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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  April 29, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> the break news, the 17-year-old son of a san jose couple has just been charged as an adult in their murders. he is accused along with his older brother in a brutal crime that stunned a quiet neighborhood. i am natasha zouves. >> i am christian. >> we get new details of the brother, the older brother is appearing in court for the first time on the champions. january set in the newsroom with the latest. all the district ton has just confirmed to us they are filing murder charges for both brothers. the younger brother will be tried as has been identified at 17-year-old omar rabbi, still
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waiting for his mug shot. this is a mug shot of his older brother, hasib rabbi, arrested on wednesday in tracy. both brothers are now expected to appear in court for their arraignment at 1:30 today. they accused of the shooting death of their parents who were found shot to death inside their home on sunday. the double murder and the arrests of the son has been a huge shock to family and friends. the suspect's cousin never saw any problems. a large crowd is expected to turnout for the services and the event has been moved to the muslim center, community center to accommodate all of the people coming out later today. the islamic prior begins at 1:30 and the couple will be buried in him. in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> donald trump is often the way to burlingame where he will kick off the g.o.p. convention at noon. look at sky 7, this is the welcome that he will receive
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mean we arrived, several hundred protesters are now blocking old bayshore highway. our reporter is on the scene for us. matt? >> we are here on the old bayshore highway and can you see i am standing in between two lines of riot police. this line are keeping the protesters from coming in my direction and as i turn my photographer around i will show you the other line of riot police that is right in front of us. you see the protesters are lined up and they have music here, they have people lined up on the ground and linking arms and making sure that in traffic comes through here on old bayshore highway. this, all of this, is before the convention has even started. it is always a show when donald trump appears. a few hundred protesters gathered in burlingame at the
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hyatt and a woman made it inside the california g.o.p. convention. police were ready with riot gear lined up behind the barricades separating the public and private property. [ inaudible ] >> half an hour later protesters were walking in the middle lanes and a rest are said it would not be business as usual and may try to shut down the roads. there were no trump fans outside but inside the republican frontrunner loomed large. >> you get to the white house he will do butt kicking and change. one phrase "you fired." he will be doing some fireing. to give you an overview in front of the hyatt in burlingame you
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can see how widespread the profit it, they are trying to block the road into 9 hyatt and trump's plane has landed so obviously he has to make his way here and he will run into the protesters and i am told that there is a front agency road behind the hyatt but i am not sure in he will be able to actions is that to get into the hotel. he is scheduled to start the convention here at noon with a lunch and kicking it off, so, we will see in he will be able make it in time for that. the opponent, john kasich, speaks at 7:30 and ted cruz is tomorrow. donald trump rivals host evens this weekend and we will break them down. ohio governor john kasich will hold a townhall in san francisco this afternoon. right now he is running a distant third in the republican race. he'll speak at an event sponsored by the commonwealth club at park 55 he still at 2:00
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and will dress the state convention at 7:30 tonight. senator ted cruz will be at convention tomorrow. he will be speaking at lunch banquet at noon follow by a dinner event with his running made carly fiorina tomorrow. >> ence that officers have been getting ready for protests but they hope they will not be so disruptive as last night. >> 50 protesters problem vehicles from getting on. they are trying to open the doors and we are also getting the same sure including tell mar on be northbound 55. >> radio dispatch describe how the scene turned chaotic in costa mesa with hundreds stopping police cars and performed doughnuts and hurled rocks at cars. 17 people were arrested. >> in oakland, the first campaign office for hillary clinton is on on 14th street. bernie sanders supporters will
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on their oakland office this weekend, with supporters in berkeley yesterday canvassing door-to-door, all of this lead up to the june 7th primary in california. >> happening right now, san francisco police chief greg suhr will give new details about the racist texting scandal and the action to make sure it does not happen again. our reporter is at city hall. amy? >> this coverage is about on get underway hipped me and we are expecting the chief suhr to talk about what has happened and sources are telling us that he will announce that all officers are required to go through sensitivity training. this is in response to offensive text that were superintendent by one of his disgraced and now federal officers jason lai, they are bigoted, sexist and homophobic and expected to release more t at the press conference and some pictures sent by the officer. the mayor lee sent a letter to
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the police department condemning the acts and asking officers to uphold the not on my watch pledge which said they will not tolerate hate or bigotry. the believes are association stands with the mayor and the chief. >> i read the mayor's letter last night and i am in full agreement with the letter and everything he put in it especially the first paragraph which actually states that the hard work men and women of the san francisco police department are out this every day protecting the citizens of this city and it is only a small fraction of numbers that have process discredit to the department >> the mayor said he is what you must do, act immediately and report any action by any officer regardless rank, and protect the communities. this is the press conference and the chief suhr is not here yet and it was supposed to start at 11:00 and it is run behind.
