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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  April 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> authorities hope to find answers, the 57-year-old was found unresponsive of the elevator in his home. pairs tried to revive him but were not able to. there are no signs foul play. he has been battling flu-like symptoms for months after his final show last thursday, a small concert in atlanta, his plan made an emergency landing and he had to go to the hospital. saturday night he reassured fans that he was "wait a new days before you private any prayers." all of us is a favorite rinse song whether we are young, old, black, white, he crossed all demographics in the four decade career and united us in one color: purple. last night the san francisco city hall was lit up in his signature color, and tiffany is in the newsroom. tributes appeared all over the bay area. >> absolutely. they did. prince is being mounted and his legacy is celebrated around the
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world and especially right here in the bay area at nightclubs and bars and in front of city hall fans saying the lyrics prince leaves behind. some danced with a disregard for his genre, with where purple drinks are on special. his hit hits radiated through a knit club that featureed cabaret and the boy he leave -- the void he leaves behind are strong. awhere are the i cobs going? david bowie and now prince, it is hard to think who will fill the big, huge shoes. prince...was a musical genius. all the san francisco roxy will is a special midnight screening of "purple rain," and it is sold." these are a few of the man
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tributes expected to honor prince in the coming days. >> we have been watching social media as regular folks like us and huge celebrities have been responding to the passing of prince. we like this from justin timberlake a long quote on instagram saying how people tell you never to meet the heroe love but he was glad he met prince, and he said "laughable, royalty for sure, from another planet, probably." a lot of people are sharing that sentiment. this is from missy, the picture of prince she had drawn on her wall years ago but she was inspired. and ma den recorded a song with prince from "like a prayer," and this is from steph curry's wife taken from her 15 at the game last month that he appeared. can you see he is dressed in the
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colors supporting one of his favorite teams and favorite player, her husband. we will have more tributes from celebrities across the world. >> we have posted this tribute to rips on facebook, you can share it on your facebook to express your sympathy. >> much more about prince throughout the world. more trouble at cal, another in a string of sexual misconduct investigations. the university said they are examining allegations that the crew coach failed to report a sexual assault claim against a rower. we have the details from amy hollyfield. >> natasha another allegation on this campus. university is locking and it. according to the san jose mercury news the crew coach is accused of knowing that one of his rowers was acased of sexual assault and did not report it. and said to the female accuser "stop crying, you are no angel
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anyway." >> teddy responded by e-mail saying the allegation are completely false. i am confident the investigation will prove this. the university has hired an outside southwest girl to look into the allegation. this is just one more alleg among several from the university. california now has a new chancellor's committee on sexual assault to work on preventing attacks. >> thank you. what a heart breaker, one point away from a win and the warriors are look need sunday hoping to get redemption against the rockets if game four, struggling without the church shooting of steph curry. they get one last chance in the final seconds to steal a win but it did not happen. houston walked away with a one
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one-point win 97-96. bad the whom game. i care abut the turn over but i don't care where i feel like it cost us, i cost us the game. >> we had a lot of good individual performances but we have to play better. what steph curry is here or not, we should perform at a high level which we did for much of the game. >> the warriors are still up 2-1 but that did not ease the heartbreak for a last fans in the bay area last night. katie marzullo has their reaction. >> there was hope. but it was not to be. >> my blood pressure was always over the place. i thought we had it. >> i could could not breathe. >> i feel sad and depressed. i am still pretty good because steph curry did not play.
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>> steph curry the key to optimism. most agree if they were this close without him they will win easy with him the i was there monday and it was great. >> at the alameda theater, fans had to suffer through a loss they were treated to the championship trophy. >> i thought it was a replica but it was real. >> once in a hive time ordeal so i am happy. i get to show off. >> one good memory from game three in alameda for abc7. >> we are the only place where you can watch warriors and the rockets in game four of the western conference playoffs with tip-off sunday at 12:30. join us for after the game and mike shumann will be in houston and larry will be with espn and ambassador for warriors. >> sinkhole is causing a road close in san francisco.
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there is a gigantic sink hole. the neighbors complaint of a depress forming yesterday afternoon. the crews arrived and they through asphalt on it and this is what happened. it caused the street to cave in from the weight. >> when a road is opened up you can see watt problem is and we had the public utilities commission, the water department, they started scoping it to see the problem and they found there was a protecten sewer. >> public, withs will be there at daylight to assess the damage and they have to make repairs to the sue irand then the street. >> uber will pay town $100 million to settle a class-action lawsuit over employment status of the drivers. the settlement announced last night will allow uber to keep classifying drivers as "independent contractors." as part of the tell unper will let drivers put signs in the vehicle letting riders know that tips are not included in the business rice and would be appreciateed.
