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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 25, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> a massive power outage in the east bay. 40,000 customers are without power from berkeley to san pablo. we are in berkeley over university avenue and martin luther king jr. way a busy intersection. you can see what is happening with the lights out. cars are treating it as a four way stop. so it is slow with a line of cars waiting to cross the intersection. it will be a problem causing confusion. if you have our news app you have a push alert about the situation an hour ago. >> here is the news camera on
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the drowned in downtown berkeley station where trains are not topping because of the outage going on, now, for 90 minutes. >> we will show you the pg&e outage map right now, and can you see the outage area cover as good portion of the uc berkeley campus in the son part of the block through the i-80 corridor including albany, kensington, richmond, all the way to san pablo. we will stay on top of the situation and update you on developments with the public alerts through the abc news app. >> we have more breaking news in san carlos, a crash involving a patrol car under investigation. you can see the photo tweeted by the san mateo sheriff, under a toyota camera after a sergeant chases the vehicle of the investigators say the same car drove into a fire station and a safeway store earlier. no one was seriously hurt. sky 7 is over the scene with the
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patrol car belonging to a san mateo county sheriff deputy being load on to a flat bad. the southbound lanes are closed. stick with us for more updates on both breaking news story. >> lot going on. i am recycling bin -- i am showing you video from san francisco's ocean beach with some caught up in a sand storm part of the great highway is still closed as crews work to clean the sand from the road. can you use sunset boulevard as the alternate. all the winds are fierce on the peninsula. a giant tree toppled over taking down a change link fence. these scenes are everywhere. is it coming down, mike? >> good morning, kristen and reggie. the winds are noticeably faster
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than this morning. we are tracking the winds and everyone is in double digits from oakland at ten miles per hour to half moon bay at 25 miles per hour. in the afternoon and evening we will have our fastest winds and an airport weather warning from 2:00 to 9:00 for gusts of 45 miles per hour. that is below the 58 miles per hour wind from yesterday which is a severe thunderstorm threshold. here the winds at noon, around 10-20 inland, and 30-40 around the coast and the coast will be the fastest. we could get up to 25 everland by 4:00 when the winds peak hang ing on so it will be notice obligate on way home. the winds will calm overnight so it will be a cooler overnight. reggie? >> fans are waiting for the result of the steph curry m.r.i. after hurting his right knee before the half yesterday at the
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game. this video makes it all go ouch! ought team said that steph curry sprinted his right knee after slip on a wet spot on the court and the teammates expressed from frustration the water was not wiped up earlier. >> it was a heart stopping moment for the warriors and fans. look at play in slow-motion. stick's left leg slipped and the right knee hits the court. he rolls clutching it. his wife ayesha tweeted a row of praying hands. >> we will need him. >> draymond friend comforted a distraught store clerk store clerk who remained in the locker room second half. he prayed with a group of friends and walked out of the arena with a pronounced limp. the teammates rallied defeat the rockets 121-94. >> team win. that shows how much heart the
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team has. >> we will not lie down. we realize we have a job to do. >> steph curry just battled back from an angle injury forcing him to sit down in game two and three. all the timing could not be worse. >> i feel tell for him. hopefully he will be okay. we don't know. i feel is bad. he has been health as all year and suddenly the playoffs and a couple of fluke things and i feel bad for him. we have to move on. author calling the injury a sprained knee. we will necessity the specifics and she voter after today's m.r.i. what is certain, the warriors do not want steph curry's latest injury to derail the playoff run >> the warriors lead against the rockets and game give is monday and last night draymond said
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steph curry will probable not play but we will know more after the m.r.i. today. our cross your fingers and teos and all of that. you can stay in the snow as they are released today with the news app that is free to download in theup store, enabling push alerts with updates on this story and breaking news they time. >> caldecott tunnel -- sheriff deputies are trying to cab roars would robbed a casino in front of friends, employees and customers. amy hollyfield is on the scene. >> we just got surveillance video images from the casino and i will show you those. there are three of them. authorities say they not great. it is something. if you look at one of them in the lower right corner you will see him with a halloween mcon and orange gloves. this happened at 4:45 and he got away in a mercedes benz.
