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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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protesters chainlinked themselves in front of the hyatt reese enescy in burlingame, forcing the closure of old bay shore highway. republican supporters tried to get through, being forced to turn back. >> that's not necessarily a good thing, but it was harmless. that's no big deal. i'm on my way. >> reporter: but not every attendee agreed with their demands. this is what happened when republican supporter nick st. royale of orange county tried to cross a line full of trump protesters. >> get your hand off of me! >> reporter: eventually protesters pushed him away as st. royale demanded that he should be allowed to enter through the front of the hotel. >> if you don't like a candidate, by all means you don't have to like them. but to block people from walking on a public sidewalk is just utterly absurd. >> we're trying to block donald trump from speaking at the convention here today. we don't want to give him a platform for his hateful, racist, anti-muslim, anti-migrant, anti-black rhetoric. >> reporter: with this amount of
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protesters, republican candidate donald trump and his entourage were forced to stop their cars on highway 101. from sky7 hd they're seen walking through two concrete barriers and entering through the back of the hotel. trump quickly departed the hotel following his speech yet the demonstrations continued. at one point, a protester tried to burn an american flag. the flag was eventually taken away by another demonstrator. >> this is not the america we want. we want quality self inclusion, love, kindness, compassion. >> reporter: this weekend's convention is expected to la tract more protesters. in burlingame, lyanne my len des, abc schaech news. despite the chaos outside, the scene inside the hyatt was relatively calm as trump tried to solidify his support among republicans. >> laura anthony has that part of the story. >> reporter: kristen, with his own dramatic entrance, trump gave himself quite an act to follow. and many felt that his speech
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inside the hyatt here behind me fell short, at least if it was meant to unify california republicans behind him. after making a most unusual entrance into the burlingame hyatt, donald trump used it as his opening line to california republicans. >> then we went under a fence and through a fence, and oh, boy, i felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> reporter: trump was speaking to a room filled mostly with supporterers who paid $100 a plate to be there. >> it says latinos for the wall. >> reporter: in some cases they were confronted by angry protesters on the way in. >> they cussed me out. they were coming up against me up in my face. i just told them that's a problem. we're tired of supporting people like you. >> if there's not unity and i mean really good, solidarity, unity. >> reporter: trump alluded to unifying the party throughout his address, he also peppered it with his famine sults of rival past.
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>> jeb bush didn't support you. big deal. >> reporter: and present. >> if cruz got like 12 and if i got 62. >> i think he made the case for why he can't unify the party. he's still obsessing and insulting jeb bush. >> reporter: san francisco's chet mckenzie believes trump can ultimately unite i phi his party and the country. >> i think he has set the standard. i think you heard that in terms of trying to unify. but again you have to have everybody else willing to come to the table. >> i know they're waiting. they're going to take me under a fence, through a field. >> reporter: trump did ask california republicans for their support but said little else about the state's upcoming primary. one that could finally matter for the first time in decades. in burlingame, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller was in the middle of trump protesters this morning as one of them went after a trump supporter who walked into the crowd wearing the red hat. matt shared the whole thing as it happened on facebook live.
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>> [ bleep ]! >> reporter: maybe we've found the one trump supporter that decided to walk through the trump protesters. that's what happened. some punches were thrown. >> that was one trump protester who punched the trump supporter. the crowd quickly yelled, no police escorted the trump sue perts out of the crowd. >> you can be the first to know about breaking news like the trump protests by downloading the abc 7 news app. the app is free to download for both apple and android devices. in san hjose, people pay their final respects to a couple found dead last weekend, their two sons plead not guilty to the murders. 22-year-old hasib go lamb rabbi and his brother omar are being held without bail as they face these charges. chris nguyen is on the story. >> reporter: at the muslim community association mosque, mourners gathered to pray for a
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san jose couple who police say were murdered by their own children. >> we are in a state of disbelief and shock because something so violent could have happened to someone so gentle and kind. >> reporter: victims 57-year-old shamima rabbi and her 59-year-old husband go lamb, immigrants who came from bangladesh nearly 35 years ago. >> he was very humble. his smile was always on his face. i'm going to miss his humbleness, his smile forever. >> reporter: as prayer service got under way, a different scene at the scant clara hall of justice. 22-year-old hasib golam has been buy and his brother omar golam rabbi were charged. according to documents, hasib admitted to shooting his father but said a stranger shot their mother. omar told police his brother killed their parents. the santa clara county district attorney's office says golam was
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shot a dozen times, shamima once in the head. >> when i heard that the parents lost their lives at the hands of the son, that added another layer of shock and tragedy that i'm still trying to reconcile to. >> reporter: following today's service at the mosque, family and friends traveled to a muslim cemetery in livermore for a private burial. hasib and omar rabbi are due back in court may 7th. a santa clara county jail inmate died this morning when he fell from a second floor walk way. it happened at the elmwood correctional facility in milpit milpitas. the 72-year-old was taken to the hospital where he died from injuries. correctional officers found a suicide note in the man's cell. his name has not been released. monday an inmate died from a preexisting medical condition. the sheriff's office is investigating both in-custody deaths. today san francisco's chief of police released all of the texts involved in a department
