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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 23, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> history is being made as we speak a. first of its kind plane that circumstance up navigating the globe without a drop of gas will be landing any minute here in the bay area. good evening. i'm eric thomas. sky 7 hd was above the solar impulse 2 this afternoon as it passed over the golden gate bridge, ocean beach and a lot of san francisco. as we mentioned it will land any minute. we are live from the tarmac at moffett field which is the des tenation. it's in mountain view. >> reporter: the plane should arrive in about 30 minutes. this is ending the riskiest leg yet. there are a lot of really excited people here. take a look and you can see hundreds of people are here to
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see the plane as it is finishing its plight from hawaii to california. it did it in three days non-stop. we were there as it flew by the golden gate bridge. >> fabulous. >> i'm super excited. >> reporter: this evening people were in as the solar impulse 2 gently glided through the sky. >> really cool. >> reporter: it's also a first of its kind scientific feat. the si 2rks has the wing span of a 747 weighs the same as a empty family sedan and is powered by the sun. >> it flies up during the day and charges its batteries on the energy of the sun and flies back down on the energy that was stored during the day. >> reporter: it is a fuel free model those on the ground found inspiring. >> it is a huge milestone for really solar technology. >> it starts with batteries and goss to solar panels. now they are putting it on a plane. that's pretty incredible. there is nothing like being will to see it. >> reporter: this will be si 2's
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ninth stop since it started its journey last year in abu dhabi. the pilot spoke with me by phone as he flew across the bay. knowing so many people were on the ground cheering him on put a smile on his face. >> when you tell me that people dream what this is about, if i can inspire them, i'm really happy. and if i involve other people, that will be fantastic. >> reporter: even though it flew across the bay at around 6:00 this even, a lot has gone on since. the plane charged before sunset and can only land here once the wind is completely calm. >> lisa thanks. a 25-year-old man was rescued from the waters near san francisco's cliff house today after high surf swept him away. a team of firefighters and beach patrol rescuers brought the man to safety near the great highway. the victim survived the
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encounter. the fire department says the man was able to wade closer to shore but it took the help of the fire department, beach lifeguards and the u.s. coast guard to bring him to shore. >> it's been extremely dangerous conditions this season. it's always dangerous here at ocean beach. but we've had an el nino winter and we've had a lot of high surf advisories, almost every weekend. >> today's rescue comes one week after two teenagers from voyage drowned in ocean beach. the fire department says beach goers have unestimated the officer owesity of the waves until it's too late. a big fire raced through an electronics recycling center in gilroy this evening. this video shows how intense it was. it broke out at 6:00 tonight on the me tech building on ingle way. smoke was visibility for miles. sky 7 was overhead showing fire crews dousing hot spots with water.
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the fire was brought under control for about an hour and a half. crews are derling how much damage the fire caused. oakland firefighters successfully rescued a man inside this home that caught fire on high street early this morning. the fire broke out just before 7:00 a.m. along high street near foot hill boulevard. a person was trapped inside on the second quarter story. firefighters had to use a ladder to bring him down safely. the cause the fire is still under investigation. a stretch of sacramento street in san francisco is back open to traffic tonight after crews patched a large sinkhole. abc7 news was in the press i had yes heights neighbor as workers poured concrete into the crevice. a broken sewer line caused the sinkhole. the death toll from last week's massive earthquake in ecuador is 646 people. and hundreds more are still missing. abc7 news reporter sergio can tanny is live at sfo where one
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of the world's leading seismic experts just left to help assess the damage. >> reporter: he is on california's seismic safety commission. his plane just left sfo. he should be landing ecuador tomorrow morning. this afternoon i was also able to talk to a vallejo couple that survived that earthquake last weekend. they recently arrived back home. ecuador continues to manage through this disaster, and bay area seismic expert kit miyamoto is on his way to help assess the damage. >> in many cases the government and agents can't handle it. it's such a widespread quake. >> reporter: these are picture of the disaster from two vallejo residents who were in the he n ecuadorean town when it struck. >> it lasted 45 seconds.
