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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  April 30, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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it is saturday, april 30th, thanks for joining us. we're in for a warm weekend across the bay. we are tracking the live doppler 7 hd for us. >> the two warmest day out of the next seven, today and tomorrow. timing is everything. and we are showing you two weather systems allowing for another gusty start to your day. this is the one. and here is another system, high pressure and low pressure, the close proximity allowing for the upper elevation winds to gust over 45 miles an hour just for a couple more hours. this is an offshore dry wind but working warmer wind down to the surface. in oakland, 59. right here at 52, half-moon bay.
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from mount tam it has been breezy. and the warmest numbers here in the 80s later on. 63 in napa and by the delta. wind gusts over 30 miles an hour here. it will be tricky in spots. but by this afternoon, all the warmer colors moving into the east bay and south bay today. chris? developing news out of west oakland. at least five people were injured in a shooting on san pablo avenue at around 9:15 last night. you can see the bullet casings littering the street. two victims were taken to the hospital and three other victims later arrived with nonlife threatening injuries. we also have developing news in san jose where police responded to a call of shots fired on indigo oak lane. officers found at least one woman with a gunshot wound before 1:00 this morning. the victim was taken to the hospital where she later died. one man has been taken into
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custody. time approaching 8:302. and state republican party officials are hoping for today's convention to go smoother than yesterday. donald trump's presence led to five arrests outside the burlingame hyatt while ohio governor john kasich enjoyed a warm reception. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich opened with a quick confession. >> i do have to tell you, i love california. >> reporter: he out toed his recent endorsement by the hispanic chamber of commerce. >> do the republicans think they can think they can bin by scaring hispanics to death. >> reporter: he insists he has a path to the republican nomination. >> we don't want to give him a platform for his hateful, racist anti-muslim, anti-black
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rhetoric. >> reporter: protesters formed a human barrier to the convention. trump's entourage stopped on highway 101 behind the hotel and the donald walked across a windy back field and into the venue where he joked about the experience. >> then we went under a fence and through a fence and oh, boy i felt like i was crossing the border. >> reporter: trump delivered a free-flowing 30 minute speech and left. outside scuffles broke out between protesters and people hoping to get into the venue. >> it's ridiculous, if you don't like trump just stay home. >> reporter: five were arrested and one was injured in the confrontation. ted cruz will be today's speaker and will address the crowd at noon followed by carly fiorina who will take the podium tonight. hillary clinton is coming to california next week. thursday in los angeles and friday in oakland.
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clinton opened her first california headquarters in oakland on thursday. the city of oakland is the focus of the democrats. bernie sanders will open an office in oakland later today. a bay area superpac has launched a campaign attacking republicans, donald trump and ted cruz on the environment. >> all of this with the global warming is a hoax. >> this is the tv ad part of a $25 million voter registration drive headed by tom sayer. the san francisco billionaire and climate activist says that the campaign intends to rally millennials around environmental issues. >> we're trial to go directly to the voters to try to educate, energize and work with groups on the ground for voter to voter contact. >> more than 7 million kansasens are registered to vote but have
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not registered. democratic registration is up 185% and republican registration has jumped 63% since 2011. the deadline to register to vote is may 23rd. you can request a vote by mail ballot through the end of may. the primary is june 7th. with just 38 days to go, stay up to date on the campaigns with the abc 7 news app. you can download it for free and enable push alerts. at the muslim community association mosque in santa clara, people gathered to pray for a couple killed by their own children. this morning court documents reveal what the children did after their murder. >> reporter: only 22-year-old appeared in front of the cameras in the courtroom. a 17-year-old was kept hidden in
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a hallway but he is being charged as an adult. >> charged with two counts of murder and special circumstance allegation of double murder. >> reporter: from the charging documents, the brothers went to an an may convention in oakland on saturday and their parents were shot to death that morning. after they were arrested on wednesday the brothers told investigators two stories. ha seed admitted he shot his father multiple times in the garage. but he said a stranger in the house assaulted him and made him do it. he said the stranger was the one who shot his mother. omar told investigators his older brother committed both murders and before they left for the convention, he told him to check the garage door to make sure blood was not seeping out. when the police found the bodies sunday in their home on lucas court there were messages written on the walls. one read, sorry, my first kill was clumsy.
