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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 29, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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a. live from the kgo broadcast
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center. this is abc 7 news. >> police and riot gear and donald trump, a day before he is set to address the state republican convention here in the bay area, a massive demonstration pops up outside his orange county rally. >> tempers flared in southern california outside the donald trump rally. cars were doing doughnuts and some jumped up and down on police cars. police officers lined up in riot gear to keep the peace. >> inside the candidate spoke to thousands of supporters, urging them to vote in june 7th primary. he hammered the illegal i immigration issue. bringing on stage family members that said their family members were killed by illegal aliens.
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>> they all have a very similar story to tell. and people that should not have been here, people that should have never been allowed to come over the border and they come here like it's nothing. they walk through it like it's just nothing. >> trump, senator cruz and his newly named running mate, carley firoina and john kasich will speak. barricades are going up outside as a security precaution. >> and for the democrats, hilary clinton and bernie are trying win over supporters. >> this storefront across the street from the rock ridge b.a.r.t. station is about to become bernie sanders northern california header quarters. they will be taking down the paper and opening the doors on saturday morning and meanwhile,
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hilary clinton opened her head quarters in downtown oakland. downtown oakland on 14th street, ablaze in blue but ones and badges for the big launch of the hilary for california campaign. >> how proud are we that hilary clinton has chosen oakland, california, to open her first california campaign headquarters. >> as oakland goes, so does california. >> and if hilary wins oakland, she will be the next president of the united states. >> it's 14 days, before the vote. they open the first office in oakland, it was more low key in a small training session for bernie sanders volunteers in berkley. who started to knock on doors. >> if you are a registered democrat, that is the easiest. >> the more people that vote, the better chance we have. >> the more people that have involved between now and june 7th, they will be activated and
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ready to go on to november to win. >> democratic voter registration in california so far this year, is 185% higher than what it was in 2012. while, republican voter registration is up 63%. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> and with just 40 days to go until california's june 7th primary, stay up to date, the abc 7 news app. >> new at 11:00, in an open letter, mayor ed lee is urging police officers to fight bigotry and serve the city honestly. b bigoted text messages were released. and the letter said that those that commit the acts do not deserve to be your colleague. mayor lee urges officers to report anyone who dishonors the police department. >> in the south bay, a community
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and family are in shock following the arrest of two brothers, accused of murdering their own parents. the brothers are in custody. we are live from the santa clara county jail with the developing story. >> reporter: dan, one of the brothers is 22 years old and he is being classify as an inmate with psychological problems and while he is here, his brother is at juvenile hall around the corner. he was arrested in tracy after san jose police say he and his younger brother killed their parents. in an interview with the chronicle, the 22-year-old said, the best thing if anybody wants to know what happened, is to wait for the trial. he insisted that his younger
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brother is incident. >> we never saw any problems with them. >> reporter: sources tell abc 7, disturbing messages were left at the scene, which could help investigators figure out what happened here. those in the neighborhood are saddened, not just by the crime, but also by the identity of the suspects. >> to kill by an outsider, anyone outside, not related to you is bad already. but to kill by your own kids. >> reporter: he has no prior convictions, and had this to say about being in jail. i'm not expecting five-star treatment, i cannot say i have ever met anyone who is happy to be in jail. the funerals for the parents are set for tomorrow. abc 7 news. new at 11:00 a high risk sex offender is in jail after getting in a fight with the
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mental health support workers watching him. they say he assaulted them inside a room in america's best value inn, he was paroled in sonoma county, and he has seven convictions for sexual battery over three years. from the peninsula there's an unusual case of shoplifting. five men are accused of stealing $45,000 worth of clothes belonging to the gap, and they never stepped in the store. we are live at the police department to explain what happened. >> reporter: dan, this is a case of cargo theft, the thieves stole the entire truck as the delivery crew was unloading it last week. i talked with that delivery crew tonight, they say this has happened to the company in san jose and sacramento, but this was the first time in palo alto. >> we found the crew, same time, same place, delivering merchandise at the stanford shopping center. it was last thursday at 9:00 p.m., four men took off with the
