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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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krrp. we are following breaking news from south san francisco where there is a massive police response after a report of a shooting at orange memorial park. >> we're over the park right now where you can see officers are on the scene. it is an active creime scene. a nearby boys and girls club is on lock down. >> this map shows you where the park is relative to el ka mean know and the rest of the city. police were called to the scene after 2:30 this afternoon. >> right now we understand two people have been shot. they are adults. it is not a fatal situation. this is what we understand. they are injured, though. we will bring you updates on
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this new cast and on twitter as soon as we learn more information. good afternoon. i'm dan ashley. >> our other top story arkans, f red shows areas that lost power this morning. >> a lot of customers without electricity now. abc 7 news reporter is live. they say a substation was to blame for this? >> reporter: yeah. there was a small fire here that was somehow related to this massive power outage. some 43,000 customers have their power restored. and nobody was hurt in that small fire. that big question how an equipment failure that led to the fire and then led to this massive power outage. monday morning's commute was chaotic. the massive power outage left
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this station in the dark, commuters hopping on the bus instead. >> probably more traffic. >> with traffic lights out drives had to negotiate their turns. by mid morning a generator got brought back on track. >> i had a really long walk with the escalators not working and being able to disable right now. >> reporter: firefighters rescued one person stuck in a hotel elevator. four cities total were impacted. a small fire at this el certify reet toe substation was likely to blame. >> there were no injuries. the firefighter department did respond and we are looking into what caused that fire and how this may have impacted this outage. >> reporter: back in berkley businesses found themselves in a bind. >> the dark plus the business could be like over 1,000. >> on top it's starting to melt
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and when it starts to melt it's not safe to sell anymore. >> reporter: the one place that stayed open through it all, schools. hundreds of kids powered out of berkley high for lunch, but the challenge was findings a spot for lunch. power was restored to 18,000 customers with restoration to the remaining 25,000 expected before the end of the day. abc 7 news. and steph curry's knee injury does not appear to be too serious, though he will miss at least two weeks during the play offs. >> if you were watching the game yesterday, he saw it happen. he slid to the court and it looked like a very awkward position and he's grabbing his knee before limping off the court. the warriors got the win without him. today doctors said he suffered a grade one sprain. >> here is the good news. it's not torn. the bad news the team will keep
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him on the bench for two weeks. until then the team will have to win without him. >> we're we're lucky to have thp we have. it's one of the best group of players and they'll come together and do whatever they can to meet that goal. >> right before the announcement steph curry tweeted this message, thanks for all the prayers and messages. can feel the positive energy. god is great and all things considered i'm going to be all right. >> the warriors led the series against the rockets 3-1 and needs one more to win the series. if there is a game six will be in houston and game seven would be in back in
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from the nba to the nfl, senior raiders officials are not commenting on reports of a possible move to las vegas. a number of reports say owner mark davis will appear before the southern nevada tourism on thursday and if the funding for a stadium is approved davis will pledge to move the team. he needs nfl approval. at the same time davis announced that the raiders are close to selling out the open colosseum for next season. that's the highest total since the raiders move back in 1985. the sharks played the waiting game. the won the opening round playoff series over the l.a. kings on friday. they will face either the ana i'm ducks or the -- check out the wind blowing sand around san francisco's ocean beach.
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strong gusts have blown so much sand that the road was shut down to traffic. cars are still not allowed to the great highway. southbound traffic is closed further. no indication on when the road will reopen. it has been blustery. >> we'll check in and see what's going on. still pretty blustery around much of the bay area. still blue skies. current conditions and you can see that we have a wind advisory still in effect until 5:00 and it will expire soon and for much of the central valley. downed trees and power lines, power outages are a possibility as the winds remain gusty. here is the video from the mount. 54 miles an hour gusts. 35 at oakland and 31 at san
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jose. we'll see these winds diminishing during the overnight hours. let me give you a forecast animation starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning. we'll see a clear morning, but increasing clouds by afternoon. clouds become thicker in the evening hours and overnight tomorrow into early wednesday morning we'll see showers arriving and look out for wet spots on wednesday and i'll give you a closer look at this approaching system and where it ranks on our system impact scale in a moment. >> thank you. the sheriff's department is in mourning today and the high school is in shock after a star athlete whose parents are both sheriff's deputies appears to have drowned over the weekend. >> reporter: the sheriff's department did confirm that this young man is the son of two of their sheriff's deputies.