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there were two different handwriting styles. investigators compared the messages with notebooks found in the brother's bathrooms and found characteristics with the younger brother's writing. the two are being held without bail. a san francisco police officer has been arrested on suspicion of perjury and filing of false document. the officer is accused of lying on a dmv confidential yality form. another officer tipped off investigators last year. he has been suspended without pay. in the wake of the texting scandal, san francisco's police chief ordered all of his officers to attend classes aimed at preventing racism and homophobia. >> the police chief ordered sensitivity training classes for all 2,000 plus officers beginning next month. >> no one can say they didn't know what was or wasn't acceptable in the workplace.
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>> community members were all supporting his action. >> we stand in unity against this ugly poison that has infected our great city of san francisco. >> reporter: among them officers for justice, the group representing african-americans on the force. >> it has been a problem that has been glossed over for years. and now, is being forced to the light. >> reporter: the text messages released by the chief are just as offensive as the first batch given to reporters by the public defender this week. >> they are clear examples of bias existing in the san francisco police department. >> reporter: the texts contain racial slurs and disparage african-americans and other ethnic groups and gays. and this time there are photos with offensive captains. a picture of a fire saying maybe it's a korean barbecue or a slave ship ablaze.
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two officers quit the force. the fourth is fighting termination. the police union is also behind the move but wants to make one thing clear. >> it's only a small fraction of members that brought discredit to the department. >> reporter: the mayor e-mailed this letter to every officer in the department, urging them to fight intolerance and turn in bigotted cops. this girl was last seen on thursday. she didn't come home after school. he has the mental function of a 10 to 12 year old she wears heavy makeup and dark clothes. police think he she took a bus to the concord bus station. luke walton is getting a big promotion. he is headed to los angeles to take over the lakers. walton agreed to a multiyear contract to coach the team that
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he grew up watching and played for. spent niner yaos with the purple and gold and won two championships. he went 39-4 as the warriors coach this season. we'll have much more coming up in sports and we'll miss him but we have a couple of months to go. >> yeah. we've got a pretty day out there. a little breezy, concord and livermore right now. but livermore at 62 degrees. it is 60 in san francisco. 62 for you in oakland. and numbers coming up, winds coming down even though we have a wind advisory for the next few hours. i'll explain, next. >> thanks. fire, smoke and protests out san francisco city hall. and later, a special concert benefitting the children's
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welcome back, everyone, here's a live look outside from our abc 7 roof camera, if you are heading out this mormg, bring a jacket to shield you
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from the wind. we'll have the accuweather forecast soon. a hollywood film crew is wrapping up a session at san francisco city hall. they are recreating a riot that happened 40 years ago that sparked the lgbt movement. it's part of a tv series called "when we rise." >> reporter: a smoke filled riot outside san francisco city hall. law enforcement and protesters coming face to face. >> the police hated us and we hated them right back. >> reporter: steve jones is one of the characters depicted in the abc mini series "when we rise." on this night, crews are reenacting the white knight riot of may 21st, 1979. >> dan white murdered our mayor, and our supervisor. and ended up becoming one of the most violent episodes in the
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lgbt movement. >> reporter: they are trying to recreate it authentically. >> they are going to start a fire in city hall. >> reporter: smoke grenades. >> the winds will make it appear to be a lot of smoke. >> reporter: to the animosity. >> for most san franciscans that was a devastating blow. >> reporter: he believes these stories can provide inspiration and hope. >> i wouldn't sure that people would get it was a flag. >> reporter: when looking for something that symbolized the gay community harvey milk turned to baker. >> we need a flag. we're a tribe and a global people and the rainbow was immediate. >> reporter: baker is the creator of the rainbow flag and in 1978 this is up with of two flags that went up on market street in u.n. plaza. >> it's time to investigate other stories that happened at the same time. >> reporter: that includes the story of diane jones who will be
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portrayed by rachel griffith and her wife played by mary parker. >> we're rich and poor and gay and strait and everything. >> i bring all the activists who really took the risk in nose days. >> reporter: "when we rise" airs in february 2017. if you would like to be an extra send an e-mail to wwr@casting. the ceo will get a payout if the company is sold or if she is fired. she is entitled to $55 million
