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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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528 the code name for fire or flames apparently used to refer to gay officers. >> this is a person that's fully committed to expressing his bias to his friends and to fellow police officers. >> reporter: lie and two other officers implicated in this latest texting case quit the force, a force that's fighting termination. the latest texting scandal comes on the heels of another revealed last year following an unrelated federal corruption trial. 14 officers were caught exchanging offensive texts -- who was convicted. public defender jeff adachi says all this shows more needs to be done to root out bias in the department. >> there has to be a consequence for officers who do not come forward and who fail to report this kind of conduct. that's the only way. >> reporter: adachi also says all officers need to go through
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implus imriplicit bias training. in response, police chief says command level officers have already gone through the program. >> my goal is to have the entire program trained once by the end of the year. >> reporter: and sur reiterated this warning. >> there is no room in the san francisco police department for anyone who holds these types of hateful and discriminatory views. >> reporter: adachi's office is reviewing 207 criminal cases in which lie and the other two officers were involved to see if they should be dismissed for possible bias. vic lee, abc 7 news. and a live look outside san francisco's mission police station where you can see activists and their signs gathering for a rally to protest recent fatal shootings involving police officers. that rally starts in about a half hour. many of these people have been on a hunger strike since late last week. they're calling for the resignation of mayor ed lee and the firing of police chief greg sur. berkeley is looking at ways to improve the police
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department's relationship with the community. the council will hold a meeting to discuss what's been done. local organizations call for police to improve practices after violence during a black lives matter protest a couple of years ago. the department has added body cameras and very much developed a program. an arrest in the disappearance of a fairfield boy more than 30 years ago. 3-year-old clark honda was abducted from his bedroom in august of 1984 and was never seen again. today fairfield police announced the arrest of michael fegerang, a friend of the honda family at the time. he's currently in prison for child molestation. he'll be charged with first-degree murder with special sishs and kidnapping for ransom. a fine to punish water guz letters in the east bay will be ending. late today, m.u.d. officials voted to suspend the penalty starting may 3rd. the utilities fine got lots of attention because it was the first large supplier to limit
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household use and disclose the names of violators. since last summer, more than 5,000 homes including those of sports stars an business executives were fined. well, a bay area sailor certainly has a story to tell. yesterday morning he was in his boat off the san mateo coast. he had been taking on water for 16 hours. the winds were gusting to more than 50 miles an hour. his sail was damaged and so was his radio. tough predicament. the coast guard helicopter was launched quickly from san francisco. when it arrived, seas were reaching 20 feet high. a coast guard rescue swimmers was deployed. both he and the sailor were hoisted back onto the helicopter. the sailor is okay but the boat is thought to have sunk. a generous gift from a couple could radically change the way we approach mental illnesses, migraines and sleep disorders. sandy and joan wile are donating $185 million to ucsf.
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wayne has more p. >> kristen, this is a gift that started as a smaller amount. medical science has made great strides in many fields, but the brain and the nervous system are by far the most mysterious and become most complex. after this grant, that research is about to go into warp speed. it is an intellect tooul sweatshop. and we mean that in a good way. >> these are cultured spinal cord neurons. >> not just any lab. this one is studying how to replace the brain's electrical insulation after zaj or disease like multiple xmroer it's the kind of work that takes money. so when joan and sandy wile came to campus today, ucsf rocked this building by the enormity of what will be the biggest donation in its history. >> how much is the gift? >> 185 million. >> you didn't even blink. he is the former president of
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american express and ceo of travelers and citigroup. they are giving that money for a six-story building on this lot and staffing it with neuroscience research talent from around the world. >> my mother had alzheimer's, my father had depression. >> health is important. health is crucial. >> their vision, to accelerate research into brain disorders by cross-pollinating the field. students like stephanie redman stand directly in the line of benefit. >> i think old-fashioned labs are very closed off. you don't really see people as easily. and you really just work in your own lab. but the new way that science is done is you collaborate. >> so much for the 1% barbers. joan and sandy wile untouchable. >> i think the 1% can really make a difference, and we've got to get more of the 1% to do the right thing. >> at ucsf, wayne friedman. tonight apple is reporting lower quarterly revenue for the first time in 13 years, earnings
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missed projections by 10 cents a share, iphone sales slumping is the blame. apple sold more than 51.2 million iphones in the first three months of 2016. that's more than analysts expected but nearly 10 million fewer than the saimt period last year. apple stock is now down over $8 a share in after-showers trading. twitter stock is tumbling, too, dropping swps 14% following a disappointing earns report. the networking service today reported a 36% increase in revenue year to year, which fell short of analysts' expectations. user growth has also remained slow. so far this year, twitter shares are down more than 25% because of continued concerns about user growth. the accolades just keep on coming for the golden state warriors. today their head coach steve kerr was awarded the highest honor among nba coaches. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live at oracle arena. >> reporter: well, the trophy
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steve kerr was handed today only had his name on it, but true to the team's motto, kerr made it clear that this was a team effort. >> the red auerbach coach of the year, steve kerr. >> reporter: the red auerbach trophy was accepted today. topping off a 73-win season and run for a second consecutive championship. >> if you've got guy whoz can play and they actually care and they're going to work and they're going to want to be coached and they're really, really good, then you're in business. >> when the team has success, everybody has success. it's great to see him win the award. >> reporter: kerr's achievement was no surprise to warriors players or to the front office that hired him just two years ago. >> you're a special person. you've had success your whole life. you're continuing to have success. and you are what you just said about the players.
