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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 20, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton win big in their home state. >> there's no place like home. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're really, really rockin'. >> trump with a towering victory. >> we don't have much of a race anymore. >> recaptures momentum from ted cruz. the billionaire now hoping to clinch the nomination before the convention and clinton with a decisive victory over bernie sanders calling the win personal. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch, and victory is in sight. >> now taking aim at november, our whole team breaks it down this morning. deadly downpours. tornadoes hit the heartland as the south braces for more flash floods. now hail, strong wind and even more rain on the way. real-life castaway. a tv crew stumbles across a man
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stranded on a desserted island in 110-degree heat. >> i think he had pretty much given up hope. >> how they found him just in time. ♪ >> he won't throw away his shot. battle over the $10 bill after reports a woman may not take center stage on the money starring alexander hamilton. what the hit broadway show may have to do with that. ♪ rise up rise up i'm going take a shot ♪ good morning, america. all kinds of races going on this wednesday morning. we got alexander hamilton versus susan b. anthony for the $10 bill. that could come today. also coming off a decisive night in the race for the white house. >> dramatic as new yorkers cast their votes. both donald trump and hillary clinton walking away with double digit wins. >> a crushing blow to bernie sanders right there. 16-point win and donald trump
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with a huge win over ted cruz and john kasich right there. a clean sweep, nearly a clean sweep of new york's big pile of delegates. >> as you can imagine our team is covering every angle. abc's tom llamas is starting us off at trump headquarters in new york. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. donald trump said he was only going to celebrate for two hours and then it was back to work. quite a scene here last night at trump tower as you're about to see. this as ted cruz is now tangling with someone other than trump. ♪ new york new york >> reporter: overnight, with sinatra blasting, his children cheering and wife melania by his side, donald trump put his touch on the new york victory. >> we're going to end at a very high level and get a lot more delegates than anybody projected even in their wildest imaginations. >> the gop front-runner thanking his campaign in the midst of a staff shake-up. new leadership and new hires coming in to help trump secure
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the nomination. >> i really want to thank my team, my team has been amazing and, you know, it's actually a team of unity. it's evolving but people don't understand that. >> reporter: and in trump's brief speech he found time to single out his closest rival. >> nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting. >> reporter: the billionaire trying to make the case it's time for senator ted cruz to step aside. >> based on what i'm seeing on television, senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> reporter: but cruz says he's staying in the race until the convention and now losing his patience with people who question his delegate roundups in some states. >> the only people asking this question are the hard-core donald trump supporters. >> why do you do this every single time? no, you got to stop. every time i have you on the air and i ask a legitimate question you try to throw this in my face. i'm getting sick of it.
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>> getting into it with conservative talk show host -- >> sean, can i answer your question without being interrupted. >> go ahead. >> this notion of voter-less election, it is nonsense. they are making it up. >> reporter: cruz tearing into the trump campaign. >> i cannot help that the donald trump campaign does not seem capable of running a lemonade stand. if you lose don't cry about it. go back and learn how to win an election. >> reporter: not happy with that line of questioning, already setting his sights on one of the next big contests, today in pennsylvania, one of the states voting next tuesday. george. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. to the democrats, hillary clinton scored close to a knockout blow over bernie sanders in new york so she's turning her focus to november with tough words for the gop. cecilia vega here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. as you said it was a serious blow to sanders with this win, hillary clinton calling this home turf victory personal. i was in the room for that victory speech. she is now laser focused on the general election and taking on the republicans.
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♪ new york >> reporter: this morning hillary clinton truly in an empire state of mind. >> today you proved once again there's no place like home. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: celebrating a new york grand slam in her adopted home state, a win that pushes the democratic nomination nearly out of bernie sanders' reach and has clinton feeling confident about her chances ahead. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight. >> reporter: after a heated battle here, clinton now extending an olive branch to some -- >> and to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. >> reporter: while taking shots at others. >> donald trump and ted cruz -- [ audience booing ]
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-- are pushing a vision for america that's divisive and, frankly, dangerous. >> reporter: sanders still vowing to stay in the race and he has already moved on to the next big battle. >> thank you. >> reporter: this morning, sanders is back home in vermont taking a day off the trail after that bruising new york loss. >> next week we will be competing in pennsylvania, connecticut, rhode island, maryland and delaware and we look forward to winning a number of those states. >> reporter: sanders says he is not going anywhere but overnight one of his advisers reportedly said that after next week's votes, the team will assess where they are. they do, though, concede he has to win most of the states ahead but there is no question about it, robin, when it comes to delegates, clinton has the mathematical advantage right now that will be nearly impossible to beat. >> all right, cecilia, you're talking about delegates. let's go to abc's jon karl where the delegate race stands right now.
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start off with republicans. >> reporter: a huge win in new york for donald trump, especially when it comes to delegates. he's won so far 89 of new york delegates. john kasich only 3. ted cruz entirely shut out. to give you an idea of how sweeping it was, donald trump won all of the congressional districts in the entire state of new york except for one, the one that he lost is right there, the one that includes trump tower. john kasich has won that congressional district. the 12th by 70 votes so where does it stand now overall? trump is closing in on the magic number he needs to clinch the nomination. he needs just 392 more. about 58% of the delegates going forward, ted cruz is now mathematically eliminated from clinching before the convention just like john kasich. in terms of the road ahead, the next states next week, a week from today, again, more states in the northeast, the biggest prize of all, pennsylvania, by the way, that will be an
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organizational challenge for ted cruz -- for donald trump because only 17 of the delegates in pennsylvania go to the winner, the rest are the actual delegates that run under their own names. >> all right, jon, thank you very much. over now to george. >> okay, i'm here with matthew dowd and cecilia vega, as well. let's start out with the democrats, matt dowd. it looks like when you saw that interesting concession cecilia just reported from the sanders team that next week it's more or less do or die from them. just in time for hillary clinton because the way the race has been going here in new york was taking a toll on her overall numbers. >> yeah, her overall numbers have declined both in the primary and general election in the course of this. i actually think sanders, he's back home today. i think he needs to reassess and decide where to go from here fundamentally because the math is a problem. to give a little homage or paraphrase aaron burr hamilton, he needs to ask himself, the world is wide enough for hillary and me and i think that's what he needs to decide. he can stay but does he need to get into a duel with her. >> that's what they're bracing
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for at the clinton campaign. looking ahead to trump and cruz but they know they have to fix her promise on honesty and trustworthiness. >> and especially if sanders doesn't go away. it's not just sanders asking himself. i think you'll hear the clinton campaign behind closed doors, you will hear democratic party leaders say, bernie sanders, it's time for you to step aside because these attacks you're hitting hillary clinton with will start to hurt her. as she clearly starts to pivot focused on trump and ted cruz. >> jon karl, on the republican side, boy, such a tough night for ted cruz. even though he's been gaining the delegates he's been getting crushed by the voters. the question is where does he find a win? >> he's probably going to get crushed again next week. those states coming forward a poll that just came out in connecticut, another one next tuesday, trump's got a huge lead there. he's had a lead in pennsylvania. but, again, that pennsylvania state is interesting because 54 of the delegates are elected under their own name so you vote for presidential candidate but you're also voting for individual delegates. >> but, matthew dowd, it looks
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like we're getting to the point where all donald trump has to do is actually get close because he's got that powerful argument that a lot of republican voters agree with, whoever has the most states and the most voters and the most delegates in the convention should get the nomination. >> i think this is a big turning point in the race. he won with such an overwhelming victory and basically cleared up almost every single delegate and he'll consistently win and now ted cruz has lost his only argument which he was the only one that had the math on his side. he has the same possibility of getting 1,237 by june 7th as john kasich does at this point and that is zero. >> there's still a real chance that trump will not clinch before the convention, still an uphill battle. >> if he gets 1,150, i think he can get the inbound delegates on his side. >> who do you think the clinton wants to run against? >> trump. no doubt, trump, they're ready? thank you all very much and hillary clinton will be here live answering your questions for our coffee with the candidates town hall. back to robin.