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some people said it was 65 seconds. it didn't end. >> alice and her husband were vacationing there. then they started helping with the relief effort. >> this is the supplies we put together. >> reporter: this is video they shot on their phones as community volunteers and other tourists helping put together care packages for residents. >> it felt so good to be able to help. that's one of the things when you are in the middle of such a mass tragedy, you want to do something. so it really felt good to help. >> i wish we could do more. i really wish people could send money to them. even if you send $5 it means a lots to them. >> reporter: they returned home friday night. they say they are happy to be back in the bay area but ecuador is still on their minds. in minnesota today a small group of prince's family and friends celebrated the super star's life with a private ceremony. his publicist says a musical celebration will take place at later date. adrian bankert has the story.
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♪ >> i like little red corvette. and i like his music because you could feel how he was feeling when he was singing. >> reporter: for the majority of those who placed flowers balloons and artwork bearing the symbol synonymous with his name paying tribute to the soundtrack of their youth. ♪ when doves cry ♪ >> i grew up in the '80s. and prince was with me when i grew up. i'll never forget when doves cry. it's one of my favorite sounds. >> he was one of the most important artists of my generation. he left an influence on everything from the area. >> reporter: many stunned that such a power house is gone. >> it's not easy to lose someone that you loved and that has been a part of our lives for so long. >> i think it brings tears to my heart to know that the great
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artist, a genius as he was could die so young. >> reporter: another all night dance party happens in minneapolis. for the third time this weekend fans will continue to remember the life of prince while partying like it's 1999 ♪ . outside of the occasional cell phone playing purple rain, there is no music playing here. rather, an extended moment of silence while prince's songs remain on repeat all around the world. adrian bankert, abc news. >> prince's musical talents are well n.o.w. known. we are now learning more about his philanthropy. those close to him say he gave an enormous amount of money including san francisco's green for all. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, a job fair for teachers today in the bay area. how you can cash in on a big
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area by an east bay school krk. it might be the most analyzed ankle in the world right now. will steph take the court tomorrow in houston. >> romeo, romeo. >> later, honoring shakespeare, why celebrities across the world are sharing their favorite lines from his plays. first, possibly the cutest group of outlaws you will ever see. neat the ducklings who kept
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in the race for the white house, five big primaries are just days away. all of the candidates were out today hard at work campaigning. and donald trump addressed comments about who he really is. abc news reporter mary bruce has
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more. >> if i acted presidential, i'd guarantee that this morning i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: not exactly changing his tone. gop front-runner donald trump on the trail in connecticut addressing comments from his campaign suggesting his over the top rhetoric is just an act. >> when he is out on the stage he is projecting an image that's for that purpose. >> reporter: in audio obtained by the "new york times" trump's campaign chief promises republican officials the billionaire will tone things down but the candidate doesn't seem to be on board with that plan. >> i sort of don't like toning it down. >> reporter: his supporters seems split. >> he seems authentic. seems very authentic. >> personally hope he starts looking more presidential than he has in the past. i like what he stands for but i don't like the way he has been saying it. >> reporter: meanwhile, ted cruz is accusing donald that he is lying us. >> he is telling us he is lying
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to us. he is betraying us before the election. >> reporter: hillary clinton sitting down with voters face to face in connecticut. look forward to seeing you as president. >> well, with your help -- with your help we'll get there. >> reporter: her rival, bernie sanders, stumping in maryland, one of five states headed to the polls on tuesday. >> and on tuesday, the people of maryland can say it is time for a political revolution. >> reporter: win or lose, he's vowing to stay in the race until the end. mary bruce, abc news, bridgeport, connecticut. hillary clinton tonight getting a little support from a surprise person. charles koch, the conservative billionaire businessman speaking with jonathan carl of abc news. he said bill clinton was a better president than george w. bush and said it's possible hillary could be, too. >> is it possible another clinton could be better than another republican this time
