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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 30, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news.
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jay now at 11:00, tension over trump. protesters against the gop front runner clashed with his supporterses outside the state republican convention in burlingame. the republican front runner was forced to lead his motorcade to cut through a fence into a back entrance. >> i felt like i was crossing the border actually. >> it lead police in riot gear to make arrests. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> they made five arrests and this is on day one. the convention continues through the weekend. >> sergio is live at the hyatt in burlingame. sergio? >> reporter: it was a lot more of an orderly situation here for ohio governor john kasich who spoke here tonight especially compared to the chaos that broke out when the republican front runner donald trump arrived earlier today. ohio governor john kasich opened with a quick confession. >> i do have to tell you i love california.
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>> reporter: during an earlier media briefing he endorsed the hispanic chamber of commerce. >> do the republicans think they can win an election by scaring every hispanic to death? >> reporter: kasich insists he has a path to the republican nomination. tonight was a far cry from today's drama leading up to donald trump's arrival. >> we don't want to give him a platform for his racist anti-muslim and anti-migrant and anti-black rhetoric. >> protesters chained themselves together to form a human barrier to the convention. to avoid a confrontation trump's entourage stopped on highway 101 behind the hotel and the donald squeezed between construction barriers and walked across a windy back field and into the venue. >> we went under a fence and through a fence and oh boy. it felt like i was crossing the border, actually. >> trump delivered a free-flowing 30-minute speech
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and then left. outside scuffle broke out between protesters and people hoping to get into the venue. >> if you don't like trump, just stay home. jay five people were arrested and one was injured in the confrontation. >> abc7 news. >> i ted cruz will be tomorrow's featured speaker and he will address the crowd at lunchtime followed by his running mate, carly fiorina who will take the podium tomorrow night. hillary clinton is coming back to california next week. thursday she will be in l.a. and then friday campaign in oakland. clinton opened her first california headquarters in downtown oakland yesterday. >> now oakland uh -- appears to be the focal point. better me sanders will open an office in north oakland. california's psidential primary is june 7th. and with just 39 dayses to go until california's june 7th primary, stay up-to-date on the campaigns with the abc7 news app, download it for free and enable push alerts. a wind warning is happening now in the bay area.
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this is a live look outside. you can see the flag being blown shed around in -- blown around in the wind. sandhya patel is tracking the wind in live doppler 7hd. >> let me show you live doppler 7hd. the skieses are clear except for a few clouds along the coastline. the wind advisory just began at 11:00 to fight for the hillses above a thousand feet. it is the north bay hills and east bay hills and santa cruz mountains. it runs until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. gusts to 45 miles an hour means a a potential for downed treeses and power lines. we are seeing wind gusts to 50 miles an hour. notice the switch in the wind direction out of the north at knoxville creek. 32 miles an hour is the very wind that will bring us some warmth this weekend. i'll be back with the details on the temperatures coming up. jay thanks very much. -- >> thanks very much. family and friend came to pray for the couple they say was murdered by their own children. it was for the couple and the
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just released court documents and the papers say what they did after the murder. katie is live. >> dan, they went to a comic and cartoon convention. they also say their parents were alive when they left the house and they pleaded not guilty. the court documents tell a different story. >> only 22-year-old hassib appeared in the courtroom. 17-year-old omar was in a hallway although he is being charged as an an adult. >> both of them were charged with two counts of murder and a special circumstance allegation of double murder. >> from the charging documents we learned they went to an anima convention and police say their parents were shot to death that morning. after they were arrested the brothers told investigators two different stories. he admitted he shot his father multiple times in the garage,
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12 times says the d.a. but hasib said a stranger in the house assaulted him and made him do it. hasib said the stranger was the one who shot his mother. omar told investigators his older brother committed both murders and before they left for the convention hasib told them to check the garage door to make sure blood was not seeping out. when police found the bodies on sunday in their home on lucas court the name was on the wall. one said sorry my first kill was clumsy. the court documents say there were two hand writing styles. they compared the messages with notebook found in the brothers' bedrooms and characteristics consistent with the younger brother's writing. hasib and omar are being held without bail. abc7 news. a san francisco police officer has been arrested on suspicion of perjury and filing a false document. he is accused of lying on a dmv confidentially form.