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his family texted me this afternoon wanting everyone to anyway that andre was a great hearted and easy going loving young man, a gentle giant. >> it was depressing. >> reporter: it was a tough day at the high school, a day for students to process the loss of one of their own. 15-year-old adre who drowned sunday moorng in a backyard pool. >> everybody was sad and crying. even the kids who didn't know him well were sad. >> reporter: he played football and wrestled. the sheriff's confirm he's the son of two their of deputies. he was found unresponsive at this pool. sheriffs were not concerned social media reports that his death came after a party at the home that may have involved alcohol. in the meantime the school district sent a crisis team to the schools in the district.
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>> i think the important thing to understand is that four students, some will grieve in the present time and some may grieve and try to process this loss in the days to come, the weeks to come. >> reporter: the sheriff's department is awaiting toxicology test results to determine the exact cause of death. in mar ten ez, abc news. the man charged with a murder of missing morganhill teenager will have to wait at least another month before standing trial. the attorney is busy with another case and asked for more time to send additional evidence out for testing. this morning a judge pushed back the trial date until next month. she disappeared four years ago walking to the bus stop. sheriffs are trying to catch a man in a mask who robbed a casino early this morning. it happened in front of a frightened employee and
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customers. there is new surveillance footage. >> reporter: police aimed their guns at the california grand casino when they got a call that an armed man was robbing the place while it was open and full of customers. one of those customers first thought maybe a new game had come to the co seasino but then heard people and saw the masked man. >> i was walking and i saw the people on the ground and i think what are you guys doing, it's a new game or something? then i looked and the guy with the mask had a gun -- not a gun, a rifle. >> reporter: the man got away. the police spent the morning interviewing customers and looking at surveillance video. one employee running late for work missed it all. >> they said someone pulled a gun on a player and tried to take chips, tried to rob the place. the whole casino is closed and
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no work until further notice. >> reporter: the man got away with several casino chips. no one was hurt in the attack. >> it's a little scarey. this is how i live. this is my work. >> reporter: the casino is now open and managers are doing what this he can to create a normal day here. the police presence is gone. they've asked us to stay off the propertien proper property and said they will not be commenting. still ahead at 4:00 no information on the shooting at a park in south san francisco. a live update is coming up. searching for a cause of a fire that gutted one of the most popular sports bars in the south bay. the deflat gate is back. new at 4:30 a new crack down on illegal short-term rentals. seven on your side is taking your questions on twitter and
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facebook. he'll answer those questions here live a little later. all of that is coming up. let's take you outside now for a look at the san francisco skyway at 4:12 on this monday. sticky in both directions. it's moving, but cars are trying
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even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. breaking news from orange memorial park in south san francisco. we're live showing you the scene. two adults were shot just before 3:00 this afternoon. they suffered injuries described as nonfatal. police say the suspect in
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the shootings is known to them. if is unclear if that suspect is under arrest right now. a nearby boys and girls club is on lock down and the park is an active crime scene. >> a local school district says none of its students were involved in this incident. investigators are trying to pinpoint what caused a devastating fire that has put dozens of employees out of work. the blaze was well under way by the time firefighters got there at double d's sports grill. >> reporter: the sports grill is shut down today as investigators tried to determine what caused a late night fire that started in the attic. >> there's a number of potential ignition sources. it's a restaurant so there's floous in the attic. >> reporter: employees stood outside the restaurant this morning embracing each other. they'll be out of work.