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around. >> >> it's to be. >> you couldn't see yourself supporting hillary clinton, could you? >> well, the -- her -- we would have to believe her actions would be quite different than her rhetoric. let me put it that way. >> you can catch the full interview tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. on this week with george stephanopoulos. next weekend the gop candidates will be in the bay area for the state gop convention. donald trump will give the keynote friday night. john kasich announced today he will host a town hall in san francisco next friday as well. kasich and cruz will also speak over the weekend. other news now, the pittsburgh unified school district estimates more than 200 applicants showed up for its job fair today. abc news was in pittsburgh for the even. the district is looking to fill 35 positions offering teachers of math, science and special education and teachers who are bilingual a $5,000 sign on bonus. >> pittsburgh is a great place to work. we have a great diverse
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community. it's a booming area. it's affordable housing. and we've been able to attract and bring on some great people here in pittsburgh. >> the district is also looking to fill other positions like bus drivers, substitute teachers, clerical and cafeteria workers. also in pittsburgh a ribbon cutting ceremony for deanza park's new play structure. in 2010 it was destroyed by vandals. about 60 parents came together to form the east county regional group. it assessed the city's 63 parks and determined deanza was the most in need. the city council then allocated $50,000 for the new play structure. a mother duck is back with her bucklings tonight thanks to the movado fire department. [ guac ] >> firefighters used recorded duckling noises on a cell phone to trick 11 baby ducks into their hands. the ducklings fell through a grate on redwood boulevard and
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into a drainpipe system with several large openings. the rescue crew was able to pluck the little guys to safety and release them into a nearby creek where mom was waiting. a beautiful day for a duck rescue. drew tuma has more. >> if you liked today tomorrow is more of the same. but we will be tracking winds that will be cranking tomorrow afternoon and evening. we are rain free but we are turning to partly to mostly cloudy skies overnight tonight. the rain we got yesterday really help allergy sufferers. tomorrow, monday, pollen levels are medium. tuesday we are tracking higher levels thanks to a bit of a dry spell and warmer temperatures. the offenders right now, walnut, olive and pine trees. 58 currently if hayward. 56 in oakland. 55 in san francisco. same in santa rosa. 56 in mountain view and 56 current will he in san jose. overnight clouds uncreasing,
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dropping into the 40s in the north bay. 47 san rafael. most places around the immediate bay you see are dropping into low 50s overnight. first thing tomorrow morning, those are the wake up temperatures. winds will be breezy especially along the coast. 25 to 35 miles per hour along the coast. and those winds will strengthen throughout the afternoon and the evening. you see around the bay i expect winds between 15 and 30 miles per hour. right along the coast we have less friction on the ocean water. those winds could be gusting over 40 miles per hour at times. we'll break down your sunday hour by hour. first thing in the morning we have a fair amount of cloud cover overhead. by the afternoon, more in the way of sunshine. the steady breeze kicks cloud cover out. we will call it windy from 4:00 an with temperatures springlike for this time of year. highs on season, up to 69 in vallejo. 72 in concord. 63 in san francisco. 68 in oakland, 70, san jose, and up to 71 in napa. our next chance of rain, we go
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back to the storm impact scale we used it all season long to rate our storm. one is light. five is the most severe. it gives you a better idea of what to expect with each storm we have. the one coming on wednesday mid week this week it is a one. light showers and about a tenth to four tenths of an inch of total rainfall. we will start future on wednesday. 2:00 in the afternoon that's when we are expecting some of the rain to move on-shore. as we advance the clock into the evening it kind of dissipates and kicks its way out wednesday evening as we approach the midnight hour. this is not a long duration event, similar to what we had yesterday morning with light showers. it's something that we'll be tracking that will bring mid week changes on wednesday. here is your accuweather ds. along the coast win gusts over 40 miles per hour. monday it's not as witnessy but still a breeze with sunshine. late day clouds on tuesday ahead of the storm on wednesday with thursday likely.
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and thursday and friday clearing, and saturday a lot of spots going into the 70s. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00 calling out his brother all in the name of
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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i'm calling my shot to beat malaria and i hope you will. here's one, the one bounce and in. >> steph just hit his tricky shot. now he has challenged his brother, dub nation and shaq to do the same. he posted this video to twitter today. it's all to cure malaria.
