have been killed. 2 in on d2,autopsy are hurt o still missing -- 2,500 are hurt or missing.
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>> the sierra area is way over do for an evening. it was hit with a every seven years and the last was 60 years ago which could lure us into a false sense of security if a major one hits it would cause almost $2 billion in damage in reno area alone. >> google is dealing with a security breach and the company is wanting the users against a threat of using google which said people would browse their search engine could be susceptible to malware or cyber thieves looking for passwords and credit card information. the company is being call to get a quick fix and they are urging operators to sign up for security notifications. >> admissions at the most popular museums is about to go up and the fine arts museum of san francisco is raising general
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admission prices in $10-$15 for adults. the board approved a 50% increase today starting july 1. the board said the officer was carefully analyzed and found it is much lower than other museums of similar stature. >> getting an education could be cheaper if you live or work in san francisco. tuition could be eliminated. >> huge brawl caught on video with a school bathroom controversy that sparked this fight. >> and the sunrise this morning and we will show you what is happening with traffic and there is a a lot with the track announcer: if the hardest part of your day is the staying awake part... [train horn blares] sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. with a 100 night low price guarantee, sleep train's love your mattress money back guarantee, same day delivery,
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>> back at 6:10 with a major problem. we are going to show you if hayward in union city northbound and southbound, we have a video of sky 7 a big-rig crash through the center divide northbound direction. we had a second accident in the southbound direction. traffic damage is done. we have an hour delay both directions from between hayward and fremont. you will want did use mission boulevard drawn city boulevard.
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they are diverting traffic. there are two lanes northbound open and three lanes southbound direction open. another accident sky 7 is headed to daly city for full freeway closure southbound 280 coming up next report. mike? in the south by the 8:00 spot is condition tap at 45. saratoga and santa clara at friend. cambrian park 49. everyone else in the low-to-mid 50s. medical is vex and san francisco is warm and farmer at 50 and novato is a cool spot along half moon bay at 41. that is sky 7. if you suffered yesterday your allergies will kill you today. temperatures are cooling and best chance of wet weather is friday. that is next. >> new video shows an amazing account of a paddle boarder off
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>> we have a traffic alert. over the dallas area, 280 southbound. can you see the overturn in the been-bushes. emergency cruise are on scene with a full freeway closeure for better part of the morning. avoid the area. there is another in the ditch. the tow truck is there. major problems getting through daly city. take 101 to get to sfo. the other traffic alert is young city. with fought one but two accidents morning and southbound with two lays on northbound and three lanes are on southbound
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and major delays an hour in each direction between fremont and hayward. this is still a sig-alert issued by the c.h.p. we will check on more in a few. >> students if los angeles high school defending gender neutral bathrooms on their campus. the group of adults protested the newly installed restrooms and after school was over, the students confronted the protesters and threw things. you can see a fight break out. >> michigan's attorney general is expected to announce the first criminal chaps including felonies connects to the wart crisis in flint. two state officials and a water treatment plant supervisors will be charged. 90 switched two years ago to a new water supply and it corroded
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water lines and caused lead to leach into the water supply. many residents are sick. >> volkswagen were telling a judge there is no need for a trillion offer the company's cheating on. motions test. thousands who own the rigged vehicles are suing vex wagon for repairs and compensation. the carmaker will submit a proposed solution tomorrow and volkswagen were is confident it will satisfy all parties. they admit they manipulated engines so emission control only switched on during mutation tests. >> coke is changing the look of the beverages and customs may not recognize the flavor, with congress "lite" and coke life are all getting make passovers. there is a coke life? >> what is that? >> if you do not necessity about coke life it is replacing diet coke. these are the new looks,
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color-coded red for coke, black for zeroing silver fore "lite" and friend for life part of the taste the feeling campaign the first time that all coke trademark brands have been featured if a single campaign starting later this year in mexico. >> what is coke "lite"? >> a new tab? >> sorry. >> have fought head of it. >> interesting. >> can taught wait to listen about it and rain. northwest corner of sonoma shows sea large to mendocino the best chance of sprinkles reaching the ground in the forecast the next couple of days hard to believe when you look at the sunshine from sutro tower temperatures tumble through friday with sprinkles today and tomorrow and the best chance of measurable weather across the bay area and it will be sunny and mild and breezy.
