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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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vg6&y live from the w3÷úxdxd kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. xd arrest for the gruesome murder of their parents. the bodies of shamimae1i]jfywnom rabbi were found in their home and police say they believe the two son dz it. good jfafternoon, i'mñi laraçó >> i'mçó as!ddaetz. one son was booked into the santa clara county jail this morning. his 17-year-old brother is also int( ÷út(custody.ñi ah$%mç nguyen is live in san e with the developments. chris? >> reporter: we've just received word from a family member that theñg)vjr(á muslim cemetery in livermore tomorrow. ñ oldest sonxdy5?s r'ce learnedd
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his first appearance in court tomorrow. on lucas court in san jose,s7 combination of÷úñrçó ) disbelief. >> we doni!zejju what happened. we don'tr make sensew3ko ofjf÷úg#q÷ itçóx >>xdjfçñizvççóñr people can h now. >> reporter: police have yet to release a motive for ther killings but many wonder what would lead the brothers to shoot and kill their brothers. sources tell us disturbing messages were left at the scene which could help investigators deterigerñ&páxdym exactly went wrong. >> killed by an boutsider, anyoe notczv?;xdr like someg but tgi÷ú beñi killed by your t >> reporter:çó ñioutside the@y%
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home, more flowers have been added to the memorial. tomorrowç friendsé@ willsgath v remember the twow3?;ç victims >> itçóhtháçy- for their arrest. police say they're interviewing several people in relation to an ongoing case but won't elaborate. no one was injured. turning to our weather now, we have a live look for you from our sutro cam, a beautiful day, still windy. we have a big warm-up on the way. >> spencer christian is here. >> hi, ama and larry.
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bright, beautiful and breezy. a live look at dropler 7 hd. there have been a few outbreaks of scattered showers up in lake county. they appear to be winding down now. certainly they're expected to do so, continue winding down, into the evening hours. conditions are relatively calm but the winds are gusty, in some spots to 36 miles per hour at sfo, 22 at san carlos 23 miles per hour at novato. with brisk breezes in other places as well, despite the brisk breezes notice the 24-hour temperature change. it is warmer by many degrees in some places than at this hour yesterday. 20 degrees warmer in fairfield, 11 degrees in concord, antioch 17 degrees warmer. so the warming we've been talking about all week has begun. this is a view from mt. tam as we look at current temperatures of 60s. we have 70s in mountain view and the view from sutro tower looking northward, currently
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75 -- i'm show you just how warm our weekend is going to be in just a few minutes. >> spencer, thank you. cal fire wants pg&e to pay $90 million in its role in a wildfire last year. the state found pg&e contractors cut down two pine trees which exposed a skinnier tree. that skinny tree came in contact with a power line and that is what touched off a 70,000-acre fire. two people died in the fire, more than 400 homes were lost. this request is believed to be the largest recovery amount ever sought by cal fire. the peninsula is getting ready for the national spotlight. the california republican party convention begins tomorrow at the hyatt regency hotel in burlingame. all the major gop presidential candidates will be there. trump and kasich are expected to address conventiongoers tomorrow. ted cruz is expected to speak at noon saturday. his newly named vice presidential candidate carly fiorina will deliver saturday
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evening's keynote speech. >> david louie is live at the hyatt regency why the convention will take place. >> reporter: larry and ama, this friday through sunday gathering is expected to attract about 1,000 republicans to this hotel. but as you can see, there are already barricades set up for crowd control along the sidew k sidewalk. that's because protests against a certain candidate have already started. the banner first flew over google headquarters in mountain view before making its way north to fly over the golden gate and bay bridges. its message aimed at google, don't be evil, dump trump. protest groups are angry at his rhetoric. >> this rhetoric is amplifying hospit hostili hostility. and we think that companies like google need to take a stand. >> reporter: color of change and other allies collected nearly 250,000 petition signatures delivering them to google.
