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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news >> right now at 6:00, showers are approaching bay area. >> live doppler hd shows us where the rain is right now and you can see it is far to the north but the lunch could be impacted. mike? >> good morning, everyone, so far, so good as far as getting around weather-wise, can you see the northwest corner of snow ma is where we see the light showers and some of us are seeing sunshine early this morning. it is a little breezy over the bay water for the ferry ride. 44 to 54 and that is our 7:00 temperature and our 12-hour day planner and from noon to 4:00 we will have our best chance of the scattered showers and if you are caught under one those, the locally heavy rains and gusty winds and small hail is possible and the temperatures cooler-than-average today. >> we have 48 bart trains all
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run on schedule, and a bus cancellation coming up in 15 minutes for the 72x southbound out of rohnert park and that will not happen but can you catch another 712 in 15 minutes later. trains are all looking good, and high wind on the san mateo bridge this morning, so use extra execution and several bridges we have high winds so hang on tight, and an accident now is blocking two lanes, car fully engulfed. we will have more details in a few. >> we will continue to follow this stubbing case from san jose where police say that they were not random killings, we have been telling you about messages found written on the walls of a san jose couple's home. they were found dead on sunday. police are looking for a relative who has not been seen since the murders. matt keller is in san jose. matt? good morning, reggie, police say at this time this does not appear to be a hate crime and
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the public is not in danger from the suspect or suspects. however, police say they have yet to make an arrest. investigators believe the suspect was someone familiar to the family and the two homicide victims, golam and shamima rabbi everyone found dead in their him on sunday. they were the pains of two sons, 17 and 21-year-old, police found the youngest son but have not been able to locate the oldest son. he is not considered a suspect, but may have information that can help in the case. we also learned from a source two messages were last behind at the crime scene, one was written on the wail, and probably the mother begged for her life and addressed the son saying i cannot be like you telling a lie and cannot love someone without telling them. the other message was written on the floor and it said sorry, my first kill was clumsy. police are working on completing the investigation to bring closure to the horrible crime and provide answers. >> the santa clara county
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sheriff said a medical issue led to the death of ain't mate in custody. the department said that inmate was backed into the county jail last thursday and had to be taken to the jail for several pre-existing medical conditions. on monday, the inmate was taken to valley medical center and later died. the sheriff detectives and the district attorney and the county medical examiner have all been notified. >> authorities are trying to determine in there is a determine in there is a connection between fatal streets. seven people overdose asked survived, in sacramento there are 52 poisonings since march and 12 have died. the pills have the same markings in both areas. >> there is uncertainty about the fleet of future, with debting of the you it train cars now on hold, it is suspended physical bart and determine what caused this low-speed crash on friday during the testing of the
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train. bart helps to have answers by the end of the week, the train is just banged up in the sand after an overshooting of the test track. the door was not damaged. >> this is something that is illegal. the sand wish boards placed san francisco sidewalks knowing where to catch the ferries. the san francisco department of public works has sent the company, chariot a notice. they can remove the signs before being fine the. >> news conference is held at stanford this afternoon, urging the federal government to require drivers behind the wheel of robot cars. google has been at the forefront of the automatic technology and developed a car with to brakes and in steering wheel. advocates believe it is too much too soon. the california dmv has represented regulation that requires self driving cars to have a steering wheel, accelerator and a brake so the
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licensed driver can take over to needed. >> the goes goes can move on to the next rounds -- the golden state warriors can move on against the rockets in they win tonight. the team has a game plan that does not include steph curry who is, of course, nursing his knee injury. the teammate say they are confident they can win. >> we teal good because we have had this experience before, we have had it during the regular season and in the series and second half last game. >> with different guys through the course of the season, everyone has stepped >> head coach steve kerr was named coach of the year. in the warriors lose game six is back in houston, and game seven is in oracle arena on sunday if needed. >> c.h.p. officer hit by a car
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nearly three weeks ago has upgated from "critical," to "serious." he was in sacramento and 9 driver of a stolen pickup backed into him. the 47-year-old is being treated at uc davis medical center, austin scott, the suspect, was later arrested in fairfield. scott is scheduled to be back in court on pay 10. >> still ahead, police hope you can help identify this woman, the reason she is wanted after a gift card buying spree at a local target. all the owner of a san francisco home where a family lives say the show reboot is causing a big nightmare. >> keep an eye on approaching showers with the abc7 now function with live doppler hd up function with live doppler hd up the
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>> i brought live doppler hd with me, we have showers and thunderstorms early, but, notice, most of the moisture is moving east and we want to move to the south so we only have scattered showers today. clouds are increasing over the north bay but rohnert park is 41, and napa and american cannia is 45 and 50s around san rafael, and ill valley and
