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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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3:00 this afternoon. the vehicle was seen speeding before the crash. a low-speed police chase endsed with a driver on top of a deputy's cruiser today. this is a photo tweeted out by the sheriff's department. they were over the scene when the patrol car was being loaded on to a flatbed and hauled away. deputies say the chase began after the driver crashed into a fire station and a supermarket. it ended when the driver backed into the patrol car. she had minor injuries and was taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence. a tow truck helped keep this sedan from falling off a drop off today. the police tweeted these photos. the car was eventually moved of off the ledge. no one was hurt. it's unclear what happened that caused the car to hug the edge so closely. let's move to the latest on
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steph curry. the warriors are wrapped up a news conference about his knee injury. there was this video showing curry limping and praying with friends behind the scenes yesterday in houston. it's a moment that concerned a lot of fans right in the middle of the playoffs. we are live at their practice facility. you spoke to an expert about these injuries. what are you hearing. >> reporter: good afternoon. it's been a day of waiting, wondsering and worrying. are they done for the season? we don't have any answers yet. we know this though, it's going to be a very long two weeks until we find out. you saw it yesterday on abc 7. bu now it's been replayed millions of times, steph curry at the end of the first half. does this mean an end to the warrior's playoff hopes. >> i believe in coaching staff. >> that is the general manager speaking with reporters late this afternoon. figure at least two weeks before
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steph curry returns to the playoffs following what the team and doctors describe as a grade one mcl sprain in his right knee. >> the mcl is the main stabilizing structure on the inside part of the knee. >> reporter: the doctor of ucsf is an associate professor of sports medicine. this could have been much worse he told us. >> a grade one sprain is the most minor type of sprain. that doesn't mean it's any more or less painful, but it means structurally the mcl is in tact, but it's been stretched a small amount. >> reporter: curry will begin rest and therapy. >> i haven't seen it. >> has he shown to be a fast healer or slow healer. >> usually lead athletes heal quicker, but i don't have a track record as to how he's recovered. >> reporter: meantime no comment from steph curry today except
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this tweet putting a positive spin on that slip watched round the world. from oakland, abc 7 news. >> fingers crossed steph will be back. the warriors led the series 3-1 now. if there is a game six it will be in houston and a game seven would be back in oakland on sunday. let's go back to our breaking news. two adults hurt in a shooting. >> it happened at orange memorial park on tennis drive in south city. >> we are live at the scene. this happened at a time when the park is normally packed, right? >> reporter: i'm sorry, i didn't hear you, but let me tell you what i have. it happened shortly before 3:00 this afternoon. it started with an altercation, some kind of argument, perhaps a fight, about three blocks away from here. the three men then came to this park, orange park, one man shot the other two men. we're looking at sky 7 hd from
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above. one of the men shot is in critical condition in surgery, the other is in stable condition and they are looking for that suspect. police say he is a hispanic male about 5'7'', 150 pounds, he's wearing a blue windbreaker with a yellow stripe on each arm. there's a big manhunt under way for this suspect which we just described. look around me. there are kids in different areas. now you have the rec building behind me and the boys and girls club not far away from here and you have the orange park swimming pool. all of those facilities were on lock down while this was happening and fortunately school was still in session while this was happening so we didn't have the usual traffic that we usually have right after school ends. now, again, we don't know if this is gang related.
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police aren't sure, but what we do know is that there is a manhunt, they're looking for the suspect and this is far from over. i'm live in south san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thank you. now to today's massive power outage in the east bay. there was this picture of the outage at the berkeley hotel. you can see the hallway in the dark there and then we have this picture at the lights out here. you can see a lot of traffic signals involved today. the outage effected 43,000 people in berkeley, richmond and other areas. we are live now with the very late latest, melanie. >> reporter: all 43,000 customers have their power restored and hopefully their commute home this evening will be easier. there was some type of equipment failure here and that led to a small fire.
