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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> it's saturday, april 23rd. thanks for joining us. we are off to a mild start across the bay area here's lisa argen with a first look at the live doppler hd. >> good morning, chris, we are looking at a good deal of cloud cover. that, in fact, should keep us milder. but temperatures this morning are a little cooler this spots. 53 in hayward with low 40s in napa. 44 santa rosa, 48 on the coast with 367 in los gatos. that traps plates into numbers anywhere from 6 degrees cooler in san francisco to 10 degrees cooler in san jose, livermore and about 189 degrees cooler in napa. you head on out this morning, grab the jacket. it will be cool.
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northwesterly breezes taking over today behind the exiting weather system yesterday. we will be left with partly cloudy skies. low 60s san francisco with about 60 on the coast. mid-60s around the bay and the warmest locations should see about 70 far inland. more spring-like weather ahead. i'll have are that coming up. thanks. >> bart's dream for the future may have end in a pile of dirt. the agencies $2 million car crashed during testing in hayward but bart says this could be a good thing. here's sergio quintana with the story. >> this week's old bart car plowed into something called a sandbox. it didn't derail, instead it came to the stop at the end of a test track used to train operators and test systems. >> none of the train cars ever came off the running rail so it was easy to pull it back and it was right back where it needed to be. >> since it did not jump the track, there was no damage to
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the wheels. we were told there wasn't had damage to the rest of the car either. >> like your automobile, which goes through extensive testing before you are able to buy it, we buy them and then do our testing. and that's exactly what this test track is for. >> at nearly $2 million each, this is the first of ten new bart cars that will be tested and eventually added to the aging fleet. right now bart is trying to figure out if this was operator error or some other problem. >> if this is a technical malfunction, this is a good thing. this will allow us to delve into the cause of it and get it corrected. >> over the next few months they expect to receive nine more test cars. if they check out they are expected to carry passengers at the end of this year. abc7 news. >> and to reiterate isolates message. bart officials took to social media and sent out this tweet,
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quote. >> note the exclamation point. in other news pittsburgh police are investigating a two-car crash that sent three people to the hospital, including two kids. they say a distracted diver ran a red a light at the highway 4 on ramp at railroad avenue just after 8:00 last night. that car hit another, accepting the second a car crashing into the two children walking open a squad walk and then into a guardrail. all three are expected to survive it's snowing up in the sierra. skiers at squaw is valley, alpine meadows, taking advantage of the ten inches of fresh proud they're fell yesterday. this season's total is at 479 inches. that's two feet more than last year. they are projecting their loppingest sea season in tip years and is slated to close on may 30th. a sink coal in san francisco, and part of
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sacramento is expected to open back up by tonight. it caves in thursday near bakers street. they blame a sewer line for the mess. you will can see how big it is in this view. workers filled parts of the hole with sand yesterday. they will breakrthe broken suer and repave the street later today. you can keep track of weather where you live with the abc7 news app. download it for free and enable push alerts for e investments as they happen. in minnesota, the mystery of how prince died is one step closer to being solved this morning. an autopsy was done yesterday and police made their first public comment on the discovery of his body. abc news reporter adrian has more from the outside of prince's paisley park home. >> as the purposer rain of fierce continues to fall we have the first official account of his last hours when he returned wednesday night to an empty paisley park. >> somebody dropped him off
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about 8:00 that night. >> then the superstar died alone. >> he was collapsed inside the elevator. he had on a shirt and participants of this sort. he was dressed. >> his staff found him and called 911. >> cpros initially started but was unsuccessful. he was pronounced 10:07. >> the autopsy as was finished and his body was returned to his family. last week there was emergency landing. he checked into a local hospital for three hours and went home. his team said heht had the flu. those who loved the music recommending end are still numb over his sudden death. >> my god, it was devastating. i couldn't believe it. i'm so in shock.