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vallejo, and same elsewhere until inland east bay, 36 at san ramon and lafayette. the wind gusts are up to 20-30 miles per hour along the coast and the rest of us are 15-20 and 25 org the evening. the chest willing around 40. in san rafael it is cloudy and 52 and scattered showers and thunderstorms and record warmth this weekend. >> 49 bart trains is good number on time, looking good, we have another golden gate bus consequencelation number 4, and ten minutes after that will come along, but 704 is canceled and a day giants game from the north bay the ferry is the way to go. the afternoon boats, 3:00 or 4:00, they sell out during the day games. in the dublin area, westbound 580, a sig-alert and three lanes are blocked and a car engulfed in the flames and a nasty delay we will check on, with high
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winds for the commute. >> thank you, this is interesting, google parent company may now move from the world of developing frontiers on the internet to building brick and more tar communities in cities. alphabet has an urban technical focus called sidewalk labs finishing a proposal to get into the business of developing new neighborhoods of housing, offices, and retail, in existing cities. the "wall street journal" reports this could be the proving grounds for cities of the future. >> an important health warning if you are using powdered caffeine. even a spoon full could be deadly. >> honoring a legend, how you can remember prince with hundreds of orphans this this -- hundreds of orphans this this -- of orphans -- of other of many pieces in my i havlife.hma... so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> you may smell something funny in sunnyvale but do not be alarmed, natural gas is being ventses from pipes, and it will smell like rotten eggs when released and you can hear the sants of the venting like a loud
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mechanical noise and will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will be wrapped up by 9:00 p.m. >> look a this surveillance video photo, investigators say to woman stole a wallet on sunday during a sporting event and the wallet had $1,000 inside. the suspect used the money to my gift cars at target. if you rock phase this woman call daly city police >> the man accused in last year's paris terrorist attacks is extradicted to france. salah abdeslam was moved from brussels overnight. he will be prosecuted in connection with the last year's deadly attacks in paris. he was born in belgium and arrested there in mid-march, and is the only living system out of ten men suspected of involvement in the paris attack that took place last november. at least 130 people were killed and hundreds more were wounded. >> a health scare at harvard this morning, 40 people have come down with the mumps in the past two months. officials say the outbreak is
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spreading despite efforts to contain it. the harvard health director told a student newspaper that next month's commencement ceremony could actually be affected. mumps can spread through saliva. most patients recover fully. one scoop is all it tags to end a life, pure powdered calf fins concentrated caffeine can be purchased on-line at a powder, liquid or inhaler and advertised as health supplement with little or nor warning. one teaspoon of pure powdered caffeine is equal to 25 cups of coffee this could be fatal. lawmakers now call on the f.d.a. to ban the product. >> prince fans get another chance to remember the pop icon and his movie, "purple rain." s spanning the tribute screening right now, to more than 200 theaters across america, start
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on friday, and originally started showing the movie in 87 theaters after the pop star's death at age of 57. >> beatle fans are in for a treat. this is brand new never-before-seen footage of the beatles to a dressing room a behind the scenes look from 1965. the clip is silent. you can see them getting powdered up here, ready for the performance. it was taken by an australia dancer and makeup artist and said there was champagne and the guys were "mucking armed," and being friends and getting ready for the big tv appearance. >> same thing we did each morning. absolutely, good morning, everyone, the cold front that we have been tracking all week that will bring us a chance of scattered showers and a thunderstorm. the problem is, the moisture is moving off to the east and the cold front is moving to the south and that is a disconnect is we will not have a steady
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rain. the freezes are steady and this afternoon we will have showers and possibility of thunder and sunny and dry and near record warmth to weekend. the storm-impact scale is being ranked today because of scattered showers and breezy we are light. now, from 7:00 to 9:00, the best chance across the north bay is close to the coast at 9:00 to noon you can see more of us have a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorm and by 4:00, our best chance is diminishing to the evening. you are caught under these, brief locally gusty winds and brief heavy rain, and small hail, but, look, a last us will not be caught with some of us have knick. accident in antioch. the rest of the us at 63 to 68. san francisco is up to the low 60s. this afternoon, pack a pancho but mostly the showers to they did fall are going to be brief
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and not stopping the game from happening. low 60s, and sunday and monday, 70s at coast and 80s and find for the rest of us. >> we have a traffic alert with a big problem in pleasanton. westbound 580, three lanes are blocked. a car was fully engulfed in flames. though are waiting for emergency crews. the big-rig is involved. a nasty scene. drive times from the backup are 20 minutes. we will be updating that when we come back. northbound 101, slow traffic leading to an accident in san jose with two cars blocking middle lane there and that is a bad scene, as well, and better news for the concord area before 242 early accident, out of the lanes and the damage is done and you are look at 25-minute delay beyond the scene from pittsburg to concord. more on the dublin/pleasanton accident when we return. >> as mike has been mentioning we can expect to see a lot of
6:20 am
this across the bay area, cloudy dark skies and it makes for a beautiful photograph in the hads of the right photographer, from of the right photographer, from the news viewer transamerica pyramid in downtown san francisco. just down the street from where we are right new. you can share your perks and post -- your pictures and post them with us. >> if you are looking for a job there is a job fair at 10:00 a.m. in sunnyvale with 700 openings from noon to 4:00. >> if you have extra prescription medication lying around do not just throw it away. mike finney will tell us how to get rid of it safely. >> new choices of chipolte.