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antic is 80, and it is the only one with mid-to-upper 70s for the let of the inland east bay neighborhoods in the south bay and in the in the bay valley, mid-60s to upper 60s along the coast into san francisco now in berkeley check out the hourly temperatures today at 7:00, 52 and around lunch we are at 69 and hang around the low 70s in the afternoon hours and falling become to 62 by 7:00. temperatures are falling but only into the low-to-upper 50s and much milder temperature morning because of the cloud cover. storm-impact scale is "1" light to "5" is on friday morning less than quarter-inch rain and you can see the clouds increasing and look for a few spots of problem through the 4:00 hour and companily recent the north bay and some the 9:00 hour. spotty scattered showers for the commute and from 9:00 to noon the cold front is moving in and from 2:00 to 3:00 or 4:00, it
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tapers and moves arrest. it will look less than .1" and maybe .25" in the north bay. my seven-day forecast shows tells are only in the mid-60s to upper 50s at coast and we will warm up over the weekend but nothing like what we have had the last couple of days. >> springtime in the air, i love >> springtime in the air, i love this photo, a mare and the shot. use #abc7now. this is what it looks like when you move a church. a city from massachusetts need to move the church a few blocks in springfield to make room for a casino. the church's location will be in the middle of the new gambling
6:21 am
floor so crews had to jack up the 129-year-old building and put wheels under it to roll it around and the church is being saved pause it is on the national register of historic places. >> we all have questions about our cell phone and next michael finney is tackling a problem a family faces and new clues of family faces and new clues of the apple car
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now, time for asking funny. my son is challenged and a co-worker tricked him into cosigning at&t mobile so she could get four devices. now he is responsible in she doesn't pay the bill. can you help get hip off the account? here is "7 on your side" and michael finney. >> thanks for iing -- i have good news. your son is not on hook. t-mobile does not offer cosigner option. your son's co-worker may have added him to the plan as family member and must take your son off the plan, he cannot did it, and neither can you. if the co-worker refuses call my
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hotline, 415-954-815 do not worry, kristen, i will get it worked out if you can't. >> and the co-worker? come on, tricking him...if you have a question for michael finney record it or sure it on social media and you could see your question answered right here on the abc morning news. >> flee tuition in san francisco? how does that sound? san francisco supervisor wants to roll back the clock on city college. the supervisor is proposing eliminating tuition for san francisco residents and those what work in the city. right new, tuition for full time student is $1,100 each year and is proposing a transfer tax on properties over $5 million to pay the free tuition. it could cost the city $13 million. it was free at city college until 1983.
6:26 am
>> pore evidence that apple could be developing a self driving vehicle. the cupertino based company has hired tesla's vice president of vehicle engineering to work on special projects. hmm "special projects," is an area of apple working on a vehicle. code name: titan. it could hit the streets by 2019. the more secretive it is the more i am have intrigued. >> the new represent control rules for people in san jose and they could make no one happy. >> throughs are expected at golden gate park to celebrate marijuana, the warning from police. >> we have a traffic alert. in daly city this is an overturn. a couple of lanes are getting by and you can see the tow truck is pulling the car out of the bushes. for a while all laps were shut down. down. we have a sig-alert if
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. huge mess on a couple of major
6:30 am
roads. over to sue hall now. you are look at two big traffic alerts? that is right. two big traffic alerts. we are over daly city southbound 280, two lanes are getting by on the left. two right lanes are closed on right there is an overturn. another overturn here. and traffic is jammed for an hour southbound 280 from daly city. take 101 if you are going to sfo. there are big delays south on 280 much the other problem, sig-alert if union city both directions 880 at alvarado a big-rig traffic through the center divide and affecting the other citizens and an hour now between hayward and union city, be rather, between fremont and hayward. union city boulevard is an alternate and look at what
6:31 am
happened early we can show you the video with the big-rig crashed in the center divide. mission boulevard is a great way to get around this big backups with updates throughout the morning. mike? >> i think i got that. a lot. i know you will be back to bring us more information. the weather is quieter. live doppler 7 hd is showing while we were asleep the air is super dry and nothing is reaching the ground pore then -- more than the sprinkles, and in the day planner, the next 12 hours increasing clouds, decreasing temperatures stuck in the 60s and the rest us are in the low-to-mid 70s. >> an emotional vote in a meeting that stretched until 2:00 a.m. affecting represent in a third of san jose farms. hundreds pack city hall.