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we will be covering this for you and we will have it later in the broadcast this evening so stay with abc7 as we stay on the developing story. in san francisco fore abc7 i amy hollyfield. >> c.h.p. is investigating a fatal accident southbound 680 in spend. you may have been caught in the backup. a man was killed when the car crashed into a crane south the bollinger canyon road and another car hit the first. investigators have yet to determine what the victim was killed after hitting the crime or from the second crash. a 27-year-old san jose man is in the hospital this morning after he was pull over by a police officer and shot on east calaveras boulevard before 1:00 a.m. police say the map has three outstanding warrants but did not specify the crime. investigators have not said what. frommed the officer to shoot man. the officer involved in the incident was not injured. >> a warning to residents in the
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marina district, someone impersonating a pg&e emmy he is tieing to get into your home. the san francisco police department released a video showing the suspect in action this week with the hoax go like this telling elderly residents there is a gas smoke he should leave and then he as a clear shot of robbing the residence. both attempted fail because residents said the man was acting suspicious. >> massive fire with incredible video after a large explosion in person. >> what we have listened about the secret vaults of prince with a massive collection. >> warriors, your day for playoff tick colts and what you need to know awrought when to boy. >> sky 7 is over the scene in burke where protesters are out in full force there trying to block the street into the hotel where donald trump is supposed to speak at noon at the going convention. we will keep following this.
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stay tuned.
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>> in burke this is sky 7 over the hyatt where hundreds much donald trump protesters have gathered. more have come out than seven minutes ago when we checked. they are blocking the highway, the main route into the convention. they are helping to prevent donald trump from reaching the hotel. as matt mentioned there is a
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frontage road that backs to the become of the hotel and he wonders in the group will make their way into the hotel from there so we will keep our eye on that as the protesters and the police are out this ahead of donald trump's arrival. >> from outside pennsylvania, a natural gas explosion sparked a huge fire this morning and it happened in salem township outside scranton. a person was badly burned and evacuations have been ordered in the area. the explosion involved a 30" gas pipeline own by a regional utility that shot flames above the tree tops in the rural area. >> two airplanes riding in philadelphia had problems today, including one flight from richmond, virginia, that made an emergency landing after someone smelled smoke in the cabin. the member eagle night planned safely at 5:15. at the same time, another american eagle flight from toronto reported steering wheel problems while on the taxi way. that flight did not declare an emergency and planned safely. >> now the latest in the mystery
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sounding prince, law enforcement is investigating if he died from a drug overdose. according to the associated press, authorities are looking into whether a doctor had been prescribing drugs for the star in recent weeks. also, this morning, prince's secret vault of never before heard songs. our minneapolis afill idea reports the company given authority to manage his estate had to drill it on. princes with the only one with the code. >> the weekend is almost here and we are helping you get product. a look at the anyone events happen, where you live. >> i will have the weather for it, warm and sunny at 10-15 >> dub nation playoff tickets are on sale with more on that and when we will necessity who the warriors are facing in
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>> sky 7 is over the hyatt regency there and you can see hundreds of protests have garred and waving their signs. the burke police department tweeted asking pedestrians to remain on the sidewalk in front the hotel and not to stand in the street. can you see people are trying to block his entry into the airport why he is scheduled to speak at noon to the republican convention. trump is here. the land landed at sfo an hour ago. can you follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. royal insides are able to buy
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their tickets for the golden state warriors, and they could soon know who they are playing. not placeers win that is who warriors will play at oracle arena at 12 3:00 right here on abc7. >> my gosh, so much excitement. bring your water, right, mike? >> yes, it will be warm. and pleasey, too, as we start off with haze this morning and the low clouds and the high clouds through the neighbor as we look from our exploritorium at pier 15 it is brighter right new. you will let the sunglasses and the sunscreen and the bottle of water, 16 miles per hour at fairfield and 17 miles per hour at sfo, and 13 miles per hour in san carlos and the wins are manageable right new and they will pick up in the afternoon especially the evening and overnight. right now it is hazy, but not a "spare the air" day as we look from the east bay hills to mount