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>> new detail on the chipolte plan to bounce back after e. coli scandal. there could be a new item on the menu, sausage, which tested wealth in kansas already. chipolte could add a temporary loyalty program to get you to come back multiple time as week. forces say they are reconsidering new stores in areas where sales have been down. >> people with cancer of colon, breast or prostate could have better odds if they take an aspirin each day because they were 25% less likely to die. death rates from prostate and death cancer are lower among aspirin users so the connection shows this does not prove that aspirin can help absolutely. >> and now, do you know how to
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dispose of prescription and dispose of prescription and over-the-counter drugs? >> many drugstores and police department around the bay area participate and can you can check them out by calling the stores, but the easy way to find out what is going on is to call the city or county government because they have a list of where you can go to dump your drugs and prescriptions. this saturday is the drug enforcement administration national prescription drug take back day. >> if you have a question record it on your smart 15 or tablet and head to finney. you could see your question answers right here. >> a land is gaining not up to step the 30's of the fastest growing parts of the bay area calling for expanding the
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reservoir in easter contra costa county by paying a taller dam. it with cost $800 million. the contra costa county water district built the dam in 1998. the east bay times reports that some environmentalists like the idea because it reduces the need for the delta tunnel protect. >> growing anticipation for oracle arena game, and spot any users, your account information my have been hacked. >> tense moms last night in the mission district. >> live doppler hd is showing the first shower of the day in sonoma with possibility of before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> glad you here. we have shower on way but tracking a sig-alert in pleasanton. >> it is a bad accident. they are now confirming a fatality. westbound, three right lanes are blocked and c.h.p. is on the scene, they are awaiting the coroner. they have opened the express
6:30 am
wayne to all cars. you could take dublin plaintiff you could take dublin plaintiff as an at fat dublin boulevard. another accident in san jose north 101, this is blocking the middle lane of traffic. mike? thank you. a look at the northwest corner at street level on mcdonald's you can see at ft. ross, that is where we have the light showers. sfo arrival delays, low clouds are averaging an hour and five minutes, with the cloud and a chance of scattered showers in the afternoon and evening i expect delays to continue. mainly cloudy this morning, temperatures in the my 40s to mid-50s and we will top out in the upper 50s at coast and mid-60s with the best chance for scattered thunderstorm from
6:31 am
10:00 to 6:00. >> a lot of you want to get through the day to watch the warriors close out the first round of the playoffs at him. that will set be done without the biggest star. and amy hollyfield is at oracle arena. we are headed to game five. >> good morning, i was looking on-line to see in there is smack talk. did you see what houston rockets jason terry said? he is guaranteeing the rockets will win. excuse me? mr. terry that is not very welcome here at oracle arena. this place is awash in gold and the fans are going to be loud. they will have something to say about your guarantee. the warriors will have to do it without the m.p. steph curry who is out with a knee injury. $s thing he will be out for a couple of weeks. the teammate say his spires are high and the -- his spirits are
6:32 am
high and the team is positive. >> we still believe in ourselves and we think it is very possible for us to make a run and hold it down. >> we know stick will be out but the last few years, we believe in that and i hope everyone believes in it. we say that for a purpose, and that is what we do. >> steve kerr was chosen at coach of the year and feels bad for stick after welcoming so hard. now this after the injurien free season. a big game it could clinch the series. in they win tonight though move to the next level and we wish them well, 7:30 start tonight in oracle arena and good luck with that guarantee, mr. terry. >> i like how amy is clapping back. the game starts at 7:30. in the warriors lose game 6 is
6:33 am
back in houston on friday. in necessary, game 7 is back at home at oracle arena on sunday. times for both games is still to be announced. >> come through, dubs nation and send us the videos and photos including the ones you have been sending. show your warriors pride and we could feature them right here on the air just use #dubson7. the san francisco d.a. is trying to determine in a racist text scandal involving officers could impact more than 170 criminal cases. four officers are involved in the scandal including former officer jason lai. the t was discovered on a personal cell phone while addressing a sexual assault case. it targeted several minority groups. the chief suhr weighed in. >> literally it makes me sick to my stomach including today when i had to read them again. i apologize. we are better than this.