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google has given support to gop in 2012. they were accepted but not reacted to. donald trump will be in burlingame along with ted cruz and carly fiorina. john kasich is holding town hall meetings in oregon today. the senior policy adviser to his california campaign co-chair steve his ner says it will be a spirited gathering. >> i think california is important to all of the candidates that remain, not only governor kasich but also donald trump and senator cruz. you know, we've been saying here for a while because of the delegate math and the way it's all shaking out, california is actually going to matter for on once. >> reporter: trump is expected to address more than 1,000 republicans at the convention. >> that is going to be the big show. john kasich is giving a town hall meeting in san francisco. does that tell you how important california is in this race? >> reporter: in burlingame, david louie, abc 7 news. former house speaker john
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boehner unloaded on fellow republican ted cruz last night at stanford calling him, quote, lucifer in the flesh. that wasn't all. [ indiscernible ] >> i have never worked with a more miserable [ bleep ]. >> boehner not holding back at all against ted cruz during his appearance before the stanford speakers bureau. he also vowed to vote for trump. he called trump his texting buddy. cruz dismissed boehner's attack saying the former speaker, quote, allowed his inner trump to come out. the high-speed rail board is meeting in sacramento today and is expected to approve a $64 billion plan to build a high-speed rail network from merced to san jose. officials have pitched the first segment between the central and silicon valley as the only way to ensure a useable portion of the track gets built with the existing funding available. it's expected to cost $21 billion and begin operating in 2025. abc 7 news was at the
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walgreens in san francisco's castro district today as city officials unveiled a new safe medication disposal kiosk. one of five new locations in the city to dispose of unused prescriptions at no cost year round. the goal of this program is to prevent the medication misuse as well as overdoses that we see. a search is under way for 87-year-old jose ladezma. he was last seen at his home yesterday at 5:00 in hayward. take a look at him. he's described as hispanic, ball bald with brown eyes, 5'5", weighing 142 pounds. he was last seen wearing a straw hat, gray sweater vest, black shirt and black pants. call hayward police if you see him. >> >> we heard a lot of last night. warriors fans still cheering after last night's big blowout
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win against the houston rockets at oracle arena. the warriors advance to the next round and they'll face the winner of the l.a. clippers/portland trail blazers series. portland leads the series 3-2 in the best of seven set. dubs fans hopeful that star steph curry will return soon after suffering that sprained right knee. i heard some reports today kind of off the record that steph is progressing nicely. might be back earlier than expected. curry sat out last night's win and was pretty pumped up himself as one of the best dressed cheer leaders in the crowd. if the blazers win tomorrow, the trail blazers will play the warriors at oracle sunday at 12:30 here on abc 7. after that, you can join me as well as mike shumann and the whole gang for an edition of "after the game." we'll break down the start of round two. and we cannot forget the sahark facing off against the predators tomorrow at s.a.p. center.
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the sharks beat the l.a. kijz in round one. game time in the tank tomorrow night at 7:30. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, on the move. raiders owner is in discussion about a possible move to las vegas. what he's saying now and the special guest who was there. plus, rising crime on campus. the bay area universities topping the list. and drugs and a secret vault. the new detail slowly coming out after prince's death. at 4:10, a live look at the afternoon commute. this is the ma car thur maze, the wide view. what we can tell you right now is eastbound traffic on 80 is very, very slow. you can see the traffic winding all the way back. right-hand side of your screen for cars heading back into san francisco a much smoother, easier drive. back with more on abc 7 news at
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>> announcer: this is abc 7 news. now to an ivy league health scare. we're learning more today about a contagious disease affecting dozens of students at harvard. it's not just there. abc news reporter marci gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: a health alert at harvard. 41 mumps cases now reported at the university. the outbreak intensifying since the first case was reported two months ago. the university's health services director saying, i'm more concerned now than i was during any time of the outbreak. >> it's very contagious and a lot of people are around that have it. so we're a little scared. >> reporter: at least 11 of the infected students now in self isolation. school officials trying to get the outbreak under control,
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especially ahead of next month's graduation ceremonies. all of the students sickened have been immunized against mumps but according to the cdc even after two doses of the vaccine 12% of people are still at risk for contracting the virus. >> most people who get it is the typical viral illness with fever, body aches, fatigue and the tell tale sign of the mumps, the swelling of the face. after puberty, there are rare complications, hearing loss which can be permanent and even inflammation of the brain. >> reporter: mumps is spread in crowded environments like college campuses by droplets of saliva from coughing, sneezing, kissing and shared utensils. >> i'm stressed about it. >> reporter: students are saying they are now being especially cautious. it's not just harvard. mumps cases are also now reported on four nearby campuses in the boston area. there are also 53 cases at two different universities in indiana and several more cases in california.