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scandal. they were uncovered while investigating two former officersor for unrelated cases. the texts are homophobic and racist. public defender jeff adachi released some of the dexts tuesday. today chief greg suhr called them reprehensible. he ordered all officers to do anti-harassment training. the california highway patrol's efforts to recruit more women and minorities saw some results today. 78 new chp officers graduated at the state capitol. for the first time, 10% of the graduating cadets are women. and while they could not provide any exact numbers, the chp today's graduating class had a higher number of minorities. >> i look to be an example for other minorities and nonmiff minorities as a whole to maybe be something to aspire to and to look up to. personally i'm just hoping to represent the department well. >> chp officials say they hope
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any eligible person will consider a job in law enforcement. expect a windy night ahead for parts of the bay area. it could produce gusts strong enough to bring down trees or knock out power. for more, let's head to sandhya patel with live doppler 7 hd. >> kristen, right now the flags are blowing behind me. it is breezy here. in the higher elevations it will get downright windy. let me show you live doppler 7 hd. most areas are seeing bright skies except for a patch of fog near the coastline. sfo is one of those exceptions regarding wind, gusts 47 miles an hour. higher elevations will get the winds later on tonight. a wind advisory begins at 11:00 p.m., runs until 10:00 a.m., gusts to 45 and like you mentioned there could be some downed trees and power lines. this will cover the north and east bay hills and also the santa cruz mountains. but it's this wind direction that is going to bring us warmth for the upcoming weekend. we'll take a look at the temperatures coming up.
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dan? >> sandhya, thanks. public works crews in moraga say heavy rain is to blame for the sinkhole that formed on march 13th at ream boulevard and center street after eight consecutive days of rain. the finding came at a town council meeting where leaders are examining ways to pay for the roughly $3.5 million in damage. a cow fraternity is under the microscope. tonight what may or may not have happened inside this house and the police investigation that followed. plus, the plan to prevent backups on the golden gate bridge. what uc researchers say you can do to reverse the damage from sugar. and how a weasel shut down the biggest scientific instrument in the world. i'm michael finney.
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>> announcer: this is abc 7 news. a sexual assault case at uc berkeley is showing just how tricky it can be to try to crack down on the offense when the only witnesses are the two people involved. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas is live on the cal campus to explain. eric? >> reporter: you know they're very sensitive about sexual assault and harassment cases here at uc berkeley since they've had several high-profile incidents recently. today is one of those situations that shows you how tricky it can be to apply the law and to apply regulations when only the two people involved really know what happened. yesterday morning berkeley police came to the phi gamma delta house on the uc campus and arrested a member for allegedly sexually assaulting a female student back in february. but today the d.a.'s office reviewed the case and declined to file charges. the incident shows just how tricky these cases can be since they are built around new state law and university policy that
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requires both partners to say yes to sex. students like alex are taught that during freshman orientation as well as online. they're also taught about the rules when one party is drunk, high, or passed out. >> they said their consent doesn't count because they're intoxicated. >> reporter: former stanford swimmer brock turner was found guilty last month of sexual assault under similar circumstances. he was accused of assaulting an intoxicated and unconscious young woman outside a fraternity last year. but sometimes these cases are he said/she said and female students at uc say sometimes the deck is stacked against them. >> in the past there have been some level of wanting to protect their reputation more so hopefully things are changing for the better. >> not only are they not doing enough they're actively i would say trying to cover up how bad it is. >> reporter: now it's university policy to uc berkeley's policy reads, it is the responsibility of each person to ensure they have the affirmative consent of the other to engage in sexual
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activity. lack of protest, lack of resistance or silence do not alone constitute consent. in berkeley, eric thomas, abc 7 news. tonight police in the south bay are looking for help finding a man caught on surveillance video stealing from an electronics store. campbell police say the thefts happened at the fry's electronics on hamilton avenue. they say this man has stolen from fry's four times and tried a fifth time more than $2,000 of merchandise is gone missing during these thefts which started last december. the centers for disease control today confirmed the first u.s. death linked to the zika virus. the agency says the death involved a man in puerto rico dealing with a blood ailment. meantime, researchers say they've detected the virus in the asian tiger mosquito. the finding increases the number of states potentially at risk for transmission of the disease. it comes a day after the fda approved the first commercial test to diagnose zika. a new study about the