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you're talented and you have character. >> reporter: kerr accepted his award with his family and to his surprise both his college and high school coaches in attendance. >> he just always was a winner. >> reporter: jerry marvin coached kerr in high school in los angeles. >> he never had the most talent that i saw. it he wasn't the quickest, didn't jump the highest. i don't even think he shot the bestment but he was the best combination of all of it. >> reporter: throughout his acceptance kerr talked about exactly what he preaches to his team, success should not be measured by individual achievement but through strength in numbers. >> this is an amazing group of players who care about each other. they care about winning. and they let us coach them. that's awesome. >> reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> the warriors lead the series against the houston rockets 3-1. they need one more win to take the series. game five is tomorrow at oracle. if there is a game six, it's friday in houston and game seven back in oakland. >> let's hope they just knock it
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out tomorrow. >> let's finish it up. well, our weather is about to change. >> i'll give you a big hint. it is about to change. you're going to have to trade the wind breakers for the umbrellas. rain time line is coming up. ready to leave california? go to florida. >> the fight over bay area workers. one state wants to poach them. local advocates want their day to be longer. paying more at the pump? why officials say it has to happen now. deal or no deal? the eviction of a 99-year-old woman takes a turn. paying college without going into a lot of debt. 7 on your side's
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>> announcer: abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking about news. some breaking news in the presidential race. polls just closed at 5:00 p.m. and abc news is projecting donald trump the winner in the pennsylvania, maryland, and
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connecticut primaries. >> on the democratic side, abc news is now projecting hillary clinton is the winner in maryland. >> now, hillary clinton is holding an event in philadelphia right now. you're looking there live. as we've seen in past primaries, the candidates usual live take the stage once all the primaries are decided. there are five race that's we are watching today in connecticut, delaware, pennsylvania, rhode island, and maryland. stay tuned. back here, a coalition of labor, religious and community leaders turned in petitions that centered at city hall that could lead to a ballot measure in november. the initiative would make employers boost hours for employees instead of hiring additional workers. david louie is live at city hall with the pros and cons of such a plan. >> reporter: well, kristen, many low-wage workers have to work two or three jobs in order to get by. the hours at one job aren't enough to pay for food and rent. this plan would work by boosting their number of hours at one job by hiring fewer part-time workers. >> alejandra meja is a mother of
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three. she's had several days gathering signatures now in the hands of the city clerk for review. if the required signatures are verified, voters in november will decide if employers must give workers more hours before hiring additional part-timers. >> they're hiring more people right now. instead of giving the hours to the people that have been there for so many years, they're giving the hours to the new people. >> reporter: alejandra meja says she only worked eight hours last week. she gets by with help from friends and food stamps. community leaders say no one can live on so few hours. >> people want to work full time but the businesses is using the fact they can hire more and more part-time workers and not have to pay full-time workers. >> reporter: there could be a negative consequence from the plan. teenagers might not get entry-level part-time jobs if their hours go to others. the governor of florida is hoping initiatives like this and the higher minimum wage are creating discontent among
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business owners. he's coming to california next week and is running this radio campaign. >> ready to leave california? go to florida instead. no state income tax and governor scott has cut regulations. >> reporter: in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. of a court hearing tomorrow could determine if a 99-year-old woman can in her home in san francisco. last week a judge ordered that iris canada could remain in her paid street apartment but she would have to pay $100,000 in legal fees. the owner agreed to waive the fees if canada allowed the building to condo convert. the judge prohibited a live-in caretaker in the home, too. the conditions certainly upset her relatives. >> for her to sit and be subjected to the types of constraint that's are put on her to continue to live here, we don't want to do that. >> the landlord's lawyer accuses canada's relatives of maneuvering 0 to wrestle the property from the owner. right now we want to take
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you to another campaign event. we are talking about bernie sanders. we will bring you the election results today from the prima primaries, and he is now speaking in west virginia, already looking ahead to the next battleground after the states we're talking about today in maryland, connecticut, pennsylvania, other states in which hillary clinton has been projected the winner in maryland. let's listen in on bernie. >> the hard realities of our lives underneath the rug, we've got to bring it out. we have to deal with it. and, unfortunately, unfortunately, media in this country for a variety of reasons, largely because they're owned by major corporations, do not deal in most cases. there are great exceptions. but they do not deal with the realities of our lives in a way
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that -- >> bernie sanders again looking ahead to the next contest as hillary clinton looks like she will take several of the primaries today. happening on the east coast. bernie sanders repeating many of his common campaign themes before this audience in west virginia live. it was a big day also for high school seniors across the nation. >> students, please give a warm new york welcome to the first lady of the united states, michelle obama! >> actress melissa mccarthy helped introduce michelle obama who celebrated college signing day in manhattan. more than 4,000 high school seniors attended, all have been accepted to college or a profession afl training program. mrs. obama tweeted out this photo of her, president obama, vice president joe biden, and his wife jill, all showing off their college pride. >> that's fun. well, may 1st is the deadline for many high school seniors to put in a deposit for the college of their choice.