6:32 am
matt has the decision. some think it did not go far enough. >> yes. a long night and morning at city council chamber ending after 2:00 a.m. after hours and hours of debate. >> you want to save and buy a house by i am working just to pay rent. all the mom and pop shops cannot solve the affordable housing issue. we are too few to solve it. >> hundreds showed up for the vote on change the ordinance that applied to apartments build before 1979 and capped the rent increases at 8%, they approved a new limit for the increase at 5% each year. but those who do not raise the rent one year can bank the increase and race it 8% the following year. the city council approveed antiretaliation ordinance protecting renters from eviction
6:33 am
if they request improvements or report violations. the may will tackle relocation for renters and represent free so the landlords do not raise rents in response to the rules. a billion dollar housing pop was discussed but that will be tabled because it was not on the agenda last night. >> a terrible story from pittsburg a speeding driver looks a mother dead. this morning, her husband is speaking about their lives together. they just retired. here is the interview you will only see here. tiffany? >> the familiar just retired january 1. they had landed to travel and re-do their yard but that was taken from jay when his wife was hit by a driver yesterday morning. she left for the morning walk and followed the route down west leland road to delta view golf course. jay said it was her pause from the full time care she provided for the to disabled sons.
6:34 am
police just eased up from chasing a black vehicle camaro when it hit her and the driver aroldo vela-chaez crashed through a fence and ran away. he is charged with murder. jay said his wife was the heart and sox family. >> i loved her with all my heart and the whole family loved her government have this tragic news i have to share with 20 people, just my brothers and sisters and her brothers and sisters and grandmother... >> 26-year-old aroldo vela-chaez has a suspended license and prior drunk driving arrests. her husband said that he will see him in court. >> new details on a step you will see only here on abc7, a huge outpour of support for family that traveled here from hawaii, the 14-year-old son is in the bay area to be treated
6:35 am
for a bain tumor. someone broke into their car at the wharf. the family packed their car near pier 39 on friday and in 30 minutes thieves broke into the trunk stealing medical record, a suitcase of medical items and get really cards. >> i was saving them to read to him when he was in the hospital during recovery and those are the things that cannot be replaced. >> since we air the story yesterday the familiar said they have been overwhelmed by response from the bay area community. the san francisco police yawn now is offering to reimburse the family for items that can be replaced. >> it is 4:20 and thousands will flock to 9 park in san francisco to smoke pot. you can see the smoke rising from the crowd and an estimated 15,000 people are expected to turn out for the 4/20 festival. with similar ever haves held cross the cut on april 20 which
6:36 am
is national weed day. the police have plenty of center officers and supporters are asking volunteers to stay behind and pick up trash. in the past they have left huge piles of finish agency for the crews to clean up. it is a big deal at uc santa cruz and is expected to respond $100 the to have officers and sport staff on happened to keep everyone safe. >> bart ex responded early morning testing of train on the new warm springs extension and the testing will be happening at 1:30 in the morning on wednesday through sunday mornings, expecting to conclude it this year. officials say resident could hear mondays and the sound of the rains and the vibrations. opening is this summer. >> a deal to keep a 99-year-old woman from being evicted could fall apart over a demanded apology. lawyers on both sides reach a
6:37 am
deal to keep her in her apartment for the rest of her life with a stipulation that she positive not have to pay lawyer fees if she allow add condo conversion and if she apologized to the landlord who claims he lost his job as housing policies director in vermont because of the eviction attempt. >> my client as a result the lies that have been told about him, in this case, was forced to resign from his job last week and he extend an apology. >> he said she should not have to apologize because she did nothing wrong. >> construction workers expect to finish raising the house off the foundations it sane it from a cliff side in pacifica. we were there as they started separating the structure from the foundation yesterday. you can see the gap is growing. the next step is to move the home 20' to empty lot until the owner can find a safer location.
