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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  April 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> i saw a cloud of dust swirling above the whole event. immediately i saw most of the canopies tipped over, and people scrambling. >> there were no reports of any injuries. in the north bay, crews will work into the night to clean up this mess, 100-foot tale valley oak tree fell, crushing three parked cars. crews will spend the evening trimming down other trees to keep people safe. >> alleviate the weight from these surrounding trees to make sure no other tree falls. >> the fallen troy did some minor damage to the roof of one home but it's still sound. there's a detour for drivers. our sutro tower cam is overlooking owing beach. there's an advisory for dangerous waves. now to drew tuma drew live doppler 7hd. >> it's breezy day out there. sfo has had winds over
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40 miles-per-hour for six consecutive days. right now winds at 23 miles-per-hour. natch pa, 14. a gust to 31 in fairfield. hayward, having a wind gust to 21. the breeze will be with us the evening. not a cloud to be seen in the sky. in the forecast we'll feature sunshine, the sun going down at 8:00. winds between 15 and 30 miles-per-hour, but it will be a mild night. however we still have the beach hazard statement in effect along the entire coastline. current waving highs from ten to 11 feet. the big concern is strong rip currents and tomorrow is a beach day. we'll tell you how hot. >> for more about winds and dangerous waves let's head out to lisa amin gulezian live at san francisco's ocean beach. >> reporter: the great highway has been closed off and on since
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friday, and this is why. take a look. the wind has moved all of the sand on to the road. the wind is a rope for a beach hard warning until 9 tomorrow. people should be aware of a strong sneaker wave possible as well as rip currents. extra beach patrols are out since ocean beach is still packed. in the past three hours there was a 9-1-1 call for help. a swimmer was out in the water too far and had a hard time coming back to shore. that person did eventually make it out by themselves safely. as a result, many chose to stay out of the water today. >> just looks rougher, like when it would come out, i guess, not that ease. >> if you go out too far, even ten feet out there, you can get sucked under, and that's when the problem starts. so they're definitely patrolling, but there's people going too far out. >> just two weeks ago two 16-year-olds from vallejo high school drowned at ocean beach after a wave knocked them down.
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officials conducted a lengthy search by air and by sea. back here live now. there's stale chance for 10 to 13-foot waves tomorrow which means swimmers should still be cautious. live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> in the race for the white house, ted cruz addressed californians at the g.o.p. convention in burlingame today. it was much calmer than yesterday when dozen's protesters demonstrated against donald trump's appearance. leslee brinkley is live with more. >> about an hour from right now, carly fiorina will be talking to the g.o.p. delegates here at the state convention in burlingame. there are no protesters here, so far it's been a very calm day. even as senator ted cruz took center stage. >> god bless the great state of california. >> it was a cruz crush.
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delegates and supporters push their way to the front of the crowd, to score a selfie or a handshake, as the candidate played up this theme. >> california is likely to decide the entire republican nomination, california is critical. >> cruz touched on the drought, delta smelt and sanctuary cities and sang be praises of carly fiorina. >> she will be the first californian on a national ticket since ronald reagan. >> and cruz picked up an endorsement from a former california governor. >> i hope the republican choice in california will be, and i feel confident that it will be, senator ted cruz. >> reporter: not everyone is sold. >> i have not endorsed any candidate yet, but you feel the electricity. >> these candidates are all of a sudden competing for california's primary vote. >> reporter: outside this guy showed up to protest, the only one out there. >> you're it. >> i am. protest of one. but i'm peaceful.
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which is a contrast from yesterday. >> reporter: that's when hundreds rallied against trump, forcing him to duck under a fence and up a freeway ramp to get into the convention, five were arrested. today trump tweeted the california protesters are thugs and criminals and should be dealt with strongly by law enforcement. in burlingame, abc7 news. >> ohio governor and republican presidential candidate john kashich hosted a town hall today in san jose at the tech museum of innovation, he spoke a lot about keeping america fresh, exciting, innovative and based on opportunity. >> now i'm running for president with the same ideas, the same initiatives, to give people a chance to rise and, most particularly to begin fixing this economy because it is really terrible. >> kashich said america's healthcare system needs to be more transparent to the people and we need to tackle the drug problem plaguing the nation.