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the big question, how all that led to that massive power outage. these employees work to connect a generator, monday morning commuters found themselves waiting are fo the bus. >> it's going to be a longer wait and probably more traffic too. >> reporter: with traffic lights out drivers had to negotiate their turns. by mid morning a generator got bart back on track. the escalators were another story. >> i had a really long walk with the escalators not working and being able to disable right now. >> reporter: firefighters rescued one person stuck in a hotel elevator. four cities were impacted. a small fire at this substation was likely to blame. there were no injuries. the fire department did respond and we are looking to what caused that fire and how it may have impacted this outage. >> reporter: back in berkeley businesses serving ice cream
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were in a bind. >> the busineloss to business ce over the thousands. >> this is starting to melt and when it starts to melt it's not safe to sell anymore. >> reporter: schools stayed open. hundreds of kids powered out of berkeley high for lunch with the challenge of findings a spot not closed. as of this afternoon pg&e the restored power to all customers. we now know what sparked a large fire at a popular restaurant in the south bay. we were at double d's sports grill as fire crews watched for hot spots. the fire was blamed on flamable materials including paper towels and cleaning supplies stored inside a water heating closet. fire damaged this two story apartment complex today. the fire consumed two of the six
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apartment units on park street. the other six sustained smoke and water damage. the red cross is providing housing help and foopd and clothing to the residents. you know it has been windy today. in hills borrow the winds were strong enough to tople a giant tree. we are here with how long these conditions will last outside. at least through tonight and right now the flags are flapping as well. you will see how clear it is as a result of the wind. as you take a live look, they do have an airport weather warning. currently those winds are gusting to 40 at sfo. you'll notice still pretty gusty. tonight as 6:00 you're going to see those winds still gusting
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along the coast line about 38 miles an hour, but notice as we head towards 11:00 p.m. winds start to come down and those winds will continue to decrease as we head into your morning commute, although it is still going to remain breezy for the morning commute and breezy days are ahead for the rest of the work week. one change coming, you'll need the rain gear soon. i'll let you know when. it's going to be another month before the man charged with the murder of the missing teenager will stand trial. the attorney asked for more time to send additional evidence out for testing. this morning a judge pushed back the trial date until next month. sierra disappeared four years ago while walking to the bus stop for school. her body has not been found. a masked man remains on the run tonight after holding up the grand casino early this morning. he see him in an mask and orange gloves. police say he had a rifle and
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got away with casino chips. it happened in front of frightened employees and customers. the robber got away in a mer seed dez the triefrp of the solar powered plane. why a popular tea is being recalled tonight. and why your
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there is a delay for the
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sol sol sol solar airplane. they are waiting for perfect conditions and they are talking about it being friday morning. the solar impulse two is hidden inside that tent over there. what it has done over the past few days is nothing short of historic. the true spirit of an explorer. there is nothing like it. an experimental aircraft that has done nine flight segments powered by energy of the sun. they are doing a complete systems check to make sure it's ready for the next flights across the u.s. the explorer who piloted spent most of the 62 1/2 flight awake due to air tush lens. >> each time i fly the plane i feel i'm making a giant jump into the future. science fiction.
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flight with no fuel and then i remember it's today. >> with the nose removed we notice a stuffed animal in the cockpit which reminds the team of their crew chief. >> he's like a cat with his papers and he's watching if everything goes well. the team both these to represent their boss and his flag with me. >> the solar impulse two has a long journey ahead, across the u.s., and europe and back to its starting point. the technology has really advanced. this aircraft's predecessor could only do 24 hours this aircraft has prove it can do much more. >> they are forecasting takeoff at down on friday. at the field, david.
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we have a warning for students atrop freedom high sch. it's a warning of whooping cough. they say children may have been exposed at school. it starts with coughing and choking or vomiting with the next 7 to 14 days. leaders joined forces to quick off a campaign. the initiative would increase sales tax by >> we've seen from our residents there willing to support investment like this in public safety and roads. >> in case you're getting confused, this is not the contentious 2012 measure b that the city is sending off, it shares the same name. you may want to check the label before you sip that cup of
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tea. we have recall news. >> this is a big recall for tea. a cvs pharmacy is recalling cases of herbal tea because of concerns that the tea might be contaminated with salmon nella. one of the company suppliers did have a sal mau nella issue wch this is called gold emblem abound herbal spiced tea. the recalled product has a single best by date of 18 march 2018. costco is as beloved as a hollywood star and today the news coverage is following the pattern. the warehouse giant is expected to raise its gold star membership fees soon from about $55 to $60 and maybe $65. there's a lot of speculation. the executive membership is
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expected to jump to $120 a year. the company is not commenting directly, but did hint its president pointing out to u.s.a. that in the past costco has raised its fees every five to six years and the last raise was in 2011. the next time you're out shopping it would be a good idea to bring a lot of bills rather than a handful of credit cards. a new study finding when we hand over cash rather than swipe a credit card we are more aware of the money we're spending. it is more painful to pay with cash or a check they found out so we value what we buy more when we don't use plastic. the study found those who give to charity using a credit card or texting are less giving again. when they tell you to text, they get you to do it, but you're not a long time giver.
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>> it's a little less work. >> you're not making the same connection. >> thanks. it was like a call being overturned for nfl quarterback tom brady today when his suspension was reinstated. the court ruled on whether the punishment is in the nfl's authority. one focus of the case brady destroying his personal cell phone during the investigation. basically the court ruled that the nfl could use that as proof that brady failed to cooperate with the investigation. a judge allowed the native to skip the suspension and play last season. let's go outside and talk about the forecast as we start another week. windy all over the bay area. >> we have a giants game. it is going to be a good time to take a windbreaker if you're going to the giants game. behind me also choppy waters and we do have a small craft advisory for the san francisco
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bay until tonight. we'll talk about what is going on. the skies are clear here in the bay area and here's a live picture to prove it from our camera. nothing but blue skies there. san francisco 58 degrees, oakland 66, look at the bay, it's 55 degrees. today with that wind coming off the cool ocean water it's just chilling the air. if it feels chilly don't be surprised. things will change as we head towards tomorrow. hazy skies looking toward mount deab low. 67 and livermore is at 77 degrees. look at the forecast. showers arrive on wednesday and a big warmup will follow as we head into the weekend. tomorrow morning it is going to start out clear at 5:00 a.m. for the commute, but as the day goes on we'll see increasing high clouds ahead of our next storm that is coming in.
