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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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it's where brains meet brawn. lease the gle350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. nor ted cruz gets his town in the spotlight and a key endorse. during the california republican convention on the in. hello everyone, i'm eric thomas. we given with the latest from the g.o.p. convention in burlingame. leslie brink lee has been there throughout the day. must different escape from yesterday with the big protest for donald trump. >> much different thanend. after the g.o.p. faithful today it was basically lunch with ted, followed by tonight, dinner with karlly, many of the delegates are undecided but some got a chance to hear and meet senator ted cruz. >> it was a cruz crush as
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delegates delegates delegates and supporters push to the front of the crowd to score a selfie or handshake. >> california is likely to decide the entire republican nomination. >> what impression did he make? >> very different in person than on tv and did something really wonderful, which is he made his talking today very applicable to touching on the drought, delta smelt and the sanctuary city and sang the praises or carly fiorina. >> she has shattered glass ceilings her entire life. she terrifies hillary clinton. >> and cruz fixed up an endorsement from a former casimere. >> i hope the choice will be senator ted cruz. >> outside, one guy, this guy, showed up to protest. you're it. >> i am. a protest of one. but i'm peaceful.
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which is a contrast from yesterday. >> that's when hundreds rallied against trump, forcing him to duck under a fence and-under -- and up under a freeway ramp to get into the convention. five arrested. today trump tweeted the california protesters are thug and criminals and should do debt with strongly by law enforcement, he said. >> meanwhile, cruz has already left here for a fundraiser in santa barbara and very soon, 7:00 tonight, carly fiorina takes the stage here to speak to the g.o.p. convention, and then they both head tonight back to indiana for the very critical primary on tuesday. in burlingame, abc7 news. >> thanks a lot. ohio governor and republican presidential candidate john kashich hosted a up to hall in san jose today at the tech museum of innovation. fitting since kashich spoke about keeping team america fresh, exciting, innovative and based on opportunity.
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>> now i'm running for president with the same ideas, the same initiatives, to give people a chance to rise and most particularly, to begin fixing this economy, because it is just really terrible. >> kashich said america's healthcare system needs to be more transparent to people and we need to tackle the drug problem plague are our nation. >> bernie sanders' presidential campaign open an offers in oakland, on college and broadway. it's the democratic presidential candidate's the second in the state. sanders campaign opened the first in los angeles this month. former secretary of state hillary clinton is scheduled to be in the bay area next week. she'll be campaigning from her first california headquarters at 14th and franklin streets in downtown oakland. that office in the rockridge neighborhood opened thursday. the democratic presidential homeful will make a stop in louisiana thus coming thursday, then on to oakland on friday. >> oakland fire investigators looking into what caused a dock to catch fire in the marine ya,
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we captured smoke from the burning dock over the city just before noon today. firefighters got to east 7th 7th street to find a portion of the dock on fire. crews say the logs there have oil to prevent deterioration from salt water but makes them highly flammable and that caused the thick black smoke. the fire is out. no injuries reported. now to the weather. a beautiful day to hit the beach with our own unseasonably warm weather, and people were catching sun at ocean beach, but there is a warning about the water. drew tuma us here now with details. a great start to the weekend, sunshine out there. perfect 0 be at the beach. but we have a beach hazard statement in effect through 9:00 tonight. the current with a height nine to 11 feet. the real risk i right here, strong rip currents. make sure you stay close to a lifeguard so you don't have to good too far into the water to get into a rip current. right now look at this, across
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the boar, it is warm. only exception right along the coast where we are in the 50s. 59 half moon bay. livermore a comfortable 78. so outside we get a live look from the tam cam showing you sunshine for the evening planner reflects it will stay windy, and by 11:00 it's mild in the mid-50s to low 60s. a warmer finish to the weekend on the way before we track the rain. >> keep track of the warm weather where you live with the abc7 news app. download for free. new details on a shooting in west oakland that left several people wounded. we learned that six people were hurt, including a woman who was injured by flying glass when a stray bullet went through her car's windshield. all the victims are expected to recover. the shooting happened just after 9:00 last night on san pablo avenue and 32nd street. you can see there are number of bullet casings littering the street. the bay area news group reports more than a dozen shots were
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fired. police say the shooting may be gang related and the search continues. another manhunt for a gunman in oakland want toward shooting and killing a bicyclively near lake merritt. the victim was 289 years old and recently moved to oakland from i'm state. he was shot jut before 1:00 this morning an lake shore avenue. a south bay man is accused of killing his wife. we were in san jose where police responded to a call of shots fired. officers say they found sonya nallan with at least one gunshot wound this morning. he hers, james nallan, was booked into jail, and police continue to investigate the motive. concern is growing as the hours pass with no sighting of a missing 15-year-old girl who has special needs. she is from pleasant hill. jenna graves was last seen at alhambra high school in martinez. she has the mental function of a ten to 12-year-old style.