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in severance benefits. yahoo's core internet business is currently up for sale. high winds prevented a solar powered airplane from leaving the bay area yesterday. tomorrow will be the next opportunity for the plane to continue its trip around the world. the plane landed last weekend. it is powered by the sun. the mission started more than a year ago in abu dhabi. many eyes will be on that plane tomorrow especially with the windy conditions out there. >> we have had the wind all week long coming from a cool direction earlier in the week. and it took all week to warm up. today temperatures are ten degrees warmer than yesterday's reading. we are warming up big time despite gusty winds. most of the wind activities in the upper elevations above 1,000 feet. we have an area of low pressure to the south and east of us. high pressure building into the
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north and west. in between the two systems we're windy but the proximity of the low is everything. the mountains could see showers, cooler in southern california and the bay area is nice today as the winds are allowing for the dryer air, that offshore flow to warm us up quickly. 62 in oakland, 60 in san francisco and mountainview. and half-moon bay, ten degrees of warming here at the coast today. morgan hill, 55. and right here, looks beautiful from coit tower. but the wind here has been over 30 miles an hour. concord and livermore it has been breezy. 62 for you. you will be well into the 80s today. that is ten degrees of warming in the inland east bay as well. the 24 hour temperature change, 10 degrees warmer in the valley. with 12 degrees warmer up in napa. san jose noticing the warmer start. 20 to 40 miles an hour winds
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above 1,000 feet. but these continue to dial back throughout the day today and we'll be left with a very nice afternoon. wind advisory in the highlights areas above 1,000 feet and this is where we could see a power line down, some of the loose limbs at the beach today. also in the 70s. you were 66 yesterday in santa cruz. gusty morning winds in upper elevations. warmer days for the weekend. tomorrow the winds will reverse and cool us off at the coast but 80s inl.a.p.d. cooler today in southern california, gusty winds and high surf. wind in in the sierra nevada age a shower likely tomorrow as the moisture moves into the sierra nevada. today, 60 on the coast. in the south bay, 80 in los gatos. notice the warmth from mountainview from palo alto. it will be breezy in half-moon
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bay but nice. 74 downtown. in the north bay, point rayes, 82, upper 70s arrive for san leandro and newark. very nice on the east bay here. inland it is getting warm. 84 in livermore. so the accuweather seven-day forecast. the 80s stick around tomorrow with the late day sea breeze cooling off the coast. a warm early part of the day. and monday look for the cooling to spread inland. partly cloudy tuesday with a few sprinkles on wednesday, thursday, and friday. partly cloudy, nothing too hot or too cold. looking nice for may. >> might as well enjoy it. a new wrinkle in the irs tax scam. up next on th
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welcome back, everyone, if you are looking for a new job, bay area postal districts are holding hiring workshops today. they will show people how to navigate the online application process. the job fairs are at three locations this morning.
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you'll find more information for all three workshops on our website, the irs scam is going strong. but now predators are using another high-tech device to fool their victims. michael finney tells us about this new warning to watch out for. >> reporter: she was at work when the call came on her cell phone. she was in big trouble. >> you have a federal tax difference against you. >> reporter: she didn't believe it. it really was an irs phone number. >> he said there is about $17,000 that you owe. >> reporter: the man told her to pay up or she would be arrested immediately. >> you will be in prison for two years. >> reporter: she still had doubts. >> i said i need to speak to cops. >> reporter: within minutes another call, this from the 408
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area code. the number belongs to the santa clara police department. a cop was calling? >> this is serious we have been asked by the irs to have arrest warrants against you. >> reporter: she agreed to cooperate. she drove to the bank and to walmart where she wired him $1800. >> they were saying your file is under review. >> reporter: the man told her to wire another 1900, the next day more demands. she wired money eight times in all, totaling $16,000. wiping out her bank account, her sister's too. >> the two days i was so stressed out i just couldn't think straight. >> reporter: demands kept coming. she couldn't take it any more. >> i told my sister i'm going to go into the cops, be prepared. >> reporter: she drove to the police department and turned herself in, ready to go to jail.
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>> i had no choice. >> reporter: that's how she learned the truth. >> she said this is an irs scam and you fell for it. >> reporter: police said they never called neither did the irs. scammers used a cloning device to make the numbers appear to be on her caller i.d. she and her sister had no money for food or rent. friends started a go fund me campaign to help but she wanted me to warn you. >> this could happen to you. >> reporter: voice over internet phones can be used to false fie a number. if you get a suspicious call don't assume the caller id is the real number they're calling from. call the agency or company directly to find out for yourself. and remember the irs will never call and threaten to arrest you if you don't pay up. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. we have much more ahead. a deadly carnival accident. two teens ejected from a popular
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ride and one of them killed. new clues, the pictures ♪ ♪ ♪ don't you just love it ♪ ♪
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at a disneyland resort hotel. thanks so much for starting your day with us. we'll get to our top stories in a moment but let's get a quick check of the weather first.