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truck filled with gap clothing. the driver said that the thieves made their own key. it could have been a total loss, but almost immediately, there was a break in the case. >> they realized they had a cell phone with gps technology. >> they followed the signal and encountered the men off loading the clothes in to a van. >> it is lucrative, they are stealing large volumes of clothing. >> officers caught and arrested four men, a fifth got away. and then a twist from the fingerprints taken during booking. >> the returns came in after they were bailed out. that led us to understand that three of them provided false names. >> they face additional felony charges if they resurface. two of the men live in los angeles, and they are working to bring all five to justice. >> weed killer in california wine, a lab tested california wines and found the active
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ingredient in round-up weed killer. dan? >> well, the wines come from the prime growing regions, including napa and sonoma. how many of those wines had it? >> all ten. >> all ten? >> all ten. >> only on abc 7 news, i will take you inside the lab where the tests took place. and the growing controversy over the cahemical found in the wine. >> a pg&e phony, the alert issued tonight. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist, a weekend warm up is on the way, i will let you know how much your temperatures will rise, coming up. >> listen up khalfancal fans -- >> here is the magic waiting for you after the news. have you thought of the first irresponsible purchase you may make with the new money you are about to get? >> uh, i think i will get a nice
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♪ a lab test of ten california
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wines concludes that they all contain the active ingredient from weed killer, a chemical classified as a carcinogen. >> it is sending shock waves through wine country. >> it is, and we traveled to st. louis to see the lab that performed the test and we met the mom leading the charge against the chemical. wines from the prime growing regions of napa sonoma and mendacina counties were tested in st. louis, missouri. how many of the wines had the chemical? >> all ten. >> all ten? >> all ten. >> the doctor and his team have been testing the foods and beverages for the chemicals for years, doctor s agree more testing is needed but stands by his results.
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how confident were you that the chemical was present? >> very confident. >> it's the key ingredient in round-up, the most popular weed killer in the world. in fact, i found this bottle in my own garden supplies at home and it's a major tool at most vineyards. >> it prevent the growth of weeds. that is the whole battle. >> for decades the u.s. epa has considered round-up and the active ingredients safe to consume at low levels. but new research raises questions. lab rats given small amounts suffered cancer and damage to the liver and kidneys. now apush has been made to ban the chemical. the group behind the testing, a national coalition of mothers who call themselves moms across america. >> it has been deemed a possible carcinogen by the world health
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organization so we are concerned about any of it in our food. >> they have found it in breast milk, urine and drinking water and groups have found it in eggs, oatmeal, bagels and bread and german beer. the chemical is made by monsanto, adds that even if there's the chemical in the california wine, it's too little to hurt anyone. >> a person, say 150 pound person would have to drink around 8,000 regularly sized bottles of wine in one day to meet the allowable daily intake for the chemical. >> we spoke to scientists that say their research shows there's no safe levels for the chemical and americans are getting too much of it in their diet. >> why am i worried? my research in the lab is showing the incredibly low levels could be a contributing factor to numerous illnesses
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including cancer. >> some wine categories say they want more scientific testing, but they are considering changes. >> we have had candid conversations with one another and asked each other, is there a better way that we can do this? we don't want to be on the wrong side of history. >> the state of california wants to add the chemical to the list of cancer causing agents. monsanto sued the state to block the move. tomorrow at 6:00, meet a woman that shows wine growers to get rid of the chemicals and embrace the weeds. it does work, paernapparently. >> somebody is impersonatiing a pg&e worker and trying get people to leave their homes. both attempts did not work because the man was acting too suspiciously. if you see the man, contact police. >> there are big cheers tonight
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in berkley. >> the r.los angeles rams secre jared goff. >> that is right, jared goff was picked first in the nfl draft. >> goff did not waste time, he is already appearing on jimmy kimmel live after this news cast. but of course, we will have more on the draft ahead in sports. >> what a great moment. it's exciting. all right, let's focus on the weather as we get closer to the weekend and more heat. >> yeah, we will see how hot it will get, how about close to 90 degrees, yeah, this weekend, you will want to hit the beach as we take a look at the radar. we have fog forming on the coastline, half moon bay, reporting visibility down to three miles for your morning commute, there will be fog around you have to watch out for. most areas in the 50s, and 64 in brentwood, you can see just a patch of fog there near the airport, mild and breezy again tomorrow, much warmer this weekend, and we are looking at
