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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, trouble on the tracks. bart put its new $2 million train car to the test and something went wrong. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. the new train car plowed into a pile of dirt this afternoon near hayward along the section of test track. tonight bart is responding. >> sergio is live in hayward with the story. sergio? >> it took bart workers a few hours to dig the new train car out of the dirt, and they towed it away to something they call a barn to check to see if there were any damageses. damages. this week's old bart car plowed into something called a sandbox. it didn't derail. it came to the end of a test
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track used to train operators and test systems. >> none of the wheels came off of the running rail. it was easy to pull it off the birm. >> since it did not jump the tracks there was no damage to the wheels. they tell me there wasn't any damage to the rest of the car either. >> like your automobile that goes through extensive testing before you are able to buy it and then do our testing and that's what this test track is for. >> at nearly $2 million each, this is the first of 10 new bart cars that will be tested and then eventually added to the aging fleet. right now bart is trying to figure out if this was operator error or some other problem. >> if this is a technical malfunction, this is a good thing. it will allow us to delve into the cause and then correct it before we begin passenger service with the fleet of the future. >> over the next few months bart expects to receive nine more of the test cars. if they check out they are
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expected to carry passengers at the end of the year. abc7 news. >> and to reiterate its message bart took to twitter and sent out this tweet, quote, the test car was going five to ten miles an hour. no major damage and the wheels didn't leave the rail. this is why we have test tracks! note the exclamation point. police are investigating a two-car accident that sent two kids to the hospital in oakland. a distracted driver ran a red light on the west on-ramp at railroad avenue just after 8:00. that car hit another sending the second car crashing into the two kids walking in a crosswalk and into a guardrail. there are no details on how many people were involved. we did see some rain today. sandhya patel is here to tell us if it will stick around for the weekend. >> live doppler 7hd is showing you cloud cover tonight. the rain has moved on.
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you can hang up the umbrellas and we will see a mix of sun and clouds. here is a sample of the temperatures. 61 degrees and a little milder in downtown san francisco. 63. oakland 66. you will see the temperatures coming up a few degrees. in antioch, a mild 70 degrees. there will be changes on sunday and i will let you know when the next chance of rain is coming in. larry? >> thank you, sand yaw. see you in a few minutes. it is snowing in the sierra. look at these skiers taking advantage of the 10 inches of fresh powder that fell. more is expected to fall. hiking this season's total to 479 inches. that's at least two feet more than last year. the resort is projecting the longest ski season in 10 years, slated to close may 30th. good news about a sinkhole in san francisco. crewses hope to reopen sacramento screet by tomorrow morning.
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the pavement caved in near baker street. they blame a broken sewer line for the mess. you can see how big the hole was. workers filled parts of the sand and they hillary pave the street tomorrow -- they will repave the street tomorrow. keep track of the weatherer when you live. downed download it for free and enable push alerts as they happen. police in minnesota spoke for the first time following the death of prince. they ruled out foul play. an autopsy also took place, but it y take several weeks to determine what killed prince. adrian baker has more from outside minneapolis. >> there is still a steady flow of fans for a man known to be one of the best performers of all time. although an autopsy has been completed, there are many questions surrounding prince's death. as the purple rain of tears continue to fall, the first account of prince's last hours when he returned wednesday
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night to an apparently empty paisley park. >> somebody dropped him off about 8:00 that night. >> then the superstar who could pack sports stadiums died alone. >> he was collapsed in the elevator. he had on a shirt and pants of some sort. he was dressed. >> his staff found him and called 9-1-1. >> cpr was initially started and was unsuccessful. he was pronounced deceased at 10:07. >> there was no sign of violence or a suicide. results of the autopsy won't be final for weeks. with prince's body now released to his family, no focus on his health scare last week when his private plane made an emergency landing in moline, illinois, descending 45,000 feet in 17 minutes. prince checked into a local hospital for three hours and then went home. his team said he had the flu. those who loved the music legend are numb over his sudden death. >> it was devastating.