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>> the winds are going to be with us all day. it's been an awfully windy week with the winds coming from the ocean. but today it's an offshore flow so the numbers are in the 60s right now. mountainview and san francisco. 59 in half-moon bay. ten degrees of warming everywhere today. and this is a look at the rock out there where the numbers are in the upper 50s. it has been breezy in napa, te t upper elevation wind bringing down the dryer, warmer air today. warmer temperatures everywhere and the golden gate bridge will see sunshine all around the bay today. breezy from point reyes, though and even with the coast, the numbers warm up through the 70s. we'll talk about how long the warm up lasts and a look at cooler weather for the first week of may. >> thanks. overnight tragedy at a church in texas.
8:31 am
two teens were thrown from a ride at a carnival. one of them died. an investigation is underway to figure out how they were ejected. >> reporter: two teenaged girls ejected from a sizzler ride. one dead this morning after slamming to a metal barricade. she was just 16 years old. the other, a 15-year-old rushed to a hospital. a third friend riding with them, not injured. his daughter survived by hooking her hands to the metal bar and hanging on. they were the only people on the ride. the trio all attended a local high school tonight. they were at the church festival. this youtube video shows what a sizzler ride normally looks like. investigators this morning are still working to figure out what caused the accident. zh they are regulated by state
8:32 am
statutes. there is inspections that are required. whether or not this vendor is up to par with that, it hasn't been determined. >> reporter: and we reached out to the amusement park company but have not called back. the girl who was hospitalized is expected to make a full recovery. a town in eastern texas has been declared a local disaster area after a tornado destroyed buildings and homes. crews are searching through several homes. power lines are down throughout the town. and fallen trees are blocking some of the roadways. forecasters say severe thunderstorms will return to eastern texas today bringing with it a chance of tornados. developing news out of kenya this morning where search and rescue teams are working to find survivors in the rubble of a collapsed apartment building in
8:33 am
nairobi. these pictures show the narrow spaces where people are trapped. 17 people are dead and 121 people survived the collapse with varying injuries, including a baby. there have been heavy rains in the area but it too soon to say why the building fell. now on what caused the sudden death of prince. the investigation is focusing on drugs and a mystery doctor. >> reporter: this morning, new images of prince's health scare just days before he died. >> they want you to go to the west -- >> reporter: multiple emergency vehicles meeting prince's plane on the tarmac in illinois, the superstar unresponsive. his body guard carrying him out and ambulance taking him away. law enforcement reportedly investigating that incident and if a doctor was on the plane. ♪ purple rain purple rain
8:34 am
>> reporter: fans at paisley park days after that emergency remember the singer repeatedly thanking a doctor in front of the small crowd. >> he thanked his doctor who was there. prince said, you know, give him a round of applause. >> reporter: authorities now turning their attention to prince's medication and whether the star died of a drug overdose. investigators are looking into whether a doctor prescribed drugs for the star in recent weeks. abc news learning authorities have executed a search warrant at his local walgreens. sources telling abc news that prescription medication was found on prince and in his home after he died but no official word yet on the cause. toxicology results still weeks away. some members of prince's family expected in court on monday as they try to move forward to settle his estimated $300 million estate. at this point, still no will found.
8:35 am
today in sonoma county there will be a tree planting in honor of arbor day. this one comes with a special meaning. we report from jack london state park. >> reporter: it's almost as if jack london never left this small office. all this stuff and just outside the window, a mighty oak. it's been said that beneath this tree london wrote ten of his 60 books and plays. >> love that tree and the view from here. >> reporter: it takes a jack london fan to appreciate the connection and chuck is one of them. he is a volunteer at the state park where people come to visit his home and see the tree. >> it's amazing that something can live 500 years. >> reporter: the question has been how much longer? jack london's oak has been showing its age to the point where a few years ago, the state considered cutting it down. but even if the tree would come down it was still producing acorns and that meant home. >> oaks don't do well from
8:36 am
asexual reproduction. acorns are our only shot of maintaining the genetics of the tree. >> reporter: this is sam who manages the nearby nursery. she helped with the acorn effort. but to everyone it felt like a long shot. >> most of the acorns were likely to be unviable. >> reporter: so read this tag beneath a new sapling. >> a miracle? >> a minor one. >> reporter: the miracle sapling moves to the open space preserve. but there is a double twist to this. because it turns out because after judicious trimming rumors of the big tree's death may have been exaggerated. >> it won't be here forever but it could be another 100 years. >> reporter: back in the nursery, an unexpected bounty. three of the tags beneath these other saplings.