11:25 pm
egg a spokesperson for nothing but nets. he wants people to call their shot to bring attention to the disease. all right. rick's here. is he going to play? >> that is the question, to play or not to play? >> how about that. >> we might have answers. coming up in sports our mike shumann provides the answer on whether steph curry will play tomorrow. and giants pitcher
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casino. >> after a tough one point loss in game three the warriors hope to bounce back tomorrow against the rockets. but will goalen state have its mvp back? >> the big question at the warriors practice is will steph curry be able to play on sunday? steve kerr and steph curry both answered that question. >> still got treatment and do what i need to do to get ready for the game tomorrow. go out and warm up. as long as it continues to feel like it does right now and not have any setbacks after practice today i should be good. >> the fact that he has no pain and the fact that he went lieu the three on three yesterday and the full court scrimmage today and had no pain and no limping he said he is fine. >> i want to be out there with them and enjoy that atmosphere. so hopefully, you know, game three was the last one i'll miss. >> looks like all systems are go to for steph to play against the rockets to play in game four on
11:30 pm
sunday. mike shumann, abc7 sports. >> you can watch game four here on abc7, tip-off is at 12:30. following the contest, join abc7 sports director larry biel, former warriors center, o'donnell boyle and mark spears after the game. mike shumann will be at the game for post game interviews. last night samardzija had a pair of hits and three rbis. tonight it was jake peavy's turn to show off his skill at the plate. among those at the park, the sharks captain joe pavelski. >> posey singles home panic. in the third ozuna sends this ball into triple valley. peevy worked his way out of trouble and allowed two runs in seven innings. in the fourth peevy helm helps him with a two run single to left. 4-1, san francisco. the giants tacked on two more in
11:31 pm
the seventh after blanco triple. he gets brought home. san francisco wins 7-2. they will try to complete a three game sweep tomorrow. the a's and other fans were in oakland. cano ripped a solo shot in the first inning. three of his four hits this year have been home runs. but that lead wouldn't last long. donaldson takes bassett deep for a will he run bomb. that made it 5-1 bluejays. donaldson this three hits and four rbis. toronto wins 9-3. it's the a's first road loss this season. this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. later in the show, nba playoff action, including a big game from the bear area's jarly mind. >> we are waiting for the landing of the solar impulse plane. you are looking live at movet
11:32 pm
field in mountain view. that is the solar impulse 2. it is expected to touch down very
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like from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. good evening, i'm ache thomgs. we're going to take you back out to movet field where solar impulse 2, the sun powered airplane nas on an around the world flight is minutes away from landing. lisa amingo leashan is there right now. what is happening lisa. >> reporter: si 2 is slowly approaching. a very excited crowd. look over my shoulder. there it is, bright lights and
11:36 pm
all. it's moving about 28 miles per hour. the conditions for arrival are perfect. the wind is totally calm. the plan is for the plane to taxi for a little bit, and then the pilot will come out, stretch after a -- it really has been three long days of travel. he'll get out, stretch, and then celebrate with all the people who are very excited to be here. live at moffett field, abc7 news. >> lisa thank you very much. friends and family have said their good-byes to music icon prince. his publicist released a statement today saying the 57-year-old was celebrated in a private ceremony with his most beloved friends, family, and fellow musicians. prince's body was then cremated. the cause of death is still unknown. results of the autopsy aren't expected for another month. they added fans should expect a future announcement for a future celebration of prince's life.
11:37 pm
is prince leave hype a treasure trove of unpublished music? who is in charge of it? will the world ever hear it. >> reporter: tonight the world is waiting to learn the fate of one of the most valuable music estates on earth. prince leaves behind no wife, no children. >> thank you for loving him. and he loved each and every one of you. >> the woman is prince's sister who could be the next in line to inherit the singer's fortune. his estate estimated at $300 million, and its value soaring by the day. muk. >> reporter: little red corvette now topping the charts yet again. and his greatest hits album number one on billboards. ♪ but the biggest unknown is what is reported to be a secret vault of songs that prince left behind. >> we could put out more work in a monday than most people could do in a year or more. >> reporter: susan rogers describes it as a giant room
11:38 pm
flild with private sonic treasures behind a door with a large spinning wheel. prince himself rarely discussed the vault but told abc's the view the material would one day become public. >> one day someone will release them. i don't know that i will get to release them. >> what did his music mean to you? >> everything. power. he was such a good artist, and a motivator. and really inspiring. >> reporter: setting aside the question of who might profit from there as yet unheard trove of prince music, one group that would unquestionably benefit, his fans. in honor of prince, an installation at the l.a. county museum of art was temporarily changed into the prain room. for one day only the rain of this interactive exhibit yesterday was illuminated in purple. special sensors kept people dry
11:39 pm
as they walked into the room with rain pouring from the ceiling. president obama went to london, played golf and hosted a town hall with young people. terri mooren is traveling with the president, and has this story tonight. >> reporter: 400 years to the declaration of independence day since shakespeare died and there was president obama taking in a bit of hamlet at the famous globe theater. another stop on what has become a wistful farewell visit by this late term president to america's closest ally. and it has produced this instantly iconic moment, the president and little prince george, the future king eye to eye when the obamas came for cocktails and dinners with the royals at kenzington palace today the president was buzzing about it. >> nothing was going to stop me from wishing happy birthday to her imaginesty and meeting
11:40 pm
george who was adorable. >> reporter: at a town hall one person coming out in public telling the president they don't fit into any gender category. >> i'm getting emotional. i'm so sorry. >> i'm incredibly proud of the steps it sounds like you have already taken. >> that was terri mooren reporting. as a way of remembering shakespeare who died 400 years ago today celebrities from around the world shared their favorite shakespeare lines today on social media. well, sorry -- >> how many goodly creatures are there here? how beautyious mankind is. other brave new world a that has such people in night romeo, romeo, where foreart thou, romeo. >> to be or not to be, that is the question. >> the spring, the summer, the child in autumn.