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they tipped off investigators last year. he has been suspended without pay. all san francisco police officers were ordered to undergo harassment training. right now the they are dealing with a texting scandal which they sent racist and homophobic text. there have been calls for him to resign and a string of deadly police shooting. police in pleasant hill are searching for a missing 15-year-old girl with special needs. jenna graves was last seen in martinez yesterday. she didn't come home after school. the teenager has the mental function of a 10 or 12-year-old. she has a distinctive traik tracheotomy scar on her neck and wears heavy make up and dark clothes. they think she took a bus to the con card -- concord bart station. for the first time we can seat video of the landing and reports of body guards
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carrying the unconscious superstar out of the plane. >> tonight new images of ambulances meeting prince's plane on the tarmac when it made the emergency landing in moline, illinois six days before he died. >> they want you to go to the west end of the north ramp. >> sources saying the superstar was unresponsive and law enforcement investigating that incident and if a doctor was on the plane and whether prince died from a drug overdose. according to the associated press, investigators investigators are looking into whether a doctor prescribed drugs for the star in recent weeks. prescription medication was found on prince and in his home after he died, but no official word on the cause. toxicology results are weeks away. fans at the purple one's final party at paisley park remember ared singer repeatedly thanking a doctor in front of the small crowd. >> he thanked his doctor who was there. give him a round of applause.
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>> abc news, minnesota. warriors' coach luke walton' is getting a promotion, but it is not with the dubs. >> he is headed to l.a. to take over lakers. >> larry beil is here. he has a big reputation. >> not a surprise. he is from l.a. after doing a brilliant job filling in for steve kerr was a man in demand. the lakers got him. he agreed to a multi-year contract to coach the team he grew up watching and then played for. he won two world championships with the lakers. he went 39-4 as golden state's interim coach this season and he will remain on the warrior's bench until the end of the playoff run which they hope will be late june. meanwhile the trailblazer won their series and they will play the warriors at oracle arena on sun day. live coverage is at noon and that is game one of the next
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series. join me with mike shumann. the sharks won their playoff game. >> it is not a sellout. we'll have the highlights in sports. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, smoke and protests outside san francisco city hall. the hollywood make believe happening right now. >> and marissa meyers golden parachute. the hefty payout she is in line for. >> royal trash talk. see what happens when the first family challengeds the queen. >> here is what is coming up on jimmy "jimmy kimmel live." >> feast your eyes on this. >> mentor are important. >> did you have one growing up? >> rodney dangerfield. he really showed me the ropes. >> was he really your mentor? >> no.
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south bay and police sen sh a dash pleasanton. >> a hollywood crew takes over city hall to recreate a famous riot that occurred 40 years ago. >> melanie woodrow is live outside city hall with what is happening right now. melanie? >> this is all for an abc mini
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series, recreating history called "when we rise." if things look quiet on the set, that's because they are. filming will continue. >> a smoke-filled riot outside san francisco city hall. law enforcement and protesters coming face-to-face. >> the police hated us and we hated them right back. >> he is one of the characters in the abc mini series "when we ride" set to premiere in 2017. in the filming crews are reenacting the white knight riot. it is a reaction to the verdict in dan white's trial. >> dan white murdered george masconey and harvey milk becoming one of the most violent histories in the lgbt movement. >> it is that they hope to recreate authentically. >> they will start a fire in city hall. >> from the smoke grenades.
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>> there will appear to be a lot of smoke. >> to the animosity. >> to most that was just a really devastating blow. >> jones says he believe these stories can provide inspiration and hope. >> if you do fight back you can sometimes win. >> filming locally will continue for more than a week. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. new at 11:00, yahoo's ceo will get a huge payout if the company is sold or if she is fired. a regulatory filing said she is entitled to millions in severance benefits. that's $3 million in cash and $52 million worth of stocks and options. yahoo!'s core internet business is currently up for sale. high wind prevented a solar power airplane from leaving. sunday will be the neck opportunity for the solar impulse to continue its trip around the world. the plane landed in santa clara county last weekend.
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it is powered entirely by the sun. there is no fuel on board. the mission started more than a year ago in uh boo you -- in abu dhabi. let's talk about a fairly warm weekend. >> will these winds die down? >> i am hearing the complaint on social media and they will dye dye -- die down. the cloud are near the coastline and in the sierra it has been snowing. the thunderstorms have developed that went through the placerville area. this was tweeted to me from south lake tahoe so you can see what it looked like there. the winds are howling and they have increased out of the north in fairfield. i want to show you what the wind did. it is a down sloping wind so fairfield went up a few degrees and it is 68. that's not a typo.
