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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  April 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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along our coastline is still rather active today. so we have a beach hazard statement in effect going through 8:00 tonight. current wave heights from eight to ten feet at half moon bay and the struggle rib currents that can pull you under are and tough to get out of. so take note of that along the coastline tonight. and looking outside other, live look from the emeryville camera, beautiful. plentiful sunshine, and the evening planner looks like this, 7:00, high clouds. by 9:00, it's partly cloudy. still breezy by 11:00, and that breeze is going to pick and turns rather windy for sunday. we'll look at the numbers in the forecast. >> oakland firefighters successfully rescued a man inside this home that caught fire on high street this morning. the fire broke out just before 7:00 a.m. along high street near foothill boulevard. a person was trapped inside on the second floor.
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firefighters used a ladder to bring him down safely. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the engine compartment on this minicooper burst into flames in san francisco this morning. it happened on near santa rosa avenue. the minicooper rear-ended a ford suv stopped at the intersection and caught fire. the driver got out safely. public works crews worked hard to fix a igrandtick sinkhole that opened up in san francisco's presidio heights neighborhood. crews poured fresh concrete and paved sacramento street. the city says repairs are complete and the road is now open to traffic once again. a broken sewer line caused the road to cave in thursday afternoon night, starting are testimony to bay area amc theaters will honor prince with a special showing of powe "purple rain. "in minutes, prince's remains were cremated during a private
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event and his fans spent another day gathered outside his home. adrian banker has the latest. ♪ >> i like little red corvette, and you could feel how he was feeling when he was singing. >> for the majority of those who placed flowers, balloons and artwork, bearing the symbol synonymous with his name, paying tribute maintain reflecting on the soundtrack of their youth. >> prince was with me when i grew up, and i'll never forget. >> he was just one of the most important are-to-my generation. he left such an influence on everyone that was from the area. >> many stunned that such a powerhouse is gone. >> this is not easy. someone that you love and has
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been part of your life for so long. >> bring tears to my heart to know that he is a great artist, genius, to die so young. >> another all-night dance party happened in downtown minneapolis at the historic first avenue club. for the third time this weekend fans will commemorate the life of prince while partying like it's 1999. interestingly outside of the occasional cell phone playing purple rain there's no music playing here. rather, an extended moment of silence. while prince's songs remain on repeat all around the world. in chanhassen, minnesota, abc news. >> today is the rush of a playground in an east bay park. the city held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new playground. vandals destroyed the old one back in 2010. 60 parents formed a group to assess the city's 63 parks and
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determined de anza was the most in need. the city council then allocated $50,000 for the playground. >> kids need to be outside playing. they need to be active. they need to be away from their tv screens and breathing fresh air. >> the group is also partnered with police to set -- start a neighborhood watch program in hopes of getting more people out to the park. one bay area school district to desperate need of teachers is hosting a job fair to find them and offering incentives to hire them. we were in pittsburg as the school district searched for qualified job candidates. it's offering teachers in math, science, bilingual and special education $5,000 sign-on bonus. teachers who graduated from the district are eligible for the bonus, too. >> a great place to work have a great diverse community. a booming area, affordable housing and able to attract and bring on some great people here.
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>> the district is also looking to fill other positions like bus drivers, substitute teachers, clerical, and cafeteria workers. in the race for the white house, five big primaries are just days away, all of the candidates were out today, hard at work, campaigning, and donald trump addressed comments about who he really is. mary bruce has more. >> if i acted presidential, i guarantee you that this morning i wouldn't be here. >> not exactly changing his tone. g.o.p. front-runner donald trump on the trail in connecticut, addressing comments from his campaign suggesting his over the top rhetoric is just an act. >> when he is on stage, he is projecting an image for that purpose. >> reporter: an audio trump's new campaign chief promises run officials the billionaire will tone things down but the candidate doesn't seem to be onboard with that plan. >> i said, i don't like toning
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it down. >> his supporters seem split. >> he's authentic. >> hoping he tries to look more presidential than he has. like what he stands for but don't like the way he has been saying it. >> his main rival, ted cruz, accusing trump of lying. >> what's amazing is donald is telling us that he is lying to us. he is betraying us before the election, and giving us a preview. >> can you describe what you mean by that? >> democratic front-runner hillary clinton sitting down with voters face to face in connecticut. >> i hope to see you as president. >> with your help we'll get there. >> her rival, bernie sanders, stumping in maryland, one of five states headed to the polls on tuesday. >> on tuesday, the people of maryland can say, it is time for a political revolution. >> win or lose he is vowing to stay in the race until the end.