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marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> the california cases were diagnosed last month. health officials say five students from san diego contracted mumps during spring break. a new study on crime on california college campuses is shedding unwelcome light on three schools. >> the school that came in with the highest crime rate may come as a shock to you. kristen sze with the breakdown. >> larry and ama, we think of stanford as a safe, wealthy enclave but not according to the u.s. education department data from 2012-2014. it shows stanford had the highest crime rate per student in the state, nearly eight crime per 1,000 students. uc berkeley comes in second highest with nearly 3.3 crimes per 1,000 and uc sand cruz tied for third with ucla with 2.8 crimes per 1,000 students. the study compiled data on all types of crimes from violent to property crimes. it includes allegations reported
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to coaches, professors, not just to police, even claims later determined to be unfounded. of particular note at stanford, 51 burglaries and 30 sexual offenses reported in 2014. >> i feel completely safe here. i've never felt unsafe on campus. >> i have been around this campus for a couple of years. i've seen a few and heard a few incidents. they've been unfortunate but individuals have been alone or around the wrong kind of people or in an area where they're not secured. >> a stanford spokesperson tells abc 7 news its numbers skew higher because a much larger percentage of their students live on campus so crimes that typically happen in residential settings are reflected in these stats. the number of people seeking unemployment benefits in the u.s. climbed last week but still remained near the lowest level in four decades. the labor department says weekly applications for unemployment rose 9,000 to a seasonally adjusted 257,000. applications fell in the previous week to the lowest number since november of 1973.
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shark tank goes to prison. >> we offer a variety of hairstyles for men, women and children, and we challenge our clients to dare to be different. >> i think you know exactly the type of customer. that's great. >> that's an inmate na vacaville pitching his idea to venture capitalists. he's one of the entrepreneurs in training who have been participating in the defy ventures program. >> this situation hurts so whether you innocent or not, when we in prison we actually are thinking about, how can we do better? how can we make other people better? >> the program comes with mentorship from business execs and a chance to win money for their ideas. the san francisco museum of modern art about to reopen to the public. abc 7 news was there for today's media preview. it's been closed for the past three years. the $305 million remodeling includes seven floors of galleries dedicated to modern and contemporary art. it opens on saturday may 14th.
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coming up tonight at 6, an exclusive look at the works that you'll find inside. you can catch sfmoma the new view on modern right here on abc 7 news next friday at 6:30. time to turn our attention to the weather which apparently is going to heat up. >> spencer christian. >> the weather is taking on a new view as well. you're right. at least a new feeling. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have clear skies all across the bay area right now. just a few scattered light clouds of the it's just a lovely, breezy, pleasant spring afternoon. here is the view from the east bay hills looking westward. it will be another mild day tomorrow, much warmer over the weekend. but it will turn cooler again on monday. here's the forecast animation starting 5:00 this afternoon. notice mainly leer and calm evening. we'll see a few low clouds develop by early tomorrow morning, 5:00. at the beginning of the morning commute we'll see a few patchy low clouds, not widespread and low temperatures will be
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generally in the upper 40s to right around 50. let's resume that animation and take you through the daytime hours. we'll see the few areas of low clouds burning away, giving way to mainly sunny skies and mild conditions with highs in the south bay why the upper 60s to low 70s, about 71 at san jose. we'll see upper 60s to near 70 on the peninsula. and upper 50s to about 61 or so along the coast. downtown san francisco will top out at 64 degrees tomorrow. up in the north bay, look for mid-70s from santa rosa to sonoma to napa. east bay highs 68, oak be land 67, san leandro and union city 69 castro valley highs in the mid to upper 70s to about 80 at ant yong, our warm spot. let's look at the next three days, starting saturday we'll see warmer weather with inland highs moving into the mid-80 dz in some spots, upper 70s around the bay. sunday will be the warmest day overall in the three-day period after tomorrow.