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>> his influence on everybody has pretty profound. >> the loss shared by millions who wore purple in his memory, including michelle obama, who had lunch with queen elizabeth wearing a purple dress. >> as mourners keep watch, investigators promise a full investigation into precipitation's death. meantime we are still awaiting word from prince's family for his funeral arrangements. abc news, chanhassen, minnesota. as you can imagine, prince songs are dominating the charts. he currently hat 19 of the top 20 songs. abc7 news was in the mission last night. the roxie held a special midnight showing of prince's movie purple rain. it came now 1984 and won an oscar. the studio that designed
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this interactive visit asked them to eilluminate the rain in purple to remember prince. visitors walk into the room with rain pouring from the season but thanks to special sensors, everyone stays dry. the purple rain was only for yesterday. it opens open may 14th the for a limited time. we posted this on our facebook page. you can share it to express your sympathy. for the first time in 16 years two prominent bay area hospitals are facing a nurse's strike. will negotiations continue, thousands of nurses have voted to authorize a work stoppage. abc7 news reporter katie has more. >> strike authorized. a message and the committee of recognition of nurses are i achievement goes on to say a majority of nurses are in
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agreement with the reaction. stanford healthcare is saying the same a folks man issued a statement that he reads, in part. many hospital remains committed to reaching amytal accepted agreement and we stand ready to go back to the record to bargain k collaboratively and in good faith to completion. the last time these thursdays walked off the job was in june of 2000. the strike lasted 50 days. at stanford, abc7 news. >> lisa, we are getting a break from the rain. >> yes. and we had impressive rain. san francisco had a record where they picked up .52 inches of rain. that was a daily record. right now we are looking at 52 degrees in the city, as well as hayward and san mateo. cooler 40s in our outlying areas. we will talk about a dry and somewhat cool weekend, and maybe another chance of rain coming up. that's next. >> lisa, thanks.
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also ahead, prom night for young patients at a bay area children's hospital. the glitz and glamour from this special event. and east bay school district desperate for help.
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>> 5:11 the time. we are waking up to this view this morning. full forecast coming up. martinez police arrested a minister they believe sexually assaulted a young girl over the last three years. he served at both a baptist
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church in martinez and grace church. his bail is set at $725,000. famed women's rights attorney visited tensen high school in hayward. ther to said she wanted to speak to the same kids about making good choices. >> i think under the circumstances there are better messengers for high risk students in a public high school than someone charged with a felony of rape of an intoxicated woman. >> they sent a letter to parents expressing regret after some got upset. the trial is set to begin next month. happening today, terrific news for riders of san francisco's buss and lightrail vehicles. trains and buses will now arrive more often and let late night riders can now enjoy night owl
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services. this is the fourth round of improvements launched by the transportation municipal agency. 20 more lines of getted extended hours. this will one between bart and the bay view. had some local school districts have gone from handing teachers pink slips to giving them green, as in cash bonuses. they can get up to five thousand dollars if they teach certain subjects in one district. we have the story. >> so x minus 3. >> math and science teachers seem to be valuable assets for many school districts. >> as many of us add college technology pathways, we are really lacking for math, science. >> pittsburgh's two high schools are desperate to hire more of them. offer a $5,000 bonus to anyone in that field that wants the to teach here. that's in addition to their salaries which range between
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$50,000 and $80,000 depending on the levelful education. >> we are looking at a two year commitment and basically what we would do is give them that once they sign. >> that signing bonus would also be given to language emersion and special education teachers k-12. the ticket is also look to fill other positions hike bus drivers, substitute teachers, clerical workers but these wouldn't get a bonus. during their concessionings the labor department found between 2008 and 2012 california lost more than 80,000 school related jobs. many college students thinking of going into education thought otherwise. >> after the recession many decided not to go into teaching for a while so there is a shortage. >> other school districts are providing incentives like for giving student loans, paying for teachtories continue their education and subsidizing their housing cost. pittsburgh has a lower cost of
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living ask the pittsburgh hopes that will be a selling point for any teacher. abc7 news. the job fair will be held this morning at the pittsburgh high school gym. it is located at 1750 harbor street in pittsburgh. the event goes from 9:00 to 11:30. we have new video showing the u.s. coast guard in action. aircrew lowers near a grounded vessel near the dumbarton bridge. it happened around 7:00 thursday nate. the boater want today wait for high tide so he could safely get the boat to a marina. they lowered a basket with food, water and radio to stay in communication until he made it safely to shore around midnight. $450,000 sounds like a lot to pay for a measly camera lens unless that lens is in space. this was used in the 1971 apollo