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i am in shock. >> i can't believe he is gone. i am still trying to process it. >> reporter: the loss shared by millions who wore purple if prince's memory, including michelle obama who had lunch with queen elizabeth wearing a purple dress. as mourners and fans keep watch at paisley park, authorities are remembering a full investigation into prince's death. no word from his family as to funeral arrangements. in minnesota, abc7 news. >> abc7 news was at san francisco's red roxy theater in the mission district. they will hold a special showing of prince's movie "purple rain." the screening is sold out. "purple rain" came out in 1984 and won an oscar for best original sound score. we posted this picture on our facebook page. you can share it on your news feed to express your sympathy. two prominent bay area hospitals are facing a nurse's
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strike, the first in 16 years. >> thousands have voted to authorize a work stoppage. >> new at 11:00, katie who is live at stanford with the story. katie? >> reporter: larry and ama, the hospitals and the union are coming off three days of failed mediation. they will be backy it bargain -- back at the bargaining table on monday and tuesday, but if a deal is not reached the nurses have voted to walk off the job. they say nurses voices heard, strike authorized. the recognition of nursing achievement went on to say 84% of the nurses are in favor of the action. they are asking for more money and better benefits. at least two more days of negotiations lie ahead, and they will work in good faith with the hospitals and the federal mediator. stanford health care is saying the same. a spokesman issued a statement to abc7 news that reads in part, the hospitals remain committed to reaching a mutually acceptable agreement,
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and we stand ready to go back to the table to bargain clab bra tee -- collaboratively. >> -- the last time they walked off the job was in june of 2000 and the strike lasted 50 days. abc7 news. >> abc7 news at 11:00 continues. it is prom night for the young patients at a bay area children's hospital. the glitz and glamour from tonight's special event. >> and the u.s. coast guard in action. the rush to save a boater near a bay area bridge. >> and staying up past his bedtime, the adorable moment between britain's prince george and president obama. >> first here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" after abc news at 11:00. jimmy? >> here is a glimpse at tonight's show for your consideration. >> here is captain america. [applause]. >> here is ant man. oont -- ant man comes in a little box.
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petaluma, this is abc7 news. >> a tanker truck dropped through the roof of a houston parking garage today. th is an incredible scene. the truck was parked on the upper level of the structure when it suddenly dropped through a hole in the concrete. there were reportses the lower level of the garage it was flooded with rains. the aircrew lowers a rescuer to injured boater aboard a grounded vessel near the dunbar ton bridge. the boater wanted to wait for high tide so he could safely get the boat to a marina. rescuer lowered a basket filled with blankets, food and water to stay in communication
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when he made it safely to shore around midnight. martinez police arrested a minister they believe sexually assaulted a young girl over the past three years. you are looking at the suspect, 32-year-old fernando mall done done -- maldonado. he served at the grace baptist church. he is in the contra costa county jail and bail has been set. gloria allred visited tennison high school to counter ray mcdonald's visit in february. she represents the woman who accuses mcdonald of raping her. she wants to speak to the same kids of making good choices. >> i think under the circumstances there are better messengers to students in a school than somebody accused of intoxicated rape of a woman. >> they expressed regret about the visit after parents were
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upset. he pled not guilty to felony rape and his trial will begin next month. it is prom season, but some students never make it to the big party because they are fighting life-threatening illnesses. >> a bay area children's hospital stepped in to bring some normalcy to these young patients. new at 11:00, here is abc7 news reporter alyssa hair -- alyssa harrington. >> prom is a right of passage for high schoolers, but a lot of these teenagers are forced to miss the event. she has crohn's disease and has been in the hospital for surgery and treatment. >> being in the hospital, you miss so many normal high school teenager things. >> tonight iris is a normal teenager taking a date to the program. to the prom. but this dance is at ucsf children's hospital in mission bay. all of the teenage patients are invited and some came directly from their room. >> you can find so many life
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long friends and people who understand you in way nobody else can. >> there is a dj and popcorn and face painting. 49er football players' eric reid posed for pictures and were escorted down the red carpet. >> we are all in this life together and to be able to help one another is what it is all about. >> this is the first time they have thrown a prom. they call it a labor of love. they make sure the patients look and feel beautiful. >> they can select free clothing to the children's hospital for them to choose, and then on the day of in the afternoon they get their hair done and the make up done. >> nearly 3 had you people showed up for -- nearly 300 people showed up on this unforgettable night. alyssa harrington abc7 news. >> they are rocking out to prince there. >> that's fantastic. we are minutes away from
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starting the weekend. >> we certainly are. sandhya, do you have the weather details for us? >> that's right. it is going to be a nice looking weekend if you don't mind the sun and clouds. live doppler 7hd is showing you a few clouds that are left over in the sierra. the snow is still falling, although it is tapering. reports are anywhere from four to 12 inches of snow. the winter weather advisory is running until midnight tonight. take a look at the rainfall totals in the last 24 hours. half an inch in san francisco. you received about three quarters of an inch and a third in napa and san jose. notice the mountains did pick up quite a bit more. it was great, but did it do anything for us? it did indeed. it pushed our percent of normal 1 to 2% up over recent numbers. we are 102% of average in san francisco and just over 22 incheses of rain. oakland is behind at 84 and san jose 104 and livermore 103 % of normal.
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santa rosa with 31 inches of rain, 93% of average. somebody on twitter said they didn't do much. the big el nino we had. that's a good point. it is one of the strongest on record and it is one of the top three. all it really did was so far put some cities at average for the current season. the drought continues. we are not out of the drought. we will need several wet years before it is erased. you are all in the 50s except santa rosa at 49 degrees. here is a live look from the tower camera. we are looking at good visibility. cooler conditions and partly cloudy tomorrow. we are turning windy on sunday afternoon. you will notice the change on sunday. here is the deal. tomorrow morning we will start out with quite a bit of cloud cover. if you are going out for a jog it is great weather for that. we head into the afternoon and the sun will be out, but it will be filtered by the high clouds passing through the bay area. on sunday things will change up in the form of wind.