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that severe weather in the heartland. tornadoes touching down overnight and now flash flood alerts across four states in the south. abc's rob marciano is here and has the latest. >> good morning. those are the two areas of concern, more in the way of rain across the flood zone and more of this out of laddonia, missouri. one of only two tornados touching down. thankfully no harm, no foul there but definitely harm north of texas. this drone video shot, also incredible amounts of water, sill the cypress river has yet to recede. more rain coming at you. big-time storms coming through dallas and that convective mass heading towards dallas and will probably stir up more in the way of rain. northeast has its problems in the way of dry air. we'll talk what that brings to us in a few minutes. robin. >> all right, thank you, rob. we move overseas to breaking news. another earthquake has hit the coast of ecuador this morning. as the country races to find survivors from saturday's deadly quake. abc's linzie janis is near the epicenter where they're still feeling aftershocks. good morning, linzie.
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>> reporter: good morning. a dramatic scene unfolding behind me. in the last few hours rescuers said they thought they heard a voice of a moon beneath the rubble. now they're removing some debris by hand hoping for another rescue. this morning, searchers digging through the rubble with at least 200 people still missing. there are glimmers of hope. 51-year-old pablo cordova pulled from inside a collapsed hotel after making a cell phone call from beneath the rubble. his wife, so sure he was gone, she purchased his coffin. in the resort town of manta another man dragged out. on his face and all over his body a layer of dust so thick you can hardly see his skin. workers also rescuing these two young children in the town closest to the epicenter.
7:13 am
residents gathering whatever belongings they can find. in the debris, this man finding his baby daughter's pillow. he lost his wife and child when their apartment collapsed. your wife and your baby, she was holding your baby. the death toll from the quake rising above 500. you can see that the windows are moving. this is an aftershock. >> yeah. >> reporter: one of hundreds felt since saturday. many like jose scared to return to their crumbling homes. eight families are sleeping on this concrete soccer field. we're told one of the dogs did apparently pick up the scent of a live human being and still trying to determine if there's someone buried underneath this rubble. one thing complicating all of this, aftershock. 61.magnitude this morning.
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>> we only hope they do find that man. >> that's true. now to new trouble for johnny manziel. the quarterback now speaking out as his agent officially cuts ties with him and loses endorsement deals because of his behavior off the field. abc's linsey davis is here with more on that. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it wasn't all that long ago he was celebrated as johnny football but now he remains unemployed dropped by his second agent since february, dropped by nike and dropped by his now ex-girlfriend who has an order of protection against him. more hurdles for former heisman trophy winner johnny manziel. >> if i could go back and probably give a younger me some advice -- >> reporter: nike, the quarterback's biggest sponsor confirms it dropped the free agent's contract after the football season ended. this comes just one day after these photos emerged of a disheveled looking manziel partying at coachella. this is nfl power agent drew rosenhaus, officially cut ties with him on tuesday.
7:15 am
rosenhaus said he would take the 23-year-old back if he entered treatment within five days. those five days are now up. >> at this point i don't have a choice because this situation is spiraling downward and i'm not going to be a part of a young man destroying his life. it's just not going to happen on my watch. >> reporter: the former cleveland brown spent ten weeks in rehab after his rookie nfl season making more headlines for his tumultuous relationship and hard partying ways than his football plays. on thursday, a grand jury is expected to consider whether or not to charge manziel with attacking his ex-girlfriend colleen crowley in january allegedly hitting her so hard she temporarily lost hearing in one ear. manziel tells abc news, "i'm hoping to take care of the issues in front of me right now so i can focus on what i have to do if i want to play in 2016. i also continue to be thankful to those who really know me and support me." manziel and his friends are accused of causing more than
7:16 am
$30,000 worth of damage at a home they rented for a two-day party in l.a. last week. this week the 2014 first round draft pick faces a charge for domestic violence which carries a sentence of more than a year in jail. his dad said if they can't get him help he won't live to see his 24th birthday. so much more serious than football. >> amy has the other top developing stories starting with the water crisis in flint. >> the first criminal charges now being announced today in connection with the lead contaminated water there in flint. two midlevel engineers at michigan's department of environmental quality are expected to be charged along with the city water department employee, the charges include official misconduct and evidence tampering. flint's water was contaminated after the city switched water sources to save money. well, president obama had arrived in saudi arabia where he is asking the saudis for help fighting isis in syria and iraq, but overshadowing the president's visit is the so-called 9/11 bill which is picking up bipartisan support in
7:17 am
the u.s. senate. it would allow americans to sue countries that support terrorism. well, a federal appeals court has struck down a virginia school district's rule that banned a transgender teen from using the bathroom of his gender identity. the court ruled the school discriminated against gavin grimm who was born female when it stopped him from using the boy's room. it could have implications for a similar law in north carolina. a sign of the times in the computer industry. intel is cutting 12,000 jobs because of slow sales. that's about 11% of that company's workforce. and some dramatic video overseas. take a look at this woman who escaped from a burning building in spain climbing out of her third floor window in her night clothes and falling you just saw into a blanket held by her neighbors. fire crews say those quick thinking neighbors saved her life. she is okay this morning. finally, here is why you should never ever ever give up we'll take you to a track meet in ireland. you got to watch this.
7:18 am
the final lap of the women's relay race. watch the runner who is behind, way behind in the red tank top. all of a sudden she turns on the speed and just starts blowing past the women in front of her and then, look, you don't think she can do it and shockingly overtaking second place and then. >> oh. >> yeah. >> she dropped to the ground face plant after using every ounce of energy. she appeared to come out of the depths of hell the announcer said. relay place, fifth place to first place in 200 meters and told her coach, i can retire now. >> what a kick. that was something. let's go back to rob right now. a lot of red on that map. >> we had a couple of fires in new jersey yesterday that were stirred up by the high winds and dry conditions and have that across parts of new england. breezy for sure so be aware of that and don't play with matches.
7:19 am
>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. starting off with sunshine. increasing clouds. the temperatures will tumble today through friday. sprinkles in the in the bay and tomorrow a better chance of measure average rain and sunny and mild and breezy. today we go from 66 at half moon bay to 80 in antioch account should cover keeps us child low-to-upper 50s. my seven-day forecast is coolest with less than quarter-inch of rain on friday >> coming up that murder mystery in texas. the search is on for this suspect seen in tactical gear in
7:20 am
a church where a mother of three was found dead. now new clues this morning. and a big day for the royals. this new portrait celebrates four generations as prince william fights back against criticism he doesn't work hard enough. also opens up about fatherhood this morning. that is all coming up. morning. that is all coming up. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause
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dreamwalk. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. now from abc7 news. good morning 7:24. i am reggie aqui and let's go to sue and sue, what's it like now? >> it's still out there now and you can see the sky 7 on both
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sides of the free way and north and south bound. we're seeing the slow traffic in both directions at this time. better news for south san francisco. we had an earlier accident and had the video earlier and it was an over turn and all lanes opened now. for a time that was really jammed up this morning. the two hot spots reggie. >> a lot of people are late
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good morning and up to seven degrees cooler and we're 42 and san francisco 56. let's take a look at the sunshine and beautiful colors and also the shadows on the headlines. here is the day planner for today. the clouds are on the increase and then the decrease. the low mid-70s for the most of
7:28 am
us. by accuweather a stray shower today and another chance tomorrow and another chance of measurable rain is a quarter of an inch and will fall tomorrow. coming up a tv crew from the show river monsters ends up saving a cast away fisherman. you're going to see that next on gma. another update in 30 minutes
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking at those tornadoes touching down in the heartland overnight. as the south faces deadly downpours and flash floods now hail, strong wind, more rain on the way. >> a lot of tough weather out there. also right now, donald trump and hillary clinton celebrating big wins in new york stopping ted cruz and bernie sanders right in their tracks and they are now turning their eyes to november. also this morning, "people" magazine's most beautiful. jennifer aniston graces the cover for a second time and we'll have the other big names on the list coming up. >> let's talk about something else right now. we are thrilled to say michael strahan will be joining us every morning in the fall. he'll be here tomorrow to tell us all about it and, george, you had a nice tweet congratulating him, and george made the front page of the sporting section.
