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tv   ABC World News  ABC  April 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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i'm eric thomas, for lisa and larry and shu, thank you for invying us into your welcome to "world news tonight." we're following several developing stories -- including a prom night ambush. a teenage gunman armed with a high-powered rifle opening fire on his former classmates. tonight, the students who had to hide to stay alive. neighborhood inferno. an apartment complex up in flames, then collapses. why neighbors were forced to run from their homes. cult of personality. trump's public struggle over his persona. >> you think this is easy? ranting and raving. where's the will? questions tonight about who will inherit prince's estimated $300 million fortune. hoverboard crackdown. police seizing thousands of fakes, sold as the real thing. tonight, we'll show you how to spot the bogus boards. and, beyonce's secrets. the internet on fire over the
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megastar's surprise release, including intimate videos and the empowering message for women. good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. we begin with the prom night terror in wisconsin. on one of the biggest nights of their lives, a gunman opening fire with a high-powered rifle. two teenagers wounded leaving the dance. the 18-year-old gunman seen here, with ties to the school. a police officer assigned to the prom taking him down. officials saying he prevented a disaster of unimaginable proportions. here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: tonight, a wisconsin community reeling after a gunman opened fire outside their high school prom.
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the dance just about to end saturday night when bullets started flying. police say 18-year-old jakob wagner, armed with a high powered rifle and a large ammunition clip, took aim, shooting a couple as they left the dance. a young man was hit in the leg. his date, grazed by a bullet. students still inside -- forced to take cover. >> we stayed there for about an hour. i was in disbelief about the whole thing. >> reporter: police say officers patrolling the dance heard the shots and rushed over. stopping him, before anyone else was hurt. tonight, school officials praising those quick-thinking officers who they say prevented a "disaster of unimaginable proportions." >> just kind of dealing with the situation we have right now. i think, a lot of shock. tonight, officials searching his family's home, looking for clues that could point to a motive. school officials tell us wagner graduated from antigo high school last year. and still volunteered in art
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classes at the school. his grandfather saying his grandson was bullied for years. the student shot in the leg had surgery this afternoon. his date is home from the hospital tonight. tom? >> thank you. now to ohio. new details revealed about the murders of eight family members. police, with a new discovery at three of the crime scenes. a businessman now offering a $25,000 reward. for investigation leading to the killer's arrest. alex perez is in ohio with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: with the clock ticking, tonight authorities are making a plea to the public for tips to track down a cold blooded killer. investigators working round the clock, but so far no arrests. police revealing that 3 of the 4 crime scenes had marijuana grow operations.
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but no word on whether they're linked to the murders. >> the people who did this did not want to be detected. this is not a spur of the moment murder. >> reporter: today, at sunday services, family and friends paying tribute to loved ones lost in the slayings. >> no one would have ever thought that would have happened to them. >> i need to tell me the address. >> just give me a second. we walked in about -- i think my brother-in-law is dead. >> reporter: the massacre unfolding friday near the rural town of peebles, ohio. the chilling 911 calls capturing the horror. eight members of the same family killed. >> it's all this stuff that's on the news, i just found my cousin with a gunshot wound. >> okay, sir, was he alive? >> no, no. >> reporter: the sheriff says more than 100 tips have poured in after the execution style murders. >> all right, we've got deputies on the way, okay? >> thank you. >> you're welcome. [ crying ] >> reporter: there's now a
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$25,000 reward to capture a killer considered armed and dangerous. >> there is someone that has a piece of this puzzle we don't have. someone knows something. >> reporter: and until investigators can find out who's responsible for the murders, sheriffs telling family members they should arm themselves to ensure their safety. tom? >> thank you. and to topeka, the officer searching for a suspect on a most wanted list, a fire breaking out at the same time. burning for more than three hours. authorities not sure who was shooting at the officers, or how the fire started. all four, expected to recover. next to the race for president. the next big showdown coming in two days. donald trump defending his over the top behavior. and polls showing donald trump
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with double-digit leads in three of the states voting on tuesday -- connecticut, maryland, and pennsylvania. mary bruce with the trump campaign tonight. >> reporter: donald trump back in brawler mode tonight, making an accusation. >> cruz is working hard to, i don't want to use the word bribe, but to bribe the delegates. >> reporter: a republican establishment waiting to see a more presidential trump, still waiting. >> if i changed and everyone said this is the most presidential candidate since abraham lincoln and then we started to lose. wouldn't that be terrible? we need to be a little bit careful. >> reporter: just days ago his top strategist was recorded pledging a trump transformation. >> the part that he's been playing is evolving into the part that you've been expecting, but he wasn't ready for. the negatives will come down, the image is going to change. >> reporter: but today, doing damage control, he said he never meant trump would change his
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ways. >> we were evolving the campaign, not the candidate. >> reporter: ted cruz says the whole thing is an act. >> he's the harry houdini engaged in an act of misdirection. trump is a phony. >> reporter: and he's slamming trump for going against the republican grain and opposing north carolina's controversial transgender bathroom law -- painting a bizarre picture. >> if donald trump dresses up as hillary clinton he still can't go to the girls' bathroom. >> reporter: one thing the trump camp says will change, his campaign events. coming up this week, his first substantive foreign policy speech. tom? >> mary, thank you. let's turn to the democrats now. hillary clinton hoping to take a big step towards clinching the nomination. already making plans for a one-on-one race, possibly against donald trump. said to be quietly searching for a running mate.