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most other areas in the 50s to middle 60ss as you look from the pustro tower cam. the winds will relax on sunday. here is a look at what with will happen overnight. it will remain on the gusty side especially on the coast and over the hills. tomorrow morning if you are going out for a run it will be a warm wind so you don't have to worry about being too chilly. it is a warl wind so 20 or 25 miles an hour. the winds will actually decrease and then later in the day the wind will be lighter. mid40s to the mid50ss. the warmest spot will be fairfield at 55 degrees and most area will start out clear except for a few patches of fog in places like half moon bay. if you are heading to the beach it will be a mild to warm day and low to mid70s from ocean beach to santa cruz. bodega bay and monterey bay, it is a nice looking day for this. highs for your saturday look like this. 81 in gilroy and 79 san jose.
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78 in sunnyvale and menlo park and san mateo 76 degrees and 70 degrees in pacifica, daly city a pretty nice day and downtown san francisco is mid70s and it is nothing but sunshine and warm weather in the north bay. 79 is san rafael and 83 napa and santa rosa. 77 in berkly in the east bay -- bay --77 in berkeley and it will be one of those days where you can get away with shorts. 84 in concord and livermore. another warm day for your sunday as well. if you are heading to the a's game against the astros it will be warm with the uv index running high. 75 degrees and the temperature will rise to 78. you will need to make sure you have your season screen. make sure you have your sunscreen. it is a good weekend to hit the beach and take a picnic to the park with kids. the temperatures do start to go down. we are tracking a slight chance of showers on
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wednesday. it is starting to come together and we will see what happens. right now we will put in a slight chance. >> still ahead, royal mic drop. >> the challenge between queen elizabeth and the first family. >> when it happens where you live -- >> we have developing news in the east bay. a major water line break. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> concord,. >> morgan hill. >> your story -- >> 7 on your side is changing the way these guys do business. >> bruno, i know this is a scam. >> choose the news that matters where you live. >> i was trying to share what we've got in our backyard. >> choose the team that works for you. >> live in berkeley. >> c
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heaven dropping at a san francisco eat re. >> no. the restaurant seats about 200 people and this is the theater
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9th year st. anthony's has held the fundraising event president. >> they plan to raze $1 had you,000 -- raise $100,000. >> it puts food on the table and puts clothes on kid's back. 2* does a lot of good. >> a lot of good. in the end the all female team from ucsf children's hospital out pitched them all. >> remember when you told us to bring it? >> careful what you wish for. >> really? >> get the final mic drop in this friendly rivalry between the white house and kensington palace. >> both posted rival videos to promote the games. wounded military and veterans around the world will compete in orlando, florida. >> something about the queen saying that. cute and clever.
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>> we got a lot of stuff. the warriors now they know who they will face in the first round of the playoffs. and the sharks in a huge
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you by riverwalk casino. >> the san jose sharks started the second round of the playoffs hosting nashville and here kitty, kitty. a little black cat on the ice who gets jinxed. the end of a power play for nashville. top shelf on martin jones. to the third and sharks are on the power play and still looking for the goal. the short side on the arena and the shark break the ice 1-1. a beautiful move to make it a 2-1 game. joe pavelski.
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it would end with physician to cuff -- fist to cuffs. i will bust you in the mouth. sharks take the lead. >> as the game went on we got better and we were on their heals a little bit. it was good to see you feeding off the crowd and really pushing for the next one. >> it was so loud. it was pretty noisy and everybody is starting a huge win for us. >> game two on sunday. >> now we mentioned the warriors' assistant luke walton' taking over. the question is who the dubs will face. the clippers and rangers and austin river catches an elbow in the face. he needed 12 stitches and he would come back to play a tight game in the third quarter. 2:15 left and it puts the blazers up six.
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jj red duck under -- jj-reddick. and rivers at the buzzer here for the tie. the blazers win it 106-103. they will face the warriors game one sunday at oracle and you can watch it on abc7. the draft continued today hooper 6-4 and 254 pounds and joins another cardinal tightened on the roster. baseball and a's and astros and happy birthday to ron washington. look out. billy burns drills him with a foul ball and hit him in the leg. bottom of nine and tied at four. a walkoff three-run jack. good night, game over drive home, safely. a little pie time at homeplate the joints are visiting the nets and jake peavy was
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shelled. six runs and two innings and on comes mike broadway. i still miss him. grand slam. the mets score 12 runs in the inning, 12. a franchise record and they cruise to victory. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. game one war -- warriors warriors and blazers. oakland's own sunday 12:30. >> thanks, larry. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. >> our next newscast is at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, saturday
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whoa appreciate your time. >> for sandhya and larry and
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