7:31 am
>> not since high school. that was for a loss so that's okay. >> we're happy about that and as we said michael will be here to tell us about it. >> he'll keep doing football as well and here every morning. >> you should be on the sports page with that note about football. >> don't push it. >> in this half hour we begin with this big headline that manhunt that is intensifying for the suspected killer of a 45-year-old mother in texas after her body was found inside a church. police now searching for clues in this surveillance footage showing a person in full tactical gear roaming the halls. abc's kayna whitworth is in texas with the latest. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: robin, good morning. in that video you see a person walking around this church for 30 minutes before police say missy bevers was killed. they say the mannerisms and walk are unique and hoping that someone recognizies them. this morning, the search is on for the person seen in this
7:32 am
chilling surveillance video believed to be responsible for the death of fitness instructor missy bevers. police releasing this new surveillance video overnight showing the suspect dressed in s.w.a.t. gear roaming through the hallways and opening the doors of the texas church where the mother of three was found. >> my wife as a -- she was a great woman, a great wife, a great mother. a great friend. >> reporter: bevers' husband emotional at a vigil remembering his wife overnight but stoic when asking the public for help identifying her murderer. >> i ask everybody out there to review the video, the person has a very distinct walk, there's just a very distinct mannerism about this person that should be very apparent to somebody. >> reporter: former fbi agent and abc news consultant brad garrett agrees. >> the way the person walks, it's a rather wide stance feet go out as the person walks along, somewhat unique. somebody may recognize that. >> reporter: police aren't releasing details of the crime
7:33 am
saying they're not speculating on prevailing theories for possible motives but garrett says based on the walk or mannerisms the person in the video is likely a man who perhaps recently purchased or stole that s.w.a.t. uniform. >> the primary crime is burglary, the secondary crime ultimately becomes murder because she interrupted his theft. >> bevers' husband hoping details like this will help find a break in the case. police are saying they're unclear if the person in the video is a man or woman. they're also checking other cameras in the area for any clues. george. >> boy, such a scary mystery. thanks very much. we will get the latest on blake shelton scoring a victory in his defamation case against "in touch" which posted a story about him entering rehab. a judge has rejected the request to dismiss the case. abc's eva pilgrim is here with the story, good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, blake shelton hasn't been shy making
7:34 am
comments about having a drink but he says that doesn't mean he's an alcoholic or that a magazine can write whatever they want about him either. this morning, blake shelton is celebrating because a judge sided with him in a first ruling. ♪ blake shelton's seeing the light in a big victory for the country star overnight. a california judge deciding not to throw out his multimillion dollar defamation lawsuit against bauer publishing after it ran this cover in september which the 39-year-old megastar allegations falsely suggests among other things that he is in rehab and that a drinking problem helped destroy his marriage to fellow country singer miranda lambert. >> it is a huge win for blake and his attorney and it's a very difficult hurdle to get over in the court of law in california. >> reporter: the judge saying it appears to be undisputed that "in touch" ran the headline without believing that shelton had actually entered rehab.
7:35 am
even citing the sworn statement of the magazine's editorial director, it most certainly was not my intention to convey in the headline or the article that mr. shelton had actually entered rehab. ♪ the more i drink ♪ the more i drink >> reporter: but the publishing giant arguing that the grammy nominated singer who has written songs like this one called "the more i drink" has staked his reputation on heavy drinking citing as many tweets where he jokes about it like this one "i'm still so drunk right now i just dialed 911 and shouted help. why is wednesday spelled like that? the magazine also highlighting this red carpet interview with cnn in 2011. >> and my heart and soul is, you know, being a redneck and drinking and being stupid. >> shelton firing back, drinking or comments about drinking is part of my shtick with my fans. part of my act, part of my performance, but in no way indicates that i have an actual problem with alcohol. >> there's a big line in the
7:36 am
sand between a partying country singer and somebody who needs to go to rehab. >> reporter: now, regarding the case we reached out to "in touch" and told us no comment, a spokesperson for shelton telling us overnight "in touch" weekly ran a false story knowingly and blake is pleased the judge ruled his lawsuit can move forward. >> okay, eva, thanks. let's talk to dan abrams about this. this is an important step for blake shelton here but far from the end of the road. >> that's right. a big win for him but interesting legal argument that "in touch" was making. effectively saying he can't be defamed. how could we possibly have defamed him. he is on twitter, he's talking about his drinking. he's singing about his drinking. so all we said is he's going to rehab. that's a good thing, not a bad thing. defamation is supposed to be "in touch" argues something negative about the person. something that holds them in disrepute. this doesn't. >> hearing that it seems to have echoes of what we heard from gawker in that hulk hogan case
7:37 am
>> there's a similarity in the types of defenses, right? in both cases you're hearing gawker and "in touch" -- it's similar issues this them saying the celebrity brought this upon himself. but very different kinds of legal cases. in the gawker case you're talking about invasion of privacy. here you're talking about libel and defamation. very different. >> the legal bar still very high for blake shelton. >> that's right but he's overcome the big one, it's getting over and into trial is the hardest thing very often, now that he's going to trial, juries tend to go very sympathetic to people like shelton in situations like this. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. coming up, the reality tv crew making an incredible discovery. a real-life castaway. how they found him and saved his life. the battle over who gets to be on the $10 bill. how the broadway show "hamilton" may be playing a role this morning. come on back. ♪ ♪ >> come on back.
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7:41 back now with a real-life drama for a tv crew. the team from animal planet's "river monsters" was filming on the coast of australia when they discovered a castaway stranded for days. abc's ryan smith is here with the rest of the remarkable story. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, lara. they were looking to see a big fish but instead helped save a life. that castaway without water for days telling them before they came he was prepared to meet his maker. host jeremy wade and his crew from animal planet's "river monsters" seek out the largest, most deadly creatures in the world. but while recently searching for a giant grouper fish off a remote australian island they say they stumbled upon their most remarkable discovery yet. >> probably want to get a water out for the guy. >> a real-life castaway. >> we saw this blue and white cooler box sitting on rocks and somebody made the joke maybe we'll see tom hanks suddenly appear and the next thing we
7:43 am
knew there was a guy looking rather sort of wild and ragged staggering down the beach towards us. >> reporter: you could see the man in this video weak and disoriented. 60 miles from the nearest town. >> it wasn't very easy to hear what he was saying. basically we heard water. he wanted us to give him some water. >> i was up in here and down here because i seen turtles nests and heaps of empty bottles. >> reporter: the castaway known only as tree main desserted for several days after losing track of his boat while digging for oysters quickly becoming dehydrated in the 110-degree heat. >> i think he had pretty much given up hope. he said i was praying a lot. >> reporter: luckily for tree main after spending a few nights rehydrating with the show's crew he was strong enough to go home. >> never stumbled on a castaway. it's likely he wouldn't have seen anybody else if we haven't come along. >> eating raw clams to survive and the crew says apart from a bruised pride from getting
7:44 am
stranded he's back to normal. "river monsters" airs on thursdays at a new time on animal planet, but, guys, this was such a chance occurrence. they were supposed to be on the other side of the mountain but the water was too choppy. >> his prayers were answered. >> meant to be. thank you. coming up on "good morning america," alexander hamilton all the rage on broadway but outrage over his role in the battle over the $10 bill. >> guy, winter is coming. winter is coming. well, an exclusive men from the "game of thrones" in our next hour. >> it's winter is coming, robin. >> thank you, amy. thank you. thank you. to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? ♪ sometimes the best deals are pretty plain to see.