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on our storm impact scale we've been using this to help you plan and prepare and rate the storms, the one for wednesday is a light system, it's a one. showers are expected with the possibility of thundser. most areas will get less than a quarter of an inch of rain. 5:00 a.m. the rain is still up to the north. we head into 7:00 a.m. and showers begin in the north bay. 8:00 a.m. you see the scattered showers around the bay area and noon time they're starting to shift and pick up in intensity. you'll notice some moderate pockets there. at 1:00 there is still some showers and 5:00 p.m. we continue those showers and then they wind down as we head to wednesday evening. that's the day you need to make sure to have the rain gear. most areas will pick up less than a quarter, but don't be surprised if you do get higher
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totals. the thunderstorm could drop a little more rain. tomorrow morning it's clear and cool and upper 30s once those winds drop off in places like napa. the rest of you are looking at the low to upper 40s so you need to bundle up and tomorrow afternoon we'll bump up the temperatures a few degrees. 67 oakland, 70 degrees in livermore. 65. it will be a breezy afternoon and pretty typical for this time of year, but not as windy as today. filtered sunshine tomorrow and one on the storm impact scale for wednesday and that's when we bring in the showers and look at the warming we bring in low 80s, thursday and friday and bump you up to the 90s as we head to the second half of the weekend, but it's going a be a warmer weekend. >> thanks. the city and bedding traffic
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lights so that smartphone users don't have to look up. 5:30 world news. coming up tonight the plane crash right into a residential neighborhood. the pilot reportedly in training and bracing for the worst severe weather of the season. millions being warned tonight. right here i'll see you shortly. >> thank you. new at 6:00, a moldy home meant that a local army veteran was about to homeless. you're going to see how michael
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germany has installed lights built into the street to keep walkers safe. the lights flash red. the phenomena has been been given a german name.
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research shows pedestrians are commonly distracted by their phones and end up in emergency rooms as a result. on the subject of smart phones apple may be shrinking. analysts estimate will be down from 6 billion to as much as $52 billion for the quarter ending in march. that puts apple's earnings per share at $2. slowing iphone sales are expected to contribute to that decline. facebook is working on a an apple similar to snapchat. right now it's a protoe type. facebook wants to encourage users to create and share more photos and videos. facebook launched something similar in 2012 and it shut down two years later. a deli that's been in
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oakland for almost a century is closing its doors for good. >> when i was 12 he made my first sandwich. >> long time customers and staff, that's the story which will shut down saturday over a rent dispute. heart broken fans filled the store today to get a sandwich or pasta. >> this is a staple in our neighborhood so i've been coming here since i was 8 years old. my mom would bring me here. >> this is the best sandwich in the bay area. best everything. >> four generations of the family have run the deli. they're not going away though. their napa deli will remain open. rumors circulating for years remain tonight. the berkeley hospital will close. what is unclear is when. hospital officials say it will shut down between 2018 and 2030.
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that's the year earthquake up grades are required. hospital officials say operating two hospitals less than three miles apart is inefficient. a trip to a baseball game can be a day to remember. still to come, how these dad made similar memorable
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from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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coming up tonight at 6:00, you're going to marhear from students who had to return to school without a classmate who drowned over the weekend. >> the only way to bring those units back to the market is holding them accountability.
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>> we're building the world's smartest action camera. >> new at 6:00, the company going up against go pro. this weekend baseball fans enjoyed two amazing catches, but they were not made by anyone on the field. >> in houston a daddy holding a baby reached out and snagd a ball around several fans. >> another dad in arizona outperformed the last one, he had a baby in his arm, but reached out bear handed and snatched the ball out of the air. >> the kids will probably have to hear about dad's amazing catch for the rest of their lives. >> all i can say is if they didn't catch it it would have been in big trouble with the mom. >> news tonight is coming up next. all of us we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in half an hour. have a great day.
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tonight, breaking news. the plane crash right into a residential neighborhood. the pilot practicing takeoffs and landings. the critically injured on the scene. >> totally engulfed house here. >> the images coming in now. also breaking -- meteorologists warning the worst severe weather of the season. millions now bracing for tornados and severe storms in the next 24 hours. we're live in the storm zone. taking on trump. ted cruz and john kasich team up. their new plan. and trump with his fiery response tonight. and what he just said about hillary clinton. >> does hillary look presidential to you? the urgent manhunt after eight members of the same family are killed. authorities now say it was planned -- now warning other family members to arm themselves. the stunning discovery.


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