8:37 am
jack london. >> there are 15 here. >> reporter: how perfect from the home of a prolific writer a most prolific tree. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. still ahead, a new gadget is going up against gopro and other action cameras. the device that is trying to revolutionize the industry. as we head to break here is a look from our emeryville camera. we'll have the forecast in a few minutes.
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welcome back. a live look outside from the golden gate bridge camera showing the sun and a slight breeze. lisa will let us know how warm it will get in the forecast. oakland raiders fans will be gathering in front of the alameda headquarters to demand that the team stay in the city. the rally is in response to this week's developments. mark davis told officials he wants to move the silver and black to las vegas and he would spend a half billion to build a stadium there. 8:40 is the time and a benefit for the children's hospital in oakland headlined by a well-known musician.
8:41 am
chris martin of cold play performed at halftime of the super bowl in santa clara. but tonight he will be performing solo. he will be playing for the notes and words benefit. to date the benefit has raised more than $5 million for the hospital. great to see him back in town too. >> absolutely. we still have the wind but it's not going to last throughout the day today. the offshore wind warming us up and yesterday was 62 in the city and right now it is 60. the wind is whipping but we will not close the great highway today. the wind is going to work to warm even the coast up. the sharks have a huge third period against the nashville predators.
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our san matteo bridge camera showing no delays on this part of the bridge today. the accuweather forecast is ahead. 8:44 the time. we now know who the warriors will face in the semifinals, the blazers at oracle arena tomorrow. after that, join abc 7 news sports directors for after the game. larry will be joined by an
8:45 am
ambassador in the studio. in hockey, the second round of playoffs for the sharks. team teal lit up in the third period. here are the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> after almost a week off the sharks started the second round of the nhl playoffs. a black cat got on the ice somehow in the tank. second period end of a power play for nashville. top shelf on martin jones. third period they pour it on. the power play, hertl beats rinna. and the redirect and two empty net goals makes the final 5-2. the sharks take a 1-0 series lead. >> as the game went on we got better and feeling on their heels a little bit i think. it's good to see the guys feeding off the crowd and off
8:46 am
the goals and pushing for the next one. >> it was so loud. i thought maybe it fall down because of the noise and everybody starting and it's a huge win for us tonight. luke walton did so well as the interim coach of the warriors this season he agreed to take over the lakers next year. he will remain with golden state through the end of this season. who will they face in round two? the clippers or the blazers. austin rivers needed 12 stitches but stayed in the game. damian lillard, 28 points. and the blazers are up by six with 2:15 to go. the clippers would not die. j.j. reddick gets the points. rivers at the buzzer, desperation comes up short. the blazers win and take that series 4-2 and they will face the warriors sunday afternoon at
8:47 am
oracle and on abc 7. the nfl draft continuing. hooper is a 6'4", 254 pounds. he joins another cardinal tight end who is presently on the falcons roster. a's and astros. happy birthday ron washington. look out. billy burns drills him with a foul ball to the leg. bottom nine tied at four. walkoff, three-run homer. good night, game over, drive home safely. a's win 7-4 and celebrate. the giants no celebration in new york against the mets. peavy allowed six runs in two innings. and this one is going to broadway. cespedes, grand slam. mets score 12 runs in one inning
8:48 am
and cruise to victory 13-1. that is a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. 8:47 is the time. it looks nice outside but are we going to have the wind all day? >> it's in the upper elevations right now. but not disappearing altogether. it will remain breezy across the bay. if you are flying in or out of sfo or oakland, it could be a concern for landing. but you know, with the sun setting at 8:00 p.m. we have a lot of warmth to go around and a nice evening to enjoy as the winds keep the fog out of the bay. but coming from that offshore flow not what we really like even though we had a good amount of rain this season it's a dry wind that warms us up quickly. we have low pressure in the great basin and high pressure building into the eastern pacific allowing for the winds to duke it out in the upper elevations.