6:34 am
all the public defend are said the office is trying to term in the officer's bias influenced cases. the officer quit the person and everyone in the department will have bias training by the end of the year. >> act visits ledge they will keep protesting until the police chief suhr quits or is fired by san francisco mayor lee. >> what do we want? fire chief suhr. >> you can hear the chanting. a community meeting ended quickly after commanders declined to move the positively forum outside. a hunger strike is stretching into day eight angry other deadly shooting of a suspect by san francisco police department. >> there is in time. i will be out there for as long as my body will allow me to be there or the situation is rectified. >> i don't have any plans to resign and i will move the department forward.
6:35 am
>> hopefully. >> police say they will let the hunger strikers stay until it is a health issue. >> san jose police are look for the adult son after murdered couple hoping he can offer new information on what happened. we are outside headquarters with more on the investigation. >> i contacted san jose police this morning and they did not make an arrest overnight. they have still not found the couple's oldest son. the police say this does not appear to be random. the suspect was probably nope to the family. the two homicide victims, golam and shamima rabbi, were found dead in their him on sunday. they are the parents of two sons, 17 and 21-year-old. the youngest son was found but they have not elected the oldest. he is not consider add suspect but could have information helping in the case. we learned from a source two messages were last at the crime scene, one written on the wall, and the mother begged for her
6:36 am
life and appeared to address the son saying i cannot be like you telling a lie, i cannot love someone without telling them and the other message was written on the floor "sorry my first kill was clumsy," a sign it does not appear to be a hate crime and the public is not in immediate danger. >> thank you. an amazing story from fairfield where 32 years after a kyle was kidnapped police cracked the case. in 1948, three-year-old clark toshiro handa was snatched from his bedroom and never seen again. this man, 2355year -- this man, 55-year-old, a family friend, has been charged with clark's death. >> either want him alive or remains. >> we can prove first-degree murder with special circumstance in the murder of a kidnap asking kidnapping for ransom.
6:37 am
>> police say the cold case united reexamined case in 2011 and found the evidence. the suspect is to 3 years in state prison for state three indications of child molestation. >> now, donald trump and hillary clinton hat big nights. donald trump won all five primaries and no on's -- opponent came close. now, in indiana, it will be one of the last clan for ted cruz to slow the front run arer with reports he will announce carly fiorina at his running mate. on the democratic side, hillary clinton took four of the five primaries, losing only rhode island to senator bernie sanders. the former secretary of state does not pension bernie sanders on the trail anymore. she is now talking abut the general and the probability show will face donald trump. five more states including indiana and oregon will hold try
6:38 am
hears next week. >> here are latest counts: hillary clinton has 930% of delegates she will need to clinch the nomination. all the going has donald trump increasing the heed by leaps and bounds and now has 70% of the delegates needed and now is calling himself the proceed suchive nominee. >> it was out of control at a rally for donald trump in anaheim. two young girls, their grandmother, and another man got pope per sprayed as antitrump groups and supporters clashed. there was yelling and cursing and confrontations and a report of a roaster activated a stun gun. >> happening today, it should have been the first day of fall registration at san francisco city college by, instead, a one-day faculty strike is set to take place. it is over wages. they are offering 9% race over two years but the union is demanding 4% a year for three years and costs of living races
6:39 am
and restoring early cuts. they will picket starting at 8:00 this morning and the union will hold a rally at civic center. >> we have a traffic alert. this is in the dublin/pleasanton area at 6:40. right new, we have three lanes blocked with a car fully engulfed a big rig involved and new a confirmed fatality westbound 580 sig-alert is in effect and 50 minutes from highway 84, to get beyond the scene so that is the stretch right here coming from the central valley up and over the altamont pass you are looking at over an hour and a half and closer to an hour and 45 help months to dublin/pleasanton interchange. not a from alternate, dublin boulevard will be budget down and at the bart station that obviously is delayed to the traffic accident, thes have lane is on to all vehicles and unfortunately in the backup, we are getting word of a motorcycle down in the left lane so it
6:40 am