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moon mission. dave kept the lens until he decided to auction it. several other space items were sold there including a neil arm stopping signed photo showing his giant leap for mankind back in 1969. it sold for more than $38,000. for some high school students going to the prom is a pipe dream. that's because they are in the hospital the fighting life-threatening illnesses so a bay area children's hospital stepped in bringing somezom normalcy to these young patience' lives. alyssa shows us the fun. >> prom is a right of passage for high-schoolers but a lot of these teenagers are forced to miss the event, like iris. she has spent the last six years in and out of the hospital for surgeries and treatment. >> being in the hospital all the time, you miss so many normal high school teenager things. >> this dance is at ucsf children's hospital at mission bay. all the teenage patients are invited. some can directly from their
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room. >> you get to be with so many lifelong friends and people that understand you in ways that nobody else can. ♪ >> there's a dj, dance floor, popcorn and face painting. 49ers football players, including starting safety eric reid posed for pictures. they escorted guests down a red carpet. >> we are all people and we are all in this life together. to be able to help one another, that's what it's about. >> this is the sixth year ucsf has thrown the prom. they call it a labor of love. they have donated dresses and other clothing to make them look and feel beautiful. >> and we have clothing for them to choose, and then on the day of and in the afternoon they get their hair done and makeup done. >> nearly 300 people showed up for the unforgettable night. in san francisco, alyssa harrington, abc7 news >> 35:17 the time. lisa is here now, the
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accuweather forecast. lisa, can we expect any more rain? >> we have more in the seven-day outlook but for today we are starting out with temperatures on the cool side. as we look at dop her hd, we are clouds to speak of. so far the visibility not an issue. the sun comes up at 6:23. we will be looking at more sunshine today, but certainly some clouds will be around and some breezy northwesterly winds. in fact, over the weekend northwesterly winds are really going to be with us and stay with us to provide gusty conditions, especially tomorrow. so as we check out conditions right now, you will notice that flags not blowing too much here. downtown looking at numbers ranging from the mid-50s in oakland. 53 in the city. 49 in mountain view and morgan hill. 50 for you in half moon bay, 51 in san jose. looking at a pretty the nice day today. we will see a return to the sunshine. yesterday, boy, that welcome rain, right? 41 in napa, 43 santa rosa.
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it's 45 by the delta, 48 novato, 49 concord and 50 in livermore. so, yeah, it stuck around pretty much all day with the front and then the low. we are looking at behind it the cooler air. as you wake up this morning you are noticing perhaps 10 degrees cooler. and about 13 degrees cooler in mountain view yesterday with the moisture and rain. looking at condition as lot the brighter out there for your saturday afternoon. so cooler to start. partly cloudy today. and we will see the winds bringing in a gusty afternoon tomorrow and into tomorrow evening. we will have some clouds around but also to note is the beach hazard. through the evening hours strong rip currents, large breakers and the wave height is up to ten feet from half moon bay. near that in san francisco, bodega bay and monterey bay. did pretty well with 84% of normal for the season in oakland.
5:20 am
104% of normal for san jose. i talked about the record, the daily record in san francisco. bringing it up to 102% of normal with santa rosa not doing too bad. 93% of normal. you see livermore doing well. so 95% of normal on the peninsula. you had pretty good rain. and today behind the front we talked about the cool northwesterly breezes. in the south bay that will bring it to around 69 degrees, which is cooler than you should be for this time of year. and notice throughout the week looking at cooler conditions but really that's not the only headline. as we go into wednesday morning. we have another weather system. it's a weak one and it could possibly be providing some light rain around the bay area for your wednesday morning commute. around the area today look for highs in the mid-60s on the peninsula. 69 palo alto and san jose. 66 in vallejo with about 70 as you head out toward livermore and morgan hill. accuweather seven day forecast featuring the breezy winds picking up tomorrow, but today and around the coast looking at
5:21 am
more sunshine. near average temperatures by the middle of the week. there's the slight chance of showers on wednesday and slightly warmer into next weekend >> lisa, thank you. coming up, honoring the protectors of of the environment. we will introduce you to some of this year's golden prize
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>> six environmental activists from around the world received a prestigious golden prize at a ceremony in san francisco. as dan ashley discovered, their accomplishments were as varied as their background. >> today is a day of justice. >> at appear age when most teenagers are planning for promise and football games, destiny gas planning something more ambitious, a movement to block what would have been the nation's largest incinerater near her home in baltimore. they were studying human rights when they decided conditions in their neighborhood weren't fair. >> especially believing that everyone has right to live in a healthy community and breathe clean air. >> for louise, the struggle was to keep one of the most viable areas in puerto ricoa safe from the development.