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>> aviation history is being made tonight. you're looking at live pictures from sky 7hd showing us the solar impulse 2. the solar-powered airplane jut completed a flight from hawai'i and arrived in the san francisco bay area and for the next couple of hours will perform fly-by pass around the golden gate bridge. the plane is fuel entirely by the sun. this i video of one of the two pilots at the controls bertrand piccard, on a mission to circumnavigate the world in the solar impales to. the first around the world trip without an ounce of fossil fuel. the plane is scheduled to land at moffet feel at midnight. it took off from hawai'i on thursday the cruising speed, 28-miles-an-hour. still ahead at 6:00, some frozen veggies may have been contaminated with a bacteria. airlines forced to do emergency repairs to fix a
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problem that could shut down engines mid-flight. abc7~news at 6:00 will be right back after this.
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ordered airlines to swiftly fix a potentially dangerous problem on the engines of some 150 boeing 787 dreamliner. the regulator says the engines
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manufactured by general electric can be sun sees tibble to sudden inflight shutdowns because of ice accumulating. the directive stems from a january 29th incident where ice shed from the fan blades and caused the blades to rub against the casing of the engine. the engine shut down and was unable to restart at 20,000 people. the pilots landed the plane using just one engines. airlines have five months to fix the problem. you may want to check your freezer for frozen veggies that have been re-called. sierra frozen foods voluntarily recalled 16 veggie products, organic by nature and the affected items were sent to retailers between september of last year and march of this year. the veggies may have been contaminated with lit steer ya which can cause fever, nausea, and can be dangerous to pregnant women. no cases reported. the re-call is precautionary. you can find all of this info on
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our web site, go to abc7 >> a wild rescue in the north bay today. that's next on abc7~news at 6:00. the app firefighters used to trick a dozen ducklings that needed to be rescued from a pipe. this week's mild weather could see a little bit of rain. meteorologist drew tuma will tell you when up next in the forecast. >> coming up in sports the a's go for their seventh straight win. we'll go live to houston
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that is the novato fire department using a recorded duckling noise on a cell phone to trick 11 baby ducks into their hands. those ducklings fell through a grate and into a drain pipe system with large openings. the crew was able to fluke the little guys to the safety and release them into a nearby creek where mom was waiting. give them a hug, i'm sure. and a talking-to. people across the bay area rolled up their sleeves to make their communities beautiful and
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green for earth day. our family joined the cleanup at san francisco's ocean beach today. eye teach reporter dan noyse tweeted this picture showing staff on starch for trash. one of two dozen organized event in the bay area on earth day. check out the earthday forecast and the forecast for the week. a chance to see some rain? >> we do and it's going to happen mid-week. so we'll round out the weekend on a dry note but a rather pointy ain't. live doppler 7hd showing you we are rain free, mainly sunny skies. a live look from the exploratorium camera showing you a quiet bay scene. high cirrus clouds, temperature-wise, oakland, 65. same in mountain view. san jose, cooler, 64. morgan hill, 65. along the coast, breezy and cooler, 57 at half moon bay. from the rooftop camera at abc7. notice the palm trees waving in the breeze.
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it's breezy this evening and will continue to be the next 24 hours. 65 currently in santa rosa, napa, 62. 63 in novato. concord, 62. livermore, 64. tonight, upper 40s in to lower 50s, very typical night on the way. our partly to mostly cloudy skies. 50 in vallejo, 52 in san francisco, 50 in oakland, same in san jose, fairfield overnight, low of 48 degrees. live doppler 7hd along with satellite, here's the setup. the next 24 hours, clear skies right now will give way to more clouds tonight thanks to a system well to the north. we'll wide outs the view. not rain showers from seattle to portland that area of low pressure is called an inside slider, moving just to the east of the bay area, and that area of he pressure in the next 24 hours is not a rainmaker unfortunately for the bay area. it will bring late season snowfall to the sierra but will crank occupy winds here lockly. future tracker wind gusts tomorrow morning, the coast
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breezes, over 30 miles-per-hour around the immediate bay, between, say 5 and 20 miles-per-hour. i do expect those winds to increase throughout the evening hours. along the coast we could have a lot of spots over 40 miles-per-hour winds. i think around the bay, anywhere from 15 to 30 miles-per-hour wind gusts as we finish up sunday. here's the planner. start off with a fair amount of cloud cover in the morning. the wind is going to kick out the clouds so late-day clearing but we'll stay windy for the second half of your sunday, and temperatures very similar to where we were today. across the region, 68 the high in oakland, tomorrow, 70 in san jose, windy along the coast, half moon bay, 59. breezy inland, antioch, 74. 71 the high in napa. san rafael, 66. talked about the late-season snowfall. coming late tomorrow night and early morning. lake level, one to three inches. the heavy snow above 7,000 feet. so if you're above 7,000 feet you could pick up more than six inches of snowfall.