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>> 7 on your side's michael finney has advice on how to make a smart decision. that's tough. >> it's important. a key, major key, in making this decision is the school's financial aid package. decisions made now will impact a student and family for decades. high school senior fiona quinn is fortunate to have many college acceptances from public and private schools. after comparing their financial aid packages she picked a state school. >> the tuition was a huge factor in my decision. >> we knew that fiona would come out with less debt and so would we. >> the financial aid offer letter is key to making the college decision. first, check what's being offered in grants and scholarships which don't need to be paid back. a caution. the letter often only covers the first year. >> contact the financial aid office and ask questions like, is a grant renewable? does a scholarship require a certain gpa for it to continue? >> the letter also details how much money you can get in
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federal loans for the rest, you may have to look to private loans, which you borrow from a traditional lender. >> you want to make sure you start with federal loans. they have a lot of advantages over private loans. they have fixed interest rates, also flexible repayment options. >> also check whether the federal loans are subsidized. those are preferred because you're not responsible for any interest that occurs until you leave school. there's a helpful tool where you can compare costs and financial aid at each of the schools you're considering. at consumer paying for college. like many students, fiona found figuring out how to pay for college has been an eye-opener. >> there's no class on loans in high school. i have no perception of like how much in debt i'm going to be. >> look, if it was me, i would tell you that it can be worth your time to negotiate with a school for a better financial aid package, especially if your family circumstances have recently changed because of events like a job loss or a
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divorce. you don't know unless you ask. they can negotiate. get on the phone. >> doesn't hurt to ask. >> absolutely. >> thanks, michael. well, we had hoped to hold class outside today because it's so nice. >> blow around in the wind? dan and kristen, yeah, another breezy afternoon here across the bay area. seeing some sun and high clouds. that's all going to change. let's check out live doppler 7 hd and we'll talk about those changes that are coming. right now just those clouds. winds are picking up again at sfo, gusting to 39 miles per hour. it's an onshore breeze. do expect those gusty winds this evening. from our golden gate bridge camera, a few high clouds there. temperatures upper 50s san francisco, mid-60s oakland, san jose, 55 in half moon bay, inland areas managed to get into the low to mid-70s thanks to gentler winds. a beautiful view from lake
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tahoe. they'll see a few inches of snow with the incoming system. 70 degrees in santa rosa, napa mid-60s along with livermore. a live look from our santa cruz camera. those skies will darken heading into tomorrow. increasing clouds overnight tonight, scattered showers tomorrow and a warming trend follows that will carry us through the weekend. we've been using the storm impact scale to rate the storms 1 to 5 to help you prepare and plan, 5 severe 1 light. we've done it all season long. tomorrow's a 1. it's scattered showers with breezy conditions expected. possibility of some isolated afternoon thunder with small hail. here is a look at the hour by hour time line. 5:00 a.m. a couple of showers around the bay area. there will be some damp spots at 6:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. the rain line is mainly in the north bay. we head into 10:00 a.m., and this is when we start to see some widespread showers between 10:00 and noon. you'll notice there continuing. make sure to have the rain gear with you. by 3:00 p.m., the showers are
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primarily to the east. at 5:00 p.m., a few more showers in the east bay. 8:00 p.m., a couple in the south bay and then it all winds down. so here are the rainfall projections. some areas will see nothing measurable. most areas will get between a few hundredths to a.016 inches. tomorrow allow more time. the road willing slick in spots, mid-40s to the low 50s. tomorrow afternoon hang on to the umbrellas. we'll still see a few showers around. not everyone will deal with showers. it will be a cooler day. and still breezy. upper 50s to the low 70s. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, 1 on the storm impact scale for tomorrow. we're going with a dry pattern beginning thursday and the warming beginning friday, saturday low to mid-80s inland, low to mid-60s. sunday going to be sharply warmer, hot inland, mid-70s to the low 90s. we hang on to the heat monday. then it cools down in all areas on tuesday with mid-60s to the
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mid-80s. we'll be watching for the potential for a few records as we head towards sunday. it's certainly possible. >> thanks so much. up next, the super friends of self-driving cars. the heavy hitters sharing the road so we can share the road faster. dan, kristen, the national weather service warning of a particularly dangerous situation. major weather emergencies tonight. millions at risk. also breaking, the ship that sank in a storm more than two dozen americans what's now been discovered. a lot to get to. see you shortly. new at 6:00, move over hallmark, you can now send a greeting on a potato. no kidding. you want to keep your eyes peeled for this one. >> you did not. >> that's at 6.