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we'll see highs in the upper 80s in some spots inland on sunday with highs about 10 to 15 degrees above average. low 80s around the bay and even some low to mid-70s on the coast on sunday. but we get sharply cooler weather on monday as we develop a sea breeze. we don't develop it. we'll feel the sea breeze as it develops and it will drop temperatures on the coast back into the 60s. we'll see upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and some upper 70s to low 80s inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, after the cooldown begins on monday, it continues tuesday and wednesday with a few extra clouds appearing midweek and a slight chance of a shower by next thursday. but i wouldn't bet the ranch on that one yet. larry and ama? >> thank you. up next, a plan to add license plate readers at b.a.r.t. parking lots. it has privacy advocates crying foul. >> and here's a look at what's ahead on abc 7. at 8:00, "grey's anatomy" followed by scandal at 9:00 and the catch at 10:00. then abc 7 news at 11:00.
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here is a sneak peek of "the catch". >> i've been calling you all night. >> my phone died. >> i thought you died whaxt happ. what happened? are you okay? >> i'm fine. it's just a scratch. >> good. did you get it? >> i did. i have to shower and change. >> no. there's no time. we've got a new problem. >> whatever it, it's going to have to wait. >> benji! >> reese. >> morning. >> benji! how are you? you look well. bit tired. oh, what happened here? did you miss me? hello, sis. >> as you can see, my brother is here for a visit. our ben ne faefactor has come t collect. >> right there. where's my bracelet?
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license plate readers for every b.a.r.t. parking lot. that's the pitch b.a.r.t. police made this morning to the agency's board. >> as amy hollyfield tells us, there is already pushback to the plan. >> reporter: they use them on bridges and in some private buildings and parking garages. but putting them here in a b.a.r.t. parking garage raises concerns among privacy activists. >> why do you need this at all? why suddenly now, after 44 years of operation, does b.a.r.t. suddenly feel that they need to know the license plate of every single car? >> reporter: b.a.r.t. police say having license plate cameras in their parking garages could help them crack down on crime. >> you can narrow down the time frame of when those thefts occurred and then -- because there's only one entrance or a couple of entrances or exits, you can actually go back and say, okay, what car left or what car arrived before that happened? >> reporter: right now, they are installed at the macarthur
4:25 pm
station because there is power there to support them. they are not turned on yet. first a debate on what b.a.r.t. will do with the information. >> the civil liberties implications are many. they include horror stories arising from false positive identification to information that might be used for deportations, for prosecuting people for debt, and unconstitutional investigations. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. officials say they're willing to listen to concerns and adjust. but right now, the plan is to store information collected from the cameras for one year. >> that complies with the california government code, which speaks to retention periods of records. could it be shorter? yeah. but it's less information we can draw on later to help solve crime. >> reporter: at today's meeting, the board heard three people speak out against this idea and decided to form a committee to take a closer look. in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. weed killer in california wine? a lab tested ten california
4:26 pm
wines and found glief owe sait, a chemical the active ingredient in the roundup weed killer. the wines tested are from sonoma and napa county. the lab is standing by its work. >> how many of those wines had glief asait? >> all ten did. >> all ten. >> all ten. >> the i-team's dan noyce visits the lab where the tests took place and explains the growing controversy over this particular chemical, a story you'll see only on abc 7. abc 7 news at 4 continues. there was a big meeting for raiders owner mark davis today. he says he's ready to cough up some big bucks to move the team out of oakland. and a baltimore tv station under attack. the erack waigs after a man claims he's carrying a bomb. plus, new details today about the death of music icon prince. the now-sealed search warrant and just some of what was found
4:27 pm
in his home.