looks like this is just a real mess. updates in a couple of minutes. >> good morning, we have light showers, moderate showers head to cloverdale in ten minutes. otherwise we are waking up to increasing clouds and temperatures up to 90 degrees warmer and upper 40s to low 50s throughout the south bay and low-to-mid 50s on both sides of the bayshore to san pablo at 53. now a look at the wind along the coast at 3:00 this afternoon, less than 25 miles per hour and up to 35 for an extended period from 4:00 in the afternoon to 2:00 in the morning so sands could be blowing. the rest of the us, it will be quiet until we get to noon hour. and 15-20 miles per hour. and at 20-25-miles-per-hour gusts headed through the afternoon and early evening. temperatures today are mainly in the mid-to-upper 60s and san francisco, then, at 1 and a warming trend on thursday and friday. more on possibility of records and the scattered showers and
6:41 am
thunderstorms next. >> a welcome sight because of the rain this year some reservoirs and reserves are filling up and water agencies are considering reducing conservation now at a meeting yesterday, the water district staff suggested cutting consequence vacation in half from 30-15% and too soon. >> it feels good to relax but it is a slippery slope. >> it is always good to save because we do not know what next year brings. >> east bay mud and contra costa county water want to wait physical a statewide water report is issued before lowering restrictions. the state will announce the water report may 18. >> fine to punish water guzzlers is ending, with officials investigating to suspend the excessive water use penalty. the utility fine got a lot of
6:42 am
attention it was the first large supplier to limit household use and then disclose the name of the violators. since last summer 5,000 hopes including those of sports stars and business executives have received the fines. say the fell would own the san francisco homemade famous by "if you house," ask tourists to cut it out. the show reboot is impacting the quality of life. >> paying for a wedding is expensive but if you we are lending one word could cause the price to jump even more, but, first, what is happening with "good morning america" next. >> good morning, everyone. next on "good morning america" donald trump's big sweep winning all five primaries over ted cruz and john kasich and the frontrunner is taking shots at hillary clinton calling her a flawed candidate. flawed candidate. donald
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait. >> the abc7 storm-impact scale is level 1 for light rain. track the storm on abc7 news app. >> hello. new this morning we knew the house in lower pacific heights is the home featured in "full house." the family have lived there for decades and now the real life homeowners are saying "how
6:46 am
rude." all the reboot is creating a nightmare for the neighbors. elissa has the problem. >> you know how the theme song goes, wherever you look, well wherever the neighbors look are tourists and it is getting on their members. the home is in san francisco in the lower pac heights the exterior is often show as a home where the gang live but they never actually filmed the show inside. that happened on a set. neighbor said a fan asked in she has seen john stamos since show was released. the fan even block the streets. >> i on the garage door and they ignore it and i go out and say, watch out, crazy lady backing out. >> so for i have not hit anyone. >> she says up to 100 people
6:47 am
will come by on a single day. the house looks different with a paint job and no longer has the red door and fans flocked to alamo square to see the painted ladies shown in oning credits of the show. the "wall street journal" reports that the house was last sold in 2006 for $1.5 >> thank you, elissa. if you have spotify you may want to containing your password. it is recorded that hundreds of accounts have been hacked and some hackers have changed the e-mail associated with the account sow locked out. and others have been kicked out when a hacker logs in at the same time. personal information such as user names and passwords have been posted online. >> big uber news this morning, huffington is joining uber's board posting this video on
6:48 am
youtube, the co-founder is being tapped to help san francisco-baseed company improve their marketing. she tweeted she thrilled to ride along with c.e.o. on this great adventure. >> youtube is about to launch new commercials that you will be forced to watch. >> good morning, rough start for the nasdaq, a couple of local companies and apple had disappointing quarter with iphone sales down the first time ever and apple is down 7% and twitter is disappoint down by 15% so the nasdaq is lower by three-quarters percent. we have the federal reserve meeting. it wraps up today in no mood to resume interest rate from ultra low with the global and too fragile. find out what the fed does on
6:49 am
the interest rate and issue the statement for the juan meeting. youtube is selling six second bumper ads it keep viewers from tuning out that are shortened havings of longer commercials and you cannot skip them like now. the tests she that the pairing of the full length ads with the shot are ads maked product more momentable and did not annoy the users you have to tune out. >> some vendors charge customs center when they hear "wedding." a secret shopper investigation found that many vendors tack on a wedding surcharge. the quotes were for wedding and anniversary parties and found that 25% of time weddings were more expensive despite everything else being equal up to 42% more for a wedding. >> we go to sue. you have been tracking a sig-alert? >> in pleasanton, a fatal