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>> we are tracking wet weather as we come up on 4:38 this friday morning. you can see it is right away the richmond-san rafael bridge, the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge so we will look at the bigger picture and you can see the entire system and moving from west to east. the individual showers are moving from southwest to northeast. we are going to get nice light rain covering all of our roads heading through through the com. in daly city today at the golf club get ready to get wet with temperatures in the upper 50s. it will not rain all day but we will have rain this morning, a break, and more rain and showers this afternoon. here is a look at the golden gate bridge where it is wet but the wind is gusting up to 27 miles per hour right new so not only do you have shake conditions but you also have the winds trying to push you around. we have waves wet weather, the steady lighter to moderate rain
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this morning, and a chance of showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. with locally breezy conditions, locally heavy down pours and even some small hail. i will give you a look at that next weather forecast. the weekend is going to be breezy on saturday, to windy on sunday, with temperatures in the 60s today and we be in the 60s and 70s on saturday and sunday. more on that ahead. sue? >> 15 bart trains are out there and we have a delay because of some track maintenance and equipment problems at6th and mission in the pittsburg and day point with a bus bridge in place between san leandro and bay fair the bart stations and act transit providing that. you can expect delays. right new, ace train number one is coming interest tracy on time. watch this camera bop around, it is windy as mike has been mentioned but we still have a good commute between 15 minutes from golden gate field to san francisco with no delays at the
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toll plaza in san francisco. we do have a little bit of a backup and a little bit of an issue here with road would on the cartinez bridge and that will be out there are for on more minutes. guys? >> happening right enjoy a look at pictures of windsor castle where the president has just arrived, touching down in with marine 1. it is the keep's birthday they celebrating so he will have lunch. dipper with the other royals including prince harry and prince william. the other big thing is there is a discussion of whether the u.k. should lebanon the e.u. and the president just published an editorial yesterday saying that they should stay in the eu. and it is very controversial in union is a lot is going on and we will watch it as the morning going on. >> advocates will rally in favor of a new gun law facing a vote in sacramento. the power it gives you to try and stop someone from using a
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excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig >> back to this picture with marin one, and hopefully we will see president obama in england right new for a meeting with the royal family.
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>> this is a live feed and he is there for the 930 and he will talk about future of the e.u. and whether britain is pat of it. >> look at the continues moments at the santa clara police station. the bomb squad was called to debt state a pipe bomb. we were identified the police station as the bomb robot removed a small metal cylinder. police found it when they represented a drug suspect. the device is the size of a manner but it could have done serious damage. >> parents will descend on the state capital in sacramento a show of support for a proposed gun bill. it is aimed at preventing workplace shootings like last year's deadly rampage. the bill sponsored by san
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francisco assemblyman would, sand the scope of gun violence restraining orders allowing an employer, co-worker or mental health workinger to file a motion against someone they believe could cause trouble. >> north carolina's controversial lgbt law has now taken center stage in the race for 2016. we explain how it is creating an even bigger divide between the republican presidential candidates. >> donald trump is not changing just yet. >> we are winning by a lot, we are kicking [ blank ]. >> he said he has to stay tough against ted cruz and john kasich. >> i have two leftovers i have to finish. >> ted cruz goes after donald trump for his stand on north carolina's controversial law banning transgender people from using the bathroom as they identify with. >> he in the that men should be able to go and the fill's battle room in they want to. now, let me ask, have we gone
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stark raving notes? >> cruz accused we donald trump of being politically correct after he said it is bad for business and that he allow a transgender person like caitlyn jenner to use any bathroom she wanted in trump tower. >> after hire new staff to help professionalize the campaign he said he will deliver a series of policy speeches and may even use a teleprompter. >> happening today, volunteers in the south bay celebrateth day by cleaning up parks. the second year in a row san jose marriott is beautifying the two acre chavez park the oldest public place in california dating back to 1797. they corporate america and water conservation through the year. >> we have interesting weather on our way. >> not a bad day to plant a tree in you can get it in the ground before it rains, the rain is good for it, better than tap
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water. good morning, everyone, i wanted to start you in the santa cruz mountains with a few light showers showing up there and you can see they are starting to take over parts of the peninsula but it is light right now and it only take as little to make the streets slick. our greatest rainfall amounts have been .04" around petaluma and you can see some of the darker green and some of the moderate rain that is falling. i will put this in motion and show you we have two waves, with the cold front, this is going to be the steady and light rain for the morning commute and the showers and themes. you can see the more isolated nature in our afternoon forecast. here is a look from the exploritorium with a few rain drops falling so have the umbrellas handy. rain to showers and thunder is possible this afternoon, and breezy to windy with temperatures close to average this weekend, and we have another storm next wednesday. we will talk about this storm use are our storm-impact scale and we have been rating our rain
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all thousand the season greater "1" light to 5,severe and this could be light and you could be caught under a heavier thunderstorm that could have small hail. here we are at 5:00, to 6:00, still, the steady rain is in the north bay but we will still have showers ahead of it at 7:00 through the heart of the bay and 8:00 inland and through the south bay. by 10:00, it is over. head through the independence hour we will start to watch and you can see the yellows and oranges and reds and 1:00 through 3:00 and we will see a tapering as we head into the evening commute and the second before will bring us possibly the heaviest rain. the temperatures are going to stay steady and pretty quiet on monday and tuesday compared to the winds. >> in san jose we will look at highway 87 beyond the s.a.p. center, and the julian exit and a couple of cars, making their way through the screen this early friday morning coming up on 4:49. we did have some issues out
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there and we have a gas leak in the st. helena area on highway 29 and this is at eller's lane with one-way traffic control. the sensors are yellow. the friend is rain. it could affect the commute. expect delays and one we traffic control on highway 29. road work with the ramp closed westbound 4 to eastbound 80 for another 10 minutes. guys? >> coming up, a medical alert for people, a gene linked to breast cancer can affect your ability to is a baby. >> a military training exercise that wasn't supposed to go like this. >> american retail icon is making a drastic cost-cutting move. >> sears will close 8 of the k-mart and sears stores i addition to 50 other closing after a disappointing holiday season.