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tamalpais and we will have partly cloudy and breezy conditions and the warmest highs are this weekend and increasing clouds and the cooling trend next week hoping for a sure or two wednesday or thursday but the storm is disorganized. as far as temperatures, upper 60 to low 70s in the south bay with san jose at 71 and at the boardwalk in santa cruz at 65 degrees. mid-to-upper 60 for most of the peninsula until mountain view at 70 and the ocean water is right around 60 to the winds are howling loan the ocean water and that will keep you right near 60 degrees while i will have money 60s in downtown south san francisco, sausalito, and san rafael. in novato, petaluma, north, 71 to 76 in santa rosa and along eat bay more, upper 60s to nearly 70 in richmond and inhappen east bay the warmest at 74 to an 80 degree temperature in antioch the first of a string of four or five days where we hit the 80s. astros and areas, 61, dropping
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to the 56, and dress appropriately. in san jose, we are having hazy sunshine, and the planner throughout the afternoon into the 5:00 hour, mid-70s inland, purpose 60s an the bay and only mid-to-upper 50s at the coast so have a coat at 9:00, mid-to-upper 50s. now, the wind advisory above a thousand feet we could have damage from 11:00 until about 10:00 tomorrow morning. speaking of tomorrow morning temperatures will be in the upper 40s to mid-50s. i will at the fair grounds and mat will be at in san jose, and reggie at fort mason an if day. 60s at the coast and the rest of us in the 88, 70s on sunday, and cooling on monday at the coast and the rest of us cool on tuesday. >> mike, thanks. it is time to start planning your weekend, of court, and natasha is back checking on what is going on.
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we have panned with a local neighborhood team to help you plan your weekend. get out the raspberry beret because fans will honor prince. in san francisco. you invited. ♪ little red corvette >> makes you want to dance. this is called "this tinge call live," a celebration of prince, free if you are a member, and donation will be given to charities supported by written. do you remember "milk," the writer and directly want you in the new miniseries if you have a 70-styles hairdo about lgbt rights movement in san francisco with the call for extra filming taking place on saturday at 8:00 p.m. to sunday at 7:00 a.m. in the castro. >> we love our local back store and saturday is a day to celebrate in the third independent bookstore day. we stopped by the book smith in the upper height now, a staple
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for 4 years. >> you can read them over and over and over again. >> swing by from noon to 3:00 on saturday to see print making in action and learn how to make your own greetings cards. you can rvsp to be a t extra and we will hook you up. explore where you live. i am natasha for abc7 news. >> a wedding to republican, a couple tide the not before millions on "good morning america" part of a wedding extravaganza
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way >> pack to sky 7 in burlingame we are waiting on trump's motorcade to arrive at hyatt on old bayshore highway. you can imagine he will have some difficulty because right now there are barricades and protesters and riot police are in the middle of the highway. >> there have been confrontations between the supporters and those protesting donald trump we will stay on top of the story with the latest following us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. we will have the latest at 4:00, a and 6:00. and now the perfect pet. who is the adorable rabbit? >> we have rabbits. it is not often we feature
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animals other that dogs or cats so this cool. perfect pet are crystal and camille. they bonded pair and sisters must heckly so it is best in they are adropped together. the two are sweet girls would love to cuddle and explore their card board cottage and do will with kids. fur interested call the peninsula humane society at the none on the screen. adoption fees tomorrow for rabbis are 50% off. wouldn't you want them for your family? >> they of lovely. >> speaks of love, an oakland couple is celebrating after tying the nat on "good morning america." >> new, pronounce you married, please kiss your spouse. maria and katie said "i do," in times square joining 15 other
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couple on the big day. >> the mega wedding was the finale to a 24 hour marriage mayor then on "good morning america", 100 couples around the world, and boys to men sang them out. for all of us, thanks pore join us.
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>> some leave here with a little. some leave with a lot. and some leave with the kind of money that dreams are made of. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause] hey, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good. me too. because i have another special show for you today. two of my good friends from "the bachelor," nikki and andi, are back for a second day, raising money to donate to their favorite charities. playing for rehabilitation institute of kansas city, winner of juan pablo's season of "the bachelor," please welcome my good friend nikki ferrell. [cheers and applause] oh, good to see you. >> yes. you too. >> welcome to "millionaire." >> thank you. [applause] >> it's good to see you here, under these conditions. >> [laughs] yes. >> i know you're a nurse,


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