5:25 am
>> it's a nesting ground from the leather back sea turtle. he said developers were pushing to megaresorts which could have altered the landscape dramatically. >> one of the projects. the resort, they were even proposal to channelize one of the rivers. >> for public interest lawyer, shutting down a toxic waist dump in her home in slovakia was a family affair. she also involved her own daughters, 12 and 15 years old. >> they were participating in the protests, they were living my life. >> for edwin, it wasn't just the future of his family but their way of life at stake. edwin pioneered a system in tanzania to give ownership of lands to entire communities rather than just individuals. he said this approach protects
5:26 am
the commune alive style and ability to live off the land for several generations. but the sudden recognition took him by surprise. there were two more winners, one from cam bone yeah and one from peru. both of their struggles involve protectth hurl lands from corporate developers. in san francisco, dan ashley, abc7 news. >> also happening today, it's the 22nd annual oakland earth day. thousands of volunteers will clean and green more than 80 locations in the city, including parks, creeks, streets and sidewalks. this video shows some of the volunteers from last year. in 2015 enough trash and weeds were removed in oakland on earth day to fill up more than 4,035 gallons of garbage cars. and 175 countries signed the united nations agreement to fight climate change. his office tweeted this vo toe
5:27 am
of former vice president al gore chatting with the governor in new york city. holding his granddaughter, secretary of state john kerry signed the paris agreement. it marks a key step in making the fight against carbon emissions a u.s. policy. you want to check out the electric bike event this weekend if you are thinking of shopping. the free event offers visitors a chance to test ride more than 200 different e-bike riders which helps ride wes power assist while pedaling. three ebikes, totaling $12,000 in value, will be given away. much more ahead on the news. donald trump's new campaign aid said the can indicate has just been playing a role, but revel ted cruz didn't wait long to react. president obama had a busy day but this moment is the one most
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>> it's great to have with us. i'm chris nguyen. we will get to the top stories in a bit but first we are tracking the weather and changes on the way. here's lisa argen with a look at the condition was you live. it's cool in some spots now. >> it is. we have temperatures in the low 40s in the north bay. by the delta it's 45. and comparative. in oakland and fremont 15 degrees warmer at 55 degrees. so looking at those upper 40s down through the peninsula and los gatos. overall we had the cloud cover, the rain yesterday. so with the clear sky we are looking at conditions 10 degrees cooler. livermore, hayward, san jose 14 degrees cooler, premont 18 degrees cooler. partly cloudy, northwesterly winds keeps us cool throughout the afternoon. 63 san francisco. you have to go toward livermore to make it to 70. notice we will remain cool today. the cooler side of normal. we will talk about when we warm
5:31 am
up and whether or not we see any more rain in the seven-day outlook. chris. >> thank you. developing news out of ohio this morning. the manhunt for a mass murder is underway after the brutal deaths of at least 8 family members. the bodies were discovered in four different scenes in ohio about 70 miles east of senate. the victims included children and adult. three children, including a four day old baby and a six-year-old survived the shooting. whoever is responsible should be considered armed and dangerous. more develop news out of georgia where authorities say a man suspected of killing five people has killed himself after unsuccessfully trying to set his house on fire. the 50-year-old shot himself in the head. police believe it was a domestic condition that led to the violence last night. now to the race to the white house and what could be a new donald trump.
5:32 am
his new campaign aid was caught on tape saying the fiery image is only a part he's been playing. ted cruz says that proves what he's been saying all along, he can't be trusted. >> let's have some fun, it's friday, let's have some fun! >> donald trump sounded like his old self. >> build a wall, build a wall! >> but behind closed doors the man now taking charge. his campaign was recorded promising republican officials that trump will tone it down. the audio obtained by the new york times . >> it is what he was expecting but he isn't ready. image is going to change. >> his top aid described two trumps. >> he's sitting in a room and talking business and politics. and it's different.
