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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 29, 2016 12:37am-1:08am PDT

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better to fall in love this has "nightline." >> tonight the doctor who's broadcasting his procedures almost instantaneously. >> that was the rest of your sunday. as his clients are under the knife. >> do cameras in the operating room encourage transparency or distraction. plus, book lovers. all about the front cover. the shirtless show down, the next faub owe. >> and does this bring you down memory lane? >> it's been 25 years since the road trip film soared into movie history. it's famous for launching this face. guess who didn't get the part. first, the "nightline" five. >> it is so important for us to
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>> good evening. thank you for joining us. for years tv has found inspiration, life in the work of doctors. but now medicine is going viral. tonight the snap chat doctor miami. the broadcast of a surgery given
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his multitudes of fame. but does it come with more risk? here's our business economics and technology correspondent for a series, social stars. >> reporter: it's inside the operating room like you've never seen before. >> how nice does this booty look now? >> brought to you by the man named as dr. miami. >> reporter: he's taking viewers behind the scenes of surgeries. most so graphic we can't even show you. >> welcome back to the operating room. we have a brazilian butt lift. we're going to give her a round booty. we're going to make this curvy. >> reporter: capturing the before, after, and everything inbetween. in these ten second video clips he posts to social media platform snap chat.
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the result, a cult following of millions of snap chat followers and more new patients than he can handle. >> we said we're going to take a break from appointments. we have a backlog for more than a year. >> reporter: he insists that all this doesn't distract him in the operating room where life is literally in his hands. god forbid that worst case scenario, somebody dies on your table. >> we are careful. we hope it never happens. >> reporter: she was lucky she got on his schedule. you can watch her here unconscious on the operating table undergoing a brazilian butt lift and lipo suction. >> i have a lot of friends. i want them to be part of it. >> reporter: on the show botched millions of fans tuned in to see the good, bad, and the ugly side of cosmetic surgery.
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but in dr. miami's or, fans are getting unfiltered video almost inst instantaneo instantaneously. >> it's everything she wanted in a booty and a bag of chips. all that and more. do you say bag of chips? >> reporter: but unfocussed doctors in the operating room may have backfired before. after a comedian, joan rivers suffered fatel complications, her daughter sued where the procedure was done claiming, among other allegations that a doctor took photos of joan rivers while under sedation. the case is pending and defendants denied wrong doing. so far for dr. miami, no snap chat lawsuits or complications. >> reporter: if something goes wrong, somebody has the evidence to say look what we did.
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we have the moment on tape. >> i think all surgeries should be on tape. what's wrong with transparency? it's like saying to a cop why are you wearing a body camera? i think body cameras on police and cameras in schools are a good thing too. it keeps everybody focussed. >> reporter: in his office, everyone has a choice. has anyone asked you not to snap chat their surgery? >> about a third of them don't want anything to do with social media. they have to sign a form. about two-thirds of my patients snap chat do want to, a third don't. that's the inverse of what it was in the beginning. in the beginning one and three woultd allow me to, but now people ask to. >> reporter: like so many of his patients, cynthia first discovered his work on snap chat. >> i started watching his snap chats. and in the beginning it was a little gross, and then after
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that i was just amazed with his work. >> reporter: so she flew over 1,000 miles just to be here today. >> the best way to start a week, huh? >> reporter: a surgery like the one cynthia is having costs close to $8,000. but cynthia says it's worth it. dr. t dr. started out by posting his surgery pics to instagram but says he got kicked off for being too graphic. that's when his 16-year-old daughter introduced him to snap chat. >> he set up the account. he didn't know how to use it. i had to show him. this is the pic. then he went to his office and that day he started using it. >> reporter: i have to ask. your daughter who is 15 originally. how old now? >> almost 17 now. >> reporter: almost 17. when she's 18, she goes into a doctor's office like yours
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and -- and her surgery is on snap chat? >> it's up to her. i'm okay with that. she's a great girl. i love her. she makes her own decisions. i'm okay with it. >> reporter: the father of five employs not one but two fame snap chatters. >> how was the rest of your sunday? >> much better. i slept after theiv i've.v. i heard you hurled. >> it's almost like a hobby. some people have race cars or fancy boats. i have a brittany and ashley. >> reporter: they capture his every move in the oerting room and are snap chat side kicks. and they have large followings of their own. >> i made my incision here. and i'm making my tunnels. i'm making my tunnels. >> reporter: everyone in the
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office is in on dr. miami's snap chat game broadcasting every detail. from the moment he walks in the door. >> today we have a implant exchange. bbl. >> bam. awesome. >> reporter: into the o.r. where cynthia is halfway through her transformation. >> perfect. save. >> this cheek is done. i can't get anymore fatter there. it's shooting out. it's nice and round. it's perky. >> reporter: dr. miami's popularity only seems to be growing. >> here are your finalists for best snap chatter of the year. >> reporter: he was in second for snap chatter of the year. >> second. >> reporter: maybe next year. >> you never know. >> reporter: while snap chat might have made his famous. >> thank you for everything.
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you're great. >> reporter: his patients say the work speaks for itself. ten days after her surgery, cynthia's backside has been transformed. and thanks to snap chat, it's there for everyone to see. >> we're all done. look at this booty. i'll clean it up and show you the before and after. >> reporter: for "nightline" in miami. >> up next, we go to vegas to chat with people who take the phrase book lovers to a whole new level. >> and later the actors from thelma and louise on their iconic roles. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six.