6:50 am
accident i am sorry to say involving a big-rig and four cars, right lanes are blocked. this is a tremendous backup to highway 84. you are looking at an hour from there. an alternate route is getting off at 84 but it is not much better through the pass and the sunol to 680. heading northbound or southbound and back to 580 it is not a great alternate. in the backup to this we have an accident in the same area with a make down and a mercedes with a flat tire waiting for a tow truck so not a good scene. not a great alternate, dublin/pleasanton boulevard could be one and the 84 loop around, as well, but we are fining those jammed, too, with more in a few minutes. mike has the forecast. >> we will take a quick look outside and you can see the sunshine slipping behind the clouds from the exploritorium and here are the thick are clouds dropping
6:51 am
light-to-moderate showers to cloverdale and santa rosa and along cold front, more scattered showers developing and enjoy the dryness and the sunshine will we have it right now, because we are bing to have scattered showers and the possibility of thunder and breezy conditions all day and a quiet pattern develops tomorrow and we will 30 with rod highs. we have been ranking the storms and this is light because of the scattered nature of the showers. i don't expect much damage unless you are caught under a shower that become as thunderstorm with locally gusty winds and brief heavy rain and small hail. from 7:00 to 9:00 you can see the tail end of the cold front becoming active along the marin county coast to the peninsula chest, and it hoofs inner inland to the lunch hour and more scattered showers through the 4:00 hour and as we holds to the evening, and the sunset, so does our chance of showers. rainfall amount some of us get nothing and some of us get up to
6:52 am
quarter-inch, my seven-day forecast after being in the 50s and sick, 70s at -- and sick, 70s at coast and 80s and 90s into monday. >> mike do is a couple of hundred thousand to borrow? so i can have lunch with apple c.e.o. tim cook or maybe you can at home if you outbid me. you can eat lunch with cook at cupertino and you get to bring one friend. there are eight days left. here is the current bid: $205,000. it was $185,000 earlier and someone is watching the morning news and trying to outbid us. last year it went for $200,000 and we are beyond that. it was $33,000 the year before that so it better be a heck of a lunch. >> we track the shores through the commercial break with live the commercial break with live doppler hd on
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> here are the seven things you need to know. sig-alert in pleasanton with a fatal accident westbound 580 and in the backup we have a motorcycle down and a mercedes. a nasty commute, two hours tracy into dublin/pleasanton. >> two, scatters showered are
6:55 am
possible the fiscal year three hours and the best chance is across the north bay and along the coast to possibly the peninsula, and we will all have a chance from 9:00 to 5:00 of scattered showers and delays are developing at sfo. >> san jose police want to find the adult son of this couple killed in the south bay him over the weekend, and investigators say he is not a suspect but could be able to provide details of the murders and chilling messages left at the scene. >> a hunger strike against san francisco police has entered the 7th day after protesters stormed the community meeting last night forcing it to end quickly. they want the chief fired and community leaders are angry over deadly shooting of the suspect by the san francisco police department. >> there is an all day event on self driving cars, officials are seeking input on design, regulation and monitoring. >> six, donald trump and hillary clinton are moving closer to the party nominee scoring huge
6:56 am
victories year. senator ted cruz could announce carly fiorina is the chase for running mate. all the warriors could wrap up the series against houston without steph curry, of course, out for the series with a knee injury leading rockets 3-1. tip-off is 7:30 at oracle arena. >> we will see you in 25 minutes. "good morning america" is next. "good morning america" is next. stay tuned.
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lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. . good morning, america. donald trump soars to victory. crushing his gop rivals in five states setting his sights now on hillary clinton. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. democratic front-runner fires back. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> as she closes in on the democratic nomination, winning big overnight, gearing up to take on trump. the gop front-runner joins us live this morning. severe storms tear through the heartland. reported tornadoes and lightning strikes taking down homes. as flash floods drown the midwest, blinding rain and pelting hail. the threat now moving from texas to iowa, 24 million people in


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