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police aimed guns at the grand casino when they got the call an around man was be rolling the place. while it was on. full of card-playing customers. one of the customers thought a new game had come to the casino, and then heard people screaming and saw the marked man. >> i was walking coming from the coffee area and he could not see me and i saw people on the ground and i thought what are you doing action new game? and i looked at the guy with the map and he had a gun, not a gun, a life fell. he got away. police interviewed customers and looking at surveillance video. one employee what was running late for work just missed it all. >> they said he pulled a gun on the players and tryied to take the chips around the place. the whole casino now is closed and that is until further notice. he got away with several casino
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chips. no one was hurt. >> scary. scary. this is how i live, this is my work. going this happened in my work area i am scareed but that is why we have cameras and why we have police protection. >> the can send is now on and they doing all they can to korea business as usual, with in more police presence they have asked us to stay off the rot and the casino has "no comment." it sounds scary. >> a devastating fire at popular restaurant in the south bay has put dozens of employees owe of work. the five tore through the dd sports grill and janet is here with the story. >> a lot of smoke and fire damage and the fire investigator is on the scene and said it took some time for anyone to realize the fire started because it
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started in the attic and there was lot of smoke building and it was hard to see. it was frantic search to fine the source and put it out. >> double d sports grill is shut down as they try to determine what caused the late-night three-alarm final that started in the attic. >> a number of potential ignition sources. it is a restaurant. there you at tick flues that can build up grease. >> employees embraced each other and will be out of work but it is unclear how long it will take to get back to normal. i feel sorry for their families. >> a lot of people this is their own job so we feeling in those employees. all the employees say double ds has always been the go to spores bar in town. >> they have the craziest best regulars and customers, like a
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fan base. >> it is called the local cheers bar where everyone knows your name. the fire crews say that perhaps more than the cost to rebuild, the sports memorabelia need would have been irreplaceable but the good news, they were able to salvage most of it. from los gatos for abc7. >> the man charged with a murder of missing morgan hill fine sierra lamar will have to wait at least another month before standing trial. the attorney for garcia-torres is busy with another case and asked for more evidence to send additional evidence for testing. a judge pushed back the daylight until next month. she disappeared four years ago while walking to the bus stop and her body was never found. previously he waived his trite a speedy trillion but withdraw it last week demanding jury selection begin in 60 days. >> new details on early morning
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homicide in san francisco. police say that the victim is a 40-year-old man, killed neither a bus stop just before 2:30 this morning. it is reported that he was stabbed to death. there was another stabbing three blocks away on thursday. both of the homicides are unsolved. >> people in san jose neighborhood are on edge. a man and a woman were found dead inside a home. officers were called to lucas court in evergreen neighborhood yesterday. the residents' family have been trying to get in touch with them throughout the day. both victims were dead by the time the police got this. officers ask anyone with information to give them a call. >> martinez police are investigating after a teenager drowned over the weekend. andre parrilla was a freshman at alhambra high school and the superintendent of the martinez school district said that police found andre parrilla's body at a home early yesterday morning with the circumstances surrounding the tragedy are unclear and grief councillors
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are on hand add high school. >> tom brady sidelined, a new punishment for the san mateo native over delfate gate scandal that will not go away. >> we are over berkeley this morning. there is a massive power outage affecting 40,000 people. pg&e crews are at work and you can see traffic implications as the signals are out in many places downtown berkeley bart trained going by when yaren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. with over 7 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor
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>> nfl star quarterback and san mateo native tom brady has to serve a four game suspense because of the delfate gate scandal, this morning a federal appeals court overturned a lower court decision after accused of underring underinflated footballs, and the new england patriot went on to win the super bowl that year. >> right now opponents of the north carolina law that limits protections for lgbt people are saming rallies outside the statehouse. they delivered petitions signed by 180,000 people seeking a repeal. another rally, supporting the lay, is planned for this afternoon the first day of the legislature's regular session since being approved. the state democrats filed a bill to repeal the law. >> the music of prince is selling like it is 1999. 2.3 million prince songs were sold in the three days following death, with the top three "purr
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people rain," "little red car vote," and "let's go crazy." and today in new around there is a jazz funeral with a marching band and release of white doves. >> between rinse and beyonce i spent all my money on itunes. player this week we will see and rain. >> you need the umbrella today for sunshine and the winds could turn it inside out and the breezes will be with us for a while and i will tell you when the rain