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it's unclear how long it will take to get everything back to normal. >> i feel so sorry for dean and darryn. there's family. >> there are a lot of people that this is their only job. >> reporter: double d's has been the go-to sports bar in town. >> this place has the craziest best regulars and customers. it's like practically a fan base here. >> reporter: a place than been dubbed the local cheers bar where everyone knows your name. fire crews say more than the cost to rebuild the sports member bell yeah would have been a greater loss and ir replaceable. they were able to salvage most of it. tom brady says he is disappointed following a court ruling that he will have to serve a four-game suspension in his scandal. the court isn't ruling on
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whether the pat riots star quarterback took place in the deflated football. the judge previously allowed the native to skip the suspension and play last season. legal trouble today for former cleveland browns quarterback. a dallas court indicted for misdemeanor assault. he could face up to one year in jail. he's accused of a second domestic violence incident in october. he was cut last month and has lost big responsorships. >> americans have cut back on buying homes last month. sales plum ned more than 23% in the west here which has been prone to volatile swings in sales as one of the priceyest housing markets. this could impact the feds
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decision on interest rates. tomorrow is not expected to be a good day for apple. the company is likely to report a decline in sales. revenues could be down as much as $52 billion. that puts apple's earnings per share at $2 down just over 8% compared with a year ago. slow iphone sales are expected to contribute to that decline. we want toe know if wind speeds contribute to that decline. the winds are going to remain brifb into the evening hours, but will diminish overnight. we have sunny skies across the bay area on this windy day. let's look at current temperature readsings.
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it's 59 degrees here in san francisco. morganhill at 62. this is the view at the golden gate before the skies are blue and traffic is flowing freely. 70 at fairfield and 67 at livermoore. these are our forecast features. winds will diminish overnight and showers arrive wednesday and we have a big warmup coming on wednesday. strong winds this evening and overnight, but notice by tomorrow still breezy in the afternoon and tomorrow, especially along the coast. the winds will have diminished by tomorrow afternoon. our storm impact scale is something we used tlouhroughoute last season. the imposing system ranks one. it will bring showers and possibly some thunder. here is the forecast starting
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wednesday morning at 5 tim:00. we'll see showers and scattered showers throughout the day and ending wednesday evening. we predict rainfall totals to nearly 3/4 at livermore. we'll see lows in the inland valleys and mid 40s around the bay and on the coast tomorrow's highs will range from upper 50s to 60s to almost 70s. check out the warmup coming at the end of the week. friday we'll see almost 70 on the coast. saturday as the offshore flow develops we'll see mild conditions around the bay and mid to upper 70s and sunday it could be hot at some inland
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locations and some low to mid 80s on the bay. after our showers on wednesday we'll get dryer weather on thursday and much warmer weather going into the weekend and sunday will be the warmest day. still warm on monday but temperatures will be moderating a bit around the bay. thank you. coming up next, the historic mission of a solar powered airplane, the decision on when it gets back up in the sky. tonight it's dancing with the stars and here is a sneak peek of tonight's castle. >> no, i'm really not. i'm just an ordinary guy. >> you were an ordinary guy. that's how most of the heros start out, mild manored weakings and that's you. >> thanks. >> you have to maxa mix.
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>> if you agree with you, will you leave me alone? >> don't be silly. we're just getting started. we need to figure out your tr s transformati transformation. >> why. >> there's nine spiderman stories about it. >> we need to leave. >> we need to come up with a superhero name. >> no, woe don't. >> how about safety man? >> no, it's terrible. >> you said something about a lead. >> i think we have a winner. just hit with a six figure fine. >> yeah, they're a b biopharmaceutical company. i threatened to shut them down after they had a chemical spill two days ago. >> exposure to dangerous materials is the most common superhero story there is. >> the spill was nah. it's an inorganic compound. it can be explosive, but there's
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nothing about that it that would turn anyone into a captain cool. >> no, but
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the solar powered airplane is about to leave the bay area. crowds were captivated over the weekend when it glided into the san francisco bay powered solely by the sun's energy. we were following it as it flew past the golden gate bridge saturday and it was at the felt when it landed. if weather permits it's scheduled to depart friday morning where it will set off on its next legal to phoenix. sales of prince's music are soaring. 2.3 million records were sold. the top three down loads are purple rain, little red corvette and let's go crazy. the film purple rain is airing
4:26 pm
tonight with show times at 7:00 and 9:30 p.m. denise has been following him since 1979. she says prince inspired her to go to rehab and get clean when she was addicted to drugs. >> i am still not believing it. i need to know what happened for me to feel better. for years i haven't left without having purple on and it's going to go on until i leave this earth. >> in another act of devotion when she discovered prince lived in minnesota she moved there decades ago to be closer to him. just ahead, a new crack down proposed on illegal short-term rentals. this goes at air b&b too. a new effort to stop donald trump from losing the presidential race for president.
