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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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pablo, we're seeing light showers right now. also showers from rio vista heading toward antioch, light but it wasn't like that just a few hours ago. numerous lightning strikes as thunderstorms rolled through vacaville and fairfield. some of those storms produced hail and when you take eye look at the rainfall, vacaville picked up pretty good rain, 0.42 inches. elsewhere, anywhere from zero to 0.13 in san francisco, 0.06 in -- we've been ranking storms all season long from 1 to 5, 1 light 5 severe. to help you plan and prepare your day. and this evening we still are keeping a 1 in there, a light system. a few more showers with the possibility of hail and the gusty winds will continue. i'll let you know about those major changes that lie ahead as we head toward later on this week. i'll have those details coming up. kristen? >> sandhya, thank you. a pregnant woman is going to be okay after surviving being shot in the head.
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it happened in pacifica today. now police are looking for this man, the woman's ex-boyfriend. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live in pacifica. vic, is the unborn baby okay? >> reporter: the unborn baby seems to be well. now, the victim of the shooting marissa johnson is also reportedly fine. the hospital has listed her in fair condition. now, earlier today, there were reports that doctors had to force delivery of her baby. but police tell us that's not true. again, the baby is fine. it happened just after 8:00 this morning here at the casa pacifica apartments. ruth cooper was asleep. >> i was woken up by the screams and shot fired. >> reporter: cooper immediately called 911. shots fired. then she went down to the common patio area where the shots came from. >> i was shocked when i came out to see that marissa had been shot. >> reporter: marissa johnson the apartment manager's secretary,
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she was sitting on this bench. >> i ask her if she needed a blanket or not. it was cold this morning. >> reporter: johnson says it looked like the bullet grazed the back of her head. >> she was sitting up and fine. she's darn lucky. >> reporter: marissa johnson is 25 years old. residents here call her a sweet, cheerful person. an expectant mother eight months pregnant and excited to have her first child. johnson even posted a sonogram on her facebook. police are looking for this man, ricardo colidrus. some rez didn'ts here said they had a volatile relationship. ruth cooper told us she may know the motive. >> she was taking him to court because he had keyed her car some months ago. >> reporter: police believe he is driving a 2003 silver toyota cam camry. vic lee, abc 7 news. a person has died and another is in critical condition following a high-impact accident in san francisco. take a look at the damage that
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the crash caused to this bmw. just a terrible wreck. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to rescue those inside. the crash happened just before the start of the giants game. embarcadero northbound at bryant street was shut down for hours while police investigated. abc 7 news has obtained new video of a fiery accident this morning that killed the driver of a bmw. it happened on westbound interstate 580 in dublin near hacienda off-ramp. ail big rig slammed into the bmw at full freeway speed. the bmw hit the car in front of it and the domino effect continued until five cars were damaged. eight people walked away with minor injuries. the santa clara county sheriff's office is investigated after a man was shot dead inside apple's cupertino headquarters. it caused quite a commotion this morning. nell ne woodrow is live on the apple campus. melan melanie, was it on lockdown at any point? >> reporter: no, the campus was not on lockdown at any point today. i just checked in with the santa clara county coroner's office. that office is telling me that
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this employee's body is now at the coroner's office. they have not released the victim's identity or the cause of death just yet. meantime, the sheriff's office says that nobody else was at risk here today and no one else was involved in this incident. around 8:30 this morning, santa clara county sheriff's deputies were dispatched to apple's cupertino headquarters. >> with a head wound possibly has a gun. looks like security was reporting the employee down. >> reporter: the santa clara county sheriff's office confirms a male employee was found dead inside the building. >> it will be up to the coroner to determine the manner and cause of death. >> reporter: dispatch initially suggested there may have been others involved. >> they're advising that there's a body in one of the conference rooms with a gun so we're not really sure if there's multiple people involved. >> reporter: but the santa clara county sheriff's office says nobody else was at risk. >> what happens next is that the
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coroner will arrive and conduct an investigation as well as our investigators to determine all the details as to what happened here. >> reporter: more than seven hours after the initial incident, the coroner's office confirmed it was still on the scene conducting a parallel investigation to the santa clara county sheriff's office. apple's campus remained open for business. in cupertino, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. the santa clara city council has approved a $500,000 settlement in a federal civil rights lawsuit against its police force. the suit accused the department of illegally searching the home of mohammad mow need and his parents in 2014. it also claimed officers made false statements to obtain a search warrant and unlawfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted ma need who works for the department of homeland security with his dad and brother. ma need was accused of stealing a $300,0 dashboard camera. his lawyer claimed he was