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♪ we're back now with that big battle over alexander hamilton and the $10 bill. the treasury department planned to add a woman, but now after the success of that broadway show "hamilton" which just won a pulitzer prize those plans may be on hold. abc's david wright is here with more on that. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. there are glass ceilings and there are paper ceilings, it seems, here in the u.s., a woman has never been featured on the front of paper money. and last summer the treasury announced plans that they might change that putting a woman on the $10 bill. but that was before "hamilton" became such a huge hit on broadway. ♪ i am not going to throw away
7:49 am
my shot ♪ >> reporter: "hamilton" the musical may have saved the alexander hamilton the indignity with a duel with any number of female patriots. >> it was time for the 10 to be updated and everyone was fine with it until there was a musical on broadway. >> reporter: our colleague cokie roberts has an op-ed in today's "the nework times" blasting the u.s. treasury for reneging on its plan to put eleanor roosevelt or rosa parks or susan b. anthony on the front of the $10 bill. ♪ i'm patiently waiting >> reporter: cokie is being told we can look forward to the trusty 10 promoting broadway's hottest ticket for a few more years. the treasury isn't confirming any of this so far but officials seem to be scrambling to come up with a compromise. the one possible solution put women on the back of the bill, yeah, that will go over well. >> you will have another whole generation of girls who have grown up thinking their proper place is the back of the bus.
7:50 am
>> reporter: how about the 20 or some new denomination. >> that would be even worse in a way, oh, you get your $7 bill. >> reporter: "hamilton" playwright lin-manuel miranda tweeted i talked with u.s. treasury secretary lew told me you're going to be very happy. ♪ but he's a "hamilton" guy, right. they wanted to do this by 2020. that's 100 years after women's suffrage -- >> let's do a recreation. say your line about the back of the bill right now. >> that's one of the thoughts. rosa parks is one of the people being considered. >> no, no, don't even go there. >> no. >> no. >> what are your thoughts? coming up -- thank you, david. coming up this our next hour, this new royal photo is making headlines as prince william fights back against critics this morning. that and a whole lot more in our last hour of "gma." come on back. last hour of "gma." come on back.
7:51 am
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♪ ♪ stand out. by design. ♪ that feeling recaptured. ♪ by design. ♪ welcome back to "gma." holy smokes, portland and seattle, has it been toasty. could see 80 degrees for the fourth consecutive day. maybe a thunderstorm later on today. more local news and weather next.
7:55 am
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now from bc knew. i am reggie aqui and sue hall is tracking the roads. >> yeah, looking at hayward and we cohave animo or the tydo hav. it's a singulair accident in hayward and 880. we have the big back you ups and better news. south bound lanes and videos earlier and then they have just reopened and mike? >>. tench chmperatures up to fi degrees cooler and then at 59. here is a high today and then along the coast and then 70s and then there's a spray sprinkle and then a scattered shower
7:57 am
tomorrow and then tomorrow morning. >> thank you. coming up an interview with the men of thrones. that's next on gma. another update in 30 minutes and on the app and
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. >> thank you, new york. we love new york. >> donald trump with a huge win in new york and a big comeback for hillary clinton. >> there's no place like home. >> what their wins mean for the rest of the race. ♪ out on the verge of the rest of our lives ♪ new this morning, prince william in a rare and revealing interview answering his critics who say he's not working enough opening up about being a father anticipate how his mother and the queen influence him now and that new photo of prince george that's making headlines around the world. ♪ you're so beautiful "people's" most beautiful revealed. it's jennifer aniston, the cover girl revealing the best thing about being married. what she never leaves home without, the body part she's learned to accept and her
8:01 am
foolproof trick to being red carpet ready. and look who almost made the list, robin. we are inside the brand-new issue right here. ♪ welcome to my house winter is coming. get ready, super fans, a "game of thrones" exclusive with the men of westeros, spoilers, twists and why no one is ever safe. ♪ all that and brooke burke-charvet here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ >> a wonderful wednesday here in times square. a little something there. >> they almost match. >> yeah. >> it'll all make sense this half hour. >> brooke burke-charvet here. also we got the story behind this brand-new photo. let's take a look at it right there. there it is. four generations of royalty. the queen, three future kings all posing for a photographer.
8:02 am
>> that's wonderful. >> and the photographer reports that prince george was absolutely charming. >> he looks so sweet and so excited. >> and the new "people" is here. >> "people" magazine's most beautiful, and guess who made it, everybody? check her out. our robin roberts -- only that is not here. how about a live shot. there she is. jennifer aniston gracing the cover. obviously the actress revealing she never leaves home without her wedding band and we'll give you her red carpet secret and jess is here with all that and we want to hear your secrets too. >> yeah, i think i'm under the title of beautiful for my age is what they said -- >> at any age. >> at any age. thank you. no, really, thank you very much. happy to be nominated. >> you look so good for a blank. i know that one. >> you look so much better in person. that one. also this morning, we're meeting two entrepreneurs who are turning their passion for beauty into profit.
8:03 am
the one is the creative force behind this dress that was worn by oscar winner lupita nyong'o. and she has a special message for that young woman coming up. >> we are looking forward to that. now let weigh go to amy with the morning rundown. the big story, donald trump and hillary clinton waking up with new momentum after easily winning the new york primary. clinton taking 58% of the vote. trump taking 60%. abc's tom llamas covers the trump campaign for us this morning. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: amy, good morning. donald trump knew he was going to win last night. he just didn't know by how much he was going to win. a huge victory for the gop front-runner here in new york, and he celebrated in true trump fashion in the lobby of trump tower. now, donald trump made two key points in his victory speech, first his campaign team is evolving. he says the media is making up much more than it should about his staff shake-up. the trump team bringing in new political pros to help him secure the nomination and the other point he made, he says senator ted cruz should now step aside. >> based on what i'm seeing on
8:04 am
television, senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> reporter: now senator ted cruz is not dropping out of this race. he hopes to take his campaign all the way to the convention where he's convinced he can win the nomination on the convention floor. he can outorganize and outfox donald trump, and yesterday cruz said the trump campaign is so disorganized, they couldn't run a lemonade stand. amy. >> all right, tom, thank you. and as for the democrats, an investigation is under way into why 126,000 people were taken off voter registration lists in brooklyn, but hillary clinton won the primary convincingly, and cecilia vega covers the democrats. cecilia, good morning. >> reporter: amy, good morning to you. this was a blow-out for hillary clinton, and it puts her one huge step closer to locking in the democratic nomination. in her victory speech here in manhattan overnight, clinton extended an olive branch to bernie sanders' supporters while also going after republicans and is now
8:05 am
turning her focus to november and the general election. >> you proved once again there's no place like home. [ cheers and applause ] the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch, and victory is in sight. >> reporter: and with that bernie sanders is trying to move past the bruising loss. overnight he headed to the next big state on the voting map, pennsylvania and then went home to vermont to take the day off and recharge. he is still vowing to stay in this race, but after the upset here in new york, amy, it could be nearly impossible for him to catch up with clinton's delegate lead. >> all right, cecilia, thanks so much. and in other news, a terrifying aftershock has jolted ecuador. this morning's tremor was a magnitude of 6.1. that's the strongest since saturday's quake. at least 525 people are now confirmed dead while the search continues for more than 200 other missing people. this morning police shouted into a hole in the rubble after hearing what sounded like coins but so far they have not found anyone. well, the historic flooding
8:06 am
in houston has now claimed at least seven lives as the nation's midsection faces even more severe weather. at least two reported tornadoes touched down in texas and missouri tuesday and more heavy rain is possible. runoff from inundated creeks prompted a new round of evacuations around houston. but city schools re-opened today. well, the cdc is reporting a rare drop in life expectancy for women in america. it recently dropped slightly to 81.1 years for non-hispanic white women. doctors say drug overdoses and diseases related to smoking and drinking could be to blame. well, finally, a day hitting the waves turned into a very frightening and spectacular one for a surfer in southern california. he was hanging ten enjoying himself then while paddling out to catch another wave, his gopro captures a great white shark. do you see it there? soaring completely out of the water about 100 feet away. he headed quickly back to shore, a good choice. i love what he said on his
8:07 am
video, this was a once in a lifetime sighting, hopefully. doesn't want to see it again. >> oh, no. >> pretty amazing. look at that. >> i know. >> i didn't know sharks could fly like that. >> neither did i. >> he's back safe and sound. all right. thank you, amy. now let's get to lara with the "morning menu." >> thanks so much, robin. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." first up, prince william gets candid. the royal dad taking on critics opening up about his future and being a new dad. and then jennifer aniston is "people" magazine's most beautiful person this year and she's revealing secrets like she never leaves home without her wedding band. that's nice. and then one of our pals, brooke burke-charvet, she's here to tell you how to declutter your home and your life. hi. i saw you with mr. peanut. we need you to explain that coming up on "good morning america" live in times square. stay with us. are. stay with us. gone noseblind. she thinks it smells fine, but her guests smell this... sfx: ding, flies, meow (after cat lands) music starts febreze air effects heavy duty has up to...