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>> we continue to follow breaking news in the east bay where 40,000 pg&e customers still do not have power, we are talking about berkeley, albany, weaponsington, richmond, san pablo. this is sky 7 video from university avenue and martin luther king jr. way in downtown berkeley. that is where the dries are making it like a four way stop because otherwise it will cause mass confusion and it will back up traffic there at the big intersections. >> and melanie is at the downtown berkeley bart station right around the same area. where traps have not been stopping because of the out agency. melanie? >> yes, absolutely, i can tell you just getting here in a car it is precarious because a number of traffic signals are out and nearly all in this area and people are negotiating being able to dry through the intersections. as you mention, bart has been closed and we just saw a number people that were standing out here presumably waiting for a
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bus, maybe some of them would normally take bart. can you see some of them are getting on a bus right new because the bart station is closed. can you see is bart employees in the yellow jackets, and they are check out the electrical panel when the "all clear," is given they want to make sure things are oh before they allow people to go underground. a number people are stopping at our camera to say how they have been inconvene conferenced. we mentioned some 40,000 customers that are without power between berkeley and here. we 8 be out here monitoring the situation and bring you the latest as we have it. >> thank you, melanie. >> another update on broking story from the to which the show, we told you about a closure because of a san mateo county sheriff pursuit that handed and now, we get an update the stretch of road is re-opened
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southbound and northbound. you are good to go there. >> winds are picking up and meteorologist mike nicco is on the roof. >> it is breeze here but i am sheltered from what everyone else is dealing with and i can see the glads on pir 17 and the exploritorium, and to the ferry building, all unfurled, so the presses are picking up on cue and watching white caps is what we are looking for, but not there yet as we look to the bay. it will be breezy most of the week with the fastest wind today and tomorrow and locally around the storms that will arrive on wednesday and then it will be warm this weekend. we will take a look at our winds , up from continue minute to 22 miles per hour. over the next six hours we have rain and snow showers in the high elevation but we remain cloud free and our high temperature show concord is the, exception at seven. most of us are in the mid-to-upper 60s until you near the coast with the winds
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whipping up, the waves and the temperatures only 58 at half moon bay and san francisco is at 62. if you going to the game, it will be breezy and a normal day at at&t with padres take on the giants starting at 59 and dropping to 66. it will feel cooler because of the breeze. though will taper and by tomorrow morning they will be breezy at the beach and in the higher elevations but look at our valleys, livermore, napa, santa rosa, 42 to 41 and san ramon valley, i would not be surprised if you are not in the low 40's. san francisco, 50, and great to see we still using the storm-impact scale and ranking the stores and great to see because we have a chance rain in this part of april. this is going to be a "1" on our storm-impact scale with less than quarter-inch unless you are caught under the shower or thunderstorm, and then it will be heavier in the afternoon. at five o'clock, can you see it is rolling right through the
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only commute, 9:00 to 10:00 we get a lull and then the afternoon sunshine and more showers and possible thunderstorms with millionly heavy winds and scale breaking up. notice the rain full amounts, looking light less than quarter-inch for most of us. the seven step you have temperatures the same tomorrow and low-to-mid 60 with that cold front on wednesday. and then 60s at the coast until sunday and 70s for the rest until saturday and sunday inland, low-to-mid 80s. we are going to have almost a 10-20 degree swing from sunday to the weekend. >> two reasons in one week. >> new an unexpected delivery at a zoo in prague the birth of this baby
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>> coming up at 4:00 we expect to find out what is going on with steph curry's knee any time now. fans are hoping to the best but what happened in that is not the case? the symbol of the gay rights movement on abc7 at pack, the new distinction for the man who createed the eight scholarred stripes. >> last fuss over the birth of a baby gorilla. here is the little one. taking a nap. an exciting 24 hours, because no
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one knew the 4-year-old gorilla was pregnant and they had given up hope but on saturday, she prove them all wrong. >> she gave birth to a healthy baby gorilla. mom can new been are doing well. >> let maintenance mom.
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>> one player, one dream, and 14 questions standing in the way. it's "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for some "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] me too. our first contestant is an analytical 23-year-old recent grad who needs money to pursue his dream of writing. from altamonte springs, florida, please welcome sean drohan. [cheers and applause] hey, sean, how's it going? >> hi. >> i like that. i like the "ensem." >> thank you kindly. >> looking sharp. [applause] welcome to "millionaire." >> thank you for having me. >> an analytical man. >> i--i--sometimes. i'd like to think so. >> in what way? >> well, one thing is i actually--i write a blog that's analyzing pop culture. i try and take things that you wouldn't normal t


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