5:33 am
when he's on the stage he's projecting an image that's for that purpose. >> trump himself promised a transformation months ago. >> i will be changing very rapidly. i'm very capable of change to go anything i want to change to. >> now senator ted cruz branded lying ted by trump and turning the insult around. >> he is telling us he is lying to us. >> cruz is thousand calling trump's entire campaign a lie. >> he's telling us he's lying to us. you look at what his campaign manager says. it is that this is just an act. this is just a show. it doesn't make any sense to support the guy who a blatantly lying to you and laughing about it. he is making fun. you right now. >> abc news, washington. >> donald trump is calling on california's independent voters to reregister at republicans so they can vote for him in the primary. robocalls are going to about 1 million voters.
5:34 am
republicans in california, unlike others, do not allow democrats to cast a ballot in the june election t could determine if he gets the delegates he needs to secure the party's nomination. to london. president obama and the first lady had a day full of meatings yesterday butthe onen counter getting the most buzz was with prince george just as he was get egg ready for bed. terry has the story. >> as the obamas arrived atkinsing ton palace, you could just see him there in the hallway stand big his dad, prince william. once inside the little prince and the president shared a moment now melting hearts around the world. prince george got to stay up 15 minutes past his bedtime to meet the obamas. it was that kind of day. the queen and prince philip personally greeting the first family outside windsor cassel. and look at this. they all pack into the royal range recover with prince philip, the duke of eden borrow, acting as a chauffeur.
5:35 am
>> i have never been driven by a duke. eden bureau before. >> but the president landed had himself in the thick of a ferocious battle here. britain is about to vote whether to leave the troubled european union. obama is urging this emto save. and the mayor sneered about taking advice from a part kenyan president. obama shot back. >> i'm not coming here to fix any votes. i'm offering my opinion. and you shouldn't be afraid to hear an argument being made. >> but the politics here are secondary. this is really a fare well trip for president obama. he seemed -- he said good bay to queen elizabeth, who he called a real jewel in the world. abc news, london. >> stacy said he may have caused her own death.
5:36 am
the president of the palm beach zoo said he knowingly entered a restricted area with the malaysian tiger inside last week, breaking a safety protocol. keepers are not allowed to enter tyingering enclosures where the tigers have access. there are five ongoing investigation boos the incident. a tanker truck dropped through the roof of a houston parking garage yesterday. take a look at the this incredible site. the truck was parked on the upper levelful the structure when it dropped through a hole in the concrete. there were reports that lower levels of the parking garage were flooded by rain. >> tonight an unusual aircraft will be landing at moffett field for a layover own a solar journey. it doesn't burney fuel. it's powered by the sun. david louie talked to the pilot as he flew over the pacific yesterday. >> it's a solo flight that started in the middle east 13 months ago and has taken him
5:37 am
across east asia to hawaii. now he's headed to moffett field. he's not setting any speed limit. optimum speed is 28 miles an hour and it's sun powered. it requires his ground based team to change his course to maximize solar energy. >> they know which moments to climb to have the best energy collection and the best energy use. so now, for example, i'm climbing at 4,000 feet, now i'm doing 8,000 feet. >> he spoke to us from the cockpit from the plane. it has a large wingspan susceptible to turbulence. >> last night there were layers of turbulence. i could not sleep. i had to fly manually and the weather man in monaco, they found a better layer of wind which was calm. then they could switch on
5:38 am
autopilot and sleep a little bit. >> he believes he's promoting clean technology that could be affordable and profitable to address climate change. this is profitable. it creates jobs and makes profits and extends growth of the inindustry because it's a new market. and at the same time it will fight climate change. >> the mission carries some risk. in case of emergency all he has is a parachute, life raft and inflatable raft. abc7 news. >> still ahead on the news, we've all been told to conserve water so why are some local water agencies blasting water out of hydrants? as we head to break, here's a live look outside from the sutro power camera. lisa argen returns with the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes.