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get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on. and here are your headlines at 4:30.
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the today the warriors announced steph curry suffered a sprain yesterday. the ligament was strained and overstretched, not torn or ruptured. team doctors will reevaluate curry in a few weeks. this is the best the warriors could hope for. curry could be back for the second round and the team needs to stay afloat until he gets back. power has been restored to customers who lost power today. reporter melny reported left bart in the dark. service has been restored. pg&e said the fire started in a substation. san francisco is going after short-term rentals. tomorrow supervisors are expected to propose an amendment to a current law that would fine the companies $1,000 a day for each unregistered listing.
4:31 pm
we are live with more. >> reporter: supervisors introduced this resolution and they will do it tomorrow here at city hall at the board meeting. they say they're closing a loop hope that the current ordnance has to power to enforce. >> at least 75% of hosts are unregistered. >> reporter: that in a nut shell is what supervisors david and air inwant to fix. city law requires all hosts to register they're listing with the city, but the supervisors say it's not happening and that some 6,000 air b and b listings remain unregistered. many have been taken off the market to the debtriment to the city's shrinking housing stock.
4:32 pm
>> the only way to bring those units back to the market is by holding the platforms accountab accountable. >> reporter: they would have to verify that their hosts are registering. if not they will face penalties up to $1,000 per day per listing. >> reporter: housing activists voiced their full support. >> it will finally force accountability on a corporation that has flouted local laws for year. >> reporter: while the legal enforceability of this proposal is questionable, air b and b will continue working to simplify the process and get hosts registered. the supervisors will introduce their legislation at the board meeting tomorrow. to politics, a new effort to stop donald trump from winning the republican nomination for president. his rivals are joining forces ahead of yet another big round of primaries tomorrow.
4:33 pm
we have more from new york. >> reporter: gop front-runner trump firing back at his republican rivals now teeming up against him. >> it shows how pathetic they are. >> reporter: trump calling the new deal between ted cruz and john kasich a collusion and even unvoilg his new nickname for kasich. >> we call him one for 41. he's one race in 41 states. >> reporter: cruz and kasich are succe suspending their deal calling the move to have cruz step out of new mexico and oregon and kasich bow out of indiana, a winning strategy for the party. >> i think what donald trump needs to understand is that he cannot beat hillary clinton. in the latest poll out of new hampshire he loses 50 to 31. >> reporter: the gop candidates
4:34 pm
taking a hit. >> is it possible another clinton could be better than another republican. >> it's possible all right clinton already has 80% of the delegates she needs to clench the democratic nomination. even though her opponent is conceding nothing, her focus is turning to september. >> go make a big speech and insult everybody you can think of. >> reporter: in fact, for the second event in a row clinton made no mention of sanders in her speech with polls showing both clinton and trump ahead leading to tomorrow's primaries. president obama is back in washington after a trip to europe. the president this morning appeared at a roundtable meeting with his european counterparts. he says the transatlantic trade and investment partnership with the european union is disruptive, but has brought benefits and jobs.