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targeted because he is muslim. senator ted cruz today picked former hewlett-packard executive carly fiorina to be his running mate if he is the republican party's presidential nominee. the partnership is front and center on the ted cruz website. senator barbara boxer you may remember beat fiorina in a nasty reelection fight six years ago. boxer's comments about her ex-rival are blowing up. one tweet says, i predict the latest carly fiorina merger will be as successful as her last one. we are live in the newsroom with a look at the fiorina factor and california's role in it. >> you know, this is very early in the game for any candidate, even for those who have in the past claimed the nomination, but all candidates are now focused on california, which will turn out to be, as we all know, the big prize. it's as if all the candidates are now being told, go west, young man. or woman. >> i have accepted senator ted
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cruz's offer to be his vice president for the republican nominati nomination. >> republican candidate ted cruz is hoping carly fiorina will help him attract women, many of whom donald trump has al yenated. >> i feel he thinks announcing carly will help him on a national basis as well as specifically california. >> the move follows yesterday's poor performance in five primaries, all went to trump. fiorina is well-known in the silicon valley and was the california gop nominee for the senate in 2010. today she stepped out of a comfort zone to sing a song to cruz's two young daughters who have grown attached to fiorina while attaching to him. ♪ we get to play ♪ we get to play i won't bore you with any more of the song. >> it's over. as far as i'm concern td's over. >> even if cruz wins the primary in california, he won't have the necessary delegates to claim the nomination. but a victory here would likely mean a contested convention in
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july. >> when we stand together, there is nothing, nothing that we cannot accomplish. >> senator bernie sanders announced he will start laying off some of his staff to turn his attention to california. >> if he won california, it would be a big embarrassment for mrs. clinton. in fact, to some extent it would undermine the kind of unity they're trying to put together now. >> let's win the nomination and in july let's return as a unified party. thank you all so much! >> so far, hillary clinton is ahead in the polls here. her oakland campaign office will officially open tomorrow. leanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> you heard some of carly fiorina's impromptu singing. that set off a fleury of comments on social media. ♪ i know two girls that i just adore ♪ ♪ i'm so happy i can see them more ♪ twitter users swiftly responded.
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many were left bewildered. op-ed editor for the "new york post" tweeted, the singing settled it. this whole election is a bad dream and we're all asleep. donald trump will kick off his california campaign tomorrow in orange county. then on friday trump will deliver the keynote speech at the california gop convention kickoff in burlingame. california's 172 delegates are the biggest prize in the race for the gop nomination. one of his opponents, ohio governor john kasich, is also focusing on california. his events include a town hall friday afternoon in san francisco and a second on saturday at the tech museum of innovation in san jose. a lot more to get to this wednesday evening. just ahead, the crash of b.a.r.t.'s new train. officials figured out what went wrong. the fbi explainings why it won't share how it unlocked the apple iphone. a seal stranded on a bay area beach. who stepped in to save its life. and after all the hints, spacex announces its plans for mars.
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>> reporter: we are 2 1/2 hours away from game five in the warriors/rockets playoff series. what's the golden state mind-set
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>> announcer: this is abc 7 news. b.a.r.t. says it knows what caused an embarrassing malfunction on one of its brand-new railcars during training last week. the car got stuck in a sand berm. agency officials left red faced, a bit embarrassed about this. eric thomas is live at hayward b.a.r.t. with details on the investigation. >> reporter: dan, b.a.r.t. is trying to get these cars tested and on the tracks by the end of this year. that's why their engineers and their counterparts from manufacture bombardier spent the weekend poring over data before
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reaching this conclusion. a problem with the brakes is what left this $2 million b.a.r.t. car stuck in a sand berm designed to stop it if all else failed. >> last friday we had what i would characterize as a normal occurrence of testing. >> reporter: in this case, a single wire leading from some testing equipment to the b.a.r.t. car's auxiliary system got punched in the door of an electrical cabinet. the wire short-circuited and the power system shut down as it's supposed to do to prevent further damage. problem is, that auxiliary power supply operates parts of the braking system. another factor, this car was being run alone. >> p if it was a two ar ten or five-car train, this would have not have happened because the other cars would have taken over, brakes would have been applied from the other cars. >> reporter: officials say no damage to the car itself. they plan to clean the sands out and tart testing as soon as possible. b.a.r.t. passengers who saw pictures of the car snuck the
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sand want to make sure they get it right. >> it was a bit disturbing because i imagine me being on that. oh, i don't want to be crashing into anything. >> they're putting people's lives at risk. i don't think that's really something that people should play with. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. is currently designing software fixes as well as removing the doors that pinched the wire in the first place. >> the car did not fail. the operators did not do anything wrong. in fact, they did everything that they could to apply the brakes and stop the vehicle. >> reporter: in hayward, eric thomas, abc 7 news. apple will not learn how the fbi was able to unlock the iphone used by one fr the san bernardino shooters. the fbi says it cannot disclose the information because it does not own the rights to the technical methods a contractor used to access the phone. that means apple will not learn what specific vulnerability found on the device allowed the contractor to break into it. a stranded seal will likely be headed back into the pacific
