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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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day one of the state republican convention which lasts all weekend. >> gruesome details about the murder of mother and father allegedly at the hands of their children. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> today, they were charged with murder. >> it came the same day their parents were laid to rest. chris nguyen has the story. >> reporter: mourners carrying the bodies of one couple police say were murdered by their children. >> when i heard the parents lost their lives at the hands of the sons, that added another layer of shock and tragedy. >> the victims and her husband were immigrants who came from ith her. now, this week he's no more
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with us. >> and he was very humble. i'm going to miss his humbleness and smile forever. it was a different picture over at the santa clara county hall of justice. 22-year-old and his brother were arraigned and both pled not guilty. according to documents, police say he admitted to shooting their father but a stranger killed their mother. the district attorney says shamima was shot once in the head. >> we're in a state of disbelief and shock. >> following the service, at the muslim community association friends
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traveled for a funeral. chris nguyen, abc7 news. protestors clashed if burlingame today before donald trump made an appearance. this supporter tried to walk through to get to the convention but protestors pushed him back. >> you walk on the sidewalk. >> one person, me and there are what? 50 of them? all touching me. >> we saw a grown man regressing to a 4-year-old little boy. throwing a tantrum. >> police kept an eye on the protestors. and one deputy was kicked in the
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face and no one else was injured. >> it has not all been chaos. the conversation this morning between an arrival and police officer ended with a handshake. >> trump spent four hours in the bay area his plane touched down at sfo around 10:30. laura anthony is live with more on the message. >> reporter: hi, ama. donald trump is one of three candidates that will speak in the next three days.
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california is expected to be very important trump didn't have much to say about california and said relying on his familiar theme. >> that was not the easiest entrance i have ever made. >> once inside donald trump was speaking to a room filled mostly with supporters who paid $100 a plate and mostly thrilled to see him. >> we're trying to get the country back again. and get our constitution back again. >> it's a one in a lifetime opportunity to get behind a movement. >> there is not unity solidarity unity. >> trump el you'ded to unifying the party he peppered it with his familiar insults from rivals past. >> jeb bush didn't support you big deal. >> and present. >> if cruz got 12 and i got 62. >> he called karl rove the dumbest human being on earth.
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this is not a unity speech. >> he made the case for why he can't unify the party. he's still obsessing over insulting jeb bush. >> reporter: pat mckenzie believes he can unify his country. >> i believe when you look at the statements he's making and the policies he's talking about, they're just trying to help everyone. >> reporter: only one protestor from code pink made it inside. she was escorted out of the building. in burlingame abc7 news. trump left after finishing his speech, going back through the same barrier he walked through when he arrived. sky 7 was overhead as traffic was stopped while donald trump's 10 cars headed back to san francisco international airport. there is strong reaction on social media today to trump's appearance and the protest.
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>> reporter: there are two big reactions. first, donald trump having to cross a freeway wall to get into the convention hotel. steve notes the irony is that trump lost his way over an old, ugly wall to avoid people. sf needs bigger walls to keep trump out. bobby says i cannot believe our next potus has to do this. our freedoms are being taken away. another big reaction is this. trump protestors waving mexican flags and burning an american flag. this video was captured and shane tweets sad. mexican flags fly over protestors and an american citizen can't get in or out of private property. and abc7 saw some confrontations at the scene. here is a live post.
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>> maybe we found one trump supporter here and decided to walk through the protestors. that is what happens. >> there are some watching without taking sides. lindsay tweets the protests are really scary. our country is so divided no matter what happens we're all losers. ama? >> thank you kristin n a little less than an hour john kasich will speak at the state g.o.p. convention. earlier today, abc7 news was at the commonwealth club where kasich answered questions in a town hall meeting. when asked about education he played to the crowd and brought up steph curry. >> steph curry. why is he going to make a billion dollars? he's got skills. i don't think we're giving our kids skills. i don't think our k-12 school
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system is flexible for kids imagina tiff. today ted cruz received the support of governor mark pence. >> he's someone who earned the respect of conservatives around the country. >> cruz will be in california tomorrow speaking at a lunch banquet at noon. on the democrats' side bernie sanders has no events scheduled today tomorrow, they will open in oakland's rockridge neighborhood. hillary clinton opened headquarters in california, one of seven coming in the state in downtown oakland. a bay area super pack launched an ad attacking republicans, donald trump and ted cruz on the environment.
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>> this with the global warming it's a hoax. this is a tv ad by next gen climate action, part of a $25 million krief that tends to rally millennials around campaign issues. >> we're trying to educate and work through groups on the ground so there is a lot of voter to voter contact. >> 7 million californians are eligible to vote that have not registered. that is changing. democratic registration in the state is up 185% and republican registration jumped 63% since 2012. keep in mind, t register to vote or for a particular party is may 23. you can request a vote by mail ballot through the end of may. >> every san francisco police officer has been ordered to go through new training.