6:38 am
>> big win in the primary has clinched the nomination for donald trump and hillary clinton he took 61 three of the delegates. increase ted cruz could regret talking about new york values finishing third behind ohio governor kasich. it is now impossible for ted cruz to win enough delegates to deny donald trump the nomination on the first ballot. >> for the democrats, hillary clinton beat senator bernie sanders 58% to 42% and grandparented 139 delegates so she has such a commanding lead that hillary clinton is focusing on the general election and hardly mentioning bernie sanders. he is blaming nobody's strict voter registration rules, 1 125,000 voteers in brooklyn said they were removed from vote because they needed to declare in october whether they were
6:39 am
democrat or republican. >> donald trump is two-thirds of wait. for the democrats, hillary clinton continues to led bernie sanders i a comfortable margin. >> next primaries are on tuesday with voters at the positives in connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania and rhode island. now, hillary clinton is going to be in san francisco. again. next month. she said she will be in 9 city may 6 and portola valley two days later. sold out. >> on friday, hillary clinton was in town attending fundraisers with actor george clooney. >> sue? we have two traffic alerts. we will take you first to hayward or union city, in the hayward direction we have right here both sides of the freeway morning and southbound two separate accidents in am read big-rig involves five cars southbound and big-rig in the center divide northbound side and major delays of an hour in
6:40 am
each direction define hayward and fremont. young city boulevard is the great alternate or mission. both jammed right new. traffic is backed up to 238 in the castro valley area in hayward. we have video of the overturn in daly city and it is in south san francisco with a car off to the shoulder a couple of overturns and two lands remain getting by and you still have a big backup southbound 280 from highway 1 of an houredly so we we have the best bet. mike? >> temperatures are running from dublin and san ramon at 45. pittsburg at at 59. 51 in concord. hayward is 51. mountain view is 53. san jose is 51. pacifica is 55, san francisco is 56.
6:41 am
novato and napa at 41 and 42. cooler by seven degrees. garden, strong sunshine, and walking the dog, no worries and the beaches are good, but dangerous tomorrow with rip currents and large breakers. the sun is beautiful from the exploritorium. we have 80s today and notice they are gone tomorrow and 70s are again by friday. we have scattered sprinkles today and tomorrow and a better chance of rain on friday and hour by hour look next. >> now the warriors and steph curry does not see any scenario where he is not playing in houston and temperatures the mercury news he is not worried about the foot injury and the warriors announceed an m.r.i. shows nothing of concern. it was initially said to be a tweaked ankle. they face the rockets in game three after playoff series tomorrow night tip-off at 6:30
6:42 am
our time. game four in houston is sunday at 12:30. you can watch that game right here. if necessary, game 5 is back at oracle arena on wednesday. april 27. >> another deadly freeway shooting in the east east and who is being targeted. >> an amazing jump for survival in a burning movie. >> but, now, what is. coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> next on "good morning america" what a night in the race, donald trump and hillary clinton scoring big in the big clinton scoring big in the big apple
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regard. >> look at this video officer spain, showing a woman dangling off of a ledge of her apartment building. her apartment caught fire. she pauls to the ground. she survived. she saw her only way out to escape the flames falling straight to the ground. i hope we can show you, this is how she survived. the passerbys pulled out a blanket and stood and she jumped into the blanket and it broke her paul and she only has minor injuries and a lot strangers. >> so lucky. >> this morning we are lending
6:46 am
more abut the companies would put in bids to take over yahoo. gin has that story and more in the money report. >> good morning, to you, quiet, slightly lower account dow just turned up by one point and s&p 500 lower by a fraction. china had the worst day in seven weeks but, so far, wall street is shrugging it off the yahoo is keeping the world getting. we know the initial bidders, a small group, including verizon, with private equity firms made offers and former executives and daily mail and considered the san jose has the largest growth for jobs and technical growth is outpacing the nation.
6:47 am
>> it is examine to see high-tech for every day items and now pregnancy tests. it looks like a regular test but it is blue tooth enables and suggested retail is $14.9 9 to $21.9 9 and the purpose is to keep the user busy and know to do if you are pregnant. >> now, back to sue. we are seeing some improvement on one citizens. >> yes, an improvement in south san francisco but we will go to our traffic alert and this is if young city northbound and southbound 880 and bigry and the job is difficult to get it out of there and no toppling into the lanes. you can see the tow truck is on the scene and traffic is delayed with a few lanes in both
6:48 am
directions. we are looking at between hayward and fremont an hour hayward and fremont an hour delay both sides. couple of overturns and now we have lanes grabbing and this are a couple pore lanes on, southbound 280, still from highway one backed up for 20 minutes. it is improving. >> thank you, sue. >> good morning, everyone. live doppler hd is showing the next six hour as few sprinkles are possible across the north bay and more headed into the afternoon. we will see increasing clouds and the sun came up over treasure island and spotty light showers and more of us tomorrow but the big story is the measurable rain for friday morning. and mostly sunny and breezy this
6:49 am
weekend. now a look at the temperatures, the coast is cool of the and we see the most sunshine, with let clouds developing, 66 at half moon bay and san francisco is 69 and the north bay down both bay shoreline in the low-to-mid 70s and the south bay and inland east bay, and antioch at 80 the warm spot. at the game at 7:15, 64 degrees and dropping to 60. a bit cooler. tonight, because of the cloud cover, 52 at napa and stand rose and richmond and san mateo and antioch at 57. storm-impact scale shows this will be light. we could use a "2" or a "3" but it will not happen. on rid at midnight, scattered showers for all of us through 9:00 and the better chance from 9:00 until 2:00 and it shifts into the sierra if the evening.