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that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it? lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. here is what's making headlines at 4:30, neighbors are in disbelief over the arrest of two brothers accused of killing their parents. golam and shamima rabbi were found dead sunday in their san
4:30 pm
jose phone. matt keller tweeted the news this morning. 22-year-old hasib golam rabbi arrested in tracy yesterday and his 17-year-old brother was arrested in san jose. a group against republican front run irdonald trump is urging google to pull out of the gop national convention. they have gathered 500,000 signatures in protest. trump along with ted cruz and john kasich will all be in the bay area this weekend for the state republican convention in burlingame. meanwhile, in las vegas today, raiders owner mark davis pledged financial backing for the team moving to sin city. he said he would spend $500 million toward the building of a new stadium there. abc 7 news reporter eric thomas live in oakland. eric, i can only imagine what raiders fans are saying about this. >> reporter: we're watching the raider faithful filing into the fox theater here in oakland to find out how the team plans on improving itself after getting a bonus in selling season tickets selling out for the first time ever. so the last thing these folks
4:31 pm
want to hear is the team is shopping around for a new home. >> together, we can turn the silver state into the silver and black state. >> reporter: that's the message raider owner mark davis had for tourism officials in southern nevada today. he wants their backing to build a $1.3 billion stadium in las vegas, and he's putting his money where his mouth is. >> if this panel recommends the requested funding, the legislature passes it and the nfl approves the resulting deal, the raiders plan to contribute $500 million to this project. >> reporter: 300 million of that would come from the team, the other 200 million put up by the nfl. davis was flanked by international soccer star david beckham to symbolize that the 65,000-seat facility could be used for other sports. but the visit was another wound for oakland fans who want to keep the raiders right here. >> he looked very genuine about wanting to build a stadium in las vegas it's very frus traying as a fan. >> reporter: it's no secret that neither the team nor the fans think much of the coliseum.
4:32 pm
the 50-year-old stadium caters to baseball and football and satisfies fans of neither. the city of oakland refuses to put up public funds to build a new stadium. fans have mixed feelings about the whole thing. >> i'm not too happy about that, you know? they need to stay here. this is where they came from, and this is where they belong. >> i don't like it. i mean, i'm a season ticket holder. i pay in advance. then they tell me, we might be moving this that and the other. it's kind of disheartening when you hear something like that. >> reporter: any deal would be at least a year away because the nevada legislature doesn't meet again until 2017. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> hard to know whether that's a real deal or just a leverage play by the raiders. meanwhile, all eyes will be on cal bears quarterback jared goff in a little over a half hour. goff expected to be the number one overall pick in the nfl draft. the l.a. rams trade up to get the pick. coming up at 5:00, we are live as the draft getting under way. baltimore police snipers
4:33 pm
shot a man dressed in a panda suit who stormed a tv station and threatened to detonate xmroes explosives. >> loud booms. >> an initial volley of beanbag rounds you saw there didn't stop the suspect as he walked out of wbff television, a local fox station. the man walked into the lobby of the station and threatened to set a bomb off unless they aired the contents of a flash drive he was holding. employees evacuated the building. the man refused to surrender. >> the suspect came out of the building and started advancing roward officers, was not listening to any of the officers' orders. >> police say he will survive. a bomb squad found the so-called explosives the man strapped to the panda suit. they were actually chocolate bars wrapped in foil with wires attached disguised to be a bomb. three people connected to san bernardino shooter syed
4:34 pm
farook have been arrested for marriage fraud conspiracy. farook's brother, sister-in-law and wife of a friend enrique marquez jr. are accused of lying under oath to get benefits under marriage. farook and his wife carried out a shooting massacre in december that left 14 dead and 22 wounded. donald trump is getting help from a big name in indiana sports. ted cruz off and running with carly fiorina. here's bazi kanani. >> reporter: ted cruz teams up on the campaign trail with new running mate carly fiorina to go after the gop front-runner. >> donald doesn't one of four things. he yells, he screams, curses or insults. i suppose you could start a drinking game on which one of the four donald will respond to. >> reporter: cruz is hoping his bold political play, picking a vp candidate well ahead of the convention, will help him best donald trump in the crucial indiana primary and force a contested convention.