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possible negative health effects of sugar, researchers at ucla claim fructose can damage brain cells and lead to a wide range of diseases from diabetes and heart disease to alzheimer's and adhd. fructose is a type of sugar naturally found in fruits and register vegetables but used in sweets and sodas. on a positive note, an omega-3 fatty acid dha appeared to reverse the dangerous effects of fructose. a small weasel has sabotaged the world's most powerful instrument. it smashes protons together at close to the speed of light. well, it is now offline after short-circuiti short-circuiting. engineers investigated the mishap, found the charred remains of the weasel near a gnawed-through power cable. the shutdown comes as the collider is working on the higgs boesen, the so-called god particle discovered in 2012 and considered a cornerstone of
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particle fizz i icks. getting the machine fully ready to smash particles again may take two weeks. japan is abandoning a telescope worth $750,000 three months after it launched. the space telescope was intended to shed new light on black holes and supernovas deep in space. now the telescope has been spinning wildly. a two-solar array panels broke off rendering it virtually impossible to get the satellite back on track. visitors to the golden gate bridge won't find any parking during popular days this summer. give you a live look from our golden gate bridge cam. you can see a fair amount of traffic, certainly a pretty sight. it can be much heavier during peak hours as drivers wait for parking on both ends. now, to help keep traffic mo moving, the two parking lots will be closed three times this summer. that's from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on sunday may 8th, mother's day, the lots are closed again for memorial day
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weekend and fourth of july weekend. consider taking public transit, taxis or on demand car services to get to the bridge. more presidential politics. late word today that hillary clinton is coming to the bay area next week. her campaign says she will be in oakland may 6th, one week from today. contra costa county is stepping up its early voting program meantime. the county elections department says it will set up six polling places in addition to the county elections office in downtown martinez where any voter registered in contra costa can vote. early voting begins on may 31st in the county, beginning even earlier may 9th in alameda, santa clara, san mateo and san francisco counties. a bay area billionaire is launching a campaign to register millions of young people to vote. tom steyer will spend $25 million a year to rally millennials around environmental issues especially in swing states. the campaign won't endorse a candidate directly.
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>> what we're really trying to do is explain the issues, let them be energized by the differences, and make up their own minds. >> steyer's super pac nextgen climate action just launched an ad attacking cruz and trump for denying climate change. in california alobe, more than 7 million californians have not registered to vote. the san jose sharks continue the quest for their first stanley cup tonight. >> yes. in the chase. this is a live picture from outside the sap center where fans are beginning to gather for a street lrally before the game. all wearing the teal. >> yes. the sharks are squaring off against the nashville predators in a second round playoff series. the sharks beat the rival los angeles kings in the opening round of the playoffs 4-1. puck drops at 7:30 tonight at the tank. it's supposed to feel warmer today. temperatures are up. but with the wind? >> it's not too bad actually. gave us a little bit of relief.
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meteorologist sandhya patel is with the weekend forecast. >> the weekend features less wind, more warmth for the second half at least. it definitely will be warm both days, dan and kristen. behind me, mostly sunny and the breeze is still coming through. let's show you live doppler 7 hd. i'm getting reports on twitter of windy conditions around parts of the bay area. this is the time of year when we do see those gusty winds. live doppler 7 hd showing you one patch of fog near the coast. otherwise, sunshine. you can see from the mt. tam cam a shaky camera there. temperatures 58 in san francisco, mid-60s oakland mountain view, san jose near 70, half moon bay 55 degrees. sutro tower camera showing you blue skies over san francisco. more blue zies this weekend, novato 66, 65 in livermore and this is really where you want to go this weekend if you like the warm weather. santa cruz beach, people already getting the idea here. gusty winds over the hills overnight going into tomorrow morning. warm he days this weekend and it is turning cooler early next
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week. let's take a look at the wind gusts at the lower elevations. we're still going to see the winds gusting tonight, the higher elevations on the coast will continue at 11:00 over 40-mile-an-hour winds along the coastline and over the hills. 3:00 a.m. don't be surprised if you hear the wind blowing, especially if you're a light sleeper. still about 34 miles an hour along the coastline there. then as we head towards tomorrow morning, winds will begin to ease up around 10:00 a.m. onward. not in the hills, though. still on the breezy side. overnight tonight, mid-40s to low 50s. we're expecting the skies to clear, fog should move out as the wind continues to pick up. here are your microclimates for your saturday. half moon bay a mild 71 degrees, 74 in downtown san francisco, oakland up to 78, walnut creek 82. and if you like it warm, antioch will be pretty warm as well, 86 degrees. head out toward oakley, rio vista, brentwood and you could be approaching 90 degrees. highs for saturday will look like this. 79 in san jose and the south
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bay, 81 gilroy, 78 sunny vale, lots of sunshine on the peninsula. mountain view 80 degrees, 70 in pacifica and daily city, downtown san francisco mid-70s. san rafael, 79, low 80s for santa rosa, napa, vallejvallejo. east bay 78 in oeng land union city you'll need the sunscreen and shades, 85 fairfield, 84 concord and livermore. accuweather seven-day forecast, the warmest will be the weekend of the next seven, low 70s to mid-80s saturday and sunday, cooling begins monday but you'll still see low 80s for the warmest spots, the coast at 60. most areas in the 60s and 70s later in the week. there is a slight chance of a few showers on wednesday. but i have to tell you this system is really disorganized and doesn't look real promising. at least you have a weekend to look forward to. that looks promising. kristen? dan?