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naturally beautiful results® welcome back to "gma," and take a look at that photo we've been showing you this morning. love the detail there. prince george holding hands with his dad right there and this is a photo that's going to be used for new postage stamps to celebrate the queen's 90th birthday. >> so cute. >> yeah, it really is. also prince william is opening up in a rare interview taking on his critics talking about his life as a new dad, his role as future king and what he is learning from the queen. abc's lama hasan is live from windsor castle. good morning, lama. >> reporter: and good morning to you, george. well, on the eve of the queen's 90th birthday where she will be celebrating it here at windsor castle, prince william has been speaking with the bbc's nicholas witchle talking about everything from juggling fatherhood to his royal duties and for the first time opening up about how much of a guiding force the queen has been since his mother, princess diana, died.
8:13 am
with princess charlotte celebrating her first birthday in two weeks and prince george just shy of his third birthday the duke and duchess of cambridge are putting their family first. >> i take my duties and responsibilities very seriously and i want to bring my children up as good people. >> reporter: the royal couple want to give their children as normal an upbringing as possible away from the spotlight. >> i love my children the same way any father does. there will be a time and place to bring george up and understand how he fits in in the world but right now it's just a case of keeping a secure, stable environment around him and, you know, showing him as much love as i can as a father. >> reporter: william who rarely speaks about princess diana told sky news the importance the queen has played in his life after his mother's death. >> having lost my mother at a very young age, it's been particularly important for me that i've had someone like the queen to look up to and been there and understood some of the more complex issues that, you
8:14 am
know, when you lose a loved one. >> reporter: for now william is also content in his role as an air ambulance pilot juggling his helicopter job with his royal responsibilities. as the queen and phillip slow down, the second in line is ready to step up to the plate hitting back at claims and criticism in the british tabloids calling him work shy william. >> i take duty very seriously. i take my responsibilities very seriously, but it's about finding your own way at the right time, and when the queen decides that she's going to hand down more responsibilities, i'll be the first person to accept them. ♪ >> reporter: on thursday the queen will celebrate her 90th birthday. william reflects on what he's learned and what kind of king he aspires to be. >> i think in the queen she's probably the best role model i could have in front of my. i think the royal family has to modernize and develop as it goes along and stay relevant. >> reporter: and to mark the queen's 90th birthday the royal mail issuing this new and historic image. you can see the queen and three of her future kings, prince george standing on a pile of foam holding on to daddy for support.
8:15 am
of course, he is next to great grandma who he likes to gan-gan. >> you look like a postage stamp. it is gorgeous there. >> so excited to have jess cagle with us today. there we are. am i here? fonzie, i'm here. thank you. so another star who has a lot to celebrate, jennifer aniston, she is the new cover girl of "people" magazine's world's most beautiful issue and she is. also she's revealing some secrets saying the best thing about being married is spending every day with her best friend and here with more on that is the one and only jess cagle. >> hey, lara. >> who has a very big title. can i just read it because i'm so proud of you. "people" and "entertainment weekly's" editorial director. >> that's right. that's right. >> today you're combining the world of celebrity and people. we love this issue. why the beautiful jennifer aniston? >> well, this is a woman that we have known for, you know, a lot of years. i remember when i first met her 20 years ago, she was on
8:16 am
"friends" and it struck me that she's so much like rachel in person. >> she really is. >> and still that way. she's still very open and very funny and very warm. and she over the years i think has just gotten better and better. "a," she's a lot smarter than rachel, but on top of all that, she also has this kind of wisdom and self-assurance now that i don't think she ever had and this is really her prime. she's got this terrific movie career. she's a very underrated actress, i think, but she's got this great career. she is a very, very successful businesswoman, and she's 47 and looks 30, so there's that. >> darn right and so happy inside and out, and that is where a lot of our beauty comes from, from within, and she said that it really is the best time in her life right now. >> it really is. she's, like you said, she's married to a guy that she considers her best friend, and the funny thing about aniston is i have heard so many people over the years say to me, do you think jennifer aniston is happy? and you don't hear people say that about other stars. >> right.
8:17 am
>> you know, i think people really care about her happiness. they really -- because she's so relatable and she's just such an 5 peopling, appealing person. >> some of the others who made the list, serena williams, taraji p. henson and i like this thing you did. you asked some of your a-list to tell you the most beautiful thing that anyone has ever said to them. taraji p. henson said that someone said to her i love you unconditionally. that was the most beautiful thing. did she tell you who said that to her. >> she did not say who said it but i'm assuming anybody who ever met her. >> ah. >> i mean, look at her. >> she really is. >> and she's cookie. i mean, come on. >> yeah. >> come on. >> serena williams on the list, also melissa mccarthy, the most beautiful thing anybody ever said to her, and congratulations for making the list, she is gorgeous -- >> she's great. >> was not about her at all. it was about her children and someone said how happy her kids are. that's such a reflection on her. >> that made her feel great. a lot of people that we spoke to talked about people who -- they loved hearing compliments about their children.
8:18 am
sofia vergara was one of them, and she said the most beautiful thing that she can hear is when people talk about her son manolo and she takes such pride in that because, you know, she raised him as a single mom. >> that's great, and i want to just finish with our own robin roberts. >> oh, she's in the beautiful at every age, right there by viola davis and sarah jessica parker, looking amazing. >> yeah. we were laughing inside. look at her. there she is. >> thank you very much. i love that. at every age, thank you. >> robin, you look so beautiful. >> at any age. thank you, jess. i mean that. thank you. >> the picture of her at the oscars, you crushed at the oscars, you were the most beautiful. you sealed the deal that day. this issue is great and it goes well beyond the exterior beauty and we really do learn a lot about the celebrities. love this issue, jess. love you. >> i love you unconditionally. you too robin. >> okay. a check is in the mail. the check is in the mail, jess. thank you. all right, lara.