4:35 pm
meanwhile president obama says 250 u.s. troops will be sent overseas to fight the islamic state will be part of a global coalition. >> all 28 nato allies are providing critical aid. >> reporter: the president made the stop in germany after meeting with great britain's royal family and helping celebrate queen elizabeth's birthday. students returned to school today after two people were shot overnight at a prom. an 18-year-old showed up on campus armed with a rifle. he wounded a student and his date. the shooter was shot and killed by police. they say he was bullied and that may have motivated him to attack
4:36 pm
students. >> i didn't think this would happen in a small town. you hear about school shootings and you never think it's real until it happens to you. >> the two shooting victims are expected to survive. they say the shooter was bullied for years. the city of lcleveland has reached a settlement in a lawsuit over the shooting death of tamir rice. he was playing with a pellet gun when an officer shot and killed him two seconds after opening the cruiser door. the mayor spoke. >> there is no price that you can put on the life of the loss of a 12-year-old child. >> by settling neither the city nor the police department admits to wrongdoing. no criminal charges have been brought against the officers. a use of force committee will recommend whether they should be disciplined by the city. opponents of the north
4:37 pm
carolina law limiting protections for lgbt people rallied outside the state house today. they delivered petitions seeking repeal of that law. supporters of the law staged their own show of support not far away. this morning state democrats filed a bill to repeal the law. meanwhile a conservative christian group has collected more than .5 million saegz from people saying they plan to boycott target. the company is allowing transgender people to use brms of their choice. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just post them with th the #askfinny. i'll answer questions live later. it's a windy day and all across the bay area, but winds
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are diminishing and they'll be followed by showers. i'll have the forecast coming up. let's take you down to the south bay for a live look at traffic. as you can see on highway 101, slow going south. not bad at all the other direction. stay
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the drought isn't over, but the east bay mud program that
4:41 pm
find customers for using too much water, they'll vote tomorrow to suspend the excess water fee. they expect to have more water this year than last. just last summer east bay mud became the first large water district in california to penalize households using more than 1,000 gallons a day. the winds are with us. >> we're back with the latest forecast. the winds are still with us. they will be diminishing overnight and then there is a little bit of rain coming our way. under clear skies and breezy conditions and this is what statewide conditions will look like tomorrow. we'll see rainy skies from top to bottom. look for high in the mid 70s. 71 in los angeles. here in the bay area we'll see mainly sunny skies with a slight
4:42 pm
increase in clouds late in the day. highs will range from 60 at the coast and to mid to upper 60s around the bay. for the week ahead temperatures will be rising sharply. at the end of the week average temperatures this time of year 72. it will be cool with a high of 65, but look at the temperatures bounce upward at end of the week. monday a high of 92. there will be other locations with highs in the low 90s over the weekend as well. chances of rain around the bay area, the only day we have a decent chance is wednesday, about a 40% chance. looking at a good chance of a showers, but after that it will be dry and warm. >> thanks so much. still ahead, this isn't your typical lem nad stand. this little boy is raising money
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all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. really incredible story here app a third grader in missouri spent the weekend selling lemonade to pay for his adoption. he sold lemonade for a dollar a cup it's money he hopes to raise legal fees so his guardians can adopt him. he says he feels a connection to his foster mother. >> she's responsible taking care of me. i think she's going to be a great mother. >> the lemonade sales brought in over $7,100 for the 9-year-old raised over the weekend and online fundraising page brought in another $7,000.
4:47 pm
>> $7,100 from the stand alone. michael finny answering your questions. michael, can i get out of a three year car lease due to bad financial circumstances. >> no. the deal is when you sign up for this, they have to take you all the way through. all the numbers are based on that. so what you need to do if you really have to get out of a lease, you have to find someone to take it over and a good place to go is it's a website. what you will have to do is pay a couple or three months for the person to take your lease. we'll put a link on a website. >> can a dealership sale a vehicle with expired tags at the time of purchase. >> yeah.
4:48 pm
normally what happens is there will be weeks or months left and then you get that part and then you have to do it. then you have to go re-register the car. this is common. it looks complex. what they've done is correct. >> laurie, would you provide me with details of the south bay facility that allows somebody to donate their unused prescription drugs. >> a little bit of confusion. we can't as individuals go in and give our unused prescription drugs because nobody knows what's happened to those things. you have to throw them'. it's a great chart where hospitals that would have to throw drugs away and they've kept track of them are turning them over to this group because they've been able to track these drugs through the process and they know they're still good. they just weren't used. then people that need those
4:49 pm
prescription drugs can use them without paying a ton of money for them. so it's a great process. you and i can't get into it because they don't know what we do with our drugs. >> there has to be a paper trail. >> absolutely. more young children will being poisoned by those colorful laundry detergent pods. a new study says more than 62,000 calls were made to the er for children consuming the pods between 2013 and 2014? two deaths were reported. the packets look atrackive to children who mistake them for food or candy, but the chem cams are more toxic. if you don't want bed bugs, consider changing the color of you your sheets. researchers found bed bugs prefer black and red color surfaces. they hate yellow and green. they have a preference for wood
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such a diet is called the mediterranean diet because of its origins, but people have been following it for years. cvs is recalling an herbal tea. they said the gold spiced herbal tea has tested positive for the bacteria. it has a best by date of march 18th, 2018. there's evidence that suggests more fruits and vegetables can help prevent prostate cancer, things like to mate toes, water melen and strawberries. they believe that lick owe peen gets the credit. i'm jane king. here's to your health. all right. we continue. up next, remembering the devastating in a pal quake one year ago today. coming up, the bay area high school worried about the spread of whooping cough. why emergency medical care
4:52 pm
and baby deliveries may go away in berkley. why your membership to cost co is going to cost you more. these stories and more coming up.