11:41 pm
angry winter. change there won't exist. >> dame judy dench you heard from there. and sir patrick stewart at the top that you did not hear from. our apologies about that. we have a link to more videos on our website, webb webb, share yours using the hashtag abc7 now and shakespeare 400. they first met in middle school. tonight a new chapter for a judge and a man who recognized each other in a courtroom before sentencing months ago. i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we're coming off of a calm evening. temperatures out there in the 50s. but you notice the flags on top of the building.
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>> announcer: loss altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. we are going to take you live to moffett field where you see the solar impulse 2 right there in mountain view touching down on the runway. it's been circling there for quite a while after making the flight in from hawaii and several passes around the golden gate bridge as a photo opportunity. the plane is fueled entirely by solar power. and makes a speed of about 28 miles an hour. your bike may go faster but,
11:45 pm
hey, you know, it is quite the engineering spectacle. once again, it touched down just moments ago at moffett field in mountain view after making its way from hawaii. well when coincidence approaches the bench you may remember a chance reunion between a judge and a prisoner back in june. the pair remembered each other from years ago in middle school. tonight as abc7 news reporter john donovan explains there is a new chapter to this story. >> reporter: a tale of two encounters. the first one in a courtroom camera. the judge, a man charged with burglary. suddenly she has a glimmer of recognition and then she asks. >> did you go to naught laws for middle school. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: yep, they were kids together. two kids in school photos who both showed promise. but then arthur's life went wrong. >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm sorry to see you here.
11:46 pm
i always wondered what happened to you, sir. this was the nicest kid in middle school. >> reporter: drug addiction, a life in and out of prison it all seemed to hit him at once the path his life had taken. the video was watched millions of times since then back in june. now we'll see if this video also catches on. the other day, he was released from jail, his family was there, and so was the judge. she had a message for him. >> you are going to do something good for somebody else. >> reporter: she called it a pledge to do better, for old time's sake. spring snow is blanketing the sierra. many people heading up to tahoe didn't expect the snow yesterday and were unprepared for the slick roads and backed up traffic. the snow stopped today, but up to a foot fell at higher elevations above 7,000 feet. right now chains are not required in the area. you know, drew tuma knew
11:47 pm
that snow was coming. >> i did. our producer always wants to know when it's going to snow in the sierra. we'll like hely pick up a couple more inches monday with a storm system. right now we are rain free. the wider view shows you we were clear today through the afternoon of the now we have clouds streaming in from the west. it's associated with a storm system with rain showers from seattle to portland. that area of low pressure is going to be called an inside slider. it moves to the east of us. it is a horrible position for us to get wet weather. it will bring snow to the sierra and win gusts here. future tracker win gusts shows you tomorrow midday the winds pick up along the coast, over 30 miles per hour. everybody feels it around the way and into the afternoon and evening. i wouldn't be surprised if sots along the coast get wind gusts
11:48 pm
to 50 miles an hour. here's the accuseven-day forecast tomorrow it's winnie. monday it's sunny, a little breezy. not as windy as sunday. tuesday it is a late day cloud in the afternoon. that means wednesday we are tracking showers likely. but it is a quick moving storm. by thursday, friday, saturday, a warming friend and increasing sunshine. >> drew, thank you very much. from weather now to sports. rick is here. >> coming up in sports, the warriors are ready to avenge that tough loss in game three. and the bay areas's jeremy lind leads the way as charlotte wins its first playoff game in 14 years.