8:19 am
the world's most beautiful hits newsstands nationwide on friday. over to me, i have "deals & steals." here now, tory johnson, "deals & steals" in honor of a "pa$$ion to profit" series about up and coming businessmen and women, tory has gathered big bargains from companies started by teens. >> yes. >> wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. >> i'm so excited about this. okay, so first up, during an entrepreneurship class decided, you know, let's do something that's going to help kids with cancer so they started love your melon. these beanies, 100% made in america, cotton. and what they do is buy one, give one, so since they started the company, 55,000 beanies have been delivered to kids with cancer, and each of them are delivered by a college student dressed as a superhero. >> oh, whether a good idea. what's the deal? >> first of all, feel how comfortable it is. you can wear this year round either for warmth, style or quite frankly just to support a great cause. normally $30, today only everything slashed in half, big assortment, 15 bucks. >> all right. >> pretty great. >> great. >> okay, fish flops --
8:20 am
every little kid loves flip-flops. so a little girl was inspired by the sea and would draw little sea creatures then trace them from paper onto flip-flops and showed them to her dad and he said, girl, you got a business and fish flops was born. big assortment. not just the ones see here for boys and girls of all ages, a really great deal on this. a variety of styles, $18 to $20 today, half off 9 to 10 bucks. >> okay. teens love their phones. >> all right. wildflower cases. this one is super cool, so a mom and two teenage daughters made some cases. they happened to be coincidentally in a restaurant where miley cyrus was there. they asked to take a selfie. miley said, hey, cool phone case, where did you get it? they said we made it and she said do you sell them, they said, no. she said you should start today and they did. they started selling cases and they have over 300,000 instagram followers, huge, huge following. all based on this is like one of their most popular styles, the stone style.
8:21 am
big assortment that you'll see online but that's how wildflower was born, just moms and girls playing around and miley said, start a business. >> they're really cool. >> really fun. normally these start at $35, today only they're slashed in half, so starting at 17.50 plus wildflower is throwing in free shipping. >> free shipping. i think we have takers over here. we might have to pass some of these out. i got you right here. right here. this is a "gma" favorite. >> "gma" favorite. this is an oprah, sarah jessica parker, jennifer aniston favorite. emi jay started by two high school best friends who just had a passion for fashion and were obsessed with going to a fabric store. their mom said you have to make something with all that fabric and they started making hair ties and they make their original hair ties but use neoprene, leather, crystals, so many different things and, they've also expanded to do t-shirts, nightshirts and the brand has expanded from simple hair ties to a lifestyle brand. huge discount on these from emi
8:22 am
jay. $6 to $20 normally, everything slashed 60%, $2.50 to $8. >> sweets. >> fatty sundays was started by two girls who grew up in long island so they took a classic snack and gave it a gourmet makeover. all pretzels are dipped in a variety of different chocolates. whatever your sort of flavor is they've got you covered on these. normally the three-box set, $24, today only slashed in half, 12 bucks. >> 12 bucks. wonderful. "pa$$ion to profit." thank you, thank you, thank you, tory and thank you to all the companies for providing the great deals. go to on yahoo! to get the codes and links to these bargains. now to rob. >> got a great crowd out here, check them out. you know, we took a selfie earlier. i made a bad face. i'm sorry about that. >> that's okay. >> we'll redo that in a second. >> thank you. >> it's really ugly. we'll show you what's going on across parts of the plains. we got this low
8:23 am
that refuses to move, more flash flooding across the flood zone of houston. rivers in some cases refusing to go down and another round of thunderstorms later on this afternoon and again i think tomorrow and then we'll finally clear things out but another 2 to 4 inches >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with the bay area forecast. starting off with sunshine. increasing clouds. the temperatures will tumble today through friday. sprinkles in the in the bay and tomorrow a better chance of measure average rain and sunny and mild and breezy. today we go from 66 at half moon bay to 80 in antioch account should cover keeps us child low-to-upper 50s. my seven-day forecast is coolest with less than quarter-inch of rain on friday morning. >> i really need to get better at that. all right. let's do it. >> oh, i'm on. >> much better. >> okay. lara, you're better at this than i am. back inside to you.
8:24 am
>> not at all. get in here because i do not have a lot of time for "pop." so let's get to it. robin, get in here. okay, everybody, i'll start with some news in hollywood. kate hudson who we love is keeping it in the family with her next project. "variety" is reporting that she is set to appear in a tv drama what along side kurt russell and her brother oliver executive producing it and the project's called "the barbary following gold prospectors. if you want to cast me, i am available. >> great pirate version. >> that was a pirate version. >> i'm confused. >> there be gold in them their hills. >> no time for my other stories. doing a pirate gold prospector. no word on kate and kurt's characters but keeping our fingers crossed for a gold rush of our own as in goldie hawn and we know mom and daughter so close toasting her baby girl's 37th birthday sharing this throwback photo on instagram. so, look for that show.
8:25 am
also in the news today, a study from oregon state university says early retirement might not be as relaxing as you thought. in fact, those who retire early and i actually really agree with this are at a higher risk of dying earlier. researchers studied retirees over the course of 18 years so this is legit concluding that those who work longer live longer. why, why, you ask. working, they say, is an important part of one's identity and going from working 40 hours a week to doing nothing leads to depression, anxiety and the existential stress of wondering what you should be doing with your life. >> retiring doesn't mean you have to do nothing. >> exactly. you can -- >> volunteer. there's a lot of things. >> you can sleep. >> a lot of yard sales. >> for many so of us, robin, we have enough to do. >> yeah, yeah. all right, and finally, everybody, meet the yoga master who couldn't find her mat and she decided that the next logical choice was a horse, obviously. >> whoa. >> that's angela nunez from purcellville, virginia. she says her horse is a very stable yoga partner.
8:26 am
thank you, and this is a way to combine the two favorite things. to that we say neigh-maste -- >> neigh. >> thank you. thank you. you distracted me from my bunch line. >> i just love when you pick stories just to get to the last few words. >> wait for it. wait for it. so excited. >> thank you, lara. >> neigh-maste. coming up, jesse has an exclusive interview with "game of thrones." and the creative force behind this beautiful dress is here live.
8:27 am
now from abc7 news. good morning. i am with the abc7 morning news. over to sue hall with the latest on the new traffic alert in alamo. >> yeah, it's been crazy and this with a motorcycle down. the middle lanes are blocked and the rider is okay and conscience and speaking. the back up is horrendous and northbound, so giver yourself plenty of extra time. westbound 580 we have three weeks blocking the lanes of traffic there. let's go to video earlier this morning and it remains in lanes northbound and union city and 880 south bound, all lanes have
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning. you can see the affect of the early morning sunshine. that's warmer than it has been and the rest of it in the mid-and upper 50s and then a beautiful picture and your day planners will see the increasing clouds and decreasing temperatures just like yesterday. mi mid-60s at the coast and then the accuweather forecast. get ready for the rain on friday morning. >> thank you mike. we will have another local update in 30 minutes and then on the app.
8:30 am
join reggie, mike and me 4:30 ♪ ♪ welcome back to "gma" and mr. peanut and his peanut gang. we've got a great crowd. everybody's got their peanut hats on. we have a lot coming up this half hour including that exclusive interview with the men of "game of thrones." that's coming up but let's go inside to robin. >> all right there, george. thank you. time now for our "pa$$ion to profit" series celebrating young people making their mark on the business world, so this morning, we have two young women who are turning their beauty and fashion creativity into the companies of their dreams. meet maddy maxey and emily weiss, two ceos rising to the top of their industry. maddy, a creative technologist with an eye for fashion bringing smart fabrics out of the lab and straight to the runway capturing
8:31 am
the attention of one of hollywood's stars, lupita nyong'o. the dress coded by maddy designed by zac posen thanks to google's made with code program. >> you work on electronic textiles, prototyping and we also work on research and development to find better ways to manufacture e-textiles. >> maddy dropped out of parsons to start her own company. >> the crated started out as a fashion tech lab. >> reporter: her parents approved only one semester off. that was three years ago. maddy's latest project is this lightweight jacket she calls kelvin created with thermochromic fabric. >> you can see it's getting really hot in here and that's why the fabric is changing color. >> reporter: illuminating examples of the future of fashion. following her passion in 2010 emily weiss left her job at "vogue" to focus on her beauty blog into the gloss. >> i really liked to just have five things. >> reporter: her top shelf posts sharing the beauty secrets of some of the most recognizable women.