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up next, why the chief believes it's time to reeducate his department on how they communicate with the public and each other. >> winds are gusty around the bay area, temperatures rising this weekend i'll have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. and layoffs at chevron. why lawmakers rejected a day named af
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san francisco police chief ordered all officers to attend classes aimed at ending acts of racism and homophobia. >> reporter: police chief greg suhr ordered sensitivity training for all 2000 plus officers beginning next month. >> no one can say they didn't know what was or wasn't acceptable in the work place. >> community members stood by the chiefe his announcement. >> we stand in unity against this ugly poison that infected our great city of san francisco. among them, officers for justice. the group representing african americans on the force. >> it has been a problem that has been glossed over. for years. and now it's been forced into the light. >> the text messages are just as
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offensive as a first batch given to reporters by the public defender this week. >> they're examples of what is happening in the san francisco police department. >> they disparage african americans and other racial and ethnic groups and gays. this times there are photo was offensive captions. a picture of a fire saying maybe it's a korean barbecue or a slave ship, ablaze. the police union is behind suhr's move but wants to make one thing clear. >> it's a small fraction of member that's brought discredit to the department. >> yesterday, the mayor e-mailed a letter for them to turn in bigoted cops. vic lee, abc7 news. and about half an hour ago or so san francisco police announced the arrest of
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another the department started investigating officer islam because of a tip from another cop. he is a nine-year veteran of the department and suspended without pay. the man who pacifica police believe shot his pregnant ex-girlfriend in the head is still on the loose tonight. police say he got way wednesday in a 2003 silver toyota camry and has bt been seen since johnson is eight months pregnant. she had a restraining order against him but it had just expired. if you want to help her, we've posted a link ton our website. >> in developing news, pleasant hill police are looking for a missing teenager with special
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needs, jenna graves didn't return home from school in martinez, she's believed to have taken a bus to concord bart station. police say her cell phone is off f you have seen the 15-year-old contact pleasant hill police. chevron announced plans to layoff a thousand people and plans to cut 8,000 jobs by december equalling 12% of the work force. the ceo says the company is suffering due to low crude oil prices. the dow dipped 57 points, closing under 18000. it's the worst week since february. the nasdaq down, finishing 4775. the founder of semi conductor is stepping down from the job. california's fire season
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begins monday, and fire danger remains high. >> rain has been great but it's about average. we need more rainfall to get -- catch us up to now five years of drought conditions. cal fire says there is a good chance we can see a destructive fire season this summer. firefighters and teams have started to clear out debris from the dry parts of the state. always things we face. no matter what. let's talk about the weekend weather, main rain. >> yes. some heat, right spencer? >> he comes first. we've got things going on in the next seven days. sunny skies and windy conditions and let's take a look at the wind advisory with a
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good portion up to and looking at gusts up to 48 miles per hour and other locations have gusts up to 25 and 30 miles per hour. this is the view atop windy mount tam. 65 in san joyce yeah and morgan hill, here is the view from our camera looking at western sky. it's 71 up north and 60 in livermore. and from sutro tower, these are the forecast features turning cooler again this week. low temperatures under clear skies, mainly in the upper 40s
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to low 50s. and you can see the difference in temperatures from coast to inland. highs 74 downtown across the bay looking for highs of 78. inland 82. south bay, upper 70s tomorrow, 78 in santa clara. peninsula, it's about 80 in mountain view. and up in the north bay warmer. 83 in santa rosa. 83 in napa. east bay, highs in the upper 70s to 80s in castro valley and inland east bay, we'll see mid to upper 80s, about 84 in concord and livermore 86 in antioch. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. a cooler pattern moving in monday. next wednesday, a slight chance of showers. looking slight right now. but hoping it will be more than slight. we can use more rain. >> thank you very much. >> coming up new at 6:00 details on the high end wine theft that involved bottles worth thousands of dollars each. and more than a week after his death a unique memorial honoring prince near sacramento. more in just a moment.