4:35 pm
>> this fight is about the future of our nation and our children and grandchildren's future. so it actually isn't about ted cruz ard carly fiorina. it's about all of us. >> reporter: but trump is in indiana, too, fighting hard to widen his slight lead in the latest polls there. >> i didn't want to take too much time because i know you've got him back here lyon like hell. so i said, i better get back to indiana fast. >> reporter: slamming cruz with some help from a hoosiers state heavyweight, college basketball coach bobby knight. >> what mr. trump has done is when things have gone wrong he hasn't whined and complained about it, he's figured out how the hell to fix it. >> reporter: democrat bernie sanders is also in indiana where he hopes a big win next tuesday could revive his campaign after disappointing losses in this week's primaries. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. a group of young journalists invited to the white house got a big surprise today. >> i hear there's some hot shot
4:36 pm
journalists here. josh was speaking for me, and i wanted to make sure he was getting it right. >> president obama stuns the college student reporters by stepping in to replace press secretary josh earnest at a special briefing, broke news saying he wants to enroll 2 million more students in the pay auz earn federal repayment plan. he then answered several questions from the group. >> they had to be stunned. still to come, getting accepted to college is great, but what if you have nowhere to live? the growing problem at bay area universities and the unusual solution. i'm spencer christian. here's the lovely view from mt. tam looking out over the bay under clear skies. nice warm-up this weekend, i'll have the accuweather forecast in
4:37 pm
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i now pronounce you husband and wife. you may kiss your bride. >> san francisco is one of seven cities taking part in a wedding marathon today. it's part of "good morning america's" wide world of weddings event. 100 couples are getting married over 24 hours. 16 couples will tie the knot tomorrow, including maria perez and katie pratt from oakland. you can see their wedding tomorrow morning on gma starting at 7:00 here on abc 7. time to start planning your weekend. some of us start that like on monday. some of us wait until thursday.
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>> abc morning news anchor is checking out what's going on where you live. >> we've partnered with a hyper local neighborhood team at hood line to help you plan your weekend. get out your raspberry beret because we'll honor prince in san francisco and you're invited. ♪ little red corvette this event is dubbed "this thing called life" a celebration of prince at the mezzanine. the mezzanine is accepting donations at the door to be given to charities. do you remember the movie "milk"? the writer and director wants you to be in their new abc miniseries. if you have a '70s hairstyle. "when we rise" is about the lgbt rise in san francisco. the filming will be saturday 8:00 p.m. to sunday 7:00 a.m. in the castro. we all love our local bookstores, right? saturday is a day to celebrate them in the third independent bookstore day. we stopped by the book smith a
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staple in the upper haight for 40 years now. >> there are objects that you can hold in your hands and read over and over and over again, just not on the internet. >> swing by from noon to 3:00 on saturday sto see print making in action and learn how to make your own greeting cards. by the way, mother's day is a week from sunday. if you want to go to these events or rsvp to be a tv extra, head to abc 7 we'll hook you up with hood line. time to turn to the weather. it's not quite summer yet. we're still in april. >> spencer christian, it's going to be warming up. >> it is. it's going to feel a little summerlike this weekend. but it won't reach any records or anything like that. we have sunny skies right now and we'll retain those sunny skies going into the weekend. let me give you a look at statewide conditions tomorrow. sunny from top to bottom except maybe some clouds and a shower or two up around eureka. otherwise, sunny and mild at
4:42 pm
chico, sacramento, fresno, highs around 80, 81. down south, 68 at san diego, 88 in palm springs. in the bay area tomorrow after a few early clouds we'll have mainly sunny skies in the afternoon, highs from 60 at the coast to upper 60s around the bay and upper 70s to near 80 inland. for the week ahead, we'll use santa rosa as our temperature trend indicator. notice we'll see mid-80s in santa rosa around the weekend as most of our other inland locations will. but temperatures will drop off rather sharply back to a more seasonal range monday with highs back in the 70s. it's a lovely weekend ahead. larry and ama? >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4, we're learning more about the death of pop icon prince, the drugs found in his home and what's next for his estate. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. pot smoking could soon be legal, but it might not be legal in your own home. the new law that could keep you
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there's new information in the investigation into prince's death. prescription drugs were found with his body. investigators are trying to determine if they are connected to his death. marci gone zbolz has the latest.