8:32 am
>> there's a lot of products out there and as a beauty editor myself, i've tried a lot of them. >> reporter: inspired by her discoveries in 2014 emily went from writing about beauty products to creating her own launching a direct to consumer line called -- >> welcome to glossier. we wanted to take the guesswork out of beauty by precurating an easy to use universal range of products. >> reporter: the digital world recently came to life at this new york pop-up shop. >> there's not a one size fits all to beauty anymore. individuality is key, and we have always perpetuated that here. this notion that you should really be proud of who you are every day. >> and we are proud of them, emily weiss of glossier and maddy maxey of the crated are here along with top fashion designer rebecca minkoff. oh, goodness, okay, so, emily,
8:33 am
you are online but you have these pop-up stores because you like to connect with people, don't you? >> yes, i do. it's really important for us as a digitally native beauty company to connect with our customers in real life, and a lot of beauty stores can be a little overwhelming, a little crowded, you know, perhaps a little messy and for us we really wanted to create an offline experience where girls can come together and hang out and share tips with each other and get to know one another in addition to trying on our products. >> i love this mini pop-up store that we have here. >> thank you. >> just got to give people the examples. congratulations and this is wonderful and i'll talk more to you about it of the come on now. i mean your fashion is cutting edge, and we have some wonderful models here. grace is wearing -- tell us a little bit about what she's wearing. >> absolutely. grace is wearing a series of garments that we designed that respond to sunlight, and they're all stem concepts, so we were trying to take this new twist on wearable tech of using new tears but also useing programming languages to make the graphics.
8:34 am
>> wonderful. we saw this in the piece. come on up, zac. come on, let us see. that's the -- >> kelvin is a heated jacket. i thought you should be able to wear one of rebecca minkoff's beautiful leather jackets and how to keep you warm. i know by now that sort of thing is totally possible. >> and we saw this, mischa. are i going to step on up? we saw this on lupita. tell us about that creation. >> absolutely. so this project, it's been such a pleasure to work with the team because the problem that we were really looking at is that a lot of girls don't think technology is creative and it doesn't relate to things they love so we let girls program the animations on this dress showing them that code isn't just a web app but also the things around us everywhere. >> that's out. we have a special message, somebody wanted to give you a little shoutout. take a look. >> maddy, thank you so much for the design you made with zac posen. i thoroughly enjoyed wearing the dress. it lit up my night.
8:35 am
>> excited to hear about that? >> such an honor. like lupita doesn't know who i am. >> she does now. >> she does now. >> and we know who you are, emily. tell us about -- i mean, for you, you're at "vogue." >> yeah. >> you give that up. you know, a lot of people want to have that courage. i mean, where did that come from that you knew you could take that risk? >> i mean, i think for me it was a fairly easy decision because looking at the market as a beauty editor, you know, i saw a lot of brands out there that were focused on red carpet looks or runway looks when, in fact, it's 8:30 in the morning and most of us are going to work or going to school and so we really wanted to create a very modern company that celebrates beauty in real life and for us what that means is creating a range of products that live with you, not on you, are really universal, are really easy and really meant to make you look your best and not try and become someone else, and for us, it's been really exciting and made the decision sort of easy to be mission driven in that way. >> i love that about -- i'm just
8:36 am
looking -- i know you are too, rebecca, because you came to new york at 18 and said i'm going to take it by storm and you have absolutely done that but it's about taking risk and you said you have to know what type of risk to take, perhaps. >> i think you have to be smart about the risks you're taking. i think as an entrepreneur it's sort of built into that in itself you have to be a risk taker but we wouldn't be here today if i had not talked to my customer, that was a risk believe it or not back in the day or talking to influencers or using technology to be more in touch with my consumer. those were all risks but they built the brand to what it is today. >> and how do you break out? there's so much out there in fashion and design. how do you make your mark? >> i think it's about finding the white space within the white space. it's about evolving. it's about being in touch with your consumer and using technology like emily and maddy have done to really talk to her more and more often in the way she wants to be listened to. >> how would you both talk to people who are watching, some young people who want to do what you're doing or have their dream? >> absolutely. i would say stay curious, keep
8:37 am
asking questions and getting all the skills you can because regardless of whether things succeed or fail, if you've learned a lot along the way, then it's really valuable. >> i like that. ask questions. for you, emily. >> i would echo maddy and say know what you don't know. for us that was a lot and that can be a humbling realization but i think it really gives you an opportunity to learn from people who, you know, who have been there and done that and be open-minded. >> i'm putting that on a t-shirt. know what you don't know. i can work with you both on that. >> let's do it. >> thank you and, rebecca, congratulations on all that you're doing and thank you for the advice that you give, as well. so we thank you all and the way you can turn passion into profit but the way it is, the spirit and the heart, that's what it's all about. thank you all very much. let's get outside now to rob. >> all right, robin, look who i'm with. mr. peanut celebrating a very special day. going to get to that in a second. oh, trivia question. how many peanuts in a peanut we'll answer that in a sec. jar. breezy conditions and a couple fires yesterday. be careful out there.
8:38 am
winds will down die. should be lovely not only across the east coast but the west coast will be warm, as well. perfect peanut eating weather. wouldn't you agree? >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco with temperatures today at 69 if san francisco, mid-70s and nearly 80 for the rest us and starting off with sunshine and cloud cover and a sprinkle across the north bay a scattered shower tomorrow but measurable rain on friday morning. >> all right, we are back with mr. peanut himself for a very special celebration. 2016 marks his 100th birthday. happy birthday. what an incredible milestone, mr. peanut, he's here with the peanutters, of course, who drove their special nutmobile all the way to times square to celebrate with us. thanks for doing that, guys, and, of course, mr. peanut is famous for his top hat and his monocle, so everybody here in the audience is getting in the act, as well. all year long the planters
8:39 am
brand is honoring its icon with festivities around the country including this limited edition 100th birthday peanut jar. that is very festive and, of course, no birthday celebration is complete without a birthday cake. bring it on. all right. happy birthday. everyone, give it up for mr. peanut. that looks delicious. thank you, peanuters, thank you, mr. peanut. we'll be out here eating cake. back inside to you, robin. >> rob, thank you. emily was saying mr. peanut looks pretty good out there. >> he looks pretty good. >> some things are timeless. some things are timeless. coming up, our exclusive interview with the men of "game of thrones." come on back.
8:40 am
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at a disneyland resort hotel.