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they say don't judge a book by its cover. what if that's half the fun? at this convention fans come for the authors but stay for the cover models. nick watt takes us inside a competition. >> reporter: a tank top bites the dust. the crowd goes wild. shredded. there goes another, and a shirtless man is on the judge's table. frenzy in the house. make me swoon cover model competition. next up, it's the costume contest. oopsy. >> a friend of mine was like you'd be great for this. i was like no. she was like yes, you would, and then here i am. >> no one knows i'm out here, my
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parents, friends, family. >> i wish i could say that was the first time i ever took my shirt off in a room full of people, but it's not. >> reporter: these men are amateurs vying at the shot for the fame, fortune and cover model who adorn the front of romance novels. a profession made famous by fabio in the 90s. >> i had this hair long before anybody knew who fabio was. >> reporter: one admitted he's an exotic dancer on the side. what about models hooking up with fans? >> i will say yes. there's attractive men and women. put some alcohol in there or just boy meets girl. that's the start of a romance novel right there. >> reporter: this is the romantic times book lovers convention in las vegas. they come to meet their favorite authors, to celebrate a billion industry, 22% of all adult
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fiction print sales. isn't it just the same story over and over again? >> well, every story from the dawning of time of mythology is an altered story of the exact thing, but they're told through different eyes. and that makes it worth roading. >> reporter: they wallow in the gener generas. >> i read gothic para normal romance. >> reporter: okay. they listen to things read aloud. >> his lips lifted at the corners. she tried to break free. dell vin, don't make this to difficult for me. >> reporter: i came for the cover models. penny, i heard you tell the cowboy he smelled nice. >> he did. he does. >> reporter: is that appropriate? >> probably not, but i just -- sometimes i just say what's on
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my mind, honey. i don't know what to -- >> reporter: and let's be honest. so did a lot of these women. >> i can't help but feeling into the genders were switched, someone would be like misonliny. i mostly enjoy the costuming. it's accurate. he's a knight's tem pler. >> reporter: taking a brief break is an it consultant and part time firefight with over 200 covers to his name. in there you're a massive deal. you get recognized here. people know who you are. >> yes. >> reporter: do you have a little bit more of a swagger here than in your every day life? does it go to your head? >> the first couple years it did. i'll be honest. when i went back to my day job and i was just scott the i.t.
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guy, i was kind of sitting there one day after i came back, and i was a little dejected because nobody was making a big fus. it's a held of a boost to the ego. >> nice meeting you. >> reporter: more goes into this than we imagine. >> a lot is in your eyes and facial expression. it's called character modelling. i get into the character. this particular one here is -- there's a glass of bourbon in my hand. this is a love garage, and it was by liz crow. i have the tire and a wrench. >> reporter: 1,000 bucks a pop, and business is booming. >> there's been an influx of guys coming in to do it. >> reporter: 84% of readers are women. >> i look for the character. >> reporter: she's written over 50 books.
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>> does it make a difference who you have on the cover? >> it does. covers are important. >> reporter: as important as what you slaved over? >> almost more important. it's the first thing someone sees. if you see someone dressed nicely, you'll have a better impression than someone that's not. >> reporter: okay. >> i want to see a little bit chest. >> reporter: will you buy a book on the strength of beef cake on the cover? >> probably, yeah. if the book ain't no good, you can put it on the shelf and look at it. >> reporter: that's a good point. >> yeah. >> reporter: back at the contest we discovered jessie the gladiator's achilles heel. zero rhythm. >> may i have the contestants return to the stage, please. >> reporter: he wins only second place. >> the winner is, kip.
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>> reporter: a life-changing thing for kipper, a one time kindergarten teacher. he wins a cover and a rosette pinned to his jeans. >> it's a strange feeling. it feels good ultimately. >> reporter: "nightline" in las vegas. next, geena davis and susan sarandon on thelma a"thelma & ." what you didn't know about that dramatic ending. dad, you can just drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking.
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finally tonight, "thelma & louise" 25 years after the release. the movie is no tore yus for the ending and for giving a hollywood a lister his big bring. we sat down with the stars. >> reporter: it's been 25 years since "thelma & louise" set out on its iconic road trip.
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now the stars reuniting. >> what resonates with people? >> you are what you settle for. i think it's romantic. it's kind of a romantic road trip. because it was us, it was more significant at the time. >> you, sir, you do the honors. >> reporter: who could forget a young shirtless brad pitt. >> let's talk about the guys. brad pitt, that was the first time any of us were like who is this? was it true that george clooney isn't realize he read for the part? >> i was in a plane next to george clooney by happenstance, we're chatting and he said i hate brad pitt. he said i hate him because he got the part in "thelma & louise." i said were you interested. he said couldn't you tell when i read with you? i know. >> girl? >> i know.
1:05 am
>> whoa. i remembered when i didn't read with him. >> and the controversial ending, thelma and louise going out in a blaze of glory that still has people talking. >> what do you think about the ending? about going over the cliff? >> that's the first thing i said. after you test this, are you going to change this and they're both going to be at club med. he said i know you'll definitely die. i'm not sure about her. and by the end they kind of -- >> i didn't know about this conversation. >> by the end we earned the right to go over. he said you might push her out at the last minute, but it ended up, we only had one take. >> i think the ending is exactly the way it should be. because we get away. i think that's what -- despite the fact that we kill ourselves, we retain control of our lives to the bitter end, no matter what. once we've tasted being no control, we'd never go back. >> well said. >> reporter: thelma and lieu
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wooes kwth premind us of the words, a real friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out. thank you for watching "nightline." good night, america.
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