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>> welcome back. we know harriet tubman will be the new photo on the $20 bill. her features have been smoothed down and there's a hint of a smile on her face. the modern version may be more appealing to the eye, but certainly not as historically accurate. the final design will be unveiled in 2020 and the bill will not go into circulation until later in the decade >> each member of the golden state warriors enjoys a day off in a different way and some like to watch other athletes at work. steph curry i are was in the stands in houston last night taking in the boston rex-astros
5:42 am
game. seats surrounded by popcorn boxes, drinking a cool beverage, he looked like your average fan. in terms of foot injury, they said it shouldn't stop him from playing in playoff game 4 against the rockets on sunday afternoon. >> abc7 is the only place you can see the warriors and rockets in game four of the western conference playoffs. tipoff is tomorrow at 12:30 p.m.. after that join abc7 sports director larry beil and sports anchor mike shumann for after the game. schu will be live in houston with the players and larry will be live in the studio with adonal foyle and espn's mark spears. looking forward to that, lisa. >> it should be exciting. a giants game today, an evening game t should be on the cool side. we are looking at a nice shot from mt. tam. a little fog in santa rosa where it's 42 degrees. 41 in napa. the cooler locations typically there in the north bay whereas oakland 55. fremont the mid-50s. we will talk about the cool day
5:43 am
today and a little bit more rain in the extended outlook. that's coming up. >> lisa, thank you. and the sharks try to beat l.a. and close out their playoff series with the kings. but could they do it while on the road? rick quan will have the highli
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> in sports, the san jose sharks are moving on in the nhl playoffs in their quest for the stanley cups. you can get your tickets for the next round starting today at noon. they play either the anaheim ducks or the nashville predators. in baseball both the giants and a's offense lit up last night. here's the highlights in this morning's sports report with rick quan. >> good morning. the sharks were trying to close out their playoff series with the kings last night. let's go to the staples center for game five. early on it was all sharks. just over a minute in top shelf on jonathan quick.." his firster career playoff goal makes it 1-0 san jose. later in the period chris tierney any gets his first playoff goal.
5:46 am
he banks it off the post to make it 2-30. just like in game four the sharks take a 3-0 lead. he scores off the nice pass from joel ward. but also like in game four the kings rally. he knocks in the rebound and it was 3-3 after two. early in the third, the sharks retake the lead, a scramble in front. burns bumps into him for his second bowlful the game. about midway in the period captain joe pavelski scores his fifth goal of the series. an empty netter made the final 6-3. the sharks next play the winner of the ducks-predators series. >> up by three again. you know, last game when we had that lead, i got a lot of back. way too close. and i'm sure all the fans back home appreciated that again. good to see the guys come out. we knew we were in a good spot coming into the third 3-3. kind of talked about it didn't matter how we got here. we have to move forward and go win to close out the series. the guys came out great. >> the warriors should have won game three in houston but the
5:47 am
officials led james harden get away with a late push. yesterday the nba said harden should have been called for an offensive foul when he pushed andre iguodala for getting off his game-winning shot. the good news is steph curry worked out yesterday and he sounds ready to play in game four on sunday. >> it feels good. you always want to just play and get game ready. simulated reps is not fun and nursing injuries and whatnot. getting a little competition is fun and hope i can do more tomorrow. >> berry bonds returned to at&t park last night as the march lips batting coach but it was the giants offense that stoll the show. san francisco scored three runs in the first. bran done belt with the rbi similar there. jeff samardziji not only pitched well, he had two hits and 3 rbi. giants win 8-1 and snap a five-game losing streak. the a's had their ace
5:48 am
sunny gray on the mound in toronto. chris coghlan gave the a's the lead. the clutch two-out single, 8-5 was the final. the a's have now won six straight, and that's sports for saturday morning. i'm rick versus. i'll see you again tonight at 5:00. >> 5:48, the time. lisa argen here with the accuweather forecast. lisa, a break from the rain? >> yeah, we talked about that last week. it verified. we did get a nice amount in san francisco. over a half-inch which set a record for the day. but we have dry and seasonably cool weather on the way for the weekend. breezy winds today at the coast will become quite gusty tomorrow as the being weather system drops down from the north. right now hearings what we are looking at. clouds around the bay and overall temperatures are cooler. but as you notice we widen the view and to the north we have the cloud cover. we will stay to the south with
5:49 am
the partly cloudy conditions. but that week system pushing in tomorrow allowing for some more rain in the sierra nevada. and for the bay area on the back side of it, those gusty northwester will i winds. this advantage taj point from the roof camera looks good with cool conditions, especially in the north bay. it's 53 in the city. 55 in oakland with 50 half moon bay, 511 san jose, upper 40s in morgan hill. 49 in mountain view. so exploratorium camera this morning, we are looking at some clear sky now. we will get a few clouds throughout the day. low 40s in napa. 43 santa rosa. it's 45 out by the delta and 49 for concord and livermore. some. the warmer locations today. average highs should be anywhere from the low to mid-60s in san francisco to about 70. and we will see just about that today. but waking up to the much less cloud conever. you will notice the conditions are cooler from hayward, san jose, mountain view