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>> hillary clinton is scheduled to be in the bay area next week, campaigning from her first california headquarters at 14th and franklin in downtown oakland. the office opened on thursday. the democratic presidential candidate will make a stop in l.a. this coming thursday and then it's on to oakland on friday. u.s. senator bernie sanders presidential campaign also has an office in oakland now. it opened today in the rockridge neighborhood at college and broadway. this is the democratic presidential candidate's second office in the state. sanders campaign opened the first in l.a. here earlier this month. the california presidential primary election is june 7th. in san jose a man is in jail accused of shooting and killing his wife. it happened inside this home on indig go oak lane before 1:00 this morning. police found 40-year-old sonya nallan shot at least once she was rushed to the hospital where she died. police arrested her husband on suspicion of murder. they're still looking into a possible motive for the crime. oakland fire investigators
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are looking into what what caused a dock to catch fire in marine no. firefighters arrived just before noon to find a portion of the dock on fire. crews say the logs there are infused with oil to prevent deterioration from samwater but makes them highly flammable. that it was caused the thick black smoke. no injuries have been reported. and in san francisco, a large plume of smoke could be see in the sky. firefighters say it came from a homeless encampment. firefighters found grass and trash burning and quick by put it on. >> ain't estimated five percent of the world's stockpiled ivory went up in flames today. the message behind the unprecedented fire. a pop already silicon valley book store is forced to close its doors, though the owners are not going down without a fight. abc7 news at 6:00 will return in a moment.
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today the kenyan government made an unprecedented display of action against wildlife poaching. you're looking at illegal elephant tusks tusks and rhino s going up in flames. it's the largest destruction of illegal wildlife products in history. kenyan's president says it's
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time to take stand against poaching since 70% of elephants in central africa have been killed. after tomorrow one of mountain view's three remaining independent book stores wilt close its doors and look for a new location, we were at book buyers for one last warehouse sale the store has been in business for more than 22 years. the owner is looking for a new location and says he was forced to move after his rent rose more than 100%. he says he understands the need to adapt and he has this message for long-time customers. >> just say thank you. it's been great. we don't want to leave mountain view, don't want to leave castro street, but times have changed and we have to adapt to stay alive, and we're determined to stay alive. >> he is hoping to raise $35,000 on go fun me to pay for a move. book buyers will be open again tomorrow from 11:00 to 3:00. up next on abc7 news at 6:00. members of the warriors dance
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squad, dancing to the rhythm of hammers today. the project that will help out bay area kids in need. and could we see showers in the week ahead? meteorologist drew tuma is up next with the forecast. >> the warriors' discuss landed luke walton a new job. he spoke to the media, and the sharks advancing deep into the stanley cup
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nature's care organic garden soil. that's some good dirt. and that's some other good stuff too.
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dozens of older adults gathered in san francisco today to listen and learn about brain health and aging. >> as you get older, something you have to keep an eye on. >> there's somebody who knows something about brain health. mike shumann hosted the event, called laugh line, where local storytellers share speakerrenses another get getting older. the free event is sponsored by "what is brain health" to help people make the most of their brains as they age. >> today the warriors' dance squad joint the community in daly city to help fix up a family services center. this photo shows dozens of volunteers at the child attempt
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center the facility is outdated and needs repairs so several local organizations and businesses teamed up to give it a thorough cleaning and make much needed improvements. speaking of the warriors, they begin round two tomorrow, taking on the portland trail blazers at oracle arena. live coverage begins at noon, then join abc7 sports director larry beil and sports anchor, mike shumann, for after the game. larry will be joined by warriors ambassador, donald foyle, here in the studio, and abc7 news at 6:00 will be right back. then why did that say we'll be right back. now we're going to drew tuma over there. you look like abc7 news at 6:00. 0 goh ahead. >> we're going to talk about weather and if you like today, more on the way tomorrow. perfect weather for celebrating a warriors win. sunshine and warm temperatures. live doppler 7hd, what you see right now, we're clear as could be. outside we take a live look from
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the rooftop camera. looking south along the embarcadero. flags on the ferry building are waving. the good news, that wind is going to relax overnight and going to be less windy for your sunday. temperaturewise, it is warm in spots. 82 in antioch, 78 in livermore, 67 in san francisco, along the coast, ocean water temperature at 52 and winds keeping half moon bay at a cool 59. 6 san jose, and san ramon at 9. look at the jump in temperatures in the past 24 hours. oakland ten degrees warmer than yesterday. 11 degrees warmer in san jose. 13 in napa and nine degrees warmer in novato. we'll be warm are tomorrow with more warm air. tonight, mild night. 56 overnight in san francisco, a mild 53 in san jose, clear skies, stars, 58 in vallejo. overnight, those winds are going
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to calm down. future tracker wind gusts shows you sunday morning, winds generally less than, say, 15 miles-per-hour. on sunday, a land breeze cross the bay area, in the afternoon we'll see a sea breeze kick in. that means coastal neighbors will be in 60s, but moving inland we'll warm up into the mid-80s. as we look at future tracker temperatures, quickly warming by 11:00 in the morning, after total sunshine. you can see everybody already getting into the 70s, and the warmest locations sunday noon will likely top in the mid-and-low 80s. south bay and inland east bay. the pollen forecast, this warm and dry pattern, not good for allergy sufferers. oak, olive and pine trees and grasses are your main offenders. highs in the south by on sunday, sunshine, san jose, 82. 8 cupertino. 79 redwood city. 68 for half moon bay.