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after a beach rescue by police. san francisco officers spotted the seal today at ocean beex. they tweeted these pictures. they say they protected the seal from crows and an off-leash dog until animal rescues arrived. this is a guadalupe fur seal, an endangered speesz eighties. the seal will be examined by vets tomorrow. do you feel it? some extra energy in the air right now. probably coming from oakland and oracle arena. >> the buzz, right? that's where the warriors are getting ready to hopefully close out their series against the roblgts. >> larry biel and mike shumann are both there live. what's it like in there? the energy, guys. >> reporter: little lacking energy right now because it's empty. jaron collins is bringing energy behind us, warriors assistant coach. we've been messing with him all afternoon. we spend so much time fek using on steph's injuries, the ankle and knee, it's easy to forget round one of the series is not
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over yet. >> reporter: that's true. the warriors want to carry that momentum they had from the second half of game four in houston to end the series tonight against the rockets. >> we do not want to go back to houston. it's a long flight. we'd love to get some rest after this and just get ready for whatever comes next. that's a big advantage to winning tonight. treat this as a must-win and treat it -- we hate losing at home. i think we're all ready to get out there and fight tonight. >> it's important obviously. it's a long flight back, number one. we know momentum can shift this series very quickly. we're in the driver's seat right now. it's just a matter of get williing over the finish line. they'll be tough to beat tonight. they're fighting for their lives. >> reporter: a lot of pressure on sean livingston while steph curry is out for two weeks at minimum. he's been great in the playoffs. >> reporter: he told me he's been shooting three pointers in
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practice because he rarely does in a game to give another threat. he's perfect for that position and andre iguodala comes in with the second group and is just as effective. with the portland/l.a. clippers going six, seven games, if they can wrap it up, that will be great because they'll get rest before the next round. >> we may see the blazers in round two because the clippers have been decimated. >> wouldn't be surprised. >> reporter: we need an acronym for us like bielman. bielman live at oracle, back to you kristen and dan. >> we'll work on that a little bit. >> reporter: oh, come on. it was the first thing i thought of. sheil. ford is recalling thousands of cars, trucks and sufrs because of safety issues. >> 7 on your side's michael finy is here with consumer news. >> two different issues with ford. they're recalling one set of cars for a dangerous suspension problem and others for a transmission flaw. the first recall affects ford
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explore ez and suvs built in 2014 and '15. ford says the suspension may be poorly welded. it could cause a loss of steering. the defect caused one crash and one injury, no deaths. ford is also recalling 201,000 cars and trucks because the transmission could suddenly downshift. the defect caused three crashes but no injuries. that recall affects ford f-150s, expeditions and mustangs from 2011 and 2012. ford is offering free fixes of course for awful the recalls. a federal judge says amazon didn't do enough to warn parents their kids could rack up charges playing with free gaming apps. a federal lawsuit said amazon billed parents for millions of dollars of unauthorized purchases kids made on their kindle tablets. we told you about this months ago. parents said their children didn't realize they were
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spending real money when they bought items like a boat load of doughnuts while playing the free games. amazon said parents who complained got refunds, however, the court has ruled the process is difficult and confusing. amazon and the federal trade commission now must come up with a plan to compensate customers. six ticket brokers today agreed to pay millions in fines for using illegal software. the snap up high demand concert tickets. they would then resell them at a huge profit. the case began when fans tried to buy tickets to concerts like beyonce and bone direction that sold out within minutes. the new york attorney general claims the brokers used illegal ticket botts to quickly scoop up the seats, shutting out the general public. frustrated fans had to buy them on the secondary market and of course that means paying double or triple sometimes even more of the face value. brokers agreed today to pay $2.7 million in fines.
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>> thanks, michael. we've got some weather to look at now. things have been very interesting, right, sandhya? >> indeed. spring showers and thunderstorms, kristen and dan. those thunderstorms have died down. let's show you live doppler 7 hd. they're not in our viewing area, but we still are tracking thunderstorms. let me show you where it is raining right now. i'm going to step aside. as you'll notice here around pleasanton stone ridge drive street level radar, wet roadways right now. as we take you in around antioch, oakley area, light rain, lone tree way. take a look at the radar statewide, we've seen over 1300 lightning strikes. it has been an active day. it's snowing in the sierra nevada right now, light snow being reported in the tahoe aarea. here is a look at those winds. they've been gusting, sfo 41 miles an hour, an airport wind warning is up until 9:00 p.m. from our mt. tam cam, some of you have been seeing blue sky and are saying, what thunderstorms?