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apply online or at a bank of america near you. california drivers have enjoyed lower gas prices over the last year, but the drop in costs have become a problem in
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sacramento. transportation officials have projected a $754 million budget gap in infrastructure funding over the next five years. that's because lower gas prices bring in lower revenue. so the state board of equalization lowered the excise tax rate by nearly half this year. the governor has a plan to boost funding, though. it would increase the gasoline and diesel excise tax again and charge californians a yearly vehicle fee. >> we put in his budget plan a program to invest about $3.7 billion a year to avoid these unnecessary cuts, make improvements, keep people working, and really reinvest in california's transportation systems. >> opponents of the fee and taxes say they would rather see the state's transportation agencies be reformed to cut costs. well, let the lobbying for self-driving cars begin. automotive news is reporting that google, uber and lyft have all joined forces with volvo and ford to create a coalition to
5:25 pm
influence lawmakers regulating and the public on this. the new lobby dubbed the self-driving coalition for safer streets will be led by david strickland, the former head of the nstb. there's a new incentive for uber drivers not to keep their customers waiting. a pilot program starting now passengers have two minutes to reach the car or they'll be charged a fee. basically, the per minute rate at that. previously passengers had a five-minute window without getting penalized. bidding is under way for a chance to have lunch with apple ceo tim cook in cupertino. with nine days to go, bidding is up to $125,000 for an hour of face time with cook. the lucky winner and a guest. last year the lunch went for $200,000 and $330,000 the year before that. talk about a power lunch, right? >> very power. f
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fulful. up next, the springtime tradition in the south bay and why so many people were glued to their
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coming up new at 6, fire fears in san francisco's mission district. tonight, what one city leader wants to do to keep residents safe. also, the bay area hospital putting extra effort into diagnosing a hidden killer. 250,000 people die from it every year. from 7 on your side, the forgotten account that almost kept a woman from getting her home. a valuable lesson about credit reports. all at 6. we appreciate it, see you at 6. >> we've been talking a lot about the republican presidential race and the primaries going on today. of course, the results continue to pour in right now. >> an important day. abc news is now projecting that
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donald trump will also win rhode island. he's already been declared the winner in the pennsylvania, maryland and connecticut primaries. so a big night for donald trump. he's now won four out of the five contests today. congratulations, that's what we'll end with. nothing to do with the politics. a boy and girl for san jose's pair gran falcon family. >> the city hall nest, i.d. tags on the chicks and to determine the gender. >> that's a 40-foot drop into the box. the little chicks hatched earlier this month. and guess what? experts say mom clara has had 30 offspring that have flown away. >> no kidding. they know where 13 of them are located now. >> she is one busy mom. >> very busy. people love that live webcam. >> you could seriously just watch that. >> actually, donald trump just wins five of five. he has won the fifth primary in delaware. >> all right. thank you so much for joining
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us. it's been an action-packed show. we appreciate it. "world news tonight" with david muir is next. >> we appreciate your time. breaking news as we come on tonight. the national weather service warning of a particularly dangerous situation. bracing for several weather emergencies at this hour. 54 million americans across much of the east, the south. tornado alerts from texas to nebraska. pounding hail, shelters along the highway. and severe storms from philly into the northeast. also tonight as we come on the air in the west, breaking news in the race for the white house. the results, after voting across five states. can clinton and trump close the deal? the ship that sank, carrying more than two dozen americans. tonight, the new discovery. we'll show it to you, right here. new reporting on prince this evening. that last concert and the emergency landing right after. his condition during those moments. and the other bombshell in that case tonight.


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