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>> thanks, sandhya. we have free stuff to look forward to! from salsa to fast food, all part of finney's friday free stuff next. then at 5:30 -- breaking news, the tornado touching down, two separate plane emergencies at one airport. oxygen masks, the evacuations, passengers on the tarmac. the fireball a home incinerated, utility lines ignited. right here after abc 7 news at 5. new at 6, arrests in a big-time wine caper. hundreds of thousands of dollars in high-end wine stolen from some of the bay area's best restaurants. that's at 6. and more then, but kristen and
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hey i think the internet just went down. huh, why don't you give it a sec, it'll come back. something just happened in the world and we have no idea what it was. get high speed internet from at&t with 99.9% reliability for just $30 a month. keep calm, your internet's on.
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score one for kansas city firefighters and their really fun rivalry with police.
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>> the fire department had to rescue officers trapped in an elevator and tweeted out this picture to prove it. >> one firefighter said the department dreams of moments like this. officers are just fine except for maybe some bruised egos. they also learned not to exceed the elevator's weight limit. probably a good lesson. 7 on your side's michael finney is here with free stuff. >> all food. all good food. cinco de mayo is coming up. this is good. rojo's, this is totally really good food. it's a restaurant type salsa that is prepared and made with premium fresh cut ingredients, tomatoes, onions, chiles. only $4.49, why would you buy it when we give you a coupon and you can get it yourself? >> exactly. >> this is fun. from veganburg, these are their
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smoked franks. pop them up and take a look. isn't that amazing? a fast casual restaurant located in the haight here in san francisco, they serve food that's 100% plant based. can you believe that's plant based? >> really? >> it's a great alternative to the classic hot dog. it's protein packed, has zero calories. >> there's no meat. >> none. >> cool. >> smells like it, too. >> absolutely. very good. >> i know what everybody is dining on. >> how do we get all of this? >> oh, what a great question. dial that number, 1-800-456-7177 or log on to abc 7 >> excellent. it does smell like meat. >> which one do you want? we'll figure it out later. thank you, michael. tossing pennies to raise cash. >> copping up, the unusual fund raiser benefitting a bay area char
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i'm ama daetz. coming up new at 6:00, lab tests find the active ingredient in weed killer in ten california wines. tonight, the ii-team goes insid the lab that found it and talks to the mom leading the charge against the chemical. and san francisco's police chief takes a stand. find out what he's ordering all of his officers to do effective immediately. all that, plus much more coming up in just a half hour on abc 7 news at 6. >> ama, see you then. you know, those were not
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pennies from heaven dropping out of san francisco eatery. >> no. abc 7 news was at momo's restaurant as nearly 200 people took turns pitching pennies, the 39th year st. anthony's has held this fund raiser. >> they plan to raise $100,000 from the penny pitcherers. >> it puts food on the table for people in the tenderloin and st. anthony's dining room and puts clothes on kids' backs. >> 32 teams competed. in the end, the all-female team from ucsf outpitched them all. st. anthony's estimates it has raised well over a million dollars over the years. >> all about the finesse. >> that's true. not brute strength. finesse. >> good job. "world news tonight with david muir" is next. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in half an hour. >> have a great day. bye-bye.
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breaking news tonight. the chaos. the giant wall of protesters. then the clashes. some of the protesters taking aim. donald trump forced to hike around it all, to find another way in. trump telling the crowd, it was like i was crossing the border. also breaking tonight, two tornadoes on the ground. and millions now bracing for severe weather hitting this friday night. we're on the scene of a major gas explosion, a giant fireball. a home incinerated, utility lines ignited. a community on alert. two separate air scares at one american airport tonight. smoke inside the cabin. the oxygen masks. and the evacuation. passengers left on the tarmac. and, breaking developments as we come on in the case of the boys lost at sea. for the first time, video of the


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