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nbc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> look for steph curry to be back in the lineup tomorrow afternoon when if warriors take on the rockets in game four. few took the loss in game three harder than draymond green. he scored just nine points
11:52 pm
making just three his nine shots from the floor. draymond also dribbled the ball off his foot in the closing seconds to end any chance of a miracle victory. he can't wait to get back on the court. >> sitting on this game now for two days. frustrating but i'm definitely ready to get back out there and bring back something good to my team. >> generally when we've lost we have bounced back really well and played not only hard but intelligently. i think we need to play more intel gently than we did in game three. and i think we will. >> we had a lot of turnovers and a lot of jumbled possessions and that fueled their offense. can't give them new life and let the crowd into the game. >> one more reminder. you can watch game four here on abc7. tip-off is sat 12:30. following the contest join larry biel, former warriors center o'donnal foil, and espn's marc
11:53 pm
spears for after the game. should should will have post game reaction. the clippers were trying to take a 3-0 lead over portland. at home, the trail blazers led by nip and a half this. basket put the clips up by one. damian lillard answered with this shot. a game by 32. porptland clinging to a three point lead. harkless with a put back. the trail blazers win 96-88. still trail 2-1. >> oklahoma city and dallas. doesn't was ejected late because of a play grant foul. before leaving dropped in 19 points. westbrook off the steal, throws it down. 119-108 was the final. oklahoma city now leads 3-1. charlotte beat the heat thanks to an 18-0 third quarter run. walker shot his is blocked but jeremy lin gets the loose ball
11:54 pm
and scores. lind goes coast to coast. the hornets win 96-80. it's their first playoff victory in 14 years. they still tray miami 2-1. >> we ran a lot of pick and rolls tonight. any time you do that that's going to help both of us out a little more as well. we tried to stay downhill, keep pressure on them and created open shots for everybody else. >> the raptors and pacers in game four in indianapolis. lawson with a slick move. george hill scored 22. lawson steals the inbounds and then knocks down the jumper. indiana wins 100-83. this series is even at 2-2. having closed out the kings last night, the sharks now await the winner of the ducks/predators series. so far the road team has won every game. nashville scores first tonight. johannsen with a backhander.
11:55 pm
22 seconds later anaheim's perron ties it is up. l.a. takes the lead as gar bet from his own net bank it off rinnee and into the net. 5-2 was the final, the ducks lead the series 3-2. st. louis led chicago 3-1 after the first period. the defending champs scored three times in the second. weiss gives the blackhawks a 4-3 lead. they would store two more times in the third. shaw with the one timer. chicago takes it 6-3 and force a game seven. the penguins were looking to eliminate the rangers. pittsburgh's phil kessel goes top shelf to tie the game at 2-2. then daily passes to rusk who scores the first of the playoffs. the series is now 4-1. lpga swinging skirts classic tonight. pace is now tied for second.
11:56 pm
she makes that birdie. choi are both 7 under for the tournament. second round leader nomura continues to set the pace. she has a three stroke lead going into the final round. the pga tour is in san antonio for the texas ownership. steel is one stroke back after shooting even par. in search of his first pga tour victory 35-year-old ricky barnes shot a 67 today. a nice putt there for birdie. barnes bogeyed 18 but leads by one at 11 under par. barnes is winless in 221 career starts but it might do it tomorrow. this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. >> rick thank a lot. we want to take you back out now and show you what it looked like when the solar impulse 2 actually landed at moffett
11:57 pm
field. we couldn't show it to you before because some folks got in front of the camera. there it is touching down after the flight from hawaii to the bay area with a few passes over the golden gate bridge for a photo on. now they get to get some rest because that trip in from hawaii took a while at 28 miles an hour on average. slower than your jumbo jet. that's will do it for tonight. have a great night. we'll see yo
11:58 pm
that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
(mc news special report. reporting live from washington--reed wallace. we have unconfirmed reports that shots were fired outside president fitzgerald grant's birthday gala this evening. and early reports suggest-- what? where is the president? why is he-- i've just been told that the president has gone to james madison hospital.


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