6:50 am
my seven-day forecast shows less than quarter-inch of rain on friday and temperatures in the 50s and 60s and 60s and 70s saturday and sunday. >> again, police are looking for a highway shooter after the 18th shooting on the east bay freeway. a driver was killed on highway 4. a number of shootings have happened on i-80. a new trend plaguing bay area freeways with most of them happening here on interstate 80 but most recently it happened last night on highway 4. investigators found a car crashed into a tense off of highway 4 in pittsburg at 8:30 last night. the driver was shot and killed. police say it appeared he was shot while drive on the highway with no arrests made but they think the shots could is come from someone driving along. look at this map showing what an issue it is with at least 18
6:51 am
highway shootings and 11 on interstate 80 and three out on highway 4. many of the shootings the victims were targeted gang or drug-related but they say their fears of someone driving own a highway not involved in the dispute will be hit randomly by a stray bullet. yesterday we told i of the story from austin, texas, a pastor suing whole foods because he found a gay slur written on his cake. now, whole foods is saying, that is not what happened. he claim he ordered a cake and asked that "love wins," be written on it and said someone added a derogatory term for gay men and claims he never tampered with the box but they showed him checking out and there is a bar code on top of the cake box.
6:52 am
the cake box brown shows to the media did not have the sticker on top. whole foods is denying brown's claim and now plans to countersue both him and his attorneys. the not thickens. giants champion buster poets and his wife will announce plans to race awareness for pediatric programs during a news conference at at&t park with a limited buster posey pediatric cancer awareness research for treatment. >> we will be stay tuned. stay tuned. clear
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> here are seven things you need to know before you go. >> a big rig in union city southbound and northbound 880. in the process of being cleared. one-hour delays between hayward and fremont. better news in south san francisco, southbound 280, all lanes are clear. >> two, mixed reaction following a marathon session over rent control in san jose. the city council voted early to
6:55 am
approve a new cap on represent increases at 5% a year. landlords can bank unused increases and tack them often the following year so they could go up to 8%. >> another deadly freeway shooting in the east bay. a person was shot on highway 4 in pittsburg and drove off the road and ran into a fence. this is the 189th trump shooting since november. fur have been deadly. >> grab the sunglasses. we have sunshine and up to seven degrees cooler this morning with increasing clouds and cooler conditions this afternoon from san francisco's 69 and mid-to-upper 70's for the rest of us and 80 in the east bay neighborhood a stray sprinkle is possible across the north bay. >> hillary clinton and donald trump posted big wins and donald trump won enough delegates to make it impossible for anyone to catch him before the convention. hillary clinton widened her lead over bernie sanders. >> heads up near golden gate park if san francisco, streets
6:56 am
are closed and muni re-routed and thousands joining the annual celebration. >> jennifer aniston is gracing the people of magazine named the most bomb person in the world the 47-year-old star was clock because of her wisdom and self assurance. >> we will keep tracking the traffic issues. >> good hung on the roads, and we will see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton win big in their home state. >> there's no place like home. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're really, really rockin'. >> trump with a towering victory. >> we don't have much of a race anymore. >> recaptures momentum from ted cruz. the billionaire now hoping to clinch the nomination before the convention and clinton with a decisive victory over bernie sanders calling the win personal. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch, and victory is in sight. >> now taking aim at november, our whole team breaks it down this morning. deadly downpours. tornadoes hit the heartland as the south braces for more flash floods. now hail, strong wind and even more rain on the way. real-life castaway. a tv crew stumbles across a man


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