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sunday morning it is breezy, but we go into sunday afternoon and the wind picks up along the coastline. in the evening we will see the gusts around point reyes. inland areas you will be breezy and not as windy as the coast will be. continuing into sunday night as the winds taper. tomorrow morning expect it to be a cooler one. the temperatures are running a good 5 to 10 dries -- 5 to 10 degrees lower. some of our coolest spots, 49 in livermore. most other areas will be in the low 50s. quite a bit of cloud cover. and then for the afternoon we will bump up the temperatures a few degrees. 70 in livermore and 66 oakland. 68 in santa rosa and 63 in san francisco. san jose, palo alto 69. 66 in san mateo and 61 in half moon bay. accu-weather seven-day forecast. low 70s inland.
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we will go windy for sunday and not so windy tomorrow. early next week we will keep it dry. a slight chance of showers on wednesday. and then we will be back up to normal for this time of year in terms of our temperatures on thursday and friday. so the minor see saw in temperature will continue larry and ama. >> thank you, sandhya. forget the dress code. still ahead, prince george is showing president obama that comfort comes first. >> when it happens where you live. >> we know many are still frustrated with the persisting bart issues in the east bay. >> the abc7 news team covers your team. >> san francisco. >> live in oakland. >> sfo. >> 7 on your side is changing the way these guys do business. >> i said bruno, i know this is a scam. >> choose the news that matters where you live. >> i was trying to share what we've got in our backyard. >> choose the team that works for you. >> live in ber
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president of the united states you may dress up for the occasion. not if you are prince george. the adorable british royal sported blue pajamas and a monogramed bath rob and slippers with airplanes on them when he met president obama and the first lady last night. kensington palace said it was right around the prince's bedtime. the prince's outfit has sparked a buying frenzy. the bath rob sold out within minutes of these photos going public. >> it was money monogramed so it was formal. i would buy it in a second if i could find one that fit me. i am in for dan and rick quan. you let rocket fans stay in your house? >> my younger brother and his wife and son are all visiting from houston and it is a house
11:25 pm
divided. i am cheering on the warriors. >> and how do they feel about steph's ankle? >> better for them. they are happy about it, you know what i mean? coming up in sports, steph curry is sounding optimistic about playing against the rockets. and could they close out
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with purchase of sleepiq technology and flexfit3 adjustable base. hurry! ends saturday. know better sleep, with sleep number. brought to you by riverwalk casino. let's go out to the staples center for game five. early on it was all sharks. just over a minute in and he goes top shelf on jonathon quick. his first career playoff goal and it is 1-0 san jose. later in the period and he
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gets his first career playoff goal. he banks it off the post to make it 2-0. like in game four they take the lead. he scores off the nice pass from joel ward. like in game four the kings rally. he knocks in the rebound and it was 3-3 after two. earlier in the third the sharks retake the lead to scramble in front. it is his second goal of the game. then midway in the period he scores his fifth of the series. an empty netter made it 6-3. so san jose advances taking the series four games to one. >> get up by three again and when i had that lead it was way too close. i'm sure all of the fans appreciated that again. it is good to see the guys come out. we knew we were coming into it 3-3. it didn't matter how we got here. we need to close out the series. >> as it turns out the
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warriors should have won game three in houston, but the officials let james hardin get away with the late push. the nba said hardin should have been called for an offensive foul when he pushed iguadala before getting his shot. sture -- steph curry sounds ready to play. >> it feels good. you always want to be playing and getting in game reps or simulated reps is fun. you hate nursing injuries. getting some shots up and break a sweat and have a little competition. definitely fun. hopefully i can ramp it up even more tomorrow. >> barry bonds returned to at&t park as the marlin's batting coach. it was the giants' offense that stole the show. san francisco scored three runs in the first. belt with the r.b.i single. he not only got the victory, but he had two hits and three r.b.i. the giants win it 8-1 and snap a five-game losing streak. the a's had their ace on the
11:31 pm
mound in toronto. he gives oakland a 4-0 lead with a three-run blast deep to left center. it is his second homerun in as many dayses. oakland sealed the deal with two in the 9th. chris davis with a clutch two-out single and 8-5 was the final. the a's have won six straight and are 7-0 on the road. this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by riverwalk casino. warriors at 12:30 sunday followed by after the game which is hosted by our own larry beil. >> thank you, rick.
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workweek. thank you for watching. we are too happy.
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larry beil ino dan ashley. >> from all of us, thank you for joining us. chris evans. >> capta live"! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, the cast of "captain america: civil war." chris evans. anthony mackie. sebastian stan. and paul rudd. plus music from white denim. with cleto and the cletones. and now, look -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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