4:46 pm
>> reporter: investigators in minnesota now have a search warrant for prince's paisley park home. the details are sealed as authorities try to uncover what caused the superstar's death. law enforcement sources tell abc news when prince died last week prescription drugs were found in his possession and at his home. the carverer county sheriff's department now reaching out to the dea in case those drugs are later determined to be related to the singer's death. friends and family have said it's no secret prince took medication for hip pain. >> if you look back in the days of "purple rain" when he was on top of risers and yum jumping down off risers in those heels, you know, it damaged parts of his body. >> reporter: autopsy and toxicology results aren't expected for several weeks and, as his death remain a's mystery, a part of his life veiled in secrecy may now be coming to light. abc station reports according to their sources the bank appointed trustee of prince's estate has
4:47 pm
hired a company to drill through the star's personal vault said to contain his recordings, possibly hundreds of which have never been released. the vault's contents expected to add significantly to prince's more than $300 million fortune. and that same company appointed by a judge to manage prince's assets is now also tasked with determining his heirs after his only full sibling confirmed her brother did not have a will. marci gone zbolz, new york. smoking medical marijuana may be legal, but it could soon be banned in your own home. >> 7 on your side's michael funny is with here with a push to clear the air in apartments. >> it is. just like smoeging cigarettes a lot of people are comparing tin allows landlords to ban the use of marijuana. it heads to the appropriations
4:48 pm
committee now. supporters say the proposal is designed to protect other tenants from second-hand smoke. the bill still allows the use of cannabis oils and marijuana edibles. the state cannabis industry association is worried about the bill's impact on ma disnal marijuana users but has not opposed the bill. a former regulator is warning time is rung out to finish individuals responsible for the financial clapgs of wall street. many banks and financial institutions have been ordered to pay fines for unethical activity many blame for the great recession of 2007. the former chair of the financial crisis inquiry commission says to date no individuals have been prosecuted. >> not enough has changed on wall street, and i think one of the reasons is there was really no consequence no legal, politic political, economic price paid by the people on wall street who drove the financial crisis, whose reckless actions pushed our economy to the brink of
4:49 pm
collapse. >> he says by law prosecutors have ten years to bring charges from the date of the violation when it occurred. many of you have felt the anxiety your flight lands, you're at the baggage carousel watching, will your suitcase pop out? well, now you have a better chance than ever to be safely reunited with your bag. the number of lost, delayed or damaged suitcases dropped more than 10% last year. on average, 6.5 bags mishandled for every 1,000 passengers worldwide. that's the lowest level since tracking began in 2003. however, even with the decrease, about 23 million bags were mishandled in some way last year. airlines admit there's still plenty to do. >> there's nothing worse than being the last guy at the baggage carousel waiting and hoping. oh, no. >> then it stops. >> let's take a walk to the office. thank you, michael. well, mcdonald ace is
4:50 pm
testing out a new mcnugget that could win approval from health-conscious parents. experts weighing in with advice on overcoming bad days. here's jane king with a wellness report. mcdonald's says it's started testing a new chicken mcnugget recipe. about 140 stores in oregon and washington in march, according to crane chicago business, the new recipe is free of any preservatives. mcdonald's says the mcnuggets were well received in the test restaurants. for many of us, the most pressing question about exercise is how little can i get away with? turns out it may be very little. a new experiment found that 60 seconds, one minute, of strenuous exertion proved to be as successful as improving health as three-quarters of an hour. other scientists have found that shorter periods of intense exercise can produce as much benefit as longer workouts. a high-fat diet may lead to daytime sleepiness. australian researchers says the connection was higher with those among higher bmi. they also found the daytime
4:51 pm
sleepiness affects night sleep. if you're having a bad day, there are tricks for turning aaround. the "wall street journal" talked to psychiatrists and others say how we think about random unfortunateness is how well we cope with it. if we feel like we have no control, the event seems worse. psychologists say think about the future and how when that misfortune is over there will be a great story to tell. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. abc 7 news at 4 continues. up next, the housing problem for students in the bay area. dan is here with a look at what's coming up at 5. coming up, the rescue and recovery operation spanning two counties and three agencies. tonight, an urban problem being solved in the suburbs. and the signup siege in a bay area city. what these students fighting one another make a pledge. those stories and more when kristen and i see you for abc 7 news at 5.