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while bernie sanders vows to stay in the race until the very end. here's david wright. >> reporter: today, hillary clinton is already cautiously looking ahead to the general election. >> if you will vote for me on tuesday, i will stand up and fight for you. >> reporter: so confident are they of winning, they've quietly started the process of picking a running mate. among the names said to be on the early shortlist, hud secretary julian castro, new jersey senator corey booker, ohio senator sherrod brown. as well as at least one woman. but clinton herself says it's too early to talk about all that. >> i'm just working hard to win on tuesday. >> reporter: also bernie sanders isn't bowing out just yet. today in he took a stroll on the campus at yale. surrounded by screaming fans. former obama '08 campaign strategist david plouffe recently tweeted at sanders that "raising money stating you
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have a path to the nomination is fraud." plouffe now supports clinton. >> that's a preposterous statement by david. illegal. there's nothing illegal about raising money from millions of people. >> reporter: last night, there was this razor sharp comment from a sanders surrogate. >> i'm with monica lewinsky with this. bullying is bad. >> reporter: actress rosario dawson complained clinton loyalists are bullying sanders people online. the candidate himself doesn't go there. sanders is treading carefully right now. polls show clinton ahead in all five states voting tuesday and in indiana one week later. so he's focused on getting his message out. not so much on criticizing hillary clinton. tom? >> david, thank you. and michelle obama, weighing in on mississippi's religious freedom bill. delivering the commencement address at jackson state university saturday.
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she says the march for civil rights isn't just about african-americans, it's about all americans. and now to a massive fire erupting in arkansas. investigators looking for clues. huge flames burning through a new apartment complex. the fire sending embers into the air, and on to neighboring homes. families forced to evacuate. to get out of harm's way. here's aditi roy. >> reporter: the towering flames of this massive blaze, devouring this apartment complex in phoenix, turning it into a sea of orange. terrified neighbors, fleeing for their lives. watch these children climbing over a wall to escape the roaring inferno. >> that heat. i'm a block from it. and you're on fire. you're hot, hot, hot. >> reporter: 120 firefighters wrestled the flames. first responders evacuating neighbors, as embers fell from the sky. >> they were dropping down just where we were standing in the
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middle of the street. it's scary. >> reporter: the scorching heat damaging some homes as smoke billowed ominously over a playground. officials say the complex, still under construction, was in the wood frame stage, helping the fire burn faster. a half mile south of the blaze, carly and j.t. morrisey were getting married. >> we went to do our first spin around the dance floor, and that's when i first noticed this big gray plume of smoke. >> reporter: tonight, investigators digging through the mile-long stretch of rubble, looking for what caused this destructive inferno. aditi roy, abc news, san francisco. >> thank you. severe weather moving across the midwest tonight. in minnesota, houses struck by lightning and burning to the ground. a third home damaged. the family escaping. tonight, concerns about possible on the -- tornadoes, hail, and
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damaging winds. let's get right to rob marciano. rob? >> over the next week or so, every couple of days, we'll see a tornado threat. two watch boxes up tonight. you can see the storms rolling through omaha. no storms reported yet. but big hail, and tornado watch is up until 11:00 p.m. and storms rolling through des moines. and tuesday, much more on a significant threat, more ingredients coming together for tornado risk right in the heart of tornado alley. potential for large if not violent tornadoes. could be the most serious threat next week, tom. >> rob, thanks so much. now to the mystery surrounding the death of prince. family and friends attending a private memorial service on saturday. here's eva pilgrim on the growing question about who inherits his $300 million estate. >> reporter: tonight, as the world awaits answers into prince's mysterious death,
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questions rising about who will inherit one of the most valuable music estates in the world. no word this hour if he had a will. prince leaves behind no wife or children. >> thank you for loving him, y'all. he loved each and every one of you. >> reporter: the woman with the purple hair, his sister. who could be first in line to the singer's fortune. his estate, estimated at $300 million, growing by the day. his music once again at the top of the charts. the shock of the singer's death being felt around the world. bruce springsteen paying tribute overnight. opening his show at the barclays center in brooklyn with a cover of "purple rain." ♪ purple rain purple rain >> reporter: "saturday night live" honoring prince showing footage of his performance at their 40th anniversary party.