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gusty winds over the hills on saturday. today the warming trend got under way, tomorrow will put you in a holding pattern. tomorrow morning, starting out with patches of fog, like i mentioned, temperatures in the mid 40s to the low 50s. tomorrow afternoon, things will start to clear out. that fog will be around at 5:00 a.m., the fog lay already shrink, a couple of matches will lingerer as we call for sunshine and a few patches of fog and a few high clouds for your friday afternoon. here's a look at specifically how it's going to get in terms of how warm tomorrow. 80 in antioch and 64 in san francisco and 61 in half moon bay, and 66 in san matteo, and 75 napa, and 76 santa rosa. as we go toward saturday, the wind direction will switch from coming off the cool ocean water and coming off the land. when it's a north, north easterly wind it will get gusty
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and it's a warm wind, that will bring the warmth from the land all the way down toward the coast line. 2:00 p.m. we are talking about gusty winds along the coast that is over 40 miles an hour and could be getting close to 50 miles an hour at the coast and over the hill tops as well, an advisory could be issued for saturday. the winds will ease up as we head towards sunday. saturdays high will be on the warmer side, you will notice most areas in the 70s and 80s and sunday, close to 90, ten to 15 degrees above average for this time of year. 70s and 80s for the entire bay area. as we look at the game forecast tomorrow evening at the oakland coliseum, the a's will host the astros, 61 degrees and the sun will be shining, it will be clear and breezy and it will get clear to the mid 50s. you will want to grab a sweatshirt going to the game. forecast, low 60s, mild, gusty winds saturday, sun is out all weekend and temperatures will
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rise. upper 60s to mid 80s and then we start to get that cooling breeze, knocking the temperatures down, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we are in the 70s, 60s coast side, between wednesday night and thursday, we are bringing in a slight chance of showers, computer models don't seem to want to agree on which day, so we will say slight chance tofor both days. >> the first round
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well, there are fashion statements at the nfl draft and then there's eezekiel elliott, the ohio state running back rocked a crop top suit tonight before the dallas cowboys selected him fourth overall. >> he wore his jersey like this before the ncaa banned it in games. he said it would be harder for defenders to tackle him. he has filed a trademark for the phrase, in crop we trust. he is making a statement. >> look, it's better than showing up on twitter with a gas mask on like tunsil did. >> smoking pot. >> i will go crop top over that any day. over the gas mask.
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good evening, goff grew up as a die-hard 49ers fans, those days are over, he was chosen by the l.a. rams. >> the los angeles rams select jared goff, quarterback, california. >> they were booing the commissioner, not goff to be clear. goff will have to adjust to a pro-style offense, nobody imagined this when he was going 1-11, his new journey is just beginning. >> it was well worth the wait, it was unbelievable moment, once in a lifetime experience. and can't really put it in words right now, i'm very happy and excited to get on and move on with my professional career. >> with the seventh overall pick, they take buckner, massive man out of hawaii, 6'7", 291,
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should bolster the "d" line and he is happy to be reunited with his old college coach. >> it means a lot, especially he is new to the 49ers this year and everything and being the first pick that he selected in the draft, his first year as a head coach, means a lot to me and it means he trusts me as a player on and off the field. >> we drafted two guys in the first round and they still have to earn their playing time here. it's a merit-ocracy, our confidence in you will be based demonstrated ability. >> they traded a second, fourth and sixth round pick, selecting stanford guard, joshua garnett. garnett, a physical nasty run blocker, fits in with what chip kelly wants to do on offense. >> with the 14th pick, they select safety karl joseph out of virginia. they have a need after a retiring charles woodson.
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he is coming off of acl surgery but saying he will be ready tore training camp. >> you can feel his passion and his intensity the way he plays. feel his toughness, he has an aggressive mentality and he is versatile, i mean, he can play, he plays all over the field. >> the temperment that he brings and the intensity that he plays with, that is what we covet, it should be a competitive group. >> baseball, the a's ending a four-game series in detroit, fourth inning, steven vogt, high and deep and third of the year, a's down 4-2. a's starter chris bassett, had family and friends at the game and got drilled. gave up seven runs, a two-run hitgy gose, they drop 3 of 4 in detroit. and they travel to the east coast. abc 7 sports, a final draft note, denver took a quarterback, paxton lynch in round one, it


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