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downtown san francisco, sunny, 74. 70 for daly city. north bay, 82. 81 vallejo. oakland, 80. 80 the high in castro valley. more sunshine inland. 86 antioch, 84 livermore. jump to wednesday, the next chance for any wet weather. future weather shows you a storm system passes by to the north. so heading into thursday, there is that chance of a spotty shower, but generally right now looks like anything totaling less than a tenth inch of rain, sunshine on the day for sunday, coastal clouds on monday begin the cooldown, near average on tuesday. friday and saturday, nothing but sunshine, back to springlike temperatures in the 70s. >> thank you very much. >> sure. >> this abc7 news sports report brought by orchard supply hardware. >> shu is here with sports.
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there's no commercial. >> i'll be right back. [laughter] >> lakers hired luke walton as the new head coach help retired from the lakers a couple years ago and now he is in charge of, let's say, sinking franchise. he started the season replacing steve kerr. he won two rings as a player and one as a coach. he says he's not going anywhere the warrior season is over. >> my priority is warriors, the players and wishing right now. and the lakers know that's how it is. we have the chance to -- it's a lot of hard work, a lot of film, a lot of coaches' meetings, and that's where my time and effort will be. >> i'm not surprised by it. i think he is our guy. so i'm excited for him but at
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the same time, this will sting a little bit. >> the warriors have put the sharks under the radar that in a playoff in needed five thirds-period goals to beat the predators. joe ward leading the way with a goal and an assist. he is the big producer in the postseason. >> she -- he shows up at this time of the year. his is his hockey, physical, strong on box. that was a heck of a goal. not too many guys can pull off a move like that. thought he went too far. didn't know what he was doing but he tricked us all. >> a's and astros. mom, drew said i should wear sun creep, can you do me a solid and put some on in thank you. two outs in the third, and the gap. two-runs score, 2 or a's. plenty of run support from jesse
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haun. went 6-2/3 two-thirds. hahn says he is happy to be back in the big leagues. >> felt great. i felt like i need to be here, and to walk off and hear that was very special. >> we heard good thing about his outings and it showed today. he came up and he was his old self and it was good to have him back. >> giants beat by the mets last night 13-1, and frail the -- and are behind. michael comporto with three rbi of his open, fifth nipping, two can run jack. cain's six innings, and hi 100th pitch ends up in the seats, turned out to be the game-winning run. joints fall. >> the nfl draft concluded today. in all 253 players were drafted. 49ers add robinson.
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he got jeff driscoll out of louisiana tech. raiders selected conor cook, good grab, and took texas tech running back deandre washington. locally san jose running back tyler irving went to texas, chiefs select kevin hogan, and trevor davis headed to the packers, and cal's daniel goes to the sames and kenny lawless to the seahawks. quakes in philly to face the union. down 1-nil and only ten men the filed. -- ten men on the field, ends in a 1-1 tie. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> thank you, sir, for that. see how these ducklings made it out when abc7 news at 6:00 returns. we
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>> join us tonight on kofy tv 20. a tree planned in the north bay has a lot of history. it's helping preserve a literary heritage. then at 11:00 on channel 7, more
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from the state g.o.p. convention, carly fiorina is set to talk. maybe sing again. we'll fine out tonight at 11:00. >> i this will be one of me more unusual calls for firefighters in fresno. 11 baby ducklings fell into a storm drain and were trapped. the firefighters got the call after someone spotted their frantic mother running around and stopping traffic. they got all of the babies out safeliment one firefighter says his job is to save lives, human or animals. >> and that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 9:00 and 11:00 with these two gentlemen and myself. any major story, download or abc7 news app and enable push alerts for immediate notification. we'll see you later. take a look at san jose, blue skies there.
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