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our chance here in the bay area for precipitation comes on wednesday. right now looks like wednesday evening will be track something light showers. moving across the bay area. here's the accuweather forecast. tomorrow, the winds increasing throughout the day. sunny on monday, and tuesday, clouds ahead of the storm on wednesday. right now showers possible. keep our eye on it. but thursday, friday, saturday, warming trend, and one week from today, inland spots near 80 degrees. >> thank you, drew. rick quan is here for shu. a burning question, will steph be able to play? >> we'll find out tomorrow. but i think we have pretty good idea already. up two games to one the warriors take on the rockets in houston. mike shumann is deep in heart of texas and says he's ready to have some curry with his barbecue. mike? >> well, no question, rick, the last few days, three-on-three
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scrimmage and a five-on-five today. felt great, and i think he has the greenlight to go on sunday. >> that's the plan. get some treatment, and do what i need to do to get ready for the game tomorrow, and go out and warmup, and as long as it continues to feel like it does right now, and not have any setbacks, after practice today, shy be good. >> head coach steve kerr was pleased with steph's progress. >> i think he'll be fine. hard to tell how many minutes he'll play, how well he'll play. who knows-but got a lot of confidence in his game, and i think the laos two days have given him confidence in his body. that's important. >> steph's rhythm and conditioning will be the rust factor in game four. >> it's possible i'll be able to hopefully find my second wind quick tomorrow. so, i don't foresee that being
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an issue. >> problems -- >> it's the playoffs. want to be ready for and see you guys out fighting to help us get a win. i want to be out there with them. this game three is the last one i'll miss. >> always the concern he may re-injury the ankle coming back too soon. >> it's stable, it's no swelling or anything, so i can do everything i need to do. >> of course you can see the game right here on abc7 at 12:30 tip-off, and stay tuned for after the game with larry beil. should be a good one. warriors want to close it out on oracle on wednesday night. reporting live in houston, rick quan's home town. your mom says hi, by the way,
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rick. >> i was just thinking, only fitting to have a guy named shu talking about curry's foot and ankling are right? seems logical. anyway, thank you. in other nba playoff action, charlotte led by at the bay area's jeremy lin played those miami. the hornets took control with the 18-0 third quarter run. kemba walker has the shot blocked here but then gets the loose ball and scores. that means the approval of michael jordan. lin led charlotte with 18. takes this ball coast-to-coast, the hornets beats the heat. their first playoff victory in 14 years, still trail miami 2-1. now to baseball. the a's had gone 7-0 on the road this season. today they were in toronto. there was a smattering of a's fans at the rogers centre. mark khanna with the solo shot in the first. three of his four hits this year have been home runs but the lead would not last long. former throw it yankee josh donaldson has the three-run
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bomb, made it 5-1. he had three hits and four rbi. troy to to all witness city -- y tulowitzki had three hits. the a's are now 10-8. lake merced glove club hosting the lpga swinging skirts classic. lyanne pace is tied for second. she sink this birdie from the fringe. pace and choi are both 7-under. this is choi with the lung birdie putt on 13. the second round leader continues to set the pace. right now chev is on 18 with a three-stroke lead. and thissens abc7 sports report has been brought to you by orchard supply hardware. so, all ready for game for tomorrow night. >> i know i am. next at 6:00, spread something good will after this amazing halfcourt shot.
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developing news out of gilroy tonight. right now there's an
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fire at a recycling plant. we'll have details at 9:00. on kofy tv 20. then an abc7~news at 11:00 here on channel , calling out his brother all in the name of charity. the challenge steph curry is issuing, seth, shaq, and many others tonight. that's tonight at 11:00. a sacramento pastor who wowed the crowd after sinking a halfcourt shot at a kings game gaveway the grand prize he won he didn't believe it himself when he heard the swoosh. he got a brand new car. today he gave that away to a family in need, saying he wanted to help out somebody else. he says he is happy enough, his wife and son were there to witness his feat. congratulations. that's it for abc7~news at 6:00. we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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