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high winds did delay the takeoff of a solar pow airplane. sunday will be the next opportunity to continue the trip around the world. it's powered by the sun. there is no fuel on board. the mission started a year ago. >> it's been a week since prince passed away. tonight a unique memorial taking place in sacramento. >> yes. gabriel carol has the story now. >> reporter: this street is quiet, and i'm walking down the middle no problem, but that
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hasn't stopped fans from finding a tribute to the late artist. >> they come up and tell me they like it. >> reporter: before the death it was used for another mural it makes sense for christine. >> i was very normal back then, but this dyed hair is a tribute to me never going back to work. >> christine says prince's song "the most beautiful girl in the world" inspired her with its message about inner beauty. >> i was listening to that song the moment he died on the radio. i was sad. >> reporter: she's hoping her latest mural inspires others
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to pursue their passion and nurture their creative side. >> coming up at 6:00 how berry farmers were somewhat crushed by the influx of water, plus... that's a good lookin' pile of dirt. yeah. it's nature's care. what's in it?
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lots of rich, moist organic things. can i touch it? yeah, get in there. that feels really good. nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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>> i'll say this with intent. the circus has come to town. >> gavin newsom sums up his deal on the chaos that accompanied donald trump's first visit to the bay area today. >> protestors gathered where trump spoke today at the state republican convention. >> the visit lasted less than four hours, here he is landing just after 10:30 this morning. >> protestors were waiting for him at the hyatt in burlingame long before he got there.
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protestors clashed with supporters to avoid protestors and 12:ten, decided to enter in an unconventional way. >> they had to jump down from the 101 shoulder and cross toward the hotel. trump made reference to how he got inside. >> we went under a fence through a fence. and felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> donald trump left the same way, and on to 101. his motorcade headed to the airport. >> shortly after, police began arresting people and tell us they made five arrests in total. one officer was injured after getting kicked in the face and is expected to be okay. >> this comes while 24 hours after chaos erupted in a donald trump rally in southern california. police say 20 people were arrested as protestors lined streets and clashed with supporters outside of the
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amphitheater in costa mesa last night. one supporter says he needed stitches after being punched and kicked by protestors. >> the group closed in around me. behind me. on the sides of me. because i never saw anybody hit me. i was just blind sided withcker punches. >> his campaign office says 31,000 people showed up to hear the candidate speak and. >> federal prosecutors have indicted two bay area men and the best of nearly $300,000 worth of wine. >> as explained the charges don't end there. >> they cut the chain and kicked in the front door and took what
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they wanted. >> that is 2014. thieves took bottles of wine and boy did they have good taste. >> first growths of bordeaux and best that burgundy had to offer, as well. >> now, prosecutors indicted the two in this left including screaming eagle cabernet. >> there are great wines at that restaurant. they seem to have picked the cream of the crop. >> thank you. >> the head of two french wineries that made some of the bottles. >> 2005. >> that is double in the last 4 or 5 years. >> like in the middle of the night we see it's great for drinking. >> it's an investment.
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>> they're like art pieces. you don't enjoy until you drink it. >> with the wines ranging from $20 to $20,000 the question is how did they know which to take? >> it's easy to compare the price. >> sounded like an inside job. >> have people taking pictures in front of this glass all the time. >> i'd love to find out how did they do this? >> it doesn't leave me with questions other than where the wine is. >> if convicted they can face 10 year or a quarter million dollar fine. in san francisco, abc7 news. there is a controversy in the state legislature that is anything but making one lawmaker's day.
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after arguments the actor was racist. the author says political correctness prevailed. >> whole foods first 365 store will open next month but shoppers will not get tattoos with the groceries. the president of 365 says there are no plans for tattoo parlors inside of the off shoot chain store. that idea was floated this year. and it is described as whole food's younger scrappier sibling. >> california farmers have been hit hard by the drought and first there wasn't enough water. now, there is too much in places. and dairy farmers have bad news to. >> reporter: report not every berry is equal. >> i'm picky about the stuff. >> strawberry seekers from all over are making a detour off
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highway 99 in lodi to get the berry fix. >> i open a couple days closed a couple days. >> too much rain at the wrong time turns into this. >> wow. rocks. >> nearly 60% of the berries rooted and he says the rain didn't just hurt him, there are strawberry shortages from san joaquin to sacramento. >> makes it so they're not marketable. >> the bureau keeps an eye on crop production. the director says when there is a crop loss, it can affect everyone's wallet. >> it's going to impact price obviously. >> the strawberry shortage probably won't affect the world market but will affect us
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locally. >> probably not going to see many impacted in the grocery store. >> they're good for jam making and for most food stands, they're half off. they won't be here forever. but we can't tell you how long it will be here it could be another 100 years. >> history and the effort
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warriors fans, now is your time. tickets on sale to everyone now, you can note who the dubs will play in the next round. >> the trailblazers lead the series. >> yes. heading into game six in l.a.