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she wears heavy makeup and dark clothes. police think she took a bus to the concord bart station. >> a missen man from hayward has been found. he was last seen on wednesday by his family. police say someone spotted the man and he has been reunited with his family. now to the north bay where streets are closed after an estimated 100-foot tall tree fell on a home and three parked cars. you can see the damage to one of the suvs. the valley oak tree top eled around 8:00 this morning. no one was hurt. one home has minor damage. a tree company is trimming anybody trees and is worried they could come counsel. >> there's concern another tree may fall and hurt someone. it's a park and could hurt the people that walk by or the general neighbors in the area. >> the trimming and cleanup is expected to continue into the night. there's a detour for drivers in
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the area. a tree planted just today in the north bay already has a lot of history. still to come at 5:00, how this tree planting is helping preserve a literary heritage. some people trying to enjoy this warm weekend with the beach are running into a wet roadblock.
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developing news here. some people heading to stinson beach on this sunny weekend will have to deal with a detour. a water main break has blocked the exit, main route to the
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beach and muir woods. >> right now our main concern is traffic. they're estimating the exit could be closed 16 hours today. >> the exit is expected to re-open sometime tomorrow morning. there's no word yet on what caused the 16-inch water main to rupture. emergency repairs have halted caltrans service between several station ins -- stations in san francisco. they say the service change is is in as construction crews work to replace the 100 year rail bridge. caltrain says normal train solves will resume tomorrow. >> eyesight is something many of us take for granted but not the woman you're about to meet. >> i'm happiest woman in the whole wide world. >> once blind, foredeck candidates, she can see now. what doctors are saying about her amazing recovery, and a live look outside of a sunny saturday.
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the golden gate bridge there, traffic moving along and not a cloud in the sky. we'll check in with drew to find when the cool weather will begin. here's a look at what's head on word news at 5:30. >> hi, eric. the flashflood tragedy in texas, that terrifying moment the deadly storm hit. plus, carnival shut down after an accident on a popular ride. and we are following the final bow for the biggest stars of the greatest show on
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how about this story. doctors in florida can't explain it. a woman who was blind for 21 years has regained her sight. she lost her sight after a serious car crash. recently she fell in her home and injured her neck. after spinal surgery, she woke up in the hospital and she could see.
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>> to see the sun and the clouds, and the birds and the squirrels up and down the light poles. >> she called and said, i can see. i said, no. after 21 years? i said, wow. >> her neurosurgeon says something similar, he says it's truly a miracle and thinks the car accident may have kinked an artery in the spline roo terrificking blood flow help may have up wittingly up kinked the artery in the surgery. dozens of older date documents garde net san francisco to laugh, listen and learn about brain health and aging. >> as you get older, that's something you have to keep an eye on. >> we'll hear from that old fella right there, mike shumann hosting the event called laugh lines where local storytellers sayre their experiences about getting older. the event is sponsored by what
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is brain health. a national campaign to empower people and help them make the most of their brains as they age. now let's take a younger turn. take a look at weather. here's drew tuma. >> i need to get some tips from shu. wasn't one tip drink water? hydration. there you go. live doppler 7hd, not going to see any wet weather this weekend. we are high and dry right now. nothing on live doppler 7hd. let's tike you outside, live look on this saturday john from the exploratorium camera. the bay bridge, nothing but blue skies, not a cloud to be seen and we have warm temperatures across the region. some 10 to 150 degrees above normal. currently 82 in antioch. 68 in san francisco, little breeze along the coast off the ocean water, keeping half moon bay cooler at 59, 76 in san jose, novato, 79. compared to where we were this time yesterday, temperatures have certainly jumped big-time. we're 13 degrees warmer in
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livermore, 12 in mountain view, 13 in novato, and nine teams warmer this time than yesterday. one of the reason, a nice breeze out there. you felt it for the week and in the hills dusting over 25 miles-per-hour. even along the coast. half moon bay having a wind gust to 28 miles-per-hour, and the winds will finally relax for the second half of the weekend future tracker wind gusts shows you sunday morning, those winds generally calm down to less than 15 miles-per-hour. what you're going to notice in the morning, we have land breeze, but a sea breeze will kick in, in the afternoon. that means the coast will stay much cooler. we'll still get into the 50s along the coast in the afternoon, but inland, we're going into the mid-80s so a wide range on sunday. overnight tonight, everyone mainly dropping to thes. a very warm period the next 12 hours. 56 in richmond overnight. same in san francisco, drop to 54 in oakland. 52 in santa rosa, the same in livermore, and a mild 57 degrees