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the lack of housing is an issue in many cities. it's also a big problem for some colleges. >> uc berkeley expects 750 more students than usual will need housing next year and is stug eling to find a place to put everyone. >> we are live at cal with the story. >> reporter: well, definitely some students will be asked to sacrifice comfort for a while. it sort of reminds me of that famous picture where you see all of those people being squeezed into thevolkswagen.
4:56 pm
well, when it comes to housing, the ucs are being told to be creative. it all started with an offer made by legislators to uc regents. the ucs would get 25 million in additional state funds if they agreed to take in more in-state students. systemwide 10,000 more over three years. all have to be in-state freshmen or transfers. >> it does bring up the problem, where are you going to house these students? >> reporter: enter mill's college in oak lafrnd. this residence hall at mills could be available to 50 female uc berkeley students. mills has a sizeable commuter population that doesn't require housing. >> berkeley has just agreed to accept a lot more students and that we have capacity to help with their housing needs. and we're exploring possibilities at this moment. >> reporter: cal is also talking to holy name university in loek land, a shuttle service would be provided for students. while there is still no agreement, uc berkeley students
4:57 pm
received an e-mail asking if they would be interested. >> considering we're in a housing crisis i feel like it is a good option for people if they can't find a place to live. >> reporter: still, most people think it's too far. >> i already found housing so probably not. >> reporter: uc president janet nepal tapolitano tame up with a initiative that would add 14,000 new beds by 2020. >> we have to be very creative so in the short term that could be putting three students in a room that may have housed two students. >> reporter: the initiative also calls for accelerating any development already in the planning phase. at uc berkeley, abc 7 news. finally, call it a new arena in the battle between man and machine for a school project six computer engineering students at brigham young university create aid foosball table with artificial intelligence. this is my college project. it features software that mimics human responses and reacts to
4:58 pm
movements using robotic controls. that machine dominated its human counterparts winning 4 out of 5. >> thank you for joining us at 4. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry biel. abc 7 news at 5 begins right now with dan and kristen. a san jose neighborhood felt like it was in the middle of a war zone. what we now know about a serious s.w.a.t. standoff. >> and -- >> it is a relief. people can have peace now. >> neighbors react after learning about an arrest in the murder of a south bay couple, and its two family members accused in the killing. also, baby birds in jeopardy falling out of trees and no one to catch them. a bay areawide rescue effort under way right now. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. temperatures are up today. some areas will be flirting with 90 degrees this weekend. a closer look coming up. >> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. laying down cable. pulling out the s.w.a.t. truck.
4:59 pm
and even running for safety. a san jose neighborhood is practically under siege as law enforcement surrounds a house and it ended in plenty of arrests. good evening, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. it was intense and frightening for everyone living nearby. and neighbors tell us that house was really a mini casino. the s.w.a.t. team swarmed the home at capital avenue in san jose. vic lee is live in the neighborhood right now with the latest. vic? >> reporter: well, dan, it's amazing. everyone you talk to in this neighborhood seems to know that there was a casino or some kind of gambling den operating from that house, which is about two houses down on this block. one neighbor told us that the house began operating very early in the morning about 7:00 a.m. until midnight because that's when she would see people coming in and out of the house. and by the way, this is not the first time the house has been raided. san jose s.w.a.t. teams threw
5:00 pm
flash bangs as they converged on the house which faces busy capital expressway. they took numerous people into custody and large bags of what appeared to be cash. neighbors we spoke to said this was not the first time. >> a year ago the house was busted for drugs and gambling. they cleaned it out. and a few weeks later they were back in business. >> reporter: this neighbor who did not want to be identified lives right in back of the house. >> they busted two people in my backyard, and other people i don't know if they came over our fence or not. >> reporter: the neighbor told us those who ran threw evidence all over her yard. >> i think slotted dice, some poker chips. we had poker chips and dice all over the backyard. >> reporter: all police will say is that it was a peaceful ending and they're interviewing a lot of people right now. vic lee, abc 7 news. a man accused of child molest


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