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that game would be at 12:30 p.m. >> new san jose sharks start round two tonight and the party is getting started. >> yes. abc7 news joins us live outside of the sap center. >> hello, both of you. there is no better sign and what a great way to kick off the weekend. fans playing games, enjoying fare from food trucks. >> who is going to win tonight? >> sharks. >> you can say that with a full mouth? >> yes. >> and wearing balloon creations. fans are excite in round two. >> they looked wrong.
6:40 pm
there sharks fans say they're louder. >> there is nothing like a sharks game. 17,000 people. sounding like 170,000 people. >> so what do you expect to be the outcome? >> san jess yeah is deeper. >> tonight's game is at 7:30. sunday's game at 5:00. >> some majestic creatures will be taking final bows. elephants are taking early retirement. circus officials are bowing to pressure and the final performance is tomorrow night in rhode island. a tree planting like no other. >> efforts to preserve a piece
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of bay area literary hi it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... and dragged through the mud. the 2016 gle. it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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tomorrow in sonoma county there will be a tree planning in honor of arbor day. >> more from jack london state park. >> it's almost as if jack london never left his office. and outside of the window, a mighty oak. it's been said london wrote 10 of 60 books and plays. >> love the tree and the view. this ranch is irspining. >> it takes a fan to appreciate the kuks and this is where people come to see the famous tree. jack london's oak has been showing its age and the end appeared imminent. it was still producing acorns
6:45 pm
and that meant a lot. >> to everyone it felt like a long shot. >> the tree was so old most were unlikely to be viable. >> so this weekend it moves to sonoma open space preserve. >> it could be another 100 years. >> back in the nursery, an unexpected bounty.
6:46 pm
>> there are 15 here. >> how perfect. from the home of a writer a pro livic tree. >> that is interesting. >> yes. it is. >> clear skies over the bay area now and it is windy. state wieshgd most warmth will be in the northern two thirds of the state. and we'll have highs from low 70s on the coast where it will be breezy again to upper 70s to almost 80s around the bay. looking for fun events this weekend, how about sunday in san francisco on howard street. it will be the how
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weird fair. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. nice, warm days this weekend. and a slight chance of rain. emphasis on slight. slight. >> yes. >> thank you. >> okay. >> let's talk warriors basketball. >> yes. i thought i was going to get the emphasis on weird. steph curry is back, working out, how long before we see the mvp back on the court? the p?p?o?gv
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good evening, warriors are waiting to see who they're going to play in round two and waiting for steph curry's knee to heal fully. curry has not been on a court since spraining his mcl on sunday against the rockets. the warriors clubbed rockets and finish that had series. curry just started riding an exercise bike. the expectation is still two-week absence steph curry would miss four games in a second round and knows coming back too soon could be trouble down the road. >> i am sound so knowing that
6:51 pm
if i go out there. it's kind of a fine balance. i don't know if i will wait until i'm whatever 100%. >> the 49ers just seconds ago made a pick and did not pick collin furth going with will rezen. also introducing first round draft picks, both pack 12 guys. davorus buckner. garnett's dad was a d line for the niners in mid-80s so his family is almost as excited
6:52 pm
right now. >> i get to hear that i get to drive down the 101. and. >> and there he was waiting for the moment. he can play all along the d line with a bit of a knee problem. and making 25 starts. it wasn't as bad as the cal quarterback. the fan tweeted i hope there is a fast ball in his ribs tomorrow. that was the tweet, and
6:53 pm
tweeting big hug, i know show you around. goff's new coach spoke up during the response to this. >> we talked about this one. >> yes. >> it was a really cool move to do that. yes. i do plan on taking over this summer. >> sharks start round two and the first round and sometimes the sharks know they have to bring it tonight. >> they've been playing. and so they'll be ready. but i'm sure they'll be ready.
6:54 pm
you know? we have to match that. >> giants in new york tonight. and a grand slam the mets scored 12 runs in the third inning. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. he can still hit. >> yes. >> thank you. >> coming up a jelly fish that looks like a creature from outer space. >> and at 11:0 0, lights, camera, action. >> and join us for abc7 news at
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11:00. >> finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters. republicans are in the bay area, and donald trump addressed the group tonight and ted cruz and his running mate carly fiorina, tomorrow california's role in the nomination process is looking to be critical this time as trump will not have it likely sewn up before going to the polls. hillary clinton has a stronger chance having enough delegates and the question will be what will that campaign look like? will we have two candidates that focus on the serious issues or get more antics we have seen so
6:56 pm
far? we deserve more than cheap shots that only cheapen the process. in fairness donald trump has been responsible for the lion's share of the rhetoric but everyone bears responsibility. and in these final months we should be less amused and more demanding that candidates talk about what really matters. and that is it for this edition of abc7 news. joins tonight. >> we appreciate your time. from all of us, have a nice evening.
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