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the thunderstorms have been primarily around the wine country and solano county, 57 in san francisco, oak larnd 64 degrees, 61 san jose, 58 in morgan hill. here is a lovely picture from lake tahoe, a mix of rain/snow. 65 in santa rosa, 62 in livermore. it's definitely a cooler day. from our san jose camera, still a lot of cloudiness lingering. here is a look at the forecast. a chance of isolated thunder or hail. we'll keep in the forecast until the sun goes down. gusty winds and a warming trend is coming up. we've been using our storm impact scale to rank the storms, 1 light 5 severe. most of our storms have been 1s and 2s though we've seen a few 3s. remainder of the evening we have the light system, a few showers, possible hail and gusty winds. here is a look at the forecast, 6:00 tonight still looking at some spotty returns. we'll call for spotty showers, 8:00 p.m. primarily in the south bay and the east bay. then 9:00 p.m. is starting to
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wind down. as far as tomorrow morning, you're going to see a few clouds at 5:00 a.m. the sun will be out early, and it is going to be a nice sunny thursday afternoon, milder day on tap tomorrow. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, though, the winds will once again get gusty around the time you're commuting, coastline over 30 miles per hour. we'll hang on to the gusty winds for noontime at least along the coastline. then heading into the afternoon, inland areas it won't be quite as windy. tomorrow morning when you get going, do expect a few clouds. other than that, most areas will start out clear, low 40s to the low 50s. then for the afternoon hours, here is what it's going to look like. 79 in antioch, warmer day, 72 san jose, oakland, 65 in san francisco and it is going to be another breezy one. accuweather seven-day forecast we'll brighten it up, warm it up beginning tomorrow. and really those temperatures are going to be near 90 degrees this weekend inland, mid-70s along the coastline by sunday. we'll hang on to the warmth early next week, although it's not going to be quite as hot.
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computer models are backing off from the 90s for the time being for the upcoming week. >> good. thank you, sandhya. is one minute exercise really all you need? that's next. then at 5:30 on "world news with david muir". >> the pilot, authorities say he was drunk, just flew two flights over america. also breaking news moments ago, the presidential candidate some are calling the hail mary move. major recalls involving chicken and frozen vegetables right here after abc 7 news. new at 6, what do you think of this? a plan to sell advertising on highway traffic signs. one lawmaker sees green, others see red. that's
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pf. >> spacex plans to send an unmanned spacecraft to mars as early as 2018. this is the first time the company has actually targeted a date for the mission. spacex provided this rendering of its dragon spacecraft approaching mars. the company will work with nasa in an extraordinary public/private collaboration. nasa will provide technical support without financial support in exchange spacex will provide nasa with entry and landing data. elon musk founded spacex more than ten years ago with the goal of colonizing mars. members of the house voted today to name the bison in the national mammal of the united states. congress wants to elevate the bison's stature to that of the bald eagle. supporters of the bill say the bison has played a significant role in american history and to native american cultures. the measure will be taken up by the senate for final passage this week. it will then go to the oval office. a canadian researcher say that one minute of hard exercise can provide the same health bern fits of 45 minutes of moderate
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exercise. they compared sedentary men -- 45 minutes of continuous cycling. both workouts had warm-ups an cooldowns. researchers say for both groups muscle content and oxygen and insulin levels improved equally. many people cite lack of time as the main reason for not being active. researchers say this study shows that people can get health and fitness benefits in just a few minutes. >> nice. calorie burn is still not the same. >> true. just ahead on abc 7 news at 5, sacramento kings unveil their new logo and gave their fans the royal treatment. >> a special kind
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i'm ama daetz. coming up at 6, a san jose neighborhood is on edge over the killings of a husband and the wife. why the family can't hold a funeral until a man is found. also, a new wrinkle in the irs scam. mike finney reveals the
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high-tech trick used to fool you. of course we go back live to oracle for team coverage of the warriors game, all coming up at 6. northern california's other nba team is looking for fans to wear their heart on their sleeve, and they've done just that. >> literally. today fans of the sacramento kings lined up to get a tattoo of the kings' new logo with the team picking up the tab. they made the arrangement with five tattoo parlors. >> the new logo pays tributes to the roots in kansas city and cincinnati. the kings move into a new downtown arena next season. that's a permanent tattoo. >> that's a committed fan. got to like that. >> i would do it if they had a warriors one for free. why not? "world news tonight wi" is next. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you again at 6. >> bye-bye.
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tonight, major developments moments ago in the race for president. ted cruz and a political hail mary? suddenly bringing back carly fiorina. and donald trump with this about hillary clinton. >> if hillary clinton were a man, i don't think she'd get 5% of the vote. >> clinton's response. and tonight, rare words from george clooney's wife, amal clooney. the warnings at this hour. ten tornadoes already. a family rescued. and in houston, falling trees turning deadly. also tonight, the plane crash. the woman running for help. and then suddenly, the plane erupts. and the other scare, authorities say the pilot who was flying drunk had just flown two flights across america. judgment day. once one of the most powerful men in washington, the judge giving him more prison time than prosecutors even asked for.


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