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a year ago the earth stook shook. the ground where the quake was centered lifted some three feet. >> the aftermath of that
4:56 pm
devastating quake there were reports that you may have seen from nepal. >> we're in the newsroom with more on the story. >> reporter: this quake struck in the middle of the day and jolted this country into an immediate disaster. a year later it's a lesson for people who survived the quake and those who study seismic activity. when the earthquake struck this residents was in a second story cafe. >> i knew i was surprised to hide under a table, but everyone was running outside as things were shaking. >> reporter: he didn't know it immediately, but he survived a massive earthquake. >> it shook very large part of the country not only here in the capital city, but the surrounding areas. >> reporter: more than 8,000 people were killed across the country, 21,000 others were injured and hundreds of thousands of buildings were leveled or damaged. since then international aid groups have come into the country to help including teams from the bay area that i
4:57 pm
followed to nepal last year. but the government has struggled to manage the aftermath. there are temporary shelters because the rebuilding process has been slow. some people are reverting to unsafe building methods because they want to get a roof over their heads. >> i did see a number of buildings that were building rebuilt in the old fashioned way. >> reporter: the slow rebuilding pace could make for lost opportunities to make the country safer for the next quake. almost immediately after the quake government ministers were asking tourists to return. >> this is a nature action. that's why i believe tourists will come. >> reporter: frequent traveler jonathan says he hopes to go back sometimes soon. for those who are interested in helping, there are several local organizations that work with teens on the grounds in nepal to provide aid. we're adding links of those
4:58 pm
groups. >> thanks so much. thank you for joining us. stay right here abc news begins right now. breaking news in south san francisco two people are shot at a busy park. we're there live. he won't play until he's completely ready to play. >> when will steph curry play again. what an expert is saying about the knee injury. the intersections that turn dangerous and the equipment that failed plunging four bay area cities into the dark. a terrible day obey area roadways. still gusty tonight. i'll let you know when the winds will decrease and rain chances will increase coming up. a popular south san francisco city park becomes a
4:59 pm
crime scene. gun shots ring out in the middle of the day sending the community into a panic. >> two adults were wounded in that shooting. it happened just before 3:00 this afternoon at orange memorial park on tennis drive in south city. the two people shot. their injuries are not considered life threatening. we will stay on that story and bring you a live report on what's happening there in a few moments. other news now, a woman was killed when the car she was driving slammed into the center divider and county fire this morning. video from another driver shared using #abc7now shows how people tried to help the 47-year-old. she died on impact. her car overturned and landed on its side before the fire broke out. lanes were closed until about 3:00 this afternoon.
5:00 pm
the vehicle was seen speeding before the crash. a low-speed police chase endsed with a driver on top of a deputy's cruiser today. this is a photo tweeted out by the sheriff's department. they were over the scene when the patrol car was being loaded on to a flatbed and hauled away. deputies say the chase began after the driver crashed into a fire station and a supermarket. it ended when the driver backed into the patrol car. she had minor injuries and was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence. a tow truck helped keep this sedan from falling off a drop off today. the police tweeted these photos. the car was eventually moved of off the ledge. no one was hurt. it's unclear what happened that caused the car to hug the edge so closely. let's


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