5:50 am
13 degrees cooler. you had the rain yesterday. and the cloud cover. most of us throughout the entire day. so certainly a cool average with those breezy winds. we will hold on to the winds. not only today at the coast, but overthe weekend. especially tomorrow. so with cooler conditions this morning, we will have those clouds build up today for a partly cloudy afternoon. no rain. it will be dry and looking for windier conditions later on tomorrow. as things turn up, we are looking it at the seas creating potential problems with the large rip currents and large breakers and sonoma to monterey. 9 to 10 feet already there. certainly keep a save distance from the water. as we look at san jose, 69 today. average highs should be in the low 70s. we are going to stay in the 60s throughout most of the week. and then with that weak weather keeping us cooler than average. it looks like we will be warmer next weekend. so the next system looks to move in wednesday morning with some
5:51 am
rain in the south bay, pushing all throughout the entire bay area. looks like amounts will be light, but, boy, any rain is welcome for us. looks like it could slow you down wednesday morning. 66 today for you in oakland. look for 65 in richmond. some of the warmer numbers out towards livermore at 70. about 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. 64 in santa cruz, and if you are headed back into the city tonight for the game, 62 degrees. 6:05. dropping through the upper 50s, west and north wind up to 16 miles an hour and the sun sets at 7:53. the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring very similar temperatures day-to-day. breezier tomorrow. and notice very little change throughout the early part of the week,aç and increasing clouds. hopefully rain on wednesday and we will get to some warmer conditions next weekend. >> i always enjoy the evening games more than the daytime ones. >> should be pleasant. >> lisa, thank you were california is still under a statewide order to save water. so why are some bay area agencies now blasting water out
5:52 am
of their fire hydrants? it may look wasteful but it's critical to keeping your drink water clean. here's abc7 news anchor ama daetz. >> they are flushing their waterpipes releasing 1,000 gallons a minute on to the street. it used to be automatic. fire hydrants end up and left to run. sky velocity water scours the pipe and clearing out sediment and chemicals so they don't end up in your drinking water. when the drought hit many communities stopped to change water, but that's beginning to change. >> we are looking at a full reservoir, which we are happy and pleased about. it's lapping over the top of our boards on the spill way, and that's about as much water as we can store here. >> it provides about 40% of calistoga's water. now that it's full, water officials decided it's time to
5:53 am
clean the pipes. crews let the hydrant run until it's clear. this one took nine minutes. >> it is clearing up a lot faster than we expected. >> they also test the hydrants to make sure they are ready for an emergency. >> we have 170-plus fire hydrants to do. it will take a few months. >> this process is also happening in other bay area communities. but not all reservoirs are full and the sierra snowpack is still below normal. not every agency is doing the same thing. >> here in san francisco and east bay mud service area, officials tell us they are considering flushing some hydrants for routine maintenance but for now they say they are still only doing it when absolutely necessary. >> in the south bay the san jose water company is one of the first to use a new truck based flushing system that saves water. it shows out the truck cop next to hydrants and flushes the pipes by running water through a filter so very. >> water ends up on the street.
5:54 am
san jose's system costs half a million dollars and many districts don't have the money. so for now expect most agencies to keep flushing their pipes the old-fashioned way. >> and that was abc7 news anchor ama daetz reporting. if you see water flush out of the hydrants, don't assume the drought is over. the state water board is expected to decide next month whether to ease up on current restrictions. >> coming up, the annual cesar chavez parade in san francisco. how
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> holmes are the winning numbers from last night's mega-millions draw. nobody picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $108 million. happening today, the annual
5:57 am
cesar chavez parade and festival in the physician district. it's one of the city's most anticipated events. paup raid starts at 11:00 at 19th and delores. if you want to go to the festival, it starts right after the parade. for those driving be aware there are several road closers near the event. next at 6:00, trouble on the track. bart puts its brand few $2 million train car to the test the, and something went wrong. how the agency is responding. also ahead, two children injured in a car crash. how the accident could have been avoided.
5:58 am
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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>> >> we will enjoy part sun, part clouds. but if you are headed out to the tomorrow you could see some showers. 51 in mountain view, 48 morgan hill and half


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