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>> in the wake of the vw scandal there could be issues with mercedes. owners file a lawsuit claiming that some cars are rammed to emit illegal levels of emissions. the united states has asked mercedes parent company to look into it. >> prince songs are soaring on itunes and we may not have heard the last. he recorded hundreds of songs he never released believed in the vault in the compound that was his home and studio. that is ♪ america's service members and veterans are strong. forged out of bravery, sacrifice, and duty. from all corners of the country, a family for life. ♪ but whether they served in lands far away or communities close to home, some of these men and women may face difficult times or even crisis. but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all.
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thankfully, friends, family, and communities are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever. ♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.
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>> the storm-impact scale is level "1", light rain so keep an umbrella handy. ♪ purple rain ♪ purple rain ♪ yeah >> they are singing and this is singing and that is what just what happened with the cast from "color purple," paying tribute to prince. she wanted the audience to wouldn't singing "purple rain," to honor prince and his music. we will bring you full coverage but what a tribute. >> amazon same day delivery
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service is able in your neighborhood you would expect all neighbors be able to take part but according to blmburg that is not always the case. certain cities amazon does not deliver to some zip codes mainly those in minority urban neighborhoods. income inequality couldly a part. some, clue zip codes have wages below the national average and amazon said demographics lay in role. akon cord man face as hate crime charge after he burned a gay pride flag flying above a church. >> police say the man stole the nag from in property of the clayton valley presbyterian church and set it on fire. he is charged with arson and theft and vandalism. police are hooking for more people who could be involved in the crime. >> fairfield police need your help to find this missing man, jerry stevens, last seen wearing a black and white plaid jacket
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and a gray or black backpack reported missing in redwood city and last seen in fairfield yesterday and is considered at risk. he may also have ptsd. do not approach hill. call police in i see him. >> yes! yes! >> do not let the joyful clearing feel you this drop of united states army humvees on a training mission is going very wrong. this happened in germany. not one thing that went wrong but three things. the arm said that three of the hum vies slipped from the parachute rigs and end up plummeting hundreds of pete to the ground. the impact destroyed the three vehicles. no one was hurt. the army is investigating. >> hundreds of thousands of reasons...a lot of money.
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>> you can see east bay hills it is raining. now what will happen in you go to the game, the showers will be tapering by 7:10 with the marlins. dress warmly. mid-50s and breezey. gusts on saturday are 15-20 saturday afternoon. on sunday, 25-30 miles per hour. in you head up to the sierra, we have snow starting at 8:00 this morning until 11:00 this evening. possibly 1' above 7,000'. >> there are no chain rarements. obviously the snow has not started. in walnut creek traffic is good southbound 680 beyond north main to 24 as you continue on the san ramon valley it is 15 minutes interest dublin/pleasanton area. with in delays. green with the roads and that is good and everyone is moving at the limit. we have this accident in the
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vacaville area in you are leave town this morning 80 at davis the left lane is blocked and c.h.p. is en route. we will look at south bay accident in the santa cruz mountains on 17 when we come back. >> we have a health warning for women this morning, a gene linked to breast cancer can hurt your ability to have children. the mutation could be linked to having fewer eggs in your ovaries. researchers estimate that a 35-year-old woman has thes of a 37-year-old. this was not seen in women the 2 gene mutation. consider having them earlier in you have the mutation. >> you need to know that entry fees are waive through sunday to mark the park service 100th anniversary including mire wood,
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yosemite, kings canyon and 123 other parks across the country. fees are waived from august 25-august 28, again, in on of the park service birthday. >> san jose police try to ease community concern of the body camera officers are about to wear. next, we are live with the number one condition. all the measure being unveiled today, aimed at making it easier to prosecute pg&e and other to prosecute pg&e and other utilities for
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. so many of us are reeling over waking up and prince no longer is us with. fans around the world


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