8:49 am
you can see the whitecaps out there. 60 in san francisco. 62 in oakland. 59 in san jose. half-moon bay, 59. we will warm up everywhere today and it will remain breezy though parts of the coast. a live look from the tower camera, it looks nice at the beach. but winds will be 20 to 30 miles an hour at times in spots with low 60s. that's where it has been windy as well as livermore. it has been quite breezy as well in napa. the dry northerly winds allowing temperatures to be up 10 to 12 degrees this morning compared to yesterday. so feeling the effects of that dryer northerly wind. but with the gusts, concord and fairfield are channllenging for morning hike or ride. but around the bay it will remain breezy. tomorrow the warmer day out of the weekend.
8:50 am
today with the gusty winds could see a downed power line or some weak branches. so keep that in mind and we'll get rid of the wind tomorrow but then we have the southerly surge late in the day bringing gusty northerly winds and coastal winds but not until late. we enjoy a warm afternoon for your sunday and saturday and the gusty winds kind of really falling off later on. but as i say that, the airport will still see winds from 25 miles an hour right on through the day. so certainly the sea breeze intact for the afternoon. so we fast forward into your wednesday and we are still looking at the possibility of a few rain drops. this has been the pattern for the last month starting out the week warm and we lose the warmth and a system heads our way. but we are talking about the warmest day for most of you tomorrow. and in san jose in the mid-80s.
8:51 am
yesterday you were about five degrees cooler. today in the upper 70s. and look at the trend. the temperatures come down to more seasonal readings next week. highs today from fremont and palo alto and san jose, close to 80 degrees. 84 in concord. 85 but the delta with low 80s in santa rosa. if you are going to the east bay today, 1:00, 75, 78 by 4:00. the warmest day is today, tomorrow, inland around the bay. it should be nice at the coast, breezy but still a good ten degrees of warming for everyone and the cooling trend on monday. maybe a sprinkle by wednesday. >> thank you. surfing, skateboarding and skydiving. they have made gopro cameras a household name. a start up is going head to head to gopro by making a camera that stays right side up when you
8:52 am
flip up side down. >> whether you are on top of a mountain or grabbing a face full of snow on the way down the camera stays upright. >> reporter: erik sanchez fell into it. >> when i tried to film myself i found a million problems. >> >> reporter: he tried to launch a case that swivelled. >> we tried to fix a hundred things that were wrong. >> reporter: sanchez built revel with a camera that keeps it right side up. designs a camera from scratch takes a lot of patience. these 3-d printers are running 24/7 krampging out version after version of every little part. >> this is our kite boarding line mount. >> reporter: they are on their tenth version of this. >> this is the plastic part that holds and aligns the battery.
8:53 am
it makes a difference between waterproof and not. >> it's impressive. i love what they are doing. >> reporter: while gopro markets to parents, film makers and firefighters, revel might have an opening with the adrenaline crowd. >> gopro is weak right now. >> reporter: one key is the software, the same sensors that keep it upright can tell when something exciting happens. >> g-forces and heart rate. >> reporter: but competing with gopro is all about branding. >> it will take a partnership with key athletes. >> reporter: in this video, billionaire richard branson. next the march of dimes to improve the health of
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8:56 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $118 million mega millions drawing. nobody picked all six so tuesday's jackpot goes up to $128 million. all about babies in pleasanton. the east bay march for babies. it's a four-mile jaunt through the city and the alameda county fairgrounds.
8:57 am
companies and teams are raising money to improve the health of babies. 8:56 is the time and a final weather check. >> the babies will need to be shielded from the sun. the temperatures climbing through the 80s today. 74 in san francisco. everyone up about ten degrees. you may have waited for the warm up all week long. it's been cool. we had the onshore flow. it's all about the offshore flow today and high fire danger through tomorrow. tomorrow is the warmest day of the week and we will slowly cool by the middle of the week and in fact maybe sprinkles headed our way the middle of the week. >> thank you. and thanks to you for joining us on the abc 7 morning news. the news continues on twitter, facebook and mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. abc 7 news continues at 5:00 p.m. until then make it a great day, everybody.
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." sue: oh, my goodness, there's a whole herd of them. jack: today, we're checking out 6 species that turn heads everywhere they go. why? look at this. this is the funniest thing, sue. look at them. because of the outstanding appendages growing from their heads. look at that nose. from unique snouts that demand respect-- boy, he's powerful, that little thing. he moves the jeep. to horns and antlers that are over the top. golly day, that thing is tall. and later, my blooper of


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