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and bells atop minneapolis city hall playing the superstar's songs. and many neighbors lining up, pouring into target field stadium as the celebration of prince's life continues. >> you can tell, he's touched a lot of hearts. >> reporter: we spoke to lawyers in minneapolis who said, there's no deadline on when to file a will. so, no word on when we'll learn what will happen to prince's fortune. tom? >> some interesting developments. all right, eva, thank you. still ahead tonight, buyer beware. they may look like the real deal, but they're not. why thousands of hover boards were seized by authorities. and how you can spot the bogus boards. and later, the little prince already has the royal touch. how his casual attire is setting off a fashion frenzy. where to buy the pint-sized robe, and why you may be disappointed. thing that you are working with humana and your doctor to maintain your health. because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting...
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try cool mint zantac. hey, need fast heartburn relief? it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster. to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them with k9 advantix ii. it kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. welcome back. new concerns tonight over hoverboard knockoffs.
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thousands of fakes seized in one recent crackdown alone. despite the risk of fire dangers, hoverboards are still making their way into american homes. and for those that still want to try one out, there are ways to spot the fakes. here's jim avila. >> reporter: guns drawn, handcuffs out. the l.a. sheriff's department counterfeit unit raids a suburban warehouse. it's filled with nearly 4,000 of the hottest and perhaps most dangerous toys on the market -- the hoverboard. >> this place is packed with counterfeit hoverboards. >> reporter: so far, the feds have confiscated nearly 100,000 of these hazardous toys at the border, many imported from china. the u.s. government says hoverboards cannot be considered safe. they pack not just a thrill, but too often a fiery surprise, because the batteries can overheat, even catch on fire. that's what happened to the fox family in chicago. their house badly damaged in a fire when their son's christmas present hoverboard went up in flames. >> all i could think to myself
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was, there's a good likelihood that we're going to lose both of our children today. >> reporter: in this week's raid, the sheriff's department has brought along an inspector from the underwriters laboratory, the trusted testing group, to look for one telltale sign of counterfeits. >> this mark means that this product has been safety certified. has been tested. >> reporter: and has it been? >> no, it has not. u.l. has not certified any hoverboards. >> reporter: so this u.l. is bogus? >> it's counterfeit. it's unauthorized. >> reporter: underwriters lab is developing safety standards for hoverboards, but nothing currently on the market is approved. and if you see a u.l. stamp on the box, it doesn't mean the hoverboard is certified. stay away from it and call authorities. jim avila, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you. when we come back, what sparked these officers to fire off several rounds at this suspect? the new video. and a firefighter responding to a special call. why he went over the top for
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one a day. back now with our "index," starting with with powerful new video of a wild police shooting in albuquerque. police firing off close to 50 rounds at a suspected car thief last year. they say they opened fire because they thought he ran over an officer, which he did not. he also was armed. the suspect, now brain dead. his family, considering legal action. and check this out. soaring over the golden gate, making history. the pilot completing a risky the bay area powered only by the sun. pretty impressive. and prince george already having an effect on fashion. the robe he wore to greet
5:53 pm
president obama, set off a frenzy online. the $40 robe sold out after the picture was released, but they're still accepting orders. now to a new york city firefighter with a flair for drama. check this out. daring rescue? not so much. this firefighter, surprising his girlfriend with a proposal. and in that moment she said yes. good luck topping that one. still ahead, beyonce, burning up the internet once again. the singer at times changing genres, getting personal. dropping a surprise one-hour video. and the empowering message, and the personal clues she's dropping about her famous marriage. platinum-based chemotherapy, it's not every day something this big comes along. a chance to live longer
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finally tonight, nothing is hotter than beyonce's new album. here's linsey davis. >> reporter: it's the bombshell from beyonce, lighting the internet on fire. "lemonade" is billed as every woman's journey of self-knowledge and healing. ♪ you can taste the dishonesty, it's all over your breath ♪ >> reporter: but some believe it's beyonce's own story, of
5:58 pm
marital problems with husband jay-z. ♪ today i regret the night i put that ring on ♪ >> reporter: the album's release, an overnight sensation. hbo streaming the one-hour film for free. more than 1.7 million tweets followed with #lemonade. ♪ i'm just too much for you >> reporter: from fierce moments like this rampage by a woman scorned. to talk of race and gender with a nod to malcom x's famous speech about black women. >> call me malcolm x. >> the most disrespected person in america is the black woman. >> reporter: the song "forward," features the mothers of young black men killed by police and others. ♪ ladies, now let's get in formation ♪ >> reporter: building on the message of defiance from her super bowl halftime performance. and while "lemonade" has lots of sour, what triumphs is a message of empowerment and redemption and love of family. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> thank you for watching. "gma" first thing in the morning, david muir will be right back here tomorrow. i'm tom llamas. good night.
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being carried over to the great highway. specifically we're seeing that south of -- the area has been closed to traffic but before then we saw a car get stuck in a mound of sand in the parking lot along ocean beach. he was stuck for a while but with the help of someone else behind the wheel he was finally able to push it out of the way. things are supposed to get worse. winds are supposed to peak this evening with gusts up to 50 miles-per-hour. despite the wind there are still people hanging out along the coast. >> i was born and raised here, and it almost -- to go to the beach and check it out but this is nuts. >> it's wicked. don't know why it's so aggressive today. >> and pacifica, the winds have already brought


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