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we are back now with our big "game of thrones" week celebration, the excitement hitting a fever pitch as we all get ready for sunday's season 6 premiere. abc's jesse palmer sat down with the male stars for an exclusive interview. jesse, i'm still catching up with season 5, so don't spoil anything. >> amy, i know you're a thronie, so am i. so much fun. i got to hang out with all the guys. we had a blast learning what their characters are going to be up to. what we can expect this season
8:43 am
and, of course, the million dollar question, is jon snow really dead? take a look. >> the things i do for love. >> reporter: the name of the game -- >> bring me his head. >> reporter: -- is expect the unexpected. for five head-spinning seasons of "game of thrones," there's been no shortage of hair-raising twists. >> please. >> reporter: and downright shockers. >> they send their regards. >> reporter: absolutely no one is safe. >> for the watch. >> reporter: even jon snow. is jon snow, is he really dead? >> he is dead. >> ned stark is also dead. he died of adversities. >> reporter: how does jon snow's death change the game? >> no comment. >> reporter: it's a get-together of the g.o.t. fellows. ramsay, theon, davos, samwell, bran and tormund. the veteran in the group is actorlyian cunningham. >> those ending the dragon
8:44 am
slaying career. >> liam, you've been acting a long time. did you ever expect "game of thrones" -- >> what are you laughing at? what's that supposed to mean? did you know -- i saw him out of my peripheral vision. >> did you ever think "game of thrones" would be as successful and wildly successful as it is? >> to see this outpouring of appreciation for this is absolutely remarkable. it's astonishing, isn't it? >> you talk about the fans. what's the craziest story you guys have had? >> some guy just picked me up doing a hodor thing. it was the worst situation in my life. he was kind of holding me by like one leg sideways off his body. >> taking a selfie? >> yeah, mate. >> thank you for that. >> isaac plays bran stark. we haven't seen him since season four, but he's making a comeback. is there a chance we get to see bran stark potentially fly? >> i don't know. you'll have to watch. >> really, anything goes.
8:45 am
and where the show excels is getting you gloriously uncomfortable. >> what is your name? >> those torture scenes, what head space do you get yourself in to have to play in those types of scenes? >> i guess to go to those really dark places, you have to kind of keep it light in between, but ironically one person who kind of helped me through it, the person that you see inflicting this pain on me was actually really there for me. sorry to be all mushy, but you were. >> remember what you are and what you're not. >> reporter: what sort of things can we expect from your character? >> some more horrific behavior and real disgraceful stuff, you know, yeah, you wouldn't want to take me home to meet your mother. >> and christopher, in season 5 we started to see much more of tormund. >> gather the elders, and let's talk. >> what will we see in season 6? >> well, it's the same.
8:46 am
i think you see a sid eof tormund that's going to be pretty nice maybe. >> stay back! >> reporter: and your character has left. >> he was conniving his way out of castle black and going to the citadel. you find him at the start of season 6, you see him in quite a positive frame of mind, but this being "game of thrones," they don't like to have people in positive frames and farther alert, jeopardy is introduced seconds into his first appearance so -- >> reporter: for a show where everyone is in peril -- >> aaagh. >> reporter: -- and the deaths are epic, if you could choose the way your character died, how would it be? >> slip on a stone and crack his head in the ground. >> from head -- >> a cardiac arrest in a horrid exits in the gallons. >> i'd like to be torn apart by sharks. >> a dragon-related death, surely you want -- >> yeah. >> battling a dragon. >> the want the scene to go on as long as possible and
8:47 am
be very expensive and make them pay for it. >> so jon snow may be dead, may be dead, but the good news is he bequeathed me his sword. right here, its name is longclaw made of valyrian steel and it's quite a beauty. and, guy, we have so many more "game of thrones" surprises coming up later this week. amy, you're not going to want to miss it. i know you love this show. >> i can't get over how strange it is to see all of them looking normal. like i don't even recognize half of them. thank you, jesse. cannot wait. coming up next, we have brooke burke-charvet with easy ways to declutter your house and your life all coming up next. stay with us. ♪
8:48 am
today's the day! oh look! creepy gloves for my feet. see when i was a kid there was a handle. and a face. this is nice. and does it come in a california king? getting roid rage.
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8:50 am
less" about decluttering not just your home but life, soul, mind. >> so important to figure out how you can have less so you can have more and it's not just material possessions but learning how to say no, not being overly scheduled. >> what is this no word you speak of? >> the power of being able to say no to things you don't enjoy and do it without guilt so you have more room in your life to do the things you love more. 101 short stories that are sweet and inspirational. it's spring, sort of like mandatory spring cleaning. >> i love it. i love it. >> in all areas of your life. >> not just for your home. i love it. so how did you become an expert in decluttering? like what was the sort of -- >> well, a little bit of an obsession for me, i have to stay organized to really manage my family or i would drown in the chaos and i wrote one of the stories in the book. it's about gift giving and share things somebody else might enjoy more, but it's about teaching my children and family how to get rid of things they don't need. this little setup, we'll be able to show people what to donate. what to get rid of,
8:51 am
what to throw away to make more room in your life. >> i want to ask the audience one quick question. this -- tell us your name again. >> whitney. >> hi, whitney. so what is your question for brooke? >> hi. i have a situation. i was just invited to five friends' weddings. >> five? >> yes, and i'm only close to about three of them, and right now i'm on a tight schedule, okay. >> so, what is that word, that n-o word? >> so the power of no is being able to choose what's most important to you. i feel like weddings are a once in a lifetime -- weddings are really special, but you can't be overly scheduled. and you can't be everywhere. >> plus, expensive. >> they're expensive as well so you can either eliminate some other things in your life, maybe pass on some birthday parties or some more invitations and choose the things that mean the most to you. >> prioritize which are the ones and be really honest and kind and thank you maybe a little token. >> five weddings can be really expensive. >> it's all about decluttering, invitation, your life. >> don't feel guilty about it. >> we like this game.
8:52 am
it's a demonstration really called dig it or ditch it. we've got three bins here. we've got to give it, keep it or trash it box. you'll give examples. we start with the give it bin. >> the give it bin is actually over here. so look at all these gadgets that you're probably not using. now you can sell these. you can get really smart and sell them or you can give these kind of things away. look at these old phones, old tablets, you've got baby clothes here. what are you saving those for? you're either going to donate those or give those away. donate books, amazing. >> okay, second one -- >> donate them. donate them. >> why do kids feel they need a new backpack every year? >> especially when i have four, it's not easy. >> trash it bin. >> old magazines, we have to stay current when it comes to fashion. old newspapers. >> recycle. >> recycle. get rid of them, throw them away. broken appliances, throw them away. we are cleaning. it is spring cleaning right now so throw that stuff away. stained t-shirts. >> they make great rags. >> that's right. >> keep it, board games. i mean it really is
8:53 am
about simplifying and doing more of what you love. i always save board games. it's a great way to reconnect with your family. >> unplug and plug into your family. >> school supplies, you can never have enough of those. >> i like how you've organized. >> brooke burke-charvet is the author, "chicken soup for the soul." "the joy of less" available now in stores and online. thank you for the tips and thank you for h he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready.
8:54 am
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tomorrow right as the race gets more fierce, the voting more critical, it's hillary clinton live now facing you and all your tough questions. the "gma" town hall event from across the nation. hillary clinton tomorrow, abc's "good morning america." ♪ i want to see you smile "good morning america" is brought to you by ashley homestore. this is home. >> thanks for watching us on this wonderful wednesday. tomorrow our town hall with hillary clinton live right here in times square. >> have a great day. >> bye. times square. >> have a great day. >> bye.
8:57 am
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now from abc7 news. sue, what's the latest on the the traffic alert in alamo? >> well, we have yeah, multivehicle accident with motorcycles down. yeah, we have three separate motorcycle involved accidents. the alert that you mentioned is northbound and we also have a motorcycle down in the lanes and westbound and 580 westbound and then one lane remains closed northbound and all south bound lanes are aopened. mike? temperatures are ready and ten degrees warmer than yesterday. 70s in everywhere and here is the seven day forecast. measurable rain. >> thank you. now live with kelly and michael.
9:00 am
the reporting continues now on the news app and >> today from dancing with the starzz, vonn miller and whitney carson. and learn ways to stop medicating your pain as we continue our take charge of your health week. and don't forget to log on to to play, vote, and be part of today's show. lus ana joins michael at the co-host desk, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television]


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