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in antioch. everybody has sniffling and sneezing the pollen forecast is at moderate levels. oak, olive, and pine trees and grasses are your main offenders, and since we have the dry, warm pattern continuing the next four days, literally, future tracker temperatures will show you as we go into the morning hours, by 11:00 in the morning, spots already into the 70s and i by 2:00, our warmest spots into the mid-and-low 80s, so highs on sunday, starting in the south bay, get to 82 in san jose, 81 saint clare a, 81 the high in sunny veil. along the peninsulas, 68. half moon bay. 6 of 76 the high in millbrae. 74 downtown san francisco, north bay, 84, 83 napa, 81 novato. east bay, 80 in oakland, sunshine. 9 in hercules, warm inland in the mid-80s. 85 pittsburg, 84 concord, and 82
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san ramon. the next chance for wet weather is late in the day on wednesday and this. a system guess to the north so not directly over us so just a slight chance of some moisture and right now looks like most spots will just pick up less than a tenth of an inch of rain. here's the forecast. may is not known for wet weather and that's the case the next seven days as we start tomorrow. tuesday, we're near average, there's the chance of a light shower wednesday and thursday. otherwise we're suny and try friday and saturday. so one more day of warm temperatures and then cool off. >> this is some funny year with rain in may. >> may 1st already? >> well, i know. thanks, drew. the first of 15 sampleings from a tree has been granted the a preserve in sonoma. concern the 200 to 400-year-old oak tree wasn't survive, ache acorps were taken. the old oak was showing its age
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now there will be more trees i'm mike shumann is here, something who knows something about sports and age. we're talking actually about the warriors members who don't have to be on the court. good job. >> that's right. your both as young as you'll ever be right now. the lakers have a new head coach, dealing luke walton from the warriors. no a surprise. played most of his career in the nba
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last mike the lakers hired luke walton others the new head coach. but luke will remain with the warriors nothing the playoffs are over. he retired the years ago and now in charge of a sink franchise. he replaced steve kerr with back issues. he won two risks with l.a. as player and said history with the lakers was factor. >> i feel part of that family. even before i took the job. to be able to go back and try to help rebuild what we used to have there. >> luke called me, maybe around 4:00 or so, and said i got good news and bad news. i said what's the good news help said the lakers offered me the job. said what the bad news? he said i took it. >> obviously tough to -- but i
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think it's one of those opportunities you can't pass up. >> five years, guaranteed between five and six million a year. second round, game game one, warriors and trail blazer. 12:30 kickoff and catch of the game. sharks needed five third-period goals to beat the predators in game one last night. a big-time performer in the playoffs, why doug will son brought him here. >> he shows up at this time of the year. this is his hockey, physical. strong, and that was a heck of a goal. not too many guys can pull off moves like that. i thought he went too far. didn't know what he was doing but he trickeds us all. >> joints got a beatdown last night from the mets, 3-1, trail 4 or in -- 4-1 today, but three of his four rbi of his own.
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fifth inning,two-run jack. cain six innings, six runs on seven hits, 105 ended up in the seats. giants fall 6-5 the final. a's and astros, can't go to day game without putting on sun screen, thanks, mom. billy burns, bases loaded, two runs score on the base hit. a's up 2-0. plenty of run support for jesse haun. he went 6 2/3 innings, allowed three hits and struck out four and the a's win-2-0. nfl draft concluded today. all told 253 players were drafted in the last three day. niner add e add quarterback re shard ran binson out of lsu who not played for 18 months due to injuries and suspension. raid years selected michigan state quarterback conor cook, great get.
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they took texas tech running back deandre washington, and tyler irvin went to the texans. cardinal loin bowker blake martinez both going to the packers, and kenny lawless to the seahawks. good luck to them all. and draymond green, who is the closest to luke walton, has his thoughts on coach luke leaving at 6 k-mart. >> -- at 6:00. >> a rebuilding down there. ahead, not just a stroll across the golden gate bridge. why this walk at has so much significance for thousands of girl scouts.
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on abc7 news at 6:00, windy day causing trouble, toppling tents as fundraiser in south bay. and a popular sell con valley book store is forced to close its doors puts say they're not going down without a fight. happy 100th anniversary, abc7 news was at the golden gate bridge for a special walk celebrating a century of both the national park service and the girl scouts gold award program. the walk is symbolic of the scouts moving to cadets. except for the wind, a great day for it. a beautiful day. >> the whole week. >> what can we say. that does it for us here at 5:00. thank you for your time.
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we'll see you at 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." a flash flood tragedy in texas. the grandmother and her grandchildren killed. their cries for help, but the rescue too late. five tornadoes tearing across the plains. and the severe weather not over yet. the carnival ride that turned deadly. two girls thrown from their seats. tonight, investigators on the scene. donald trump on the attack. his target now? the protesters who forced him to take the side door. while ted cruz takes aim at one of trump's endorsements. another crucial vote just days away. the teen accused of hitting 100 miles per hour so she could share it on snapchat. the crash that came next, and the lawsuit. so, is the app to blame? and, five days deep in the wilderness. a mom and daughter safe tonight.


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